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Irresistible, Chapter 3: The Goddess' New Clothes

Written by phantomrenegade :: [Monday, 06 November 2023 05:15] Last updated by :: [Friday, 01 December 2023 11:13]

Once Ren and I made it back to campus, I brought her up to my small office and spent about an hour grading the finals and submitting the final scores for all of my students (thank Tesla for automated spreadsheets). Ren, for her part, seemed content to sit in my visitor chair and stare at me in silence. While I was there, I checked out a small suspicion of mine. You see, after hand-grading so many tests (as I am a firm believer in partial credit), sometimes patterns can jump out at you, whether they're real or not. I pulled up Ren's previous exams, and my suspicions were confirmed: she had missed several points of credit on purpose. Every single point she had lost was based on a simple "mistake" that she had forced after doing the work correctly and erasing it. She had tried to maintain her cover as a "normal student" by keeping her grades from being perfect. I normally wouldn't have looked twice, but that had stood out to me after each exam. I simply chuckled to myself and let it be.

By the time I had gotten grades finalized and submitted, it was almost 11 o'clock; definitely time to leave the old sciences building and head home for some well-needed shut-eye. My car was parked in a nearby lot, so the walk wasn't long. When we did get there, however, a new question dawned on me: would Ren fit in my car? Luckily, I drive an old Buick, so the answer was "barely". As we got underway to my apartment, Ren spoke up.

"So, this is what riding in an automobile is like?"

"Yup. Sorry you don't have enough room. Even for a big car, the seats can only go back so far, and you're… a bit taller than the average person, especially in those boots… say, why do you dress Goth, anyway? I figured you would want to 'blend in' more."

"Do I not blend in? I was unaware of this."

"Ren, I'm not sure you could blend in. You're so tall and muscular and… ahem… endowed. Oh well, doesn't matter. Do you like dressing Goth?"

"Yes. This style is appealing to me."

"Then that's reason enough. I'm sorry about your outfit, though. It's looking a bit worse for wear."

"That is a problem. This is the last set of clothing I have, and I presume that being naked would be societally unacceptable."

Somehow, I managed to maintain control of the wheel, but just barely.

"Uh… yeah, that's definitely true. Well… actually, I might know a place where you could get some new outfits."

"That would be ideal. I had previously purchased these clothes in a place called 'Las Vegas'. Where is this shop?"

"It's here in town, right next to my favorite local pizza joint. It's called Night of the Living Threads. If I remember right, they have a sign advertising tailoring services, too. That would be perfect. You could have some outfits that fit you properly. We'll check it out tomorrow, okay?"

"That is acceptable, although I will have to make a trip to my island for more currency."

"Oh… how fast can you do that?"

"The distance between this city and the island is approximately three thousand eight hundred sixty-three miles. I am capable of crossing this distance in less than two hundredths of a second, although those speeds would be incredibly destructive in atmosphere. A more conservative, and much less destructive, estimate would be one point five seconds."

I did some quick mental math.

"You're… you're capable of traveling faster than light? That's impossible!"

"As I said, it would be extremely destructive to do so in atmosphere. The conservative estimate requires leaving and reentering the atmosphere in a parabolic trajectory."

"Okay, yeah, makes sense to me… as much as any of this makes sense to me."

"Also, for the sake of correctness, my original calculation was very conservative. I am capable of much faster travel than that."

I almost lost control of the car again.

"I… wow. I'll… take your word for it."

"Thank you. I apologize for disturbing you with this information."

"It's… it's alright, Ren. I think I just need some sleep. Thankfully, we're here. Just have to walk over to building B."

I turned to Ren… or where Ren should have been. She was gone.

That's going to take some getting used to.

I assumed she had gone to her island getaway for some clothing money, so I pulled my stuff out of the car and dragged myself over to building B, then up the stairs to 221 (yes, I see the reference, and I love it, thank you very much).

"This is your domicile?"

