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Roused (Chapters 7-10)

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It was late afternoon and Audrey was in a very seedy part of town. Most of the buildings were derelict. Audrey skipped up the small flight of steps and knocked the door to be let in. She could hear a symphony of punches inside and was anxious to get involved. Nothing was happening and she was beginning to get impatient. Turning towards the street corner with an idea to look for another entrance she caught the eye of a local hoodlum. It seems he'd been keeping a close eye ever since she had arrived. As she approached he pretended to get on a phone call. Audrey waited patiently, staring into his eyes. "Better keep things secret, it's much more fun that way", she thought.

After 30 seconds of talking rubbish to his imaginary friend, he pretended to hang up. He tipped his head back to acknowledge Audrey, "So... what do you want?". "I want to have a look around", Audrey pointed back to door. The guy squinted and looked around. "I've never seen you before. What makes you think you can just turn up here?" he enquired. "I'm thinking of taking up some boxing, is all", she replied. He'd watched her arrive and was taken by how she carried herself. How very relaxed, oozing confidence despite her small stature and walking with light and balanced footsteps. He could tell little of her body beneath her long, loose coat, but her face was unusually beautiful too. Something didn't quite add up.

"Why would a girl like you want to get herself busted up?", now he was beginning to get impatient. "I think you better go", he snapped. "What if I were to make it worth your while?", Audrey closed in on his face and smiled before reaching down towards his waist. She placed a note in his one hand as he began to fidget in his trousers with the other. Gulping, he nodded slowly trying to regain control of the situation. "I'll see what I can do", he said.

He pressed at the buttons of his phone before holding it to his ear. A blind on a window of the gym parted and he signalled Audrey to the person behind it. "Ok", he said, hanging up the phone. "You have an in, don't make me regret this", he warned, shaking his head slowly with his eyebrows raised. There was a click at the door. "Thank you", she said, turning and walking towards the gym.

As she neared a huge guy with a glassy stare opened the door. Audrey gave him a look of conviction and carried on past down a dark and dirty corridor towards another door, slightly ajar. "Here is where the magic happens", she thought, walking on towards the glorious noise she wanted to contribute to. The entrance door slammed behind her as she entered the gym. The room was alive with hungry animals. Some sparring, others training against the pads and punching bags. She noticed a large ring in the middle, which was getting a lot of attention. Throngs of people surrounded the fight inside with anxious eyes. There was menace in the air and Audrey wanted to be a part of it.

She gazed at the action, taking in every duck, every blow, every bob, every weave. Assimilating every movement of both fighters. A bell rang and the tension broke a little. Audrey caught the eye of a big guy, dressed in a tracksuit with a towel over his shoulder. "Fancy showing me around?", she asked. "Let's not waste each others' time here. Are you here to place a wager? If so, there's your man", he pointed without looking, "you can place what..". Audrey interrupted "No, I'm here to learn".

"We'll see about that, come with me". He pushed her by the shoulder, over towards a bag and leant against it. "Let's see what you have", he shouted. Audrey rubbed her hands together and placed her coat on the floor behind to reveal a baggy hoody and some equally baggy trousers. "Don't I get any gloves?", she asked. "We'll see, won't we. Hit the bag first". She was tiring of his attitude. Looking around the gym she spotted some less experienced boxers and decided to copy their style, but more importantly their power. She pulled her arm back and hit the bag with a jab.

"Good start little girl, let's keep them coming". He threw her some gloves and she slipped them on. She started throwing several punches and gradually worked in a few two part combinations here and there, but nothing fancy. After 3 or 4 minutes the guy waved his hand "Stop, let's talk". He walked around the bag and took Audrey's arms from the wrists. "You're pretty powerful for someone of your size. Have you ever boxed before?", he asked. "No, I just had two older brothers so had to look after myself", Audrey lied. He looked at the pristine condition Audrey was in "You don't seem to be too tired either, good news".

He lifted her arms and looked up and down them. "Reasonable reach, if nothing special. Think it might be time for some pads". He picked some up from a nearby bench and held them at roughly Audrey's head height. She was beginning to get a bit bored, but knew it was all in the preparation. "Let's go", he shouted. She let out a handful more punches. "Ok, let's try a bit of variety". He adjusted the pads and Audrey followed with hooks, jabs and uppercuts. After ten minutes he was beginning to tire a little. She followed his lead and pretended to be out of breath.

