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Invasion of the Amazons

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Invasion of the Amazons


by M.C.



Earth faces and invasion by gorgeous, super strong women


Author's Note: This story originally appeared on Diana the Valkyrie's website and also Supergirls Inc. The inspiration for it was the classic 1951 science fiction movie,"The Day the Earth Stood Still"; still one of my all-time favorites. I always imagined a sexy female robot in the lead.





Chapter One – First Encounter


The general squinted as he looked into his binoculars, nothing had changed yet. The saucer shaped unidentified flying object still stood motionless on the hilltop where it came to rest the previous night." Was it really an alien spacecraft?" he wondered to himself, "or just a new type of experimental aircraft the military was testing that had gone astray." It certainly looked different from any object he had ever seen; except – of course – in science fiction movies. The 'flying saucer' was roughly the size of a minibus and resembled the one used in the old 1951 science fiction classic ' The Day the Earth Stood Still' – where an alien comes to earth with an indestructible super robot and virtually forces Earth's inhabitants to mend their aggressive ways. The general smiled to himself as he thought of this – that movie had been a favorite of his since he was a kid. But it was, of course, science fiction. Clearly it was impossible; an indestructible robot forcing mankind to mend it's violent ways. As these thoughts were circulating in his head, the door of the mysterious object slowly began to open.


While door was opening, a ramp appeared underneath and lowered itself until it rested on the ground. Major General William Watson who, as commander of the army base located nearest to the site of the landing, was ordered by SAC (Strategic Air Command) to rush to the scene with as many tanks as he could muster and be prepared for action. Although he was sure this was either nothing more than a drill to test the battle readiness of him and his troops or an elaborate prank, the general nevertheless ordered his men to prepare for battle – as a military man he could do nothing less. "The sooner this silly thing is over the better," he thought to himself. His feeling that this was all nothing more than just an elaborate hoax someone was playing on them seemed to be confirmed when he peered through his binoculars again and saw what was descending from the ramp. Had he seen this in a movie the general would, no doubt, have found it quite humorous. For walking down the ramp were four very large, sexy women dressed in nothing more than skimpy bathing suits.


"Ladies," General Watson bellowed through his megaphone at the women," whoever put you up to this prank obviously had no idea how much trouble they put you in. Now, if you'll be so kind as to surrender yourselves to us, you'll be taken into custody." Much to his surprise, the four women broke out in laughter when they heard him say this."I really don't understand what you seem to find so funny about all of this?" the General shouted through the megaphone again. "You have entered a restricted military area without permission. That's trespassing which is a crime. So I'm asking you for the last time – please surrender immediately, or we will be forced to take action."


Seemingly oblivious to the General's threat, the women continued to laugh amongst themselves. Finally one of them – a tall, beautiful woman with long blond hair – spoke out in a loud voice that somehow carried over the entire area." I'm so sorry sir; we didn't mean any disrespect. But it just struck us as funny … you asking *us* to surrender. You see, we were about to ask you the same thing. So, will you boys all kindly put down your soldier toys and please surrender to us."


Now General Watson began to lose his cool. It wasn't enough that he was awakened at four in the morning and ordered by his superiors to assemble a strike force and move as quickly as possible to this isolated hilltop. But, when he does, he's confronted by four women who seem to think that this is all some sort of game. General Watson rushed fifty tanks and nearly one thousand men to this location; someone will have to pay for this. "Captain Morgan," the General bellowed to the man standing next to him," take a squadron of men and take these females into custody. We'll get to the bottom of this prank … one way or another."


"Yes sir," he saluted and went off to recruit some soldiers. "Charley Platoon, follow me." Altogether 20 armed men began to climb up the hill towards the four women. As the men approached, the women made no attempt to move, they just stood there with there hands on their hips; smiling. As the soldiers closed in on them, Captain Morgan could see that these weren't ordinary women. Each one appeared to be around six-feet six inches tall and very powerfully built with incredibly muscular arms and thighs. It looked as if they had been lifting weights all their lives. They were also gorgeous. Despite their size, Captain Morgan felt the 20 men from his best platoon should be able to handle them without too much difficulty; should they chose to resist.


