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Deep Down Inside - Part 07

Written by circes_cup :: [Monday, 20 August 2012 08:02] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 September 2012 23:55]



"I feel like a flasher," Tammy complained as she, Kim and Louisa walked across the campus green. It was what Vicky had ordered -- ankle-length coats on the outside, and nothing on the inside. Trust me, she had said.

Rounding the corner, Tammy spied Vicky and Jared standing under a streetlamp in a secluded corner of the green, with Vicky clad in a full length coat. Tammy also noticed that Vicky had reverted to her original homely face and body. Tammy hoped that this was out of solidarity with her friends, and not any obstacle to returning to their earlier state. Or perhaps she was her old self for Jared's sake, who had not seen the girls since before any of the transformations.

"Where the hell have you been?" Louisa asked, almost desperately, as soon as they were within earshot.

"Around," Jared replied, before realizing that the question was not directed at him.

"I already told you," Vicky offered, "perfecting my craft."

"Sorry," Louisa replied, "we were just worried about you, and," she added sheepishly, "us."

"What's Jared doing here?" Kim asked.

"I just ran into her while she was waiting for you," he replied. "You know, you don't have to talk about me like I'm not here. And what's with the trench coats?"

"Well, Jared," Vicky advised, "I don't know how to explain it all to you so you might as well see for yourself." Jared shrugged consent, clearly having no idea what the girls had been through in the last week. Vicky continued, "Ladies, take a seat with me on the ground, in a circle. Hold hands. Jared, you just watch."

After the four girls were so assembled, Vicky closed her eyes.

"This is the moment," she started, almost ceremonially. "For three days, I've been preparing for this. I want to make you beautiful again," a sigh of relief was audible. "I want to make you strong enough to deal with our enemies, and give you many other capabilities besides. But whatever happens, you have to trust me -- not just because I have the control module, not just because I've somehow become the de facto leader, but also because we are friends. Agreed?"

The group voiced its enthusiastic consent.

"To the ends of the earth," Vicky prodded.

"To the ends of the earth," they responded.

"Good. From this moment on, no one will never compare to you."

A monstrous crunching sound emanated from the ring of four girls on the ground. Tammy was shocked that it lasted not a few moments, but seemingly for several minutes. She felt her body contorting and changing, but with her eyes closed, there was no way to tell how.

When it was all over, silence settled back over them, unceremonially broken by Jared. "What the hell is happening to you guys?" He asked.

Vicky ignored him. "Ok, open your eyes, ladies."

Tammy did so, and saw that her friends had been returned to their earlier, breathtaking selves.

Louisa let out a yelp, standing up and letting her coat slide off her shoulders. Although Tammy had seen Louisa in this state before, this was like seeing it again for the first time. Her peerless feminine curves, the complete absence of even an ounce of fat, sinuous athleticism and huge, irrepressible tits -- in her naked glory, she was magnificent.

Kim and Vicky by now had also stood and shed their coats, unveiling their breathtaking bodies as well. Among their comely features, Kim's extra-ample bust dimensions had been restored. Each boob seemed easily the size of a volleyball. Tammy stood up as well, let her coat drop around her feet, and felt the dance of cool night air against her splendid new curves. A cry for joy went up inside Tammy's heart.

"Yea, we're beautiful again!" Louisa delighted.

"Oh, my god," Jared exclaimed, seemingly at a loss for further words.

Vicky ignored him. "You're more than beautiful Louisa," she said, with authority. "Didn't you want to be more than beautiful? The last time I checked, you wanted some revenge on those guys as well?"

"Yes," said, somewhat hesitatingly. "I did."

"Take these," Vicky said, reaching into a bag and pulling out some sports bras and bottoms. It took me forever to find something that would come close to fitting us. But a least this way we won't cause any heart attacks between here and the gym."

"The gym?" Tammy asked.

"Yes, Walker Gym. It's time to meet our boys for their weekly game of pickup basketball."

"Uh, okaaay," Tammy responded hesitantly. "The guys that play there -- isn't that the place where the guys from the frat play, including the ones that hurt Louisa?"

"Yup," Vicky said cheerfully, beginning a quick march to the gym. "But now it will be different. And Jared, it's wonderful having you around, but don't follow us this time. This is something you don't want to see."


Vicky could see that the lights were on inside Walker Gym as she finished circling the building and returned to the waiting girls.

