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Amongst the Pidgeons 2

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 21 January 2023 05:43] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 21 January 2023 12:03]

Rain smelt bad on Planet Osselion, and it rained a lot. After a few days you hardly noticed, but Tyra had arrived a little under an hour ago. She didn't mind all that much, because the rain let her pull her hood over her face without looking suspicious. Her hired goons, something she had argued against as a wasted expense, were not bothered either. For the amount of money she had agreed to pay them, they would've infiltrated a sewer. Even so, they would all be happier when they got back into their ship and left.

The streets of this part of the city were filled with all kinds of people from all over the galaxy. This world was not a part of the Empire. Nor did the Enlightment have a representative here. Walking among this population Tyra felt like a god. Even her four man security team were gods compared to these people. There were very few homo Supremis here, and here she saw only Homo Sapiens.

“You can't come in here,” the man at the door of her destination informed her. “This isn't a place where Arion's are welcome.”

“Tell your boss I want to buy some girls. And some guys.”

“Do you think you can just walk into this place? Fuck off back to your empire, you Prime scum…”

As Tyra raised an eyebrow, coolly considering how best to slowly destroy this rude human, her hired goons flexed their dense muscles but the human didn't flinch. The hulking man clearly knew an Arion Prime when he saw one, and he still risked his life to be rude to them. She liked his bravery, but found his foolishness repulsive. Her mouth twitched into a wicked smile and her eyes began to glow softly from within… and then the door behind the rude human opened to reveal a white haired man with a ragged weather worn face.

“It's okay. These days we have to try and be more… accomodating. The Empire needs slaves too, am I right? I apologise for my rude doorman. He is a veteran of many wars, and…”

“I killed more Warriors Prime than old age.”

The doorman’s interruption hung in the air awkwardly for a few long moments before the gracious newcomer laughed off the provocative comment.

“Always good for a laugh, aren't you? Please… come on in.”

Tyra shared a quick glance with her security detail, and led the way through the door. Inside was a large well appointed room with a few other people sitting around talking. There was clearly room for a lot more. Melkot had told her this would be a slow day, with the biggest auction of the year held the day before. She was led to a table at the back of the dimly lit room and offered a seat. Her host sat next to her and her little entourage hovered around scanning the room.

Without warning everyone in the room turned their way with guns drawn. The air buzzed with weapons primed to fire, and Tyra stopped to glance around the room. Her superior eyesight and hearing allowed her to plot the location of everyone in one sweep, taking note of the few men actually armed with weapons she needed to be wary of.

“You can drop the act, Arion. I know you're not here to buy slaves. You assholes only ever sell. So I figure it's most likely you're here to rob me, or kill me. Which is it?”

Tyra smiled. “I'm looking for the Velorian woman. She's the only reason I'm here. Sell her to me and I will pay you well.”

The man seemed to give the proposal some serious thought. “That would have been fine two days ago. But your blonde friend left. And before you ask… I don't know where she was going.”

“I say we kill these foolish humans,” one of Tyra's thugs observed, eyeing the well armed men with disdain.

Tyra turned her head and scowled at her minion. “I've got this.”

He snarled at her. He didn't like taking orders from some rich brat to begin with. His inflated ego didn't allow him to see any other way to deal with humans who aimed guns at him. He lunged forward and snapped his fist into the nearest man, the super strong blow smashing the target into floor. The warrior prime was experienced against humans, and loved destroying the much weaker creatures. As he turned to attack the next he was hit in the chest by an energy bolt that span him around and three more that burned deep holes into his torso.

Tyra groaned inwardly and ducked down low as the goons all around them opened fire. She rolled forward and to the side, and took the man who'd brought her in from the street with her. Making sure he was safely out of the line of fire she turned her attention back to the fight. Two of her guys were dead now, and the other two were wounded but still fighting. A dozen humans were already down as she aimed her laser vision through a pillar, the powerful beam slicing clean through it and the man behind, burning out on the far wall.

