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Dora, Bob, Ulf and Gary were sitting in a laboratory room, nearly bare of decoration other than two posters, one showing Albert Einstein, the other, Superman. An elaborate electronic console with four identical keyboard terminals and four identical radiation emitters, each set at different heights, faced the opposite wall.

The four scientists sat in a circle in the middle of the room, their voices loud, their expressions animated and serious. Unlike the scientific equipment, their chairs were completely different. Dora sat on a small, simple, light-colored, hard wooden chair, like a student's desk. It matched her small stature, her petite figure and frame, her plain clothes and simple white blouse, her short straight blonde hair, and (somewhat more than normally) severe demeanor. Her gestures were crisp and sharp, passionate, but not normally angry.

Bob had an tattered, old reading chair. He loved science. He was older than the others, nearing forty, with a balding head, a round stomach and a bushy beard flecked with grey hair. He leaned back, occasionally interrupting in a loud voice and broad, full-armed gestures, but he nearly always had a smile, enjoying the give and take of the discussion.

Ulf sat in a modern chair made of shiny, steel tubing and a thin leather seat and back. He was tall and then also had a beard, but his was a well-trimmed angular goatee, not quite disguising his angular chin. Less voluble than Robert, less passionate than Gina, he still held strong views and when one of his pet concerns arose, he stood up and raised his right arm high, clearing his throat and saying "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah ..." in a high pitched voice until no one else spoke. And then he proclaimed the Truth, smiled and sat down satisfied -- until the argument once again went off course and he had to correct the others.

Gary worked on a specially made adjustable office chair, but normally could be found standing, leaning against the wall that gave him the fullest view of Gina. Nearly 6'6" and weighing 275 pounds, mostly muscle, he looked more as though he was the ringer brought in to play fullback for the office football team than the group's crack mathematician. His deep voice filled the room when he spoke or when he sang arias from his favourite operas. These days, however, he rarely sang and his eyes were sad and rarely left Dora, who had been his main lover for five years but who, despite countless apologies, gifts, mathematical puzzles, support for her professional positions and ardent looks, has refused to talk to him directly ever since she had caught him thrusting deep inside Ella the superbly well-endowed nineteen year old secretary/receptionist they employed late one Thursday night three months ago.

Notwithstanding this, the group had completed its work with just a small overrun in its grant budget, made up by contributions to their secret website, and was now on the verge of taking the final step, an application of their work that had been cleverly concealed from the university, the grant reviewers, government regulators and NStar's electricity rate managers, and even from their closest friends.

Ella sat outside and sighed. The standard issue secretary's chair they gave her was too small for the shape of her behind. The job was boring. There was no one to talk to and nothing fun to do. It was fun making that little dancing movie for their web page but that was four months ago and obviously they lied about knowing people in the movie industry. She would have done something to get them in trouble because of that, but Gary talked her out of it. He did more than talk, actually, and she wished he did it more often because he was very, very good at it. He was so strong and so big and he must be very smart too but why was he so afraid of Dora, that little stick blonde with the mean eyes who never smiled? If she and Gary had children they would be so handsome and smart. Too bad he was always so careful. But one day he'd get careless or she'd trick him and she'd get pregnant and then he'd have to marry her. She'd tell him she was Catholic. He seemed like the kind who would do right by her if he had to.

Now the only fun she had was sometimes listening to them argue through the little peephole she'd made where the wires came through the wall. Not that she understood anything they were arguing about, but Gary's deep voice always gave her the nicest chills. Even if he seemed to take that mean Dora's side a lot. What was the point of that? Anyone could see she was the one who was sexier, prettier, healthier and nicer. Why were even the so-called smart men so stupid?


Bob was saying, "there are just a few more tests I want to run. "The mitochondrial interaction was much quicker than Dora's regression testing had predicted."

"Ah ah ah," Ulf was interrupting. "Ah ah ah, the individual variability was within the range to 95% confidence. We agreed -- on 19 March -- that we ... would accept it. Right? Right?"

"Yes, Ulf, but this is the key variable in determining optimal exposure --

"Ah ah ah it was agreed. It was agreed." Ulf looked around for support.

"We can't keep going over old ground," Dora said sharply. "Or we'll never finish."

"We have the money," Bob argued. "The potential implications of even a 7% variation are so interesting --

"Ah ah ah, as she said. As she said. It was agreed."

Dora cleared her throat. "And the longer we wait, the more risk we run. The crystal could become unstable and the reactions, which I've so painstakingly documented, will become less predictable. Our absence from classes. We could be discovered any day. And then what? Not only our reputations lost but also this opportunity. To be like no one else in the world."

"Except him, of course." Bob observed, looking at his picture.

"Yes, of course!" Dora replied sharply. "That is the whole point, right? He needs help. And who better than us?"

"A good scientist should test all the variables first," Bob tried again, looking at Gary, though knowing what would happen.

"Yes, but we can't really test this on anything, Bob! Unless you want to deal with super-rats," Dora insisted, gesturing firmly with her right hand, as if she were batting away a flying rat. "This is why I designed the rays to work only on humans!"

"Ah ah ah. Yes! Yes! We agreed. November 12. No testing on animals. Foundation principle."

Dora looked at Gary for just a moment and then looked away again. He swallowed. His turn.

"We did agree on 95% confidence. If the process works, we'll have the opportunity for more testing later, Bob, when the, um, other risks Dora mentioned are not as high."

Dora smirked but kept her eyes on Bob. "So, we have a majority, then!"

Bob nodded and smiled good-naturedly. "You win. We'll do it first thing tomorrow. Shall we make sure we're all agreed on the parameters?"

"Ah ah ah. Protocol 9 is best. Protocol 9. From March 25."

Gary and Bob agreed.

Dora nodded too, although not as readily. "That was only at 85%."

"It's more than enough, Dora," Bob said. "We agreed none of us should be more powerful than he is, for reasons of respect, and safety, and with Gary's muscular build we need some margin of error. We don't know exactly how the multiplier will react with existing muscle."

"We could give him a smaller dose," Dora suggested, not wanting to mention Gary's name.

"Ah ah ah. Equal doses for all. We agreed. November 12. Foundation principal. Right? Right?"

