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Corruption: Resistance (Chapter 5-8)

Written by Masterchiefarby117 :: [Saturday, 05 February 2022 19:43] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 05 February 2022 21:01]

(Hi guys, here’s the second half of my corruption story. Buckle up because this is where the darker and more tempting themes come in. Hope you all enjoy the end of the story!)

Chapter 5

“I’m glad to hear you say that Emily,” Tiffany cheered, pleased to see a new supergirl wanting to make a positive difference in the world. Her phone began to vibrate, causing her to turn around and pick it up.

“Hello? Oh hey sweetie……. Yep I will get that. Be back in an hour!” She replied before hanging up.

“Husband?” Emily smirked, causing Tiffany to blush.

“Yep, it’s his 63rd birthday and he wants Italian food so gotta fly to Europe!” She stated as she grabbed her belongings.

Heh, international delivery, how about that? Emily thought as she too got ready to leave.

“It was great speaking with you Emily, I hope we can keep in touch!” The redhead replied as she looked back and cursed.

“Shit, Kelly already left so you don’t have a ride home….”

“It’s alright, I kinda wanna learn by myself. You said we gain the ability to fly in the second dose right?”

“For the most part yea! You wanna try? I can spare half an hour?” Tiffany insisted.

“But I thought you needed to go to Europe?”

“Oh sweetie, I can make it to and back in 40 min. The extra 20+ minutes is just me exploring!”

Emily chuckled. “Well if you insist!”

“Sweet! But first…” Tiffany said as she moved toward the closet to acquire an article of clothing before handing it to Emily.

Emily gasped. “Is that…”

“Yup, your official supergirl suit! Got a mask and everything!” Tiffany cheered. “Try it on!”

Emily nodded as she looked around for a changing room only to realize she was in an office.


“Hmm? OH my bad.” Tiffany replied, turning around. “Silly me, I keep forgetting you’re new. Once you get the third dose, us superwomen seeing each other naked is just commonplace here. But I can understand why you feel a little weirded out. I was too when I turned 18 and transformed.”

Emily did not know that. But she did get why that would be the case. Every girl she’s encountered here possessed god-like bodies. She put on her suit and finally put on her goggles-like mask.

“These masks look weird,” Emily commented.

“Oh yeah a bunch of us don’t really wear them anymore. Most just like to show themselves off once you get used to being in the supergirl business.”

The latina supergirl nodded as she continued to change her clothes.

“What do you think?” Emily smiled as Tiffany turned around and moved her hands towards her cheeks.

“Aww honey, you look amazing! And sexy! Your boyfriend is a lucky man!”

“Heh, thanks Tiffany,” she replied as they walked towards the balcony of the office.

“So first, you are going to jump off the edge of the building and I’ll be on the bottom waiting to catch you in case your flight hasn’t kicked in… even though it should have by now!”

“Wait what?” Emily asked as Tiffany shoved her over causing her to panic and yell as she began falling down.

“TIFFANYYYYY!” She screamed as the older supergirl flew down with her.

“THINK OF YOURSELF AS A LEAF! FEEL THE WIND. CLEAR YOUR MIND!” Tiffany yelled as Emily stopped screaming and tried to do what the crazy redhead old lady told her.

“Think like a leaf, think like a leaf…” Emily repeated as she realized she was slowing down but still falling. “Oh god…”

She was getting closer and closer to the ground, trying to clear her mind. Clearly this wasn’t working. It was time to take a different approach. She thought of Tim being in trouble as he was the one pushed and falling to his death.

“I’m coming TIM!” She yelled as she was 200 feet above ground before making a U turn and flying over the trees as she opened her eyes to realize she did it! She was actually flying!”

“Great job Emily! You are doing it! Now use your arms to extend them like Superman and supergirl from the comics, it actually does help maneuver your flight. Something the comic books got right!” Tiffany chuckled.

The two superwomen flew around DC as Tiffany told her to twirl and do a barrel roll. Emily loved feeling the winds push back against her face as she entered the federal region before flying over the White House and the US Capitol seeing the tiny senators and congressmen go off to work and do absolutely nothing for the American people as usual. It didn’t take long for Emily to get the hang of flying. Then again, when your mind is exponentially enhanced, training becomes elementary. After half an hour of practicing, Emily was at the very least a high intermediate level flyer.

“That was excellent! You are a natural!” Tiffany cheered as she hugged the younger supergirl. Emily couldn’t help but enjoy that embrace, no longer needing to hold back like she did with Tim or basically any other human. However, she still was a double dosed super compared to the veteran that was Tiffany who had the booster in her. She could still feel that discomfort when Tiffany applied pressure though not as painful as before. Both supers hugged each other with so much force that any being in between them would’ve been crushed flat instantly. They soon let go of each other as Tiffany looked at the time. “Okay, I should go to Europe now. You good with making it to Charlottesville on your own?”

“You don’t need to baby me! We are already in NOVA. Charlottesville isn’t too far.” Emily smirked as Tiffany giggled.

“I know I know. Be safe and see ya tomorrow!” Tiffany waved before positioning herself and booming her way towards the Atlantic.

Emily looked down and witnessed multiple trees swaying against the force of the blast the redhead emitted before she noticed one creaking and falling down.

“Oh no…” Emily gasped as she instantly flew down and positioned herself to capture the heavy trunk that , when making contact with her hands, wasn’t as heavy as she thought. It was like carrying those gallons of milk from the grocery store. Doable.

“Woah…” Emily smiled by how easy it all was now. A big ass trunk that would need 50+ more people to barely lift, she was swinging like a baseball bat.

“Heyy batter batter, hey batter swing!” She sang in her best high school musical voice, before she realized in doing so she launched an animal in the air.

“Oh FUCK!” She yelled before she realized it was an owl who immediately began flying away.

Clearly she needed to be a lot more careful as she looked at the hole this tree trunk was rooted on before trying to insert the tree trunk back on the ground like nothing happened.

“Welp, time to go home!” She said to herself before flying straight to Charlottesville. She had to admit as much as she disliked supergirls, not only was flying super cool, but perhaps not all supergirls were as bad as she originally thought, thinking of Tiffany. Though, she still had her doubts about Kelly.

She entered her city within 10 minutes before she heard a yell coming from the nearest gas station. “Superhearing… cool.”

Emily floated in the general vicinity to see 2-3 people running away from the convenience store. “Hmm…”

She lowered her body down towards the ground to see the cashier with his hands up at gunpoint while another robber was waiting outside in his getaway car.

Emily snuck her way through the back entrance hoping to catch them off guard.

“Please… I have a family…” the cashier begged in tears as one of the robbers smacked him.

“Just gimme your fucking money!” One of them yelled.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”

The two robbers immediately turned around and pointed their guns to see it was a supergirl.

“A super? I thought you fucking said we don’t have those in this city!” One of the robbers yelled at his partner.

“There aren’t… this one probably flew by and heard your noisy ass.” The other replied.

‘Seems like these guys didn’t get along well,’ Emily thought. She needed to dial down the situation as much as possible.

“Guys, you don’t have to do this, how about you lower the guns and let the poor guy go…” she stated in a calm manner.

“How bout you fly your annoying ass back to whatever hellhole city you emerged from!” He spat.

“Well that wasn’t nice.”

“Cunt…” he finished.

“That’s it!” She yelled as she walked towards him causing him to panic as he opened fire, shooting her in the chest.