As she leapt for her next opponent her adrenaline kicked in and she felt a joyous rush of muscle hardening power flood her system. She hit her man like a freight train, and having never engaged a human in combat before she was surprised how he seemed to almost splatter. She knew they were weaker than Betans, but she hadn't realised just how much.

Using a chunk of floor as a projectile, Tyra took out another man whose gun was dangerous, leaving just one man in the room armed well enough to hurt her. Just as she turned to target them, they were taking out her last thug with a well placed shot in the chest. The Arion Warrior went to his knees as a huge hole was blasted through his body. By the time he had fallen onto his face, Tyra had crossed the room and now held the offending weapon in one hand and the wide eyed gunman’s throat in the other.

With all the dangerous weapons gone she was free to just stand there and savour the moment as the brave human dangled from her relaxed hand. Energy bolts were burning holes through her clothes wherever they could get a shot on her, but all they could do was make her muscles feel tingly in a most delightful way. She allowed the struggling human she held enough time to realise her total immunity to the remaining weapons, and the hopeless situation he and his comrades now faced, then crushed his neck with her strong fingers and dropped him to the floor.

Tyra turned slowly as the gunfire intensified on her, adoring the looks of surprise on their faces as their fierce attack did nothing to their unflinching target. Raising the gun she had stolen she walked fearlessly out into the open and calmly fired off deadly accurate shots at her attackers until she had picked them off one by one. Her firearms instructor would have been proud of her flawless economy. Twisting the weapon in her super strong hands, deforming it easily despite its sturdy construction, she bit her lip as its explosive demise teased her torso, unfosused energy released from within the ruptured battery dispersing delightfully over her skin.

The last living humam eyed her fearfully. This was no ordinary Arion Prime who stood before him, and his failure to spot this crucial fact sooner had led him to his doom.

“What are they calling you, then? What fancy name did they give this new class of warrior?”

She smiled, and removed her badly damaged cloak to show him her awesome physical perfection. “I'm Tyra. And I'm in a class all of my own.”

“You won't find her. The Velorian is long gone. She was never big on small talk, and she never mentioned anything about her past… or her future. No telling where she would go.”

Tyra’s face became unreadable, and with her head cocked to the side she looked down at her potential informant and evaluated the rough looking slaver with an intensity that made him squirm. She crouched down and sniffed the air over him, and then after an awkward silence she stood up and grinned.

“How cute. You got laid with her, right? If she fucked you, you know more than you're saying. She left you. Why? Did she finally realise how weak and pathetic humans are?”

He bristled at that. “I never… we didn't…”

Tyra laughed, reaching down to lazily pluck him from the ground and hoist him into the air like an empty sack. “I can smell her on you. You can't wash that off. So I have to ask myself: why would a blood sack lie to me about something like that? When I can make such a horrific mess out of him?”

She held him aloft, her arm steady as the mightiest construction crane, and calmly waited for him to offer an answer. In the distance she could hear more goons coming, and even further afield the faint hint of the planets law could be heard.

“Okay! She fucked me… sure she did. Fucked me good. Wormed her way in like a right badass… only to cut and run without a word.”

Still holding him up, as though she had forgotten he was there, she looked around the room. “I'm so disappointed right now. I came here expecting to find a Velorian and all I get is filthy humans to play with. I came a long way to get here, and it's been a waste of time.”

“Killing me would be a mistake. I have… powerful… friends… They're gonna be pissed when they can't sell off their next load of slaves.”

Tyra twisted her hand, turning his whole body so she could look him in the eye. “Maybe there is something you can help me understand. Why would a former Planetary Protector come work for you? Not only work for you, but get into a relationship as well?”

“Let me live… and I'll tell you.”

Tyra opened her hand and let him drop to the floor. She waited patiently with her hands on her hips while he gathered himself and got to his feet. He eyed her nervously, but her face was unreadable.

