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Happy Birthday, Week 2

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Friday, 14 May 2021 01:18] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 16 May 2021 10:27]

Editor's Note: this story contains NSFW pictures!


Sorry that I forgot to write a journal for Sunday. Not much interesting happened anyway. But today…? Well, in addition to my strength, my speed, and possibly my invulnerability (I’ll have to do more testing with that) growing every single day, I can now add ‘super hearing’ to my list of superpowers.

So, this douchebag named Cliff was talking to my friend Anna. Cliff has tons of friends, he gets along with most teachers, and his parents bought him a shiny red Ferrari that he never shuts up about.

Anyways, I could tell that this wasn’t a pleasant conversation even before I started listening in. I saw Cliff show Anna something on his phone. The next thing I knew, Anna was silently panicking and practically dragging him out of the crowded halls towards somewhere more private. At that point, I started focusing my hearing on their conversation and decided that I would start tailing them the moment they were out of earshot.

They were both keeping their voices down as they turned the first corner, but I could still hear them clearly. Then they walked down to the end of the hall. I could still hear them clear as day. Then they turned another corner. I could still hear them. Then they went up two flights of stairs. I could still hear them. And that was when the conversation finally started.

I couldn’t help but smile when it started to set in that I was eavesdropping in on a hushed conversation that was happening two floors above me. But my joy was short-lived, because I then found out what the two of them were arguing about. Actually, it wasn’t an argument as much as it was Cliff being a colossal asshole while Anna begged and pleaded for Cliff to stop being a colossal asshole.

Cliff has nudes of Anna saved on his phone, and he was using them to blackmail her into going to prom with him. If you’re wondering how Cliff had nudes of her, it’s because they used to be a couple before Anna dumped him, probably for being a colossal asshole.

Anyways, Anna actually gave in and agreed to be his fake date. A minute later, she came walking down the stairs, trying desperately to stop herself from bursting into tears at any moment. I let her walk right past me and waited for the scumbag of the week, who wasn’t too far behind her. Then, right as he passed by me…

“Delete those nudes,” I ordered him.

He was beyond shocked to hear that I somehow overheard their entire conversation. He sputtered like an idiot for a second before eventually regaining his composure and getting angry at me, claiming that he had no idea what I was talking about. I responded by telling him that he was being awfully loud for somebody who had nothing to hide. That only made him angrier. The conversation was starting to go in a pointless circle, so I just cut to the chase.

“Delete those nudes, or else,” I threatened. Of course, he wasn’t intimidated by me. I can always make guys do anything I ask by using my looks and my charms, but I don’t have the appearance that inspires intimidation. But appearances can be deceiving, which was a lesson that Cliff was doomed to learn the hard way when he responded by asking me out to the prom. Even though I wasn’t remotely surprised to see that he was instantly willing to throw away his schemes for a shot with me, I made it clear, on no uncertain terms, that I wouldn’t be his fake date if he was the last man on Earth and if he could offer me all the money and power imaginable. And that was when his circle of “yes man” friends showed up and started talking to him about the newest episode of some show they were watching. Cliff shook off my rejection pretty quickly (it wasn’t the first time he asked, by the way) and proceeded to show his cronies pictures of the new sound system that he got installed in the car that his daddy bought for him.

I tracked down Anna later and told her that she didn’t need to put up with Cliff’s bullshit. At first, she was equally surprised that I overheard the conversation. But then I informed her that I have super ears now, and she understood. She did see me lift a car the other day, after all. But she wasn’t convinced that defying Cliff would be a good idea. But I told her not to worry, because I would handle it. Then she started freaking out about what I was planning on doing to him, so I had to promise her that I wouldn’t hurt him. But when I said that I’d handle it, I obviously said it confidently enough for her to believe me, so she went to her next class feeling a little better.

While I impatiently waited for my chance to ruin Cliff’s week, I killed time by listening to my teacher’s lectures, the lectures in the surrounding classrooms, the band practice on the 3rd floor, and a scandalous little couple getting it on in some bushes outside (You go, Sam!). I had to ask to leave my final class early (just the usual ‘going to the bathroom’ routine, I do this with Mr. Johnson all the time) to ensure that I could sneak outside and be all alone on the school grounds for a moment.

Or, more specifically, I wanted to be all alone with a shiny red Ferrari for a moment.

I started by walking around the entire perimeter of the car and giving each window, headlight, tail light, and mirror a little flick, which completely shattered all of them. Then I jumped on the roof of the car, took off my shoes for a second, and stomped all over the roof of the car, punching my bare feet straight through the metal in numerous places. Once I was satisfied there, I went back to the front of the car, wrapped my arms around as much of the front bumper as I could, and pressed my hands inward. It’s a good thing that nobody was around, because the groaning and screeching sounds of the car’s metal exterior and then interior being slowly folded in on itself like aluminum foil would have been a very obvious giveaway that this car was being completely demolished…

…in case the visual of me crushing the front end of a car down to half of its size with my bare hands wasn’t enough of an indicator of that already, that is.

And then for the final cherry on top, I picked the car up (Yeah, I just picked up a car, no big deal!), flew towards the edge of the school grounds, and dropped it in the giant oak tree by the entrance. I was worried that the tree might not be strong enough after the first several limbs broke underneath the vehicle’s weight when I dropped it, but it eventually came to a stop about six meters up into the tree.

Twenty minutes later, the final bell rang and everybody started to leave the building. I spotted Anne in the crowd (I think my vision is getting better, too) and gave her a reassuring wink that all of her problems would disappear by tomorrow. I was thoroughly tempted to stick around for Cliff’s reaction, but I’m sure there will be dozens of people tomorrow who will give me a detailed account of how he cried like a pathetic baby screaming “woe is me”. He probably thought that nobody could stop him from doing what he wanted. But unfortunately for him, Anna has friends in high places now.


I am pleased to report that Cliff’s reaction was, indeed, priceless. I hadn’t walked ten steps into the school building before I saw a sophomore showing some footage of the ‘mysterious incident’ to some friends. There were quite a few people gathered around the tree, trying to figure out how the car got there. And then there was Cliff, who was completely in shock. I can’t even put his face into words. All I can say is that it was incredibly satisfying.

