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Milena's Diary Chapter 6

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Milena’s Diary


All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way.

This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public.

I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works.

Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday 16th May 2001 - 7:00 am

Flying is so cool! Especially now that I've really got the hang of it. I spent most of last night practicing. Just another advantage to being super, I guess. Staying up all night doing stuff. I haven't actually slept for days now, and I don't even feel a little tired. If anything I feel more full of energy than before. I suppose that's the excitement of being able to soar through the air like an airplane. Better than an airplane probably. Once I fully worked out how to control myself using my flying abilities, I was doing some amazing tricks and going pretty fast too. In fact, it might be interesting comparing my aerial skills against a 'plane some time.

I started out my training session last night doing something an airplane certainly can't do: just flying straight up into the air. No problems there - it couldn't be easier. But reversing the direction to come straight back down to earth... Well, that took quite a bit of practice. The first couple of times I misjudged things completely. I was coming down too fast. One time I just hit the ground and kept on going, my feet crushing the soil and tree roots and rocks as my body drove a narrow vertical shaft thirty meters deep. At least it didn't hurt. If anything, it felt quite nice. It certainly made me feel powerful to be able to "fly" through the solid ground almost as easily as I can through the air!

Another failed landing involved me crashing down into a huge oak tree. I thought the thick branches would break my fall and help me decelerate. Instead my fall broke the branches, snapping them from the enormous trunk as though they were twigs. They smashed down to the earth beneath me as I hit the trunk itself. That tree must've been over a hundred years old - it was at least three meters in diameter at its base and its uppermost branches reached around twenty-five meters above the ground. I assumed I would just bounce off the great column of wood as I descended on top of it. I didn't. I carved right down through the middle of it like a great human axe. Splinters and wood dust flew out in all directions as my invulnerable body split the massive trunk in two right down the center.

Finally, I came to a halt at about ground level. I heard a tremendous creaking sound as the two halves of the great oak began to topple outwards, away from me, to crash down on the carpet of dead leaves, the twin impact shaking the earth momentarily and causing a mass panic among the bird population for kilometers around. I stood up - completely unhurt of course - not realizing that part of my right leg was "pinned" under one of the half tree trunks. The easy moment of my delicate ankle as I rose lifted one end of the huge slab of wood a meter into the air. It smashed back to the ground near my foot, but not on top of it this time.

Feeling a bit experimental, and perhaps because I wanted to take a little break from flying practice, I bent down and wrapped by arms around the irregular semi-cylinder of felled tree. I had no trouble seeing what I was doing in the pitch black of the forest night, but the tree had been so big that when I embraced half of it, my fingers did not meet on the other side. I tried to get a better hold, lowering my body further and hugging the end of the horizontal trunk as tightly as I could. For a brief but lovely moment, I felt my big pendant breasts flattening very slightly against the rough bark and squeezed the thing even harder against my body.

That action caused a series of loud splintering sounds that told me I was hugging the trunk a bit too tightly now. Too tightly for the tree that is. As I continued to strengthen my embrace until I was pressing it to me with as much force as I would have used to hug a friend (before I met the genie), the cracking sound grew louder until an entire meter-long chunk of trunk just seemed to dissolve into a hundred thousand matchsticks and toothpicks. Sharp little pieces of wood flew from my arms, bouncing off my wonderful "new" body to scatter all around and leave me holding nothing. I stood up again and looked down at what was left of the mighty tree trunk.

I had shortened the half of trunk I'd hugged by around a meter, so it was now about twenty-four meters in length, although the last five meters or so were mostly branches and leaves rather than solid base. Despite that, it had to weigh tens of thousands of kilos. So I was quite surprised, after I'd bent down and gotten my arms around it once again, how easy it was to straighten up, lifting one end of the enormous column. I stood for a few moments with the end of the trunk comfortably in my arms, thinking about what to do next. Deciding to see just how strong I am, I tried tilting the trunk until the whole thing was off the ground.

Now, I realized at the time that the easiest way of raising the half-tree and keeping it horizontal was by gripping it at the middle. But I wasn't interested in doing it the easiest way. So, with all the laws of leverage working against me, I started to twist the end I was holding, expecting a hell of a strain to get the entire length in the air. Instead, the top half of the trunk, branches and all, came smoothly and pretty obligingly off the forest floor. It must have made for quite a sight - me, standing under two meters tall and less than a meter around at my impressive bust, dwarfed by half a tree trunk twenty five meters long and one-and-a-half around which I was calmly holding straight out in front of me like a knight holding an oversized lance.

