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All That Jazz

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All That Jazz

This one was for Rjjt. ;) ~ HikerAngel 

Part 1: Job Opening

"Good to see you again, Carson." Cassidy swept away a coil of rich chocolate-colored hair that had fallen over her dark brown eyes, a sly smile curving her crimson-painted lips upward at the corners.

She was sexy. So were all the women that worked at the club. It was the reason I kept coming back.

She turned, earrings swinging. The black velvet dress that she wore left her toned shoulders bare. The smell of high-end perfume – probably Chanel – wafted to me as she moved. Her heels clacked confidently as she walked, hips swaying in an exaggerated motion as she showed me to my table. Yes, this girl definitely knew how to put her assets to good use. My eyes dropped to the pleasantly rounded swells of her ass, which shifted subtly against the back of her dress as she weaved through the bustling bar area, and I I felt my smile turn predatory.

I hadn't slept with Cassidy yet, but she was definitely on the menu. Would have been at the top tonight if it weren't Sassa's night to sing. I hadn't managed to bed Sassa yet either. But God, did I ever want to. Now that woman was temptation incarnate, desire made flesh.

As I walked past the dark hardwood paneling that lined the club’s walls to arrive at my table, the base player thrummed the opening notes to the song. The drummer brushed his cymbals, and Sassa glided onto the stage. As my eyes drank in the brunette bombshell in her slit-to-the-hip red satin, all thoughts of Cassidy vanished. As attractive as the Latina hostess was, no one could top Sassa's insidious sex appeal. It was as if the woman were built for seduction. Sassa, from her velvet voice to her voluptuous breasts to her tiny waist to her endless legs, dripped temptation from every fluid movement of her sensual body.

I sank into my chair as Sassa began to sing, her dulcet voice sending shivers up my spine. By the time the husky whispers of the sax player's sultry solo kicked in, I was so thoroughly entranced that a bomb could have exploded in the building next door, and I may not have noticed.

As the first song finished, Aliya, one of the waitresses on staff, came to my table. The cute, lissome blonde was one of the newer members of the staff, having started about six months ago – about the same time I’d been coming here. She knew my drink, just as they all did, setting the Manhattan on a napkin before me without having to ask for my order.

"Going after Sassa tonight, Carson?" she said, following my gaze, which kept drifting back to the stunning singer. Aliya took the cherry from my glass and made a playful show of sucking it into her mouth with her lips. I saw it, but only in my peripheral vision, my eyes still glued to the stage. She seemed disappointed that her little show hadn’t attracted my attention.

"Why? Wannna join us?" I tore my eyes away from Sassa long enough to give Aliya a mischievous wink.

The young blonde nearly choked as she swallowed the cherry unexpectedly. Eyes narrowing, she flicked the stem at me. "You wish! You're such a slut, Carson."

"Takes one to know one," I shot back with a grin.

She smacked my arm and giggled, her stern expression shifting into her usual playful one. "Sometimes I wish I were, but it's been ages since I last got laid." She bit her lower lip and bounced on the balls of her feet.

That got my attention. I gave her an appraising look. She was slender and athletic but small-breasted. Attractive, but overshadowed by the rest of the ridiculously good-looking staff at the club. She might make a good plan B if my other potential conquests didn't work out, but she just didn't quite merit primary target status. Still, she was great for some flirtatious banter. Really helped me hone my game for the big fish.

"That can be remedied. There's always room aboard the Carson Express."

"Oh Carson…" she said, voice gushing, batting her eyes in mock coquettishness before her lips curled into a wry smile, the act instantly gone. "Not everyone goes for tall, dark, and full of STDs."

Eyes darkening, she continued, voice slipping, this time, into exaggerated huskiness. "I do like a man with a nice jawline and stubble, though." she said breathily, running her index finger along my jaw.

"Yeah, most women like me for my looks. Until they see how amazing I am inside…" I shot her my best smoldering gaze before delivering the punchline. “…them.”

"God, Carson, you're too much!" she said, rolling her eyes and laughing.

"You're right. I am too much man for most women to handle. But they seem to enjoy it even if they can't quite take all of my countless inches in."

Her eyes dropped to my crotch for the briefest of seconds before darting back up to mine. As she realized that I’d caught her looking, she cringed. A blush blossomed on each of her fair cheeks.

"You blushed. I win!" I proclaimed, slapping both hands on the table with glee.

"God, I suck at the whole flirting thing," Aliya confessed, unable to meet my eyes.

"Au contraire, mon cheri. You're good. It's just that I'm a master." I slipped an arm around her thin waist and pulled her in, kissing her on the cheek.

"A master, eh? Nice to see that you're modest." She squirmed out of my grasp and began to walk away, looking back at me over her shoulder.

My smile turned wicked. "It's just a fact. Just like the fact that I'm a God in bed."

"Oh, shut up, already!" she said, smile widening despite her embarrassment before she turned away.

Aliya wanted me. No question. One of these days I'd have to take her for a spin. She did have nice legs, I thought as I admired their sleek, sinuous shape under her form-fitting mini.

But not tonight.

I scanned the bar to see what it had to offer tonight. I doubted there was anyone better than Sassa, but it never hurt to check. You never knew what you were missing if you didn’t look over the full menu, right? My gaze flicked from one elegantly dressed woman to another until I caught Aliya’s youthful form running back behind the bar.

Where was the normal bartender? What was his name? Roy? Roger? I couldn't remember.

Rising from my seat, I made my way to the bar. Aliya glanced up, saw who it was, then continued to make a drink for another customer.

"Where's Roy?" I asked.

"Roy?" Aliya looked confused.

"Yeah, the bartender."

"You mean Sam?"

"Yeah. Whatever."

"Geez, Carson. You’ve only been coming here every other day for at least the six months I’ve been working here. How can you not know the guy’s name? He makes you three Manhattans a night!” she scolded me.

“Anyway, he quit yesterday."

"Really? With all the eye candy in this place? Why on earth would he do that?"

"He passed the bar exam."

"He's a lawyer?"

"He is now, I guess." She shrugged.

"Huh." I didn’t bother to sound interested. Aliya knew me well enough that she wouldn’t have bought it if I had.

"Yeah." Aliya nodded to another customer and scrambled to prepare another drink.

"So there's an opening?"

That got her attention. She stopped making the drink for a moment to give me a hard look. "I guess so. Why?"

I grinned again. "No reason."

Her eyes narrowed. "What are you up to, Carson?"

I brushed off the question. "Where's your boss?"

"My boss? Nadia? Back there." Aliya nodded toward the office in the back of the dimly lit room.

"Thanks," I said, leaving the bar to make my way there.

"What, are you going to apply for the job?"

"No. Your boss is a woman. I'm going to get the job. You should know well enough by now that no woman can resist my masculine charm." I grinned evilly.

Aliya rolled her eyes at me for at least the second time tonight. "You're like a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen."

"Well, you can give Roy his first case."

"Sam," she corrected, voice rising as the distance between us increased.

"Whatever," I called back.

As Sassa started her next song, I knocked on the office door.

"Come in," came an accented voice from inside.

I couldn't quite place the accent. Despite the fact that I'd been frequenting this place for the last six months, I'd never actually met the boss, Nadia. She seemed to keep to herself, rarely coming out to the lounge floor to inspect the place. I had to admit, however, that I was curious how she managed to keep such model-pretty staff at a place like this. These girls could be making bank at some of the upscale restaurants around town.

As I opened the door, I gave the office a quick scan hoping to glean some information that might come in handy in my quest to charm Nadia for the open position. The bookshelves were lined with leather-bound tomes. They looked expensive. And old. And not all that fun to read. Like Charles Dickens or Dostoevsky, or something. The kind of books that my high school teachers had assigned, and I’d looked up on Wikipedia rather than actually read.

The desk was dark walnut, matching the paneling throughout the establishment. On it sat an hourglass and an ancient-looking oil lamp. Weird. I finally turned my attention to the woman herself. She was older than most of her staff, in her mid-thirties. She was attractive and wore a silk crop top, showing off a toned stomach – unusual clothing for someone her age and in her position. Her skin was a flawless mocha, her features middle eastern. But what stood out most was her hair. It hung in dreadlocks, each dyed one of two shades – light pink or baby blue.