Emily eeped out of instinct thinking she was fatally shot, her eyes shut and arms in front of her body as she slowly reopened them to see no hole in her, only to look down and see the deformed bullet on the floor.

“I’m… I’m bulletproof now!” She cheered as the robbers began to panic.

“And you are in big trouble!” She frowned, proceeding to walk towards him as he continued to fire at her, including her head.

“Ow. I may be bulletproof but that shit still stings a little. Hopefully by my third dose that sting will wear off…” Emily grunted as she used her superspeed to catch up to him and grab his wrist.

“Enough!” She yelled, beginning to apply some pressure on his wrist.

“Ahh… ow… OWWW!” The man fell on his knees.

“Seriously THAT hurts you? I barely did anything!” Emily said with a slight chuckle.

She swiped the gun from him and looked at the weapon in her hand.

“Well, I’ve seen many superhero tv shows do this…!” Emily cheered before making a grin and crushing the weapon into pieces with her bare hands.

Emily, once again, couldn’t believe it. It’s one thing to see it from a normal, human, perspective but actually being the supergirl and destroying the weapon, it gave her chills.

The robber couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. “What the hell?”

“Huh, guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch the news,” Emily shrugged, feeling slightly better about herself.

He charged at her and formed a fist with his free hand before punching her left breast only to feel his knuckles break upon impact.

“AGGHH FUCK!” He cried as both his hands were now injured.

“Oof… if you wanted to grab them, you could’ve just asked,” she shrugged. “Of course, I would’ve said hell no… but you get the point. These babies are reserved for my boyfriend.”

As the robber continued to scream in agony, Emily looked around the store to see a metal bar used as a divider in forming a line for the cash register.

“This will do,” she smiled as she yanked the hunk of metal like it was nothing and began to bend it like it was a piece of twizzlers. She soon grabbed the robber and wrapped the bar around him.

“Owwww,” he moaned as she was squeezing the bar realizing it may have been a bit too much.

“Whoops sorry bout that.” Emily apologized, loosening the metal knot but not enough for him to squeeze his way through.

After successfully capturing her first criminal, she helped herself to some skittles. I’m sure they won’t mind giving me free candy. I mean I DID just stop this criminal…”

She walked back towards the trapped man as he looked up at her in fear. She didn’t want people to see her as a monster, but then again, she did need to scare him to make sure he doesn’t do something like this in the future, even if that meant showing off her powers.

“Now you just stay here until the cops arrive.” She said with confidence placing her hands on her hips before she heard the car accelerate outside.

“Shit!” She yelled as she completely forgot about the second robber and the driver. She walked towards the window to get a clear view. She tried to squint her eyes before realizing her vision began to adjust, changing her entire field.

“Woah… what is happening…” Emily slightly panicked as she was now able to see through objects. The other robber managed to sneak away while she was tormenting this one. Whoops.

“Some friends you have…” she huffed before she opened the door to follow their trail. “Ok ok… let’s fly…”

Emily chased after the car, running after it as she began gaining speed before she leaped into the air and her body began to levitate to higher altitudes.

(Meanwhile inside the car)

“What the hell was that man?”

“I don’t know… I forgot supergirls were that powerful…”

“Maybe check the news and you’ll see what they can do.”

“Shut up.”

“You left your brother at her mercy… your uncle is not gonna be happy about that.”

“We’ll get him out eventually. For now… we got the cash!” The robber smirked before the two men were caught off guard as the car came to a sudden halt before rising from the ground.

“What the!?” The man in the passenger seat yelled, opening the window and leaning his face out to see Emily on the bottom of the car.

“Hiiii” Emily waved with one hand while carrying the car with the other. “I didn’t tell you boys to leave!” She smirked before turning around and flying the car back towards the gas station.


Upon arriving, she lowered the vehicle on the ground as she heard the police sirens getting louder.

“Well, looks like my work here is done and before you guys get any ideas…” Emily began, blurring out of the two men’s field of vision and materializing a second later as every tire of the car was disconnected causing the entire body of the vehicle to crash into the ground.

“All in a day's work from your friendly neighborhood super Emily!” She clapped her hands as she flew back into the sky and headed towards her house.

She did it. Her first crime stopped! She felt happy. She was already showing the world that not all supergirls were assholes. She felt the nice breeze on her face as she watched the sunset and the tiny people down on the ground along with the cars stuck in heavy traffic on the nearby interstate. Good thing she had alternatives in travel. As she landed on her front lawn, it had just occurred to her that she hasn’t called her parents since yesterday! Oh god. Emily gulped as she opened the door to find her parents waiting inside with their arms crossed.

“Emily, where the hell have you been!” Her mom began as her dad soon piggybacked.

“We’ve been worried sick! You never called us and we thought you got in another accident again!” He yelled.

Both of her parents continued screaming at the top of their lungs as they got closer before pausing as they both gasped seeing how much her daughter had changed. Emily too was shocked as she now towered over her parents especially her father who was always the tallest of the three.

“What the hell did they do to you…” her mother said nervously.

“Mom… it’s okay, I’m fine. I know I should’ve called but there was so much happening and… I don’t know… time just got the better of me that’s all…”

“It doesn’t matter Emily! After that accident you went through, you are ALWAYS supposed to call us! For that, you are grounded!” Her mother spat.

“What?!” Emily yelled back. “You can’t ground me!”

She knew immediately she crossed the line by yelling at her parents by her mother’s gasp.

“Don’t talk to your mother that way, young lady!”

The exclamations that came after that were a blur as she couldn’t take it anymore. She was already stressed as it is with school issues and balancing this supergirl side of her, but having her annoying parents helicopter her way into her life was not helping. She didn’t know what to do.

“Tim… I need to see my boo.” She said to herself before turning around and heading towards the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Tim’s.”

“We literally just said you are grounded.” Her father replied as Emily’s towering form turned around quickly causing him to flinch. It made Emily laugh a little.

“Try to stop me.” She spat as both her parents ran towards the front door and blocked it.

“You leave through this door and I swear you will never be allowed back in again.”

Suddenly, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to release that energy building up.

“Ugh, SERIOUSLY, what the fuck is your problem?! I just want to be left alone!” She yelled, breathing in and out as her parents suddenly formed a straight face confusing emily.

“What’s going on?”

“We will leave you alone…” they said monotonously and in unison as they both turned around and headed upstairs toward their rooms.

Emily couldn’t believe it. That ability that Kelly had on her professor, she just did it on her parents.

“Oh god what did I do… I need to see Tim,” she panicked as opened the door, closed it, and soon blasted into the sky.


Chapter 6

Emily flew through the neighborhood as she headed towards her lover’s home, but not before making a pit stop at their favorite fast food place.

She spotted Tim’s house while carrying the food and drinks, looking down and as usual, his lights were on. She used her new enhanced vision to see he was on his desk before immediately closing her eyes.

“No no! No spying on him. Invasion of privacy much?” She argued with herself.

Still, a smile formed on Emily’s face as she descended towards his window. Even with all this, just thinking about him still made her feel whole and full of happiness.

Tim was doing his calculus homework that was assigned by Mr. Chen before he heard light tapping on his window. He turned around, wondering if it was that annoying Vanessa super before he locked his eyes on the beautiful brunette with her big brown eyes and loving smile.

“Emily!” He cheered as he dropped his pencil and headed toward the window to open it.

“Oh sweetie,” Emily moaned as she immediately flew in, placed the food on a nearby stand and kissed him passionately. Sure, she now had to slightly look down to kiss him but that didn’t matter. She was home.