I tried not to fall over in shock. Of course she was back already. I turned around to see her hovering just outside the walkway railing holding a large backpack. I'd had my suspicions that she could fly after our… close encounter earlier, but now they were totally confirmed.

"Y… yeah. Gonna have to put a proverbial bell on you…"

"What would that accomplish?"

"…never mind. Anyway, here it is. Home sweet apartment. Feel free to make yourself at home."

"I am unsure how to do that."

"Well, um… what would you do on your island?"

Suddenly, Ren was naked, her tattered clothes neatly folded on the couch. For my part, I turned away as quickly as I could, blood already flowing south at a rapid pace.

"Oh goodness, Ren, hold on. Let me get you something to cover up with."

"Does my body… displease you?"

Crap, I made her sad again.

"Nonononono- no, it definitely doesn't. I just… I barely know you, and we've only been on one kind-of date, and I don't want to rush things or… take advantage of you."

I walked to the bathroom and retrieved the extra-large comfy bathrobe I had gotten as a gift from my ex's father (she may have dumped me, but I still was fond of her parents).

"Here, this might fit you, or at least keep things more appropriate for now."

The bathrobe disappeared from my hand.

"It is a bit small, but I suppose it will serve your purposes."

Cautiously, I turned around to see how it fit. Ren was understating things; it was more than "a bit" small on her. Thanks to her breasts and muscularity, the bathrobe, which would have gone almost to the floor on me, didn't even make it to mid-thigh. She had tied the robe shut over her much narrower waist, barely covering her nipples and creating a long window of cleavage and flesh down the front.

"I… wow…"

"I do not think this outfit will prevent your penis from-"

"Yes, yes, I know, but it does feel less like I'm taking advantage of you. Now, you can sleep in the bed, and I'll take the couch."

"No. I do not require sleep. I will use the couch."

"Are you sure? I really don't mind. The couch is actually pretty comfy-"

"No. This is your domicile, your… home. I will not intrude upon your living situation. I will use the couch."

"If you're sure, okay. I'm too tired to debate this with you tonight. I'm going to get some sleep. Good night, Ren."

"Good… good night. I hope your dreams are adequately pleasant."

The next morning, I was awoken by a single knock at my bedroom door.

"Mmmrgh… come in?"

Ren entered, still wearing (outclassing?) my robe.

"I have purchased a meal for us."

I sat up, somewhat concerned.

"You… you did? Where did you go?"

"I purchased what an employee recommended at the restaurant with the red-haired girl on the sign."

Okay, their breakfast is pretty good.

"Okay, let me put on pants, and I'll be right out.

"Do not do anything you would not normally do in your own home."

Given that her voice was still seductive, yet commanding, I decided against the pants.

She can just see right through them anyway- stop it, brain.

I put on my slippers and wandered out to the den area to find that the employee had good taste. Several of their signature breakfast sandwiches (a personal favorite) and hash browns were waiting on the kitchen table, as well as a catering box of coffee. I went to the fridge, grabbed a cold caffeinated soda (never cared much for coffee myself), and sat down. Ren began to walk to the couch and sit down.

"What are you doing over there? Aren't you going to eat?"

"I have never eaten before. I have no need to do so."

"Even so, I would be a poor host if I let you sit alone and didn't offer you some of the food you yourself went to the trouble of getting. Come on and have some. It's good."

"I… am curious about the food. Its fragrance is quite pleasant."

"Then what are you waiting for? Come on and dig in!"

I got up, grabbed a mug out of the cabinet, and poured Ren a cup of coffee while she walked over and sat down at the table.

"I'm pretty sure this coffee will be different from yesterday's, but it's worth a try, right?"

"I suppose so, yes."

Once again, Ren downed the piping hot coffee in one go.

"How is it?"

"It is not as pleasant as the one from yesterday, but it is still palatable."

"Yeah, most coffee is a little too bitter for me unless it's flavored to the point that it's less coffee than other stuff. Oh, next time, try taking smaller sips of the coffee. That's how most people drink it. Want some more? Looks like there's plenty."