But not as satisfying as when I ran into him in the hall after Chemistry class. For a moment, I actually thought that he was going to start screaming that I did it to anybody who’d listen. I could tell that he REALLY wanted to say something, but he had no idea what to say. After all, he had no proof. Nobody would ever believe him, and he knew it. In fact, I even outright told him that I threw his car into that tree. He asked, and I quote “How? Fucking how??” to which I informed him that I have superhuman strength and the ability to fly. He just stared at me for several seconds, so I asked him if he had deleted those pictures of Anna. He nodded his head. I thought that he was going to cry, he was so furious at how helpless I had made him. But instead, he awkwardly turned around and walked away without another word, because he honestly had no idea what to do. After all, what could he do?

The rest of the school day was pretty uneventful, but I spent the afternoon testing my hearing and my vision. I didn’t mention this before because I had so many other things to write down these past few days. But my vision has gotten better, too. I guess that I noticed it for a while, now. But I finally tried to read a flyer posted on the other end of the hall and realized that I could make out every word perfectly clearly.

I got Gina to print up a bunch of copies of those eye exams where the letters keep getting smaller and smaller as you go down. Then, we went outside and she held the first paper in front of me and asked how far down I could read. I could easily read the smallest line. Then she took out the second page and walked a hundred yards away from me and repeated the experiment. I could still read the bottom line with no difficulty. Finally, we got as far away from each other as we could considering our location. She couldn’t go any further forward without stepping into some woods and I couldn’t go any further backwards without stepping into a neighborhood and onto somebody’s property. We were a little over half a kilometer apart. But, at my request, she still asked me what to read the bottom line as if I was standing right next to her. Then she kept on repeating the question because she was so sure that I couldn’t hear her. But in reality, it just took me a couple seconds to text her the answer, because she definitely couldn’t have heard me!

After that, I did all of my homework and all of Gina’s homework in under two minutes as thanks for helping me out with my vision experiments. After all, what are friends for? So we had the rest of the night to hang out. Of course, ‘hanging out’ is very different when you’re hanging out with a super friend who can fly you anywhere in the city in a few minutes’ time.

However, it was while I was flying her through the night sky with Gina in my arms that I slowly realized that she was very horny. Actually, she was kinda out of it all day, in hindsight. But I noticed it while we were flying because I actually noticed that I could hear her heartbeat. I thought I was imagining it at first, so I did a little scientific experiment. Since I was already carrying Gina bridal-style through the sky, it wasn’t hard for me to hold her a little bit lower and press her face gently into my huge chest. Sure enough, the TH-THUMP TH-THUMP I was hearing was indeed her heartbeat. I could tell because it immediately skyrocketed when I pressed her face into my tits. Also, her face turned bright red and her hazel eyes were filled with flustered panic as I held her there.

She had calmed down a little bit by the time we landed in an empty park. (I confirmed it was empty by scanning the area with my super eyes before we landed.) But eventually, we got to talking and she ended up having a lot of questions about how it felt to have super powers now. I answered all of her questions as best as I could, while doing a few demonstrations of my still-increasing strength.

I think that my favorite part of the night was when I pulled a fully-grown tree out of the ground like I was just plucking a flower. First of all, there were a lot more roots than I thought there would be. And second of all, I got pretty dirty from all of the dirt that it kicked up and all of the splintered twigs and leaves that fell loose from all of the shaking that it was doing while I yanked it from the earth and held it over my head. Gina was actually hyperventilating by this point. So, feeling playful, I walked over to her while carrying the tree, then I gently pushed her down onto the ground, sat down on top her her, straddled my legs around her waist and asked if she had ever made love to a woman who could bench a loaded semi truck.

And she fainted. She actually fainted!

So, I tossed the tree into the pond fifty meters away, punched a minivan-sized boulder into gravel just because I felt like it, and then I flew Gina home. She actually woke up by the time I landed at her front door. And then…

I don’t know what came over me, but I actually kissed Gina good night.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I always thought that girls were almost as cute as guys. I don’t recall ever having sexual thoughts about a girl, but I’ve looked at a few and thought “She’s cute, her boyfriend is a lucky guy” and that was the end of it. I guess I never stopped to consider if I was sexually attracted to girls, because I’ve always had an endless string of guys throwing themselves at my feet since the day I started to hit puberty. But after seeing Gina getting so hot and bothered by my flirting like that…? Well, now it’s got me thinking…

Anyways, Gina was so shocked that she could barely stand as she awkwardly said goodnight and walked into her house. I stuck around for a few minutes to hear how she was doing and I wasn’t too surprised to hear her walk up to her bedroom and start furiously masturbating while moaning my name. I felt a similar sentiment as I made my exit, feeling equally horny and equally impatient to get it taken care of, right now. I’m still a little confused about how I feel about girls, but I know for a fact that I still like guys. So I played “eenie meenie miney mo” with my selection of fuck buddies who pay me, and determined that Scott Daniels would be the one who would scratch my itch tonight. I sent him one of the pictures that I had taken of myself beforehand for this very occasion and the rest was history.

He did the job just fine, but it wasn’t really worth writing about.


My name is Scott Daniels and I just HAVE to write about the experience I had last night. Carly Balmor texted me completely out of nowhere. She just sent me the message “I’m horny and I’ll fuck you for $100” along with this picture:


Naturally, I said “yes” and started jacking off to the picture before I could stop myself. I only had the picture for about twenty seconds before I was already about to burst. But luckily, it only took Carly about twenty seconds to arrive at my door after I replied to her text. At the time, I thought that she was already waiting outside of my door when she sent the text, and that’s how she got here so fast. But in hindsight, it might have actually taken her twenty seconds to travel from her house to mine for all I know.

Carly has super powers. I don’t know how or why, but I learned very quickly once I got her into my bedroom. First of all, I should mention that she was desperate. She wasted absolutely no time pushing me onto by bed and going down on me. She got herself undressed very quickly. And she was too sexy to describe with words. I’ve been staring at this page for hours trying to convey how to describe the absolutely incredibly flawless eroticism of every inch of her body, but I just can’t. Luckily, the image of her nude body isn’t going to leave my memory anytime soon.