“Where have you been… you disappeared after Mr. Chen wanted to talk to you, then I spoke to him afterwards to ask where you were and he just said “she was free to go and not to worry” despite there being a literal hole on his classroom window!” Tim said before he was interrupted by another kiss.

“Tim, lots of shit happened… I met the head supergirl, who happened to be the one that freed North Korea!” She exclaimed with joy.

“Wow really? That’s awesome! I’m happy for you Em. I see you are liking your new self?” He shrugged as she nodded quickly.

“It’s better than I originally thought.” Emily shrugged back as she skipped towards the stand and held the food and drinks.

“I also got Taco Belllll!!” She sang.

Tim couldn’t help but chuckle. He was happy to see his girl again. They ate their beef chalupas as they watched Cobra Kai together on Netflix. Emily kept her ears on alert as she heard footsteps causing her to superspeed her way toward Tim’s closet as his mother entered the door.

“Hey, honey, I just wanted to wish you good night!”

“Night mom! Sleep well!” Tim replied while simultaneously using his reflexes to catch the flying pieces of food from Emily’s speed. His mom smiled as she closed the door and headed back to her room.

Emily later manifested near the door as she

made a pouty look before locking the door. “We are finally alone.”

“Yes we are!” Tim smirked as Emily was in her boyfriend’s hoodie that she obtained from the closet and woddled towards him in bed.

“Honestly, I just wanna cuddle, if that’s ok?” Emily asked with a sincere smile. “I just want to relax with you.”

“Whatever you want babe, I'm just happy to spend time with you.”

Emily’s heart melted hearing him say that. She hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “What did I do to deserve a guy like you,” She whispered.

“Simple, you said yes to going on a date with me,” Tim joked as Emily rolled her eyes and gave him a really light punch.

“Ok dumbass,” Emily replied, giggling in the process. “But for real, you’ve been there for me in the good times and bad and believe me… there've been many bad times in my life. You being there to support me really made my days Tim… and on top of that, you saved my life!”

“No… I almost killed you…”

Emily sighed.

“Tim, I’m the one who was stupid enough to look at my phone while walking in the street. That was not on you.” Emily asserted.

“I guess, but regardless Em, it really hurt me seeing you in that hospital barely breathing. A part of me almost died that day.” Tim replied in sadness.

Emily began to feel bad as she placed her powerful hands on his cheeks.

“Look at me… I’m right here. And I’m not going anywhere!”

Tim was glad to hear that as Emily slowly began to disrobe him.

“On second thought… I changed my mind… let’s have a LITTLEEE bit of fun…” Emily smirked.

Tim was about to do that task by himself before Emily got impatient and did it for him as she was now naked herself.

“Wow Emily, you are massive…” Tim gasped seeing all the new upgrades his girlfriend now possessed.

“What can I say… I’m a growing girl…” Emily winked as she pinned him down and began to mount on top of him again before realizing that she was now heavier and could probably crush her boyfriend accidentally.

“Uhh perhaps you go on top this time sweetie…” Emily chuckled nervously trying to play it safe.

Tim nodded as he got in position and was ready to insert his member in his girl as she wrapped her legs around him and brought him closer. Tim began to thrust his cock back and forth as Emily began to moan, turning her head back.

“Is this good?” Tim asked as the supergirl nodded.

“Yeah… don’t stop…”

Emily proceeded to meet her boyfriend's thrusts as she began thinking of a sinister idea. She secured her legs around her boyfriend as she began to levitate off the bed. Tim began to panic as he definitely did not expect this.

“It’s ok baby, it’s okay. Continue doing what you're doing.” She said calmly.

“You fly now… cool!” Tim grunted as he continued to pump his dick in her while in midair as Emily proceeded to use her legs to keep him from falling.

Tim was having a harder time trying to insert his cock this time compared to their last encounter. He felt like her walls were getting tighter. But overall, things were still going okay.

He watched as they continued to levitate in the room and proceeded to make love. He had to admit this was an awesome experience. He leaned in toward her breasts before beginning to lick her right nipple. He was shocked to feel how thicker it got. Prior to being supergirl, she barely had tits, not that he complained of course. He loved Emily for her. But he also couldn’t complain about this amazing body she now possessed. She was a literal goddess at this point and she was only going to become more beautiful when the booster dose gets inside her. He watched as her nipples swelled from his tongue making his way around her areolas.

“Ohhhh god… it’s a lot more sensitive…” Emily panted as Tim proceeded to bury his face on her massive double D cup tits trying his best to motorboat without hurting himself in the process.

Tim knew he was about to reach his point of no return once again but before he did, Emily opened her legs as she flew away from her boyfriend causing him to fall on his bed. She was slightly disappointed they didn’t last as long as they usually did.

“You aren’t going to finish that quickly…” emily smirked as she gently grabbed his head and placed it on her sex.

“Your ascending goddess orders you to lick!”

Tim nodded as he extended his tongue and made contact with her cunt causing her lower body to twitch due to the extreme sensitivity in her nether region.

“Keep going… honey…” emily moaned as she grabbed onto his head but with an appropriate amount of force.

“I’m not hurting you right?”

Tim replied with a thumbs up as he continued to perform the task.

One thing Emily loved about Tim, he knew how to please her this way. The way he moved his tongue still shocks her to her very core. It didn’t take long before Emily’s legs began to buckle as she released a roar as Tim’s face was splashed with her juices.

“Holy FUCK!” Emily panted as she looked down and smiled. “You ok down there?”

“Never better!” Tim chuckled as she moved from her position and grabbed his body before they both began to levitate once again. This time Emily raised her boyfriend’s body higher than hers to the point where his erect member was level with her mouth as she opened it and began to suck.

“Oh… Emily…” Tim groaned as he held on to her hair.

“Relax… my love,” she replied as she continued to play around with his member.

There was no way Tim could last as long as he could. He tried to think of non arousing thoughts but his girlfriend was just too powerful. He groaned one final time as he finally released his load with Emily swallowing the whole thing.

“My… my kids!” Tim joked as Emily burst into laughter.

“Shut the fuck up!”


As the night dialed down the lovely couple laid in bed as Tim fell asleep in his girlfriend's arms while Emily continued to pet him lovingly.

“So delicate… so fragile… yet so full of love.” She whispered and smiled as she looked upwards toward the ceiling.

She thought back to what Tiffany told her. How supergirls typically live to the late 100s or early 200s. That’s when it really hit her. She was going to outgrow Tim, watch him get old, die, and live 100 more years without him or her parents. She was going to die alone.

Tears escaped her eyes as a result before she jumped from fear as she noticed Kelly floating just outside the house.

Emily gently placed Tim’s head on the pillow as he floated her way towards the window.

“What the fuck are you doing here so late!?” Emily whispered as Kelly crossed her arms while floating in the air.

“Heard ya stopped 3 robbers,” she smirked as Emily’s face turned pink.

“Oh uh… you know about that?”

“Duh, I watch the news, despite how fake the media can be.” Kelly rumbled as she floated to the side.

“I see your pet is asleep. Jerk him off?” Kelly asked causing Emily to make a disgusted look.

“What the… did you eavesdrop on our 1 on 1?” She yelled.

“No, but judging by his deep sleep, I can only assume. I have experience with many many men. And women of course,” she smiled.

Emily raised her eyebrow.

“You’ve never done it with a woman before?” Kelly asked as she shook her head.