Still in the mood to find out how powerful my slender body now is, I started to turn on my heels. It was no trouble at all to swing the huge chunk of wood like an American with a baseball bat. Of course, I couldn't turn very far without smashing the thing into another tree. My "bat" just carved right though the second trunk with a tremendous crack, leaving a high stump as the rest toppled violently to the ground. I swung again, easily chopping down two more giant trees, marveling at how little effort I had to use to maneuver such an enormous and heavy object.

Feeling incredibly powerful now, I adjusted my grip, lifting my new toy to a vertical position, my hands on either side of the bottom of the giant pole which rested totally securely between my big, round and, even if I say so myself, impossibly firm breasts. There was something incredibly erotic about casually holding several tons of phallic-shaped wood in that way. I don't know if it was the ease with which I did it, reminding me of the incredible strength I possess, or if it was the feeling of the rough bark pressing against my chest through my thin vest. Whatever it was, it really turned me on.

I think I was getting a bit lost in that sensation, because I suddenly found myself grasping the tree trunk tightly against myself and lifting it up and down, rubbing it against the front of my body. Soon, I smelt smoke and realized that the friction I was generating had heated the wood almost to the point of catching fire. The warmth only served to get me further aroused and I increased the pace of my movements, vigorously stroking myself with the huge chunk of tree until, with a "wumpf!" it burst into flame. I let the fire lick deliciously at me as I continued to caress my front with the burning wood until the inevitable happened.

It must have been about that moment that I dropped the flaming tree. I remember shaking violently as I orgasmed over and over. My hands were suddenly free. One found its way inside my invulnerable panties where a couple of fingers sought out my eager sex. My other hand traveled, seemingly by itself, up my vest to cup one of my full breasts, kneading the "soft" flesh - I guess probably with enough force to crush steel. Anyway, I was in paradise. My eyes closed and I lost track of time for a while as I gave myself the sort of extreme pleasure that I could only dream about before I got superpowers.

When I re-opened my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of fire all around me. The burning trunk I had been holding must have set light to the surrounding forest. The heat would surely have been phenomenal where I was standing, but I didn't feel anything but the pleasantly warm afterglow of my fantastic release. I knew I was in no danger from a mere forest fire; no flame can singe my hair or even mark my "super" underwear, let alone actually hurt me. Nonetheless, I was a little concerned that the fire might get out of control and perhaps alert the authorities to my presence, so I decided to try and put it out.

I think I should join the fire brigade! I did such a good job extinguishing those flames, even I was impressed. And it was so easy! I just put my hands on my hips, leant forward, puckered my lips and blew gently, turning slowly in a full circle as I continued to exhale. My super-breath instantly quelled the fires all around. In the process, I also blew quite a lot of trees over, the trunks bending and then breaking as they turned out to be unable to resist the gale-force winds generated by my lungs. I really love the sound of rushing air whenever I force a hurricane through my lips and I got a bit carried away, continuing to blow for a while after all the flames had gone until I'd cleared a circle of forest about forty meters in diameter.

Looking around at my handiwork and thinking how effortlessly I had altered the landscape, I started feeling incredibly powerful once more and recognized that I was getting horny all over again. However, I stopped myself from grabbing another fallen tree and rubbing it against myself; I didn't want to spend the entire night starting fires and putting them out. Instead I rose about fifty meters straight up into the air and hovered there for a bit, proudly observing the perfect circle of devastation I'd made before plunging straight back to earth, this time controlling my landing immaculately, coming to rest on the soles of my feet as lightly as any tiny bird would have done.

I spent the next few hours practicing loops and turns until I found I could fly at speed in any direction or angle, even backwards upside down. I've found I can turn sharply in the air, even going from a vertical dive to a steep climb in a fraction of a second. I can also travel far faster off the ground than on it. It's a good thing my super-senses give me lightening reactions or I'd have done an awful lot of damage.

And, whilst I'm on the subject of an awful lot of damage, it has just occurred to me that my mastery of flying means it should be no bother at all for me to cross the sea back to my home town and pay dear old Uncle Tony a "flying" visit. I wonder how long it'll take if I go as fast as I can...