"Have a seat," she said with a cryptic half-smile.

I sat in the chair before her desk, my eyes never leaving hers.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" she said, speech confident and fluid in spite of the accent.

I gave her my cockiest crooked grin. "I hear that you're looking for a bartender."

"So I am," she said, looking me over, the corners of her mouth twitching up into something closer to an actual smile.

"And I'm the right man for the job," I said firmly, continuing to hold her gaze.

"And why is that, Mr…?"

"Carson. Just call me Carson."


“Because we can help each other,” I replied, casually, plucking the lamp from her desk and leaning back in my chair.

“We can, can we?” Nadia’s eyes seemed to sparkle as I took the antique. She was looking more amused by the second.

"Sure. Just ask Aliya and Cassidy. They know me." I fiddled with the lamp. The top of the thing seemed to be glued on as my fingers passed over it.

"Do they?" she asked, eyes still on the lamp.

"They do," I said. I ran my fingers along the lamp’s surface. It was made out of copper or bronze but was in serious need of a polish. Still, it was almost unnaturally smooth, as if worn that way by countless pairs of hands over the course of time.

"Well, I'll have to satisfy myself with your qualifications as well."

"Of course. Go head, Nadia."

Her eyebrow rose at my casual use of her first name, but she didn't comment on it. Instead, she proceeded to the first question of her interview. "Why do you wish to work here?"

"I get along well with your employees. They like me. I like them. It has always been my desire to work at a place like that," I said, truthfully.

"I see." Her hand rose to her chin, and she tapped her lips thoughtfully before proceeding to the next question. "Where do you wish to be in five years?"

"I wish to be here," I replied without hesitation. "Maybe in a management role. What I really want is to help everyone in this place reach their ultimate potential."

"Interesting," Nadia said, lips curling upward into an actual smile now.

"Anything else do you wish to tell me?"

"I think I’ll fit right in with the rest of your staff. It's a pretty good-looking group you've pulled together, but if you hire me, it’ll be even better looking than before." I gave her my sexiest grin.

Nadia was beaming now.

"You'll do nicely, I think," she said. "You're hired."

I set the lamp back on her desk and leaned forward, extending a hand. "Great! You've made an excellent choice, Nadia."

"I believe I have," she said quietly, taking my hand and giving it one firm shake.

I stood up, excited about my easy success. "When do I start?"

"How about now?"

Well that was easy. She must want me.

I gave her an appraising look. She was pretty easy on the eyes. Not Sassa nice, but nice nonetheless. I gave her a triumphant smirk as I replied. "Great!"

I began to walk out of her office, when I had a thought. Deciding to press my luck, I stopped and turned. Nadia had flipped the hourglass on its head and set it down. She smiled and nodded as she saw me facing her once more.

“You know, Nadia, I kind of have a thing for powerful ladies…” I started.

“How interesting…” she replied, her smile wide now.

“Yeah, big fan of superwomen in the movies, on TV, comics, and, well, in charge of swanky jazz clubs…” I winked as I left the words hanging in the air.

“Are you propositioning me?”

“Would you like to be propositioned?”

Her smile never faltered. “Well aren’t you a naughty one…”

I smiled slyly. “That’s me. All kinds of naughty.”

She circled the desk, sat down on the side nearest me, reached up, and pressed her index finger to my nose.

Her finger felt strange. Like it was thrumming with electricity or something underneath.

“I think that you will have your hands full with the rest of my staff. I might be a little much for you to handle.” At this, she paused and cocked her head, seeming to consider. Her eyes glimmered, then seemed to penetrate me, piercing straight to my innermost desires.

I wasn’t sure how I knew that. Just a feeling, I guess?

“Or perhaps I am not. You do like powerful women. It will be so interesting to see what my girls’ true potential really is.”

I swallowed. Did she know? How infatuated I was with Supergirl. And Powergirl. And Wonder Woman. And Captain Marvel? How my secret fantasy was to be with someone even more powerful than all of them? Combined?

I dropped my eyes from hers and hustled out of the room, a rare flush spreading up my neck. Nadia had made me blush! I couldn’t even remember the last time that had happened. I quickly gathered myself, taking a couple of deep breaths to force the blush back down.

Part 2: Tending Bar

Nadia came up behind me, then guided me to the bar, handing me a black apron when we arrived. I tried to focus on her instructions, avoiding her strangely perceptive eyes as she went over the rules of the establishment. The entire time she seemed amused by something, as if I were the laugh track in a sitcom or something. I shrugged it off.

Shaken, I attempted to guide my thoughts into their usual bravado. She was probably just amused at how easily I’d charmed her into hiring me. Yeah. That’s right.

By the time Nadia turned and headed back to her office, I had largely regained my composure. Aliya approached me with a beatific smile. “Got the job, huh?”

“Of course! Told you I would.” I plastered my best I-told-you-so grin all over my face.

“Do you ever get tired of being so full of yourself?” Aliya asked, blue eyes sparkling delightedly with the jab.

“I might. But the ladies never seem to tire of it…”

It took Aliya a moment to get the joke, but I saw her eyes light up when she did. A second later, she stuck out her tongue at me and grinned. “You are such a floozie!”

“And yet you still love me.”

Her smile faltered for a second. It was barely noticeable, but there. What was that all about?

Before I could give her reaction any more thought, however, she glanced back at one of her tables, then replied. “Time to get to work, Carson. I need a scotch. Best you’ve got. Neat.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Scotch? I thought you were going to give me something difficult.”

“Like a Sex on the Beach?”

I winked at her. “Okay.”

“Agggghhhh,” she breathed, exasperated. “You’re like a freaking chat bot with a dirty mind. That’s the second order, you neanderthal!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I said, as I poured the vodka for the Sex on the Beach.

“You would,” she said in mock annoyance as she placed the drinks on her tray, then spun on her heel to serve the couple at the far corner of the bar.

Momentarily caught up on orders, I couldn’t help but gaze once more at Sassa, slinking across the stage, looking sexier than ever. I sighed. The only problem with actually working here was that I was more limited in my moments of opportunity now. Still, that would only serve to make it more of a challenge. And I liked challenges. Well, I reconsidered, I liked them when they ended with a naked woman in my bed, anyway.

As the evening wore to a close and I wiped down the bar, Cassidy made her way toward me, leaning over the counter to give me a view of cleavage that seemed more cavernous than it had earlier in the night.

“I can’t believe Nadia hired you,” she told me, her voice taking on a slightly husky edge. I knew that tone in a woman’s voice, and it made me grin. I was so getting laid tonight!

“Believe it, sister. It’s my natural charm. It’s completely irresistible,” I deadpanned.

“Is it now?” she said, chocolate eyes simmering.

“You’re here, aren’t you.” I shot her my best come-hither.

She circled the end of the bar and came hither. Funny. She never really seemed interested in me before. I slithered an arm around her and pulled her close, brushed a coil of curly hair over her right ear, and leaned in.

“Your place or mine,” I whispered.

She blushed, then responded. “Mine.”

Hell, yeah. Score.

I tossed my cleaning rag over my shoulder and walked out, Cassidy on my arm. In the distance, putting up chairs, I saw Aliya turn to look at us. Her lips, which seemed slightly fuller than they had earlier in the night, pursed.

What was that all about? Aliya was acting strangely tonight.

I mentally shrugged. That was an issue for tomorrow. Tonight? I had only Cassidy to worry about. More specifically, Cassidy’s woman parts.


The next day at 3:00 PM, I arrived at work. Cassidy wasn’t there yet. I wasn’t surprised. We had been at it all night. And morning. Until a couple of hours ago. When I left her place, she’d been either sleeping or simply recovering. I wasn’t sure which. I did tend to wear girls out.

Walking over to the bar, I began to don my apron before catching Aliya’s slender form out of the corner of my eye.

“Hi, Aliya!” I ventured, cheerfully.