“I’m straight.”

Kelly released a laugh hearing that. “You should experiment. Trust me, with our libidos… you could use a nice fuck with a fellow being like us.”

“You asking for a fuck session?” Emily asked.

There was a slight pause.

“Nah, but you should try it out with someone though.”

“I’m loyal to Tim.”

“And how is that fair to you? Im sure despite all the love he gives to you, sex isn’t the same as it once was when you were human.”

Emily sat there speechless. Did she have a point? I mean sure Tim still knew his way around her but he did cum a lot quicker than she would’ve hoped.

“Exactly. Anyways, cmon, there’s somewhere I want you to check out!”


“Under HQ,” she winked.

Emily turned around to see her boyfriend still sound asleep.

“Oh god he’s gonna be there when you come back. Let’s go!” Kelly moaned.

“Fine,” Emily gave in as they both hovered outside the window before they blasted back to DC.


Chapter 7

Emily and Kelly flew into DC as they arrived at the lower level of the tower. The young supergirl followed her godmother as she led the way towards the so-called “important place they needed to visit.” They ended up in an elevator that apparently only went down to the basement. Weird. The two supers entered the elevator, riding down to the lower level before they began to hear music.

“Is that?”


The doors suddenly opened as many supergirls were celebrating and dancing under the disco ball.

“What the…”

“Welcome to party central!” Kelly smiled as Emily slowly walked into the area.

She looked around to see many girls in polls dancing naked to other girls while another group were fucking in the middle of the air.

“This is some freaky… shit.” Emily commented as she turned around to realize Kelly was no longer behind her but rather flew towards her fellow supergirls, one of them being Vanessa from school.

Emily continued to fly through the area as she observed a huge table with a mountain load of cocaine that was 5 feet tall. 6 supergirls stood around it before they began snorting the coke using their super strength and enhanced lungs as the mountain immediately decreased with all the powder flying into all of the 6 supergirls' respective nostrils. They each tilted their heads back and giggled in ecstasy.

“God… I forgot how this felt like…” one of the superwomen commented.

Emily continued to walk around the party as the music blasted while still having superior hearing to distinguish different conversations. She stumbled upon a group of girls telling stories of their day on the job.

“So this group of white supremacists come after me, telling me to kill myself and how I was “inferior” because I was black and yada yada. So get this… just when they are about to use their shotgun on me I begin to levitate off the ground which instantly scared the shit out of them!”

The rest of the supergirls laughed.

“And then what?” A latina asked excitedly in her thick accent.

“I made them my bitches of course. Figured it was time to flip the script and make them my slaves.”

The girls cheered as they drank their glassed bottles of tequila.

“But not before I punched my fist directly into their cultist leader ending his shitty life once and for all. Most satisfying thing I’ve ever done…”

Emily was already uncomfortable. She clearly didn’t belong with these girls. She regretted coming with Kelly as she moved along before her jaw dropped at the scene she was witnessing. It was Tiffany, but not only that, she was making out with a young man that clearly wasn’t her husband while 2 others were pleasing her in other ways, one on her tits, another licking her pussy.

Emily couldn’t believe this. As Tiffany looked up, she noticed Emily standing a considerate distance away from her with a disgusted look as she gasped.

Emily used her superspeed to immediately get the hell out of there as she activated the elevator and waited for it to arrive. It took forever and she couldn’t just stand there as she looked for the stairs and began flying up towards the ground level.

“Emily, wait!” Tiffany yelled as she used her superspeed to catch up to her. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! You are married! And you are with 3 other random guys!?”

“It’s not what you think!”

“Oh then enlighten me! Because it seems to me that you are cheating on your husband.” Emily spat as Tiffany waited for her to finish.

“It was my husband’s idea.”

Emily frowned at how ridiculous that sounded. “What?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of this at first, but when you get to be my age with your lover… trying your best to not accidentally injure him while your libido is making you go aggressive on him… it’s not a good combination… believe me I tried. But when I cracked his left rib accidentally from losing control… I…” Tiffany’s voice cracked. “I just couldn’t…”

It was then Emily realized she was a complete idiot. “I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

“Of course not,” Tiffany sniffled. “You are still a newbie. You wouldn’t understand.”

Emily stood quiet until she opened her mouth again.

“Sex doesn’t feel the same…”

Tiffany looked up at her as Emily played around with her fingers.

“I tried to play along, but my Tim, he can’t seem to last as long as he could compared to when I was human. I completely understand, I mean…” she replied, using her hands to show off her new body. “Can’t really blame him. God why do I sound like a cocky asshole… I’m really not. I love Tim so much and I would never leave him the way I’ve heard some girls brag at the party.”

Tiffany nodded as she got back up and walked towards her.

“And I love my husband. I’m sure your man has always supported, cherished, and respected you?” The redhead asked as Emily looked down in shame while still nodding.

“These urges… It's what makes us different from humans. Our libidos charge and charge to the point where you need that release but you just don’t get that satisfaction with your human lover no matter how much you love him and would do anything for him.”

Emily realized Kelly may have had a point to what she mentioned before at Tim’s house.

“That's why I have a harem… or at least am trying to have one. Figured if I can release my lust onto them, people I don’t feel much of a connection with, I could end up making love successfully and safely with the man I care most in the world.” Tiffany shrugged before she placed her arms on Emily’s shoulders.

“Just another side effect of our condition,” she added in disappointment.

“I guess it is…” Emily commented.

“And the worst thing is, even a harem isn’t enough for me… ugh why am I so greedy! I’m fucking 61… I should’ve mastered this by now.” Tiffany groaned as Emily hugged her.

“We will get through this. Our love for our men surpasses our libidos. They will help us get through it.” Emily assured. “I know it.”

Tiffany and Emily continued to hug tightly as their breasts made contact with each other causing their nipples to swell. They both slightly moaned as they stared at each other for a brief second before they leaned in and began to kiss each other. The two superwomen began disrobing each other as they continued to embrace in this unexpected moment before Tiffany pinned Emily on the ground, cracking the floor upon impact.

“Jeez… calm down, I’m still one treatment down from you guys…” Emily chuckled as Tiffany’s eyes opened widely.

“That reminds me…” The redhead growled as she used her superspeed to leave the room and Emily panting on the floor wondering what the hell was going on before she reappeared with a cup full of green liquid. “Drink this…”

“Is that…”

“Your third dose… needles can’t penetrate our skin after the second treatment so you need to drink the third one. You were supposed to drink it in a couple Hours, but figured why not get the party started early…” Tiffany smirked as Emily took the cup and looked at the contents.

This was it. The final dose. After this, she would be a fully realized supergirl. Without any more overthinking she immediately drank the liquid and swallowed the contents. They both giggled as they got back to their feet.

“How long until the effects kick…. AH…” Emily groaned as she fell on her knee.

“Right now…” Tiffany replied, breathing heavily as she prepared to watch the end of Emily’s ascension. “It’s going to hurt a little, but it’ll be over soon. Don’t worry!”

Emily screamed as she felt intense levels of pain at first, slamming her fist on the floor, cracking the tiles. However, that pain was immediately subsided with a feeling she hasn’t felt in any of the shots before: pleasure. Her body felt like jelly as her muscles began to expand to that of a mild bodybuilder model but, like the other superwomen, still retained that feminine body. Her abdominal area tickled as it morphed again, allowing her 8-pack to become more defined than ever before. Her thighs continued to gain in thickness and muscle as she continued to moan. Her bones finally adjusted as her body began to elongate and grow into an even taller amazon.