"You're doing great, where did you learn to switch up your stances like that?", he asked, slightly suspicious. "I've watched a lot of boxing is all. Sometimes practice in my flat". He wasn't the brightest and his concerns evaporated. "I don't usually do this, but how would you feel about a bit of sparring?", he quizzed. Audrey acted as if apprehensive before slowly nodding in approval. "Ok, great. Can you take those huge clothes off?", he asked.

"No problem", she replied, lifting the hoody over her head. She threw it to the floor behind and looked back to him. He was dumbstruck watching her take off her trousers. It was obvious she was pretty short, but he'd never seen such diminutive girl take to boxing so quickly, and "what a punch", he thought. His eyes inevitably focused on her boobs in her tight training top, her nipples subtly apparent, pressing out against the fabric. She played this up by jumping up and down, tucking her knees up as she did so. His head and eyes followed the captivating sight. "Is it ok if I go barefoot?", she asked. "Erm, well, y..yeah", he stammered. She turned around and reached down to take off her pumps with her legs straight, waggling her ass in the air as she did so. He stood there in awe, shaking his head and smirking.

Audrey quickly faced him and he rushed to lose his expression. "Ready to go now?", he asked, feeling very self conscious. "Sure", she replied. He was befuddled and clumsily removed his top and took some time to put on some gloves after dropping them and becoming a little embarrassed. He assumed a stance and edged towards Audrey who followed his lead. Lightly tapping her, he threw some combinations all around her body, but struggled to stop staring at her wonderful boobs.

Quarter of an hour went by, with Audrey occasionally throwing a few just to keep things interesting, but nothing to arouse any suspicion. The guy looked up at the clock and stopped dead. "I've got a lesson now, good job", he held out his hand, "John". "Audrey", she shook it. "I have to go I'm afraid but you're welcome to stick around". He began to pick up his things to leave, his eyes still straying downwards, seemingly uncontrollably. "Can you get me a partner first?", she said warmly, stroking his arm with her now ungloved hand. "Right", he said, "follow me". He looked at his watch again and hurried across the room.

"Phil!", he shouted. A muscly guy turned around, from punching one of the little swinging bags. "John, how do?", he said with a smile. "Help me out will you", John continued, "I have someone I want you to fight. She's a girl, but she's pretty handy". Phil's face sharpened a little before he glanced just behind John to see the advancing Audrey. His arms fell to his side and his mouth wide open. "Phil?", John barked, "PHIL!". He woke up and nodded. Audrey was putting back on her gloves and said "Hi, I'm Audrey and I'm here to fight". She winked and held up her hands. John had left.

Before Phil knew it they were both in position throwing casual punches towards one another. Audrey was still working hard to hold herself back but gradually improving her level. Phil was 5'9 or so and had competed a few times before, as his scarred face and flattened nose attested to. He knew his boxing but was beginning to struggle every so often with Audrey. She seemed to be one step ahead of everything he was trying whether she reacted or not. Audrey carefully adjusted her level to compete with Phil, if not punching with too much power. "This is brilliant", he thought, almost forgetting that a gorgeous and petite girl was keeping up with him for speed and technique.

"Gotta do something to make this more interesting without giving the game away", Audrey thought, "maybe if I". She started to throw some slightly harder punches. Phil took them for a bit but started to anger a bit. "If that's the way you wanna play it", he thought. He stopped holding back quite so much too. Expecting some kind of reaction to what he was doing, he thought it best to ask "You ok honey?". Without a moments pause Audrey beamed "Sure, do your worst, little Phil".

Phil knew he had to establish his dominance so turned up the heat a little more. Audrey smiled again "keep them coming, this is starting to get interesting". Harder and harder he punched but Audrey took them all. "Now it's my turn", she said. Suddenly her footwork improved and he was unable to land anything. She was all but standing on his toes but he was chasing shadows and beginning to lose his cool. He stopped throwing anything and stood there breathing heavily, bouncing up and down, ready to attack.

He was waiting for her to move first and finally she did. Unfortunately he couldn't cope with what followed. The speed her arms moved were forever just ahead of his reflexes. "Is it ok if I throw some real punches?", Audrey asked. There was a silence as she continued, Phil continually on the defensive. "Take that as a yes then". He groaned with each blow that followed, every one just beyond his comfort zone and coming thick and fast. The longest 30 seconds of Phil's life followed as he wobbled from side to side and finally fell towards Audrey.

