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Erin's Rebirth

Written by lfan :: [Friday, 04 March 2005 14:54] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 22 September 2012 14:19]

The orb hurtled through the vastness of space, simply continuing its seemingly infinite journey throughout a thousand different star systems.  Not knowing its ultimate destination or purpose, the orb zoomed through time and space, drawing in an insurmountable amount of energy and power from the various stellar energy sources it had encountered.  As it passed near or through stars, black holes, or supernovas, the orb somehow had the ability to draw in and store a small amount of steller energy, much like some sort of super battery.  For years and years, the orb raced past thousands of planets, awaiting the day when its journey would end….

Erin wept hysterically as she sped down the highway late one night, having just caught her boyfriend yet again with another woman.  Erin Reynolds and Greg were high school sweethearts who had been together for close to seven years.  Over that time, Erin had remained in love with Greg despite his numerous infidelities.  Greg, however, constantly criticized Erin over her continued weight gain since high school and repeatedly sent her spiraling into a cauldron of low self-esteem.  On more than one occasion, Erin had even contemplated suicide.

“What is wrong with me!!” screamed Erin to nobody in particular as she continued her trek across the deserted interstate at 2:30am.  As Erin whizzed by the telephone poles by the side of the road, the thoughts of ending it all once again crept into her mind.  It would be so easy to simply veer off and collide with one of the poles.  At her current clip of 85 mph, the end to her life would be certain.  As Erin continued thinking hard to herself about her dead-end job, lack of money, physical appearance, and her other shortcomings, she was nearing the bottom of an emotional chasm from which there would be no return.  As Erin’s tears continued to flow, she simply edged the steering wheel and placed her on a collision course with death.  However, in  the instant that the car was to hit the pole, a fiery blue light streaked across the sky and simultaneously impacted the car as it made contact with the telephone poll.  The last thing Erin remember was a violent collision with the telephone pole.  Then everything went black….

The fiery orb continued its trip through space and found itself on an intercept course with a blue and green planet.  As it ripped through the atmosphere, it began to plummet downward at an incalculable speed.  As it descended on Highway 22, it struck a telephone pole at the instant before a speeding car right straight into it.  An accompanying explosion soon followed that released the previously untapped store of energy outward as a brilliant blue flash of light.  The energy which had been housed for years looking for a sufficient entity to empower, found such a vessel as the driver of the onrushing truck was bathed in the limitless amount of energy that rushed forth from the orb.  As the truck impacted the telephone pole, a minute fraction of the orbs energy protected the young girl from the devastating collision.  The remaining energy flowed into the girl’s body in a fraction of a second and began the slow, gradual process of being absorbed by the host.  As the rush of energy overwhelmed the young lady, she blacked out.

“Good Morning!” said the nurse as Erin slowly regained consciousness and found herself lying in a hospital bed.  “Wh-where am I?  What happened” stammered Erin as she sought to recall the events that led up to her current situation.

“You’re in Metro Memorial Hospital.  You were in a horrific accident on the Interstate three days ago?  You don’t remember?”

“Well I do remember driving and suddenly veering off the road, but how could it have been so horrific, I don’t feel bad at all!”  replied a confused Erin.

“Well, that’s one of the things we cannot figure out,” said the nurse.  “The highway patrol said they did not understand how anyone could even survive such as crash.  It took the fire rescue crews close to two hours just to get you out of the car.  However, there isn’t even the slightest scratch on your pretty little face!  We were hoping you could shed some light on the situation.”

“Light?” thought Erin to herself.   She remembered there was a bright blue light that seemed to come outta nowhere right before he struck the phone pole.  Maybe somehow the light had something to do with the miracle at hand.  Erin decided to keep the blue light stuff to herself for the immediate time being.  She simply responded to the nurse, “No, ma’am.  I don’t really remember anything.”

“Well, the Lord moves in mysterious ways, honey!!” said the nurse.  “It’s not everyday that someone walks away from something like that with not even a hair on their pretty little blond head outta place!   You get some rest, dear.  The answers will come in due time!”  The nurse then stepped though the door and left Erin to rest.”