“Hi,” she said curtly, frowning.

“Why the long face?” As I looked at her, I noticed that her eyes seemed larger. So did her eyelashes. She had always been cute, but this afternoon, she looked downright pretty.

“No reason.” She was looking in my direction but not making eye contact. What was bothering her so much? It couldn’t be my woman-conquering ways, could it? She hadn’t ever seemed to have an issue with those before. Hell, we joked about it!

“Everything okay?” I probed again.

“Fine.” She turned and walked away from me, then began taking the chairs off the tables.

Something was definitely up. This was not the witty banter that I so enjoyed with Aliya.

I left the bar to help her take down the chairs. “You can tell me, you know. Contrary to popular belief, I am capable of listening.”

She stopped what she was doing and finally looked me in the eye. Her brows crunched inward slightly, and her eyes seemed harder than normal. She was upset. “I saw you leave with Cassidy last night. Are you and she…?”

“Are we what?” I asked, honestly confused.

“Dating?” she finished, her lips twitching.

“Dating?” I intoned, then slapped on my trademark smirk. “I’m not really the dating type. But we had sex last night, if that’s what you’re asking. Really awesome sex too. I’m pretty sure I got her near double digits in the orgasm department.”

“Of course,” she said, her voice distant. She seemed to stare over my shoulder into space. “Do you ever think you might date? You know, if the right person came along?”

I laughed, noting a hint of a nervous quaver in my own voice. “Aliya, you know me…”

She frowned, expression darkening. “Yeah. I do.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d think she wanted to date me or some such craziness. But that was ridiculous. She knew my thing. I was here to bed the best looking ladies in the club. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Aliya and I had our thing. Our teasing. Our flirting. But it wasn’t serious. Aliya was cute, but she wasn’t quite to my usual tastes. She was looking particularly good tonight, but given the choice between her and the sexy stage siren I’d been angling for all these months? Sorry, but I’d choose Sassa every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Aliya began using a little extra force as she pulled down the chairs and slammed them to the floor. Were her arms looking a little more toned than normal? I shook away the thought and headed backstage to the dressing room. Clearly, Aliya wasn’t in the mood to talk. Maybe it was that time of the month. That was fine. If she wanted to be bitchy tonight, I’d find someone else to talk to. Someone like Sassa perhaps?

Part 3: Sassa

I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, then knocked on the dressing room door. If the other women at the club were like the flames of a candle, Sassa was a bonfire. She was the crown jewel of the place. When she was on stage, she was mesmerizing, her sultry voice and seductive body weaving a tantalizing spell that ensorcelled everyone with its hypnotic power.

Since the moment I’d first set foot in the club, Sassa had always been my goal. Cassidy and her ilk were a pleasant enough appetizer, but I was ready for the main course.

The door opened to reveal Sassa’s elegant face wearing a questioning expression under her long, ebony tresses.

“Yes?” she inquired, raising one eyebrow.

My eyes slid languidly down her body. Women claim not to like it when a man is obvious about checking them out. But they like it. As long as it’s someone they’re interested in, and not some creepy lech. But let’s face it: who doesn’t want to be desired by someone like me? I mean, come on.

So I took my time with it, letting my eyes drift down the graceful line of her long neck to her diamond choker. My gaze floated along the defined curve of her clavicle to her shoulder, then back up her willowy arm, past her glimmering, diamond-studded cuff bracelet, to her long, manicured fingers, which held open the door.

Now for the real treat. My gaze drifted back inward, catching the sparkle of a diamond stud earring, past the black velvet strap of her gown, to the deep V-cut that showed off her substantial cleavage. Her breasts were full and luscious, filling the gown’s vertical fabric to its absolute limit while still allowing it to maintain its tasteful lines. She wore no bra, her nipples tenting the fabric deliciously, crowning the outward swells of her voluptuous curves.

Reluctant to leave the dynamic expanse of her buxom chest, I had to force my eyes diagonally downward, drinking in the flesh exposed by the dress until it ended at her toned mid-stomach. From there, the dark velvet stretched tight across the ample hips that completed her hourglass form. Just below the furthest outward swell of her left hip, a high slit began to open. Silky smooth flesh flowed downward from there as more of her long, shapely legs were revealed by the inch until it finally reached the upper strap of her tall, black block heels, clasped around slender ankles.

God, she was gorgeous.

By the time my gaze floated back up to meet her calculating green eyes, she was smirking.

“Forward, aren’t you?” she purred, leaving the door open but turning to walk casually back to her seat before the mirror. “I like that in a man…”

She turned to give me a wink that weakened my knees.

That voice! So effortlessly sexy. Just like the rest of her. I swallowed hard, eyes drawn in fascination to her lovely ass as it swayed toward her bulbed vanity in her long evening gown, then followed her in.

“What else do you like in a man?” I asked, recovering quickly from my brief moment of speechlessness from seeing Sassa up close for the first time.

She sat, crossed her legs, and began to apply alternating layers of smoky gray and pastel green eyeshadow. “I like a man who knows how to please me.”

“And what pleases you?” I asked, watching her practiced hands apply her makeup.

“Gifts,” she said simply, eyes shining, voice holding just a touch of raspiness.

“What kind of gifts?” I eyed her diamond jewelry. This girl might make a serious dent in my savings. But she was soooo worth it.

“You should ask Nadia,” she said absently, setting down the eyeshadow and picking up her lipstick.

“Nadia?” I asked, confused.

“Of course Nadia!” she replied, beginning to apply crimson to her full lips. “She gives the best gifts of all.”

Why on earth would she say that? Nadia was the boss, right?

“So Nadia gives her employees gifts? Isn’t that some kind of conflict of interest or something? Isn’t she worried about showing favoritism?”

“You’re cute,” she said, pursing her lips to finish coating them, then rising from her seat. She walked up to me, and gave me a peck on the cheek as she walked by, large breasts brushing my arm.

As she left the room, I puzzled over her words. It looked like I was going to need to pay Nadia another visit.


“So I hear you give your employees gifts?” I said, entering Nadia’s office and plopping into the chair before her desk during my first break.

She was tipped back in her chair, legs crossed and up on the desk, twirling a cotton-candy blue dreadlock. She looked at me, a mysterious smile turning the corners of her lips upward.

“Who told you that?”


Her smile widened. “So she did. Well, it’s true.”

I grinned as well. “Okay, so where’s my gift?”

“Patience, grasshopper. I’ve planted the seeds of that which you’ve requested. You simply need to let them blossom.” She opened her hands and spread them out to illustrate her metaphor.

“Okay, Nadia, what’s up with all the fortune cookie talk? ‘That which I’ve requested?’ The only thing I remember requesting from you is a job!”

The corners of her smiling mouth dropped slightly. She removed her feet from the desk and leaned forward, eyes direct and unwavering. “Thrice I asked what you wished. And thrice you answered.”

Thrice? Who the heck talks like that? Given her reaction to my last question, however, I decided not to press my luck.

“Since patience is something you seem to lack, perhaps I shall speed things along.” Her eyes fell to the hourglass on her desk, and the sand suddenly seemed to fall faster.

What on earth was going on? Speed things along? This lady was seriously weird.

“Well then… back to work. Thanks for the talk, Nadia.” I rose from my chair and turned to leave, feeling her eyes on my back as I left.

As I walked back to the bar, I saw Sassa beginning her act. The woman was a vision.

Somehow, up on the stage, Sassa looked even more gorgeous than she had in the dressing room earlier. I felt my tongue moisten my lips involuntarily as I watched her. Those hips… those breasts… those lips… why couldn’t Hollywood get someone that good-looking to play the part of the sexiest superheroines?

Aliya stepped into my peripheral vision. While I thought she wore a scowl even deeper than the one she had given me earlier in the evening, I couldn't bring myself to tear my eyes away from the curvaceous vixen on stage. What was her problem, anyway? I thought for the umpteenth time this evening. I’d never known Aliya to act so standoffish before.

Whatever. I turned my attention back to Sassa. Dark hair flowing over her shoulders, her every movement subtly sensual, Sassa held every gaze in the house. Even Aliya's face turned to watch her.