"Yes, thank you. I will endeavor to drink more slowly. Your advice is welcome."

I got Ren another mugful of coffee and sat down to eat a sandwich.

"These are really good. Don't try to eat it all in one bite. Take smaller bites. Savor the flavors. Enjoy it. Here, watch me."

I opened up a sandwich, took a bite, and began chewing. Ren slowly copied my movements, as though she had to be perfect. I swallowed and waited. Ren seemed lost in thought.

"How is it? Is it good?"

"These flavors are so much different from my previous experiences, and yet I find them just as pleasant. How can that be?"

"Well, I'm no philosophy major, and I'm certainly not a poet, but humans like what they like. You will too. You've got a lot of experiences out there, just waiting for you. I'll show you my favorites, if you… if you don't mind having me for a guide."

Ren smiled at me.

Wow, I'm lucky.

"That would be most acceptable."

After breakfast, it was late enough to try the Goth shop, so I grabbed a shower (Ren claimed that she never needed to), put on some more casual clothes, got Ren into the Buick, and off we went. It was maybe a five minute drive to downtown. I could have walked it, but between Ren's damaged outfit and the cold winds, I thought having the car heater might be a good idea. We parked in nearby public parking and walked the rest of the way.

Night of the Living Threads was open, just like the Internet said it would be. They had decorated their store window with a black Christmas tree and orange and purple lights. As we approached, I found the sign I had remembered in the window:

Can't find anything to fit your GHOULISH figure? Our seamstress makes custom pieces that are simply to DIE for!

Okay, good, they had a seamstress, because I had a challenge for them.

As I opened the door, I heard the sound of what I presumed was a raven cawing. Cute. The store itself had a surprising amount of stock for a local business. Signs hung over various shelves: Mourning Wear, Evil Threads, Sales From The Crypt, and the like. Goth puns. I could work with this.

"Excuse me, can I help you… two… oh my goddess…"

The sales clerk, a shorter Goth girl about my age whose name tag read "Astrid", was taken aback by Ren's… presence. I chuckled to myself.

Same here, Astrid. Same here.

"Hi, um… Astrid. My friend Ren here needs some more clothes, and I thought that your seamstress might be just the thing to help with that."

"Oh… oh my… MOM! You need to see this!"

A woman whose name tag read "Agatha", maybe early fifties, clearly trying her hardest to pull off a Morticia Addams look, came out from behind the curtains in the back of the store.

"Yes, my little hemlock berry, what… is the… oh my goddess…"


"My friend Ren here-"

"-is a work of art! I need to make clothes for her! Please tell me you need custom clothes!"

This is going differently than I expected, but not in a bad way.

"I am in need of new clothes. These are the last ones I own."

"Say no more! Come with me, dearie, come with me. Let's get you measured. I'm going to need the stepstool for this one…"

While Ren was being measured for a new wardrobe, Astrid told me that her mother had been in a bit of a slump lately. Apparently, hardly anyone had come in needing more than minor clothing repair, and her designs weren't flowing as freely as they used to. Astrid seemed sure that Ren would be the solution. I have to admit, I hoped so too. I hate seeing successful local businesses close up shop.

After about forty-five minutes, Agatha returned with Ren.

"Oh, you lucky boy. You've got quite a woman here. Make sure you don't lose her. Although, if you did, Astrid would be more than happy to-"

"Thank you, mother."

"Oh, hush. Now, I did some repairs on her current clothes so she doesn't end up naked in public, and I cobbled together a few more of her current top just in case. Where can I reach you once I've got some custom clothes done?"

"Ah, right. I'll give you my cell phone number. Ren doesn't have a phone… do you?"

"No. I have no need for one."

Probably because she could hear someone call for her from another state.

"Oh, good for you, dearie. It's so easy to get caught up in those phone games."

"Can we pay you for the repairs? I wouldn't feel right asking you to do that for free."