She held him up as he breathed heavily and watched the room spin. "Come on dude, let's get you sat down". She led him over to a bench and sat him down. "You gonna be ok?", she asked, pretending to give a fuck. "Yeah, I think s...", Audrey was running out of patience. "Listen, don't take this the wrong way, but do you know anyone who actually knows how to fight?", she snarled. Phil stared at the floor, mumbled "try Jack" and nodded his head towards two guys fighting quite nearby.


Audrey suddenly appeared between two fighters, caught deep in some heavy blows. "Which one of you is Jack?". "Fuck off", one of them replied. She looked down and saw his name on his shorts and some writing about him winning some belt or other. "No need to be like that", she retorted. "Can you give us 5 minutes?", she said to the other guy Jack was fighting. He was disappointed, but reluctantly retreated to a nearby bench. "I'm here for some rumpy pumpy Jack, do you think you can handle this?". Jack paused as he watched Audrey shadow box, her tantalizing boobs wobbling above her toned abs. "Look, no offence", Jack said, "but I'd probably kill you".

"Whatever", Audrey said, "come with me". She put her arm around Jack and led him to a nearby empty ring. "You're probably addicted to some kind of crack, so let's put some money on this. Saves you burgling any houses tonight". Jack glared as Audrey had a little chuckle. She entered the ring. "Come on", at least flirt with me Jack. "Dunno where this is going", he thought, climbing up into the ring. "500", she said, tucking some notes into his shorts. Jack stood there, trying to make some sense before finally nodding "ok, if you insist". "Last man standing", Audrey said.

She walked back to the opposite corner and punched her gloves together a few times, Jack peered across arrogantly holding his arms up and shrugging his shoulders. "Let's make this fast bitch", he trotted towards her smug as anything. Audrey approached in turn as he began to launch into some punches in the air between them. "Don't wanna give her brain damage", he thought, "just knock her down a peg or two". They squared up a few feet apart. 6'4 Jack towering over feminine little Audrey. "Let's get it on", she whispered, blowing him a kiss. He blinked as the air rushed towards him. "That's odd", he thought.

Before he knew it, Audrey was on him, throwing one or two powerful punches. He was comfortably fighting his corner though. Gradually upping his power, he was getting unnerved how hard the punches she was taking. "More, you stupid fat prick", she shouted. He started throwing his body into it. Audrey started laughing. Jack had had enough. Whatever he did next she had it coming to her, in a big way. He'd had opponents take these punches this hard before, but it was time to earn this money.

With that he was now punching his hardest. Audrey had spent the entire fight on the front foot, not bothering to dodge a single punch. He was connecting as well as he could ever remember but nothing was happening. Blow after blow hit her face and each one served to intensify her smugness. Audrey was keeping him busy with the odd tap here and there, giving him pause for thought, but was not even getting warmed up. Audrey closed her eyes and continued.

Jack inhaled in horror and tried to adjust his position to avoid her blows but nothing worked. "I'm gonna start trying now Jack, it looks like you might have to burgle some houses tonight after all. If you can still walk of course." With that Audrey let out a burst of laughter and opened her eyes. Jack saw her pupils dilate and began to panic. Audrey's hands started to move almost faster than the eyes could see but she was purposefully missing him. He knew there was something bad to come but could do nothing about it.

Audrey pressured him to a corner of the ring. Whilst easily fending off his advances one handed with some soft and casual jabs, she tore the glove off her other hand with her smiling teeth. Winding her arm up as if to taunt him, she pulled her hand fully back. Her hand rushed at his face in a blur and stopped just below his chin. He tried to move his head but Audrey's ungloved hand tracked each and every movement he made. "I'm confused how you can call yourself a boxer to be honest. I could probably beat 10 of you at once." she boasted.

Jack was beginning to feel very claustrophobic. He prided himself on his defensive footwork, but Audrey had him completely outclassed right from the start. "It's time", she spoke, bending back her ungloved hand at the wrist, she swang a vicious bitch slap into Jack's face. His huge body contorted from the head back before flying up over the corner of the ring and descending onto two boxers sparring several yards away. Much of the room fell silent with eyes on Audrey. She paused and took in all the attention by raising her arms and giggling in triumph before looking down at Jack and the confusion surrounding him.

