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Revenge, in a way.

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Tara was a huge bitch, at least Alex thought so. She was the most stereotypical popular girl you could imagine. Well-groomed bleach-blonde hair, tall (but not too tall), voluptuous breasts and the desire of all the jocks in the school. And by being popular, she naturally made enemies with her opposite, Alex.

Alex was short, built like a pencil, and certainly not conventionally attractive. He wore thick-rimmed glasses and had pretty large front teeth which caused a slight speech impediment.

An argument could be made that Alex was blowing his hatred for Tara out of proportion. The blonde bimbo never made fun of Alex explicitly, more-so: she hardly even acknowledged the dorky guy’s existence. But, she frequently emasculated him without even trying. She was already top of her track class, whilst Alex had severe asthma which prevented him from competing in most sports. Alex had trouble talking to people, his head full of useless information no one really cared about. Meanwhile, Tara was a social butterfly and got along with most people rather well.

Alex had convinced himself that girls like Tara were what was wrong with the modern world. But what Alex really thought was much sadder. Tara always paid attention to the big guys of the school and never even gave Alex a chance. He really wanted to show the people of this school – especially Tara – what he was capable of with science on his side! And then, after properly wowing her, she’d fall in love with him and they’d fly off into the sky like at the end of Grease.

Alex spent many tireless nights attempting to perfect a serum, one that would make him the most renowned human in the universe. He was on the edge of a major scientific breakthrough here, infusing plant regeneration with Mantis Shrimp DNA and the like. It would mix with his RNA to become undetectable and incurable, like a virus, but good. That way, no one could prove he was on any performance-enhancing substance.

In theory, at a high dose, this serum could make him completely invincible, able to do anything, go anywhere, and just generally be unstoppable to whatever modern man had created with the intention to harm. It would also make him much more handsome, he thought. Allowing him all this strength while fixing his eyesight and asthma problems.

It took him almost three years and over $5000 dollars in equipment (Which he raised himself by working tons of miscellaneous jobs), but he had done it: the Uber-serum was complete! He vacuumed-sealed it in a vial and then put another lid on it just in case.

Now at the end of high school, all of Alex’s work was about to pay off in a spectacular way. He wanted an audience too, so people didn’t think nature just suddenly gave him all this but instead his own genius was responsible.

He ran to school and found Tara chatting with some other girls by the lockers. Smiling mischievously, he reached into his backpack and pulled out the serum.

“Hey Tara!” Alex said softly yet confident, ready to catch this bitch by surprise. However, Tara ignored him.

“HEY! TARA!” Alex said louder, causing Tara to roll her eyes and turn around.

“What do you want, loser? I’m trying to have a conversation here!”

Alex had Tara right where he wanted her.

“Tara, you were always such a huge jerk to me over these past few years.” Alex began, removing the first of two lids from the vial. “I think it’s finally time to show you what my mind is capable of!”

Alex tried to remove the second lid, but found that it was on a little too tight for his meek hands to open properly. And then, much to his dismay, Tara swiped the liquid out of his hands with ease.

“Twerp, I don’t know what you’re planning, but this is embarrassing.” Tara said, inspecting the label.

Alex tried to re-grab it, but Tara was taller and held it just out of reach.

“H-hey! Give it back! I need that!”

“What’s so important about this little test-tube anyway?” Tara said. Just then, she smiled as a devilish thought came into her mind. With ease, she pushed Alex to the floor, popped open the second lid, and – much to Alex’s horror – drank the entire elixir.

She licked her lips and dropped the test tube onto the ground, shattering it.

Alex watched in shock as the already stunning high school senior became even more beautiful. Her quite large breasts became even larger, her nipples becoming visible through her ever-tightening school shirt. Her thighs became thicker, expanding outwards and ripping her stockings in various places. Visible muscle appeared on her arms as they ripped her suitcoat at the same time. She opened her eyes and Alex could see that they had become a slight shade of purple.

Pre-transformation, Tara had about half a head of height over Alex, now she was easily a full head taller, her veins radiating with purple energy.

Tara picked up Alex effortlessly and slammed him into the lockers, denting them on impact. He yelped in pain.

“You were gonna use this serum to bully me, weren’t you?” Tara’s voice was booming now, students all around were paralyzed in fear. A crooked, evil smile encroached upon her face. “Well, that certainly backfired, didn’t it?”