“Wow, I must have some kind of guardian angel!” thought Erin to herself thinking back to what the nurse said.  “Not even a hair on my pretty little blond head outta……BLOND?!?!”  exclaimed Erin as she suddenly just listened to what the nurse had said.  “I’m not blond!” said Erin as she got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

Erin practically fainted at the sight that appeared before her, for Erin’s short mousy brown hair had somehow been transformed into a radiant set of blond hair that almost resembled spun gold and fell just past her shoulders.  And that was just for starters….

Her whole face was now different.  Every wrinkle and imperfection in her skin had somehow disappeared, leaving a flawless face that any supermodel would die for!  And her formerly brown eyes were now two blue pools of brilliant color.

“This is impossible!  I must be dreaming!” declared Erin as she still had a hard time grasping the reality of the situation.  Then as Erin suddenly began scanning the rest of her body, she began to notice that her face was not the only physical feature that had incredibly been transformed…

Erin started from her feet.  Erin was never much into feet but could not help but admire how her feet were now perfectly proportioned and how her toes somehow looked like they had just been professionally manicured.  As Erin’s eyes traveled up from her feet, she gazed upon a “new” set of toned, sleek legs that were tan and without any hint of bruises, birth marks, or even razor stubble.  Even a scar on her knee which she had since she was 12 had suddenly disappeared.

Erin slowly lifted her hospital gown and got a first look at her posterior since she had regained consciousness.  Erin had always had a little baggage in the trunk, but those days were now a thing of the past as she now saw that her legs seamlessly merged with the world’s most perfectly rounded butt!  As Erin became more and more excited over her new discoveries, she excited reached and pulled off her hospital gown and stood naked in front of the mirror.

Erin practically fainted at the wonderous site that now stood as her reflection.  While she had previously had problems with her gradual weight gain, her waist was a mere portion of its former self as her body seemed to now defy even the slightest amount of excess fat.

Her little “pooch” had now been transformed into a tight and toned pack of abdominal perfection.

Just when Erin thought that nothing could get any better that this, she suddenly caught sight of her new bosoms.  “Oh my god!!” exclaimed Erin as she stared at the most perfect set of breasts to ever be bestowed upon a woman.  So pert and round that they seemed to resist the mere notion of gravity!  Erin thought to herself that no surgeon from Beverley Hills could have even conceived of such a pair of tits!!

Erin stood transfixed in the mirror admiring her new figure and surmising that she was now one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.  She thought cdonfidently that she would probably win any beauty or bikini contest on earth with this new body and face of hers.  She truly thought that her miracle from the past

Little did Erin know that the stunning alteration of her physical appearance was merely the first in a series of changes set in motion from the events of three days prior.  For this was only an infinitesimal sample of the orb’s limitless power being transferred into the young girl.  This was only the beginning……….


The following day, Erin was discharged from the hospital, simply because the doctors could not seem to find cause for keeping her admitted.  She had not displayed any external or internal injuries as a result of the accident, and all lab tests did not detect the slightest trace of infection or disease with her body.  One of the doctors during her discharging had even remarked that he had never seen anyone as healthy as Erin before in his life.  Erin simply shrugged as she walked out of the hospital and hailed a cab to head back home.

As Erin stepped into the cab, she got her first taste of what it was now like to be her.  The cabbie was speechless over the sight of this goddess as her long, tan legs stepped gracefully up and into the passenger seat.  Erin loved her new looks and relished in the added attention as the cabbie looked in his rear view mirror for a glimpse of her every 10 seconds as he drove.

On the cab ride home, Erin had recalled how Greg had treated her prior to her accident and did not even show up to the hospital when she was there.  Thinking that he might not have known what had happened, she simply hoped for the best and was going to give him the benefit of doubt.  She simply could not wait to see him and show him the “new her”.  “Maybe he missed me and left her a message on the answering machine,” pondered Erin.