The two he had landed on had been knocked to the ground with him. They looked at Audrey in disbelief as she calmly stepped under the ropes, leaving a wonderful sight in everybodys' minds. She swaggered over, swinging her hips seductively and nudging a man trying to stop her into a run with a little flick of her bum. The two boxers glared up. One of them started "What do you.." Audrey interrupted "shut up dipshit, I need a pen". She pulled both boxers up by the waistbands with ease, holding them aloft briefly before dropping them to their feet. The talker of the two persisted but she was having none of it. She closed and covered his mouth and nostrils with one dainty hand as he tugged to remove it to no avail. The other guy knew better than to intervene and started looking around frantically.

He'd spotted a pen on a nearby table and rushed to retrieve it. "Well done", Audrey stated sarcastically, putting the pen behind her ear, as he arrived back, "now keep your friend in order". She thrust the two together and pushed them both away, slowly but very forcefully. Jack was still completely out cold. Audrey swaggered over and sat on his stomach. "Still, breathing, that's good. Now for some fun". She slapped his face a little bit, no good. Glancing to the left she spotted somebody swigging on a bottle of drink. He watched her approach with a frown. Moments later she snatched his drink and punched him out cold.

Getting back to Jack, she sprayed the remainder of the drink on his face. He started to show more signs of life. "Wakey wakey", she grabbed one his arms and started to slap him with it. He had a terrible headache and couldn't stand the commotion. "What the fuck is going o.." he started, slowly opening his eyes. Gulping he shifted his palms to the floor and started trying to hoist himself up. "Not gonna happen", she taunted, slowly adjusting his arms, overpowering him. She pinned his arms to the floor and gazed into his eyes. "Unless my memory's playing up, you owe me some things Jack", she stated, moving her one hand onto both of his and held them in place.

Her other hand groped into his shorts to retrieve her cash. "Oh my Jack, you shouldn't have", she joked. "Let me go", he shouted. "It doesn't look like you're in the finest position to be barking out orders here Jack. Give me a reason not to punish your stupidity", she mocked. "I can get you your money", he said. "I know you can, but what of your belt?". His face changed. It had taken him years of training, years of compromise to get it. He shook his head. "Don't be silly Jack, tell me where it is", she spoke, still perfectly calmly. Maddeningly calmly for Jack.

She started to bounce up and down on his stomach, harder and harder each time. "I've got all day free. Do you want to go and do something else?" she asked, with a glint in her eye. He coughed, "I gue... guess we could". She was fiddling with his hands. Finding a wedding ring, she began to spin it around his finger. "My friend owns a little hotel, just outside of town. I haven't been yet, but I've been meaning to visit." she said. Jack's eyes perked up. "Got any wheels?", she continued. He smirked. "Right, let's get going then." she decided.

Audrey leapt from the floor, still holding his hands and taking him with her. She released his hands and looked into his eyes. "You'll need your stuff." She placed her hand on his shoulder and they started towards the lockers. "What's your locker number?" she quizzed. "Forty", he replied. They reached the columns of metal containers and Audrey walked straight up to Jack's. He looked down and began rustling at his shorts to release a clip with the key on. A bang caught his attention. Audrey had pulled off the bottom of the padlock and was already into his locker.

He struggled to get a look in as she rifled through his stuff, her body all but blocking the doorway. "Your wife's quite the cutie", she said, handing him a framed photo of her. She started to tend to her appearance. Jack's nudges and other attempts to get her attention fell on deaf ears. Finally he started to speak "Listen... Audrey... Can I get my clothes? I want t...". Audrey placed her finger on his mouth. Far from just a symbolic act, the force she pressed down with made speaking an impossibility. "Be patient honey", she said, finding his wallet. "Bingo".

She threw it open and quickly glanced through his cards. After memorizing his address off his ID, she reached the notes section. "Not 500 here, you're gonna have to sort that out." She hurled the wallet at his chest before delving deeper. "My prize", she cried, putting his boxing belt over her shoulder. Some of his clothes hung on the locker door. "Nice jacket". Scouring the inside pockets, she found his keys. "Motorbike huh". Stepping backward to give him access, she said "That's me done. Your turn, but get a move on." She lowered her finger and he exhaled.