Wednesday 16th May 2001 - 11:00 am

Oh wow! What a day I've had so far. Even compared to the ones that went before it. I suppose I'm pretty quickly getting used to being super-Milena. Things that seem normal enough to me now would've been fantasies before I met the genie. For instance, getting shot isn't most people's idea of having a good time but now I go out of my way to enjoy it whenever I can. Or throwing full grown men around like rice at a wedding. That's another type of fun I'm happily getting accustomed to. Likewise generating hurricane-force winds with as much effort as I once used to blow dust off a CD... But flying - and the stuff I can do in the air - is something else. I don't think I'll ever stop marveling at that. I mean today was just awesome.

Sure, every day is incredible when you're super - in fact just about everything you do is incredible. But, some things are more incredible than others.And what I did today was about as incredible as it gets. I almost can't believe it all actually happened. Some of the stuff I did today! I can't believe I actually spent the whole night a while back swimming across the sea and then running overland for hours just to get from my home town to that lousy little cabin in the woods. I can do that journey in well under half an hour by air - and that includes enough time to stop and have some fun along the way. And what fun there is to be had in the air!

It all started soon after I'd hidden my suitcase with this diary under some huge boulders on the edge of the forest. I just put my stuff down in a little dent in the ground next to one of the enormous rocks and then, with one hand, rolled the thing on top. A construction crane probably wouldn't be able to move that boulder, but the dainty hand of Milena had no trouble at all. How I love being super. Anyway, my stuff safely stashed, I took to the air, enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing by as I leisurely accelerated in the general direction of home. In no time at all I saw the sea below me, so I came lower to revel in my amazing abilities.

For a while I flew a few meters above the water, but I soon got bored of that and rose higher into the air. That must've been when I showed up on some radar screen somewhere. I'd only been traveling for a few minutes, but I was already halfway across the sea, in the official air-space of my country. And - I'm guessing now - as a small object traveling fast in a straight line, some kid staring at one of those green screens probably thought I was a missile. Stupid kid. I'm far, far more dangerous than any missile. Anyway, whatever actually happened doesn't matter. Suffice to say, somebody sent the Air Force after me.

Well, not the entire Air Force. Just six of what I suppose were the latest jet fighters. Imagine! Half-a-dozen jets with highly skilled, highly trained pilots with up-to-the-minute propulsion and weapons systems sent up against a single woman who was naked but for her vest and panties. It was totally unfair. I understood that right away as I saw the first plane approaching me from distance. Altering my course, I was able to fly alongside it without any difficulty. In fact, I had to stay well within myself so as not to shoot straight past.

When the pilot turned to stare at me from his cockpit, I couldn't resist the temptation to show off a little. I smiled and waved at him and then put on a burst of speed, by no means going at anything near my top speed, but certainly flying quick enough to zip by close to him. I just wanted to give him a little exhibition of Milena-power, to show him how much faster I can travel with just my lovely body compared to him in his big, expensive machine. However, I obviously went a little too near to him. The turbulence I caused (or maybe it was the shockwave generated by my passing - I don't know) knocked his craft spinning completely out of control.

I heard the frantic whine of the plane's engines as the pilot struggled to regain control and get out of his nosedive. It took him quite a while to steady his machine and climb again, eventually coming back into formation alongside one of the other jets. By then, I was too excited with what I had already done to just leave things there. Lazily, I turned a circle to come up behind the two parallel craft. Then I accelerated for all I was worth, streaking into the gap between them, going so fast it was as if they weren't moving at all by comparison. I didn't even touch either plane, but, as I glanced over my shoulder, I saw that I'd created enough of a disturbance to cause them to bump into one another.

Whoever is in charge of these things really ought to think about buying some tougher aircraft for the military. The two planes I "buzzed" barely touched, yet instantly there was a tremendous explosion and where there had been two jets, all I could see was a twin fireball. Big chunks of metal flew outwards from the point of impact, but sadly for me I was going too fast for any of them to actually touch me. I stopped in mid-air and turned to watch what was left of the two war birds spiraling towards the waves far below. I admit I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as my superhuman eyes spotted some of the larger bits of debris splashing into the brine.

