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Becumming God

Written by OmniScribbler :: [Tuesday, 11 August 2020 04:44] Last updated by :: [Friday, 14 August 2020 20:38]

Michael sat at his kitchen table about to eat the sandwich he had just spent the last four hours making. The short version of why it would take someone a quarter of their waking hours to make a simple sandwich is that Michael is a perfectionist and a craftsman. When Michael does something, he damn well does it to the best of his ability. He sat there and gazed proudly at his masterpiece, and suddenly… it was gone. As was the table. And the house. In fact nothing around him was the same as he had been instantly transported into the central hall of a crystalline palace. He hadn’t been teleported into a chair however and promptly collapsed on the crystalline latticework that had replaced his floor. With confusion on his face and pain on his tailbone, Michael looked around wondering what happened, when he spotted her.

Surrounding him were crystalline walls and ceiling shone with a semi-opaque rainbow that let the brilliant light of countless galaxies and nebulae shine through them. It was hard to tell but the structure he was in seemed to just be one unfathomably large, circular room with a throne on a dais situated along the wall. Lazily lounging on half a dozen pillows on said throne was a divine female form with golden locks that tumbled off past the throne onto the floor in the most beautiful cascading mess Michael had ever seen.

Katrina looked down at the newest arrival with mild interest. Or maybe it was disinterest; it was hard to tell on a face so perfect that looking upon it was almost painful. Not that Michael was looking at her face. He, like every male, had his eyes sucked into the metaphorical gravity well of her two large prodigious spheres that were barely concealed in a silvery-white flowing dress that hugged her form and left next to nothing to the imagination. Michael snapped out of his reverie as Katrina cleared her throat.

“Uh… hi Kat… why am I here?” Michael asked as his brain slowly worked out how to string words together again.

“Do you remember the nickname the other kids had for me in high school?”

“Uuhhhh, you mean Kat?”

“Don’t play dumb, the other one.”

“Titty Kitty.”

“Wait really? Who called me that?”

Michael’s face reddened slightly as he mumbled something about a small group of friends.

Katrina rolled her eyes, “No the mean one you are avoiding saying.”

“Oh, Can’t Cum Kat?”

“That’s the bitch.”

“What about it? I swear I only used it once behind your back and it was so long ago…”

Katrina stared at him with a painfully neutral expression. “And you’re aware of how that nickname spread right?”

“I’m pretty sure Chett said that after his and your eighteenth birthdays you two fucked and he came like four times and after like three hours you only got more horny or something like that.”

Katrina sighed, “Look, what Chett said was true. I’ve never actually cum before. In fact I still haven’t.”

“Really? But didn’t you fuck basically everyone in high school? Didn’t you get a few of the girls to fuck you too? Like you even fucked Jerry right?!”

Katrina shuddered and closed her eyes, “Gah, don’t remind me… It’s true though, I have never managed to cum once in my life. After high school I triple majored in microbiology, theoretical physics, and business.”

Michael had been distracted by the shudder as it had sent ripples all across her divine body, but snapped back to reality as a damp, growing pain in his crotch came to his attention.

“Yeah didn’t you graduate a year early? Summa cum laude or something? One of my buddies mentioned it but I might have been high at the time.”

“Yes and yes you were high at the time. My biology thesis was on theoretical evolution of the human race and applications of gene therapy to guide humans into the space age and beyond, and my physics thesis was on how to hypothetically use man-made black holes for a net positive energy gain with zero emissions.”

“I’m going to pretend I understood that. What about business?”

“I opened a pornographic business label and website that single-handedly absorbed the entire market and became a multi-billionaire in five months. They basically just handed me the business degree after that.”

“Welp I’m bored. This is boring. Why am I here? I had a really good sandwich I was gonna eat you know.”

“AFTER college I used a tiny fraction of my enormous fortune to open up a company devoted to increasing performance.”

“Like steroids but legal?”

Sexual performance.”

“So not steroids.”

Katrina smiled with the patience of a parent speaking to an unruly child, “No Michael. Not like steroids. I made chemical compounds that increased sensitivity and stamina mostly. I was testing them on myself to start out.”

“I thought you couldn’t feel pleasure?” Michael interrupted.