“…like an eagle, soaring high… drifting lightly on the sky…” Sassa sang.

As her voice rose with the melody of her song, she began to rise from the stage, heels first, toes second, until she was literally floating above the hardwood floor. The members of the band behind her looked at each other wide-eyed and shrugged, but continued to play.

Gasps and murmurs rippled through the audience. My jaw dropped. How could this be? Was she being pulled aloft by wires or something?

Sassa’s eyes seemed to glow under the lights of the stage as they met mine. I felt power in her eyes, one that hadn’t been there when I’d spoken to her earlier.

I swallowed hard. It was certainly there now.

She pointed her finger at me, and I felt my feet leave the ground as well, leaving me floating helplessly above the floor. Turning her hand over, she curled her crimson-nailed finger inward, and I glided toward her through the air, legs churning uselessly beneath me.

As I reached her, she slid her arm behind my upper back, clasped my left hand in her right, pressed her ripe body against mine, and began to dance, stepping on nothing but air. As she began to move, I found that my feet now found purchase, impossibly, against an invisible dance floor several feet off the ground. I followed her lead, moving as she moved, reveling in the feel of her sexy curves against me as we waltzed on the sky.

“…skipping along the clouds… we look down on the crowds…” she continued to sing. It felt as if the song were just for me, her luscious lips so close to my own.

As we swung around and I was positioned to face the audience in the darkness, beyond the bright lights of the stage, I saw a swish of blonde hair as a dark silhouette turned and rushed out the door. Had that been Aliya? The thought bothered me. More than it should have. I leaned in, brushing back her long ebony tresses to uncover her ear, and whispered. "Sassa, I'm sorry, but I need to go."

As I pulled back, stomach knotting in uncertainty at my own actions, I saw Sassa's wide, glowing eyes. She looked as surprised as I was at my words.

"But my gift? Isn't this what you wanted? Nadia said that you wanted me to fulfill my potential, and I… I…" Her voice trailed off, and her eyes transitioned from glowing to glassy.

Again with the gift thing! But I couldn't worry about that now. I felt compelled to check on Aliya.

"Please," I told her, gazing into her beautiful veridian eyes, a part of myself cringing at my own words. This was Sassa, the crown jewel of the whole place! And I was in prime position to go in for the kill and bed her tonight. She was clearly not accustomed to rejection, and she equally clearly felt that I was rejecting her. Why was I fucking this up?

Her hand made a graceful downward motion, and we drifted down to the floor. The band stopped, and the sudden silence was deafening. I looked up to Sassa, seeing the slightest quiver in her lips. Damn it! Even this tiny evidence of the hurt I'd inflicted on this proud, gorgeous woman shot a needle straight into my heart. But I had to go. I had to see about Aliya.

Mumbling an apology, I stumbled away, struggling to see in the darkness after the brilliant, incandescent lighting of the stage. As I wound my way between the chairs, the bass player began to play once more, then the drummer. Finally, Sassa, albeit with an initial tremble in her voice, began to sing.

I reached the door, flung it open to elicit a surprised expression from Cassidy, and looked around. There was no sign of Aliya. I walked over to the brick outer wall of the club, and rested my head on it, bumping my head a couple of times as if to knock some sense into myself. What the hell was I doing? I had literally held Sassa in my grasp. And then I'd blown it. And worse. I'd hurt her feelings.

Wait?! Since when did I worry about hurting feelings? I hurt women's feelings all the time! But somehow it was different this time. I cared what Sassa felt. Like, genuinely. Not just long enough to get into her pants. What was wrong with me!

I walked back into the club like a zombie, lost in thought. Cassidy said something, but I didn't catch it. Not wanting to ignore her, however, I looked at her questioningly. Her expression softened. Apparently I looked pitiful enough that she felt sorry for me.

"Didn't see her, eh?"

"No," I replied.

Cassidy suppressed a smile, looking at me as she might a puppy, then took my hand and led me back to the bar. She covered for Aliya the rest of the night, keeping an eye on the entrance and hustling over to cover her hostess position each time a customer came in.

I watched Sassa's final song longingly. When she finished her song of unrequited love, her green eyes cast one final, meaningful glance in my direction before she left the stage. It felt as if I were being stripped naked in front of the crowd. Worse. I felt like I deserved it.

Demoralized, I finished my shift and helped Cassidy clean up. She gave me a friendly pat on the back as I left.

Part 4: Surprise!

I awoke from a listless sleep, my stomach twisted in knots, mind still grappling with what had happened at the club. A knock at the door startled me. As I swung my legs from under the covers and walked to the front door of my apartment, I mused over my own behavior earlier tonight. I still didn't understand my own actions. The more I thought about what I'd done, the more confused I became. It was almost like I was transforming into a different person, or at least letting parts of myself show that I usually kept buried deep within me. I had crafted a persona around meeting and attracting women, and I had been wearing it for so long that it felt odd to become the person under the act once more. I thought again of the hurt in Sassa’s eyes when I had ended our dance so abruptly. Why did that bother me? And Aliya’s reaction to our dance? That bothered me every bit as much.

I smiled wryly. Maybe I should get back to wearing my “player” persona again. It was a lot less painful when I hurt women’s feelings that way.

Despite my musings, Sassa's words continued to haunt my mind: "But my gift? Isn't this what you wanted? Nadia said that you wanted me to fulfill my potential."

I had to find out what she meant by that.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait long for an opportunity. I opened the door to find Sassa standing in the hallway. She was fidgeting, slim fingers alternately clenching and unclenching before her. She had always been so calm and in control every other time I’d seen her. It was strange seeing her like this.

“Is Aliya here?” she asked hesitantly, eyes looking fearful of my answer.

“Aliya? No! She ran off tonight before I could talk to her…” I trailed off as I watched Sassa’s blatantly obvious reaction. First her tight jaw relaxed, then she smiled brilliantly.

As I saw her gorgeous smile, I sucked in a sharp breath. She looked truly amazing. Significantly more beautiful, even, than she had earlier tonight. And that was saying something. She had looked like a supermodel before. Now? She looked better than any woman I’d ever seen.

“Look,” I continued, looking sincerely into her vividly expressive eyes. “I’m sorry about earlier. I don’t know what happened. I just saw Aliya, and she looked upset, and I just wanted to comfort her. Then, it felt like I upset you when I ended our dance, and I felt even worse, and I—”

Before I could finish my jumbled apology, she stepped forward and plunged her lips into mine. I stumbled backward. As her luscious body pressed against mine, she seemed taller and stronger. Her body felt somehow firmer, even as her curves looked more lush.

Her fingers rose to my chest, and she began to push me backward, her lips still devouring mine hungrily. I didn’t think I could resist her, even if I had wanted to, her momentum was so forceful, her delicate fingers so strong. After a dozen steps backward, my legs brushed up against something soft, and I fell onto the bed.

Sassa straddled my body as I bounced on the mattress, still in shock at her aggressive display. As we breathed heavily, our lips having come apart for the first time in several moments, I watched her eyes glow green for a moment. I’d last seen that glow when she rose from the stage earlier that evening. Did that mean she was about to use her powers?

In time with the glow, her elegant dress tore down the middle, seemingly of its own accord, confirming my suspicions. Each half flew to the opposite wall. A moment later, my pajama pants did the same!

My eyes widened as they drank in her fully revealed curves. My Lord, she was gorgeous. She smiled, as if hearing my thoughts, her breasts seeming to swell another cup size even as I watched. I felt something stroke my rigid erection and glanced down. She was straddling me, but she wasn’t touching me there. My eyes found hers, and they were glowing again. Was she doing this with her mind?

I felt the sensation rub down my shaft again, leaving me breathless and shivering with carnal delight. Stronger this time, it lingered on my most sensitive places. It was like she knew exactly how I was feeling. Like she knew how to make this as pleasurable as possible.

Maybe she did, I realized. Maybe she could read my feelings? I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing!

Another stroke. My eyes rolled back in my head with the pleasure, and I gasped. Good God, I’d never felt anything like it, and I’d done a lot of things in bed.