When the soldiers were only a few feet away from the intruders, the large blond woman turned to the others and said with a smile,"Well girls, it looks like the fun begins now," The other three nodded. As the first of the soldiers came within arms length of her, the blond reached out and effortlessly picked up the closest one – a stout 225 pound sergeant – and tossed him at some of his comrades. Such was the force of her throw that six other soldiers were sent flying; several landed halfway down the hill. Before any of the other men could adjust to what just happened, a beautiful brunette grabbed another soldier and hurled him with equal force into the oncoming men and a half dozen more were sent rolling down the hill. "Hey, that looks like fun," a spunky girl with jet black hair said. She appeared to be younger than the others but had little difficulty lifting a muscular 250 pound man above her head and slamming him into what remained of the platoon.


Captain Morgan, the only one still standing, just stood there … in shock."Well, captain," the large blond woman smiled," why don't you be a good boy and tell your commander to surrender to us. It'll be a lot easier for you all if you do because regardless of what you do, my sisters and I are going to defeat you anyway. And please put down that silly gun; it's useless against us."


"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" he asked.


"That you'll find out when the time is right. But believe me, this is for your own good. Now, be a dear and go back to your general and tell him to surrender to us so nobody else gets hurt."


As the disheveled men slowly made their way back down the hill, the general was furious. " Twenty men !Twenty men !And you couldn't handle four women? What the hell is wrong with you captain?"


"These aren't ordinary women, sir. They're … different."


"So captain, are you're suggesting I accede to their demand and just surrender to them? Fifty tanks and nearly a thousand men; surrender to just four women? "


"I don't know sir … but there's something very strange about them."


"Well, we'll see about that." The general picked up his walky-talky and barked," Major, are your tanks ready to fire? "


"Yes sir," came the reply," we await your orders."


"General, I really think you should reconsider this course of action," Captain Morgan cautioned. "Even though you have fifty tanks aimed at them, those women don't seem to be too concerned; just look at them." He was right. For despite facing an entire tank corps, the four women just stood there with their hands on their hips; smiling." I'll tell you again General, there's something very strange about them."


"That's enough out of you Captain Morgan," the exasperated General replied curtly." You and your infantry failed me. Now, watch and see how we deal with this. Major, prepare to fire … FIRE !"



Chapter Two – The Army Attacks


"Fire !" the general ordered. A moment later the fifty M1 Abrams tanks began firing their large 120mm guns at the hilltop where the unidentified flying object stood; as well as the four women who emerged from it. The target area soon disappeared from view as a huge cloud of dust, kicked up from the exploding shells, covered the hilltop. The vicious barrage continued for several minutes with literally hundreds of rounds being fired before General Watson ordered the tanks to stop. An unearthly quiet then fell over the entire area. The dust hadn't settled so the hilltop was not yet visible from where the general stood. Although he couldn't see the results of the artillery barrage, he was certain that the UFO ( if that's what it really was ) along with it's four female inhabitants had been completely obliterated. After all, what on Earth could possibly stand up to that murderous attack? Certainly not four women standing out in the open; unprotected." Well, I guess that's that," he said to himself. As the proud general turned around to congratulate the commander of his tank corps for a job well done, the silence on the hilltop was suddenly broken by a sound that would haunt all of those present for a long time to come. It was the last thing anybody there expected to hear; and something they would never forget.


"I'm awfully sorry to disappoint you all, but we're still here. Would you boys like to surrender now?"


Quickly grabbing his binoculars the stunned general focused again on the hilltop. By now the dust had settled enough for him to vaguely make out the four distinct female forms. They were standing on the exact same spot as before with their hands on their hips in front of their flying saucer which appeared to be undamaged. "That's impossible," General Watson shouted,"nothing could survive that amount of firepower … nothing !Major, commence firing again!"