But anyways, that’s when things started to get really rough really quickly. First, she ripped my shirt in half with her bare hands. Then, she did the same for my pants and underwear. I was confused, but too horny to think too much about it. With Carly now naked and on top of me, I grabbed her by the waist and tried to reposition ourselves a little bit to get more comfortable, only to realize that she was completely immovable, somehow. Even though she’s a head shorter than me, barely over half my weight and doesn’t have a single hint of muscles anywhere on her body, her soft body was somehow impossibly strong!

The next thing I knew, she was kissing me like her life depended on it and hugging me so tightly against her naked chest that I thought she was going to break my ribs! She started bobbing and swaying her body around while she embraced me, which resulted in my being tossed around underneath her. It felt like I was on the verge of getting whiplash from riding some crazy intense roller coaster. That’s what her freakish strength felt like at that moment. And then, I swear to god, she grabbed my ass and aggressively shoved my entire body upwards, forcing my dick inside of her pussy with a single movement. Then, she rode me for about five seconds before I burst inside of her. But during those five seconds, her round, thick hips suddenly felt like they weighed a hundred tons with the way they kept slamming me against my mattress.

I wanted to apologize for blowing my load so quickly. I wanted to ask how the fuck she got so strong. But I could barely breathe. Carly then said that she’d give me a few minutes to recover before she began round 2. Because apparently she always goes for at least two rounds because round one never lasts long, according to her. In fact, she said that my stamina was about average.

That made me feel a little better, and I guess that I’m not too surprised in hindsight. I mean, this is Carly Balmor we’re talking about.

Finally, while we were on break, I asked her how strong she was. She responded by lifting my entire bed off of the floor with one hand while I was still sitting on it. And it was obviously super easy for her, it just rose smoothly off of the floor and there wasn’t even the tiniest hint of a struggle on her face, nor in the muscles of her smooth arm.

I asked if she had any other powers. She told me that she was also bulletproof, she had super senses, and she could fly. Then I asked her how she got her powers. She said she didn’t know. She just woke up with them on her eighteenth birthday. I asked if she had any clues or leads, but I was already getting hard again by that point. I can’t stress enough how hot (and naked) she was, even if she was just sitting around and chatting.

I was just kinda standing around when she noticed my erection and pushed me down to the floor. I still had a lot of questions, but I lost that battle very quickly. She wanted to get back to pound town. And believe me, there was no way I could have resisted, either mentally or physically.

First, she nearly suffocated me by sitting on my face and locking her ankles around the back of my head. Her feet were obviously immovable, and they were pressing my nose and tongue inside of her pussy so hard that it was actually getting uncomfortable. Then, she actually proved that she could fly. I suddenly felt my face’s slimy prison rise into the air, yanking my upper body along with her. My feet were still touching the floor, but my face was trapped about half a meter in the air.

Just as my vision started going dark, she released her grip on me, and I immediately dropped back down to the floor. My vision was getting spotty, but I remember seeing her back on top of me again, looking perfectly fine as if nothing happened. By this point, I was a gasping, sweating mess while Carly obviously hadn’t exerted herself in the slightest to get me to this point. She was just casually rocking my fucking world like it was only natural for her.

She got back on my dick again, and started to ride me again.

I once had a near-death experience going surfing by some rocky cliffs. I wiped out and tumbled around in the water as the massive wave slammed me into the rocks. I managed to remain conscious and swim to safety, but I cannot express how powerful the force of that wave was. I tried to swim against it, but saying that it was futile would be an understatement. I was going to get smashed into that rock whether I wanted to or not.

Well, at least my bedroom floor is carpeted. But aside from that, that was basically how Carly’s hips felt, only they violently slammed me against the floor over and over and over again, and I couldn’t escape to safety even if I wanted to.

She looked like an angel and she felt like an angel whenever I got to touch her. But she pounded me like savage fucking monster. Everything was a blur by that point. My lungs were burning and my body was crying out for mercy while also begging for more. I couldn’t even see clearly because I was being shaken so hard, and because my eyes were spotty, dark, and possibly already rolled into the back of my skull. I think that I heard her orgasm, and I think that I remember feeling her fluids running down my dick, but that was around the time when I lost consciousness.

I just woke up exactly where she obviously left me: Naked, sore, dazed, and ready to collapse despite the fact that I literally just got up. I don’t know what compelled me, but I hurried over to my computer and wrote down what happened.

I’m going to go to bed now. I’m tired. I’ll have to come up with some excuse by morning though, because I know that I’m not going to be in any condition to go to school tomorrow.


I’m starting to notice that I’m always the first person to be picked in gym class. I mean, it was always pretty common for guys to pick me so that they could tell their friends that they got to play with Carly Balmor today, but now girls are picking me too because I’m objectively better at everything than all the boys are. We started our baseball unit today. And when I went up to bat for the first time, I accidentally hit the ball so hard that nobody could even see where it went, which was a good thing in a way. Because nobody could tell that I accidentally hit the ball into the next county. After that little accident, I dialed the power in my swings back far enough that I was just hitting regular, non-record-breaking home runs with every swing. Much like my earlier dodgeball blowout, every pitch that I saw seemed to move in slow motion. In fact, they seemed to move even slower than the dodgeballs did. I guess my superpowers are still improving each day.

Anyways, making the baseball captain almost cry out of sheer anger and embarrassment (oh yeah, he was on the other team) was pretty much the only noteworthy thing that happened at school today. But after school, I really wanted to hang out with my friends some more, so I used my super speed and my super brain to do all of their homework in two minutes and seven seconds (yes, we timed it) and then we spent the night at a club. Two of my friends weren’t eighteen years old yet, so I tried to get them in the same way that I got in for the past several months before I turned eighteen: By bribing the bouncer (his name is James) with some of my nudes.

However, tonight of all nights was when James decided that he wanted to start trying to get more out of me. I’m not sure if he was hornier than usual or if I’m just starting to notice things more on account of my developing super senses. It’s possible that he was feeling especially excited tonight, though. He probably memorized my birthday months ago when I showed him my driver’s license and I’m guessing that he was counting down the days until I turned eighteen. And today was the first time he had seen me since that day finally came.