“She was hiding. Something she did got her expelled from her order, or whatever those self righteous pricks call their outfit. They're thugs just like you Arions. If you're a slaver. At least Arions understand commerce.”

“Why here?”

“This is the last place anyone would look for a Vel. The Enlightenment have no eyes in this system. None they should trust anyway.”

“And what is this awful thing she did? What atrocity did she commit?”

“She… she loved one of you.”

He gagged and wheezed as she cruelly pressed her hand into his chest and pinned him against the wall.

“She what? Who did she love?”

Her plaything tried to answer, but was unable to until she released some of the pressure her single hand so easily applied. “She never said! But she told me… she told me that she killed them. She killed the bitch and it wasn't enough… not enough to… to get back in.”

“She killed the bitch? Are you absolutely certain it wasn't a bastard?”


“I need to know… understand that this is very important to me. Was the Arion she loved a bastard, or a bitch? Think very carefully.”

He thought about it, recalling everything he could that he had heard the Velorian say. A few key phrases leapt out at him. “It was a woman. I'm sure it was another chick. She… she never said a name.”

Tyra frowned deeply. “I know her name.”

The man's eyes grew wild as she held him against the wall and a red glow started to build in her intensely aware eyes. “Wait… we had a deal…”

“Oh. You mean that thing about telling me stuff for your life? If you think about it, you'll recall I didn't actually agree to anything.” She lowered her hand from his aching chest and stepped back with her eyes undeniably glowing red. He peeled himself off the wall and ran for the door as fast as he could go. She smiled mischievously and watched him run awkwardly for dear life, falling on his face at one point because of his blind panic. With a sneer she sliced the air with thin lasers from her eyes, cutting him crudely in two just as he reached a hand out to open the door.

Feeling thoroughly disappointed in the outcome of her hunt, Tyra gave her dead thugs one more look of disapproving contempt before walking out onto the street. She had been expecting a rewarding and perhaps a challenging fight against these humans, the most hated enemy of her people. And she was still extra pumped from her adrenaline rush. With a frown, she started to run back toward the ship. She looked over her shoulder as she ran and saw three big truckloads of armed men turn into the street. Her focus zoomed past the exterior of their vehicles and homed in on their weapons. Tyra found herself slowing to a stop and turning to get a better look at them. There were twelve men in each truck, all wearing body armour and obviously ready for a fight. What really stood out to Tyra was their weaponry. None of them were armed with the anti-Supremis weapons she had been expecting.

She bit her lip, her nipples hardening, and thought about how totally unprepared these fools were to face a full blooded Arion Prime. Even if they'd caught her inside, they would not have been able to stop her. Considering the vast distance she had traveled to get to this stinking rock, and given that her ship was probably still transferring cargo, she saw absolutely no reason not to indulge in some playtime. With a happy smile she almost skipped her way back to the convenient toys and stopped at the perimeter they had just esablished around the entrance.

“Unless you want to get dead, you better get lost,” one of the helmeted goons warned her.

“I came back because I feel bad about killing your friends,” Tyra told him smoothly, her finger casually stroking her astonishingly perfect breast and successfully drawing his attention to her erotic curves.

“You know what happened in there?”

Several of them had their useless guns aimed at her now. She could not help but sneer at them.

“Of course I know. I killed them all. And now that you're here, and I have time to kill, I'm going to kill you too.”

He was clearly unimpressed. “Oh really?” He flicked off the safety and aimed his gun at her. “Mind telling me why a pretty little hooker like you would be out killing mercenaries?”

Tyra smiled warmly. She wasn't surprised he thought she was a hooker. He would never have seen combat gear like hers. Her small black bikini was not armoured for her protection. It was armoured because it had to be in order to survive everyday use by its super strong and practically indestructible owner.