My hands searched for purchase, instinctively seeking to steady me under the mind-blowing sensations she was delivering with her mind, finally coming to rest on her silky thighs.

As the next stroke came, she leaned forward, kissing my trembling lips again. I could feel the growing strength in her smooth legs as they shifted under my fingertips. Her fingers brushed back my hair. Another sensation. This one left my trembling, on the brink of orgasm. The feeling ended just as I was about to climax, leaving me perched at the edge of a cliff, just waiting to fall into an ocean of pleasure below.

I cried out with need. I had thought myself a master of sex, but this woman had me completely outclassed – all while hardly touching me!

Pulling my bottom lip with her teeth slightly before releasing it, she rolled her back upward, like a cobra rising in preparation to strike. She shimmied gracefully down my body, my hands sliding over perfect skin to her firm, bare hips.

Then she struck.

Her head dropped, her brilliant green eyes predatory as they locked on mine from below. Her lips, moist from kissing planted a delicate but sumptuous kiss right on the tip of my quivering cock. Her teeth lightly dancing across the underside of my sensitive flesh.

After a dozen agonizing seconds on the brink, the dual sensations blasted me over the edge.

My body went rigid, and I exploded, crying out as a shockwave of absolute ecstasy ripped through me.

Sassa’s face again rose above me, my vision dimming and ears ringing before all of my senses snapped back online in high definition. She was like a dark goddess rising above me, green eyes glowing, bare hips undulating as if imagining milking everything from me, despite the fact that I wasn’t even inside her.

Panting, I looked up at her. She bit her lip, long eyelashes fluttering closed in concentration, and I was almost fearful of what she’d do next. I wasn’t sure I could take another climax like that!

I began to feel what she was doing.

Oh my God, did I feel it.

Like the distant roll of the ocean, a tsunami of desire appeared. As it rose within me, , the building ecstasy began to vibrate my organs like the overly loud bass at a rock concert. Another climax approached. My dick hardened instantly. Though I was still recovering from the last one, the wave of arousal was relentless, building and building until I came again. So hard that I almost lost consciousness.

“Jesus!” I cried in a wheezing squeak, breathing ragged, darkness speckling my vision. “What are you doing, Sassa?”

“Playing your body like an instrument. Don’t you like it?” she said, a hint of worry in her eyes even as she rose once more above me.

“It’s better than anything I’ve ever felt before,” I whispered, still unable to speak normally, though my vision was beginning to return to normal. She smiled warmly and bent down for another long, passionate kiss.

The worry disappeared from her eyes, and she stretched her insanely long legs along mine, sliding her superhuman physique over mine. Every inch of her flesh that touched mine sent pinpricks of pleasure into my trembling body. Now lying atop me, magnificent breasts bulging into my chest, the satin skin of her hips began to slowly rock against my crotch. The motion excited me into instant hardness once more.

She rotated her hips, guiding me into her from the perfect angle. I heard her let out a long, satisfied exhale as I entered her. She felt deliciously warm, unbelievably tight.

I continued to push into her, and Sassa gave a throaty purr. Her eyes glowed once more, and I felt the stirrings of that overwhelming feeling of sexual gratification building once more on the far horizon. It was distant, but present, as if being dangled on a string just beyond my reach.

I wound my hands around her toned back feeling the muscles working under her perfectly smooth skin as she undulated her hips over mine. I pulled her body toward me, continuing my slow, inexorable push inside her. Her body felt glorious under my touch, every inch of flawless flesh under my roaming fingers was sculpted, erotic perfection.

As my hands glided around her thin waist to her defined abs and continued upward, I shivered, my arousal so intense I could barely stand it. My hands found the bottoms of her breasts, then rose upward and outward along their lower slopes. They were large and extremely full but seemed to defy gravity. I briefly thought back to our airborne dance together on stage and smiled. If anyone should have a gravity-defying body, it was Sassa.

I whimpered softly as the massive wave of impending pleasure building within me seemed to near, sensations far beyond any I’d ever had emanating from my cock, buried deep inside her perfect body. She gave a whimper of her own, legs gripping my hips even more tightly, the firm swells of her calves tightening against the inside of my legs.

Sassa’s eyes were in a perpetual glow now, and the building ecstasy within me seemed to surge anew, closer, yet still out of reach.

As I began to knead her full breasts, which seemed to swell again under my ministrations, she tensed. Her jaw tightened. I gasped as delicious sensations seemed to flood into my penis from every direction, squirming in rapture so intense that it bordered on painful.

My God – how was she doing this? It was so much better than anything I’d ever felt before! It felt even better than what she was able to do to me earlier in the night. She seemed to be reading my thoughts and feelings as quickly as I was experiencing them now and tailoring her actions accordingly.

I pulled back and thrust again. Harder this time. Faster. I heard Sassa moan, and I smiled with the knowledge that I was making her feel at least some of the pleasure that she was giving me. The sensation seemed to echo through me a moment later, and I felt my legs stiffen, my abs contract.

The massive wall of pleasure loomed above me now, like a gigantic wave about to crash down.

I knew that I needed to act urgently to bring her to orgasm, or it would be too late. My climax at this point was imminent. I dropped my hands to her lower back, pushing them down the delicious curvature of her perfect ass, and pulled Sassa’s hips into me with every ounce of strength I had. I simultaneously bucked my hips forward as hard as I could, thrusting all the way in, filling her completely, slamming against the end of her canal.

I felt her body shudder around me, and I knew that she was coming. Knowing I’d succeeded, I released the clamp I’d held over my own climax and it instantly detonated inside me. The tidal wave of rapture rumbled from somewhere deep inside. It was mind-shattering. I heard screaming, but I wasn’t sure whether it was her or me. Maybe it was both of us. I was tumbling, submerged in a sea of pleasure like a surfer being rolled under a massive wave. .

I managed to squint open my eyes for a brief second, seeing Sassa’s head back, mouth open. But when I saw her, I couldn’t hear sound any longer. Just ringing. My mouth was open too. Was I screaming? Moaning? I didn’t know. My vision was dimming quickly. My hands fell from her body to the bed. My body went limp.

I passed out.

Part 5: Revelations

The next morning, when I awoke, I felt as if I’d been run over with a truck. Groaning, I opened my eyes and looked around. There was no sign of Sassa.

Holy shit! That had been quite the experience.

To say it had been the best sex of my life was like saying that a volcanic eruption was larger than the pop of a balloon. It had been so far beyond anything else I’d ever felt that to compare that to regular sex was absurd.

I rolled out of bed and stood on wobbly knees. I felt as if I’d just run a marathon. The thought made my lips curl into a wry smile. I had been through a marathon, I supposed. It just hadn't been one of the running variety.

When I arrived at work, I gave Cassidy a nod of gratitude for her support the previous evening. She looked positively radiant today! Was it just me or was she becoming prettier by the hour? I couldn't be sidetracked by that right now, however. I walked past her to march directly to Nadia's office. As I raised my fist to rap on the door, however, I heard voices from inside. I pressed my ear to the door in an effort to hear.

"…do you mean?" It was Aliya's voice!

"Carson has given you the opportunity to realize the potential inside of you, just as he did for Sassa. To become what you've always wanted to become, child. All you must do is imagine it for yourself. To truly believe in what you may become," said Nadia.

I heard rustling, then footsteps toward the door. I jumped back, so that it wasn't obvious I'd been listening in--not that I'd understood what I'd heard. Other than the fact that she'd attached my name to it, it sounded like a bossish sort of pep talk. But then why had she attached my name to it? That was the second time in two days I'd heard some nonsense about me giving gifts or opportunities. What was Nadia playing at?

The door opened, and Aliya startled as she saw me. She gave me a nervous smile, avoiding my gaze as she walked by.

I turned to a thoughtful Nadia. "Come in," came her accented voice.

I entered and collapsed into the chair across the desk from her. She cocked her head to the side, her gaze calculating. "What brings you here today, Carson?"

