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Mathematically Improbable - Part 3

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Mathematically Improbable

Part 3

by Caveman Ninja Joe



Jamie and her friend Brooke attended their local Science Institute, where Jamie was zapped by a machine that gave her superpowers. Then she messed with her professor and tore up the town for a bit, before Brooke arrived with powers of her own.

And now, the conclusion...

“Hi Brooke!” Jamie called out, completely unperturbed by her friend flying out of the sky and landing on the side-walk next to her. “Are you super too? Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

Fun!” Brooke asked, brandishing the door Jamie had thrown earlier like a two-by-four right in Jamie's face. “Is that what you call this! Fun!”

Well... yeah!” Jamie said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You want to try?”

I wha... No! Jamie, do you have any idea how many people you could have hurt, or God forbid killed, if this came down in the wrong place?” Brooke chastised, waving the door around some more. She stopped when the handle started bending, threatening to jump out of her hand.

Uh...” Jamie put a finger on her lower lip, and thought about it for a moment, “... a few... Maybe... So what?”

So what!” Brooke shouted, in utter disbelief. “So what! Jamie, this thing was heading right for the stadium! On game day! If I hadn't shown up you would have killed dozens of people! Doesn't that bother you at all?”

She shook her head, quietly muttering to herself. “Typical. I get superpowers, and I still have to spend all my time cleaning up Jamie's mess.”

Hey! I heard that!” Jamie said, visibly affronted. “Since when do you have to clean up after me?”

Oh, well, let's see...” Brooke dropped the door, letting it fall to the ground. There was a loud crunch as the glass panels set in the door shattered. Ignoring them, Brooke placed a finger on her chin then theatrically tilted her head to one side, pretending that she would have to think hard about Jamie's question. “...Well, why don't we start with that time in pre-school when you shoved Mike Simpkins down the slide? Who covered for you when the teacher asked who broke his arm?”


Or, how about Mrs Dawkins' maths class? How many times did I let you 'borrow' my homework after you'd frittered away the weekend trying to get Johnny to ask you out?”

Hey! I only did that... er... a couple of times....” Jamie objected weakly. It didn't help. Brooke had built up a full head of steam, and wasn't about to stop now.

What about all those times I've had to drive you home from a party because you were too drunk to stand up?”

I don't remember that...”

Oh, and of course, the biggest one of the lot... WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, STICKING AROUND WHEN THAT U.Y.P. DOOHICKEY WENT BALLISTIC! I've been scrounging around rubble for hours! You could have been killed! I... I thought... you were....” Brooke screamed, shaking the whole neighbourhood. Her eyes were tearing up. Jamie sprinted to her side faster than any normal human eye could see, and put a comforting arm around her friend's shoulder.

But Brooke, I'm fine!” Jamie said, giving Brooke a big, warm hug. Brooke, more by instinct than anything else, hugged her back. “I wasn't killed, hell I wasn't even hurt! Far from it! I'm fucking super now, and so are you!”

That's not the point...”

No! All's well that ends well, that's the damn point!” Jamie said, pulling back to look Brooke right in the eye. Jamie's lips curved into a mischievous grin. “Besides, are you seriously going to tell me you're not enjoying this? Getting to fly in the sky? Looking down on all the little people? Come on!”

Brooke said nothing. Little people?

Come on, Brooke! Come with me, it'll be great! Just us, two super-girls, going where we want to go and doing what we want to do! Hell, doing who we want to do!” Brooke smiles back at Jamie, just a little. “Well, Girl, what do you say?”

Brooke thought it over. Well, maybe... maybe she has a point. I mean, all these powers... she casts a glance down at the mangled door laying on the pavement, and grinned.

I suppose it could be fun. Flying with the birds, never having anyone boss you around, but... she looked warily at Jamie. What happens if I let her run loose? Knowing Jamie, half the city would be gone by sundown! Ugh... what to do....

At last, Brooke came to a decision. “Alright Jamie. Let's do this...”

Yes!” Jamie pumped a fist into the air.

... on one condition.” Jamie's enthusiasm deflated like a popped balloon. “If I think you're stepping over the line, you stop. Immediately. If you don't, then I'll stop you. Are we clear?”

Aw, Brooke...!” Jamie whined.