"I wouldn't dream of charging you for that! This goddess here has got my creative juices flowing again. Some minor repairs are a small price to pay for divine inspiration."

"Well, thank you both very much."

I wanted to ask about the measurements, curious about the numbers, but I didn't want to intrude on Ren's privacy, so I kept my mouth shut. We paid for the new clothes and took the bag to the car. Since it was a little early for lunch, I drove us back to the apartment.

"Do you think you'll like the clothes they make for you?"

"Yes, I am quite sure they will be to my liking."

"I'm glad. Looks like my love of pizza finally paid off for someone."

"May I ask a question?"

"Sure, Ren. Fire away."

"Those women referred to me as a goddess. Why did they do so?"

"Um, well… for one thing, you're really beautiful. You're smart, and super powerful, and your body is almost beyond belief. You're so far beyond anything a human could be. You're just… incredible, Ren."

"Do you also find me attractive?"

"Absolutely, yes."

"I am pleased by this."

When we got back to the apartment complex, the measurements were still on my mind. Still, I didn't want to ask something that could drive Ren away, so I kept it to myself. I did have other questions, though, so with Ren back in her robe, I sat down on the couch with her.

"Would you mind if I asked you a few more questions, Ren?"

"I will endeavor to answer as many as I can."

"Okay, well, if any of them are too much, just say so, alright?"

"I do not wish to keep anything from you."

"So, how did you get your name? Did you have it before you landed, or did you come up with it here?"

"I chose it based on a few interactions. At one point, someone in Las Vegas said that I looked like a Bella Thorne, but much prettier. I also thought that Thorne would fit with my chosen Gothic style. As for Ren, it was the name of the girl who helped me pick out my outfits in the Gothic clothing shop. It… it felt correct as a way to refer to myself, so I adopted it. I believe her name was short for Lauren, but Ren seemed… right for me."

"Huh. Makes sense. Most people don't get to pick their name, so you're kind of lucky that way. And I agree, Ren suits you."

"Thank you. I am glad you think so."

"Oh, and what did you bring back from your island last night?"

"I brought all that was there: the currency I received from selling off parts of the asteroid core."

"Wait, all that money is here? That doesn't seem safe to me. Maybe we should open you a bank account… hold on, no, they require a government ID and such. Guess that's out."

"We could simply put the currency into your account."

"I… really don't think that's wise. What if I turn out to be some awful person who's just after your money?"

"You are not. May I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go for it."

"You have been preoccupied with some matter since the seamstress mentioned my measurements. You have also made multiple statements suggesting that you are not a good person. Why is this?"

"…can't keep anything from you, huh? I'm just curious about the measurements. I like having numbers and data to work with. One of the pitfalls of being a science-minded individual, I guess. I'd like to know, but I don't want to intrude on your privacy."

"I will allow you to know them if you are willing to follow one condition."

"What's that?"

"That you explore and… experience my body before you receive the numerical data."


"Let's, uh… let's hold off on that for now."

"Why do you not wish to partake in these activities?"

"Because… because you're really special, Ren, and I desperately do not want to upset you. I don't want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable, and I don't want to do anything that would make me feel like I'm taking advantage of you."

"Why do you feel that way?"

"Partially how I was raised, and… partially because of how my last relationship ended. I'm terrified of saying or doing something that would make you angry or sad. I don't think I could live with myself if I did. I'm… kind of a mess."

Ren's face, normally stoic, became enraged, her eyes glowing brightly and crackling with energy. Even through the plush robe, I could tell her muscles were tensing and pulsing in anger.

"Where is the woman who hurt you? I wish to speak with her."

"Ren! No, no, no, that's okay. Please calm down."

"I will not. You are irresistible to me for more reasons than you know. I have been observing you since you began teaching the Physics class. You could not do anything to upset or hurt me. You are a good person. This woman is not."

"Ren, please calm down. It's okay. Please."

Ren's face slowly returned to normal, her eyes no longer sparking and glowing like deadly weapons.

"I apologize for my outburst. Please forgive me."