As Erin threw her keys on the table and hit the playback button on the machine, she was rewarded with Greg’s familiar voice.  “Hi, babe, this is Greg……there is not any way to easily come out and say this…..but….uh…….I’ve met someone else as you discovered the other night…….its just that….I don’t feel anything for you ….and ….uh….maybe it would be best for everyone if we stopped kidding ourselves…….I’ll always care for…..BEEP!”

Erin stood motionless as her brain slowly began to register the playback of the machine.  Erin was crushed as she slumped on the floor and began to sob.  Suddenly, her sadness turned to anger over the way he had treated her and a sense of self-esteem and confidence washed over her as if someone or something suddenly took control of her emotions.  “Well, if that shithead cannot love me for who I was, he certainly is gonna be sorry when he sees what I am now!” exclaimed Erin as she stood up and admired her perfect body in the mirror.

As Erin caressed her new figure, thought back but still could not comprehend just how and what had happened that night on the Interstate.  At how her overweight little mousy self could have been somehow transformed into an uber-babe!  She relished this sexual power she now knew she possessed, as evidenced by the reaction of the cabbie from earlier.  She laughed to herself as she knew that he was probably willing to do anything for just a glimpse of her perfect body!

As Erin was beginning to feel more comfortable and confident with her new look, she drifted to sleep.  As Erin slept that night, a strange blue glow engulfed her body embuing the young girl with a host of new abilities soon to be discovered……

That morning, Erin arose refreshed and incredibly energized as if she had slept for 15 hours, though her clock read 6:13am in a bright red glow.  Erin quickly leapt from bed and decided that this new body of hers was gonna require some intense workouts  if she ever wanted to maintain it for any length of time.

As Erin pulled on her workout top, she giggled at the way the lycra stretched and hugged her new curves almost to the breaking point.  After slipping on her biker shorts, she stood confidently and said “Ok, let’s see what this new body is made of!!”  Little did Erin know that she was going to be pleasantly amazed by the answer to that very question.

The home gym in her house had been designed mostly by Greg who was a fitness buff and amateur bodybuilder for a couple of years.  In recent months, Erin had used it on occasion in vain as she had tried to get old body back, but now Erin approached equipment with a new found confidence.

As Erin set the bench press machine to 100lbs, her previous max, she was eager to discover if her body and physical metamorphosis also rewarded her with added strength as well.  Erin had always admired the strength of the fitness competitors on television and had yearned to be like them for years.  As Erin closed her eyes and pressed against the handles, the steel plates slowly rose from the base of the machine.

“1…..” cried Erin as she pushed the handles out to full extension.   As Erin lowered the handles and tried for another rep, she felt a strange feeling wash over her. Suddenly, to her amazement, the weight began to feel a little lighter as her second rep eased up.


At this point, Erin was feeling thoroughly pumped as she brought the weight back down and began to push it back up without hesitation.  As her mind began to comprehend the reality of the situation, it was apparent the she had tapped into some reserve of strength that she had now inside her.



Each  rep became easier and easier, as her long slender arms now were pumped with a raging super-charged river of strength that enabled her to pump the weight up and down as if it were mere ounces.

“5….6….7….”  screamed Erin as her taut arms and shoulders fired like pistons, pushing the weight up and down at an increasingly rapid pace.  Erin bathed in the euphoria of the situation and moaned softly like a super powerful tigress as she began to grip the handles tighter and tighter.

8….9….10….”  The solid steel handles began to deform under the pressure the Erin was unknowingly applying with her superhuman grip.  The steel could only yield as the teenager’s hands remolded them as if they were play-doh.

As Erin’s body tapped into still more power she became lost in the throws of ecstasy.  Images of Erin as a beautiful, indestructible, unstoppable goddess filled her head.  Suddenly, her concentration was broken as her hands clenched shut and totally severed the steel handles from the machine.

