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Deep Down Inside - Part 04

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"I can't believe Louisa was so unappreciative her new machine," Vicky lamented as she and Tammy crossed the campus green the following morning. Both girls were in skin tight pants and halter tops that exposed their perfect midriffs. Given the size of their boobs, the bottom hem of the halter tops dangled six inches in front of their chests. Vicky had never felt a breeze UNDER her boobs before.

"Yea, I know, she was pretty ungrateful," Tammy agreed. "She doesn't want to see what it can do, she doesn't want anything to do with it. It's weird." She giggled to herself as she watched a handful of guys do a double take.

The session with Louisa indeed had not proceeded as Vicky and Tammy had planned. They had experienced no difficulty in getting the machine inside of her. However, Vicky had tried to instruct the machine to transform Louisa, the way she had done the first two times, but to no avail. Louisa had been really upset, and it seemed this was interfering with Vicky's ability to command Louisa's machine.

"But it is what it is," Tammy continued. "There's no getting that machine out."

"Well, apparently that's not going to stop her from trying. She said she was going to the hospital today, didn't she?"

"Yup," Tammy chuckled, "I can't wait to hear what a disaster that becomes."

As the girls crossed onto the campus green, they fell nervously silent. Hackysack games ground to a halt as the guys in the circle began to take in Vicky's and Tammy's enhanced figures. Guys doing homework with the girlfriends broke off their conversations. A wayward frisbee whacked a guy in the head -- neither thrower nor catcher were paying attention.

Vicky smiled inwardly as she walked. {{This is a little bit embarrassing}}, Vicky thought to herself. {{I'm not used to all this attention.}}

"Did you just say something to me?" Tammy asked, stopping in her tracks.

"I don't think so," Vicky responded. "Did you hear something?"

"Yea, it was like you were talking, but your lips weren't moving."


"There, you did it again. What the fuck?" Tammy smiled.

{{If you can hear me, stretch your arms above your head.}}

Tammy flashed a mischievous smile and did so, causing her halter top to rise even further and expose the bottom of her aureoles. An appreciative murmur could be heard from the Hackysack players.

{{I believe we just discovered a new ability}} Vicky thought cautiously.

{{There must be a way to have fun with this}} Tammy replied.

{{I know just the thing}}



Louisa dialed Vicky's number on the cell.

"Are you in the hospital now?" Vicky asked.

"Yes, in the waiting room. Are you coming?"

"No. Did you make your appointment with Dr. Davis, like I told you?"

"Yes, but why?" Louisa asked.

"Because he's the cute one."

"Vicky, are you serious? First you stick one of these horrific things in me, and then you pick a doctor based on who is the cute one?"

"Yes, that was Tammy's idea. Now I want you to hang up the phone," Vicky instructed. <>

"Whoa. That was weird. It felt like your voice was inside my head."

{{It was. Phones are for normal girls. They are clunky and lame, just like normal girls. You don't need them anymore. You're special, meaning you're better.}}

"Uh, ok," Louisa said nervously, followed by a click.

{{Now tell me you can hear me}} Vicky instructed.

{{I can hear you, I guess. I guess you can hear me too?}}

Vicky ignored the question. {{Now for this stupid doctor's appointment. Tell me when you're alone with the doctor.}}

Vicky could imagine Louisa in the waiting room, everyone assuming she was there for her hideous burn scar. And of course that unflattering hospital robe was complemented by the unremarkable figure, the dull grey, hopeless eyes, and the defeated way in which she carried herself. Only a few days ago, I was like that too, Vicky thought, but the distance seems to be growing with every moment.


"Dr. Davis will see you now," the nurse announced, and Louisa silently followed the nurse into an examination room. "Change into this," the nurse said, handing her a hospital gown, "and the doctor will be in shortly."

Louisa instantly regretted the stupidity of following Vicky's instructions to ask for Dr. Davis by name. What's worse, the stupid smock made her really uncomfortable. Louisa didn't like her body -- and nobody else seemed to either. And if this doctor really was Dr. Adorable, and the idea of wearing the hospital smock in front of him was doubly unappealing.