Do we have a deal?” Brooke pressed, her arms crossed over her chest, impatiently tapping her foot.

I... fine. I'll be good. Scouts' honour,” Jamie said, sighing.

You were never a scout.”

Whatever,” Jamie said, starting to perk up again. “So, what do you want to do first?”

Brooke just smiled at her lifted an arm above her head, and blasted off into the sky. Jamie was soon hot on her tail.


Mere seconds later, the two girls touched down in a park, right next to a pile of dull brown rocks. “So what are we doing here?” Jamie asked. Brooke didn't answer verbally, instead she nodded towards a large, white building with the words “Enrico's Gym” hanging over the entrance. Jamie, catching on, grinned at Brooke, and the two headed inside.

On their way in, Brooke was greeted by the gym's receptionist. “Afternoon, Brooke!” the cheery twenty-something blonde woman said. “I didn't think you were coming in today.”

Brooke shrugged. “Thought I'd get started early this week Sue. Is Enrico in?”

Let me see...” the receptionist leafed through a small notebook, until she found what she was looking for. “Yes, and I think he's free at the moment. Just head through to the dojo.”

Thanks,” Brooke said, and started off for the dojo across the room, but the secretary called her back.

Um, Brooke? Is your friend going to be joining you today?” she asked. Brooke and the receptionist turned, in unison, to look at Jamie. Jamie, on the other hand, was watching the tall, dark, and handsome hunk on the leg curl machine. Her chest heaved with every move of his powerfully built legs. Up and down, up and down they went.

Brooke just shook her head and chuckled. “No. I think she'll be using the weights room instead. Right Jamie?”

Um... yeah, sure... whatever,” Jamie mumbled idly. She didn't even look up, preferring to just watch the man. Up, and down. Up, and down. Up, and down,....

Well, either way, if she's staying you need to pay for a guest pass,” the receptionist informed Brooke.

Oh, how much is that?”

Thirty-five dollars,” the receptionist said. Brooke started fishing around in her shorts' pockets, but could only come up with a twenty. She turned to Jamie.

Jamie? You got any cash on you?” she asked. Jamie didn't respond. She just kept staring at the guy on the leg press machine. Up and down, up and down, up and down.... “Jamie!”

Huh? Oh, what was that Brooke?” Jamie asked, having finally managed to tear her eyes away from the man.

Brooke went over to Jamie and asked again. “Did you bring any cash?”

Uh, no,” Jamie whispers into Brooke's ear.

Then we have a problem,” Brooke whispered back, subtly indicating the receptionist. “You need to pay for a guest pass, or they'll toss you out.”

So? I'd like to see them try.” Jamie said, clearly savouring the thought. Brooke said nothing. Her foot was tapping away at the floor again.

Ugh. Fine. I'll pay,” Jamie said at last. Brooke let out a sigh of relief. She didn't notice Jamie glancing over at the receptionist's desk. Suddenly, Jamie super-sped away in a blur, only to reappear an instant later at Brooke's side. Around the same time, the receptionist noticed a faint gust of wind passing her desk.

Hey, did one of you leave the door open? I think there's a draft in here,” the receptionist told the pair.

Jamie just smiled. “No, I'm pretty sure its shut. Anyway, here's thirty-five dollars,” Brooke said, still smiling as she handed over the money. Brooke looked at her inquisitively.

Thank you miss,” the receptionist said, putting it in the till. “The weight room is right through there. Unless you plan to get changed first, just head on in and get started. If you do need to change, the changing rooms are at the end of that hallway,” she added, pointing.

Thanks,” Brooke said, even though she wasn't really listening. “Come on, Brooke!” she said, much more enthusiastically. She tugged at Brooke's arm eagerly; if Brooke hadn't just become a superwoman, Jamie probably would have ripped it right out.

Once the two girls were a good distance away from the desk, Brooke turned to Jamie. “Jamie, I'm sure I'm going to regret asking, but... where did you get that money.”

Um... I found it,” Jamie said evasively.

Where?” Brooke pressed, sounding uncannily like a mother who'd just found an empty cookie jar.

Jamie sighed. “Fine. I got it from the register, okay!”


Look, it won't happen again. Honest!”