Dora sighed. She knew she would not prevail on this point, although as the developer of the biological processes she knew more than the others, and she wasn't telling.

"We can't wear any more than an ounce of metal tomorrow when we run it, so no earrings, belts, watches, zippers."

"Ah ah ah, metal detectors. Don't forget. Metal detectors."

"What, to find my belly button stud? Don't you trust me?" Dora said sharply.

"Ah ah ah, it was agreed. January 29. Right? Right?"

Gary and Bob nodded. Bob continued. "We'll draw our locations randomly and input the parameters simultaneously. Any questions?"

"The shielding. It's all intact, right?" Gary asked.

Dora glared at him.

"Ah ah ah, that's important. Last check was February 9. Dora's turn. Dora's turn."

There was a knock and Ella pushed in without waiting for a response.

"There's a phone call. Somebody from Ennisef. I thought they were just talking funny, so I asked if they were Unicef, for trick or treat on Halloween, but that makes no sense because it's not even close to Halloween, but he said no it was real, it wasn't a trick or anything and it was the US government not the UN. He wasn't nice at all. They want to talk to Gary. Right now."

"What does the red light outside this room mean, Ella? Do you know what the red light means about you coming inside?" Dora said icily.

"But they said I had to. They said it's the government and I said --

"That's the NSF, Ella. They pay for all this. I'll take it," Gary said in his deep voice and picked up the extension. "Yes. Yes sir. Is that right? We had no idea. Thursday? Which files? All files. Yes we can do a backup. That's fine. We have nothing to hide. We will be here on Thursday for you. Thank you sir." He replaced the receiver and said nothing except, "They're on to us."

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ..." Ulf said, not knowing where to go from there.

"Will you get OUT of here?!" Dora screamed at Ella.

"I thought. If there was something I'm supposed to do ...." Ella looked at Gary for support but he looked away.

"You're supposed to LEAVE!!" Dora said even more loudly. Ella turned and walked out, making sure her backside moved even more than usual. "I want to get rid of her TODAY!"

"Dora, you know we can't do that," Bob said. "She'd go right to her father, and we don't need to deal with the Dean tomorrow. We have more important things to do, right?"

Ulf said nothing. Someone else had to handle a problem like this.

Gary knew better than to disagree openly with Dora on this issue. She had to know Bob was right.

Bob looked at Dora impassively and waited.

Dora's muscles tensed, as she struggled with herself to hold back the words she wanted to say. Slowly she relaxed. When she felt she had her self-control back, she said only, "This better work." With that statement everyone heartily agreed.

It was obvious even to Ella that something important was going to happen.


Ella got to work the next day earlier than usual, just past ten o'clock. On her desk when she arrived were earrings, a belly button stud, two bracelets, four watches, pens, belts, a hair band. It was all quiet inside, no voices, but when she put her ear to the peephole all she could hear was furious typing and short, quiet instructions from one to the other. After Dora's outburst she decided she had to look her best today, so she wore her favourite new top, tight and low-cut across her bust, showing more cleavage than that stupid Dora had in her tiny, flat, stupid behind. It was just the kind of top Gary liked. She wished she had a reason to go in, but that dumb red light was on, and she was afraid of what even Gary would say if she went inside with it on two days in a row.

Inside, the group had been working since 7:30 and was now nearly ready. They needed to begin the sequencing by 11:10, so that their peak power demand came after most workers had arrived in their offices, and between their coffee breaks and lunch. In their excitement and need for efficiency they had forgotten their personal battles and were working as a team as closely as they had in the first months of the project.

"C6 readings are fluctuating. Compensating for high demand from the southeast."

"Check. Have you the latest humidity readings?"

"Ah ah ah, 68% here. 72% further north."

"Check. I'm increasing the gain on the H4."

"Check. Any updates on solar activity?"

"No. We'll go with the 0900 report."

"Ozone layer stable."

"Electrical grid stable."

"Van Allen belt stable."

"Ah ah ah Humidity up."


"Let's do it!"

There was a brief silence.


"Ah ah ah ... yes."


"Random assignments requested. Dora, 1. Gary, 4. Ulf, 3. I'm on 2."

"Confirmed. Dora 1, Bob 2, Ulf 3, I'm 4."

Dora looked at Gary. He met her eyes. ‘I love you,' he mouthed.

‘I forgive you,' she mouthed in reply. He hesitated and then went over to kiss her and helped adjust her restraints to her smaller stature, then returned to his own.

"Initiating, with 2 minute delay," Bob said, and went to his station and buckled himself in.

"Ah, confirmed," Ulf said, and hurried to his.

The clocked ticked. "Two minutes, Bob?" Dora complained.

I wanted to be sure I had enough time," he said, smiling. "But it does seem like a long time to wait."

"Ah ah ah Sssshh!" Ulf said.

"Bless you!" Bob said.

They all laughed, except Ulf, who didn't get it.

The machine was powering up.

"Sixty seconds."

"Ah ah ah. Super-Ulf!"

"We'll all be super."

Bob looked down at his belly. He would still be fat. A super fat man. The thought made him laugh.

Gary flexed his muscles. He loved the feeling of his muscles when he was tossing running backs aside for his college team. Would they feel any different when they were strong enough to alter the course of entire worlds? He looked at Dora and thought of Ella. And Felicia. And Bethany. And then at Dora again, realizing she would soon have X-ray vision. And telescopic vision. And super-hearing. She would be able to track him everywhere he went, 24/7. Shit.

Dora's eyes glittered and she shook her head, letting her hair fly. She would still be small, but soon she would be the most powerful girl in the world, each strand of her blonde hair stronger than thick cables of woven steel. Her hands tightened on the restraints. In minutes her fingers would tear the metal buckle like it was paper. She thought of Ella. No one would be able to stop her, none of them, not even all of them.

Ella wondered. Was she supposed to do something with the stuff they'd left on her desk? She put it in a few piles over by the door and shrugged. This definitely wasn't part of the job, she decided, so she put a cloth over them and went back to her desk. She noticed it had gotten very quiet inside the lab room. Maybe they were stopping work for awhile and would be coming out for lunch. She brushed her hair and smoothed her new top over her bust. The red light was still on. Stupid light. How much longer did she have to wait until Gary would see her in this top?