"What seems to be the problem," Dr. Davis greeted her as he came through the door. He actually is kind of cute, Louisa instinctively noted to herself.

"I think I've ingested a foreign object," Louisa said. "I heard the X-rays were out of order. Are they working again yet?"

"Unfortunately, no. How big was the object, you said?"

"A little bit bigger than a baseball."

"That's too big to swallow. How did it get inside you?"

"It was, uh, surgically implanted."

The doctor put his pen down and studied her critically. "By which doctor?"

Louisa squirmed and pointed to her abdomen. "It was implanted involuntarily, while my girlfriends held me down."

"Involuntarily?" The doctor asked, with growing concern as he lifted the hospital gown to examine the site of entry. "There's no scar. How exactly was it implanted?"

"You're not going to believe this, but they used a device they got from the aliens."

A ponderous silence fell upon the room. "Have you been to see a psychologist yet?"

"No. Maybe I shouldn't have come. I just didn't know what to do. I even considered trying to cut it out myself," she said bashfully, "but I suspect that's stupid."

"Don't do anything of the sort. Cutting yourself in the abdomen would surely kill you. And as you've probably guessed, this metal ball exists only in your imagination. And now I'm concerned that you may be a danger to yourself."

{{How's it going?}} Vicky's voice barged into her head. {{Got it all fixed yet?}}

{{Screw off}} Louisa thought back.

{{Seriously, how's it going?}}

{{He doesn't believe me.}}

{{You told him everything? Did you really expect him to believe you?}}

"... so," Dr. Davis was saying, "I'm writing you a prescription for some behavioral medications and I'm going to remand you to the psychiatric ward here, where you will be under 24-hour supervision, until we can diagnose.."

"Remand me? That doesn't sound voluntary."

"It's not. We'll need to hold you there for at least a day or two in order to be sure that you are not going to harm yourself."

{{He's sending me to the psychiatric ward! And it doesn't sound like I have a choice. Oh, shit, I never should have done this, Vicky. }} A palpable panic had entered into the tone of her thoughts.

{{Hang tight. I think I can get you out of this. But I need to you relax and let go of your mental grip on the implant. Agreed?}}

{{OK. Anything, just get me out of this!}}



Dr. Davis strummed his fingers on his notepad waiting for her response. The patient seemed to be lost, as if she was hearing voices in her head-- or even having an imaginary conversation. It was his last appointment of the day, and his patience was running out.

Although a happily married man, Dr. Davis usually liked the appointments with the college co-eds. It was fun to admire the youthful, sexy vitality of the younger girls. And it put little bit of a spring in his step to know that he'd get examine a pert 22-year-old rather than yet another geriatric case.

But this particular college co-ed was a disappointment, he said to himself. Without the scar, she might have been more attractive. With it, she looked like a creation out of a b-rated horror movie. And moreover, she was a mental case.

"Ms. Parker, again, in order to get you the right care at the ward, I need to know whether you've ingested or smoked any hallucinogenic drugs in the last year, and particularly in the last week."

"Nope, no drugs," the patient replied sullenly.

"How about mental illness in your family. Is there any known history of it?"

"Nope," she replied.

"What exactly is the sensation you are feeling?"

"Ooooohhhhh!" Louisa exclaimed involuntarily. Crunching sounds soon began to emanate throughout the examination room.

"Can you be more specif..." but Dr. Davis never got to the end of his sentence. Instead, he watched in awe and some fear as the girl's shape began to shift before his eyes. She grew taller, as if she was being stretched upwards like a piece of toffee. And her physique shifted as well. Flab disappeared from her exposed arms and her freckly skin tightened and lost its freckles. Her shoulders, which originally sloped downwards, seemed to rise more towards the horizontal as her upper torso's musculature shifted.

Dr. Davis watched the changes with an increasing level of anxiety. "Stay calm," he exclaimed, perhaps more to himself than to her. "I'm going to have you transported directly to the emergency room." He turned to the phone and began dialing frantically.