Again the tanks began to rain their lethal shells down on the hilltop. This time however the women didn't simply stand there, they began to walk down the hill towards the army confronting them. "Open fire men !" General Watson screamed to the rest of his soldiers in something of a panic, "hit them with everything we've got." And hit them they did. Tank shells, RPGs, thousands and thousands of bullets – everything from M-16s to 50 caliber machine guns – and still the four gorgeous women continued to approach them, not even breaking stride. All the weapons in their arsenal didn't seem to have the slightest effect on these amazing females; they appeared to be completely invulnerable to them.


When the seemingly indestructible women got to within a few dozen yards of the general's forces, the tall blond, who appeared to be the leader of the group, looked over at her companions, smiled and said,"I'll take care of the tanks; you girls handle the rest of them."


"Oh Tania," the sexy brunette said with mock disappointment,"you always take the fun jobs don't you?"


"That's one of the perks of being the oldest sister Sara." They then began to giggle, totally indifferent to the shells that were exploding all around or the bullets that were bouncing off them." Remember girls, the sooner we finish here the sooner we can move on to other locations. We have a lot of places to visit on this planet." Sara and the other two women grinned when they heard Tania say this."O.K. then," Sara said,"let's get busy and kick some ass girls." The four powerful women then advanced and proceeded to do just that.


Tania approached the nearest tank and, ignoring the hail of machine gun bullets they were firing at her, leaped on top of it and grabbed hold of the turret. There was a sound of creaking, bending steel as she easily ripped the turret off the top of the tank and tossed it aside. Smiling down at the frightened tank crew below, the mighty woman said,"I suggest you boys leave now while you still can." Taking her advice, they scrambled out of what was left of their tank. After they had done so, Tania jumped down and proceeded to lift the 45 ton vehicle up above her head as if it was a feather. Effortlessly, she tossed it several hundred yards away, in full view of the of the other tank crews. Then, facing them, she called out in a voice loud enough for them all to hear,"O.K. boys, I'm going to give you just two minutes to get your asses out of your toys or what I did to that tank I'll do to yours; with you inside." Not surprisingly, the other 49 tank crews scrambled out of their war machines as fast as they could and ran for safety.


With the tanks now abandoned, the beautiful woman then proceeded to smash them all to bits with nothing more than her incredibly powerful fists; taking great delight in doing so. It wasn't long before she had reduced the entire tank force to nothing more than scrap metal.


While Tania was occupied with destroying the tanks, Sara and the other two Amazons charged into the infantry. Impervious to their bullets, they began tossing men all over the place. Amazingly though, despite their tremendous physical strength, none of the soldiers appeared to be seriously injured; just shaken up. It's was as if these incredible women were going out of their way to avoid harming any of them. "Sara," the young girl with the jet black hair asked as she banged the heads of two soldiers together," why do they continue to resist us when it should be obvious by now that we're far superior to them?"


"Because they're men Lucy," Sara responded as she flattened several others with a wave of her hand, "that's the way they are. They just can't accept the fact that we women are stronger and wiser than they are."


"Even when it's so blatantly obvious?" Suzy, the fourth (and youngest ) female in the group calmly asked as she picked up a huge man and hurled him into a dozen of his comrades, knocking them all down."


"I'm afraid so sis," Sara answered as she plowed into twenty more men, sending them all flying. "Since birth, they have been taught that they and their weapons can not be defeated; that they can do whatever they like. It's because of this arrogant attitude that they have brought their planet to the terrible state it's in – wars, pollution, global warming, hunger, nuclear and biological weapons, AIDS and at least a dozen other things I could mention." Bullets bounced off her magnificent body as she calmly explained to her younger sisters why they were doing what they were doing. "If the supreme council of Amazonia hadn't decided to intervene and send us here to *help* the inhabitants of this world with their problems, then they would – in all likelihood – have destroyed themselves within another decade or two."


"But why are they fighting against us then?" Suzy asked with naive innocence as she easily twisted the barrel of a 155mm cannon into a knot. "Don't they realize that we're doing this for their own good?"


"Of course not," Sara replied while swinging two soldiers around by the legs before slamming them into several dozen others. "Like I told you before, they're men. Their pride and macho egos blind them from seeing what's obvious to you and me. But they'll learn. One way or another, we'll teach them."