The panel activated. The emitters powered on, charging with nearly a gigawatt of power. All over Boston lights dimmed. The scientists steeled themselves for the impact of the super-energizing beam, although they had no idea what if any sensation it would produce during the 32 seconds it would strike. Ulf's mouth was wide open. Gary's muscles tensed. Dora stood still, her nipples erect as though straining to meet the beam halfway. Bob grinned. He knew Dora still wanted Gary, but he liked to look at her little body, which Gary had described to him in full detail. A crackling sound filled the lab, and four beams of energy emerged from the emitters, merged into a single beam and then snaked around the console to the adjacent wall and disappeared into it.

"Hey!" Dora exclaimed.

"Ah ah ah, the wrong way!"

"What? Where is it going?" Gary exclaimed. He squirmed against the restraint. "Got to ... turn it off!"

"You can't undo the buckles now! They're locked during the emission! Security measure, remember?" Dora exclaimed. "Stupid!"

"The shielding! Is there a crack in the shielding? Dora? You checked it, right?" Gary said angrily.

Dora turned her head to Bob. "I ... maybe ... maybe not."

Outside, beams of energy were enveloping Ella, drawn to her by the tiny strands of metal embedded in her powerfully reinforced underwire push-up bra. "Mmmmm, ooooooh, aaaaaahhh, ohhhhhh, eeeeeeehhh, aaaahhhhhh, OOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she cried. "OOOOOOMMMYYYYMMMMYYYYYMMMMMYYYYMMMYYYYYGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!"

The beams stopped. The scientists quickly released the buckles and ran to the machine.

"The power's shorted out."

"The crystal is discharged."

"This was our chance!"

"Ah ah ah, it is all ruined. Ruined."

"We're ruined."

Dora kicked the console and beat it with her fists. "Owww!" she cried, her movements getting weaker until she just collapsed against the console and started to cry.

Gary caught her in his arms and tried to comfort her, but after a few seconds Dora turned around and pushed him away. "Don't touch me! This is all your fault!"

"My fault? Am I the one who forgot to check the shielding?"

"Shut UP! Just go to hell!" Dora cried. She looked at Bob and Ulf. "You know I would have done it, if anyone but Gary had reminded me."

"What? You didn't do it because of Gary?!" Bob said, losing his cool for the first time.

"Shut up! Shut UP!! All of you can go to hell!"

The door opened and Ella peeked in, tentatively. "Is something the matter? You're all shouting a lot."

"What are YOU doing HERE, you stupid cow! Can't you see the fucking red light on?" Dora screamed.

"The light's out. All the lights are out outside here. And my computer went off too. I can't turn it back on. The button pushed too far in."

"We're, uh, having a little problem, Ella," Gary said. "It would be best if you --

"Ah ah ah, burn marks. On her. Her top."

"Yeah, Oof. You notice everything, huh? There was sparks everywhere. I was wondering if, um, any of you got hurt." Her eyes were on Gary. "But you seem fine, except for being upset, you know." She gave him a little smile and did a slight dip, to make sure he saw her breasts in her top. "See, my top got kind of ruined from the shocks. I'm not hurt or anything, but you ought to look at it. Do you think I could put in for it, since it happened on the job, you know?"

"Sparks?" Bob asked. "You got a shock?"

"Yeah, a couple of minutes ago. After all of you got quiet." She smiled at the memory of the feelings they gave her. She could still feel it. Like what Gary did to her sometimes, when he was nice and waited, but more intense, like when she did it to herself, but not as personal as it was with Gary. "Don't worry. I'm not going to put in for comp I think. I'm fine. I think."

"Just ... fine?" Bob asked.

"No better than ... fine?" Gary asked, following Bob's thought. He looked at her more closely, then, conscious of Dora in the room, he looked away until, deciding that, under the circumstances, the scientist in him justified a more careful look at her incredibly voluptuous body and that, under the circumstances, Dora would have to accept that, and returned to the scientific task of surveying the body as Bob had been doing openly, carefully and continuously, and that Ulf had been copying furtively, but no less carefully.

Ella didn't much care for Bob because he always seemed to be laughing at something, probably at her, and Ulf had creepy eyes, but Gary's look made her feel happy. "I don't know," she said, pretending to be dumb. "What do you think, Gary? Do you think I look, uh, fine?" His eyes were following her every move. He was never like this with Dora around! She walked closer to him, her body swaying even more than usual and then stopped and turned slightly, waiting. Those sparks had felt good, and they put her in a good mood. Maybe it showed. Maybe today he would choose her -- right in front of Dora. She felt brave and turned to look at Dora, for just a moment, feeling like she was just about to win Gary away from her once and for all and wanted to see how she looked when she realized it. Ooooh, her expression was so mean! She felt like Dora would kill her, if she got the chance, or do something to make her feel stupid. Why did she have to be so mean! She'd better ignore her. Who cared, so long as Gary chose her! She moved her shoulders slightly, waited, and then moved them again. She knew this, more than anything, held Gary's attention, and she could keep this up a long time, so long as he kept looking. And then he'd do something to let her know what he'd like her to do next.

The three male scientists were looking at her closely. Her blonde hair seemed to shine, her young, smooth skin radiated health. Her blue eyes were like the sky and her teeth glistened. And her chest ... they got stuck. They couldn't seem to get past the wondrous breasts on her chest. Were they always so wondrous? They were round and large and oh so round and oh so large and they bounced and turned and swung and dipped and jiggled beneath her shirt and pressed it and pulled it and pushed it out and ...

"Ah ah ah, her nipples, they, ah ah ah, look at "

Ella glanced down. She had big nipples, she knew, and they always got bigger when she was excited, and she was getting very turned on, with Gary looking at her, at last, right in front of Dora, but they shouldn't really be showing now. Not under her heavy push-up bra. Not under this top with the burn marks. She looked down and there they were, pushing out like two bullets, as though she wasn't wearing anything over them at all. That was really weird. But how dare Oof talk about them! What would Gary think?