She watched up close as he got ready, occasionally taking the time to warmly caress him in various places. He found it difficult to put his jeans on when the time came. A very short time later Audrey began to tap her toe. "We have to go" she stated. Jack started rushing to collect his things. "Get..." Audrey whispered, shoving him to one side. She closed the door and put the top of the padlock back in the lock. "Here", she said bending the horse shoe shape into a tight circle around the mechanism like it were kid's clay.


Audrey strode for the exit, tending to her new belt. "It's a bit too big", she said to poor Jack who was working to keep up. Its huge flap was hanging to one side. Audrey tore a lump off and stretched the belt slightly over her hips. By now the two of them were outside. "Where's your bike?" she demanded. Jack indicated back to the corner where Audrey had met the guy earlier. He was still stood there but facing away on his phone.

Audrey crept up and snatched his phone from behind. "Sorry, he'll call you back", she pressed and there was a beep. He turned to ask "what the fuck?". "Hi again", Audrey responded, "check out my new belt". She handed him the phone back and pointed down. The guy took a long hard look at her whole body. "Listen, I've decided I don't want to pay after all", she said with a smile, holding out her hand. Jack was edging away, trying to appear uninvolved with the unfolding problem.

He laughed, "get fucked, lady", still looking her up and down. Audrey began to breathe in. Slowly but surely wind was developing around the guy and after a short time he was doing all he could to stay in one place. Suddenly Audrey ceased and the guy fell backwards to the floor. She walked over to him and placed one leg either side of his lying body, standing over him. "Money", she shouted enthusiastically. He rushed through his pockets and found her notes. Audrey giggled in glee and playfully kicked him in the side as she lifted her leg over to go.

The guy waited 'til the time was right and stood to his feet. He rushed up behind her and held a knife to her neck. Audrey looked down, and grabbed his wrist. In one fluid motion, she turned and threw the guy from around her being careful to let him keep the knife. "There goes the element of surprise", she said, pulling her finger towards herself to invite him again. He charged at her stomach with the blade. Audrey took no evasive manueveurs and screamed, in ecstasy, as the knife hit. The knife fell to the floor as the guy peered down to survey the damage, or lack thereof.

"I don't want to have to kill you", Audrey quipped, "just fuck off now". He went to pick up the knife but Audrey easily beat him to it. She held the knife up to between their eyes and with thumb and her index finger slowly bent the blade out of shape as the guy watched in horror. Audrey ripped off his jacket and led him to a lamppost. "You deserve this for challenging me". With that, she pinned his arms back and firmly knotted his wrists to the post with his jacket. "Night, night", she said, before calmly heat butting him. He fell unconscious with blood streaming down his face.

"Right Jack, now for some real fun", she grabbed him roughly by the arm, "where?". He pointed to a nearby side street. They turned the corner and his bike came into view. A vintage Harley. "This will be just right", she said excitedly. He produced the keys from his pocket. Walking up to the bike, he swung his leg over and was just about to sit down when Audrey caught his foot. "Sorry honey, not gonna happen". She flung him to the floor and snatched the keys from his falling hand before sitting down on the bike. Holding the handlebars and giggling, she looked down at him, fumbling to his feet. "You coming or what?"

Turning the key, she chuckled at the generous roar of the engine and began to rev it. Jack finally made it on. "Hope none of my friends see me", he thought. It would have been a peculiar sight to even any bystander: the most feminine woman you're ever likely to see, in control of a monstrous powerhouse, with a huge and dangerous-looking man looming behind her. "Hold on wherever you like", said Audrey, caught up in the moment. Jack made the most of this.

Audrey set off with a scream "this is fucking brilliant". She lowered her hand to fondle Jack's leg and powered on with the other. "Time to open this baby up". Spotting a sign that was flashing by, she headed for a nearby motorway, weaving in and out of traffic with an ease very few people manage on such a large piece of machinery, almost no-one one-handed. Shooting for a small gap between two cars, one of the cars began to cross their path to change lanes, but no worry. Audrey steered away sharply and then back to the side of the vehicle. Her hand caught the A pillar through its open window and pushed the car back into its rightful lane with a loud screech and they continued through the gap. Shouting at the driver to watch his back, she revealed she had his registration plate remembered.

Jack cowered, and clutched at Audrey with all his strength. Of all the wild things she had done to him, this left him the most emasculated. He tried shouting for her to slow down, but assumed she couldn't hear over the racket. The entrance to the motorway was nearing. Audrey had a brilliant idea and abruptly pulled over onto the pavement. It was a busy street and pedestrians watched in their masses as Audrey began to undress. "I've always wanted to do this", she said as she stood upon the seat, left with only her boxing belt around her waist, passers by stopping passing in order to marvel at her.