I leaned forward, eyes attentive and ready to read her reaction. I debated asking her about what she had just told Aliya but decided against it. I didn't want her to know that I'd been eavesdropping. So I reverted to the question I'd come here to ask in the first place.

"Last night, Sassa told me that you mentioned I could help her fulfill her potential. And then she developed all kinds of abilities. She’s like a superheroine or something. She can do things with her mind that… that…” I didn’t even know how to describe what she could do!

“Why did you tell her that? What does that mean? How did she become like she is? Why is she suddenly so into me?" I leaned back, then decided to add in the other part that was weighing heavily on my mind.

Nadia didn't even react.

"She can do things with her mind that shouldn’t be possible. And she can float. And her eyes glow. And…" I was beginning to ramble. I just had so many questions! My thoughts were a jumble.

Discarding my confused statement, I decided to take a different tack entirely. I pointed a finger at her accusingly. "I think that you know what's going on…"

Nadia still didn't seem surprised in the least. She picked up the hourglass from her desk, and gave it a shake. The sand was running insanely fast now.

Nadia's chair creaked as she leaned back. "Perhaps I should tell you everything."

I sat back and crossed my arms. Finally!

"You see, I'm a djinn," she began.

If I hadn't seen and felt what I had last night, I would have thought her insane. As it was, I suspended my disbelief, shut up, and listened. I was ready to believe a hell of a lot right now.

"We djinn are bound by a strict set of rules. Should we break them, even bend them, we will be executed by the supreme council of the Djinn. It is the price we pay for unlimited power."

"My last master--incidentally the man who originally owned this club--had a heart attack in the middle of his wish. I've never had that happen before. I don't think that any of the djinn have, so there were never rules written to cover such a scenario. So, for the last few years, I've been able to leave my lamp. I had a master who had rubbed my lamp and was in the process of making a wish, you see. Under such circumstances, I am absolutely within the rules to be out of my lamp. It's not my fault if the wish has been in progress for years and will never be completed."

I shifted uncomfortably – much to Nadia's amusement – before she continued.

"But then you came in and rubbed my lamp. Since I technically had another master still, I was not obligated to describe the rules to you.” She gave me a look. “Or abide by them.”

She rose from her chair and began to pace behind her desk. “However, since I also did not have another master, your action created three wishes. You see, I was free to grant you your wishes without the customary obligation of informing you that you had them."

So I had wishes?

"You were so eager to work here that I decided to frame your wishes as interview questions. You made all three wishes. I could grant them because you had rubbed the lamp, but I didn't have to because I had another master in the process of making a wish. But I liked your wishes, Carson. So I granted them."

My head was spinning. I made wishes? What had I wished for? I tried without success to remember what I had said during the interview. Luckily, Nadia reminded me.

"First, you wished to be in a place where everyone liked you and you liked them." Her look turned sly. "And I see how well you've gotten on with Cassidy, Aliya, and Sassa…"

"Well Cassidy, maybe. But Aliya seems upset with me for some reason. And Sassa… wait! Is that why Sassa started, um…" I trailed off as I felt a blush rise along the base of my cheeks.

Nadia's look was mischievous now. "Trust me. Aliya likes you very much. And Sassa has always been attracted to you. You’re a very good-looking man, after all. Though, I admit, the spell may have lowered her normal inhibitions to act on her attraction.” She paused, as if deciding how much to tell me, then looked me straight in the eye. “But she has always been a woman of intense feelings, regardless of how little she normally shows it. She would not act as she is if there was not already the spark of such feelings within her.”

Nadia began to pace once more, lips curling into a curious smile. “I'm curious which of them will capture your attention in the end."

Which of them would capture my attention? Sassa had done a damn good job of that last night. But Aliya…I thought of her features the previous night, looking betrayed by my dance with Sassa. The image still pulled at my heartstrings. My eyes shot back to Nadia’s as I realized that I truly did have feelings for both women.

As I attempted to sort out my feelings, Nadia continued.

"Second," she said, beginning to pace once more. "You wished that you could help everyone here realize their potential. You've made Cassidy such a good little worker now. I love what you've done for Sassa, and Aliya… well, that one remains to be seen. "

Good worker? Cassidy had been able to handle both her job and Aliya's last night. Compared to the lax attitude she'd always displayed in my previous trips to the club, I supposed that was a significant change in her behavior. Sassa's enhanced abilities were obvious. I wondered what she meant by Aliya's potential remaining to be seen.

"And you may have noticed some changes within yourself. Who would have known you had the potential to become a better man?" Her dark eyes glimmered as her eyes seemed to penetrate to my core. Was this why I'd been feeling guilty? Why I'd become more sensitive to the feelings of others? I wasn't sure whether I liked that change… but I somehow knew that it was for the best.

"Third," Nadia finished. "You said that my staff would become more attractive if I hired you. Haven't you noticed that they've become even lovelier lately?"

"That's not what I--" I interrupted before stopping suddenly. Who cared if that's what I meant? I wasn't about to argue if she wanted to make all the women in the place better looking.

"You're not looking so bad yourself. And becoming more handsome all the time," Nadia said, ignoring my outburst. "I suppose that makes it easier for your first wish to be granted. Sassa generally doesn’t act on her feelings. But then, she’s never felt so deeply for anyone before. She is used to being in a position where she can have her pick of men. But when she felt that you may have more feelings for someone else than for her, it prompted her to act. To show the true depth of her feelings."

“She thought I had more feelings for someone else?” I thought back to our dance. I had left her. To check on Aliya. Was she threatened by Aliya? The thought seemed absurd. Sassa threatened by Aliya?

"Anyway, enough of this. I've told you all that you need to know and more," said Nadia, rising and shooing me out of her office. "Now get back to work."

She pulled me out of my chair, placed a hand behind my back, and propelled me out of her office, closing the door behind her as she walked back inside.

Part 6: Ascension

Standing outside Nadia's office, I was completely stunned. I didn't know what to think. Didn't know what to do. I'd had wishes granted that I didn't even realize I'd made. And they mostly centered around the rest of the staff, though apparently I was becoming better looking as well. Score?

Finally, I made my way to the bar. Sassa was on stage warming up, looking sexier than ever. She gazed at me affectionately. I shivered as I remembered the overwhelming feelings she had conjured within me last night. I considered walking over to her, especially after what Nadia had said. That I hadn't ruined things with her after all. But there was someone else that I needed to speak with first. Someone to whom I was drawn even more strongly. Someone that I wanted to bring comfort and happiness more strongly than I'd ever desired anything.

I stopped, suddenly realizing what I’d been thinking. Drawn to more strongly that Sassa? That wasn’t possible. Was it? As I explored my feelings, however, I realized that it was true. I looked at Aliya, taking down the chairs, as she always did at the beginning of her shift. I thought of our casual banter, the ease with which I could speak to her. The delight I felt inside when I made her laugh, when I saw the spark of attraction in her eyes.

I had suppressed it. Denied it. Told myself that it wasn’t what it was because she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the place.

But it was love. I suddenly knew it. Was certain of it, even.

“Hi, lover,” came a sultry voice from beside me. It was Sassa.

Her elegant arms drifted around me, and she pulled me in for a long, languid kiss. When she broke it, I saw Aliya standing there, watching us, tears filling her eyes.

My heart ached with the sight of it. This was hurting her. She felt the same way about me. But she thought that her feelings were unrequited.

I extricated myself from Sassa’s arms and walked over to Aliya, pulled her into a hug, and kissed her.

The feeling was different than it had been with Sassa. Less exciting on the surface. But as I continued to devour her lips, it became more clear. On the surface, it appeared less. But that was only the surface. As our lips touched and our tongues danced, my heart seemed to dive deeper and deeper into our connection. It was so deep. Endlessly deep. There was so much more there. So much… potential.

I broke the kiss, coming up for air. Aliya gazed at me with bemused surprise.

“I thought… you and Sassa…” she stammered.

I turned and glanced back to Sassa. She looked sad, but at the same time, there was a certain satisfaction in her glowing eyes. As if she knew how I felt about Aliya. Accepted it.

She was happy for us, even if it meant losing me.