"Ah ah ah she's --

That Oof had his head practically on top of her breasts, staring at her nipples. That's not right! Ewwww!

"Hey! That's too close, you!" she said, and slapped him, not hard, but enough for him to take notice, as her mother always said she should. Her hand hit his cheek. There was a cracking sound and his head snapped back. He toppled over, out cold.

"HUH?" Ella said, her eyes wide. "I never did THAT to a guy before, even a little guy, like Oof! Huh!"

Bob, Gary and Dora all looked at her.

"What? What are you looking at me like that for?" Ella asked, wondering how come Gary wasn't helping. "I didn't mean to hurt him. But he shouldn't have been so close to me, to my uh breast, you know? I mean it's a personal thing. Any girl would say so, right? Gary?"

Gary was staring at her. It wasn't possible. It couldn't be. Those breasts. Those nipples. They couldn't be ... super. He watched her nipples recede slightly and then, as her watched them she smiled, happier again, and they rose again, pushing out her bra again, even more than before.

"Oh Gary! I like it when you look at me!" Feeling emboldened, she put her arm through his and pulled him toward her. His large body twisted down and crashed against hers.

"Oh my god!" Bob said. "It's true."

Dora stared at her, her mouth wide open. "You. You. NOOOOOOOOOO!" Dora screamed at Ella, shaking. "It can't be," she said more quietly, and then, more loudly, "No. No. NO. NO. NO! NOOO!!"

"Everyone. Calm. Down." Gary said in his deep voice. "Dora! Quiet. Ella. Relax your arm and let go of me." He untangled his arm from hers and straightened slowly, working out his twisted back muscle. "No one move!"

Ella looked at Gary gratefully. He didn't have to bend down like that or ask her to let him go, but she understood he was just being nice and letting her cuddle. He knew what to do. He'd take care of her.

Dora was still screaming. "She can't have them! She can't!"

What was Dora talking about? Was she really that stupid? Ella didn't want both of them. She just wanted Gary. Dora could have Bob if she wanted. He was just a harmless old fatty anyway.

Bob was saying, "A breach in the shielding. And her bra. Ella, I'm sorry, but I'm investigating, what went wrong with, oh god, with our experiment. If you don't mind my asking, do you wear a --

At least Bob was polite. "38 DDD!" she said proudly, knowing Gary's eyes would swing right back to her bust. And they did! "Or sometimes a G, depending on the fit." There were Gary's eyes again.

"Um yeah, and that's an, underwire bra?" Ella laughed and looked at Gary to see if he was laughing at Bob too. He wasn't, but maybe he felt sorry for him. "I mean, you never had a girlfriend you could ask these things, Bob? But in my size -- God! -- what do you think? I'm gonna get support for these with a little cotton or elastic? Dora can for her itty bitty ones, but that wouldn't ever do it for me! You wouldn't believe how I set off all the metal detectors when I want to fly. And then the way these security girls end up feeling me up, I figure they must be into other girls, you know, 'cause it's the perfect job for them. Anyway, I'm almost ready to give up flying, you know? You'd probably feel the same way if you were me."

"Her BRA? It's because of her BRA?!" Dora screamed.

"Dora!" Gary said.

Ella shook her head. She could not believe how thick Dora was, at least about men.

She turned around to her, feeling more confident with each moment. "No Dora, Gary's not that sort at all. He likes what fills up the bra, not the bra. Right, honey?" Gary would be pleased she was setting Dora straight that he didn't do those pervy things. She turned back to Dora. "He always takes it off as soon as he can."

"Always?!! She said ALWAYS?" Dora looked like she would explode. Her eyes narrowed and fixed on Gary and Ella, and if they could radiate heat they would both now be a small commingled pile of ashes.

Dora was a monster! Instinctively Ella went to Gary and put her arm around him, wanting him to hold her, protect her, and wanting to show him they were together, two of them as one, against that mean, horrible Dora. Her fingers reached up from his waist to find his big, muscular chest. She needed the comfort of feeling his size and strength and squeezed her fingers into him.

The effect was instantaneous, much quicker than he could scream. The left side of his rib cage moved into his left lung, collapsing it. Startled by the unexpected movement of her hand, Ella's hand gripped harder, sending two of Gary's broken ribs into his heart, rupturing his left ventricle and tearing his aorta and two of his pulmonary veins. He made a low, gasping, gurgling sound and slumped against Ella, who bore his weight effortlessly but screamed as the strength drained from his limbs and the life drained from his eyes. She stepped away and his large body slid to the floor with a thud.

"Gary! Gary!" Ella was screaming. Her high-pitched voice was unbearably loud.

Dora stood and stared at Gary and then at Ella. Unusually, she was speechless, at least for the moment.

Bob turned red and began sweating uncontrollably. He backed away, slowly. "Ella. Ella. Calm down. Ella, let me explain."

"Gaaarrrryyyy!" she was screaming. "GAAAARYYY!"

"You killed him! Can't you see that you've killed him?! Now will you shut UP, you stupid bitch!" Dora said, finally.

Ella surprisingly quieted, looking wild-eyed at Gary's body, at Dora and at Bob.

"How ... but ... I don't understand ...." she murmured. "How could ... how could I ..."

"You didn't know. You couldn't have known," Bob said nervously. "It's not what we planned, not what we intended."

"What you ... YOU did this?" She turned to him, her eyes narrowed. "This is your FAULT?!"

"It's your ...." Dora started to say, but a searing hot beam was pouring from Ella's eyes at Bob, vaporising him in a flash of light and heat that shook the room with an explosion of sound and cracked every light bulb and glass dial on the console. Only Dora's fortuitous positioning behind Ella saved her from the heat flash and second degree burns, although the ends of her hair were singed, while the front of Ella's clothes were seriously charred and her top so badly weakened that it fell open, revealing her heavily fortified bra, with its thick strap across her back and four powerful hooks still fastened.

"Where did he go? What's HAPPENING?" she screamed, feeling the cool air against her skin. She looking down at her bust. Her nipples had burst through the bra before and although they had shrunk back in her distress, they had left two large holes in the cups. "What have you DONE to me!"

