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Viona – Part 2

Written by aki_zz :: [Saturday, 20 April 2013 07:57] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:41]

Viona, the Mayan Warrior of Beauty – Part 2

by Aki_zz

Professor Figgins is glad that they arrived safely after traveling the whole day. If it isn’t for the documentation issues at the border, they probably will arrive earlier that day. He watched his students looking for their belongings and he knows they are tired.

“Ok guys get your stuff. We will unpack tomorrow. No use doing it all night.” He looked around to find Fiona.

“Where is Fiona? Usually she would help you guys.” One of the students saw Fiona left earlier and told Prof Figgins.

“Even our most hardworking person also ran out of steam.” The Prof quipped.

One student replied “Who doesn’t? She walk around, lifting stuff all day under the heat and even ran to get the missing equipment.”

“You guys should treat her someday.” The group smiled at each other, acknowledging it.

After some goodbyes, the prof is the last person there. The reason he doesn’t leave yet is because he wants to put the mysterious box inside the lab. He feared if he leave it around he might lost it.

Professor Figgins is the lead researcher for the project. He is one of the top researcher in ancient Mayan civilization. He has been to the temple a lot. Only this time he notices a bright young student who is very hardworking. Fiona reminds him of himself when he was still a student.

“She has a bright future in this field with that kind of attitude,” he thought to himself.

He arrives at the lab and begin unpacking the transportation box. He picks the box and take a good look. The box looks unassuming, black in color but decorated with mayan pattern. The strange thing he notices about the box is the odd way of wrapping. It seems like layer after layer of rope surrounding the box, like they were trying to really secure it. He wanted to open it, but like any good researcher he doesn’t. First he took a few pictures of the box at a different angle. Then he weights the box and record the figure. Surprisingly it doesn’t weight much. He took the box dimension, make notes about the material of the box and even shook it.

“It seems like there is nothing inside. But who knows.” He concludes.

He looks around the box to see whether he can untie the rope. The end of the rope seems to be glued. Carefully he peel the end of the rope and proceed to remove the rope. Slowly he pry open the box cover, resulting in a lot of dust. As the dust enters his nose he sneezes and at the same time, a thick black smoke come rushing out straight to the ceiling. All of that happen when he was sneezing.

After the dust had settled, he looked inside the box and disappointed.

“There really is nothing inside there.” He took a few more pictures of inside the box and the exterior minus the rope, carefully putting it at the research shelf.

“Lets take a closer look tomorrow.” He switched off the lights and left the lab.

The black smoke move around the ceiling, trying to find a way out. It cannot go through the window as the lab is air-conditioned. The ventilation duct is the solution. It continues to move until it exits at the top of the building. It gathers itself, and move towards the field in the university park. There the smoke combines to make a silhouette of a woman and then a figure of a woman appears. She stands still with her eyes closed. Her hands and legs slightly spread. She opens her eyes and take a look around.

She is small, only 5’1” with 32d-25-36. Her face looks matured, with a red pair of eyes and a thick mascara. Her thin lips is coated with a black lipstick. She has a fit body but not as fit as viona. Her skin is a white, pale looking. Her long black hair extends to her back. She wears a long cape, a bustier with a long silky tight skirt that cuts until to her thigh and a pair of knee high boots. Her bustier took the shape of a human head skull that exposes her flat midriff.

She doesn’t say anything, and suddenly her right hand lights up. Out of it comes a staff. It is made from a human spine. On top of the staff there is a small headskull. She close her eyes and then the staff emits a buzzing noise and brightens. It continues for a few seconds. Finally it stops and she opens her eyes.

“Looks like I have been inside the box for more than 500 years. Hopefully things haven’t change much. But then the world can change, and they cannot stop me, Gulora from conquering them!”

It is deep into the night, and not many people are around the campus, much more at the park, so a light from the park alerted the university security and they sent a person to check out. The security personnel arrives and saw a woman at the center of the field. He wants to deal with this quickly.

“Who in the right mind would do cosplay right now?” he run towards Gulora to tell her off.

“Come on lady go home.” Gulora turns to see the security and he suddenly stops in his track, startled at her appearance.

“What the hell?” as soon as the security finished the sentences, Gulora fires a red bolt towards him. Instantly he vanishes, leaving only an area of burned grass around the size of his feet.

“What a great way to start, haven’t tasted a soul for a long time,” she smiled as she licked her lips. The poor security soul is trapped inside the staff, enriching Gulora power. She contemplates for a while, thinking of a strategy to start her conquer.

“I’m sure if I have been released, the warrior of beauty will also appear. But I don’t know where she is, so the only way is for her to come to me, and that is something that I’m good at.” She laughs and then fly up high above the ground.

To be continued

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