“More…. MOREEEEE!!” She growled, her powerful voice shaking the room of the building as her transformation was finishing up. She clawed into the floor, digging her fingers deep to deal with the pressure. Her body adjusted to the world around her as she slowly rose to her feet.

She began gaining control again as she made contact with Tiffany whom she used to look up to slightly. Now, she completely towered over her.

“What happened?!” She asked as she gasped by her newer, and slightly deeper voice she now possessed. It was like she experienced another puberty.

“Look…” Tiffany replied as she helped Emily to the nearest mirror in front of her only for her to gasp by the latest transformation.

Emily walked closer towards the reflection as she was no longer recognizable to what she was before the serum. Power and muscle flowed through her new body. She flexed her mighty arms as her biceps bulged before she realized she could now control her breasts as she flexed her left tit up and down while doing the same with her right. Her vision was perfect and all those blemishes and acne on her skin were completely gone. It was now spotless. She leaned back as a naked Tiffany hugged her from behind and grabbed Emily’s breasts before giving them a super squeeze causing the new supergirl to release a loud moan once again shaking the room.

“You are now a goddess…” Tiffany cooed as she used her superspeed and strength to run Emily into a wall as it cracked upon impact from her back being imposed on it.

“Mmmm,” Emily cooed as she loved the aggressive foreplay. Tiffany couldn’t control herself as she began kissing down Emily’s neck.

Tiffany pressed her large breasts on Emily’s again as they both released a slight moan with their nipples rubbing off on each other.

“Feels different this time…” Emily panted as she noticed a bed in the corner of the room. It was her turn to use her speed and strength to carry Tiffany into the bed as they both landed on the mattress only for the legs of the furniture to immediately break upon impact. They both giggled as a result.

“Silly beds can’t handle beings like us…” Tiffany cooed as Emily smiled and kissed her while Tiffany grabbed her breasts and with her powerful hands gave them another big squeeze.

“FUCKKKKK!” She yelled, before reciprocating the favor causing the redhead to Yelp as well.

“I’ve never… done it with a woman before…” Emily admitted as Tiffany shushed her using her long legs to roll her over so the redhead was on top now.

“So let me lead then…” she whispered as she spread Emily’s gargantuan legs before she positioned herself and her pussy made contact with Tiffany’s.

“Tiffany….” Emily moaned… as she grabbed her body and brought her towards her, beginning to scissor each other.

The whole floor began to vibrate with every thrust Tiffany imposed on Emily as the young supergirl suggested they levitate to prevent a catastrophic accident.

“Good idea…” Tiffany giggled as they followed suit, making love passionately as they rose above the bed and continued wiggling their bodies as they rubbed their pussies against each other while devouring each other.

They soon lost control of where they were floating to the point that they just resorted to staying above the floor, moving away from the walls when their bodies collided with one of them.

“There’s something I forgot to tell you… um, about my trip in North Korea.” Tiffany admitted while still enjoying the moment and breathing heavily. Emily let go a bit and listened.

“What happened?”

“After Kim blew up the palace, I flew out and talked to the citizens when they asked me to be their ruler… I tried to deny it, that part is still true, but given that I needed to stay put until the American soldiers arrived, that being a few hours… I had free time and I…”

“You agreed for a brief moment?” Emily smiled as Tiffany laughed nervously.

“I wanted to see what it was like… and oh god Emily… It was intoxicating. They worshipped me, like I was an actual deity. Some even licked my tits, abs and bare feet without me asking!”

Emily couldn’t help but giggle. “Sounds like you had a blast!”

“Oh I did… Thankfully, I snapped out of it and flew straight to my husband. Otherwise, I probably would’ve never left…”

“Damn… I never knew you had that In you…” Emily panted.

“That doesn’t make me like the rest of the supergirls who abuse it for their own gain… I would’ve rewarded the North Koreans. Would’ve made their nation 10x better and happier than under that fat idiot…” Tiffany ranted.

Tiffany did have a brilliant point. Maybe there WAS a way to balance worship and still making humanity a better place rather than making them feel worthless and hopeless.

“Maybe one of these days we go to a random island and take it over in secret. We rule as goddesses.” Emily offered while still kissing her. “BUT, we rule with respect, not fear or tyranny. The people on the island prosper and they worship us… a win-win…”

“Oh god I love it…” Tiffany moaned as they thought about that sexual fantasy. “With Tim and my love the only ones to get their VIP status with our lips and asses. I’m sure they’d love it as well!”

The two superwomen continued to fuck each other as they were both simultaneously reaching that sweet release they have been craving desperately with their men.

“I'm almost there…” Tiffany groaned as Emily nodded.

“Me too…”

“On three?”


“… oh god… ONE!”

Both girls released a deafening yell as they experienced their respective orgasms, hugging each other tightly as their brains were being filled with that sweet dopamine, before sighing as their bodies fell on the bed and they each fell asleep for the night.


Chapter 8

The sun rose on Washington as the bright light shined through the window to hit Emily in the face. The young latina frowned upon seeing this as she slowly woke up to notice she was not in Tim’s room.

“Ughh, what the hell happened…” Emily groaned, feeling like she experienced one hell of a hangover. Except that couldn’t be… she was a supergirl now, she couldn’t get drunk.

It was then where she began to remember the events that transpired the night before. The third serum, her body feeling… fantastic before her mind began to get fuzzy. Despite that, their mind was still superior to unlocking those knocked out memories. As she began to deny the events, a muscular female arm suddenly appeared to wrap her body and bring her closer to the bed.

Her eyes opened widely as her worst fear came true. She got up from her bed and looked to her right to see a naked redhead supergirl that was Tiffany sleeping peacefully.

“Oh no no no…” Emily said to herself as she immediately began to put her clothes on.

Tiffany on the other hand began to move before lifting her head up to see what the noisy commotion was about.

“What’s going on?” She asked tiredly as Emily was finishing up with her clothes.

“We made a mistake…” Emily said, still panicking before opening the door toward the balcony.

“Wait where are you…?” Tiffany asked as Emily turned around one final time.

“This cannot happen again…” she assured her before she flew out of the building and began heading straight for Charlottesville.

As she began to descend towards the ground ready to emit her sonic boom, she heard noises all around her from cars honking to ringtones to alarm clocks.

“Ahh,” Emily groaned as she just became aware of all the noise sensitive sources around her as a result of the serum. The one that really got her attention was the mentioning of Tim.

“Tim?” She asked as she looked down and slowly descended towards the back of the building as she snuck up on what appeared to be 2 Caucasian men with a supergirl having a conversation.

“You said to us Charlottesville would be supergirl free territory, Kelly” one of the men groaned.

Emily gasped as she realized it was her godmother.

“And I told you she wasn’t there last night when I brought her to DC. So I’ll ask again, did you get it?”

The blonde supergirl asked as one of the men nodded before looking at the car.

“50 kilos as you requested. You gonna do that shit yourself?” He asked as Kelly began to chuckle.

“I’m a tough girl, what can you say?” She clapped as she walked toward the trunk of the car to open it and verify it was all there.

“So uh, you do realize you gonna have to pay for this right?”

Kelly turned around and walked towards him, smiling, before using her superspeed to pin him against the side of the car, causing him to groan.

“Or… I take your goodies and you leave this place in one piece?” She said calmly as her eyes began to glow red in the process. “Sounds like a good deal to me!”