By this point I was convinced that I had as much to fear from these jets as I have from a couple of moths. As I was in a playful mood, I decided to try and chase one of the remaining four. In no time at all I was right on its tail, keeping my speed down so I didn't overtake it. The pilot obviously knew I was there and, perhaps thinking about his dead colleagues, tried to shake me off. It was too easy to follow his every twist and turn, my agile body able to turn far sharper and quicker than his clumsy machine. I found myself getting closer and closer until my face was touching the flames of its exhaust plume. The heat felt lovely, like lying on the beach on a summer's day.

Enjoying the wonderful warmth, I just kept getting closer and closer to the plane until I found myself almost touching the tailpipe. Then I got curious. What does the inside of a jet fighter's engine in flight look like? I decided to find out and sped up a tiny bit, flying right up inside the pipe. I never got to see the inside of the engine, though. I suppose they're not designed to handle super-women having fun in their exhausts. The whole thing just blew up suddenly, lovely burning fuel raining down on me as red-hot bits of plane slammed into my invulnerable body, making me moan with delight. But it was all over too soon as far as I was concerned. A few more splashes in the sea below and no more plane.

But my fun was just beginning. With half the squadron destroyed, the others needed no further convincing that I was a hostile presence. I heard a sort of whooshing sound behind me and turned in the air to see, to my complete delight, what could only be an air-to-air missile heading straight for me. Remembering how wonderful the torpedo had felt the other day, I steered myself right into the path of the oncoming rocket and just waited for it to do its thing. It didn't disappoint, the pointed nose striking me right in the abdomen, the impact alone thrilling me. But that was nothing compared to the detonation.

The heat of the explosion was nice, but the dozens of bits of torn metal smacking into my body was altogether fantastic. I watched as one chunk bounced off the underside of my breasts, making my whole chest tingle with delight. Another bit of debris glanced against my chin, breaking in two as the hard metal hit my far harder face. Other pieces pinged off my knees and shoulders. I flew upwards, hugging myself with the sheer pleasure of it all. In fact, I was so wrapped up in my enjoyment that I almost didn't see another missile passing by beneath me.

Fortunately, I spotted the thing in time and dived down towards it, easily catching up with it. Carefully, I adjusted myself so that I was flying right above it, matching its slow pace. Then, too excited to wait any longer, I just reached down and hugged it to my chest. It was the perfect size to fit between my breasts, but it didn't stay whole for long. It just did the one thing it had been built to do, blowing up with such intensity that the front of my vest and the skin beneath it actually glowed for a while. But I was more interested in the sensation of the enormous explosion I'd trapped between my smooth, slender arms and my big, heavy breasts.

I don't think I've got the vocabulary to describe what it felt like. It was better than any sex I've ever had. The force of the metal against my mounds and my nipples in particular must have been enormous, but to me it was like being kissed a thousand times simultaneously all over my sensitive breasts whilst being expertly fondled by a dozen strong, loving hands. I screamed in delight as my entire upper body seemed to vibrate with pleasure, my eyes almost watering as my brain struggled to cope with so much pure physical joy. It was that good.

Once I'd finally come down off my peak and my chest had started to cool, I naturally looked around for more missiles. I was so sad to see that there weren't any that I decided to try and provoke the pilots into sending me a few more of their lovely presents. I just put on a little burst of speed, overtaking one of the jets, being careful not to pass too close to it and send it out of control. Then I turned around to face the pilot, putting my hands on my hips and thrusting out my still tingling chest as I "stood" in mid-air, directly in his path. Judging by the look of shock, fear and lust on the poor guy's face, I guess I looked pretty impressive as he sped towards me.

However, although I knew how to look good, I clearly have a lot to learn about jet fighter pilots. It seems that they don't use missiles for targets that are that close. They use a special gun, mounted at the front of their craft. I only saw it at the last moment. It had loads of barrels like a big machine gun. But the bullets! I saw the pilot's eyes narrow as he prepared to fire and then a stream of little shells headed my way - probably hundreds in just a few seconds. I just kept absolutely still waiting for them to hit me, thinking that it wouldn't feel like much after the wonders of the second missile.

How wrong I was! Each big bullet felt about half as powerful as one of the grenades that had exploded against me in Tony's underground lair. The difference was there was dozens and dozens of them. Each impact made me shiver with delight, the after-effects lasting long after the next shell hit, building into a crescendo of stimulation. Lost now in the pursuit of physical heaven, I found myself lifting my vest up and letting the material hang rolled up under my chin so that my breasts were completely exposed to the magical barrage as my hands returned to my hips.