Brooke looked at her, exasperated.

Pinky swear?” Jamie said sweetly, holding out her left pinky finger. Brooke took hold of it with her own finger, and shook it a little.

Seriously. I won't steal from the register again,” Jamie said sincerely. Next time I'll just get it from the damn bank.

Alright then,” Brooke said, satisfied. Just then, the two girls reached the dojo, and they temporarily parted ways.

Brooke walked into the dojo, a big room with a large white circle painted on the floor. There was a man standing in the middle of the circle doing what appeared to be Tai-Chi exercises. Around him, the walls were lined with a variety of exercise bikes, medicine balls, skipping ropes, trampolines, and punching bags of all shapes and sizes. One of the bags was getting a royal pounding from a well built, impressively moustachioed man.

Morning Enrico,” Brooke says to the moustachioed man, waving cheerily.

Enrico looks around, and seems surprised to see her. “Brooke? I didn't think you were...?” His accent was nearly as thick as his moustache.

...coming in today?” Brooke finished for him. “I wasn't going to but, well, my plans changed and I thought I'd get a little extra practice in,” she said slyly.

Enrico looked at her a little bit oddly. “Well, if you say so,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. He called out to the Tai-Chi guy. “Hey, Greg, take five, man!”

The Tai-Chi guy stopped right in the middle of his movement. With his elbows out from his body, one leg suspended up in the air, and the other bent as far as it will go, he overbalanced, and promptly toppled over. Brooke had to stifle a giggle as the man hauled himself up off his backside, and walked out.

Enrico turned back to Brooke. “Alright Brooke,” he said, walking over to stand near the middle of the circle, “Ready when you are.”

Brooke took up her position a couple of yards away from Enrico, and dropped into a fighting stance. “So, first to hit the floor loses?” Brooke asked casually.

Works for me,” Enrico told her, going into a fighting stance himself. Without further ado, he said, “Defend yourself!” and swung a heavy, right hook at Brooke. The punch seemed to come at her in slow motion, with a little stream of sweat trailing behind it. It was trivial for her to arch her spine back and gracefully dodge under the blow.

Missed me!” Brooke taunted lightly. Enrico jabbed as fast as he could, and missed by a mile. He tried again. Brooke easily danced out of the way.

Ooh, almost felt the wind from that one!” she teased. Agitated, Enrico lunged at her with another right hook. This time, though, Brooke didn't bother to dodge. Her left hand shot out, and caught his fist in mid air.

Too slow!” Brooke said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Enrico looked stunned. Brooke pulled her right hand back, making a big show out of twirling it around, winding up her counter punch. When suddenly...


There was an almighty racket as metal crashed into metal out in the weights room. Brooke looked around, completely forgetting about Enrico. “What the hell was that?” she said with surprise.

Enrico, taking advantage of the distraction, pulled his left hand back, then punched her cheek as hard as he could. The soft, slightly fatty flesh compressed half an inch or so, but Brooke didn't even flinch. Confused, Enrico tried again, kicking out at her abdomen. His knee went crashing into her ribcage. Again, she didn't even seem to notice him. If it hadn't been for the dull pain in his knee, Enrico would have sworn he'd missed her. He tried again. He punched with all the strength he could muster, aiming right for her jaw.

This time, she noticed – but only because his fist flashed into her line of sight. She turned around.

Before he could try hitting her again, Brooke swung back with a punch of her own. A very light jab – or so she thought. To her, it may have been nothing more than a friendly nudge. To him, it was like getting hit in the gut by a freight train. The force of the blow carried Enrico clear across the room. He sailed, in a smooth, almost graceful, arc - out of the arena, over the piles of dirty gloves, and straight into a punching bag. He crashed into it at high speed, ripping the bright red bag open, and spilling concrete dust everywhere.

Er... whoops,” Brooke said, biting her lower lip. She walked anxiously over to Enrico and helped him stagger to his feet. He seemed badly dazed.

You okay, Enrico?”

Er... well...” Brooke tried letting him stand on his own, but quickly had to grab him when he nearly collapsed back to the floor.

Whoa! Easy now,” she said, allowing him to place an arm over her shoulder for support. As she walked him over a bench, slowly but surely, Enrico started to regain his equilibrium.