"You're fine, Ren. It… actually means a lot that you would get so angry that someone hurt me."

I stopped for a moment. Here was a woman who, having only really known me for less than twenty-four hours, was ready to fight on my behalf in a way that my ex never would have, even after five years. That felt… liberating.



"I think I'd like to try that… exploration thing now."

"I am pleased to hear that."

Ren walked slowly into the bedroom, letting the robe fall away behind her.

Gulp. Well, no turning back now.

I followed her as quickly as I could. As I made it into the bedroom, Ren held up a hand.

"It hardly seems fair that you would be covered up while I am completely exposed, does it?"

Before I could offer to undress, she reached down to my jeans and grabbed the metal button. Rather than trying to undo it, Ren began squeezing the front and back of the button together. I could feel the heat as the button began to compress and melt, the metal being no match for Ren's incredible strength. After squeezing the button out of existence, Ren ran her fingernail down the zipper of the pants, slicing through the metal like it was air. Finally, she bent down and hooked her tongue under the elastic band of my underwear. With a small pop, her tongue easily tore right through the stretchy material. My penis was now exposed and, thanks to her show so far, fully erect. I quickly removed my shirt (it was one of my favorites) and stepped out of the remains of my other clothing.

"Mmmmmm… much better. Now, please begin your exploration."

I took a moment to plan my approach, then started with Ren's unflexed bicep. I lightly ran my fingers over it and down her arm, eliciting shudders and small moans from Ren. This wasn't my first rodeo, admittedly, and Ren's reaction was a good sign that I still had some kind of skill in this department. As I caressed her arm, I noted how smooth and soft Ren's skin was, as well as her complete lack of body hair. On the next pass, I put slightly more force into my movements, feeling the hardness of muscle just beneath her supple skin. Again, more moans and shivers. On the third pass, I put in more pressure, observing the contours of her muscles lurking just beneath the surface.

"S-sixteen inches un-unflexed."

"That's bigger than mine. Will… will you flex it for me?"

"Y-you have but to ask, b-but…"

"What is it, Ren?"

"It is about my muscles. I am concerned that you will not like them."

I placed my hand delicately on her upper arm.

"Ren, I… I like strong women and women with muscles. I don't think you have anything to worry about."

I can't believe I just told her that. It took over a year before I could tell Erika, and I feel like it ruined our relationship.

"If you insist."

Ren balled her fist, making her forearms bulge with the effort. She then slowly began to flex. I could feel her bicep swelling hard as a defined, split peak rose up, and up, and up from her arm. Defined veins rose up from under her soft skin, further amplifying how powerful Ren looked.

"Oh… oh fuck…"

"Squeeze it… p-please…"

I brought my other hand up and tried to encircle her powerful arm. My hands are big, but not big enough to engulf her flex. I squeezed the peak gently at first.


My next squeeze was somewhat harder, but not a hundred percent effort.

"Ohhhhhh… h-harder…"

"Are you sure? I don't want to… hurt you…"

"You have seen me catch bullets. You will not hurt me. Please."

The next squeeze, I gave it everything I had. Still, I couldn't even dent her unstoppable bicep. Ren's moans grew louder, sending vibrations through her whole body.

"T-t-twenty-t-two i-i-inches f-f-flexed."

Given that her bicep was around eye level, I began to gently kiss it, exploring this mountain of muscle with my lips. I also ran my tongue around and over the veins that stood out atop the peak. This seemed to send Ren over the edge, as her whole body seemed to flex in unison, and she let out the same long, low moan from our first kiss.

"Ohhhhhhhh… that is the second time I have experienced this phenomenon. Is there something wrong with my body?"

"No, no, I… I think you just had an orgasm from… from me exploring your bicep."

"Mmmm. I believe I would like to have more of those."

"That's the idea, Ren. That's the idea."