All was going well until a man 5 or 6 yards away lifted his camera to his head and began to fiddle. He pressed the button with his eye on the screen. In the time it took the shutter to do its thing Audrey leapt from the bike and got to within a yard of the camera. Despite a very fast shutter speed, the screen showed a blurred and angry Audrey just about to cover the lens. The man reacted with quite a fright as she liberated the camera from his grasp. "Don't..." crunch "do..." crunch "that". Audrey threw it to the floor, slapped the man down and glided back to the bike.

"Let's roll", she shouted to Jack, jumping back onto the bike acrobatically with a twist and a somersault. Many strangers clapped as the bike left the pavement. Some even clapped as they dodged the fast moving Harley. Heading under the sign for the start of the motorway, Audrey held down the horn and then stood on the pedals non-handed. Daintily she waved to the cars they passed. Blowing kisses to some. Up ahead she spotted some fun in the shape of a police car.

Sitting down and powering on she started to shift her weight. "What the fuck are you doing?", Jack shouted, only to be ignored. The front wheel rose as Audrey locked her feet around Jack's. His heart sank and came alive at once. The officer looked in his rearview mirror to see something loud and fast approaching. Immediately, he considered the sirens but decided to give it some time. Audrey slowed but stayed in the wheelie. Pulling alongside the police car, she waved to the startled officers and gestured for them to put their window down whilst mouthing something.

Caught in the oddness of the situation, the driver lowered his window to hear Audrey scream "catch me if you can, bitches!". She pulled slightly ahead and stood on the seat. The officer scrambled for the siren and radio as Audrey made derogatory hand gestures. Jack was exhilarated from the view and by being held to the bike only by Audrey's dainty barefoot pressing his jeans to the seat. The power he could feel against his cock was unfathomable.

Audrey dropped to the seat and pulled off as the officers gave chase. It was obvious who was in control. Several seconds into the pursuit the police car had already had a small scrape when passing a lorry. Audrey purposefully slowed again as she had another idea. The cop car pulled alongside. "Pull over miss!", one of them shouted over a speaker. She saw the other talking into a radio and looked for the antenna. Audrey pulled in front of the police car and rose to the seat once again. "Hold this here", she said to Jack, jumping onto the police car's bonnet.

The officers' disbelief was off the scale at a gorgeous woman casually swaggering up their car. Moments later, all but her lower half was hidden from view as she reached over the windscreen and tore the aerial from the roof. There was no police rulebook for how to react but their bodies had some idea. Audrey knelt down and waved through the glass with the item in her hand and a cheeky grin, her boobs pressing against the glass. "Bye then", she said and with a run up jumped back to the Harley ahead, immediately pushing Jack back and taking back the reins.

An exit was close by and Audrey indicated and once off the motorway began to pull away again. Jack had a funny feeling about this; it was only 2 miles from his house. "What are you doing?" he shouted, tapping Audrey on the shoulder frantically. The bike neared his house and she drove straight over his grass to by the front door. She hurled him onto some steps leading up to the door. "Sorry hun, maybe another time. Your bike can be deposit for the money for the time being", she whispered approaching him swiftly. She snatched her clothes, that were still in his clutches, and produced the pen. "Goodnight", she said coldly before knocking him out, with his body sat upon the steps.

She tore his clothes off as the sirens could be heard, and getting louder all the time. "500 owed. 100% interest a day." she wrote, calmly and neatly across his chest, before adding "PS. Trying to cheat on your wife is not cool either". She climbed back onto her bike and rang the doorbell before speeding off. The police rounded the corner just after she got back on the road, hitting the gas again one-handed whilst casually getting dressed as dusk was coming on.


The cops cruised cautiously towards a small angle of light in the corner of the large industrial complex 100 yards up ahead. Entering through an opened gateway into a small compound adjacent to a tall wall which contained a small factory unit, they passed the Harley, with its lights turned off and it resting against a fence. Moving slightly further into the area with their lights on full beam, they caught a figure kneeling on the floor with their back to them. Audrey's shadow was cast against the wall. The police car stopped 10 or so yards away with its lights aimed directly at her. "It's your turn Joe", Audrey heard one cop saying to another.