“Oh I can feel pleasure all right, I’ve just never actually orgasmed before. Imagine just getting hornier and hornier, an infinitely building well of pleasure that never actually gets any release.”

“I’m not sure if that would feel amazing or horrible.”

“It gets old really fast, and to top it off my levels of arousal never go down. I just get more and more horny. But I wanted to see if I could solve my little personal issue. I tried all sorts of methods, from injections to gene therapy to even using nanobots to rewrite certain sequences in my DNA. I got some pretty sweet benefits out of the procedures like enhanced strength, speed, mental processing power, and of course, these.” Katrina gestured to her ample bosom.

“Neat. Can I go now?”

“No, let me finish.” Katrina fixed him with a gaze that could make stone tremble in fear.

Michael, mostly unfazed, demanded a chair to sit in if he was going to have to listen to this much exposition.

Katrina ran her hands through her golden mane in frustration. It had always been like this. Everyone she had come across since middle school had fallen for her charms. She had been able to wrap classmates and adults alike around her little finger more easily than finding a sandwich at a sandwich shop. Yet Michael was somehow immune to any of her efforts. Sure he could fall to her womanly charms as most people did, but he never became the brain-dead servant most other people did.

“Can I get my sandwich?” Michael asked, interrupting her train of thought.

With a careless gesture Katrina put a tiny barrier in front of Michael’s mouth that would stop any particles from vibrating enough to produce sound, effectively silencing him.

“Of the 195 countries on the planet, 120 of them tried to steal some aspect of my work. Some tried to take my nanotech, others were after my genetics research, and Brazil wanted my next product line. I’m not sure what the SNI wanted to do with my latest aphrodisiac, but that would have been bad for business so I personally put a stop to that as well. All of this was getting so bothersome that I just took over, but I’m sure you know about that already.”

I set up a group of mostly competent people to run the planet for me and went back to work. After a year I had exhausted all avenues of science left to me and had become a walking tank. Actually I tested myself against a regular tank and tore it apart like tissue paper. Its main cannon barely gave me a scratch.”

Katrina got up from her crystal throne and started slowly hovering back and forth in a floaty version of agitated pacing. Accompanying Katrina’s words, images began floating around her and Michael. He saw the images she was describing. Katrina casually fighting off assassins at supersonic speeds while continuing her research. Katrina giving speeches and curing all known ailments of mankind.

“I had basically given up when I chanced upon a very promising discovery involving a demonic summoning ritual. Long story short, I managed to fuse technology and magic and drag a succubus god into our world. Apparently this wasn’t the first time she had been through this, so she told me to make a bet for my soul. If she wins, she gets my soul, but if I win, she would grant me one wish.”

Katrina paused her pacing and looked down at Michael with a positively devilish grin on her face.

“So I bet that I could out-fuck her.”

Katrina waited for some sort of reaction out of Michael, but the dolt just sat there staring at her, waiting for her to continue.

“Really? Nothing? Whatever… Anyway, it turns out that the succubus I summoned was none other than the original and most powerful of them all: Lilith, the first succubus. After I won the bet, I told her that I wanted all her power. She argued that I cheated, but some law of the universe or some shit forced her to abide by our bet, so I ended up with all of the sexual energies and demonic powers of a ten million year old demon goddess.”

Katrina hugged herself at the memory and closed her eyes. “It was indescribable… like I had been in a cocoon my whole life and suddenly I was flying through the stars. The energy at my fingers just felt so good…” Katrina opened her eyes and her face sobered. “But my body refused to cooperate. Even concentrating the astronomically vast energies at my disposal, I couldn’t achieve any sort of orgasm. All I could do was reach new, unfathomable levels of horniness. So the only logical step for me next was to gain more power.”

Michael finally spoke up. “Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa… None of this actually happened right? Like the world conquering stuff, the fighting, the demon, this is all way too unrealistic.”

Katrina blinked several times. “You literally teleported here.”

“Cosmic accident.” Michael huffed.

“I conjured a chair and this lightshow out of nothing.”

“Optical illusion.”

Katrina stared at him incredulously, “You are in a floating space palace.”

“I’ve seen better.”

“No you haven’t! And I did conquer the planet, it was literally in every paper, on every social media site, and every news network on the planet. There is no way you didn’t see SOMETHING about that happening!”

