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Stealing From a Thief – Part 5

Written by Dru1076 :: [Tuesday, 14 June 2005 15:14] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 June 2014 18:36]

Stealing From a Thief – Part 5

by Dru

Sarah had trouble deciding where to start. She zoomed from country to country trying to decide which place would be best to begin her campaign of world domination. But as she floated over a thriving city a solution presented itself. Between the towering skyscrapers and the sprawling industrial estate she found a sporting arena packed with energised spectators. What caught her eye as her gaze penetrated the high roof were the multitude of cameras. Sarah was inspired.

Growing up she had always wanted to be on television. She hadn’t thought about it for decades, but when the idea occurred it was an impulse Sarah could not deny. And what better way to introduce herself to the public than on a pay-per-view wrestling special? Sarah knew such events were full of surprises. Tonight the biggest surprise would be her.

Stopping to a hover, she began a slow descent toward the building and checked the place right out. It was a lot bigger than her island home, but her incredibly piercing eyes had no trouble examining every room on every floor. The place was protected by a security force consisting of huge men and women, their combined strength about the equal of her pinkie-toe, some of them bigger than the wrestlers. They were everywhere throughout the domed arena, and before her transformation Sarah would have cowered from any single one of them. Now they weren’t even an irritation. Ignoring them, she stopped for a moment watching the wrestlers as they waited their turn on centre stage. Sarah laughed as they pranced about the locker room, flexing their large but comparatively ineffective muscles. The wrestlers had trained for years to achieve the level of fitness required for their chosen profession, building large heavily muscled bodies to conquer their opponents. Sarah looked down at her own body, sleek and irresistibly attractive, and ran her hands up her sides.

Mmm,” she thought, licking the corner of her mouth. “You guys have a lot of muscle, but I’ve got a lot more strength.”

If she was going to be a wrestler, Sarah decided she would need to dress like one. Seeing the bizarre spandex sported by those she planned to publicly humiliate and destroy, she tried to cloth herself in something similar. The first outfit she wove around her tight curves was sexy, but the colours were too vibrant. The next was more revealing, but try as she might she couldn’t imagine a pair of boots to match. In the end, Sarah landed on the car park roof wearing a black string bikini and brief blue skirt. The left cup of her top sported “QS” in silver with a crown emblazoned on the other. She made her way to the elevator and carefully pushed the button. The doors opened and the powerful woman was soon on her way to the main entrance.

The ticket guy just glared blankly at her, as did the other men and women hanging around. Sarah smiled seductively, and several men creamed in their pants and one of the women orgasmed. It was amusing for her, how easily she could manipulate everybody sexually, but Sarah was here to demonstrate her other physical talents. It would be no fun, she mused, if the wrestlers were too busy humping the extremely charged pheromones in the air to fight with her. Looking through the wall she could see the entire crowd shifting in their seats. She had only been in the building for a moment or two and already she was affecting most of the people here.

Turning her thoughts inward, Sarah reduced herself to a level of attraction only fractionally beyond normal and removed the commanding tone in her voice. She wanted them to be able to fight her as best they could.

Looking back around the room, she saw that those who had been watching her still stared. Those who weren’t still watching as she walked through the entrance were making their way to the bathrooms. The ticket guy was still so dazed that Sarah walked straight past him and into the huge open space of the arena. A security guard approached, and Sarah was contemplating a dramatic way to deal with him when he was close enough to talk over the crowd.

Can I help you to your seat?”

I don’t want one,” she said, looking past him to the action in the ring below.

Thinking he must have misheard, the clean-shaven guard went on. “If you don’t know the row number it’ll be on your ticket. Can I see your stub?”

Sarah looked into his eyes and smiled. “I don’t have a ticket. What are you going to do about it?”

Aware of his supervisor looking on, the guard took her arm. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come with me.” He moved toward the door, but was startled to find his efforts failed to move her relaxed arm, let-alone the whole woman.

I don’t think so.” Ignoring him as he tried to hold her, Sarah moved down the steps. The guard leant back and held firmly, only to feel her smooth forearm slip from his whitened fingers.