Every single shell that touched my chest - and there were too many to count - felt fantastic. Some merely exploded against the outside of one of my breasts, leaving an electric tingle. Others though went right into my cleavage, stimulating both of my mounds at once and filling my mind with stars. But the best sensation of all came from the shells that detonated against my fully-erect steel-hard nipples. Each time I took a hit there I thought my brain was about to shut down, that it wouldn't be able to stand such a fabulous physical thrill. Of course, it didn't shut down at all. It just let me enjoy the incredible feeling over and over and over again. I suppose my brain is super too now.

All good things come to an end and this was no exception. I guess the pilot felt that he was getting dangerously close to me or something, but anyway, he stopped firing and went into a steep climb. I just kept my hands on my hips and matched his ascent until he was almost flying vertically. Then I sped up a little, positioning myself directly above him - and directly in his path - floating parallel to the ground, smiling down at the panicked face of the pilot. Well, I couldn't let him try to kill me with his amazing ammo and just leave it at that. So, I stuck myself in his way and let his plane fly straight into my mighty chest. It was the least I could do.

Pretending to be slightly bored as if I did that kind of thing every day, I let the pilot's last sight be my defiant pouting face.  I watched the front of the jet crumple against my naked breasts for a few milliseconds. Then came the good part. The fighter turned into the now familiar fire ball that warmed me and then I got the expected massage of supersonic chunks of metal debris that felt nice, but came and went too quickly. I didn't move a centimeter as the craft ploughed into me and blew up, keeping my palms arrogantly on my hips the whole time, really enjoying the sensation of absolute power that filled every part of my being at that moment. It was just all so very, very easy.

I glanced quickly all around me. I'd downed four planes and there were only two left. I had to slow down or else I wasn't going to be enjoying the fun much longer, so I leisurely flew towards one of the remaining jets, being careful not to affect its delicate balance by getting too close. Putting my hands behind my head and rolling so that my back was towards the ground, I acted as if I was floating on water as I gently maneuvered myself in front of the nosecone, matching the noisy engines for pace without any conscious exertion on my part. I left my vest rolled up above my chest, my exposed, aroused nipples pointing straight upwards. Then I waited for the pilot to see me and use his wonderful weapons against me.

It didn't take long. I floated to a vertical position, smiled broadly at the pilot - a fresh-faced young man - and thrust out my naked chest towards him to offer the best possible target for his ammunition. Soon enough, those wonderful shells were peppering the front of my body once again, filling me with a thousand simultaneous explosions of pleasure as they stroked and touched and caressed and kissed the front of my body. My breasts thrilled with the fantastic sensation of hundreds of impacts and detonations as I kept the distance between myself and the jet constant, just making sure I got the full physical enjoyment the craft's expensive gun could offer.

Throwing my head back, my long hair whipping crazily in the on-rushing air, I moaned my thanks to the genie for making it possible for me to feel like that. My hands came up to my bare, tingling chest so that my slender fingers could add their substantially greater power to that of the exploding shells and I was about to loose myself once again to sexual ecstasy when, quite suddenly, the gentle caresses of the ammunition stopped. I brought my head back and stared. The jet was still there in front of me and so was the pilot. It took me a while to work it out. He must have run out of ammunition.

I looked at the quivering face of the young man at the controls. He looked a bit pathetic. Like a typical male, he'd exhausted himself just when he was beginning to satisfy me. Smiling reassuringly, I let the distance between me and his windshield slowly diminish, spreading my legs out to allow the jet's nose to pass between them. I could've just let the front of the craft crumple up against my crotch like aluminum foil, but, thinking about how delicate these machines seemed to be, I wasn't sure that wouldn't cause the whole thing to blow up like the others had done. I did want that yet. I wanted some fun with the pilot first.

So that's why I ended up sitting astride the cone, like I was riding a horse (although it goes without saying that my now invulnerable and perfect rear needs no saddle). My body was right in front of the windshield, so my firm, upstanding breasts must have been filling the pilot's vision as he sat in his seat, terrified eyes as wide as saucers. I smiled at him, but I guess, being a man, he was too busy staring at my tits too notice. I decided to give him more of what he wanted. With my vest still around my neck, I lent slowly forward until the very tips of my erect nipples touched the glass pane between us. I held the pose for a moment, letting my hair stream out behind me and thrilling in my dominance over man and machine alike.