When I showed up with my friends, he was already fully erect by the time I had even approached him. I told him that I had two friends that I needed him to look the other way for and he agreed to let them in as long as I agreed to ‘join him on his lunch break in the back.’ I was pretty pissed that he had the audacity to exploit me like that, even though he didn’t know any better. I asked him if he could make sure that we would be all alone where there wouldn’t be any witnesses. He of course got the wrong idea and got even more excited as I followed him through the club and into a private ‘Employees Only’ room. Once we were alone, I stripped him naked and then promptly strangled him until he passed out. I could see that he was struggling with all of his might to get my hand away from his neck, but I couldn’t feel anything. It felt as if his arms weren’t even there. I wonder how strong I am now…?

Anyways, I was about to simply walk out of the room and wait for his boss to find him there, where he would no doubt have some explaining to do for being unconscious and naked while on the job.

But then I got a better idea.

First, I went through his phone until I found his massive stockpile of Carly nudes. Then, I changed the settings on his phone so that the screen wouldn’t automatically turn off. And finally for the pièce de résistance, I “accidentally” left my driver’s license left to the incriminating phone. Then, I walked out of the room and partied with my friends.

It was a great time. We hung out, ate some good food, did a lot of dancing, and had no shortage of guys asking us for a dance, our phone numbers, or both. Sure, I was the girl who probably drew most of them in, but after I shot them down, my friends were quick on the rebound. Almost everybody hooked up with a guy tonight except for Brittany and Alex (the two minors), who behaved themselves and declined every offer they got. I got three different guys who all gave me their numbers even after I made it clear that I’d only contact them if they were willing to pay me. All three of them agree, naturally. Maybe I’ll call one of them tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just call all three of them over at the same time.

Anyways, another highlight was when one one man who had a little too much to drink wasn’t taking no for an answer. That was when Alex turned to me and complained “Carly, this man won’t leave me aloooone!” I saw the grin on her face and knew exactly why she was turning to me, specifically. So I strutted in there and asked “Alex, is this man bothering you?” to which she replied “Yes, he is!” which was my cue to dispose of our unwanted guest. I was in pretty high spirits by that point in the night, so I asked him politely to learn how to take “no” for an answer. I knew that he was drunk when he didn’t immediately start ditching Alex and making his moves on me once I entered the scene. But either way, when my polite request didn’t convince him to piss off, I simply pushed him away. Of course, that little “push” tossed him all the way over to the dance floor, where he knocked over several people who were just dancing and having fun. Of course, they all just assumed that he just charged in there by himself because he was being a drunk asshole, so he quickly apologized and practically fled the club. That was possibly the highlight of the night.

Actually, no. The highlight of the night was when the manager found James in the break room and then, minutes later, had him being taken out of the club in handcuffs for having 50GB of nudes from a minor. The manager actually spotted me there and gave me back my license, practically on his hands and knees as he apologized for James’ conduct. He even offered me free admission and free food for the rest of my life if I promised not to take legal action. And he also offered me his phone number “in case something else comes up”. I accepted everything that he was offering except for the phone number. So I guess I’m going to be going to this place for free from now on. The only downside is that I’ll never be able to sneak my two friends in after making a big scene like that. But I think that the good definintely outweighs the bad in this case.


So, I woke up this morning and stole a cop’s gun. It was a pretty interesting way to start my day, but I’ll return it tomorrow. I just needed it for later. 

Because today was the day that I decided that I don’t want to go to school anymore. You know, as I’m writing this, it sounds like I was planning on contributing to the endless number of school shooting jokes in America. But obviously, I could have dealt more damage without the gun if that was my plan. But it was just something that I needed in order to convince my principal that I was an unstoppable superhuman now and that there was no point in trying to get any authorities involved with me.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, now. But school is a stupid waste of time, and I really don’t want to go anymore. Well honestly, I’ve never wanted to go to begin with. But I’ve never been a bulletproof, super strong, flying superhuman to begin with either, and that changes things a bit. I don’t need to know what the quadratic formula is in order to get ahead in life. But with my super powers, there are probably hundreds of easy ways to make legal money and millions of easy ways to make illegal money. If I wanted to, I could ‘borrow’ a storage container, fly it over to the nearest ATM at 2:00 AM, pull it one out of the ground/floor in a single movement, throw it into my makeshift shopping cart, fly it over to the next ATM, rinse and repeat until I’ve collected every one in the entire city, fly somewhere where I won’t be disturbed, rip the money out of the machines with my bare hands, fly to Hawaii, dump all of them into a volcano, and be set for months.

I’ll definitely try to find a legal way to make money fast before I resort to that. But either way, with the powers that I have…? There’s no way I’ll need to go to college to get by.

Anyways, back to me stealing a pistol from a cop. It was a pretty easy task, actually. I wouldn’t have even attempted it if it wasn’t. But I assumed that I could move fast enough to simply run up to him, remove the weapon from its holster, grab it, and run away before he could even see what I looked like.

I assumed correctly.

So, here’s how my super speed works. In addition to being able to run and fly at speeds that probably exceed even the strongest fighter jets… My brain is basically capable of registering all kinds of information instantly.


Let me put it into perspective. Whenever I was up to bat at yesterday’s baseball game, I could count the number of seams on the ball before it reached me. But anyways, back to today. When I ran straight at the officer (probably at around the speed of sound) and got within a single meter of him, directly in front of his face, without him even noticing my existence yet, I knew that I was moving too quickly for him to be able to react.

Here’s how long it took for him to even react to my appearance. All that he could comprehend was a sudden rush of wind. That was all his brain could process. But in spite of that, I managed to run up to him, come to a full stop, crouch down by his side, undo the mechanism on his gun’s holster, and grab it… all before he finally started to close his eyes and recoil in shock from the sudden rush of wind. Needless to say, I was already several blocks away by the time he was finally able to acknowledge the phenomenon that just occurred to him. I was already hiding in some trees by the time he shouted “Gah! What the…!” 

So then I went to school, lived through another pretty boring and uneventful day, and then asked to speak to the principal after classes were over. Specifically, I asked to speak to her outside, behind the school where nobody would be able to see us. It wasn’t easy to persuade her because, luckily, she’s also gay. In fact, when I asked her for some private time behind the school building, she got wet so fast that I could literally smell it. 