"No you don---- OOOHHHHAAAAAH!", he heard the patient exclaim behind him as he dialed. He glanced to see that she was leaning back against the examining table, apparently to support herself as she was bombarded by another series of crunching sounds. "AAARRRRROOOSGGGHHH -- oh shit, doc, I'm really scared!" she nearly shouted.

Dr. Davis returned his attention to the phone and cursed to himself. In his anxiety he seemingly couldn't get his fingers to work, and had already dialed the wrong extension twice now. "Hang tight," he said as he thumbed through a list of extensions, "we'll get you help right away."

There was no reply from the patient. And no crunching sounds either. For a moment, the examination room was eerily quiet.

"Emergency room intake..." came the voice on the other and of the line.

"Hello," Dr. Davis began to reply. But before he could finish, an elegant hand had reached from behind him and depressed the switchhook on the phone, disconnecting the line.

"Trust me, you don't want to do that." The voice from behind him was his patient's voice, he knew, but far more sultry and inviting. It was the difference between shabby cotton and sensuous velvet. "You have no idea horny I just became. I feel like I could eat you alive." The doctor felt a hand trace a line down the back of his neck. "But first maybe you had better turn around."

He did. And what greeted him was a sight of nearly indescribable beauty. She had the face an angel, with wide deep brown/black eyes, high cheekbones, and endless curls of vibrant, lustrous brown hair that played with the light as it bounced. And no scar.

But if she had the face of an angel, she had the body of a devil. Her legs seemed endless and athletic -- sculpted with the most eye-catching of curves. Her hospital gown had somehow been lifted up slightly, making visible her panties and the lower half of a perfectly flat abdomen now lined with ridges of abdominal muscle. Letting his eye wander further up, the reason for the shortening of the hospital gown was clearly evident. Underneath the chest area of the formless gown were two enormous masses-- breasts perhaps, but they were too firm for that. Perhaps the patient had stuffed a pillow under there?

"What happened to the other patient that was in this room?" The doctor asked, although he instinctively knew the truth.

"She's standing right in front of you, doc. She's been.... enhanced," she smiled, running a hand through her hair.

"What in the world is happening here?" he blurted.

"I don't know," the patient replied. "But the changes aren't just physical, doc. I feel... different."

"What do you mean?"

"Well," she said, with a smile that would turn even a linebacker's knees to jelly, "I'm feeling more confident too. Like, rather than you telling me what to do, maybe I should be telling YOU what to do."

"Enough. Something absurd is happening here, and you need medical attention."

"OK, fine." A devilish smile crossed her lips. "Maybe some medical.... attention is in order. I'm actually feeling some serious pain. So, doctor, you had better take a closer look."

Dr. Davis was partially relieved to be asked a medical question, so that he could get his mental footing back. "OK, where are you feeling pain?" he asked.

"Well, it's more of an aching," the patient explained, untying the back of her hospital gown.

"Ok," the doctor replied, with increasing confusion in his voice. "Where is it aching?"

Instead of answering, the patient grabbed the doctor's hands and guided them towards the bottom hem of her gown. Dr. Davis tried, meekly, to pull his hands away, but her absurd level of sex appeal destroyed his mental defenses. He felt his hands contact her abdomen -- silky smooth skin over layers of taut muscle.

"Higher than that." She locked eyes with him as her hands guided his own slowly upward, pulling the gown up as they went.

"Higher still," she said. When his hands arrived her chest area, Dr. Davis let out a gasp as he first felt the immensity of her bosom. Not only immense, but fantastically firm -- far more so than normal human anatomy would permit. The doctor felt his hand squeezing slightly, against his better instincts.

"Aaaaagghhh," she sighed in delight. "That helps. Squeeze them harder, doc. See if you can cure me." Dr. Davis did, and she responded instantly, purring "Oh my god, that feels so wonderful."

Dr. Davis felt her nipples hardening under his hands. They, too, were unexpectedly large -- easily the size of pinballs, and every bit as hard. They were twice as big as any he had ever seen. "Pinch them," she instructed, "hard."