By now Sara and her sisters had knocked out nearly 500 men, half of the army that was sent against them. The rest, finally realizing how futile their efforts against these super women were, dropped their weapons and began to flee in panic." Let them go," Tania said," as she returned to her sisters after demolishing the fifty tanks,"they're beaten." Then, turning to the one man still standing before them, Tania smiled and said," Captain Morgan, didn't I already tell you that your silly gun is useless against us? Please put it down before you hurt yourself."


Captain Richard Morgan, who led the first squadron up the hill to confront the Amazons, was surprisingly calm as he faced them. He had noticed that even though these women possessed incredible power, they hadn't killed or even seriously injured one single man. This, despite the fact that his army did everything in its power to try and kill them. Whatever they were, they weren't killers; something he couldn't claim for either himself nor the army in which he served. Simply put, Captain Morgan was in awe of these amazing women. "Who are you? What do you want here? How can you possibly do these awesome things?"


"As I told you before honey, you'll find out when the time is right. Now, be a good boy and run along with the rest of your soldier friends. I wouldn't want to see you get hurt handsome." Slowly, Captain Morgan put down his gun and began to back away. As he did, the mighty and beautiful woman blew him a kiss.


"What can we expect them to do now Tania?" Suzy asked. Suzy, at eighteen – the youngest of the four sisters – was on her very first assignment. Three years younger than Lucy, she had recently completed her studies and was delighted when Tania invited her to come along on this mission. It's what she'd always dreamed of; being part of the Amazon brigade with her older sisters.


"Well, these men are pretty predictable so my guess is that the good general is probably on the phone right now speaking to his superiors, begging for air support."


"Oh goodie Jets," Lucy giggled,"I love to play with jets."


"I need an air strike now !" General Watson screamed into his cell phone,"these women are unstoppable. They just wiped out my entire army. If the air strike doesn't work, we may even have to use a nuke on them. Yes, you heard me correctly … A NUKE !"


"Why don't they just give up already Tania?" Suzy asked; still not understanding why the men continue to resist." Haven't they realized by now that we're invincible; that we can not be defeated?"


Tania sighed. "I'm afraid it's not as simple as that Suzy. I wish for their sakes it was … but it's not. They'll keep bringing in more and more powerful weapons, thinking that eventually they'll succeed in destroying us. Only after we've crushed every hope of victory that they have and proven to them beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can never defeat us will their desire to resist be completely broken. Then – and only then – will they finally be able to admit our superiority over them and surrender to us. You see, in order to change the destructive path that the men of this planet have embarked on, we need to destroy not just their weapons and armed forces, but also their will to resist. Once we've completely crushed their spirit, we can then begin to lead them in the right direction."


The oldest and wisest of the four Amazonian sisters paused as she picked up the sound of the approaching jet fighters. She smiled at her siblings. "Sisters, the jets are coming; let's have some more fun shall we."



Chapter Three – Bring on the Jets


As the sound of the approaching jet fighters grew louder the four gorgeous Amazons, who had just wiped out an entire tank battalion as well as several infantry divisions, huddled together. Amazingly, they all appeared to be smiling. The super strong women then lifted their arms up over their heads and began to rise off the ground. General Watson, Captain Morgan and the rest of the soldiers that were still conscious stared in disbelief as they watched the amazing women who had so easily defeated them fly up to the sky to meet the oncoming jets. How was this possible? How could these females seemingly defy the laws of physics and fly? But then again, how could they survive hundreds of 120mm tank shells and thousands of bullets? Hopefully the jets could defeat them. If not, then what was the fate of humanity?


"Suzy," Tania said to her youngest sister as she and her siblings flew up to confront the next assault, "you're to remain on the side and watch; your sisters and I will deal with the jet fighters."


"But why," she protested,"didn't I do well against the soldiers?"


"Yes you did dear sister and I'm very proud of you. But dealing with jet fighters requires a delicate technique; they have to be handled with care so as not to harm the pilots. Our job, I remind you, is not to kill or injure their warriors but to defeat them in such a way that they will realize that they have no hope of victory; that their most powerful war machines are useless against us. You'll get your chance when the time is right. For now, just watch and observe how Sara, Lucy and I handle them."