Geez, Brooke, how did you...”

Win?” she said jokingly, “I guess you were just a little winded.”

Enrico didn't buy it of course. He was dizzy, not stupid. “No, really, how?”

Well...” Brooke considered her answer.

However, she needn't have bothered. Just then there was another loud crash from the other side of the dojo. A large, human shaped lump came crashing right through the drywall, rolled over on the floor a few times, then came to a stop right in front of them. The giant of a man, already unconscious, was covered in scrapes and his arm appeared broken in at least two places.

The hell?” Enrico muttered drowsily. Brooke, her heart already starting to sink, walked over to the newly made hole in the wall to better see what was happening.

Seeing her worst fears confirmed, she groaned. “God damn it, Jamie!”.


Moments after Brooke had departed for the dojo, Jamie walked up to the leg press machine. The dark, handsome man who was using it looked up.

Somethin' I can do for you, little miss?” he grunted out in between lifts.

Huh? No! No, just, just keep doing what you were doing. Never mind me,” Jamie said airily. The man looked at her questioningly. Before long, though, he went back to his workout. He pumped up, and down, up, and down, up, and down...

After about five more though, his poor, overtaxed legs couldn't take any more. He slid the safety catch back into position, and let the five hundred and forty pounds of weights crash back down onto the machine. Metal met metal, making a rather loud *CLANG* ring out around the weight room.

Hmm. Impressive,” Jamie said as the man climbed off the seat.

Thanks,” the man replied. He tried to smile appreciatively, but couldn't muster the energy.

Mind giving little old me a go?” Jamie said as sweetly as possible.

Uh, sure, be my guest,” the man told her. He started pulling some of the weight off the machine. Jamie walked over, and put her dainty hand on his massive paw.

Thanks, but that won't be necessary,” she said, giving his hand a gentle push that sent the weight sliding back into position.

The man looked her over. This blonde girl seemed absolutely tiny. As far as he was concerned there was no way this pixie could shift that much weight. He figured she must be new to the gym, and had no idea how heavy this really was. Well, she'd learn soon enough. “Um... okay...” the man said slowly. “If you think you can take it. But I say this is a really, really bad idea...”

Oh, I'll be fine,” Jamie said, still smiling. “How hard could it be?” The man thought about what might happen when this tiny wisp of a girl got in the already overloaded machine and winced.

Jamie climbed inside the machine, and lowered herself into the seat. She pushed her legs up (her feet barely reaching the platform), and released the safety catch. To the man's surprise, she wasn't immediately smushed against the chair.

Here goes,” she said chirpily. She started lowering the weight, until her calves were parallel with the ground. Then, she pushed back up, showing no signs of strain whatsoever. She went again, and again, and again. The man's jaw dropped like a stone.

Suddenly, on her sixth rep, Jamie put the safety catch back on. The man breathed a silent sigh of relief. Nothing seemed to be broken. Apparently this girl was stronger than she looked. “not bad. Not too bad at all. So, all done then?” he asked.

No, not yet,” Jamie said, as she got back on her feet, “This thing's just too light.” The man could hardly believe what he was hearing. Jamie walked over to the weight rack, and started grabbing weight after weight, and loading them onto the machine. By the time she was done, there were over one thousand, five hundred pounds on it, and the bars holding the weights up were slightly bowed.

By now, a small crowd of curious onlookers had formed around the machine. A group of men had appeared near the first one, watching Jamie load the weights. A few of them were chatting to each other, occasionally pointing at either Jamie or the machine and sniggering. When she pushed the last one (a whopping one hundred pound disk) onto the machine, she said, “Okay, that's the last of them.”

Well, good luck with that babe,” one of the new arrivals said, giving the first man a slap on the back, and a look that clearly said 'You're so screwed.' To the crowd's surprise, the man didn't join in the mirth. To their utter disbelief, Jamie climbed back in.

You have got to be kidding me,” another of the men muttered anxiously, “You're going to kill yourself doing that!”

I don't think so,” Jamie replied cockily, adjusting her position in the seat. Again, she pushed the platform up, and released the catch. Again, she started pushing the weight up and down, showing no more strain than she had before. The men's jaws dropped as though part of a perfectly orchestrated chorus of surprise.