“Just between the two of us,” she leaned in and whispered conspiratorially. “What I did in there was take care of some family business. But what I do to you, and all your weak squishy friends here, I do for fun.“

None of these men knew what they faced. They showed no fear of her, when in truth they should be running for their lives. Almost lazily, she reached out and laid her hand over his forearm. He looked down confused, and then his features became contorted with pain as her fingers sank deeply and easily into the armour. He felt his bones smoothly shattered under the insane pressure of her grip, and his trigger finger squeezed out of pure reflex.

The sweet delights of being shot with weapons designed for lesser beings would never cease to please Tyra. Her nipples hardened and she simply stood there allowing the weapon to unleash its ammunition at almost point blank range into her naked stomach. The man's armor was much more effective against energy blasts than it was Tyra’s hand, and the other men started to shoot their near naked assailant without concern for the ricochets killing their friend. Tyra's eyes sparkled with joyous amusement.

“Mmm." She moaned and shamelessly pushed a couple of fingers under her top to play with her engorged nipple. “That feels wonderful.”

She let him think about her words for a few moments, then slammed her head into his helmet with force enough to shame a tank shell. The result was the gruesome obliteration of his heavy duty head gear, and casting her first toy aside she marveled at how dramatic her physical advantage against these humans really was. With a playful laugh she smashed a tight fist into the chest plate of another man, having appeared in front of him out of nowhere. The result was thrilling, leaving very little of her target behind.

Grabbing another, controlling the struggling mercenary with one hand while dozens of energy bolts sizzled out on her hard uncaring curves, she hoisted and gauged his weight. Much less mass than even a Betan, and he didn't even have enough strength to damage to his own suit as he struck at her, let alone hurt her invulnerable unnaturally tough body. She shot her arm out and he was flung from her with such terrible force that both he and the man he impacted with were dead long before either of them hit the side of a truck a split second later.

Tyra paused and opened herself up to let them blast her for a few moments before she stepped to the side of the truck and sank her hands deep into the steel plate until she got hold of the chassis. The dawning realisation they were severely outclassed in this fight rose faster as Tyra proceeded to lift the large truck into the air with such obvious ease as to make all witnesses stop and stare in awe. She felt herself tingle with arousal as her brute strength made quite lazy work of hoisting the large truck. The barrage stopped as she turned to face them, the whole truck spinning above them as she casually mastered what they knew to be an immense weight. It was so easy she was smiling, and the slight bend of her untaxed arms betrayed the total ease of the task.

Just as she was about to throw the truck down on the remaining goons and destroy them completely, she heard a man laugh behind her.

“Oh Tyra! You've gone and made this far too easy.”

Before she could turn to see who owned that deep baritone, Tyra was hit by deadly laser vision from behind. The heat was intense, and though it didn't slice deeper that a few millimetres it hurt like hell. She dropped the truck onto herself, crying out in surprise, and collapsed beneath it for cover.

She knew him. This was one of the boys who had always kept one step ahead of her in terms of strength back at the academy on Aria. She hadn't seen him for years. He was bigger now. And no longer could he be described as a boy. He stalked the wrecked truck, eyeing it closely as he approached.

“What the fuck are you doing out here? I swear… when I took this job I didn't know I was signing up for this shit. This place smells awful. Those assholes are gonna have to cough up some bonus money.”

Tyra wriggled about, getting herself ready to fight. “I should have known they would hire you of all people to kill me, Tohlon. But… won't they be disappointed that the Emperor will get all my money?”

Tohlon laughed. “Nobody is going to find out your dead. Are you forgetting how much trouble you've gone to? Everybody thinks you're still on Gossamer. How hard do you think it will really be to keep up the illusion you're still alive? Once you're dead and they have Melkot, they will have your money. You won't believe how much I'm getting paid for this.”

“So you're here to kill me, then? This isn't a negotiation. Killing you will be a shame. There are so few who can compete with me.”

He laughed at that. “You mean, so few who can kick your ass. Compete? Ha! I crushed you every time.”

Digging her foot into the concrete for leverage Tyra launched the wrecked vehicle on top of her at the startled Tohlon, and the bulky Prime was unable to dodge in time. The truck hit him hard enough to destroy itself, the steel torn asunder as the momentum carried the big warrior into a wall beyond.