Cold fury, uncontrollable jealousy and abject fear competed for supremacy in Dora's mind, but quickly she determined that doing nothing would lead her to the same fate as Bob's. "Ella! Just stand still! Close your eyes! Just be quiet for a moment and I'll explain to you. NO! DON'T TURN AROUND!! JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE, COMPLETELY STILL! EYES CLOSED!" she shouted. Her confident authoritative manner was having an effect. "Can you do that?"

"Yes," Ella said, cowed, her voice small.

Dora took a deep breath. It was still early. There was still a chance to reverse the energy charge if she moved quickly, if she could extract the crystal from the device, if its lattice structure was uncompromised, if she could get it close enough to that cow, Ella, or to touch her. She had to talk slowly, calmly, explain everything in words even this over-endowed dim-witted secretary could understand, while moving quickly, without making her suspicious. "This was not meant to happen. This was not meant for you. It's an error, a mistake, a great mistake that" -- Dora wanted to say that it was a great mistake that Ella ever came in to their lives, but that was unnecessary and she held her tongue -- "that anyone got hurt. But right now, until you learn to control yourself and until I can ... HELP you, you have to be extremely careful that you don't hurt anyone else." Ella was standing completely still, her eyes closed. Good! Dora was at the machine, opening the panel. "Ok. Now listen carefully. You have superpowers, ok?" Dora could barely bring herself to say this, but she could see the crystal, its crystalline structure fully intact. "You're super-strong. You have heat vision. You can hurt people without even trying. So you have to avoid touching anyone or even looking at anyone until I --

"Until you WHAT?" Ella interrupted, without warning. Her eyes had snapped open and she turned around to look at Dora, caught with her hand on the crystal. "What are YOU doing? How are YOU going to do to help me? Why should I trust YOU? How can I believe anything you say, when you've always been so MEAN to me!"

As soon as Dora saw Ella's eyes, she cringed and covered her face with her arms, fearing to look at her, expecting her own existence to be obliterated at any moment by a searing blast of Ella's new and uncontrolled heat vision. Through her arms she saw only Ella's enormous, round, firm, perfect breasts, which, mocking her, bobbed slightly side-to-side, the after-effects of Ella's emotional outburst.

"So now -- you -- YOU'RE afraid of ME!?" Ella said, amazed and thrilled. She looked down at her exposed chest, so massive compared to Dora's paltry boobs, if Dora's even deserved to be called boobs. She looked at her arms, slender and feminine, and her long, delicate fingers with her long, carefully painted fingernails. Could it be true? Could she really be super-strong? Had she really crushed Gary's powerful chest with super-strength? That was awful, horrible, heart-breaking and disgusting ... but also definitely kind of exciting!

Dora uncovered her face, ashamed that she had shown weakness in front of Ella, however "super"-empowered that bimbo may be! She clenched her fists and looked up at her. Just let Ella dare burn her to a crisp! Let her DARE to crush her! She wouldn't give that puffed up sack of hormones the satisfaction of thinking she had intimidated her! She shoved her arms by her sides and clenched her fists. She'd move fast, before that dodo had a chance to engage her tiny brain. "I need to --

It was very, very exciting! Ella felt an electric tingle throughout her body. Was she really as strong as Superman? And if she was, who could be a better target to try out her powers than that horrible, mean little stick-girl Dora! It was her chance to repay her for all the cold looks, all the mean, snippy comments, all the things she did to get in the way of Gary -- Sniff! Poor Gary! -- all the things that made Ella feel miserable and stupid and small and -- whatever! She pursed her lips and blew, gently at first but then harder and harder. She seemed to be able to breathe in through her nose while blowing out through her mouth, without even thinking how. Her breath was blowing Dora's hair around, forcing her blouse against her tiny little titties, so much that the little designs of her bra were visible against her blouse. She could even see the layer of padding -- Dora had to pad even her little A-cup bra! -- right through the -- Hey! She was seeing THROUGH Dora's bra! She had X-ray vision!! She really really WAS super!! And she was still blowing harder. Now Dora was moving backwards, unable to stand her ground, and Ella could keep blowing and blowing as long as she wanted. She wasn't the tiniest bit tired! Now she had Dora pinned against the wall, her hair tie flying off, her arms and hair, even her fingers were pushed straight out against the wall, making her drop that funny piece of glass she had plucked from the machine and had been clutching in her hand, her face was all scrunched up and red and --

"STOP THAT!! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!" A deep, masculine voice commanded. A blue flash appeared in front of her and came to a sudden stop between Dora and her. It was Superman. At first he stood still, staring at her, amazed at the force of air this stunning, young and very buxom woman was creating, and simply used his body to deflect the flow of air away from Dora. Then he began absorbing it himself, breathing in Ella's hurricane force blast as quickly as she was creating it.

Ella frowned. Why was Superman taking DORA's side?! She was having a little fun, that was all, getting a little payback for all the mean things Dora had done to her! It seemed pointless now, with Superman blocking it. She shut her mouth and was about to explain what had happened when Superman glared at her and spoke to Dora, although regularly looking back at Ella to make sure she was not fleeing or starting any other trouble, or perhaps unable to resist a repeated view of her uncovered, spectacular chest.

"Are you all right?" he asked Dora. "What happened?"

"Thank GOODNESS you're ... here, Superman! She's ... killed two of us already ... perhaps three! I thought ... for certain I'd be ... the next one!" Dora said as she tried to recover her breath and her composure. She wobbled on her feet and Superman rushed to her side to stop her from fainting. "Careful! She has ... powers, Superman ... like yours." She put her foot over the crystal.

"So I see," he replied, giving Ella another searching, cautious and wary look. "And just how did she get them?"

"We -- Gary Richards, Bob Eisenstein, Ulf Martens and I, Dora Ivanova -- developed a device ... to give ourselves powers, but something went wrong and ... Ella -- the secretary -- got them. Now she's murdered Bob and ... Gary. And Ulf over there ... I think he's got a bad concussion."

Superman examined him quickly with his X-ray vision. "It's far worse than a concussion. He has severe cerebral haemorrhaging. He won't ever wake up."

"Oh God!" Dora exclaimed. "Poor Ulf! We only wanted to help you, Superman. We were going to be your helpers. We were being so careful!"