I turned back to Aliya.

“Sassa is wonderful. And she’s a great person. But she’s not the one I love.”

Aliya’s breath caught as I uttered those words.

“I love you.”

Aliya’s lips trembled, and tears welled in her eyes. As they began to stream down her cheeks, she kissed me again.

“I just want to be the woman you’ve always wanted. In every way…”

That’s when I felt it. A surge of power bubbling within me. I stumbled forward, touching Aliya’s arm. Her eyes widened suddenly, as if she felt it too.

Aliya shivered, then stumbled back. The dizziness past, I regained my balance and straightened.

Aliya gasped. She reached out in front of her, examining her arms. Her movements seemed more graceful than before. Her outstretched arms looked extremely defined but still had the long, willowy profile of a model’s as she turned them over before her.

She dropped her arms to her side, then looked downward. Her legs were sleek and slim… and they were growing longer. Sinuous, shapely curves bulged from her calves, giving them the look of a ballet dancer’s except far, far sexier. Her thighs rippled with feminine muscle as they rose, stretching her tight dress longer on her rapidly improving body. Her stomach, previously flat, seemed almost concave now, its definition actually visible through the sheer fabric of her short, black dress. As she looked up at me, eyes wide with unexpected delight, her thick, platinum hair shifted, seeming to flow around her swanlike neck.

As her surprised face found mine, I realized that she wasn't just pretty as she had been yesterday. Or even a few minutes ago. She had blown right past beautiful and straight to gorgeous. Her build was different. Taller and leggier, the girl could absolutely give Sassa a run for her money on the attractiveness scale now!

Aliya's face brightened as she saw the look on mine, and she smiled brilliantly.

Body still in the process of transforming, a bounce in her step, Aliya approached me. "So what do you think? Is this what you always imagined I could be?" she asked hopefully.



Before I could answer, I felt Sassa’s hand on my shoulder. “Sorry, Aliya, but Carson is mine.”

I felt her fingertips lightly slide along my shoulder as she circled around me. “I’ve been with many men. I’ve been many men’s fantasy. I’ve been handcuffed to the bed; I’ve been given leather and whips; I’ve been dressed in countless costumes.”

Sassa wedged herself between Aliya and me. “I’ve been given so many gifts, propositioned so many times.”

Sassa turned to me, plastering her dynamic figure against me, Aliya still standing immediately behind her, a confused look on her face.

“But never have I had a man that wanted me to expand my potential, my mind… my power.”

Her exquisite eyes seemed to become larger, their viridian irises now oceans of mesmerizing light. I felt my heart leap to my throat.

“Carson seemed shallow initially. I don’t think he knew his own potential. But as he has realized his, he has made it possible for us to realize ours.”

“How do you know all this?” asked Aliya.

“I’ve been given abilities of the mind, Aliya. Wonderful abilities that allow me to see how Carson’s wishes played out,” said Sassa, finding me out of the corner of her eye and giving me a wink.

Turning her attention back to Aliya, Sassa continued.

“You are truly beautiful, Aliya. And I’ve seen the friendly way you have with Carson. But that is the thing. There are friends, and there are lovers. Carson may be your friend, but he is my lover. I have always been the object of his fantasies,” she said, then turned back toward me. “Wouldn’t you agree, my love?”

I swallowed, but couldn’t speak. Memories streamed through my mind, starting with my first visit to the club. I was as speechless then as I was now, seeing her succulent body for the first time as it dripped sensuality to match the seductive purr of her amazing voice. As the visions played out, I returned to the present, pulled back by the wafting scent of her intoxicating perfume. The ambrosial scent seemed to flow through my entire body, curling my fingers and toes.

“It’s me that kept you coming back for all those visits, isn’t it?”

I nodded my agreement, still speechless.

“And you thought that I didn’t notice you,” she continued, her lips becoming fuller, the teeth behind them becoming whiter as she spoke. “But I did.”

She reached a slender finger up to my lips, running them along their surface languidly.

“I always did. I wondered when you would have the courage to approach me.”

She withdrew her finger, then kissed me lightly, sending my heart fluttering.

“I wanted you to come to me, you know. The most attractive man in the place. The man who fancied himself a seducer of women but who secretly shied away from speaking to me. He was both intimidated as well as afraid of disappointment, worried that I might not live up to the expectations of his deepest fantasies. Fantasies that he has always attached to me.” She turned to Aliya, eyes apologetic. “And me alone.”

She leaned in to whisper in my ear, her scent so consuming now, that I felt my heartbeat rise. The lump in my throat seemed to double in size.

“But then, you never suspected that you, with Nadia’s power, were capable of giving me the gift I always wanted. The gift you always wanted. To mold me into your fantasy. To make me… your goddess.

I trembled under the power of her whispered words, and so did the tables and chairs around us, clattering with the force of her words. Her face transformed again, rippling into features more delicate, more feminine. The woman, already beyond gorgeous, surged in beauty, the change more extreme than any she had yet undergone. Her physical appearance was staggering now. Her power palpable as its aura prickled my skin.

I heard the fabric of her dress creak, then begin to tear as her spectacular breasts swelled beyond its capacity to contain. Her already thin waist seemed to suck inward as her dress fell away to reveal a stomach insanely firm and defined yet also somehow svelte and smooth.

Her burgeoning hips shredded the remaining half of the dress as they sculpted into rounded perfection, rising on legs which were now carved into endless, sinuous smoothness.

Sassa’s head tilted back, chin rising, arms stretching outward. She seemed to lose herself in unfathomable pleasure.

Aliya stumbled back and fell to the floor as Sassa rose from the ground like the goddess she was becoming. Aliya looked up in awe at the sensual vision that floated above her, swallowing hard.

“Oh my God, Carson,” Sassa breathed, long lashes fluttering open as she tilted her magnificent face toward me once more. “You want me to have everything, don’t you? To be everything? To ascend until I’m—”

She shuddered, and another wave of changes washed over her already impossibly gorgeous body. Her thick, midnight black hair became more luxurious and began to float outward as if drifting on the moonlit ocean. Her brows thinned, arching ever higher. Her glowing green eyes were luminous, dominating her heart-shaped face. Her cheekbones rose, giving her the regal appearance of the soon-to-be queen of the heavens. Her lips, quivering, filled into breathtaking plumpness.

Her luscious breasts surged upward and outward, dominating her upper body now, spherical and succulent, matching the increasingly dynamic swell of her hips. Her womb rippled with power, evidenced by the silvery aura of femininity seeming to emanate like vaporous fingers from her sculpted stomach.

Sassa cried out as her body continued its journey toward absolute perfection, toes curling as she shuddered again, more strongly this time, climaxing with pleasure in an orgasm that seemed to announce the birth of a nascent deity.

“Carson, I can see it now. I can see everything. You want me to be your goddess.” She paused, her mesmerizingly gorgeous lips pursing. “No. You want me to be The Goddess.”

Her willowy arm drifted out to me, index finger curling toward her. I instantly felt the pull of something akin to gravity bringing me through the air to her. I floated upward toward her until our bodies came together so perfectly that it was as if they belonged together.

As we touched, I felt her body for the first time since this last round of changes. Her lips curled into a nefarious smile, and her eyes glowed an incandescent green once more. I felt my body stiffen as arousal exploded through its every cell. It was beyond imagining, and I erupted in an orgasm, spasming uncontrollably in the presence of the perfection our combined imaginations crafted.

Sassa kissed me, her lips feathery light and at the same time earth-bendingly heavy as they enveloped mine. I whimpered, clutching her body to mine as my hips shook in another insanely intense orgasm. Everything she did to me with mind or body seemed to escalate me to ever increasing levels of ecstasy.

My heartbeat was so rapid now, it felt as if my heart might explode in my chest. I floated in the ecstasy of her kiss, of her touch, trying and failing to control my body’s reaction.

She released the kiss, her impossibly perfect body tensing in one final transformation. Ethereal, feathered wings, as inky black as her satin tresses, formed from thin air behind her. The woman in my arms was a dark, seductive angel, beautiful and powerful beyond imagining.