After grinding out about fifty reps, Jamie started to get bored. Twenty more, and she finally stopped. She brings the safety catch back up, and lets the weight fall onto it as gently as possible. Even then, the impact still sends a loud CLANG reverberating throughout the gym. The gathered spectators are stunned into silence.

However, one of them eventually steps forward – a heavily built, square jawed man in his mid-twenties. “Heh, nice trick babe,” he tells Jamie. “Ya know, I gotta say, those are some pretty good fake weights you got there. Must have set you back a pretty penny.”

Fake?” Jamie said, mock hurt.

Yeah. Still, don't bother your pretty little head over it. Now, I'll just get rid of these, and get on with my workout!”

Uh huh. You do that big man, I need a drink,” Jamie said, walking off towards a nearby vending machine. The man came around to the side of the machine, and slid the first weight off the machine. Expecting a featherweight, he was more than a little shocked when the hundred pound slab slipped though his fingers, and landed squarely on his pinky toe.

HOLY MOTHERF... flipping heck! Oh, JESUS! Ah, Fu...” Jamie didn't turn around, she just kept on walking. Once he stopped bouncing around on one leg, he turned to Jamie. “Hey! Hey, lady!“

Who, me?” Jamie smiled sweetly.

Yeah, you! Damn, bitch! How the hell did you lift that!”

Jamie rolled her eyes. “Well, if you're going to be rude about it...” she started to turn away. However, he wasn't having that. He grabbed her around the wrist, and tried to yank her back around. “Hey, don't you walk away from me!” She didn't budge. He pulled again, harder this time. She still didn't move. He tried again, with both hands. Still nothing.

Suddenly, Jamie tugged her arm forward. The man, who had to be at least a hundred pounds heavier and a clear foot taller than her, was yanked clean off his feet and hurled face first into the vending machine. His face hit it so hard the glass front shattered, and left his face buried in a row of protein shakes. The rest of the gym junkies, seeing what had happened to their acquaintance, stared at Jamie with mouths agape. Suddenly, one of them yelled, “Get her!” A group of about a dozen heavily built muscle men charged Jamie, piling on top of her.

For a moment, all seemed still. Then, there was a faint, girlish giggle from the heart of the pile of tangled bodies. Suddenly, Jamie burst out. The pile of men exploded out in all directions. Men rained down all over the gym. One of them, a powerlifter and a bouncer by trade, hurtled over the weights and crashed through the dojo wall.


There was another loud crash from the other side of the dojo. A large, human shaped lump came crashing right through the drywall, rolled over on the floor a few times, then came to a stop right in front of Brooke and Enrico. The giant of a man, already unconscious, was covered in scrapes and his arm looked to have been broken in at least two places.

The hell?” Enrico muttered drowsily. Brooke, her heart already starting to sink, walked over to the newly made hole in the wall to better see what was happening. By now, there was an all out brawl in the weight room. An assortment of men lay around the room, looking battered, broken and dazed. The various weight racks had spilled, leaving massive metal plates scattered all over the place. Several of the exercise machines were bent or broken, and the spin bike had found a new home nestled in the roofing tiles.

At the centre of the chaos stood Jamie, brandishing a fully loaded barbell like a comically oversized baseball bat. The few men still standing were trying to keep just out of reach, jumping back whenever Jamie took a swing. One of the braver ones tried to duck under one swing, and get a punch in before Jamie could try again. However, he didn't count on her super-speed, and was promptly dispatched to the rafters.

Home run!” Jamie yelled triumphantly.

God damn it, Jamie!” Brooke cursed, stepping through the hole. Furious, she marched over to Jamie. “JAMIE!”

Jamie and the remaining gym-goers spun around.

Uh oh...” Jamie muttered.

The last few would-be heroes, seeing this, decided that now would be a great time to leave and scarpered to the exit.

Uh, hey Brooke...” Jamie said, trying to be conciliatory. She looked through the hole to the dojo. Brooke was still bearing down on her.

So, uh, all going well in there, I take it?” Jamie added nervously, trying futilely to hide the barbell behind her back.

WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Brooke yelled, so loud the weight racks lining the walls shook. “JEEZ! I can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?”