Oh yeah, I don’t know if I mentioned that yet. But my sense of smell is getting powered up, too.

But I don’t have any interest in fifty-something year old moms, so the first thing I did when we were along was grab her and fly away with enough speed that there’s no way anybody saw us leave. This also had the lucky side effect of making Ms. Jackson pass out from the g-forces. I eased up on the speed once I noticed that she was unconscious, especially because we were already high enough in the sky to avoid detection, by that point. I flew her all the way over to the same forest where I went “hunting” with Mike last week.

And once she had regained consciousness, I started the show.

“Ms. Jackson…” I began. And then, I grabbed a pretty big tree nearby and tried to uproot it from the ground. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to succeed at the time. It was twenty centimeters thick and probably seven meters tall. But, after getting a good hold of the plant by sinking my five fingers into the wood as easily as if it was made out of soft clay, I just trusted in my strength and pulled it up. I felt a tiny little bit of resistance at first, about the same level you’d feel if you were trying to pull out a fairly large weed from a planting bed. But slowly but surely, the tree just came right out, creating a huge cacophony of SNAPS and CRACKS as the weaker roots shattered from the tremendous force (Which didn’t feel very tremendous to me. Again, it wasn’t very hard.) while the bigger roots briefly split the earth in every direction from the tree’s base before eventually rising out of the dirt. And then, as I raised the now completely uprooted tree high over my head, I decided to add to the terrifying (to her, at least) demonstration of power by slowly hovering up into the air and looking down at her terrified form. At then, I said…

“I’m not going to go to school any more. And you’re not going to report any of my absences.”

You know, I’m starting to realize that I really love using my newfound strength. It makes me feel sexy as hell whenever I do stuff like that.

Anyways, she was too full of panic to respond to that statement. Instead, she just unloaded me with questions. I tried to play it cool and respond like everything she was seeing wasn’t a big deal to me.


“I’m superhuman.”


“Since last week.”


“In a minute, chill.”

Anyways, after chucking the tree over my shoulder like a piece of trash (you should have heard the BOOM when it hit the ground, it was awesome) I then pulled out the gun and, after firing a few shots into another tree to prove that it was real, I unloaded the rest of the clip straight into my face. I’m pretty sure that I could have dodged the bullets, as well. But they just felt like raindrops against my skin, so it didn’t really matter either way. Even the one that got me directly in the eye didn’t hurt at all. Like, can you imagine getting poked in the eye, but your eye feels too numb for it to hurt? I dunno, that’s about the best that I can describe it. I didn’t even blink.

Anyways, after that little demonstration, she promised to do everything that I asked without any hesitation. Especially after I hit her with the “Nobody will ever believe you” card. And I’m glad that she did, because I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to do if she said “no.”

Anyways, after dropping her back off at the school (I had to slap her awake because she passed out again when I landed too quickly) I decided, on a whim, to celebrate my newfound freedom by taking off and spending the evening in Europe. Crossing the ocean took about two minutes and I eventually landed in Spain. I think.

Also, it wasn’t evening over there, but whatever.

Surprisingly, not much was different. I landed in a pretty big city, coerced the first English-speaking man I could find into giving me money for lunch, ate a nice cafe, got the attention of two cute, English-speaking guys and asked them to take me back to ‘su casa,’ rode them until they passed out, went swimming, had a nice dinner, went home. Yeah it was no big deal, spending the evening in Spain and then being back to America by midnight. I’m as free as a bird now, baby.

Or rather, I’m as free as a bird that can fly around the entire planet in five minutes and do whatever the fuck it wants because it’s also an indestructible bird that could probably flatten a small army by itself.

God, being super is great!


I got ran over by a drunk driver today. Actually no, “ran over” usually implies that the car actually ran you over and didn’t stop dead in its tracks the moment it contacted you.

So, I decided to celebrate my early graduation by flying over towards the Rocky Mountains and basically spending the whole day playing with my powers. Uprooting trees, skipping rocks the size of minivans, flying straight through a mountain and coming out on the other side without a scratch, it was a blast! My strength and invulnerability almost feels limitless at this point. Absolutely nothing felt heavy to me and absolutely nothing gave me even the smallest amount of pain. I could hear the tiny footsteps of an ant crawling across the dirt miles below me and I could track a single fly zipping around on the other side of the forest with just my eyes.

Anyways, I just kept playing with my amazing powers until the sun started to set. And at that point, the intoxicating feeling of being an unstoppable Goddess was making me feel a little frisky. Luckily, my superhuman eyes spotted a decent-looking guy driving down the nearly abandoned highway about five km away.  So, I took flight and crossed those five km in a little over two seconds (making sonic booms while you fly is awesome, by the way) and about a hundred meters in front of his car, giving him plenty of time to stop.

But then, I noticed that he was drunk. And as I got closer and closer, I realized that he didn’t see me there and his pickup truck wasn’t going to stop. Naturally, that was a bit of a turn-off, considering the fact that somebody could have died if he was allowed to drive all the way back towards civilization. But I couldn’t help but smile as I realized that I was about to have a completely different kind of fun with him. This reckless, irresonspible man deserved some kind of punishment, and I was more than willing to provide.

Since my brain can process information hundreds of times faster than regular people now, their reactions always seem to be happening in slow motion to me. Now imagine that, but in even slower motion, and that’s how it looked to see a man’s alcohol-filled brain slowly realize that he was going to hit me, once he was about two meters away from doing so.

He slammed on the breaks, but it was far too late. I just stood there and watched as the 3-ton mass of speeding metal slammed into me with a deafening BANG that immediately broke all the truck’s windows and left a Carly-shaped dent in the front of the car. The busted up metal sliced quite a few holes in my clothes and hundreds of pieces of broken glass rained down on my face, but I was completely unharmed.

The driver, on the other hand, was pretty shaken up, but he seemed to be fine, too. Give or take a bit of soreness on his chest and waist from being stopped by his seatbelt.

I watched in both amusement and annoyance as his booze-riddled brain silently struggled to piece together what just happened. Several hilarious seconds went by as he just stared at the front end of his ruined car, then at my completely unscathed body that destroyed it. Then he stared at my body a little closer and started getting aroused.