The man panicked as his partner took his handgun from his pocket and pointed it at her head.

Kelly moved her head slightly towards the other guy making a straight face. “You're joking right?”

She said, raising her eyebrow, as the gun began to sizzle causing the man to drop his weapon on instinct.

“Fuck!” He yelled.

“Back to what I was saying… Do we have a deal?” Kelly smiled as he unwillingly nodded, causing her to let him go.

“Great! Actually there IS one thing that you can do for me that could be beneficial to both of us.” Kelly smirked.

“What else do you fucking want…” the man rolled his eyes as Kelly slapped his cheek with minimal force, minimal to her at least, as he groaned from

the pain.

“Watch your attitude… anyways I hear your nephew was arrested last night at that convenience store by a supergirl.”

“Y-yea that bitch will pay for what she did.” He growled as Kelly began to laugh again, mocking him.

“It’s cute how you think you have a chance against us hand on hand even after all the power we displayed onto you and your goons. You cannot beat her but I know how you can get into her head…”


“Her boyfriend. Here’s the address. If I were you, I wouldn’t linger around because the sooner she realizes her pet is gone, you might as well say your prayers. But yeah the faster she gets through her grief, the faster she’ll realize the benefits of being with a real woman.” Kelly smirked as she began levitating off the ground before booming out of the area.


“That BITCH” Emily thought. She knew Kelly seemed sus since the very beginning but she never expected her to go that far.

She now had two targets. She really wanted to beat the living crap out of Kelly now that she was an official supergirl, but that would have to wait. What she needed to do now was deal with that asshole driving his way toward Tim’s house.

She looked at the time and realized it was only 6am, Tim wouldn’t wake up for another hour. Plenty of time to fly to his home first.

Emily ascended upwards as she began to follow the car. She had to admit how bored she got halfway through. Even with this bitch speeding through the highway at 90mph, he was still going slow to her.

“Ugh cmon” she groaned as she continued to fly at an appropriate distance to not attract unwanted attention.

“You know what? Fuck it.” She spat as she increased her flight speed passing the car she locked eyes on and heading straight towards Tim.


“You do your homework?”

“Yes dad,” Tim groaned as his father walked towards him and leaned against his ear.

“This is a secret between you and me. I heard Emily was here last night.”

Tim’s heart began beating quicker hearing that. “You knew?”

“Of course I did, no offense but she moans very VERY loudly.” He replied as Tim made a disgusted look. “Luckily your mom is the heavy sleeper, so you are still good.”

“Ugh dad… stoppp!” He groaned, hiding his head on the table.

“Ok I’m getting off the point. My point is, I want to make sure you aren’t distracted from your studies and main goals by Emily.”

“Dad she isn’t just ‘some girl’, we’ve been dating for a long time!” Tim said with a stern look.

“Yeah I know… but that was before she became a supergirl.”

“And you don’t think we are going to last?” He spat as his father gave him a look. Tim couldn’t believe he was serious before they heard the loud thud on the ground.

“What was that?” Tim’s father asked as they both got up and ran towards the window to see Emily in her supergirl suit outside ringing the doorbell.

“Emily?” Tim asked as she barged her now full Amazonian form inside the house causing both men to gasp.

“Sorry for the early visit guys but you are all in danger.” Emily warned as the two guys were caught off guard by her deeper, more mature voice.

“You are so tall…” Tim stuttered as Emily gently grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Honey, focus. There are people coming to kill you and your parents. I need you all to hide please. I don’t know what I’d do if I lose you.” Emily pouted as Tim and his father nodded.

“Right, we will uh… we will hide in the basement. C’mon Tim. I’ll go get your mother.”

“Okay good…” Emily nodded as she looked at the window to watch for any cars approaching the area.

She waited and waited until she heard an engine noise nearby to see the exact car that was in Washington with Kelly. This was it. The car parked in front as the two men hopped out and packed their weapons and knives before walking towards the nearest window. Grabbing a rock, they threw it with as much force as possible causing it to crack, weakening it enough for the other man to break through with a moderate level punch to jump in.

The two men walked through the empty living room to hear the TV noise coming from upstairs

“Ok… let's be careful. I feel like they are in their room. So we gotta catch them by surprise.” The man ordered as the other nodded and began making their way up the stairs. They walked slowly and with caution as the man behind the leader was suddenly grabbed and yanked back down without alerting the guy in front.

“Ok… so I’m going to need you to have my six on this one ok Walker?” The remaining man asked, waiting for a response that was not there.

“Walker?” He asked again as he turned around to lay eyes on a massive chest only to look up and witness one of the most pissed off women he’d ever seen. Before he had any chance to retaliate, Emily used her fist and punched him in the face. The force was so powerful it instantly knocked him out cold.


The man opened his eyes slowly, confused as to where the hell he currently was. He saw trees in front of him. He slightly turned around to find more trees. ‘He was in a forest?’ he thought. No. That couldn’t be, last he remembered he was in that boyfriend’s home before… before…

“Glad to see you are awake…” a female voice was suddenly heard as he turned around before feeling pain in his neck.

He heard the sound of the dirt as her boots walked towards him.

“Thank goodness, I was afraid I accidentally killed you too early… I just got my third and last dose so I couldn't control my own strength.”

The man began to panic as he wanted to move but he couldn’t as he felt pain everywhere. Finally the supergirl stood in front of him before she ducked down to meet him in an eye to eye fashion.

“I’ve had a very shitty day… so I’m only going to ask this once…” Emily threatened. “What were you going to do to my boyfriend?”

“W-what…” he asked as Emily sighed and used her boot to push him causing him to fall on his back.

“Think I’m an idiot? I heard you and Kelly talking. What were you going to do to him?” Emily asked again.

“I… I…” he stuttered as he didn’t want to admit it. He knew he was going to cross that line and admitting it would’ve only made things worse.

“Go on… admit it…” Emily whispered as he began to tear up.

“I was going to kill him…” he finally spoke as Emily gave him a death stare.

“But… but it was under Kelly’s orders!” He tried to defend himself as Emily placed her finger on his mouth to shut him up.

“Save your breath. I heard what you said before. YOU wanted to kill him as revenge for me putting your shitty ass nephew in jail.” Emily replied with a straight look.

“I’m sorry…. Please forgive me…” he whimpered. Emily couldn’t believe it. Seeing this big tough guy now reduced to nothing but a pussy. It was all an act. She had to admit having that level of power over him was intoxicating. She understood now. THIS is why many supergirls have this power lust.

She had the ability to kill him in less than a second. All it took was a simple snap to the neck and he would’ve been done. The temptation was there and she wanted to do it. After all, if she had not heard that conversation with Kelly, this man would’ve been responsible for killing Tim, the love of her life. Yet, despite all that hatred she had, she just couldn’t do it. But she could make him suffer.

Emily used her foot to step over the man's ankle causing it to crack and for him to release a loud cry of pain. She watched as he fell flat on the ground in tears as she stood above him. She grabbed him by his hair and lifted him up bringing his face close to hers.

“Let this be a warning… if you so much as snitch… or hurt anyone and believe me I’ve seen your police records, you’ve done A LOT of shitty stuff. There’s not enough money in the world that can be used to stop me from finding you. If you EVER hurt my boyfriend, if you even so much as walk the same block as him, I will not hesitate to put you down… PERMANENTLY!” Emily yelled as she let him go before looking at the man next to him who fell unconscious from her threats. So much for the “macho” men.