“N-n-no! That wasn’t what it was for at all!” Alex whimpered, fearing for his life. “I just thought – I thought that if I looked like the jocks, you… uh… would date me…”

As soon as Tara heard that, she desperately tried to stifle a laugh. “Me? Date you? You’re the creepy weirdo with no friends, right? Why would I suddenly decide to date you? Give me a break.”

She casually tossed Alex to the ground, well, casually for her. Alex laid there with a now broken arm, most people around him too scared or too focused on the now Uber-powered Tara to help him up. She was now everything he wanted to be, and more.

Now that Alex was out of the way, Tara could properly focus on herself. She moaned as the adrenaline wore off. It was as if breathing now gave her pleasure. She had never felt happier to exist, and she already had plenty of reasons to be happy before.

She balled her hand into a fist and watched as such a simple action caused her suitcoat to rip even farther. Next, she converted the action into a solid arm flex, and the entire suitcoat arm was ripped to shreds.

While this was happening, Alex had – with difficulty – gotten off the floor and fled the scene. No one noticed him leave, probably because the ones who hadn’t run away had all their focus still drawn towards the girl who stole all his notoriety from him with ease. Tears welled in his eyes as Alex lamented to himself about how much he hated Tara now. She was already a contender for the most popular girl in the school. But now, there was no question. She just won the competition without even trying.

“They should be admiring ME!” Alex shouted at his reflection. He was back inside his “lab,” as he called it, wallowing in his own self-pity. He looked down at his broken arm. It would probably cost him a lot to visit the hospital to fix it. But then, an idea popped into his head.

He still had enough resources to construct a second serum! And this time, he wouldn’t make the same mistake. He would up the dosage, increase the potency, and he would do it all within the comfort of his own lab. The last thing he wanted was to grandstand and risk it all. He stopped attending school to focus on his project, no one even noticed his absence.

Tara was going to pay. And then after she paid, she’d fall in love with him!

Meanwhile, Tara was giving the rest of the students a run for their money. She was already among the school’s top students, but this was ridiculous. She was outpacing everyone in every sport. Her test scores were raising the school’s national average. Some students complained to the principal, but he clearly was going to let this continue. It was good for his school after all.

Tara had gone from an exceptional student to an exception, and she was loving every second of it.

But Tara wanted more.

Running, walking, breathing, exercising. It all still felt pleasurable. But her body was demanding more. More power. It wasn’t enough for her to be the most popular student in her school, she had to be the most popular student in all the schools. No, not just the most popular, the most powerful.

But she didn’t know how to. Sure, she was smarter than her peers, but she was not at the level of scientific depravity that Alex was at. What she needed to do was hunt Alex down and get more of that elixir. But that would prove to be a challenge, Alex had no friends, so most trails to find his house ran cold. Good thing the meager principal was more than willing to do anything for her at this point. Even though it was against the rules, he told her where Alex lived. Tara responded with a cute smile, and that was all she needed for the principal to declare the transaction as a worthy one.

Once Tara had what she wanted, she put her power to its limit. Starting off a light jog, twice as fast as Usain Bolt’s fastest speed, before kicking it up a notch and running about as fast as a formula one car. Combined with her precision and smarts, she turned an hour-long drive across the city into a five-minute stroll. Once she located his house address she ran up to his driveway only to suddenly come to a complete stop. She went from approximately 300 mph to zero with no adverse effects, save for a small sonic boom that formed in the area, damaging some property.

Alex heard the noise from outside. It hurt his sensitive ears, how couldn’t he? And so he began to pick up the pace. His true magnum opus was almost complete, and he wasn’t going to let an overrated bimbo steal it from him! Even if she was the hottest thing he’d ever seen…

Tara walked up to the door casually. She rang the doorbell, but after three seconds she got frustrated that no one answered immediately and shoved the door off of its steel hinges with a simple push. Alex heard that too, he was shocked that Tara was in the house already, especially since he made sure that door was always locked with about 12 different bolts.

The tension was increasing for Alex. It would only be a matter of time until Tara found his “secret lab” and the machine monitor said he was about 99% done.

She found the door to the basement. 99.1% done.