Tyra was on her feet and upon the dazed the Tohlon before he even had time to shake his the haze from his eyes. She landed astride his gut pinning his arms with her thighs, and started unloading unrestrained blows to his face that made his head flop about like a speedball. She was driving his skull deeper into the ground and he felt blackness reaching up to take him blissfully away. He snarled and brought his knee up hard into her back, knocking her off and sending her hard into a wall.

Tyra recovered in an instant, while Tohlon wobbled awkwardly on his feet. His face was broken and bleeding. With enormous nipple swelling pride, she realised her short storm of blows had taken a very heavy toll on her bigger opponent. She hit him like that before… but he had never shown any sign of damage before. He had gotten stronger since last they met. But so had she.

“What's wrong, Tohlon? You look a little frazzled.”

He growled at her and pulled himself together for another attack. Fully engaged now, her adrenaline was really kicking in. Even as Tohlon crouched low and rushed at her, Tyra’s muscles were swelling and hardening. And her senses went into hyperdrive. The world around her slowed right down, and while he moved with amazing speed it appeared to Tyra like he was suddenly underwater. She easily dodged his lunging tackle, stepping to one side and bringing up a knee to drive it hard into his gut. In slow motion he was now moving upward, his face twisting in pain while he tried to focus on her.

Tyra was getting thoroughly aroused now. She smashed a fist in a hammer blow to his back as he rose up to meet it, driving him back down into the ground. She caught him as he bounced from the ground and hurled him hard at one of the two remaining trucks. He flew into it fast enough to be buried deep in the wreckage, where he quickly wrestled his way free of it and leapt toward her.

She grabbed his wrists and rolled backward, using his own momentum to throw him over her head into a building, then driving her foot into his belly and kicking him higher as he fell. He rose from the rubble of a wall and stumbled straight into a brutal punch to the face that dropped him instantly back down. Grabbing his hair, Tyra pulled him up and cocked a fist ready to drive it into his face. He came to enough to see it coming, and fired his laser vision at her fist. It didn't stop her from punching him square in the nose, breaking the bone and cartilage in a most satisfying way.

“What do you know? Looks like you haven't kept training as hard as me. And it looks like you enjoy getting your ass kicked, or is that a knife in your pocket, big boy?”

She was getting horny, and as a direct result so was Tohlon. Her pheromones might not be strong enough to enslave his soul, but they were more than up to the task of making him rock hard for her despite his pain and confusion. She licked her lips, rubbing his hard flesh with her hand delighting in his resilience. Eagerly, she got herself over him and listened to him gasp in surprise as she took him into her.

Her eyes shine with joy. He was wonderfully hard, and she was free to let herself bring all her astonishing strength and stamina into her love making, for the first time in what felt eternity, without her partner being rapidly reduced to a gory mess. She groaned in affirmation of how fantastic it felt, and started to pound him without restraint.

Tohlon was stunned to silence, experiencing the best sex he had ever known. The rubble shifted and he swore the very city shook with every powerful move of her hips. With superhuman strength and the stamina of a newborn star, Tyra rode him with an athletism and reckless abandon that left him speechless. With a shameless cry of joy she came, squeezing him within herself so hard he winced and came hard… unable to deny her erotic power even though he wanted to keep going longer. He need not have worried about losing his erection. He was still so hard for her that it hurt. He wasn't even trying to remember his mission at this point, all he knew now was that he wanted her. He NEEDED her.

She was a little startled when he rolled them over, but didn't resist. She saw the look of animal lust in his eye and knew he wasn't thinking about the fight at all. He wasn't thinking about anything other than fucking her, so she giggled and let him have his way. He was much stronger than any of her Prime toys on Gossamer. He was stronger than any other opponent she’d faced. But as he started to fuck her, clearly being as rough and hard as he could be, it began to dawn on Tyra just how much stronger he need to be to really hurt her. The gap between their strengths wasn't nearly so big as the difference between her and a Betan. But there was a definite gap in their power levels now. And not only did the gap run the opposite way than she had been expecting, it was wider.