Emily sighed as tears began to fill her eyes. But those tears would be interrupted by slow claps causing her to quickly turn around and notice Kelly slowly chuckling.

“Well well well. Looks like goodie two shoes Emily experienced her first taste of reality.” The supergirl smirked as she placed her hands on her hips mocking the young and inexperienced Emily. “Too bad you didn’t have it in you to kill them.”

“We aren’t gods… it is NOT my job to do so…” Emily replied as Kelly squinted, expressing a look of determination.

“Here’s where you are wrong, newbie,” Kelly replied before she blurred for a few milliseconds and materialized back soon after.

Emily didn’t know what just happened before she heard the gurgles coming from behind her as she turned around and gasped seeing the necks of both men she threatened, now twisted 180 degrees. She watched as they choked on their blood.

“You… bitch…” Emily spat as Kelly gasped.

“Language, sweetheart. Honestly, I’m surprised YOU didn’t do it. I mean they WERE going to kill your pet. Certainly that’s enough justification to end it.”

“Yeah BECAUSE OF YOU!” Emily screamed as the ground around her cracked from the reverberating voice she emitted.

Kelly didn’t even flinch as her hair shifted back slightly.

“Why? Why Tim?! What did he EVER do to you?” Emily yelled as Kelly rolled her eyes.

“It’s not about what he did to me. It’s about what I can do for YOU.”

“What the?”

“I’m sure Tiffany has told you by now how old she is. Yet you still have that mentality that you can still somehow make it work purely with your little pet. WRONG!”

“That’s it? So you wanted to murder my boyfriend and threaten his and my family just so I can fuck you?” Emily screamed.

“So you can learn that you are above these weak and pathetic beings.” Kelly corrected. “The sooner you accept that, the better your life and experience as a supergirl will be.”

Emily’s blood was boiling. She was ready to just fly to her and start beating the living crap out of her.

“You can’t always protect him. Maybe I could even pay your dear old parents a sweet visit as well…” she smirked.

That was it. Emily couldn’t take it anymore as she bolted straight at the blonde supergirl causing them to fly through multiple trees and break through their trunks as Kelly looked at her with a bored expression. The slamming into trees clearly wasn’t doing any damage.

“That's all you got?” She asked as her eyes turned red and she fired twin lasers straight at Emily’s face causing her to scream and let go of her. Emily tried to clear her vision but by the time she did, Kelly crashed right into her with a heavy punch to the face, launching Emily across the forest and undergoing projectile motion, slightly unconscious before crash landing in the western-more rural part of Virginia and creating a huge crater as she landed back on the ground.

Emily groaned as Kelly’s boot landed on her chest pinning her down.

“Stop fighting. It’s pointless. You will never beat me!”

Emily tried to find ways around this as she grabbed her ankle and used her strength to slam Kelly into the floor like a human baseball bat before she used her superspeed to run towards the nearest tree and yank the trunk off the ground. She flew straight towards her fellow supergirl before whacking her further into the ground like a game of “whack a mole”

“Stay… the fuck… down…” Emily roared, hitting her with each word.

Kelly on the other hand began to panic. Something was wrong… she sensed as Emily threw the tree away and flew towards her grabbing her upper suit and beginning to punch her in the face. It was as if Emily had more power in her. She wasn’t supposed to get her third dose until later today.

As Emily continued to punch, Kelly lifted her knee as it collided with Emily’s crotch as she groaned and moved to the side allowing Kelly to slightly recover before she grabbed Emily by the neck and began blasting into the air before throwing her body as far as possible.

Emily once again flew across the rural fields before approaching a nearby barn and crashing right through it, scaring the nearby animals.

The young supergirl groaned as she got back up only to see a farmer and her young daughter worried at what was going on.

“Daddy, it's a supergirl!” The little girl cheered before Kelly landed right behind them.

“Wanna see how weak these beings are?” Kelly smirked before grabbing them by their necks and tightening her grip as their necks snapped.

“NOOOO!” Emily yelled as she witnessed the two poor people’s now lifeless bodies collapse on the ground. She watched the little girl's face as it expressed a permanent look of shock.

“You wanna see what it’s like when I do the same to itty bitty Timmy?” Kelly mocked as Emily was trying to bottle in her anger. She knew what she needed to do. She didn’t know how she was going to explain this to the council, more importantly to Tiffany. Kelly obviously had seniority and she was just a newbie. It’s an automatic favor on Kelly’s part. She had only one other option. She looked up at the sky and realized she may not even survive what she was planning to do.

She got up and with her superspeed pinned Kelly onto a wall before she took a deep breath and used her super blow to freeze Kelly into an icicle. In doing so, she immediately blasted into the air in a vertical direction. She burst through the stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and finally the exosphere as the blue sky began to fade and she was now entering the vast void that was space. Emily took a deep breath as she exited Earth and flew past the moon before looking back at the small blue planet she always called her home. This was not the way she wanted her first trip to space to be like.

She knew what needed to be done. She continued blasting through the void, passing through Venus and Mercury as she began to feel the warm temperatures and finally encountering the star that was responsible for life on earth, the sun. She remembered that encounter in the HQ infirmity about the Asian supergirl suffering some damages from going a little deep into the sun. Perhaps going a little deeper would be enough for heavier , more permanent damages.

As she got closer, she began to feel movement from Kelly as she realized the sun melted her iced body. She panicked as there was no longer air and simply resorted to holding her breath. Her superior lungs would’ve allowed her to hold her breath for hours maybe even a day.

“I’m sorry… but this organization is too corrupt and you crossed the line with many, but more importantly with my love and family. You leave me with no other choice… even if I have to be the one to cross the line to keep them safe. You taught me that,” She tried to speak without losing too much oxygen.

Emily increased her speed as she entered the sun’s gaseous surface and began to fly deeper and deeper. She began to sweat for the first time since she transformed. Kelly continued to struggle as Emily could only hug her tighter to restrain her as their suits disintegrated and they were both naked. Emily recalled her time with Tim, being close neighbors when they were little as he offered to play with him. Helping her with school, Tim asking her out for the first time to which she quickly said yes. Finally, she remembered their first kiss.

Emily’s eyes began to glow red as she built up so much charge from her anger before she released it and she blasted it out of her eyes, sending Kelly to her death as the core of the sun slowly engulfed her.

Emily tried to look up as she began to blast her way back up but it was too much, the gaseous effects of the sun were beginning to take a huge toll on her. She began to see the light, but in that light was a shadow, it got closer and closer before she felt her body being picked up. Her loopy mind could no longer process what was happening as she began to picture things in short bits, one important bit being the red hair on this shadow carrying her.



Emily woke up to see a bright light once again except this time, she heard voices. Was she finally dead? She moved slightly to the right to notice shadows walking by her.

“Will she be alright…right…ight?!” The voice echoed.

Emily tried to wake up, but couldn’t fight her body no matter how extraordinary it was.

“Will my girlfriend be alright!?” she heard the voice again, louder this time.

“T-Tim?” Emily whispered. Could it be him? No… it can’t be… how can he be in the afterlife with her… unless he died as well? Oh god.

“She’ll be fine. Trust me she’s a fighter.”

Emily sighed as her body fell back and she shut her eyes.

It took a while before she could open her eyes once again, this time getting a better view of her surroundings as she looked to her side to see her lover Tim, sleeping on the bed next to her.


Tim woke up from his sleep as his eyes opened wide while still drowsy. He was happy to see his girl up as he went in for the hug.