“Oh? You like what you see?” I quickly realized exactly what I wanted to do with this man. “You want me to take it all off?” And then, with a simple little tug at my shirt’s collar, I easily ripped my shirt from my body and tossed the ruined fabric aside. His eyes, still confused by the events of what happened, started to get wide with lust, as expected. When I did the same with my jeans and my panties, he actually started drooling, despite the fact that he couldn’t even see my pussy from his angle. Then, when I was finally down to just my bra, I slowly reached around behind my back to unhook it. He was actually panting now. He looked absolutely no different from a man who was getting the best lapdance of his life. Wide eyes, slack-jawed expression…

When I finally took off my bra and let my huge tits hang free, I could tell that he was moments away from cumming already.

“You want some of this?” I asked playfully, giving my exposed breasts a little squeeze.

“Y-yes…” he nodded vigorously. He had already throroughly fogotten that I just totalled his truck.

“Well then…” I grinned with anticipation. Everything was in place, now. I bent over and grabbed the underside of the ruined truck. “You shouldn’t have driven drunk, then.”

And with that, I slowly lifted the truck off of the road and up into the air. The man was immediately confused by the sudden motion of being lifted into the air, but it still took him a few seconds to realize what was going on. “What the fuck…?” he asked as I started tipping the truck forward and forcing him to look down at me from his four wheeler that was now suspended a good two meters off of the abandoned road.

“Honestly, I was planning on fucking you, but then you turned out to be a piece of shit drunk driver, which is kinda a turn off…” I sighed theatrically as I seductively ran a fingertip down the curve of my hip to really let him know what he missed out on by running me over.

“I’m sorry…” he started apologizing. “Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me?”

I actually laughed out loud at the sudden heel-turn that my naked body just made him do. “No…” I shake my head sadly. “No, you’re not getting anything tonight.” With a flick of my wrist, I toss the car off of the road, watching him scream as it drifts through the air for a few seconds before landing on its side with the driver’s door facing up. Then, with a single leap, I jumped on top of the car resting about ten meters away from me and ripped the door off of the vehicle, tossing it aside and grabbing the driver, who is now equal parts terrified of my power and desperate to fuck me.

I grabbed his seatbelt and ripped it in half, then I grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him out of the upturned truck, holding him high in the air with one hand. Unlike most men who I lift in this manner, he didn’t even attempt to struggle. He just watched in dumb, mute shock as I jumped back down to the ground again, lifted up my naked, shapely leg, planted it on the underside of the truck, and kicked it away, watching as the ruined car rolled end over end, getting progressively more and more smashed up from that simple little kick with my dainty foot.

The drunk driver, now pale in the face, just watched as I then laid him down on his back and straddled him in the most alluring way possible. And just like that, the color returned to his face and he went back to being horny. For a moment, I wasn’t sure what he was going to do as he just stared and stared at me. But finally, he actually reached up with both of his hands and tried to grope my tits! As if I hadn’t already made it clear that I was not going to do anything with such a degenerate, irresponsible man!

So, I grabbed one of his right wrist with one hand, then I forcefully pulled his right wrist over towards his left and grabbed that wrist, too. Then I watched for a moment as the most desperately horny man I’ve seen in quite some time struggled and thrashed around underneath me, desperate to touch my naked body that had completely taken his mind hostage.

“Too bad…” I shake my head in mock disappointment as I add extra salt to the wound by pressing my pussy playfully against his dick, which was now very erect through his pants. My little taunts and teasings were turning out to be even more effective and even more fun than I thought they’d be. Plus, it served him right. “And to think of how much fun you would have had if you just didn’t hit me…” I continued. Then, I saw the familiar sight of man clenching his jaw and moaning, followed immediately by a stain forming in his pants.

“Hmm…” I nod disinterestedly and stand up, pulling him up off of the dirt by his wrists that I was still holding in place with one hand. “Don’t drink and drive, kids.” And with that closing thought, I straighten my arm and lazily whip it over my head, tossing the injured and now thoroughly disappointed man in the general direction of his destroyed truck. He screamed as he flew through the air before rolling end over end just like his car before him and then coming to a stop, thoroughly bruised and bloodied, but still alive.

I pout and give him one last little shake of my hips (even though he couldn’t see it) before flying away and letting the poor man think about what he’d done.


I got some sweet, sweet revenge today on a pair of men who wronged me a few months ago. Well, actually “wronged” might not be a strong enough word, depending on who you ask. You see… on a raw technicality, these two men raped me. That’s right, rape. One of the most vile acts that a man can possibly do against a woman. Something that would haunt most girls for their entire lives, the scar of that moment never going away.

But in my case, I already agreed to have sex with these two men because they both agreed to pay me. But they ended up getting it for free instead by overpowering me and then having their way with me. So, to me it was less of a traumatizing experience and more of a mildly frustrating one.

Here’s the backstory: They go to the same club that I recently got that one bouncer fired from. To keep a long story short, I was feeling hornier than usual (the alcohol probably helped with that) and I was looking for a good dick to ride, as well as an opportunity to make some easy cash. After turning down about a dozen different men who couldn’t stop tripping all over me, I finally found two of the hottest men on the entire dance floor and asked them if they were willing to pay for the best night of their lives. They both agreed.

Of course, I soon learned that was all a lie. Once they got me back to one of their houses, they overpowered me, held me down, and took turns fucking me until they were both finished. And again, they didn’t pay me. Honestly, I was surprised they didn’t try to kill me. They just let me go afterwards, assuming that I wouldn’t dare to call the cops on them. But honestly, it would be more accurate to say that I didn’t bother to call the cops on them. 

So anyways, I found them again. In fact, I found them at the same club, and they were in the process of loading another unsuspecting girl into their car.

“Hey boys, got room for one more?” I acted quickly, calling out to get their attention. And get their attention, I did. Their eyes comically widened and their jaws fell open a little when they recognized me. Their new victim, whose name I would later learn was “Cassidy”, was visibly annoyed by her night of fun (as far as she knew anyway) getting disrupted by a noticeably hotter girl.