She got past all the heavy-duty locks on said door without any struggle. 99.2% done.

She was already down the long flight of stairs. 99.3% done.

She broke through the first door she saw in the basement, unaware that his room was at the very end of the hallway. 99.4% done.

She broke through the next door. 99.5% done.

And the next door. 99.6% done.

And the next door. 99.7% done.

Then, she must’ve figured out which room because Alex heard Tara zoom down the hallway at lightning speed. 99.8% done.

Suddenly, the door to his “lab” was obliterated into wood chips. 99.9% done.

“Alex, I believe you have something for me?” Tara said, looking directly at her rather tiny adversary. The machine beeped, 100% completion. Alex didn’t have time for a comeback. With his good arm, Alex brought the machine nozzle to his mouth. Forget the vial! He didn’t have a moment to waste!

Alex felt the powerful liquid pour into his mouth as Tara dashed forward at speeds unseen. “It’s over, I’m finally stronger.” Alex said to himself inside his head. She ripped the nozzle out of his mouth, making sure to do so with such precision that none of the precious substance spilled out onto the ground. Alex smiled with his mouth full at Tara. It was a slightly devilish smile, one he thought he earned. And then Tara did something unexpected. She leaned in and kissed Alex full on the lips. Alex’s eyes opened wide, this was his first kiss – and it was from the one girl he had desired it from the most. “I knew it…” Alex thought to himself. “I knew she’d love me once I became stronger…”

And in that pure moment of bliss, Alex had forgotten to swallow.

With her superior lungs, Tara sucked every last drop of the serum out of Alex’s mouth and into hers. Then, she broke the kiss between them. Alex’s smile disappeared in an instant, while Tara’s was the widest and most villainous he had ever seen. And to add insult to injury, she didn’t forget to swallow right after.

She made a satisfied face as she gulped it down, following it up with a very pronounced “ahh!” Alex just looked on in horror as he fully realized what he had just done. She bent over his low swivel chair, reaching further and gripping the desk behind him. Her fingers left dents in the metal as she leered over him, her body beginning to grow once more.

Once she stopped, she was easily two heads taller than him standing upright. That dose would have made Alex truly unstoppable, and now it was just an addendum to Tara’s invincible arsenal of muscle. Originally, Alex had theorized that taking two doses of the same serum would cause an additive effect, but on Tara, it was more of a multiplicative effect.

Her body spasmed. Her feet broke out of her socks and shoes and onto the cold, hard basement, but Tara didn’t even notice the change. She was on the verge of orgasm as her fingers scraped the metal loudly, causing Alex to wince in pain with every second of it. Her already perfect body was now even more perfect, if you could believe it.

To test her newfound strength, she picked up Alex’s tiny body, flinging him across the room with no effort expended. Before her second dose, picking up Alex felt like picking up a basketball: easy, but you could feel it. Now, Alex felt no different than if Tara was holding nothing in her hand to begin with. He was knocked out cold as soon as his head hit the opposite wall.


Alex awoke to a splitting headache, but luckily his head was being well supported by two unknown soft structures on either side of him. His eyesight was just hazy enough that he couldn’t make out what they were exactly, but a voice from behind cleared it up.

“Aww, wake-y wake-y, sleepyhead! We have to talk about something real quick!” The voice was sadistically cheery, but it was unmistakably Tara’s. He tried to move his head, but he couldn’t budge. “It’s so cute how your head can’t escape from my massive thighs, isn’t it Alex?” She then rubbed her thighs up and down rhythmically on Alex’s head, taunting him with her shackles of meat and flesh. Despite what his brain told him, he felt an erection building in his pants.

“P-please, let me go, Tara. I promise I won’t try to make any more serums!” In response, Tara just laughed. She then ever-so-slightly squeezed her thighs tighter, that’s all it took for Alex’s glasses to crack from the pressure. Any tighter, and he would probably be dead. “Alex, how can you be so smart and so stupid at the same time? I don’t want you to quit, I want you to make more…” Alex’s erection was ready to burst out of his pants, but he had to stay smart about this! He decided to play the only card he had left.

“Never! I’ll never make more for you! I’d rather die!” Then, even though he couldn’t see it, (due to his cracked glasses) he felt her foot rub up against his erection.