I didn't figure until the last moment that I was going to have to be very careful to keep my thighs relaxed. Without noticing, I had severely dented the sides of the nose cone when I bent forward. It's a good thing that I'm incredibly supple now. Anyway, the pilot didn't seem to mind. Maybe he didn't even realize. The terror on his face hadn't eased, but there was a strong hint of sexual arousal there too by this stage. I appeared to have him completely hypnotized, or more precisely, my chest had him under an unbreakable spell. He was under my power and I hadn't even used my superpowers on him! It was time for that too change.

I just leant a little further towards him, hair spraying out in the winds behind me. Immediately, the glass cracked where my impossibly hard nipples pressed against it. For a fraction of a second, my large breasts flattened again the creaking pane and then, in an instant, the glass simply dissolved into a million tiny fragments that sprayed all over the cockpit and out into the atmosphere as the cabin pressure was lost. But I didn't stop there. I bent further in until the points of my chest almost touched his shirt. He didn't move, he simply stared down at the top of my generous mounds whilst still gripping his controls. What was he thinking? That I was just going to leave and let him land his clumsy machine unmolested?

I slowly lifted my right hand off my knee and brought it up past his face, unopposed. He seemed to be wrestling with a dilemma: should he just keep his eyes glued to my tits or should he tear them away to see what I was going to do with my hand? After quite a lot of hesitation, the hand just about won. I was glad. It meant he got to see my slender fingers casually pulling the top of his harness loose from its metal fastenings. Still leaning in oh so close to him, I moved my hand slowly down, gently pulling off his helmet and oxygen mask so that he gasped for each breath of thin air. Then, showing off by using just my fingernails, I sliced through the tough webbing of the lower part of the harness.

It should have been pretty obvious to him what was going on, but he made no move to try and stop me. I did notice that he was trembling slightly now. It could have been fear, shock or perhaps he was just cold now I'd exposed him to the thin, bitter air of the upper atmosphere. Still though, he kept his shaking hands on the controls as my dainty hand approach the final strap holding him in. As this strap ran across his lap, I teased him a little by lightly brushing the edge of my palm across the obvious bulge in his groin, making him shudder. Men! Here he was, scared to death, but still he was stiff as a board just because I'd let him see my naked chest!

I figured that once I'd gotten the final strap out of the way, there'd be nothing holding him in and he'd be sucked straight through the open windshield, so just before my fingernails sliced the webbing completely in half, I pressed my breasts very gently against his chest. His squeal of agony was brief - I guess because my big mounds soon squeezed the air from his lungs - I certainly didn't relax the pressure anyway. I just reveled in the knowledge that it was only my beautiful breasts that were stopping him from being pulled violently into the sky - the same beautiful breasts that were slowly crushing the life out of him anyway.

It was then that I decided to take things outside. I used my flying powers to suddenly pull backwards away from him, letting the laws of physics rip him from his seat and send him hurtling out of his stricken plane into the atmosphere. A second later, I stopped flying backwards and hovered motionless so that he slammed into me front on. I got my hands around his back, hugging him extremely gently to me and just held him there while we both watched his unmanned jet suddenly nose-dive towards the sea ten thousand meters below us. Of course, he wouldn't have seen the mighty splash as the craft hit the waves. Only my superhuman eyesight could manage that.

His very human eyes were just staring, terrified into mine. With what little air he could find to push through his vocal chords, he was pleading with me to take him down to the ground. Only then did I realize that when I'd torn away his harness, I'd also removed his parachute. I smiled at him and then kissed him gently on the lips. I can't be sure, but I think he was actually kissing me back, responding to me sexually even in his frightened state. I removed my hands from his back, letting them fall by my side as I continued the kiss, feeling his arms grasping me around the middle as he clung on for dear life. I reached back to clasp each of his wrists between a thumb and forefinger.

Breaking his grasp took no effort whatsoever. I just pulled his hands from behind me, all the while keeping my lips pressed to his as I held his arms out wide by our sides. All that kept him air at that moment were my powers of flight which he was receiving the benefits of through my hold on his wrists and the intimate contact of our mouths. Which meant, of course, that I only had to open my fingers and break off our kiss and he was once again at the mercy of gravity. I, however, just hung unmoving in the air, "super" in every way. I heard his yell of desperation as he plummeted towards Earth, but I was too busy readjusting my vest, pulling it back down over my big breasts to wave goodbye. I hope he didn't think I was rude.