"Hey, she's the bad one, not me!" Ella interjected. "She's always so mean that --

"Quiet ... Ella! I need to find out from Miss Ivanova -- it is Dr. Ivanova?" Dora nodded. "... from Dr. Ivanova what happened. But I can tell you, Ella, that if your powers are the cause of these deaths you are surely in serious trouble. Two men have been murdered, one is brain dead, and you were attacking Dr. Ivanova when I arrived."

Dora nodded vigorously. "She was toying with me, torturing me, Superman! I couldn't breathe! I don't know how I could have lasted much longer if you hadn't come!" She clutched Superman's arm. "We meant no harm. We set the Kryptova Crystal so that it would give us just 85% of your powers, so that you would still be the most powerful, so that even if one of us misbehaved, you would be safe and able to --

"The Kryptova Crystal! Great Scott! How did you get it? It's location was a secret, hidden in my Fortress. And it's not nearly potent enough to empower four people, even to 85% of my powers!"

"Dr. Richards and Dr. Marten developed a process to produce one synthetically and Dr. Eisenstein engineered a process to regulate and focus its radiation. I optimized the radiation to limit its effects to ... humans."

"Still! You were unleashing powerful and dangerous forces by developing and using the Crystal. The NSF told me this project violated the terms of your grants, which prohibit the use of government funds for research into the creation of superpowers. And now, three of your team has paid the ultimate price for your lack of regard for safety and the law, for playing with things beyond your control."

Dora's lip quivered. She could have been an actress, she thought proudly. "I know that now, Superman. You must destroy Bob's device and the crystal inside before they can lead to any more harm." She looked meaningfully at Ella, putting her in the same class as the crystal and the device -- a dangerous thing that must be destroyed.

Ella shook her head, making her breasts sway as well. "Hey! It was an accident. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Even Dora. I wouldn't have hurt her. But she's been so horrible to me. For months. She's so jealous. Of my boobs. Of my boyfriend. And she's always criticizing me. Putting me down! That's not right either! Is it?"

Superman looked her over carefully and ignored her words. "It's up to the authorities to decide whether you are to be tried, and to a jury of your peers to decide if you are to be imprisoned. There are ways that even beings with superpowers can be punished, if their judgment is you are guilty, and also ways to remove your powers if you have come by them illegally or you are a danger to others, which seems obvious to me. But it is not for me to judge you, only to protect the innocent and to ensure that our government is in a position to execute its laws against you. Do you understand?."

"You're treating me like ... like I'm a criminal!"

Dora smirked. He saw it all her way. She was safe. "You'd better listen to him. I'm sure you heard what I said before, even if most of it went over your head. Your superpowers are just 85% of his. And he's a man!" Dora added, squeezing Superman's muscular arm.

Superman wasn't quite as confident of his control of the situation as Dora was making out. Even with just 85% of his powers, anyone with superpowers, even Ella, could be a formidable foe and a danger to others, whom he had sworn to protect. He wanted her to come willingly, but Dora's approach could be helpful. If Ella was convinced it was useless to resist she would be more likely to give in. He drew himself up to his full height and puffed out his chest. "Come, Ella. It will go better for you if you surrender yourself willingly." He held out his hand to Ella. "Now, will you come with me peacefully, or must I use force to make you submit?"

Ella looked at Dora and Superman standing together. They were both against her, blaming her for everything, and he was already talking about punishing her. It was so unfair. She had always thought of Superman as a hero, standing for truth and justice, but it was all a lie!

"You're a killer Ella. Don't you understand that? You ARE a criminal and now you have to suffer the consequences!" Dora crowed.

"Now Dr. Ivanova, she still must be indicted and then tried by..."

"I WON'T go with you and be DIETED!" Ella declared. "I'm perfectly healthy. Anyone can see that!" She puffed out her own chest, and was pleased to see that Superman turned to look at it. "That Dora, she just wants to put me away and make me ugly and skinny like her. It's not fair!!!" Superman looked confused, while Dora laughed out loud that she didn't know what being "indicted" was.

But what was clear to Superman was that Ella was forcing his hand. They BOTH were. There was bad blood between Dora and Ella, Superman realized, too late. But he had to act now, before Ella used her flying power and fled the scene, making it far more difficult to restrain her without harming innocent people. He grabbed her wrists and felt the beginnings of resistance. So, she was not going to make it easy. He held more tightly.

Ella flushed with fury. He was going to take her to the police, make them arrest her, diet her and take away her figure AND her brand new powers, and then make her go to prison until she was old and ugly, and while Dora gloated too! NOOO WAYYY!

She pulled her arms out of his grasp. "I won't go!!"

Superman tried to grab them but again Ella moved her hands too quickly for him. He made several more tries, each unsuccessful.

"Can't catch me? Guess I got quicker reflexes," Ella said, slightly encouraged.

Superman had no interest in responding to her banter. He had a job to do. He would have to hold her, bodily, and fly her to a safe, secure location where he could subdue her more permanently. The easiest target was her upper torso, which was harder for her to maneuvre away from him and would enable him to pin her arms with his superior strength, but Ella's large, exposed breasts discomfited him. Dora's attitude had already made him feel somewhat less sure he was completely in the right, and Ella would inevitably think that he was attacking her sexually, or at least taking advantage of the opportunity to touch her astonishing breasts, leading to an even more extreme reaction on her part. Fighting men, even super-powered men, was so much simpler! The only thing to do was to grab her lower down, by the waist or hips, tackling her and flying off with her into orbit, where she would be too disoriented to resist effectively.

Superman pretended to make another grab of her wrist and when she evaded him he kept going, hurling himself at full speed at her narrow waist, easily encircling it with his arms and driving his body forward into hers with a tight hold, prepared to accelerate, crashing with her through the opposite wall and then up into orbit.

"Hey! What're you doing now?" Ella said, annoyed. Superman was attached to her waist, his body horizontal, his toes pointed away from her. "Get OFF me!!"

He was pushing as hard as he could, exerting his flying power and his bodily strength, but nothing was happening, as though somehow she were nullifying his powers. Then her fingers were on his neck and he was torn away from her, thrown against and then through the opposite wall with incredible force, coming to rest outside the laboratory.