Dr. Davis struggled to get his fingers around each engorged nipple and gave them what he thought was a hard squeeze. "Uuugggghhhhh!" she squealed in delight. "Holy SHIT, that feels so good. Squeeze them again-- harder."

The doctor bore down, expecting a yelp of pain. But instead, a rapturous smile danced across her face. "Oh my guuuuuuhhhhhddddd," she squealed, gasping for breath. "I think I nearly came. If just touching my tits does this to me, I can't wait until you fuck my brains out."

"Ms. Parker," he said between heavy breaths. "I really don't think I should be --- " She silenced him with a finger over his mouth. Her other hand was on his, guiding it lower. Soon they were between her between her legs. Her pussy, like everything else about her, seemed to be supercharged. Her nether area was not simply moist, but was a pond of slippery sweet-smelling juice. Its seductive scent filled the room and sent his mind into somersaults.

He found her clit, pressed gently on it, and was rewarded by an exclamation of pure bliss escaping her lips. "Aaarrgh," she squealed, biting her lip to prevent a scream.

"Enough teasing, doc. You're cute. And I need a good fuck."

The doctor's mind tried to resist. I could ruin everything-- right now, in this single moment -- he said to himself. My marriage, my job, my medical license, half my friends at this hospital -- it all could go out the window if a nurse walked in on me having sex with a patient.

But to his shock, he looked down to see that he had already unbuttoned his pants. How did I do that, he wondered to himself? I need to stop, now, he told himself. But one look into her deep brown eyes, one glance over her flawless curves, one sniff of the intoxicating smell emanating from her pussy, and his willpower diminished almost instantly. He wanted her so badly it hurt. And not just any fooling around would do: he needed to feel his cock inside of her, now. The doctor watched in mute bewilderment as his hands -- almost with a mind of their own -- slipped his boxers down as well, revealing his raging erection.

"I at least need to get us some protection," the doctor protested.

"No," she pouted, with another smile that sent tremors through him. "I'm not waiting for that. I want to feel you inside of me -- right this instant. You want it too, don't you?"

The doctor felt his willpower succumb like a sand castle being hit by a wave. Before he knew it, he was positioning the head of his cock on her. What the hell is happening to me, he partly wondered to himself? How can a woman be so seductive that she talks me into unsafe sex? I'm a doctor for god's sake!

But even as these panicked thoughts raced through his head, he felt himself thrust uncontrollably forward. Given her copious juices, he slid in effortlessly. To the doctor's amazement she was tight -- tighter than he ever imagined possible. And there was something about her pussy that made his cock feel better than it ever had before. She felt... divine.

She bit her lower lip in ecstasy as her pussy worked some unknown delightful magic on his cock, massaging it in ways he had never imagined possible. Her bullet-hard nipples traced a path up and down his chest as he moved, sending his mind into tailspins. He began to pound into her with increasing urgency, losing all sense of time and the world around him. Was he at the hospital or his other office? Was it day, or maybe night? He didn't know; he didn't care.

Finally, he felt his pressure in his balls mounting, he tried to release his load, to feel the blissful climax wash over him. But for some reason, he couldn't. He pounded her with increasing urgency as coos of delight emanated from her rapturously beautiful face. Finally, she spoke.

"AAAARRRGGGH", she squealed, reaching her own orgasm. "OK, now you can go too," she panted in delight. The sound of her contentment somehow unlocked a gate that had previously been closed to him, and he instantly released his load -- one so intense it felt like getting tackled from behind. His juices seemed to explode into her

He looked up to see her cheeks flushed and her breathing heavy. "You couldn't to resist me, could you?" she whispered, a tone of amazement in her voice.

"I .... don't know what happened," he replied. "It was like I didn't have any willpower."

"Wow, the voices in my head said it would be that way."

"What do you mean?" he asked between pants.

"They said I could completely dominate you --- that you would basically be a boy toy that does whatever I want."

"That's a little bit insulting," he said, still panting.