Michael cleared his throat. “The media is controlled by lizard people who are trying to eat our brains so they can ge-” He was cut off by a sharp gesture of Katrina’s fingers that stopped all sounds leaving his throat.

Katrina took a sip from the ornate glass filled with swirling golden liquid that Michael could have sworn hadn’t been there a moment before. Katrina floated down and sat in a hammock that was suspended in thin air. Setting her glass down on equally thin air, she crossed her luxuriously long legs and continued.

“First I discovered a few divine beings who were just hiding among the rest of the mortals on earth. The only one who proved difficult was this girl who I could only assume must have been Aphrodite from ancient Greece, now going by Karen, because she was almost as hot as I was. All of the other gods I found, I fucked into submission and drained drier of their powers than I did their balls.” Katrina giggled at the memory, “Let me tell you, those poor fuckers are going to be firing blanks for the next century, but I really had to work on Karen. It took me a solid week of constant coitus to wring out every last drop of her divine beautification powers, but it was worth every moment. After that, every being I met basically offered the very essence of their soul to me without me having to lift a finger. Without a doubt I became the single most powerful being in the Milky Way galaxy within a day--the universe a month later.”

Katrina splayed her fingers out and orbs of light and dust spawned out of nowhere and began swirling around themselves. After a moment Michael realized he was staring at a miniature galaxy.

“The forces of creation are completely under my will.” Katrina said in a low, measured voice as she closed her fingers and the mini galaxy which disappeared with a flash of light. “And yet, even with all this power, I still cannot cum!”

Her last words came out with a shout that reverberated through the entire palace as her mere voice nearly shattered every crystal in the structure. At some point during that time, Michael’s silencer had been removed, and after a cautiously long silence, he ventured another question.

“So uh… why am I here again?”

Katrina hovered up and moved forward.

“The latest being I drained was a self proclaimed god of Destiny or Fate or something, I wasn’t really paying attention.”

She leaned forward and gently, but firmly, pushed Michael back onto the bed that he now found himself sitting on. He was fairly certain that he had been sitting in a chair up until now, but he had other things on his mind at the moment.

“Getting his abilities really was an eye opener for me. I have absorbed a few goddesses of time before, but those get annoying because time is constantly branching and changing and it’s annoying to keep track of them all.”

Katrina moved further over Michael and straddled her legs over his crotch.

“I could already see my future, all my futures in fact, when I drained the goddess of time. But now with the power to witness my very destiny, I not only saw, but felt, what I would become.”

Being in the same room with Katrina had been incredibly arousing, but now that she was on top of him, he felt like his grip on reality was starting to slip.

“I knew that sweet release that I have been craving all my life was right around the corner. And for some fucking reason, you are the key.”

All Michael could do was babble some incoherent nonsense about liking the shirt that had vanished along with the rest of his clothes. Katrina smiled down at him, still dressed in the practically see through gown that fluttered around her ethereally. Her gaze trailed a bit lower and her smile faltered as she mentally noted that the mediocrity she had encountered in high school had seen no improvement. She attempted to improve his equipment, but as with every single other power she possessed, Michael remained mysteriously unaffected.

She began to lower herself slowly onto his throbbing manhood, and with a sigh of resignation, said, “Well let’s get this over with. I hope you at least have learned something from all that porn you’ve been watching.”

“Have you been spying on me?!” Michael exclaimed right before his cock was enveloped in a writhing carnal vice of warmth and pleasure unlike anything he could have ever imagined. Katrina had been beyond ready for this moment for her entire life and her nethers were practically gushing with anticipation. As such Michael had slipped into her warm embrace with little difficulty and was now all but incapable of coherent speech. Katrina expertly undulated her body on top of him, maximizing what little she had to work with using all of her knowledge gained on her pan universal conquest.

Ten seconds later Michael came and was promptly knocked unconscious. To his credit, he managed to output a staggering 30 milliliters of spunk but that didn’t matter at all. Katrina let out a primal scream of frustration that literally sent ripples of reality shattering power roaring through the cosmos. Entire galaxies shuddered under the sudden pressure Katrina’s sheer will power and anger that radiated off of her.