{{Looks like all the doors are locked up pretty good, except this one,}} Vicky thought to the others silently. {{That will be helpful.}}

"Helpful for what?" Tammy asked out loud, as they slipped under the chain link fence and entered through the open door. Once through, Vicky lingered behind a moment, hoping that the girls did not notice her securing the chains and locks behind them.

The girls paused at the end of the hallway, and after steeling herself for the moment, Vicky led them onto the court.

"Whoa, what do we have here?" said a tall guy on the court with thick-rimmed glasses.

Vicky let him admire her curves for a moment before responding. "We heard you might be playing pick-up hoops," she suggested. "We want in." Vicky noticed that the group of guys included ones they had seen before. Two of them had made fun of Kim when she was on stage the other night. And one of them had actually hit Vicky during the fistfight in the park. Vicky could see that the other girls recognized some faces as well: their body language was furtive, withdrawn, nervous.

"Well, we were waiting for another five guys to arrive, but I like the idea of playing you better," he smiled. "Hot and easy to dribble past, what more could we ask?"

Vicky made a motion for the ball and one of the guys passed it to her. His patronizing comment was just what she needed, a little push to go back and find that darker place -- the monstrous anger, that need to dominate. She could feel it beginning to well up inside her like a volcano. She desperately wanted to share it with the other girls -- to show them its power, and to educate them about their own.

{{Vicky,}} Kim said telepathically. {{I really suck at basketball. We all do. You know that.}}

{{No,}} Vicky said. {{You used to suck at basketball. Now, you're so good, it's frightening.}} Vicky shot the ball to her with a crisp pass. {{Give it a try.}}

Standing near the foul line, Kim took a deep breath, and raised the ball to eye level.

"Not that basket," Vicky commanded. "The other one."

Kim turned to face the basket on the far end of the court, a perplexed look on her face. A collective snicker went up among the guys.

"Vicky, you know I'll never hit that."

{{What did I make you promise me earlier?}}

{{That I have to trust you,}} Kim replied, as she launched the ball into the air.

It went through the net with a swish. A barely audible gasp could be heard from the guys.

"Good girl!" squealed Louisa, much more audibly.

"Lucky shot," replied one of the guys.

"We'll take it out," volunteered Vicky, ice in her voice. She ran to the other end.

"Are you sure you want to play 5-on-4?" A Sandy haired blond guy asked. "It isn't really fair."

"You're right, it's not fair," Vicky snickered.

And with that, the game was on.


Tammy watched Vicky take the ball out from the far court, speaking in an authoritative voice as we dribbled. There was a darkness to her that Tammy had not seen before. "Ladies," Vicky announced, "the point of the exercise is to introduce you to all of your new abilities. Don't worry about the game itself. We'll win that without even trying."

"The hell you will," said an Asian-looking guy who was guarding Louisa.

Vicky ignored him. "For the first ten or so shots, I want nothing but three-pointers, ladies, preferably from center court or further." Vicky fired a bullet of a pass to Tammy who, although unprepared for it, somehow caught it. Obediently, Tammy immediately went up for the shot from center court. This is ridiculous, she thought to herself as the ball left her fingers. But it went right in.

"Now on defense, ladies, don't let them score a single point. You're fast. You have no excuse."

The tall guy in the thick glasses went up for a jump shot, but Vicky somehow came out of nowhere, an auburn-colored blur. She sprang five feet off the ground, intercepted the ball, and, as the guys were running back to play defense, handed it to Louisa.

"Take the shot from here," Vicky instructed, even though the net was three quarters of a court away.

Louisa took a deep breath and let the ball loose, sinking the shot and letting out a squeal of glee. By now, all three of Vicky's subjects had sunk an impossible shot, and Tammy could feel the team's confidence growing.

Tall With Glasses again dribbled the ball down the court and prepared to pass it to a handsome dark-haired guy in a grey shirt. Tammy, with growing aggressiveness, went in for the steal. She felt herself accelerate to speed she had never known before, and moments later had the ball in her hands.

"Good going," Kim cheered.

"Maybe I'll try this one handed," Tammy offered, hooking the shot from about 70 feet away. It sank.

By now, the agitation of the male players was growing. "What the hell is going on here?" Tall With Glasses asked. "I feel like we're being hustled," Handsome Grey Shirt growled as he dribbled down the court.

