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Seeking the Seer, Chapter 2

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As the girls followed Julie into the house they saw a blue flash from another room. Shortly after, a man and two women walked out. The man and the woman were in matching red and blue costumes, and the third woman looked like the others twin. “I’m glad you could make It.” said the man warmly walking up and shaking Stacey and Heathers hand.

“Start talking.” said Heather. “Who are you and what do you want.”

“In time. Please come to the meeting room, we have much to discuss. Julie can you please make some drinks thanks.”

“No problem Hyperman.” said Julie as she ducked off.

He ushered the girls into a meeting room. On one wall was a screen and a couch sat on the corner. The man walked in mere seconds after the women; however he had changed into a smart sharp suit. As he walked, he grabbed a pointer on the table and pointed it at the screen. As it flashed to life he turned and faced the room.

“Ladies, my name is Harrison Watt aka Hyperman and I’ve brought you here today because the world needs your help. I know of all your powers and the good you’ve done. Now I need you to help save the world.”

“I’m out.” said Heather as she got up.

“Heather Phoenix, the latest Asimus Avenger.” said Harrison “known to protect the world throughout history, with increased strength and invulnerability.” Heather stopped in her tracks and the colour drained from her face.

“How do you know this?” Heather asked shakily. “Stacey is the only person I have told that I am the Asimus Avenger.”

“In time.” He said. He turned to address Stacey as she helped Heather back to her seat.

“Stacey Kenton – the Dazzling Diamond. You can teleport and can anticipate and counter every move your opponents make. You can see how situations will pan out and effectively fight anyone.”

He then turned to the girls he walked in with

“Hannah Watt and Hannah Watt, Otherwise known as Hyperwoman, My doppelgangers from different dimensions with powers of flight, strength, and time dilation.”

“So you’re both Hannah Watt.” said Stacey addressing the girls. “And you’re both Hyperwoman? I’ve only heard of one Hyperwoman.”

“Yeah that’s complicated. I call her H if that helps.” said the girl in regular attire pointing at her doppelganger.

At that moment Julie walked in with drinks and sat down. Harrison flicked on the screen. Various images of the girls from TV and other versions of footage filled the screen.

“You are all superheros in your own right and form great teams, but I need you all to come together to fight an entity that none of you can take on alone.” He clicked the button and a mysterious hooded figure appeared. “This is The Seer. No one knows what he looks like apart from this, but his return has been foretold in the stories of time. Many stories have their own take on it but most call it the apocalypse.”

“What like the bible end of days type apocalypse.” Said Hannah

“The very same.” said Harrison

“Oh god.” said Stacey

“Not the one from the bible, but the stories put him in that league.”

“So he’s the antichrist?” asked Hyperwoman

“Again that’s more of a mistranslation.”

“So you want us to take on a God?” said Heather “fucking WHAT!.”

“Combined I believe you have the strength to defeat this being.”

“Can we get some help?” Asked Stacey. “What about Dozer?”

“Dozer.” chimed Julie “She’s my favourite hero, no offence.”

“None taken.” said Heather as she rolled her eyes

“Dozer is ah, unavailable at this moment in time. I am trying to bring her on board though.”

“And what about more male hero’s like you, were kind of a bit gender specific here if you look around.” said Hannah

The screen flicked and a woman in black appeared

“He’s not alone.” Harrison continued “He has 4 minions.” The screen flashed to a woman in a sleek black cat suit. She had Jet black straight hair to her shoulders and her eyes looked to be just black inky wells. “This is Psionic. She is a psychic who has the power of telekinesis. She can read any move coming toward her and react accordingly.”

“Sounds like you Stace.” said Heather

“She can also throw psychic waves that knock over and incapacitate opponents.”

“That’s nothing like me.” said Stacey back to Heather

The screen then flicked to a man, bearing half on orange glow and a blue shine

“This is Freezer Burn. He has control over both elements Fire and Ice.”

“He can burn you two ways.” said Hannah jabbing Hyperwoman

The screen then flicked to a woman, she didn’t look to special but was surrounded by men

“Lucky girl.” said Hannah

“This is the Siren. She took her name from the mermaids of old. She can compel any man to do her bidding, and that includes me. She is the reason I have not included any male hero’s in this room apart from myself. If she corrupted them then we could not win.”

The screen then flicked to a woman wearing a figure hugging black suit with a white emblem on her chest. She sported a black cape that tapered to a point and two wrists on her arms.”

“Who’s that?” asked Stacey

“Black Manta.” said a voice from behind them. A woman walked in wearing a baggy top and trackies.

“Have you been reading too many Aquaman comics?” asked Hannah

“Who’s Aquaman?” said Stacey and Heather

“Really, you’ve never heard of Aquaman.” said Hannah

“That’s my sister.” replied Belle

“Belle, are you feeling ok?” asked Harrison changing the subject

“I will be, I just want to catch that bastard and save her.”

Ladies this is Belle Bond otherwise known as Manta, she can control water and has flight capabilities as well.”

“So what’s the Seer’s game, why does he want to bring the apocalypse?”

“The Seer as the name implies can see the future. Stories tell that he will one day get sick of humanity’s consistent quest for power and bring about a global reset. This is where the “End of days.” versions of events come from. In his eyes the best way to do this is to see the world burn.”

“So why doesn’t he just click his fingers.” said Stacey.

“He cannot do it by himself, he needs this.”

The screen changed to a coin shape.

“This is the object he desires, have you heard of the Macguffin.”