“NO NO NO nonononononononononono!” Katrina screamed again, desperately trying to bring life back to Michael’s limp little soldier but none of her pan-multiversal, Kama Sutric knowledge could stiffen the sopping wet noodle in her hands. She slammed her fists down on the bed to either side of Michael, completely destroying the soft piece of furniture. And the ground beneath it. And the entire star sized palace. She floated there, glaring at Michael with pure fury, frustration, and a touch of despair at the prospect of destiny lying to her once again. At her never finding the release that she so desperately sought.

Michael began to thrash in his sleep and his body started icing over and with a casual thought she encased his all but lifeless body in a habitable sphere for him to rest in. Seeking some form of release, Katrina left to go let off some steam until Michael woke up. With speed that nearly tore all of reality a sunder, Katrina shot straight out of the universe to a more chaotic realm of dark eldritch horrors, kittens with laser vision, some sort of race of demonic dolphin goblin hybrids, and one galaxy sized giraffe that all other races agreed to leave alone ever since the incident.

- - -

Several hours later Michael bolted upright in a panic, barely noting that the palace had reformed and he was laying on the crystal floor instead of the bed.

“Oh? Awake again, are we?” said the voice of God. At least that’s the only way Michael could think of it for no other being could have created such a sensual, powerful, dominating, and somehow cute voice all at once. Not just that but each of those traits were heightened to a dizzying degree. Her voice alone felt more powerful than to make him instantly orgasm if it wasn’t for the suffocating pressure of willpower interlaced between her words that stopped him like a cold shower. However that layer of absolute adorable cuteness made sure that he didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear from such pressure. In fact it was more like a warm embrace, a prison of immovable pillows that controlled his body utterly. But not his mind.

“You seem different. New clothes? Are you taller? Did you get implants?” Michael asked, stifling a yawn.

Katrina smirked, “I guess I have to power down a lot more than usual to interact with you after devouring all those beings. This is the fifth time you’ve woken up but the first time you didn’t instantly cum yourself unconscious. As for the clothes…” Her voice trailed off as she looked down at herself.

Gone was the flowing dress. Instead she now looked something like a horny artist recreation of the villainess of some high fantasy world. A black corset was cinched around an impossibly narrow waist and struggled to contain a bust that was equally impossibly large and perky. The corset ended in an open skirt that flared out with her hips and lazily hung around her long slender legs. Her previous brown locks had taken on a shade so dark that Michael was sure no light was actually escaping from the strands. At the same time the black mass seemed to twinkle and shimmer as if an actual night sky was trapped in her hair. Beyond the color it looks longer and framed her somehow even more divine face even more perfectly than before. Clearly when he had thought of her face as perfect before it merely showed a lack of imagination since the visage before him was so far beyond that.

Her arms and long legs were clad in what looked like leather or latex but Michael was fairly sure it was something else entirely, the way it clung to her body was just too well fitted, as if it was a second skin. The leggings ended in heels that would have taken her statuesque height into the towering range if she weren’t already floating above everything.

“I guess I have made a few wardrobe changes but that’s to be expected when you absorb thousands of eldritch horrors and dark eldar gods of their essence. But the gloves and boots are a very generous donation from a certain friend of mine.” Katrina paused in recollection. Her time with the Super Latex Goddess has been some of the most fun she had ever had. While no orgasm was ever achieved, the heights of pleasure she reached in the Latex Dimension were spectacular. Turning her attention back to the fool before her she finished with, “And since my body is effectively indestructible by any conventional, demonic, divine, and extra-dimensional means, no, I did not get any breast implants. My body simply needed more room for all the infinities of energy that are constantly welling up in me. It would be nice for some ACTUAL fucking release, but I have settled for draining, fucking, and fighting anything stronger enough, a list that is getting shorter and shorter.”

Katrina paused then and moved closer to Michael. “I was absolutely furious when you turned out to be such an utter disappointment.”

“Thanks, you sound like my parents.”

“But I’m over it and resigned to searching for my own means of achieving orgasm. Since I did steal you from your home and fucked you unconscious, I feel obligated to give you one boon.” Katrina continued, ignoring his quip.

“I want my sandwich.”

Katrina blinked. “Your what?”