The guys, on the other hand, went into full panic mode, quickly excusing themselves for a second in order to “discuss” something around the corner. But thanks to my newly-developed super hearing, I could hear them clear as day.

“You recognize her right?”

“Yeah, of course I recognize her!”

“Yeah, and she remembers us too! So why is she volunteering to come with us?”

“Are you sure she recognizes us? It didn’t seem like she did.”

“Well, she was pretty drunk, I guess.”

“But… What if she doesn’t remember us? What if we can just get another round with that woman again?”

A brief pause. Very brief, in fact. They didn't even need to think about it.

“Alright, I’ll search her to make sure she isn’t carrying any weapons, and then we’ll take her with us.”

“Alright, I’ll keep an eye on her too.”

So once they ended their “private” conversation, one of the men, whose name I would later learn to be Brock, patted me down to check for any weapons. Then he patted me down again, but more thoroughly this time. Then he did it a third time, and I finally realized that he was just looking for an excuse to feel me up for as long as he could. I could even hear his heart rate increasing. He just couldn’t wait.

And neither could I.

Eventually, the four of us were all loaded into the other man’s car, whose name I would later learn to be Devin, and we were on our way to the same house that I was robbed in last fall. Cassidy wasn’t quite sure how she felt about my sudden addition to the party, but I knew she’d end up thanking me for tagging along very soon.

However, I quickly learned that this girl was more innocent and clueless than I thought.

“So what kind of movies were we going to watch tonight?” she suddenly broke the silence of the drive home.

“Oh, any kind you want, babe.” Brock smoothly responded. “We have every streaming service imaginable.”

I couldn’t believe it. I could understand a girl being tricked into going back to one guy’s house under the guise of watching movies. But going back home with two complete strangers?? This girl was asking for it. Either that or she was just plain stupid.

But eventually, we finally arrived at his house. They walked us inside. They walked us up the stairs and into their bedroom. Then, both men split up and each of them quietly approached one of us from behind, getting into position as if they had rehearsed this before. I noticed their ploy and waited patiently for them to make their move. Meanwhile, Cassidy was looking around for a brief moment in confusion.

“Hey, where’s the TV-”

That’s as far as she got before Devin grabbed her from behind and wrestled her to the floor, while Brock grabbed me and did the same, with my permission, of course. I merely pretended to struggle while the other girl started legitimately struggling and screaming.

“Wait!! No!! What are you doing??”

“Quiet, bitch.”

Brock, on the other hand, simply pinned me against the floor with his weight (they were both pretty tall, strong dudes) and started undressing me without saying a word. I could tell by his wide eyes and drooling mouth that he was too horny to even speak. At one point, I grabbed one of his wrists and “fought” against him, trying to push his hand away from my tits and using such a tiny amount of my strength that I’m not even sure if I could quantify it with numbers. I started out really small and then slowly started applying more and more power until I was probably using about one percent of one percent of my strength, and that was enough to overpower him and push his hand away.

I couldn’t help but grin, and he couldn’t help but notice. “What’s so funny…? Grrngh!!” He put more effort into his struggle while I put less effort into mine, but I really tried to act like I was struggling until he once again “overpowered” me.

“No please, I’ll do anything!” Cassidy wailed.

“You’ll do anything?” Devin replied. “Then be a good girl, Cassidy. Just be a good girl for me.”


Brock already had me stripped naked by this point. Not only that, but he also had his own pants and underwear removed and was ready to “rape” me a second time.

“Please…” Cassidy was now openly crying as Devin pulled out his dick, as well. “Please don’t…” she whimpered. Meanwhile, Brock pinned both of my wrists to the floor (again, I let him do it) and wasted absolutely no time shoving his cock inside of me like his life depended on it.

He was smaller than I remembered.

But once he started thrusting away at me, I saw Devin looking on in jealousy while Cassidy looked on in mute horror. I actually looked back at Cassidy and gave her a little wink. It didn’t do much to calm her down.

“I want a turn with her later,” Devin demanded.


“Oh, you’ll get your turn,” I finally spoke up for the first time all night, all while Brock was still going to town on me. “But neither of you are going to touch Cassidy without her consent.”

Brock was too busy being horny to even register what I said. I was just laying flat on my back while he leaned over me and continued to fuck me as if I didn’t even say anything. Devin, on the other hand, completely froze in the middle of what he was doing and stared at me. “Very funny,” he eventually said, and then got back to lining up his penis with Cassidy’s nethers.

I grinned. Finally, it was show time.

“Actually I’m not joking,” I responded, calmly pushing Brock off of me and sitting up straight. Of course, that casual push ended up throwing him straight into the ceiling, but I just continued to get back up to my feet as if that was nothing unusual, mostly because it was nothing unusual by now.

“Wh-what the fuck…?” Devin recoiled in shock as his friend bounced off of the ceiling and fell back to the hard floor, moaning in pain.

“You see, a lot has changed since the last time I had the pleasure of meeting you two,” I explained proudly, strutting towards Devin and basking in the sudden change of atmosphere in the room. “Well… technically only one thing has changed, but it’s a pretty big change. You see, I’m superhuman, now.”

His natural instinct was to stop what he was doing, stand up straight, and face me head on. But he hesitated for a brief moment at the sight of the most sexy, confident, and now powerful girl on the planet strutting over towards him, completely naked. But as I got closer and closer to him, he eventually snapped out of it and tried to push me down to the ground, with ‘try’ being the operative word.

The moment that his hands made contact with my chest, it just felt like a gentle caress. And the moment when he pushed me pretty hard and suddenly rediscovered Newton’s third law of motion, it also felt like a gentle caress.

Yeah, that’s right. Even though he was a little taller than me and was no stranger to the gym, when he tried to shove me back down to the floor, he was absolutely not expecting me to be completely immovable and actually ended up pushing himself away from me and falling on his ass, at which point I crouched down on top of him, gently put my palm to his chest, pushed him down to the floor, and watched in amusement as he grabbed my hand with both of his arms and struggled with all of his might to unpin himself, which was obviously useless. Keeping him pinned to the floor literally felt as easy as if he wasn’t even there. I literally felt no resistance. I was just resting my hand there and he was too weak to move it.