I then moved on to her torso, feeling the sculpted contours of her wide back as she placed her hands on her hips in a classic power pose. Even from behind, the size of her chest was unmistakable, as her breasts were visible past her sides. I gently rubbed and squeezed her back muscles, as well as kissing what I could reach. I also very lightly stroked her neck, which I couldn't reach to kiss, but Ren's reactions suggested that she was enjoying it nonetheless. Finally, I reached through her arms to touch her bosom, but I was unable to reach all the way around. Still, the parts I could touch were soft and warm, beyond anything I had ever felt before. I grabbed and kneaded the flesh, marveling at how perfect her breasts were. So soft, so sensual, and yet unaffected by mere human weaponry or gravity.

I moved slowly around to Ren's front, kissing and squeezing my way around her massive rack. When I reached a stiff, erect nipple, the moaning increased yet again.

"P-p-please, suck on it."

Not needing to be told twice, I slipped her right nipple into my mouth and sucked, gently at first, but ramping up the suction until most people would be uncomfortable. I found her left nipple with my hand and began twisting it and rolling it between my fingers. The moans grew louder still, and her body began shaking again. This time, I was along for the ride, feeling the tremors through my head and hands.

"S-s-sixty-t-two i-i-inches ar-r-round."

With that, I took a gamble and bit down hard on Ren's succulent teat, while squeezing the other with everything I could manage. Her body, again, flexed and spasmed as the telltale thunderous moan escaped from deep within her. This one seemed to be more intense than the last, the moans lasting for longer, and a bit of wetness forming between Ren's well-developed thighs. A musky odor filled the room, with notes of fruit and flowers that seemed to shift and change rapidly enough to be indescribable.

Wasting no time (heh), I moved to Ren's waist, marveling at her eight defined, armor-like abs. Each brick of muscle received kisses and squeezes as I ran my hands and tongue over them, feeling how deep the crevices were between them. Luckily, Ren didn't try to flex them at that moment, or my tongue might have gotten ripped off.

"T-t-twenty- oh!- s-six inches… mmmmmmmm…"

At this point, I was trying to hurry. Not because I was bored, mind you, but because I was more turned on than I could have imagined, and I didn't want to have a sudden release without making sure Ren was properly satisfied. I admired Ren's butt, running my hands lightly over its contours, regarding it in the manner of fine sculpture, even though no sculptor could have captured an ass this round, this tight, this muscular, this perfect, nor could they have sculpted anything so completely impervious to harm. Works of fine art might fade away, but Ren's body was forever (…maybe I am a poet).

"Mmmmm… thirty-eight inches."

I then moved to Ren's long, shapely, incredible legs. Still in her power pose, her legs were spread slightly apart, giving full access to explore them. I did my best to steer clear of her private area (for now, at least), but her love juices were splattered all over her thighs. I licked her thigh to taste her fluids, sending another shudder through Ren. The flavor was hard to pin down, at once strawberries, cinnamon, and tart orange, among others. I began to trace the various muscle groups in Ren's thigh with my fingers and tongue, reaching around her leg as though it was a tree trunk I was attempting to climb.

"Thirrrrty-ssssix inches unflexed."

"Flex it for me, goddess."

"Ohhhhhh, yesssss."

Ren lifted her leg, and me along with it. She shook out her thigh the way a bodybuilder would, then gently stomped, clearly not wanting to damage the apartment. Her thigh bulged outwards quickly, making me lose my grip and fall the short distance to the floor.

"Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine. That was… wow. How big is it?"

"It is f-f-forty inches flexed."


Since I was now on the ground, I moved to Ren's calf. I had heard her calves strain the leather in her boots last night, so I knew they would be impressive. I scooted around behind Ren in order to get a full view and began massaging it. My fingers, as expected, couldn't dent the muscle, even unflexed.

"T-they are sixteen inches unflexed."

"Will you flex it for me? Please"

"Anything for you."

Ren pointed her toe and tightened her calf, causing it to bulge into that distinctive upside-down heart shape. I marveled at the definition and sheer size, as well as how much Ren's muscles could bulge when she flexed them. Truly unreal.