Suzy frowned." Very well Tania," she said, making no attempt to hide her disappointment, "but I certainly expect to be included in future engagements."


"That you will Suzy, I promise you." Tania smiled at her younger sister as she remembered how it was during her first assignment many years ago. How her mother and aunts wouldn't let her engage the large flying war machines that the men on that planet threw at them until they felt she was ready. How disappointed she was as she watched them playfully tossing the instruments of war around – making sure the pilots had ejected safely – before smashing them to bits. That seemed like eons ago. "Yes," Tania repeated to herself, "you'll definitely get your chance Suzy."


The F-16 pilot blinked as he stared at the strange site in front of him; was this real, or just an illusion?


"Colonel Johnson," he asked over the intercom to his squadron leader, "do you see what I see? How is this possible? "


" I see them captain and I don't know how it's possible," came the response. They were referring to the four female forms hovering high above the ground directly in their flight path. All four women stood there in mid-air with their hands on their hips, waiting for the jets to attack.


"What are we supposed to do about them Colonel?" the confused captain asked his superior.


"Our orders are quite clear Captain Adams; we are to destroy the alien invaders."


"But-but they're women sir … are we supposed to shoot at women?"


"Those are our orders captain – and we will obey them. These *women* just destroyed an entire tank force and wiped out several infantry divisions. Delta squadron, arm your air-to-air missiles and prepare to fire on my command." As the sixteen F-16's rapidly closed in on Tania and her sisters they armed and locked their missiles on the targets. "O.K. boys," the colonel said,"let's give'em hell … FIRE !"


Sixteen sparrow air-to-air missiles were launched at the four Amazons but, amazingly, the women made no attempt to move out of the way; they just remained there, hovering in place. A series of loud explosions were heard over the entire area as the missiles slammed into their targets. The jets flew swiftly past the large cloud of exploding dust; too fast to be able to see any results. But the soldiers watching from the ground did … and what they saw astounded them. For despite sixteen direct hits from the powerful missiles, the women appeared to be unhurt – in fact, they actually appeared to be laughing. Three of them then began to fly off in pursuit of the jet fighters that zoomed past while a forth remained behind. So quickly did they fly that, within a few seconds, these incredible women were able to catch up to the supersonic F-16's.


Captain Robert Adams couldn't believe what he was seeing. Despite what should have been an air speed of over 800 mph, his gage actually showed him slowing down; 700 … 600 … 500 … 400, what the hell was going on? He pushed the throttle down all the way trying to accelerate but he just kept slowing down; 300 … 200 … 100. Then, unbelievably, his jet came to a complete stop … in mid-air !


"Captain, I suggest you eject from your plane," he heard a female voice from behind him say. Turning around in his cockpit, the astounded fighter pilot stared at an amazing sight … a gorgeous, powerfully built brunette straddling the back of the fuselage of his F-16. Somehow, this incredible woman was able to survive the missile attack, out fly him, bring him to a full stop and was now supporting the entire weight of his aircraft – over 18 tons – with just her thighs."Captain," she said again,"I'm asking you nicely for the last time; please eject from your plane … before I demolish it." As she spoke, Sara began to increase the pressure of her thighs on the fuselage. Captain Adams could clearly hear the sound of crunching metal as she did so. Although he was very reluctant to abandon his $15 million aircraft, he soon realized he had no other choice; if he didn't, he would die. He pushed the ejection button."Gets them every time," the beautiful woman laughed. She then proceeded to smash the jet fighter to bits with her powerful fists.


As he sadly parachuted to the ground, Captain Adams could take some comfort in the knowledge that he was not alone. Just as he had been forced to abandon his jet, so were the rest of his fellow pilots in his doomed squadron. On-by-one, these amazing women ran (flew) down the entire squadron of F-16s, forced their pilots to eject and then destroyed the jets with their bare hands. With the planes now abandoned, even Suzy joined in the fun; laughing as she smashed several of the jets to smithereens. As he watched these super women annihilate his squadron above him, Captain Adams failed to notice that he was drifting down towards high voltage electrical power lines. By the time he did notice, it was too late to change his course."This is a fitting end to my humiliation today," he thought to himself as he bravely prepared for what would surely be his electrocution.


