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One Pint

Written by conceptfan :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 10:25] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:31]

One Pint

by Conceptfan



My bank was held up, they stole a million dollars. The small ad in the paper just said "Someone take something of yours?  Want it back?  Email me."

What did I have to lose?  I emailed. The reply mentioned a fee: "A pint of your spermatozoa". It was a prank!  I deleted the mail. But then today, I received a package containing $1000 cash and this note: "Goods recovered. Eighth Street Car Park, fourth floor at midnight for the rest."  Forgetting all about the ridiculous "fee" and desperate for the money, I just had to check it out.

There was no-one else in the car park when I arrived. I sat in my car and waited. Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the side window. I hadn't heard or seen anyone approach. I was doubly shocked when I turned and saw the fresh, beautiful features of a young girl. Her clear green eyes and flawless complexion were evident even under the sodium lights. I remember thinking "Wow, she's young – no more than 17 at most." Her lips were full, and crimson, but she didn't look like she'd used any make-up. Teenage model material for sure.

She was bending to look into the car. Her tight, low-cut spaghetti-strap tank top left quite an area of her chest visible. I couldn't help but glance briefly down at the expanse of firm cleavage on view. She really was quite a girl. If I'd been half my age …

I wound down the window. She thrust s sports bag through it. "There's your money." she said. I checked and it looked about right.

"How … did you …?"

"My fee." she cut me off, holding out a petite, blemish-free, manicured palm.

"Ah, yes. About that …" I began. There was a creaking metallic groan and suddenly, the car door came free of its hinges. It took me a while to realise the girl was now holding it in her hand. She tossed it over her shoulder and it flew as far as the end of the car park. I was about to get angry when I saw her hand flash towards me. Something gripped me amazingly tightly. It was that same, small hand, clutched around my throat. It was hard to breathe. I tried to pull the hand away. It wouldn't budge. I tried to dig my nails into the smooth, slender arm it was attached to. No luck there either.

Then, to my shock, I found myself being irresistibly pulled out of the car. She stood up, lifting her arm, and I was lifted with it. All of me. Until my feet were dangling off the ground. I felt like a child's doll. The girl looked calm and relaxed, like my weight was no strain for her single arm. She pulled me close to her lovely face and said: "I'll give you three hours to get back here with a pint of your sperm as we agreed. If you fail, I will find you and kill you."   She released me and I fell to the ground at her feet. Her legs were bare but for a pair of trainers and a tiny, ultra-tight pair of shorts. The flesh between was glorious. "Well, move then, Earthling!" she said coldly, from on high.

I climbed into my car, started the engine and drove off, with no door beside me. I was terrified. The girl's amazing strength … the way she called me "Earthling" … Her threat. How did she manage to recover the money?  By beating up the robbers?  Killing them?

I had no intention of providing the requested fluid. What was this, some teenager's kinky game?  Besides, three hours wasn't enough. But the girl's threats felt very real. I had to hide. Somewhere better than the robbers had found, protected by something more resilient than a car door. There was only one place. Here. Sealed inside the vault at my bank. Nothing can get to me here.


I gave bank guy the usual three hours. When he didn't show I went to find him. I can identify any individual male of the species by its distinctive odour. It was no challenge for me to follow his trail from the car park to the bank building. I knew he was inside. The doors were locked. I kicked them open. I followed his scent, smashing through another set of thick doors until I came to the outside of the vault. Did he really think I couldn't get to him in there?


What the hell?  Is this an earthquake?  The whole vault is shaking. What’s that creaking sound?  It’s getting louder. Got to cover my ears. It’s unbearable, like the very metal I’m surrounded by is screaming!

Oh God, the wall to my left is moving … It’s … it’s bulging inwards. The sound is awful. A bubble is appearing in the steel … no two. They’re getting bigger… there’s something familiar about that shape!  The metal is glowing red-hot. It’s beginning to tear like molten cheese. The noise!  Wait … I can see something bursting through. Are those …? Fuck, yes!  Breasts!  Big, round, sexy breasts in a tight tank top, bursting through the steel!

They’re through. I recognize them of course, from the car park. The rest of the body is coming too, now. How is she doing that?  Just pressing herself through the thick metal, her glorious body bending and crushing steel like it was wet cardboard!  She’s busted a huge hole … now she’s inside the vault!  Fuck, she’s beautiful …

She’s reaching for me, picking me up with just one hand like I was weightless. Oh shit!  What’s she going to do … She’s tearing my trousers off … And my underpants!  She’s going to speak …

Her voice is commanding, yet so sexy. “You’re dead.” she states. “Once I’ve collected my fee.”  She reaches her perfect fingers towards my trembling, now naked groin …

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