“You’d rather die? I think your little friend down here would like to say otherwise.” She was right. Even without her enhanced senses, she could feel his small member begging for release.

“Nnng… n-no.” He hated that his goals were at odds, both sides of his brain clashing. A cute girl was playing with his cock, but at the same time, this dream girl was his greatest enemy who kept 1-upping him at every turn. She didn’t deserve anything, but she got it anyway. Alex kept thinking about how close he was to having Tara as his girlfriend, but he also knew that he wouldn’t be getting her through the means he wanted. The situation was embarrassingly out of his control for some time now.

A fiery debate was brewing in his head, and unbeknownst to him, Tara could see it all. She was developing powers far beyond what Alex had intended now, and her most recent power surge had her ability to sense brain waves within people’s heads. Her smirk widened as she sensed the tiny dork stalemate himself within his own head.

So she pressed down slightly harder onto his cock, just enough for it to start to hurt and break his concentration. “I think that a good boyfriend should always be there for his girl, wouldn’t you agree?”

That certainly changed his perspective on the matter. “Y-y-you want to be my girlfriend?”

“As a good boyfriend, would you make more of that beautiful serum for me and no one else?”

A few seconds of silence.

“Yes, yes I would.”

“Good, then make another.”

“B-but, that previous dose used up the last of my resources!”

“Does it look like I care? Find more! You wouldn’t want to disappoint your new girlfriend, would you?”

“N-no, I wouldn’t.”

“Of course not, get going. I’m a busy girl, I’ve got an empire to craft!”

Without warning, she ignored typical house-exiting fashion and jumped upwards, bashing through the ceiling of Alex’s house. It was time for some radical change in American policy, she thought, traveling all the way from Oregon to D.C in mere minutes at a light jog. Word had spread about her incredible feats since day one, but now she was bringing it to the source.

She busted into the White House and was face-to-face with the president before the security even realized she was in there. Their talk was short and to the point. Basically, she wanted the government to provide her with “protection money,” meaning that they would pay her to protect them. The president’s initial response was the classic “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” shtick. But his opinion was quickly changed when the armed guards opened fire on her and the bullets harmlessly bounced off of her perfect skin.

Everyone wants to act strong until their life is placed directly in peril, then they’ll cave to anything. The president was no different, cowering behind his desk as he shouted “Yes! I’ll give you whatever you want! Please don’t hurt me!” To the goddess effortlessly disposing of his secret service members in front of him.

Faster than any policy had ever been passed before, (which isn’t saying much.) the government agreed to pay Tara large sums of money daily for “protection rights.” The government tried to play it off like she was protecting them from outside threats, but most people saw through the facade easily. Tara was simply unstoppable now.

Tara would spend the next few weeks lounging on a large pile of money, refusing to “protect” anyone or anything. It’s not like she had to try anymore, her muscles weren’t going to go away, and Alex would bring her another serum every few weeks to make her more powerful. She had the entire world at her mercy now.

When Alex did show up to present his “girlfriend” with another serum, there were rules he had to follow. He was to walk up to her silently and pour the vial into her mouth. She couldn’t be bothered to do it herself, it simply wasn’t worth her time. He wasn’t allowed to look her in the eyes or touch her body or even call her his girlfriend, but she insisted they were together. If he was lucky and she was in a good mood that day, Tara would let Alex kiss her feet, but that was the most he ever got out of it. He wasn’t even allowed to use Tara’s incredible wealth to make the serums, he had to do it all himself.

12 vials in and Tara was simply a god. She had grown to an impressive 300 cm of height, so she didn’t even bother with clothes anymore. Her superhuman senses could detect any lies, see through most surfaces, focus on microscopic details and even telepathically alter things. She was even smart enough to figure out the recipe of Alex’s serum. But now she felt too lazy to make it herself. After all, she had such a dedicated boyfriend to waste his life and do it for her.

While before her power surge she was a hard-working student, the pleasures of her new body had completely taken over her mind. She spent entire weeks just laying on her riches, wallowing in the euphoric feeling of power she didn’t deserve.

“I feel like I could tear this petty world apart.” She started, ripping holes in reality as she spoke. “And then, I’ll build a new one that bows to my will. But first, I have to let off a little more steam…”

And with that, she went back to massaging her constantly-sensitive pussy.

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