When he was only a few yards away from the lethal wires, Captain Robert Adams felt a strong hand grip the back of his flight suit."Feeling suicidal today are we?" he heard a familiar female voice say. Before he could even answer, Captain Adams found himself being directed safely away from the power lines and gently guided to the ground. "You should be a bit more careful next time honey," the massive brunette said as she released him,"those wires can be very dangerous."


"Who are you? What are you? How can you women possibly do these incredible things?" he asked the gorgeous woman who rescued him.


Sara smiled. "I'll tell you when the time is right handsome. Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to get back up there … least my sisters have all the fun." The mighty Amazon winked at him before raising her powerful arms up above her head and began to soar skyward again; leaving a very confused – though much relieved – air force pilot in her wake.


"Get me the Pentagon !" General Watson screamed into his cell phone, "this is totally unbelievable. I need to speak with the Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately!This is an emergency of the highest priority !" As he spoke on the phone the stunned commander stared through his binoculars at the incredible scene taking place in the sky above him – an entire squadron of advanced jet fighters was being completely destroyed by four women. While the general and his men watched in awe, the debris of the sixteen aircraft began falling to the ground.


"You'd better watch out boys," a loud female voice could be heard coming from the sky,"we wouldn't want any of you to get hurt."


"Yes sir," the general yelled into his phone,"fifty of our finest tanks, an entire squadron of F-16's … totally useless against them; they destroyed them all. How many men did we lose? Well, so far it would seem, well … none actually. Yes sir you heard me correctly, none. But that's not the point sir, they want us to surrender to them; all of us … the entire planet. They've got super human strength, they're completely invulnerable to conventional weapons and they can fly at tremendous speeds. Sir, I recommend a NUKE; it's the only way we can stop them." There was a long pause on the other end of the line before …"yes sir, you must ask the President. These women have to be destroyed as soon as possible … otherwise all is lost."


Not all of the soldiers that confronted Tania and her sisters shared General Watson's opinion however. Captain Richard Morgan, who had led the first infantry assault against them – and was the first to experience their awesome power – watched with grudging admiration as these amazing women easily took apart the finest weapons that the armed forces could throw at them. He also noticed the great lengths which they seemed to be going to prevent any loss of life. Considering the tremendous power these beautiful women seemed to have at their command, and the fact that they were confronting an army that was using everything within it's power to destroy them, Captain Morgan found their behavior all the more remarkable.


He had led a rescue squad to retrieve one of the downed pilots – Captain Robert Adams – whose F-16 was demolished by one of the Amazons; but only after she made sure he had ejected safely. The pilot told him how the very same woman who had destroyed his plane, rescued him from certain death as he headed towards the high voltage wires. "Something here just doesn't add up," Captain Morgan thought to himself.


"General Watson, I think we should reconsider our tactics in dealing with these women."


"Is that so, Captain Morgan. Are you in command now?"


"No sir. But it's obvious that they are vastly superior to us. Perhaps, instead of trying to destroy them, we should find out exactly what it is they want."


"Are you suggesting that the armed forces of the United States of America – the most powerful nation in the history of the world – get down on it's hands and knees before these four women captain?"


"No sir, I'm not. But you see what they're capable of doing don't you? Their incredible power? And yet, despite our best efforts to destroy them, not one of our men has been seriously injured. All I'm suggesting is that we try talking to them; to find out what they want."


Before the General could respond, his cell phone rang."What? He agreed? That's terrific news !Now we'll show these women not to mess with the U.S. Army." The general smiled at his subordinate."Well Captain Morgan, it looks like your tactic of surrendering to these females won't be necessary after all. We've just received permission to use a nuclear bomb against them; the B-1 bomber is already on it's way. I suggest we all get the hell out of here; ASAP."