"Wouldn't a hustle involve money, boys?" Vicky corrected him. "Louisa," Vicky said in a commanding voice, pointing at the dribbled ball. Louisa instantly became a blur of speed and stole the ball from him mid-dribble. She took it down the court and went up for a soaring jump shot, dunking it perfectly.

"I thought we said three pointers only." Vicky playfully poked her friend as she came back on defense.

"I had no idea I could move like that!"

"Only four people on earth can."

It was now 14-0. Sandy Hair Red Shirt -- actually, his face was getting red now too -- dribbled the ball out from the back court. But Tammy soon felt of rush of air as Kim blasted by. She was a blur of copper-toned flesh and black lycra as she seized the ball in mid dribble, took it back to the three-point line, and sunk another shot.

"Awesome work, girls!" Vicky lauded, the ice still in her voice. "As you can see, each of us is vastly superior to a normal human, not just in general, but in every individual area. Compared to these men -- or any man -- you have vastly superior speed, vastly superior aim, vastly superior coordination. The list goes on. They are nothing compared to you."

"Why the fuck are you talking about us like we're not even here?" Handsome Grey Shirt demanded.

Meanwhile, during the exchange, the Asian-looking guy started to make is way up for a jump shot. Vicky gave a look of annoyance and was instantly rocketing down the court. She went up to block the shot. The ball went wild off toward the sidelines but Vicky was instantly there in front of it, grabbing the ball before it went out of bounds.

"This is getting boring," Vicky continued. "Any of us could win this game on our own," Vicky said as she casually tossed the ball in the direction of the net, scoring three more points. "Tammy, girl, why don't you play a little bit of 1-on-5."

"This is bullshit!" Asian-Looking Guy complained.

"Come on," Sandy Hair Red Shirt said. "It's five on one. Of course we can win."

"OK," Tammy chirped. Inside, her confidence was swelling. She had never been good at basketball before. But now, she thought with growing pride, she was unbelievable.

Tammy gathered her stray golden hair back up into her pony tail as the opposing team advanced down the court. She smiled at a pimply guy in yellow shirt as he set up for a shot just outside the bucket. Tammy decided to block it, and a moment later, she felt a whoosh as her legs propelled her forward and launched her into the air. Time seemed slow as she sailed five feet above the ground, catching the basketball in mid-flight. With her feet still several feet above the ground, Tammy found she had plenty of time to contemplate her options and decided to toss the ball towards the net from two-thirds of a court away. And she sank it.

"Wow," Tammy said out loud. "I'm incredible!"

The other three girls gathered at a corner of the court to watch, Vicky in the middle with an arm draped around each of the other two's waists. Tammy smiled to notice that three of the basketball players were becoming increasingly distracted by the enormous amount of sex appeal lurking in the corner of the court, which was making their travails against Tammy all the more difficult.

Stealing the ball out of the a dribble from Tall With Glasses, Tammy rocketed down the court and decided to imitate Louisa's soaring dunk, but with a 180-degree turn and back handed dunk thrown in.

Tammy delighted in her massive potential for speed, darting around the court nearly in a blur to the poor opposing team. On any play where Tammy wanted the ball, she got it -- whether by stealing it of a dribble, intercepting a pass or even grabbing it out of a jump shot. It was all so easy, she got a little bored and even allowed a shot or two to make it to the basket. But those didn't happen to go in.

On offence, Tammy tried to mix it up as much as she could. Three pointers from the back court were efficient but got dull after a while. Even the standard dunks started to get old, so Tammy began adding new variations. Her favorite so far involved jumping right after she hit the three point line, doing a head over heels somersault before dunking the ball. However she tried it, she got the ball in every time.

When the game got to 40-0, the guys were clearly becoming really pissed off. They were shoving harder then they needed to, and when Tammy went up for a rebound, they were coming at her hard with their elbows. Good, Tammy smiled to herself. They thought that they could beat us hands down; this shows them right. After having caught a ball off of a rebound, Tammy turned to the Pimply Yellow Shirt and smiled.

"Watch this," she gloated. Without taking her eyes off of him, using only her memory of the location of the net, she one-handedly tossed the ball at the other end of the court, and was rewarded by the sound of a swish.

"That does it," he growled back. Tammy felt his fist contact her stomach, but for some reason it didn't hurt.

"Finally," Vicky announced from the corner, "Kicking ass at hoops was getting dull. Now we get to kick ass at something else."




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