When more local law enforcers arrived they found the scene confusing. They got out of their vehicle and approached with their weapons drawn, but they had no idea how dangerous these two naked Arions were. The athletic sex was a sight to behold, and they could have watched until it was over. But they had a duty, and so one mustered themselves and addressed them.

“Hey! That's enough of that shit! Stop right now!”

Tohlon grunted, turned his head and cut the officers in two with an angry. He would not be interrupted this close to satisfaction. Refocusing, he performed with more vigour as if to catch up for lost time during the brief distraction. Tyra bit her lip and enjoyed his efforts immensely.

As their bodies were crushed together, Tyra realised with a thrilling clarity her body was actually harder than his by a respectable amount. And he was one of the latest in a new breed of elite warriors, just like her. As he greedily pawed at her breasts he wasn't thinking about giving pleasure, just taking it. And yet his rough handling, cruelly designed to cause her discomfort, failed to hurt her no matter how rough he got.

With a naughty smile she tightened herself deep down, squeezing hard upon him. His movements slowed as she increased the pressure and he grunted in surprise when he found her suddenly tighten up so kuch he couod hardly move at all. She was so thrilled to see a look of pain and confusion on his face that she came, and clamped down even harder.

Tohlon howled and beat at her chest, but her orgasm tore open the floodgates within her and she was strengthening with each glorious pulse of pleasure. Her eyes glowed and she grabbed his ass to get him moving again, still crushing him inside herself. It felt fantastically wonderful to her as she rammed him back and forth to claim another orgasm from him while he flailed hopelessly about. Her pleasure strengthened her further while his pain and confusion made it hard for him to keep up. He felt her hands clasping tighter, pushing deeper into his muscles, and he felt himself weakening. Too late he saw his doom approaching, and knew he was going to die.

Tyra laughed, and plowed on through three more orgasms. She had never felt this good, and she gleefully rolled her powerful sex toy over to ride him recklessly toward a fourth, fifth, and sixth glorious peak. He screamed as each orgasm released dangerous amounts of Orgone throughout the area, and he begged her now to stop. She held him down with one hand pressed with cruel pressure into his chest, massaging her body with the other, until she had another two great explosions of pleasure and then she settled to sit on top of his drained battered form and smile sweetly down.

“That was really something. Well… you weren't that great if I'm honest. But… WOW! Even if I had to all the work, that was the best sex I've ever had. I could go on… believe me. But…” She chuckled and patted and his cheek as he laboured under her for breath. “I can see you're almost done. One more round and I think I'd kill you.” Her smug smile showed him that she knew exactly what she was talking about it. He knew it too. His heart was racing, his muscles were burnt out, and his erection was dangerously hard despite the abject fear of death he was experiencing. “I'm going to let you live through this. Because I think we should definitely try this again… don't you? That is… if your bosses don't decide to fuck you over for failing so bad at your mission. If it's any consolation at all, Tohlon: you're the strongest opponent i have faced since leaving Aria. I enjoyed taking you a great deal.”

Leaving the worn out warrior behind, Tara got herself dressed and made her way back to the ship. When she got there and her travelling companion saw she was alone he was furious.

“Hey! What happened out there? Where are the others? What happened to the team?"

Tara frowned at the confrontational tone in the old grizzled mercenary's voice as he questioned her about his team. She was already angry about the way his men had fucked up and she wasn't going to let him talk like that to her. Even if this was his ship, he was just some low life scumbag who just happened to useful right now. Merely a convenient means to an end and certainly not someone she was going to take any sort of disrespectful crap from.

“What happened is those childish assholes nearly messed up the whole job. They got themselves killed, and nearly turned this whole trip into a waste of time. Fortunately, I was able to salvage the situation, and I got what I needed. Now we can leave this shithole planet."