Hannah burst out laughing “Seriously, this idiot wants to bring on the apocalypse with an item called the Macguffin! Did the universe suffer from a case of lazy writing?”

“Like most things in the world they get their name from something. The macguffins they refer to in movies got their name from this artefact. The macguffin holds the power to reshape the universe to the holders’ whims. But in order for it to be activated it must be freely given to the person who wants it, in this case. The Seer. Once consigned to myth, the macguffin has been found.”

“Let me guess, in R2D2.” said Hannah still laughing

“Simple then, let’s just ask for it from the Authorities. Can’t we just do that then bury it.” said Stacey,

“Again it is not that simple. It changes its appearance regularly. When I say it’s been found we know when it will be at a place but we don’t know what exactly it will be. It is housed in the mythical device known as….”

“Let me guess. Pandora’s box.” Said Hannah

“The very same. Pandora’s Box was built to house the macguffin. If this item is freely handed to the Seer freely then he will have the ultimate power.”

“But isn’t Pandora’s Box meant to contain Hope?” asked Belle

“Hope can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it. And if the seer gets a hold of the Macguffin then all hope will literally be lost.” said Harrison

“So take out minions, find unfindable object in equally mythical and unfindable other object, and stop crazed maniac from ending things. So done by say 4.” joked Hannah

“Hardly.” said Harrison. “But Pandora’s Box had indeed been located. It is being moved soon and I believe this is when he will strike.”

“When is this happening?” asked Stacey

“In two days.” said Harrison. “We need to prepare. I can only ask that you do this but you are not bound to. Are you in?”

“What choice do we have.” said Stacey. “I’m in.”

“Me too.” said Heather

“Us as well.” said Hannah and Hyperwoman

“And I am too.” said Belle

“Excellent.” said Harrison “you all have accommodations here. Thank you for saving the word.”

The women made their way around the house. “What do you think of all this?” Heather asked Stacey. “It’s definitely a lot to take in. A potential world dominator, minions, I don’t know what to think honestly.” “And what about these other hero’s we have here?” Well I’ve heard a bit about Hyperwoman but I never knew there were two of them, Manta is new to me. It would be nice if we get Dozer on board as well.”

“Yeah how are there two Hyperwomen?” asked Heather

“Because I’m from a different Dimension.” replied Hannah, from behind her. “And no, I have no idea how that happened either.” Hannah paused “but speaking of which.” Hannah ran off back to the meeting room.

“Harry, Harry?” asked Hannah running back to the meeting room. Harry was talking with Julie when she ran in. “Can you get me home?”

“Hannah. If we are successful in this endeavour I will do everything in my power to get you back to your dimension. You have had a great teacher in H. I am confident we will succeed and you can get back where you came from.”

Hannah started beaming and ran back out. In the months since she landed in H’s apartment and started her own Hyperwoman journey, she couldn’t start working out how to get home. Now if things worked out she could finally get back to her own dimension.

“That’s very nice of you Mr Watt.” said Julie, Who stated to yarn. “Do you mind if I lay down.” Julie said

“Use the couch over there Julie.” I’ll shut the door

Harrison shut the door waited 30 seconds then opened it again. “I’m glad you could make it. I need your help.” he said.

Else ware, a woman knocked on a door. A large man answered in a gruff tone. “You must be the thief.”

“She I mush more than a thief my dear FB.” said a woman wearing a cat suit. “Come on in Sally, I’ll introduce you around.”

Sally entered and was walking into a room featuring a girl and 3 well-armed men. Suddenly a screen flashed and a hooded figure appeared, through the intercom a voice spoke.

“So you haven’t managed to kill each other, excellent.” said the figure. “Yeah speaking of which when are you going to come so I can say hello.” said the girl with the entourage.

“And when are we getting paid.” said the man.

“In time.” the figure said. Welcome Multiplex.” He said as he pointed to Sally. This is Psionic, Freezerburn and Siren. They along with Black Manta will help you on your mission. I have located Pandora’s Box and we shall move in soon.

Psionic then turned

“Is everything alright?” asked The Seer

“Our other friend has woken up.”

“Excellent, I will leave you with the plans for the heist. Remember I want the contents of Pandora’s Box.”

And with that the screen flashed off and the printer in the room started spitting reams of paper. Psionic left to go to another room

Ashleigh woke up in a blackened room. Groggy she held her head; she had been dressed in loose clothing.

“Where am I.” she said,

“Hello, anybody there.” there was no answer.

She was looking at the wall when a light flickered on; it illuminated the wall on the far side with a scrap of paper.

Ashleigh grabbed the paper. She opened it. It contained a weird phrase.

“Virtute Oceanum, in Manta Radii.” said Ashleigh reading the paper.

Suddenly Ashleigh felt an energy release from inside her. Her head involuntarily threw itself back as a glow illuminated her entire body. Then she felt a pressure around her body. It was like her clothes were fusing onto her skin. Then there was a flash. Suddenly the lights flashed on and Ashleigh saw herself in a mirror.

Ashleigh couldn’t believe her reflection. She loose fitting clothes had morphed into a figure hugging black suit. She had a white belt that hung on her hips and over her chest stretched a white emblem. A black cape had materialised flowing loosely on her back. Two blue gems formed on her wrists.

As she swung around admiring her form she was hit with an immeasurable pain. Screaming she doubled over in agony grabbing her head. As her eyes blurred she caught a glimpse of a woman in a black cat suit. In her head she heard a peaceful voice “Don’t worry. This will all be over soon.”

And with that Ashleigh blacked out.

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