“You know, I never got even with you two after our last meeting” I casually started chatting with them as if Devin’s desperate grunting and thrashing wasn’t getting more loud and panicked by the second. “Say, Cassidy…” I turn to the now thoroughly confused girl. “Do you want to get a little revenge, too? I can hold them down for you if you want.”

“…Uhhhh…” she stuttered out after a very long pause.

“Suit yourself.” I grinned. “More for me!” By this point, Brock had finally gotten over the shock of being thrown into the ceiling, drew a knife, and charged at me. He was just as unsuccessful at tackling me to the floor as Devin was. As soon as I felt the gentle tap of a tall, angry man attempting to muscle me to the floor, I simply reached out with my spare hand and grabbed him by the throat (but not the part of the throat that restricts breathing) and continued talking to Devin as if nothing had happened. “You are definitely not going to enjoy this as much as I will. Which is the exact opposite of last time. Like I said, I’m evening the score.”

Brock immediately started stabbing me everywhere he could. He jabbed the knife into my arm, my back, my tit, and anywhere else he could reach. I enjoyed watching him grow increasingly more panicked as his weapon failed to leave a mark anywhere on my smooth skin before I finally blocked one of his stabs by merely grabbing the blade of the knife with my index finger and thumb. Then, all it took was a little pinch for the knife to snap in half.

Brock just stared at me with renewed horror. “What the fuck are you…?”

“I’m a superhuman,” I answered simply. “Weren’t you listening?” And then, I unceremoniously dropped my ass down onto Devin’s dick with no warning and little heed to whether or not I was going to hurt the flesh and bones underneath me. I put a little bit more power into my thrusts than usual (not much, though) and my round ass slammed into him hard enough to force all of the air out of his lungs, resulting in a very amusing sound coming from his lips that was an odd combination between a gasp, a cough, and a wheeze. “Hmm…” I start swirling my hips around, pretending to get a feel for the dick inside of me and incidentally dragging Devin around on the hard floor beneath me from just that tiniest little bit of movement. “You’re smaller than I remember too,” I sigh, feigning disappointment. But in reality, I was having the time of my fucking life.

“Hang on…” I paused for a moment and finally acknowledged Brock’s existence again, laying him down on the floor next to his friend. I positioned my pussy over Brocks’ dick and said “Let me try the other one again,” as if I was merely trying on a different pair of shorts. In hindsight, it was kinda funny how the more I acted like these two men were just disposable objects, the more they actually felt like disposable objects for real. I could get used to this feeling, especially for scum like these.

After a few seconds of bouncing on dick #2 with the accompanying sounds of gasping, cursing, and groaning in pain through gritted teeth, I concluded that Brock was a little over a millimeter bigger than Devin was. I admit that I was briefly surprised by how I could tell that simply feeling them inside me, but nothing about my growing arsenal of superpowers can surprise me for long anymore. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I suddenly woke up tomorrow morning with the ability to turn invisible.

Anyways, I was starting to warm up to Brock by that point, so I stuck with him for a little while. His wheezing and groaning sounds slowly evolved into screaming and crying, and by that point Cassidy apparently decided that she didn’t want to watch anymore and quickly got herself dressed. By the time that I went back to Devin again (holding a barely-conscious Brock over my head as I pounded Devin repeatedly against the wood floor) Cassidy, now fully clothed, watched in mute shock like she was watching a train wreck that she couldn’t look away from.

“You… wheeze… fucking bitch…!” Devin snarled defiantly underneath me, finally prompting Cassidy to silently flee the room.

“Noted,” I responded disinterestedly and continued bouncing on his dick with just enough of my strength to ensure that he wasn’t enjoying it as much as I was. I was punishing him, after all. And I had a fantastic time, too! Of course, he was in immense pain each time my thick thighs slapped against his pelvis, and he wouldn’t stop crying, thrashing, and begging for forgiveness. But that only turned me on even more. And my god, you should have seen him struggle! The veins in his arms were bulging as he tried to pry me away, his face was turning red, sweat was coating his entire body, and overall he looked more desperate than a trapped animal!

And all the while, I just kept fucking him as if he wasn’t even trying to resist me. I can’t even describe with words how much this total domination was turning me on; how sexy it felt to do as I pleased with this man regardless of how much he wanted me to stop.

As I’m writing this, I’m starting to wonder if I should be concerned about the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed using my strength to violently rape a man against his will.

…Eh, he had it coming.

Eventually, I cracked his pelvis, eliciting a new wave of pained screaming as I kept going. But I shut him up pretty quickly by grabbing the back of his head and pressing his face into one of my huge tits, instantly muffling his protests while also giving him that final bit of stimulation needed to cum through the intense pain that I put him through.

But after he finished spraying my insides with his warm seed, his eyes quickly rolled into the back of his skull and his battered and broken body finally gave out underneath me.

“Mmmm, that the spot,” I grin as if I hadn’t just used my superhuman strength and invulmerability to brutally rape a mortal man against his will. “Now how about round two?” I look up to Brock, who I was still holding over my head with one hand.

I lowered him back down to the floor. He was too exhausted to even speak, but I could see the fear in his tear-filled eyes, silently begging me not to rape him again.

Well, he shouldn’t have raped me first.

I forced him to sit up straight, leaned my head over his shoulder, and hugged him tightly to my chest as I pumped my hips down onto his penis for the second time that night. Once again, I was being super gentle, but not by non-super standards, so it wasn’t long before he started crying. So, I simply turned his face towards mine and locked lips with him, kissing him like he was my true lover and moaning into his mouth. The sounds of sexual ecstasy and muffled crying echoed through the empty house until I finally reached release. My body tensed up and I let out a loud moan as my orgasm cracked his pelvis even worse than Devin’s. He opened his mouth in a silent scream and instinctively made one final effort to pry himself away from the source of his agony. But I didn’t even feel his pathetic struggles as I simply held him there until I was finished.

Finally, everything subsided. I looked at my lover with a satisfied smile. His sweat-soaked, tear-stricken face looked back at me with the sad, hollow expression of a man who just had his very humanity ripped away from him; reduced to a cheap slave who has no rights, no freedom, and no say in what his new master does to him.

I saw one final tear roll down his face before he wordlessly crumpled to the floor next to his friend.

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