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A Supergirl – Origin, Chapter II

Written by Bert :: [Saturday, 14 November 2020 16:20] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:44]

Since the stories are updated once per week I've decided to put up two chapters instead of just one. This time out our heroine has her first encounter with the city's criminal element. The reality of fighting villains turns out to be more challenging than she imagined.

One other note - starting in these chapters I'm using italics to identify Krissy's/Supergirl's internal monologue. I hope that isn't too confusing.


A Supergirl – Origin

Chapter II

Cutter loved blondes. Sure, he was Irish and should probably have a thing for gingers, but it was the flaxen-haired babes that always got him. It made him feel classy, 'cause 'Gentlemen prefer blondes'. It was too early to head to the meet, and old Cutter needed some action. As if on cue, a blonde cutie came scampering up the alley, looking more than a little lost. Hardly believing his luck, the big man stepped out of the shadows as she was rushing by. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up against the brick wall of the alley.

“Hey, Baby. What's your sign?”

He leered at her as she struggled in his grip.

“Let me go! I'll scream!”

A smack echoed down the long alleyway as he backhanded the girl. Not too hard, he wanted her conscious. He started to tear off her blouse as she stared up through tears into his hulking face.

“No, please, don't do this!”

They always begged, these girls. Sometimes they'd fight a bit, but they always begged for mercy. He was about to continue removing her top when a noise alerted him that they were not alone. Cutter frowned as he glanced over his shoulder, only to see something that didn't really register at first. He released the girl and turned fully around, staring in slack-jawed amazement. Six feet away stood the most beautiful woman McGillicutty had ever laid eyes on. She was slim, with long, shiny blonde hair and an athletic yet feminine build. Her face was angelic, her skin perfect, her posture poised. But it was what she was wearing that Cutter couldn't process. She looked for all the world like a movie superhero. A blue top that featured a red Superman “S” stretched across her shapely chest, a red skirt, fairly short with a slit left of center, red boots and a red cape.

“Careful there, Bucko. You're going to swallow a fly.”

He blinked and continued staring. The girl he had attacked peeked past him. Krissy met her gaze and flicked her head in the direction of the street down the long alley. The girl nodded and took off, running as fast as her feet would carry her. The girl's escape brought Cutter to his senses. His expression hardened and he took a menacing step towards the blonde beauty.

“You scared away my score. Now you're gonna take her place!”

He noted the costumed girl's fearful reaction with satisfaction as she took a cautious step back. But then...

“Not now, filthy hood. Not ever! Bring it!”

She raised her hands into a fighting stance. Cutter smiled. He towered over her, 6'4”, 240 lbs. of gang enforcer muscle.

“What are you s'possed to be, Superman's little sister?”

“You're about to find out what I am!”

Her confidence annoyed him. He was gonna enjoying taking this crazy chick. He moved forward and lunged to grab her arm. She sidestepped away from his grasping hand and delivered a punch to his ribs.

“Ghunn. Not bad, girly. Wanna try that again?”

Krissy was surprised her punch didn't have more effect. It felt like punching a tree and she had been knocked back slightly by her own blow. She realized his large size meant she would have to plant herself to generate enough force to hurt him with a punch or kick.


“Uunhh!” Cutter's massive fist caught the first time heroine on the left side of her face, spinning her half around and sending her into the opposite wall of the alley. Rookie mistake, she thought, pondering details while a dangerous opponent is threatening. Her three quarter length cape settled around her taut body suggestively as she leaned against the wall. Her left hand fluttered up to her cheek, which was burning a bit from the blow. I've never been hit that hard. This bozo is going to pay for...

Without warning Cutter cruelly grabbed a handful of her blonde hair with one hand and her cape with the other.

“Hey! What are you...Ahhhhh!”

The massive thug hurled Supergirl backwards across the alley. Her back and head impacted a large metal garbage bin with an echoing thud.

“Ohhhh!” she exclaimed as she bounced forward and landed on all fours at Cutter's feet. He looked down on her, smiling. Supergirl's head drooped past her shoulders. Her long hair hung down, the ends bunching on the alley surface. Her red cape hung off to the side, affording him a fine view of her shapely ass that was barely covered by the short skirt. A large bulge was growing in his pants.

“Almost done,” he sneered as he kicked her hard in the ribs.

“Nuhhhhgh” she cried. The brutal kick flipped the inexperienced heroine onto her back next to the garbage bin.

Ohhhh! I...I didn't expect this level of violence. This creep is playing for keeps. I need to get the upper hand here. But as she looked up at him through her dishevelled locks, Supergirl realized that she wasn't really hurt. The blows had been painful, but not overly so. She was unharmed. She was also much stronger than her foe. It was time for him to find that out.

“Okay Bubba, my turn!”

She sprang to her feet more quickly than Cutter could believe. Before he could react she grabbed his belt with one hand, the front of his shirt with the other, and with a grunt of effort she lifted the huge man right off his feet and over her head.

“What the hell! Woman, put me...aaahhhh!”

It was Krissy's turn to smile. She'd thrown the heavily built thug six feet across the alley and into the opposite wall, where he'd landed in a crumpled heap in the dirt, groaning.

“That's right, creep. I'm far stronger than you. I suggest you stay down.”

Cutter was in pain, and confused about what had just happened. But he was also a gang enforcer, and no chick on earth was getting the better of him in a fight. He slowly rose from the ground, turned to face the little superbitch and raised his fists.

“Girl, you just made the biggest mistake of your life.”

Krissy was again confronted with the sheer brutality of her opponent. It rattled her that he knew what she could do, but he still wanted to fight. She knew, now, that if he won their battle he would surely rape her, perhaps even try to kill her. It was a lot to take in, but she knew when she signed on a year ago that taking on men like him was the end goal. She was ready. She had this.

“Wrong choice, Bucko!”

She leapt past him toward the alley wall. It was an impossible jump, six feet in length with her foot then pushing off the wall five feet off the ground. Cutter barely registered what she had done when 'Crack!' her fist smashed into his jaw as she rebounded from the wall. Droplets of sweat flew off the brute's heavy brow and he dropped to the ally floor like a giant sack of potatoes, again groaning.

It must be over now? Krissy thought to herself hopefully. Suddenly, Cutter's leg slashed out, sweeping the beautiful heroine's red boots from the alley surface. She landed awkwardly on her side, again surprised that there was any fight left in her foe. She sprang to her feet, only to see Cutter lumbering up the alley away from her. She hesitated. The girl had been saved, the thug thrashed. Did she need to chase him down?

Yes, yes she did. He needed to be completely defeated to get the message across that she was now the city's protector. There could be no doubt about her victory. She had to make him submit. She sprinted down the alley after him, her red cape billowing in her wake, blonde hair streaming and short skirt dancing rhythmically to her powerful strides. She saw his fleeing foot as he entered a sub-alley. Slowing, Supergirl followed seconds later. She paused to allow her eyes to adjust. There, in the dingy light, stood Cutter side by side with another gang banger.

“See Boss, what'd I tell ya.”

They took a step forward. Supergirl faltered. Two of them? A sudden noise from behind caused her to whirl her head around in a dramatic spray of light blonde hair. A third large man stepped out of the shadows, blocking her retreat.

“Well, Superchick? How do you think you'll do against three of us?”

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