Anger flashed over his face and the old veteran leaned in closer. “I fought alongside some of those men for years. You just tripled the cost of our contract, little girl. And We are not going to leave this smelly little rock until you pay up. Do you understand?"

As he spoke, he leaned in closer and closer. He managed to get it all out in one breath, taking a deep inhalation as he finished. Tara didn't respond right away, and merely raised on eyebrow while she watched him realise too late that she reeked of sex. A look of fear flashed briefly over his face as he felt the effects of getting himself much too close to her. He wobbled on his feet and stepped back from her only to have her step forward to maintain her dangerous proximity. His willpower rapidly crumbled and she mercilessly exposed her wonderful breasts to totally seal his fate.

“Come on, Captain. Let's not talk about silly little things like money. The sooner you get us underway, the sooner you can play with these. What's more important right now? If you think about it… and I mean REALLY… think about it. Let's just take a nice, long, deep breath…and think about all the nice ways I can show my gratitude. just as soon as we leave."

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Great story about an invincible female warrior. A bad day for squishy humans. Superwomen with near normal human appearance could be quite dangerous. Would think there could be some way to detect the denser bodies. Maybe some residual...
Great story about an invincible female warrior. A bad day for squishy humans. Superwomen with near normal human appearance could be quite dangerous. Would think there could be some way to detect the denser bodies. Maybe some residual radiation of pheromones or other telltale of an earthly metabolism. Could they have some way to pass a breath test that detects oxygen
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Thanks for the feedback guys., it's great to know you enjoyed Tyra’s trip to Osselion. There will be more...

You're right about the humans being foolish, Shadar. Perhaps in their dealings with the Empire in the slave trade they have forgotten how...
Thanks for the feedback guys., it's great to know you enjoyed Tyra’s trip to Osselion. There will be more...

You're right about the humans being foolish, Shadar. Perhaps in their dealings with the Empire in the slave trade they have forgotten how truly dangerous Primes can be.

There's a thread in the forum that got me thinking this story again. I removed pt 1 a while ago, and though I didn't fix the mix up in the lore where I made my Arions Kryptonians, I'll repost it. I do need sort that out sometime, as I did tell Shadar that I would.
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I think I'm missing something - where is chapter 1? Couldn't find it in a search on SWM.
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I also really enjoyed it, Dru. You've nailed the look and feel and raw power and violent depravity of Arion culture, especially now that female Primes have emerged as the most powerful warriors of their race.

The Empire was always male-dominated...
I also really enjoyed it, Dru. You've nailed the look and feel and raw power and violent depravity of Arion culture, especially now that female Primes have emerged as the most powerful warriors of their race.

The Empire was always male-dominated with their Destroyers and other brutes who seemed invincible, until the lovely Protectors took them apart, as much with their pheromones and seductive talents as their raw power. Supersex that turned into fantastically athletic battles for survival that the Primes often failed at.

But with someone like Tyra, I wouldn't be so certain about putting my money on the Protector. Like the female Aerie Primes in some of my more recent work (not all of it published yet), the balance of power is shifting toward the Arions.

I also like the way that the more lethal power that is brought against Tyra, the more she gets turned on. With Arions, one side of a coin is extreme violence, the other is extreme ecstasy, and they like to flip their coins.

One thing that did catch my eye... your Terrans were pretty clueless when it comes to dealing with Arions. The only way to survive around Arions is to take a knee or run like hell, or get behind a Velorian, and definitely not by pissing them off, least of all shooting at them. But not everyone has experience with Arions as they are widely spread out in the 'verse.

I also liked that Tyra kept a worth opponent around for future battles when she could have killed him. To say she's confident is to put it very mildly. I think a battle between her and an experienced Protector might go on long enough to lay waste to an entire civilization.
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Dru hats off to you amigo. This story was great! In the spirit of what Shadar is trying to achieve I hope this comment finds you well. Keep up the good work! 👍
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