“Emily!! You are ok!” He moaned with happiness as the Latina supergirl wrapped her arms around him with ease.

“I’m here!” She cheered as she began to think how the hell she even got here. That’s when the flashbacks snapped back to her, the shadow approaching her in the sun, the red hair. Tiffany found her.

“Your leader, Tiffany, stopped by our house after you took those assassins to the forest, then she said she saw you going to the sun? I don’t know.” Tim commented as Emily listened and nodded. “She seemed worried about you.”

She smiled as she continued to hear everything he had to say, but deep down, she knew she had to spill the news that would probably kill her, except this time it would be figuratively.

“Tim… I gotta tell you something…”

“Yea?” Tim said with joy, still happy to see his girlfriend alive and well.

“I….” She paused. She didn’t know how she was going to do this. She was going to lose him. “I… I don’t deserve you.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Tim responded as he made a face of bewilderment.

“After we made love last night… I don’t know how long it’s been.”

“Oh you’ve been out for a day.”

“A day? Oh wow I thought it was longer,” Emily frowned but didn’t complain.

“So you were sayin?”

“Oh uh… after we made love, Kelly invited me to this party and uh… I saw Tiffany… and um… we had a talk about our… conditions and how we have huge libidos and how we needed to hold back due to not wanting to risk hurting you or her husband and well… one thing led to another and we… kissed…” Emily admitted as she closed her eyes saying it.

She opened her eyes again to see his reaction. She needed to see.

Tim just sat there as his head began tilting down, his smile fading and a look of sadness forming.

“Oh…” was the only thing to come out of his mouth.

The room became awfully silent for the next minute as Emily was ready to break into tears.

“Tim, I didn’t mean to… but… I couldn’t control my new self.”

Tim still didn’t know how to respond.

“I know I basically killed our relationship and don’t deserve forgiveness, but I just thought you should know. You deserve that much.” Emily responded, her voice cracking in the process.

Tim looked at her eyes and saw it all puffy and tearful as she couldn’t control her emotions anymore. She really seemed like she regretted that decision.

“I assume it was more than kissing?” Tim asked as Emily closed her eyes again, before nodding.

Tim nodded back as he swallowed his saliva.

“Do… do you not love me anymore?” Tim asked in a quiet voice as Emily’s eyes enlarged hearing that.

“What?! I never stopped! Tim, I told you you were the best thing that happened to me. It’s just this stupid transformation that made me lustful… and it made me do stupid mistakes. But I swear even with that mistake, it didn’t make me love you any less.”

The room was once again quiet as Tim tried to think of something to say.

“I understand your concern, Emily. I’m not sure how that supergirl thing works, but I’ve read enough comic books to wonder how the hell superbeings dating humans can even survive after a nice bang.”

Emily giggled as a result of hearing that. “Lois Lane should be crushed by Superman’s dick logically.”

“Exactly. And I assume Tiffany had to suffer with that burden as well?”

“Her husband is 63.” Emily added, causing Tim to frown.

“Wait what? So how old is…”


Tim’s reaction made Emily burst with laughter. God how much she loved this man and how much she wanted to punch herself for making that mistake.

“I see…”

She looked at Tim as he leaned in and held her hand.

“I forgive you.”

Emily’s jaw dropped hearing that. Did she hear that correctly?

“Wait what? You do? That easy?”

“Well don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy hearing it but I gotta ask again. Do you still love me?”

Emily grabbed her shorter boyfriend and brought him onto her infirmary bed. “And I will say it again, I never stopped.”

“I just want you to be happy Em. You know that.”

“YOU make me happy. Your very existence brings me joy. I want to grow old with you. Well, age with you, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. Point is…. I love you so fucking much, Tim.”

Tim smiled hearing that. “I love you too.”

The couple hugged as they leaned in for a kiss.

“Hey… look. I’m not so familiar with polygamous relationships but if you build up another surge of those libidos and you need a release. I wouldn’t mind if it was with Tiffany.”

Emily once again couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You serious? Tim you don’t have to—“

“Ah ah… I want to. Plus, Tiffany is the reason you are back here with me and not burning in the sun. She earned my respect and I see how much she cares about you. As long as we can still… ya know…” Tim smirked as Emily grinned.

“Oh baby… get ready, we gonna fuck like rabbits many MANY times.”

Tim was nervous, yet up for the challenge. “Sounds like a plan!”

As the couple hugged each other, Tiffany entered the room.

“Hey guys… just wanted to check in. Hope I didn’t intrude on anything.” Tiffany gasped as she slightly turned, ready to leave.

“No you good.” Tim smiled as he implored her to come in.

Tiffany sat next to Tim as she was struggling to speak.

“Tim I…”

“He already knows.” Emily interrupted as Tiffany was shocked and looked down at the smaller human man.

“And you are not mad?” Tiffany asked nervously.

“Nah. I told Emily if you guys needed, I’d be fine if you two had your moments,” he smiled as the redhead leaned in and gave him a huge hug.

“I promise I won’t steal her too much. As your lovely girlfriend may have told you, I’m married and my heart belongs to my man!” She smiled as she lifted her hand with the ring on her finger.

“That's a lovely ring!” Emily gasped. “Tim, when we get married, you better buy me one like this!”

Tim smiled hearing that. “Did you just unofficially propose?”

She got out of bed, feeling like herself again as she hovered next to her boyfriend before getting on her knees.

“Timothy Edwin Rutherford… will you make me the happiest supergirl in the world and unofficially marry me?” She asked with sincerity as she held his soft and fragile hands.

“Yes a thousand times yes!” Tim yelled as Emily cheered, lifting him up in the air before bringing him back down to kiss.

“Ahhhh I’m so happy for you guys!!” Tiffany cheered as she hugged them both.

“I gotta tell my parents! I’ll be right back!” Tim chuckled nervously as he excused himself and ran out of the room leaving the two married superwomen alone.

They both giggled before facing each other.

“You have a lovely fiancé, Emily. I’m so happy for you.” Tiffany cooed as she hugged her fellow goddess.

“Thanks Tiff…” she smiled back, before she made a more serious look. As good as things got, they still needed to address what happened back there.

“I uh… killed Kelly…” Emily admitted as Tiffany nodded.

“I know,” Tiffany repelied. “It’s gonna be ok…”

“How?! What if people start asking questions? I’ll be wanted and could face punishment!” Emily panicked as she clearly didn’t think this through.

Tiffany grabbed her by the shoulders. “Hey… calm down. I will make this go away. I’m the leader and given her disgusting history, I will simply tell them that I banished her to space. Told her to go find some other planet to stay on.”

“You can do that?” Emily asked as the redhead nodded.

“I don’t tolerate supergirls who abuse the system. My only issue was not taking action sooner. You helped me out on that part.” Tiffany smiled. “Plus did you know she was a white supremacist?”

“What?!” Emily spat as she thought about it and began to realize how much sense everything suddenly was, her being a latina and Kelly treating her like she never belonged. “She was going to kill my boyfriend… she threatened my mother… I had to take action…”

The two superwomen hugged again. “I know sweetie… I know. But she’s gone now and together we can help ease the corruption that exists among us. But I gotta tell you Emily, that corruption runs deep, if you thought DC was a swamp, boy you haven’t seen nothing yet when it comes to supergirls.”

Emily understood and nodded.

“Then it looks like we got a lot of work to do!”

THE END… (Until Lizzy comes to town half a century later ;) )

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