The supervisor rushed over to help the guard back to his feet. He pushed a button on his headset and spoke briefly to his small army.

As Sarah walked gracefully down the aisle she saw three more guards coming up toward her. Continuing on as if they weren’t there, and looking through them to see the wrestling match taking place below, she was getting excited by the idea of what she was going to do.

Come with us,” one of the guards told her, taking her arm and trying to turn her.

Sarah had been so wrapt up in the staged fighting that she hardly noticed the trio as her gentle pace bowled them over. All three tumbled down the aisle, and those watching roared with laughter. The supervisor and the first guard jumped her from behind. The combined impact failed to knock her down, even though she had been halfway through taking a step. The pair found themselves being dragged along.

Wait your turn,” Sarah ordered, shaking her arms free of them. She reached the bottom of the aisle, and four large Afro-Americans barred her path. She could see more guards with night-sticks in their hands moving in. Deciding not to waste time on the little people, Sarah smiled at them, then hopped into the air and somersaulted high over their heads

The whole crowd gasped as Sarah took to the air. To make sure they knew it wasn’t a trick she went low over their heads and did two laps of the arena before landing in the ring. Looking around at the crowd, the ambitious woman couldn’t help grinning.

The referee ran over as the two fighters regarded the intruder with a certain amount of apprehension.

Get out of the ring!” he ordered, getting right up in her face. “You’re fucking up the show!”

I am the show now,” Sarah replied, ignoring the diminutive referee and walking toward the larger of the two wrestlers.

Who the hell are you?”

I’m Sarah. Queen of Earth.”

Oh great. Another wacko. Just what we needed here.”

Guards, and a few cops, began sliding under the ropes from all sides, and Sarah glared down at them.

You’ve had your fun,” the first to reach told her, three other men surrounding her as someone clapped a cuff on her wrist.

Actually, little guy, I was just about to begin. It was so kind of you all to volunteer.”

Reaching out, her arms unhindered by their efforts to restrain her, she clasped a hand on the shoulders of two men. Both of them cried out in shock and tugged at her arms. Their faces were contorted in pain as her fingers sank deeper into their crushed shoulders. Despite the six other burly men trying to pull them away, Sarah easily retained her toys. Opening her hands, she shoved them away. Those who had been holding on found themselves taken along for the ride, finally coming down way up near the back row.

The nightsticks came out, and the remaining guards started whacking her. Blow after blow rained down on her flawless, ultra-fit body. Within a few moments, the enthusiastic men backed off one by one and stared in open fear at the woman they could not hurt.

My turn.”

Sarah disappeared, and when she was visible again all the security guards were handcuffed together in the middle of the ring. She stood beside them with her hands on her hips, clearly pleased with her handy work.

You can’t stay there,” she told them, leaving her hands on her hips while she booted one of them, the blow carrying the entire cuffed ring of guards high into the far wall.

Sarah looked around to see that the wrestlers had made a hasty exit, and the crowd had been stunned into silence by her display. She pouted, unhappy that the effortless manner she had dealt with the security staff had scared off her other playthings.

Come on out and fight me!” she challenged. “Afraid of a woman? That’s understandable … after all, just look how strong I am!” She made a double bicep pose, her feminine arms showing no sign at all of the tremendous strength hiding beneath her skin.

It was at this moment that one of the largest men Sarah had ever seen stepped through the wrestlers entrance. He wore a mask, and a typically garish spandex outfit in shades of green and purple. In his hand he carried a microphone, which he put to his lips.

I don’t know who you are, hussy … But no-one, and I mean NO-ONE, messes with my title fight!” The crowd cheered him on, letting Sarah know who was the favourite. “I hope you got medical insurance, ‘cause me and my crew are going to beat you so bad you’ll need rebuilding from the ankles up!”

He started down the ramp toward the arena, his ‘crew’ of five wrestlers showed themselves and followed him.

Sarah smiled at them, and made sure the cameras were still running. The six large wrestlers surrounded the ring, and the man with the mike gestured at two of them. The pair slid under the ropes and jumped to their feet in front of their unexpected opponent.

Get ready, bitch, ‘cause here’s where the pain starts.”