"Or maybe it's just true," she said callously. "I think I'm ready to take my new toy for a spin. Whaddaya say, ready to pound me for real this time?"

"No way, I'm already beginning to go soft," he replied. "Men don't work like that."

"You'll work however I want you to work." Her velvety voice was like a drug for his soul. She rubbed her cheek against his, nibbled on his ear, and then whispered, her voice bursting with seduction. "Rock hard," her whisper commanded. "Now."

His mind tried to fight the notion that a simple instruction could make him recharge in only a few seconds. But her voice -- oh god, that voice -- it was impossible to resist. And before he could protest, he realized that his body had already obeyed. His shaft was now, somewhat painfully, straight as a rod.

"AAAAAHHHH," she exclaimed she pulled him deeper inside of him. "That's my boy!"

Without thinking, he began to thrust hard. "I can't believe I'm doing this," the doctor tried to explain between frantic thrusts.

"You make it sound like you have a choice, stud," she purred, flashing a winning smile. And with that, he found himself thrusting into her ever more passionately and desperately. Her pussy was in a category of its own, like nothing he had ever experienced before, like he had half a dozen mouths on his cock, working him in perfect unison.

"Pound me harder," she goaded, and his body instantly, feverishly obeyed. He felt himself barreling his cock into her with all of his might. Soon, he felt the pressure again building in his balls and desperately wanted to cum, but again, wasn't able. Time seemed to stand still as wave after wave of glee washed across his partner's face. Finally, after who knows how long, he heard a coo of orgasm escape her lips. "Oooooh gaaaaaawwwwd!!!"

And at the sound of her pleasure, his cock went off like a cannon. Cumming always felt good, but this time, it felt ten times better. He heard an involuntary shout escape his own lips.

"That was ....super," he offered, panting.

"You're using the past tense, darling?"

"I don't think I have any more to give you." He gulped for air as his member again began to soften.

"Yes... you... do," his blissed-out patient replied. The sound of her in ecstasy, and the look of bliss on her flawless face somehow brought new life to the doctor's loins, and to his shock, his cock again stood up at full attention as his hips eagerly thrust forward. This time, it really hurt. Did he have any control over his own body?

"Oooohhhhaaa" she cooed and sighed. No longer resting her weight on the examination table, she was now so deftly wrapped around him that his standing upright did nothing to separate the two.

"I have no idea why I'm still hard. I've actually come twice already! And it's beginning to be painful."

"But you don't want to stop, do you."

"I do want to stop, but I can't. I'm hornier than ever!"

"What a good little doctor you are. See you're making me all better, just like I asked....Oh boy.... hang on....oh boy..... here it comes...... UUGGGGHHH," she exclaimed coming again and triggering him to do the same.

"I need to stop," the doctor begged as they caught their breath.

"But I'm still horny, and starting today, you exist for my pleasure," she mewed. The sound of her sultry voice and the unbelievably gorgeous smile on her face sent his cock straining skyward again. And despite wishing he could break it off, he wanted her all the more.

"See baby?" she continued. "You'll find this a lot easier if you stop resisting. Your willpower is nothing compared to my sexiness."

Wordlessly, he watched as his body buried its cock deep inside her and began to thrust again. Now he truly lost all sense of time, all sense of the world around him. Like a drowning person, he was soon immersed in her hypnotic scent, her overpowering sex appeal, her ridiculous body.

It was sometime later that evening that Louisa slowly slid her street clothes over her new and improved body. Dropping her b-cup bra in the trash -- it seems so comically small, she mused to herself-- Louisa swung her purse over her shoulder and headed for the door. The clock said 7:30. That's more than three hours after my appointment started, Louisa noted as she stepped over Dr. Davis, who had collapsed exhausted on the floor. Poor thing, Louisa thought. He served as well as he could -- everything a man his age could do.


Kim's sullen walk, not to mention her round form, made her easy to spot from a distance. "Hey, Kim, wait up!" Jared shouted as he jogged to meet her. "I heard you had a budget meeting with the mayor yesterday on the women's shelter."