Five minutes?” Jamie said absent-mindedly, checking her phone for the time. “Well, uh, that was fast!” she added, hoping to lighten the mood and mollify Brooke. It didn't work.

You are the most... brash, foolish, stupid spoiled BRAT I have EVER MET in my LIFE, JAMIE!”

You don't mean that...” Jamie said, looking hurt.

Oh yes! Yes I do!” Brooke said, waggling a finger under Jamie's nose. “God! I don't even know why we're friends!”

Don't say that!” Jamie yelled back, shrilly. Heavy tears ran down her cheeks, smearing her thick mascara.

Why the hell not!” Brooke spat back.

With that, Jamie cracked. Before she consciously knew what she was doing, her hand shot out, and she slapped her oldest friend across the face just as hard as she could. Brooke, caught off guard, was sent tumbling across the room like a rag-doll. She tumbled from one end of the gym to the other, skidding across the floor, before hitting the far wall and coming to a stop.

Brooke tried to scramble to her feet, but in the blink of an eye Jamie was on top of her. The first punch shoved Brooke through the wall and out of the gym, pulverising the plaster and drywall to dust. A right hook flipped her over on her stomach. A flurry of blows followed, too quickly for the human eye to follow, but Brooke could keenly feel the sting of each and every blow raining down on her. Every slap, every punch, every scratch...

Suddenly, Jamie straddled Brooke's prone body. She grabbed hold of her opponent's head, entangling her fingers in the other girl's long brown curls. Jamie yanked her friend's head back. Brooke squealed in pain. The pain was agonising when her hair was yanked back with thousands of tonnes of pulling force. Relief – such as it was - came only through Jamie slamming her head forward into the concrete walkway. At least, until she pulled again. And again. And again... Brooke was left dazed, coughing up the tiny chunks of concrete that got stuck in her teeth.

Finally, it stopped. Jamie flipped Brooke over onto her back. Before Brooke could do anything, Jamie wrapped her hands around her childhood friend's throat, and squeezed. Hands that could crush diamond pressed themselves in around Brooke's slender neck. Invincible or no, she still had to breathe. She fought and pushed and struggled furiously, trying to pry Jamie off her. She flailed about, hitting any part of Jamie that got within reach. Jamie grunted and wheezed with every blow, but didn't relinquish her grip. Brooke felt helpless, unable to do anything but stare up into the furious face of her friend and would be killer. Her vision started to blur.

Then, as her life seemed to be fading away, she got an idea. To Jamie's surprise, Brooke stopped flailing and pushing back against her. Instead, Brooke flipped backwards.

Right through the side-walk.

She ploughed straight through the ground, which offered no resistance to her superstrength.

Jamie gasped in shock as Brooke pulled them through the dirt and concrete. She was taken so completely off guard by the manoeuvre that, for the briefest of moments, her grip on Brooke's neck loosened.

It was more than enough. Seizing the opportunity, Brooke flipped herself out of the hole, landing gracefully just inside the gym wall. Jamie, on the other hand, tumbled out into the street, landing in a heap.

You... you tried to kill me, you bitch!” Brooke screamed, her fury shaking the building. Jamie turned to face her, only to be greeted by Brooke's foot, racing toward her at many times the speed of sound. Brooke's shoe collided with Jamie's face punting her old friend into the air, over the trees, over the nearby apartment block, right into the middle of the city.

Jamie crashed through the glass edifice of an office building. The workers ducked or ran for cover as the out of control girl's invulnerable body tore through the office, pulverising every desk, computer, chair and photocopier that got in the way. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped, as Jamie made her exit through the opposite window.

Only to smash into another building.

Then another.

And another.

Finally, Jamie's flight started to slow. She brought herself to a stop in mid-air. Had she looked down, she would have seen the cars clogging the road as the late afternoon traffic started to build. However, her eyes were on the sky around her, keeping a wary eye out for Brooke.

Suddenly Brooke appeared, soaring over the Globo-Bank building. Jamie, acting quickly, darted up and drew back a punch. She swung at Brooke with all the force she could muster.