She had become… divine.

She began to sing, the rising melody hauntingly gorgeous, just like her iridescent green eyes. Her wings swayed to the music, their motion hypnotic. The song wove an enchantment through the fabric of my reality, tying our souls together as one, binding us for eternity.

I sighed in absolute ecstasy as we floated upward, then looked down one last time to see Aliya’s sad but resolute eyes above smiling lips as she silently wished us well, my friend forever if her lover never.

Then my gaze returned to that of my love, and Sassa smiled, shining her silvery radiance on me. And I knew that I was with the right woman. Sassa was at once my perfect fantasy and her own. My Goddess. The Goddess. Forever.


Body still in the process of transforming, a bounce in her step, Aliya approached me. "So what do you think? Is this what you always imagined I could be?" she asked hopefully.

I swallowed. I was liking these wishes I'd made better and better. "That and more. So much more…" I managed.

Aliya's smile widened, then she closed her eyes and shuddered. As she did, her hair became even fuller, shimmering its waves of silvery gold as it reflected the bright lights from the stage. Her eyebrows thinned and eyelashes lengthened, even as they fluttered with what seemed like pleasure. Her lips trembled as they became more plump, filling into a kissable pout.

I glanced over to Sassa, who was staring at Aliya in awe. The raven-haired vixen was so beautiful and so amazing. But Aliya was rapidly closing the gap in attractiveness between them. Already the person that I finally realized connected with my soul in a way that no other woman could, Aliya was gaining everything else I’d ever desired in a woman.

I turned my attention to Aliya once more. My eyes were riveted to her svelte frame. She seemed to be even taller than she had been seconds earlier. I looked down to see her legs growing still longer, taking on such a sexy shape that I felt my heartbeat flutter as my eyes roamed their stunning length. The hem of her dress rose, revealing more creamy thigh as it went, until it nearly reached the point of indecency. Her hips rounded into a lean, athletic voluptuousness that seemed to invite my body in. Her ridged abs hardened still further, as firm as steel but remarkably feminine. My eyes continued their ascent to her breasts, which were deliciously full and so perfectly formed that I ached to place my hands over them and massage pleasure into their sumptuous slopes.

I glanced up to her eyes to see that they had opened, revealing huge, expressive irises of nearly iridescent blue. My gaze wanted to fall back to her luscious cleavage, but they were too entranced by her hypnotic eyes to manage the journey.

Aliya’s eyes glimmered with an internal glow that seemed to reach out to me, to fill me with unrestrained joy. She looked so happy, that I suddenly realized I was beaming myself.

Aliya stepped toward me, embracing me, her now-unbelievable body barely contained by her skimpy black dress, glued to mine. My arms wrapped around her as well, and she brought her chin to rest on my shoulder. She smelled wonderful as I breathed in the heady, floral scent of her hair.

"I've wanted you to look at me like you just did for so long," she said, her voice becoming more entrancingly seductive by the word. “Like you used to look at Sassa.”

"You have?" I rasped, my vocal chords in too much awe to rise to their usual volume.

"You're so stupid sometimes," Aliya said breathily, with a grin. It reminded me of the Aliya I’d grown to know – and, I was beginning to realize, love.

"I am?" I said, my voice just a whisper now, the sensations of Aliya's body, rapidly ascending in sexiness, well on their way to rendering me speechless.

“You are,” Aliya confirmed with a smile. “The big, dumb oaf that I love more than life itself.” She squeezed me tighter, her strength seeming greater than mine now. Far greater.

I felt her body tremble against me once more, hips shifting sensually against me. My hands dropped to them, fingers cupping their smolderingly seductive curves. Her breasts grew fuller, her arms and legs still firmer, the muscles contracting harder under her satin skin. She felt insanely strong now, not to mention irresistibly sexy as her body continued to its shivering spasms of exhilarating improvement. Her body no longer felt like a match for Sassa’s. It felt better.

"I'm so thankful to Nadia," Aliya continued, voice tightening every other word as tremors of improvement continued to ripple all over her body. "She made me realize what I had to do to get your attention once and for all. She helped me to understand that I could be your soul mate. That I had the potential to be your ultimate woman. All I had to do was want it badly enough. And after hearing what you said just now. Seeing how you left sexy Sassa on the stage to come after me, I wanted it soooo badly."

She pulled back slightly, her luminous eyes meeting mine. The blue oceans within them were so staggerly magnificent now that I was nearly unable to breathe as every nuance of her emotions played across their dazzling surface.

“I've always been drawn to you, Carson. And whether you realized it or not, you've always been drawn to me. I want to be your fantasy, Carson, to be the only one you'll ever want. The only one you'll ever love. I want to be perfect for you, everything you’ve secretly desired.”

She paused, eyelashes fluttering as her body shuddered in further development. When she regained control, she opened them, giving me a soul piercing stare that made my knees weaken. Her ruby lips opened, revealing perfect teeth within, and she spoke. Power seemed to radiate from her words this time.

“I want to be your goddess…"

She hugged me tightly again, her arms gentle but immovable, now thrumming with the incredible strength they contained. Her silky blonde tresses began to rise, floating on the air as if it were water. Gravity seemed no longer to hold sway over her body. We lifted from the floor, much as I had last night at Sassa's beckoning. Tonight, however, with Aliya, it seemed more wondrous. More magical. More meaningful.

Aliya twirled in my arms like a ballet dancer, sliding every part of her increasingly divine body against mine, sending jolts of euphoria jagging through my rising body. She giggled as we neared the ceiling of the club, then jammed her fingers upward and tore open a huge hole for us to pass through, piercing and twisting the metal as if it were aluminum foil.

As I held her, I began to sense the staggering power in her muscles, the awesome abilities of her mind, the magnificence of her ultrafeminine body. She truly was developing into a goddess. My goddess.

We continued our ascent, though it was difficult to notice, so all-encompassing was my infatuation with her now. The air around us shimmered, rippled by power beyond imagination. Her power. I heard Aliya's voice in my mind. "It's alright, Carson. This is what is meant to be. It’s my destiny. Because of you…"

Her clothes faded before my eyes, then simply disappeared. Great, white, ethereal wings formed behind her. It was as if her body were announcing that it was too perfect to be covered by something as mundane as clothing, the wings framing her body for a moment before they reached around to envelope me in a breathtaking aura of angelic power. I had thought Sassa's body perfect last night, but Aliya’s completely redefined the term. Every sumptuous curve of her earth-shakingly gorgeous body had been sculpted into a masterpiece of impossible perfection.

She had become… divine.

Somewhere, far down below, I knew that Sassa was smiling for us, happy for our night together but knowing that Aliya was the one to whom my heart truly belonged. My heart swelled with pride as I realized what my wish had wrought. Aliya's dream. My desire. Our combined fantasy. Made real.

Then all thoughts of anyone other than Aliya were gone, erased by the unthinkably gorgeous, unimaginably powerful woman before me. Her eyes seemed to radiate golden power. Her lips seemed to drip with tantalizing seduction.

She was everything.

She was more than everything.

She was The Goddess.

My raggedly thudding heart leapt as she pulled me into her heavenly form, like the gravity of the most brilliant star pulling a planet into its beautiful, warming rays. Her lips enveloped mine, her breath seeming to paradoxically invigorate and relax me at the same time, coaxing my taut body into a semi-relaxed state of absolute and utter pleasure.

I felt my body mold to every swell and valley of hers, as if we were meant to be one. Her hips invited me inside her, filling me with absolute desire, even as I filled her. Fireworks of ultimate rapture tore through my body, intensifying, impossibly, by the second. Every moment I was inside her bringing elation that seemed to rise until it’s power seemed to dim the sun. Our lovemaking was so consuming, so unbelievably exquisite that it reached the point where I could no longer bear it.

I climaxed inside my goddess. Our bodies became one in the heavens. The consummation of our love quaking the firmament far below.

“I love you,” I cried, tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I love you too,” she whispered, eyes warm, voice reverberating through every cell in my body.

We embraced in the sky, the moment more perfect than any this world had ever known.

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