Anyway, I was already starting to wonder what I would do with the last remaining jet and its pilot. I found them in the sky quickly enough, but I hadn't anticipated the guy's next action. Obviously, having seen five of his colleagues taken out by me, he wasn't in the mood to try his luck. So, before I could fly over to his machine, he had ejected. His craft's engines were already screaming as they headed straight down towards the sea. The pilot, meanwhile just seemed to be floating around where his plane had been, hanging from a huge white parachute that billowed, supported by a cushion of air.

For a second I thought about flying over to him and snapping the strings that attached him to his life-saving sheet of material. But then I had another thought. Seeing the way his 'chute worked because of air resistance, I wondered how it would function under unusual wind conditions. The sort of wind conditions that I'm particularly good at creating. So, totally at my leisure, I floated over to him until I was about five meters from him and our eyes were level. He shouted something at me like "Please don't hurt me" and I responded with my most reassuring of dazzling smiles. Then I just tilted my head back slightly so that I was looking at the inside of his silky canopy, pursed my lips and blew.

I expected my breath to fill this parachute and lift him upwards. But even I was surprised by the speed which my easy puff sent man and 'chute rocketing away from terra firma. I heard him scream as the barrage of warm air actually pushed him almost inside the canopy before the cloth itself was forced upwards and the strings between them returned to the usual tension. It looked more as if the pilot was shooting towards Mars than floating gently to Earth. Calmly, I put on a little burst of speed so that I could stay close by him, slowing to a halt as the power of my exhalation was finally used up and he was floating serenely once again, albeit about a kilometer higher up than before.

When he saw me hovering right near him again, his face turned even whiter than it had been. "P..Pl...Please.." he stammered, pathetically. I just smiled at him. Very slowly, and extremely deliberately I brought my hand up to my face, turning my palm upwards and resting it just under my chin. Then, as sexily as I could, I pouted and blew him another kiss. This time I probably put a bit too much into it. As he went soaring off, parallel to the sea far below, I saw that the force of my super-breath had been too much for the thin material of his parachute. A huge hole had been torn in the center of the cloth and a couple of the strings had become detached from its edges and hung free from the pilot's back pack.

I watched as my "kiss" pushed him a few hundred meters sideways in the atmosphere, dragging his now collapsed parachute behind him. Then, as soon as the momentum my lungs had lent him was exhausted, both pilot and useless canopy fell out of the sky. And that was it for the six Air Force jets and the men that had been inside them. I had totally destroyed all of them. And I'd done it in minutes and with the greatest ease. I found myself laughing as I saw the last pilot's tiny splash so distant beneath my feet. I had just defeated six of the latest, heavily armed supersonic fighter aircraft in combat. I've never felt more alive, or more powerful.

Suddenly, I realized that I was absent-mindedly rubbing my crotch through my invulnerable panties. I was so turned on by my own power, I was in danger of making an exhibition of myself. But, then again I thought, there wasn't anyone to see me do it at fifteen thousand meters. So I slipped my fingers inside the waistband and let them reach my innermost place whilst my other hand pinched and rolled my harder-than-diamond nipples until I was at least temporarily sated. It wasn't until a few moments later, as I came down from my orgasm, that I started to think about what I was doing in the sky in the first place.

I'd wanted to know how long it would take to fly back to my home town. And now I know - not very long at all, whether or not the Air Force sends a delegation to meet me en route. I can pop into Uncle Tony's any time I want! I turned around and returned to where I'd come from, making it back to the edge of the forest without interruptions in mere minutes. I spotted the boulder under which I'd stashed my stuff in no time at all, even though I was thousands of meters up in the air, and swooped down to land - daintily - right by it. Then I pushed the big rock aside, picked up my case, opened it, got out my diary and started writing.

And now it's time for me to plan my next move. I think a visit to Uncle T. is very much in order. Perhaps even this afternoon. I mean, it's not as if I feel tired after my exertions. And I've also got to sort out somewhere to live. I mean, what's the point in being the most powerful person on Earth if you live in an old shack in the woods?


Conceptfan, August 2002.

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