It wasn't enough. Brooke, calling on her years of martial-arts training, nimbly dodged the blow. Before Jamie's mind could register what just happened Brooke raised an elbow and dropped it squarely on Jamie's back, just between the fourth and fifth ribs. They both heard the bone splinter with a sickening crack. Jamie screamed in pain, but Brooke wasn't finished. Seemingly in slow motion, she raised both hands over her head, clasped them together, and brought them down on Jamie's head.

The people on the street looked up when they heard what seemed like an enormous explosion above them. However, there was no explosion, just the bomb-like shockwave from Brooke's overhead smash. Windows shattered, car alarms went off for three blocks in all directions. People scattered, but not fast enough. Jamie came hurtling toward the ground like a meteorite in short-shorts.

She hit the asphalt head first. The road around her exploded like a bomb had gone off in the middle of the street. Everything nearby was flung away or blasted to bits. Cars flew in all directions, toppling over the other traffic, flipping on to the sidewalk, or tumbling away to embed themselves in any tall building unlucky enough to be in the way.

When the dust cleared, Jamie was lying face first in the dirt. She pushed herself up, coughing and spluttering. Every bone, every muscle in her body ached. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were ripped and torn all over. She tried to stand, but before she could get a leg out was pulled up by her hair. It was Brooke. The brunette turned her one time friend around to face her. The blonde's face was a mess, with cuts and bruises everywhere, while Brooke had barely been scratched. The cuts were mending quickly, it seemed their healing capabilities had been enhanced as well.

Brooke looked up into Jamie's swollen eyes. She seemed angry, and yet... sad. “I'm sorry Jamie. I didn't want to do this. I... I don't want to do this...” Jamie's eyes widened in panic. Brooke was trying to talk herself into something. Jamie didn't know what, but she knew it couldn't end well for her.

No... Blooke... pleath...” Jamie forced out through a mouthful of broken teeth.

But I... I have to... I can't let you hurt anyone else... there's only one thing I can do... I'm so sorry...” Brooke said grimly. The dark-haired girl was crying, large tears staining her pretty face.

Then, just when all seemed lost, the impossible happened. For the first time in her life, Jamie, the dimmest bulb in the box, had a brilliant plan.

She closed her eyes, and focused. “Please, Brooke...” Jamie's mouth had nearly healed already, “I want to stay with you. I want you to help me.”

I don't think I can help y...” Brooke stopped abruptly. She was sniffing the air. “What is that smell?” she wondered. It smelled like a spring breeze. “It's, nice...”

Jamie looked down at Brooke's chest. The other girl's nipples were standing up, poking up like little mountains on her shirt. Jamie grinned. Her plan was working.

Super Sex Scent to the rescue! She thought happily. She gave Brooke another blast of it, just to be sure. If she'd ramped up her pheromones this much around Professor Daestrom, the old man probably wouldn't have survived it. Any normal human would have passed out by now.

Even Brooke, despite her superhuman resilience, seemed really out of it. Her eyes were glazed over, her breathing was becoming much more rapid, and she kept rubbing herself like her clothes were making her itch.

So, Brooke... um... could you put me down now?” Jamie asked.

Huh? Um... oh! Yeah, yeah sure...” Brooke said inattentively. She kept Jamie suspended at arms length.

Brooke?” Jamie asked again, giving the other girl a light tap on the arm. Brooke didn't seem to notice.

Jamie, realising Brooke's brain had temporarily gone bye-bye, gave up on persuading her to let her go. Instead, she started prying Brooke's fingers loose from her throat, one by one. Brooke didn't resist her. Her other hand had slid into her jeans.

Hey Brooke! Can you hear me!' Jamie yelled. That seemed to finally get Brooke's attention.

Suddenly Brooke emitted a high pitched, girlish shriek. She charged straight at Jamie, and pulled her into a massive hug.

So, Brooke, does this mean we're friends again?”

Oh yeah!” Brooke said, far too enthusiastically, as she manoeuvred herself around behind Jamie, wrapped her arms around the other girl's waspish waist, and started planting kisses on Jamie's shoulder.

Hmm... maybe I overdid it... Jamie thought, as her best friend started nuzzling at her slender neck. Subconsciously, Jamie started floating the pair of them out of the crater.

So Brooke... er... what do you want to do?” Jamie asked.

Brooke moaned lustfully. “Mmm... what do you want to do?” she smiled blissfully up at Jamie.