"Twenty-one inches flexed."

"Wow. That's incredible."

"Thank you. Now that we are finished with the measurements, there is something else I want."

"What is it?"

"Your massive cock."

Oh fuck.

"I have a better idea, if you'll let me try it."

"If you insist."

I got to my knees and examined her snatch. Completely hairless, just like the rest of her body, and dripping her love juices slowly down her legs. Her clitoris was peeking out from her lips, almost begging to be touched. I first breathed warm air over her clit, causing more of the shudders that meant I was on the right track. I then reached up and gently touched it, starting the moaning again and causing the juices to flow more freely.

"Is this okay?"

"Ohhhhhh yesssssssss…"

I then began lightly teasing her clit, side to side, up and down, in circles, moving slowly to maximize the number of nerve endings I would hit. Ren remained standing, although I could see her muscles were flexing harder than ever, and her head was tilted back as though in a silent roar. I increased the pace slightly, and the juices came faster. I increased the speed further, and Ren began to vibrate.

At this point, I had to get off of my knees, because Ren began to levitate, her body still flexing mightily. As she rotated to a horizontal position over the bed, I weighed my options, then climbed on top of her. She continued to float, as though my weight was as insignificant to her as the laws of physics seemed to be. I continued stimulating her clit, watching as Ren's legs went into a full split in midair three feet above the bed, still shaking with what I hoped was pleasure. I increased the pace yet again, still touching as gently as possible. Ren's juices went from a dribble to a steady flow, dripping onto the bed and forming a puddle.

After about five minutes of midair ministrations, I leaned in and bit down on her clit. Ren's body responded with a tremor so powerful that I was thrown off of her, landing on the now-sodden bed with a small splash. Ren continued to defy gravity, trembling and gushing for another few minutes. Finally, she seemed to come to her senses, as she floated down to the bed where I now sat, covered in her juices.

"Ohhhhhhhh, loverrrrrrrr… that was amaaaaaaazing…"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was worried that it wouldn't be good for you."

"I had a total of seventy-six- ahhh!- seventy-seven orgasms from your stimulation. You did an admirable job."

"Thank you. I aim to please."

"In that regard, there is but one thing left to do."

"What's that?"

"You will orgasm for me now."

I believe the term of art here is 'scaroused'?

Ren stood up from the bed, grabbed me by the chin, and lifted me up for a long, deep, passionate kiss. Her other hand reached out for my cock, stroking it slowly, gently, longingly. As we kissed, I felt Ren lift off the ground yet again, slowly rising into the air. What I was not prepared for, however, was for her to float us up to the ceiling, then hold my back against it with one powerful arm. She then looked into my eyes, licked her lips, and practically swallowed my shaft. Her free arm raised into yet another eye-popping bicep flex as her long, agile tongue swirled over the head of my cock at what felt like super speed. She began using her defiance of gravity to raise and lower herself along my cock, gently sucking and teasing it with her tongue. She then lowered herself down so that the tip of my cock was just touching her lips.

"Touch my bicep, lover. Feel how strong I truly am."

The hot breath from her words sent me into further realms of pleasure. I grabbed her bicep as she returned to her womanhandling of me, causing her to moan loudly, vibrating my cock. This was almost enough to push me over the edge, but Ren suddenly increased the pressure on my shaft, stopping me from coming just yet. She continued this "sexercise" of hers for what felt like hours, occasionally stopping to tease me with her words and voice.

"Mmmm, your pre-cum tastes fantastic, lover."

"Your shaft is soooo big."

"I cannot wait to drink allllll your cum."

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Ren rapidly increased suction on my shaft and began moving herself up and down at speeds greater than I could follow with my eyes. All I remember after that was the most massive orgasm of my life, followed by blacking out from pleasure overload.

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Awesome chapter! I was starting to wonder if/when either of them would bring sex up (seeing as Ren seemed very open to it).

I’m not usually into goths and muscle but so far I’ve only gotten more invested!
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