Anxiously, Joe undid his harness and got his gun and truncheon easily to hand. Slowly, he opened the door, saying "keep your gun on this one too. Shoot her if you need to, I'll back you up". He stepped from the vehicle and was taken aback by the vicious gale coursing around the vicinity. He carefully pushed his door to and it slammed with a gust behind it. He slowly walked towards the kneeling figure with his gun outstretched in his hands. As he did so, the other officer took up a position behind his door, pushing to keep it in position, also with his gun unholstered, carefully watching for any developments.

"Hands up!", Joe shouted. Audrey slowly raised her hands and placed them on her head. Her long dark hair flew ferociously around her head as she grinned widely to herself, her lips pursed and nonchalantly blowing. All the while she listened to Joe's cautious footsteps coming towards her. He stopped just short of her bare feet and took a moment to trace his eyes up her body and skimpy outfit. "Face down on the floor", he commanded. Audrey elegantly dropped down, now lying on her front with her arms behind her back. Suddenly the wind had dropped.

The officer held his gun at her head with one hand while uncoupling his cuffs with another. "Some help, Mark", he shouted back to the other officer, his gaze still fixed on the prisoner. Mark strode towards them, took the cuffs and stood over Audrey. He could hear the faintest of giggling, but decided to continue. "She's quite the wildcard, this one", he thought to himself as he slipped the cuffs around her slim wrists, all the way to the tightest setting. He read her her rights to complete silence, then began to lift her and said sternly "tell me if it hurts". Audrey shook her head as Mark led her to the car. Joe followed just out of reach, his weapon still drawn.

They got to the car and Mark made efforts to throw her into the back with the most violence. In the pace of the situation he neglected to realise her pilfering his truncheon as she discreetly overpowered him and sat in the seat calmly. She shook her hair from her face and said "thanks Jeeves". He slammed the door. "What a crazy bitch", Joe said to him. They climbed back into their respective seats as Mark turned on the light to tend to some documents. Joe looked through the grill into the back to see Audrey gazing back at him with a simper.

"Let's make tracks", said Joe, "our shift should've finished an hour ago". He turned the key and the engine kicked into action. "You can't beat a good chase though can you?", Mark replied. Their brief moment of bonhomie was cut short by the sound of metal contorting. They looked back in unison to see Audrey's hands in front of her, rolling the cuffs into a ball before discarding it on the floor. They gasped as Audrey began "I've heard these are reinforced". She picked up the batton from between her legs and held it at each end. "Hey! Guess what's gonna happen next guys!", she shouted merrily.

The steel deformed as she let out a girlish chuckle. "Back to the drawing boards", she declared, throwing the ring of waste metal through one of the windows. Joe snapped out of it and started looking for his firearm. Mark continued watching in a trance as Audrey started tearing through the fenced partition between front and back as if it were the dying leaves of an old plant. "It's almost as if you WANT me to escape", Audrey taunted, picking apart each fence segment with building enthusiasm. She was really getting into it, to the point that she ignored Mark turning with his gun pointing at her.

His finger squeezed the trigger repeatedly with a burst of fast shots. Snapping into life, Audrey dodged from side to side at a ridiculous speed. His magazine was now empty as he looked in bewilderment at the now still Audrey, who looked slightly on edge. She looked around herself to survey the scene. Bullet holes littered the seat behind her as she lay there in the dust. She was just about to look up when something caught her eye. A small hole lay at the top of her shorts at the edge of her hip. "Too slow", she thought, anxiously reaching down to look beneath for signs of any damage.

Mark peered over as Audrey reached down and pressed against her hip. A scowl covered her face as Mark began to reload. He pointed the gun at her once again. Audrey breathed heavily "do it", she said. He let rip with another full magazine, towards Audrey's beautiful torso. She sat there, unmoving as the bullets peppered her stomach and breasts. Mark gazed in horror as he examined the state of her body. The fabric of her top was plastered with holes and small sections of skin were visible. Lower down her abs had several small smudges for his troubles.

She lowered her hands and slowly brushed off the residue. "Don't you see what this means?", she began, reaching into her belly button to retrieve a small metallic item. "I am", she held up the item to Mark, his heart dropping as he realised what it was, "fuck-ing bullet-proof". She leant over, playfully removed the gun from his grasp and forced the metal into Mark's palm. The warm bullet was squashed flat to the shape of her body. Joe was recoiling in terror and began scratching at the door in search for the handle as he stared at Mark's hand. Audrey howled with laughter and sat back on her seat.