One of them grabbed her and the other laid his fist mercilessly into her naked belly. Then he cried out, and grabbed at his shattered hand.

What was that? Did you hurt yourself?”

The wrestler holding her tightened his grip as much as he possibly could, his intention to squeeze the cheek out of her. She took a slow, deep breath to show him that she could while the wounded man smacked his elbow into her cheekbone. Once more he cried out, surprised by the fact that her soft features were far tougher than his experienced elbow.

Was this what you were trying to do?” Sarah asked him pleasantly, breaking one arm free from her captor, as though he wasn’t trying to restrain her with every ounce of strength he possessed, and smacking her attacker on the cheek with her upper forearm. The worried expression on his face went blank and he dropped like a loose bag of potatoes, his head slightly lopsided.

Wasting no time, the other wrestlers got in there. Smiling, Sarah extended her arms and closed her eyes. Relaxing her body as completely as she could, she waited to see what they could do. Yet as loose as she held herself, they couldn’t even move her arms down. They pulled and pushed, hit, kicked, even head-butted at her limp body. Knees, elbows, gouging...the blows and digging fingers all deadly moves delivered by over-trained athletes. One by one the wrestlers stopped and fell away as their adrenaline burned out, their own wounds surprising them as the pain finally got through.

Let me show one of my moves,” she told them, amused that she had already defeated them just by standing there. “I think I’ll call this one the ‘Whirlwind’.” Leaving her arms out, Sarah lifted her feet a fraction and span rapidly on the spot. The wind she generated knocked people off their seats and scattered the wrestlers like bags on the breeze.

People were scared now. Some were moving toward the door, and Sarah realised she was going to loose her audience.

Don’t worry folks!” she told them, “I’m only here to put on a show like you’ve never seen before!”

That only seemed to make more of them want to leave.

Where are you going!”

No-one answered her, and her attention was snapped up by a fresh batch of security guards. The situation was getting out of hand, and top it all off, Sarah noticed the cameras had stopped running.

Don’t move lady!”

Most of them had shotguns. The rest had assault rifles. Sarah crossed her arms and scowled at them.

I don’t want to fight any more of you assholes. Get the fucking cameras running again, and send out more toys for me!”

My man is going to cuff you. If you so much as move, we’re going to shoot.”

Sarah stood still and let one of them enter the ring and approach her from behind. Her eyes were locked with the guard who had spoken so rudely to her. She felt the man behind her trying to move her arms, but he was unable to. Turning to him, drawing threats from the other guards, she smiled at him and decided to organise things better, and get her audience back. To do that, she needed to make some changes.

There was a brilliant flash from Sarah as she dove into her infinite reservoir and altered herself once more. The man in direct contact with her skin burst so suddenly into his erection he passed out.

Mmm. That’s better.”

Everyone within earshot of that soft whisper slumped and arched with every syllable as their bodies were manipulated by the timbres in Sarah’s voice. Only those not of sexual maturity were untouched. People stopped leaving as her scent wafted through the huge room, and all heads turned her way. The whole place went dead quiet as everyone gazed with gaping mouths at the impossible perfection Sarah had become.

Sit back down,” she ordered, making her voice as loud as the P.A. Speakers. While everyone regained their seats, Sarah looked at the guards. “Shoot yourself in the foot,” she told the leader. He obeyed without hesitation. “Now go wait outside, call the police, and get your foot seen to. All of you. Outside.”

The guards left, and Sarah was free of that distraction. “Now then, in a moment you will forget all about what I’m doing to your bodies with my voice, and you will only remember what you came here for.” She floated up and hovered to the control room window, looking into the booth to see she had their attention. “And you will restore the cameras, and start the matches again. Tonight everybody fights Queen Sarah, I’m the star, and always in the shot.”

Leaving them and returning to the ring, Sarah took a moment to appreciate how obscenely powerful she had become. Every word she spoke, and every minute gesture she made, drew gasps and grunts from the crowd. Nothing and nobody could stand in her way now. Letting out a slow sigh, she reduced her power level and watched as everything seemed to return to normal around her.

Who fights me next?” Sarah demanded, waiting with great anticipation for her next toy.

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