"Ooooooh!" he groaned at the wrenching pain from his neck down through his left arm from the grip of her fingers.

"Oh shit!" Dora said, after seeing his body fly away and crash through the wall.

"Whoa!" Ella exclaimed, watching him fly right back at her looking somewhat pained, slightly confused but even more determined than before.

Superman had considered the situation carefully. What had just happened made no sense. His powers were unaffected. It was possible that exposure to the Kryptova Crystal had affected her touch, giving it some unknown power against him. If so, she was clearly more of a threat than he had imagined. He had to act now with the element of surprise to knock her out, before she learned how to use it with even more effect. He had to disregard any attempt at gentlemanly conduct. Now he was in full flying position with his hands outstretched and headed straight for her center of gravity, her chest, at increasing speed.

Ella was startled, shocked even. He was flying right at her breasts, her precious, exposed, tender, defenseless breasts! How dare he! What kind of man would do that? It was disgusting. She felt angry and confused, but far more angry than confused. With speed unimaginable to anyone lacking superpowers she put her hands out in front of her chest to at least break the terrible impact of his body before he cruelly smashed into them. She closed her eyes and felt his hands hit hers, then his shoulders. She closed her hands around his in case he decided to punch her too, but felt nothing else, except a slight pulling sensation. She opened her eyes. His were wide with surprise. Surprise and pain. His arms were extended, his hands half-crushed in her grip. And he was trapped, trying with all his power to withdraw but unable to move an inch.

"Huh? What are you .... Hey! Am I stronger than you?!" Ella said.

"No!" he protested.

"Well ... I don't know..." she squeezed a little with one hand and heard the cracking of bones and a muffled cry of pain. "I think yeah, like you obviously got bigger muscles, and the blue costume and the cape, but I gotta be stronger!" She was smiling now. "I mean, you're trying to fly away, right? I can feel it, a little, but only a little, kind of like holding a kite feels, but just a little kite." She leaned forward slightly, letting Superman move away a bit and then bent her arm, pulling him closer. "See what I mean?"

He looked at Dora for an explanation. "Dr. Ivanova!" What's going on?"

Ella looked very annoyed. "That is so rude! I was the one talking to you, not her." She pulled him closer and turned him around, forcing his arm across his body as she folded her arm over his head and around his chest, pulling his back against her chest and twisting his arm along too so that she held him tightly against her with his left arm trapped under her right arm. He started squirming around, flailing at her backwards with his free arm. "Hey cut that --ooooh, you know? It doesn't even hurt. I must be, what's that word you always use, unvinceable, like you can't hurt me! That's really neat! What a turn on! I'm getting so excited about this!" Superman started squirming even more, trying to bend his body away from her chest. "What is it NOW?"

"Something ... drilling into my back ... such pain ... getting worse ... can't bear ... much longer."

"But I'm not doing anything! Wait! She relaxed her grip slightly, letting Superman's body drop away from her chest. "Ewww! There's blood on my nipples! And two little holes in your cape, and in your costume ...."

"Great Scott! This can't be!"

"So, is it, like, my nipples went through your cape, through your blue tights and right through your skin too?" She picked up his cape and stuck her thumb right through it. "Well no wonder! It's like tissue paper!" She put her forefinger on his back and scratched, peeling away his costume and a chunk of skin with her nail. "Whoa!"


"Ooooh, that's really gotta hurt, huh? You're not used to getting cut, right?"

Dora had been quietly edging her way across the laboratory almost to the door, trying to escape with the crystal she had hidden with her foot and now held in her hand. It was too late to use it to reabsorb Ella's powers, but if she could recharge it, rebuild the machine....

Still with Superman in her hold Ella hopped across the room in front of Dora. "So, Dora, how come I'm so much stronger than him, huh?" she asked, taunting her,

Dora jumped into the air, startled by Ella's sudden appearance. "I ... I ... don't know."

"Is that so?" She put her finger through the wall as though it were jello and then tapped more gently on the center of Dora's chest.

"It's just probably that you had the full impact of the Kryptova Crystal's rays, all four combined into one," Dora said quickly, looking terrified at Ella's finger.

"That can't be it," Superman said. "You had said the Crystal was programmed to give each of you 85% of my powers. Multiplied four times is 320%, but her strength is far more than 3.2 times my own."

Dora was silent.

"She knows something, I'm sure. Can't you just tell she's hiding something? I'm gonna make her tell us." Ella tapped again and held up her forefinger, still with bits of Superman's skin and blood on it. "Hey Dora, I never really finished filing this nail down this morning, before it got all super. Want to feel how sharp it is? I can move really fast now, like you just saw, but I can still move really slow if I really want to."

Dora stared at Ella's super-powered, superhard fingernail. She just wanted to die, but not from Ella's finger. "The crystal, I made it work ... on females ... exponentially. You don't have 320% of Superman's power. You have his power, raised to the power of 3.2, more than cubed."

Superman looked shocked and grew pale.

Ella was looking at Dora blankly, clearly annoyed at the use of advanced mathematics in her explanation. She pressed her fingernail harder against Dora's chest and tapped twice, slowly, the second time drawing a little blood.

"You're hurting ..." Dora screeched but then, seeing Ella wasn't moved, she said, "I mean, uh, Ella, in other words, your strength, all your powers, in relation to his, are like his, uh, compared to an ordinary man's, but more ... much, much more."

Ella cocked her head from side to side and withdrew her nail from Dora's bony chest. "So, what you're saying is, if he's Super, then I'm Super Super?"

Dora agreed, vigorously. "Yes! Yes! Um, even Super Super Super, and a little bit more."

Ella nodded. "OK. Well, good for you. Finally you figured it out good enough so you could explain it." She laughed. "That's really cool. SuperSuperSuperMe ... and a little bit more!"

Superman was very cross. "You were the one in charge of the biological analysis of the crystal reactions, Dr. Ivanova. You designed it to be extra-effective on females, didn't you? So that of the four scientists you, the only female, would have been by far the most powerful. How ironic, then, that instead of endowing yourself with those powers, Ella, your greatest enemy, has them, and has used them to bring about the destruction of your closest colleagues!"