"Yes, we talked to the mayor's office, Louisa and I. But it wasn't really a meeting. When I hear 'meeting', I think 'dialogue' and 'respect'. This was more of a lecture."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Jared shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked. "It didn't go well?"

"No, it went awful. They cut nearly our entire budget. We knew that going in. But for me, that's not the worst part."

"So, what's the worst part?" He asked.

"The worst part is that I didn't stand up for myself. I told him we were doing lots of good work, but ultimately when push came to shove, I backed down. I could have used my time to argue that the mayor's constituency would get cross with him if he closed the shelter. Instead, I wound up simply agreeing to try to raise more non-public money."

"I see."

"Jared, I feel like I let myself AND the women down."

"I'm sorry Kim,"

'It's days like this when I just hate myself period." Kim stopped on the path and turn to face him. "I mean, look at me. I'm fat. My Master's Thesis didn't get anyone excited. I have no future as a politician since I'm clearly a terrible negotiator. And now the volunteer project that means more than anything to me is going to shambles!"

"Look," Jared soothed as a hooked an arm around her and resumed walking. "I think you're great. You're a great person. And because you're a great person, you do great work for lots of vulnerable women. Nobody else on this campus has put as much effort into protecting the vulnerable as you. So what if you suffer a few defeats. You need to keep your chin up."

Kim managed a smile. "You're the best."

"And someday, you're going to find a guy who appreciates who you are on the inside, and not who you are on the outside."

"Maybe," Kim chuckled. "But don't over-reach there buddy. If your pep talk is going to work, I have to believe it."

Jared smiled. "I have a suspicion that everything is going to work out for you just fine."


"OHHH, that was too incredible," Louisa gasped, as Tammy's perfect head emerged from between Louisa's perfect thighs. "You are one insatiable bitch," Tammy smiled, wiping her friend's sexual juices off her face, and then carefully licking every drop off her hand. The two girls had discovered that their juices tasted intoxicatingly delicious.

Louisa's phone rang. It was Kim, the only one of the four who still lived in her original, pathetic body.

"I'm a complete loser," Kim started, her voice cracking.

If Kim felt like that now, Louisa wondered to herself how Kim would react when she eventually learned that her friends had been transformed into sexual goddesses. "What's bothering you now, baby?" Louisa rasped, still engrossed in her sexual high.

"Well, you saw how things went at the mayor's office. The shelter is going to get hardly a dime!"

"Oh," Louisa replied, panting from the last of the countless orgasms Tammy had led her to. "I almost forgot about that."

"Well, I haven't. And I feel awful. It's like everything I do in my life turns to shit. Did you know I started a new diet last week?"


"How could you? I've actually gotten fatter!"

"I'm honestly having a hard time relating to you right now." Louisa peeked her head over her mountainous tits and surveyed the finely-toned landscape beyond -- a rock solid six pack in the foreground, and in the distance, muscular thighs without an ounce of fat. At the end of those, even her feet were perfect.

"Well, and here's the other thing," Kim continued, unfazed. "I went back and called the landlord about the gas tank. They are still tearing down the dormitory wing. No if's, and's or but's."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Louisa, I just wish my life was different. I wish I could be a little bit more in control -- of the situation with the shelter, of my body, of everything."

Louisa cupped a hand over the phone and whispered to Tammy "What do I tell her?"

Tammy smiled and pulled out the final mechanized ball. "It's the last of the four," she explained. "And this time, we need less drama."

Louisa returned to the phone. "Go home and get some sleep. It will make you feel better. Promise me you'll do that?"


"OK, good. We'll talk tomorrow."

And quickly, a plan was hatched. Later that night, Louisa snuck back to the apartment that she and Kim shared. As Kim slept soundly (and Kim always did), Louisa lifted the edge of her night shirt up, and let the ball do its thing. Painlessly it crawled inside.

On her way out, Louisa tapped a text message to her sleeping friend: "tmrw nite, Delti Chi party, call V when u get there."


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