Jamie smiled back. She wanted to see how far she could push this. “Want to break stuff?”

Brooke looked to her side. There was a blue sedan sitting there. The side facing them was a mess, covered in dents, with both side windows having shattered when Jamie hit the ground. Brooke pulled an arm off Jamie, smiled, and shoved the side of the car. The hunk of wrecked metal flew away from them, smashing into the side of what, until then, was the only undamaged building on the street.

Jamie smiled. This was going to be fun.

So, anything else you want to do?” Jamie asked.

Brooke answered the only way she could. She spun Jamie around to face her then, before the blonde could react, planted a kiss right on her full, pouty lips.

Jamie was shocked. She knew that Brooke was out of her mind with arousal right now, but she never expected that. She didn't know what to do.

Then, she smelled it. A faint spring breeze.

Wait, I didn't do that, I... Uh oh... Jamie thought, can Brooke...

Her train of thought derailed instantly when Brooke planted another kiss on her, then withdrew, lusciously licking Jamie's strawberry flavoured chap stick on her way back out. The two girls stared into each others eyes. Jamie's breathing was speeding up, her heart pounding like a jackhammer.

Then, Jamie's eyes seemed to glaze over. She smiled naughtily at her old friend. Brooke licked her lips, spreading the sweet taste of Jamie's lipstick all over them. They were both lost.

Unable to restrain herself, Jamie wrapped her arms around Brooke, and pulled her best friend- her newfound lover - into her. The two spun around and around in the air, their lips and tongues dancing, their hands groping and exploring all they could reach of the other's tight, invulnerable super-body. Brooke ripped off Jamie's already shredded top, pink polka dot bra included, leaving Jamie naked from the waist up. Brooke dove in, shoving her face between Jamie's perky sweater melons, licking and groping every soft, supple inch of flesh. Jamie gasped and moaned in appreciation of Brooke's ministrations.

Jamie gripped Brooke even tighter, wrapping a hand around her friend's firm, finely toned rear cheeks. Her other hand groped around the front of Brooke's shirt, ellicting one delighted, lustful moan after another, before being forcefully shoved down the brunette's jeans.

The two girls, locked in their intimate embrace, floated higher and higher over the devastated street. The shocked survivors of their earlier battle stumbled out of their hiding places, dazed. They looked up, and their mouths hung wide open at the spectacle on display. Two super-hot, superhuman young girls floating thirty feet in the air, going at it like animals in heat. A few of the survivors nearest the crater caught a whiff of the lingering pheromones left by the pair and started panting needily. Two young men – maybe a year older than Brooke and Jamie – whipped off their pants and set to 'relieving' themselves right there in the street, unknowing and uncaring about anything but the superhuman goddesses flying majestically overhead.

Jamie looked down and saw the voyeurs from her lofty vantage point. She interrupted her ministrations to ask Brooke, “Hey babe? You see those guys down there?'

Brooke popped her head out of Jamie's cleavage, and looked down at the two. She spotted the two. “What about them?”

Could you get rid of them, please babe?” Jamie asked sweetly, but with a truly wicked grin. She waggled her fingers to give Brooke a little more 'encouragement', making Brooke's tight body shiver with pleasure.

Mmm.... consider it done.” Brooke spun them around, and looked at the two voyeurs over Jamie's left shoulder. She frowned down at the pair. It didn't seem to matter to them. She parted her lips, and inhaled. And inhaled. And inhaled for a good minute and a half without exhaling, compressing the air in her superhuman lungs. Then, she pursed her lips, and exhaled it all in a second.

Everything else in the street was blown away by eight hundred mile per hour winds. The voyeurs, the bystanders, cars, benches, trees, everything. People screamed as they were hurled miles away by the hurricane force wind.

When the winds died down, the two were alone. They could hear emergency sirens blaring in the distance.

Jamie considered their options. They could probably take on the cops, but seeing the gorgeous woman resting against her chest, she decided they had more important things to do. “Want to head somewhere more private?”

Brooke nodded. Jamie turned her head skyward, and raised her arm. Brooke embraced her more tightly than ever. Cradling her lover, Jamie flew up into the air, leaving a massive sonic boom in their wake as they soared up, up and away.




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