Erin panted heavily due to more of the excitement than of the stress of the task she had just performed.  She looked down and the broken handles in each of her hands and with determination squeezed each of them in her soft delicate hands.  To her amazement, the steel slowly yielded to the insurmountable forces being applied by the young girl as she kneaded it like modeling clay.

She now knew that the accident from the other night had transformed into something beyond human and even beyond superhuman.  In addition to her startling physical transformation, Erin was now imbued with a power the world had never seen.

As the alien energy continued to course through her veins, feeding every fiber in her body with raw superhuman power, Erin stood and glanced at herself in the full-length mirror and reveled in the image that stared back at her.   She was still a stunning beauty with a perfectly toned body, but her 36-24-35 figure deceptively concealed the fact that she was now an unstoppable female juggernaut with a limitless amount of power!

“I feel sooooooooo strong….so fucking powerful!!”

“ I can do anything!!” declared Erin as she placed her hands on her hips and sauntered over to the now-broken bench press machine.  Suddenly, Erin reached down and grabbed the machine’s frame with her right hand and effortlessly hoisted it over her head as her left hand came to rest back on her hip. Erin could only smile as she supported the massive weight of the machine by her lone slender right hand.


Erin then cocked back her right arm and hurled the metal behemoth at a breakneck velocity as if she was tossing a wadded up piece of paper toward a garbage can.  The machine flew through the basement at supersonic speed where it crashed against the far wall and practically disintegrated upon impact.  The thunderous collision of hand-crafted steel against the solid cement wall caused metal shards to fly in all directions like shrapnel from an exploded hand grenade.

Erin watched in fascination as some of the projectiles flew almost in slow motion  towards her.  The newfound supergirl could hardly suppress her laughter as the formerly lethal shards ricocheted harmlessly off her stomach, chest, and head as if they were merely raindrops.  As the hail of shrapnel subsided, Erin knew that in addition to her  limitless strength, her gorgeous body also was now gifted with absolute invulnerability!!

As Erin dusted her hands in a mock display of effort, she beamed and said softly to herself, “Yep….anything!!”   Still amazed at her handiwork, Erin simply smiled  she sauntered out of the disheveled room.  She would cleanup later, but for now, she had more pressing matters at hand.

Throughout the course of the day, Erin continued to test her newfound powers and found that she was growing stronger and more powerful as the day progressed.  It was as if she could call upon any amount of energy needed to perform any physical task.

Lift the refrigerator……no problem………bend a metal rod into a pretzel……no problem…….uproot a tree with her bare hands…… problem……

It was almost as if there was no limit to the strength that she now possessed.  While Erin surmised there probably was SOME limit, there was certainly nothing that she could readily find that could tax her.  In addition, she had managed to discover a host of other super-abilities as well.  You name it, she now had it --- super-speed, super-stamina, super hearing, super eyesight, super-breath!!

Super-breath…of all her powers, Erin reveled in this one more than anything.  Perhaps it was the fact that she could create a destructive gust of wind akin to a killer tornado with only the slightest effort of blowing a kiss.  She loved the fact that this raging power was concealed within her lithe, ultra-powerful body and could be unleashed at anytime with a simple puff of her gorgeous lips!  She truly could give someone a kiss of death!

Aside from her physical traits, Erin correctly assessed that her mental faculties and brain functions had also been heightened considerably as a result of her transformation.  Her mind was practically on par with a supercomputer now as Erin discovered she could process and disseminate information at practically the speed of light.  And her memory was now impeccable!  As a test, Erin quickly scanned a random page of the telephone phone for no more than 2 seconds, and was able to recall every name listing and number without hesitation or error from memory.

As the day progressed and Erin settled comfortably into her new status a superhuman, she debated to herself what to do now.  She certainly could not lower herself to being a do-gooder super heroine like in those comic books!!  While she was a supergirl in every sense of the word, she couldn’t picture herself constantly just wanting to help others.  She first wanted to help herself.  And that meant doing everything and anything that she always wanted to do but never had the strength or courage.  Well, now she had a super supply of both, and she knew that nothing or no one could stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do now.  The fun had only just begun!!

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