“My sandwich. I made a sandwich and I was about to eat it and then I was here and that all happened. So yeah I want my sandwich.” Michael said in a serious tone. “Oh wait you said I was out for a while? Okay I want it fresh again.”

Katrina let his words hang in the air and settle before responding. “I have more cosmic power in a single strand of my hair than a million Big Bangs. I have to be careful about letting my thoughts wander because reality tends to rewrite itself to my casual whims. I could make you the richest person in the universe. I could make you immortal. Fuck, I could make you a god more powerful than any being you could find in this or the nearest thousand universes. And you want a sandwich?” Katrina stared at him incredulously.

“Hmmmmm, good point. Could I get a glass of water too?” Michael said after a second of thought.

“Water? Not alcohol? Not the nectar of the gods? You know what?” Katrina started to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, “Here you go. One piping hot sandwich and a glass of water. I’ll even bring in your table and chair for good measure.”

With a wave of her hand the previously described items appeared in front of Michael. The sandwich was still piping hot and fresh as it had been when Michael had been about to eat it oh so long ago. The glass of water that appeared next to him was tap water. Nothing special, just water from the faucet in Michael’s kitchen.

Michael eagerly sat down, clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.

“Dear God.”

“Yeah, whats up?” Katrina smirked, examining her nails.

“Thank you for this meal.”

“You’re welcome.”

“And for all your many blessings.”

“I did give you the greatest orgasm of your life.”


Katrina thoughtfully looked on as Michael brought the sandwich up to his salivating mouth. Just as he was about to take a bite, Katrina made a small twisting gesture with her wrist and the sandwich appeared in her hand followed by a loud click as Michael’s teeth passed through air and collided.

“Hey! That’s mine damn it!”

Ignoring the whining mortal, Katrina parted her seductive lips and painfully white teeth and took a delicate, little bite of Michael’s creation. Really just a nibble.

Like a key turning in a lock, the universe around them, the multiverse surrounding that universe, and every layer of reality beyond stood still. Animals, planets, atoms, time, destiny--all stood still with baited breath waiting as a great shift took place. The infinitely tall dam within Katrina had suddenly vanished and countless waves of pleasure were beginning their silent descent.

A heartbeat later Katrina let out a screaming moan that was so primal yet so absolutely divine that every cried out in return. Accompanying her outburst, a massive pulse of pure orgasmic energy exploded forth from the spasming Goddess at such speed that it has washed over the entire multiverse in seconds. Katrina had never felt pleasure like this before. She had felt pleasure sure, she had felt the build up within herself over the past few decades, an ever increasing amount, a mountain with no peak. Cresting that peak now…

There really were no words.

What is beyond Ecstasy? What could possibly describe the culminating combined pleasure of billions--if not trillions--of gods, demons, monsters, angels, eldritch horrors, and Katrina only knows what else, all wrapped up in one little package.

Katrina’s first orgasm lasted for a week. It wasn’t really a single orgasm, more like trillions of cascading orgasms all piling up on each other. One by one, they eventually all subsided.

Her second orgasm lasted a month.

Her third, who knows how long.

Michael just sat there in a protective bubble glaring at the writhing Katrina who was still clutching his delicious sandwich. After what seemed like an eternity, Katrina’s ecstasy riddled body seemed to finally be calming down.

“Are you done? Can I hav-?”

Michael’s voice died in his throat as Katrina finished the sandwich in three enormous bites.

Apparently that key in the lock earlier had only been turned partly.

The orgasms Katrina had experienced earlier had been tiny. Miniscule. Infinitesimally small.

Now that the doors were fully open, Katrina had her first, full, orgasm.

Michael thought he would be used to this by now after a year of hearing Katrina scream her head off in pleasure but this time was different. Everything around him started to flicker and warp. The very fabric of reality was struggling to contain the limitless sexual energy that was pouring out of Katrina. After a few minutes, Michael’s body and mind couldn’t keep up with what was going on around him, even in the protective bubble Katrina still somehow maintained around him. He passed out, the last thing he saw was Katrina’s writhing body, one hand plunged deep into her spasming pussy, the other clutching one of her massive breasts.

“I never… got… my sandwich…” Michael thought as darkness took hold of him.

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