Mark had just opened the door when Audrey declared, "I'm awful lonely back here, what do you boys say to giving a poor girl some company?". She began to breathe in and the both of them slid to the back of their chairs and began to rise slowly from their seats. Without sitting up Audrey casually took hold of them by the back of their necks. Their legs struggled as she pinned their backs to the partition. She looked down on their shocked expressions and them back at her. "I'll have to insist", Audrey said, slowly pulling them towards her and through the gap. She rested them next to her on the seat. 

"Think I might make myself more comfortable", she said, slowly taking off her shorts, bumping into the two of them as she did so, before opening her legs briefly as they both gawked. "I think you guys should do too", Audrey said, lifting her top over her head, putting her arms around their heads and dropping her top in Mark's lap. "Put that on". Joe had resigned to his wonderful fate and was hurriedly undressing with his eyes all over Audrey. Mark was deep in thought. She rose and turned, before sitting on Mark's lap facing him, her knees each side of his legs and her eyes gazing with lust into his.

"We can do this the easy way or the...", Mark was now enrapt in her as she began to slowly unbutton his trousers, "... hard way". Her top rose up from his crotch as she ripped his trousers off into the footwell. Next she pulled towards her from the top of his shirt and his buttons flew off around the car. She giggled and firmly pulled his arms out of the shirt one by one. "Now", she said, retrieving her top from the end of his cock and stroking it as she did so, "over it goes". She pressed his arms up, fed his arms in and then forced the top down onto his torso.

"Great", she shouted, embracing his face and beginning to kiss him. Moments later he rose to his feet from her hold as she got up and she climbed on top of him. With her legs wrapped around him, they set at it, Audrey dominating him vigorously. Joe watched in anticipation for twenty minutes as she screamed out in joy. Mark had long been ready but the firmness of her hold prevented this. "Move", she shouted, shoving Joe to the footwell, before pinning Mark on to the seats and powering on. The car was shaking violently and Mark was fighting to stay conscious in his ecstasy. Each drive of Audrey's nudged the car on its wheels. Eventually she let out one final gasp and trembled in joy.

Still she held Mark at the point of explosion and grinned wide-eyed at him. "Ready?", she said, beaming. He nodded impatiently. Audrey quickly climbed off and held her hand around his cock sternly before grabbing Joe by the arm. "One question fellahs, have you ever heard of blackmail?", she said before spinning Mark to a sitting position and forcing Joe alongside him. "Smile for the camera boys", she gloated, pointing to the front. She left the frame and her grasp and watched as the two of them stared in horror at the lens in the front of the car, recording the night's activities.

Audrey boasted from the driver's seat "with the right sort of editing, this tape could be quite damaging to your careers, guys." Mark could hold no more and burst out. She continued "let's hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands." Moments later the two of them sat there speechless and completely humiliated. "Get out", she said, perfectly calmly, now with her back to them. They paused, looking to one another for ideas. "NOW", she bellowed. The force of her shout was terrifying and Mark tore at the door with no luck. "Locked, dickhead. Guess you'll have to climb out". They clambered face first through the broken remains of the window pane and cowered on the floor outside.

Audrey started the engine and reversed a little to alongside them before lowering the driver's window. "Top?", she smirked. He angrily took it off and handed it to her. She snatched it and shook his hand very slowly. "There's one last thing, where are the trackers in these cars?". They hesitated. She tightened her grasp as Mark began to howl in pain. Audrey popped the bonnet and nodded at Joe. The sounds of Mark's agony released him from his fear and he took for the front of the car. "Better do this right!", she commanded, before looking down at Mark. "Thanks for that, by the way", she whispered tenderly. Mark opened his eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks as she loosened her grasp ever so slightly.

Moments later Joe returned with a box and some wires. "Good work Joe, maybe you should look into a change of career anyway." She threw Mark's hand to the floor and put on her seatbelt over her naked body. "I'd love to say I'm sorry it had to be this way, but this was brilliant fun. Who knows? I might even be touch again, if you guys are lucky. Either way, take care getting home now, but don't even think about touching my Harley". With that she put up the window and slowly turned the car around before waving gracefully and departing with a warm smile. They began to shiver and cry in utter confusion.

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