"Hey!! That's right!" Ella said. "You tricked all the other smart people, but now look what's happened -- SuperSuperSuperMe!" She grabbed Dora's wrist and spun her around in triumph. The force of her grip forced Dora to open her hand.

Superman exclaimed, "Why, it's the Kryptova crystal, you had it your hand! You were going to take it, to use again!!"

He moved to grab it, but Ella was quicker and took it. She turned it over and peered at it intently. "It's big and sparkly, but it's not a diamond, is it?" As she held it, it clouded and grew dull. "Awww, what happened? It got all dull!"

"Why, it's lost its crystalline integrity. It's just ordinary glass now." Superman observed.

Dora had craned her head around. "No! Look at her skin, shimmering, as if she's absorbed the properties of the crystal structures themselves. If they join up with her power matrix ...

"Then she could ...

They both went silent.

"What? What? What are you talking about?" Ella asked impatiently.

Superman shook his head. Dora looked at him, back at Ella, and then said, quickly. "It's about your eyes, Ella. You've used your heat vision, your X-ray vision, but you have other powers too. Superman doesn't want you to know them. I don't care about living anymore. I've had enough. So, go on, try them out, use them on me, do your worst!"

"No, Ella! Don't DARE use your vision powers. She's trying to trick you into giving her superpowers, into making her as powerful as you, or even more so!"

"Do it, Ella. Don't listen to him. He's just jealous of you, of your powers, of your learning how to use them."

Ella looked back and forth, not knowing whom to believe. "You ... you ... BOTH of you! You're BOTH trying to trick me. You even tricked Gary! If he knew what you did ...."

"He'll never know. Because YOU killed him!" Dora hissed, playing on Ella's emotions. "Go on, DO IT! I don't CARE anymore!!"

Ella's eyes widened. "You are SO mean!! I HATE you!!" Ella shouted. She balled her hands into fists and stared at Dora but looked away. Instead, she just spit at her.

"AAGGHH!!!" Dora screamed. "Noooo!" Her voice faded away in a horrifying gurgle, and seconds later, her head and much of the rest of Dora's body dissolved, reduced to a blob of protoplasm by the super-enzymes in Ella's saliva.

"WHOA!" Ella said.

"Look at that! You've done it again! You've had superpowers for not even an hour and you've killed all of the four scientists responsible for bestowing them upon you. How ironic that --"

"What's this ironic this and that all about? Are you insulting me or something?" Ella interrupted, looking carefully at what remained of Dora. She wrinkled her nose and blasted it with her heat vision. "There! That was so disgusting! She was disgusting."

"Are you going to kill EVERYONE you find disgusting? Are you going to use your powers to destroy the whole world?" Superman said, bravely, in his head, challenging the beautiful, half-naked woman with powers far beyond his own.

Ella wrinkled her nose again and looked right at Superman. He tried to put up a brave front, but he was shaking, fearful that she would at any moment use her SuperSuperSuper-heat vision or some other power on him. In truth, he had never felt so vulnerable. Who knew WHAT she was capable of?

"Are you kidding? I may be a dumb blonde -- yeah I know -- but I'm not stupid! What would be the point of that? I'm young. I'm beautiful. I'm hot, I'm sexy and I love sex. I'm so powerful I can do anything I want to anybody, even you, and no one can stop me because, as you know, I'm also unvinceable, totally. So why would I destroy it all when I have so much to play with?"

"But you can't. You can't control your own strength. Can't you see? Look what your saliva did. You can't even kiss someone without killing them," Superman said smugly. "That is the irony that you --

"Your irony is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Is that what you think? All I need is some practice. Dora made me mad, and when I get mad I get hungry. That ever happen to you? But I can control that, I think. Like dieting! Because you may not believe it, but I used to be fat! Yes, I'll practice ... on you!" Before Superman could blink Ella was completely naked, her long legs wrapped around his body, her lips locked on his, her tongue playing with his mouth, one hand stroking his neck, while the other tore a slit in his red briefs with her thumb and forefinger, opening a hole for his engorged tool to spring out. She broke off the kiss and wrapped her slender, super, super, super powerful fingers around his most sensitive, vulnerable and private part and began to play with it. Superman was panting with desire. "Yeah. See? Aren't I good? I may not be smart about numbers and science and that stuff, but my body's pretty smart, huh? And see? You didn't melt away. Although I'm really melting. You know what I mean, right?"

"Ahh, ahhh."

"I got you like in heat, you know? It didn't take long."

"But m-m-my my responsibilities. M-my life. And what about Lois, my wife."

Ella rotated her hips around twice one way and once the other and then did it again, more slowly, but with an added oomph at the end. "I think Lois has a problem, don't you? But I don't care about her problems, and if you and your long, twitching, throbbing, pounding dick don't care about them, then why should I?" She grabbed Superman's hips and pulled him inside her. "Mmmmm. I love a really hard cock, Superman, and right now I bet yours is the hardest in the world. So until I can find somebody with something harder, you're going to be my personal lovetoy, my superboytoy. You know what that is, right?"

"I ... won't let you ... use me! Have ... other ... responsibilities ... Ohhhhh!"

"Well, I bet that squeeze of mine makes you forget about them! Every guy who's ever fucked me has told me I'm the best. How about it, Superman?"

"Nnngh! Nnnngh!"

"I thought so. Oh. Yeah. Come on now. Faster! Let me feel that superspeed. That superstrength. Do it, do it harder, harder, come on, faster, faster, come on. Oh YEAH. You got it now! Yes, you know I'm a bad girl, a really bad girl, give it to me, teach me a lesson, harder, harder, keep going, keep going, keep going, faster, harder, yeah, yeah ... unngh, uuunnnnnngggghhhh --

"aaagghhhhhhhh --

"---- hahahaha, that's right. Nnghhh! NNNNNNNGgggggggggggggghhhh! MMMMMMMMMMMM. Now again! Again! And again!"

[Part II will contain the further adventures and powers of the Dumb Blonde Ultra Girl, or SuperSuperSuperElla, and a little bit more.]

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