Lucy giggled as she dispatched the last of the F-16's. "Gee, that was fun. I wonder what they're going to try next."


"They'll probably play their last ace now," Tania answered,"a thermonuclear bomb. I can feel it coming."


The four sisters all huddled together and then returned to the hill where their spacecraft stood to await the arrival of the bomber. Twenty-five miles away, General Watson peered through a powerful telescope at the hilltop. "You can kiss your girlfriends good-bye Captain Morgan," he said smugly, "this is the last you'll ever see of them."


Richard Morgan looked over at Captain Adams who was standing near-by. Although neither one of them spoke a word, there was a sadness in their expression. For, despite the fact that these women were alien invaders – and unbelievably powerful – they had also shown themselves to be both merciful and compassionate; much more than could be said for the armed forces in which they themselves served. It was a shame that it had to end this way. Off in the distance, the rumbling sound of the fast approaching bomber could be heard. Peering through the telescope again General Watson yelled," ta-ta girls … it was nice knowing ya !"


As the B-1 bomber flew over the hilltop where the alien spacecraft and the four women stood, it released an object and then sped away. For the observers, a few seconds of surreal silence now pervaded the entire area; it was as if time itself had stopped … and then there was a blinding flash of light.



Chapter Four – The Ultimate Weapon


General Watson and his men closed their eyes and turned away from the explosion as the light from the hydrogen bomb turned a dim, late afternoon into the brightest day imaginable; it was as if the sun itself had been manifested on the surface of the earth. The fusion of the hydrogen and helium isotopes (deuterium and tritium) – triggered by the heat of an atomic blast – created a force of explosive energy which can only be found in the center of a star. Heat in excess of 300 million degrees was released as the most powerful weapon humanity ever created was released upon the four female invaders who stood on the hilltop some 25 miles away. As the light dimmed, the army commander and his men all turned around to see the huge fireball and subsequent mushroom cloud that enveloped the hill where the mighty women stood. "They're finished," General Watson smiled to himself …"it's over."


Richard Morgan and Robert Adams, both captains in their respective military branches, sadly looked on; each was lost in his own thoughts. For, despite having been defeated by these incredible women, both men harbored a grudging admiration for them as they also experienced their compassionate side; the side of them that went out of their way to avoid harming any of the attacking military personnel. Because of this, both men couldn't help feeling regret at the loss of such magnificent females.


It took quite awhile for the cloud of radioactive dust to dissipate. When it did, the hill on which the beautiful invaders and their spacecraft stood had completely disappeared. It was replaced by a large crater, the bottom of which was obscured from view. But there was no doubt in any of the minds of the observing soldiers that the women – along with their vessel – had been completely vaporized by the blast. After all, what could possibly withstand the awesome force of a thermonuclear bomb?


After taking a long last look into the telescope, General Watson turned around and grinned at several of the officers who were standing near-by. "Well men," he said brimming with confidence, "we finally got'em. We sent those bitches straight to …" He was stopped in mid-sentence by the horrified looks he saw on the faces of his men as they stared up at the sky behind him. Quickly turning around, the general gasped. For there above them, not 50 feet away, were the four large, powerfully built women. They were just hovering together in mid-air, smiling down at the general and his stunned men.


"Sent us straight to where, general?" Tania asked with her muscular arms folded. "Now, if you boys have exhausted your supply of toys, I think it's time you surrendered to us. My sisters and I have a lot of work yet to do and we've already wasted enough time here." Tania's voice was firm but restrained. Experience had taught her that the spirit of these men was undoubtedly broken now; having just witnessed their most powerful weapon – the hydrogen bomb – defeated. And she was right. General Watson stared up at the amazing women for a few seconds before he began to shake uncontrollably. A minute later he was sittingon the ground with his head buried in his hands, crying like a baby.


It was Captain Morgan who then spoke. Although he too was in a state of shock at seeing them survive the H-bomb blast, he – unlike General Watson – couldn't help feeling good deep down inside that these gorgeous women were still alive; though he was very apprehensive about what they would do next. "What … what are you going to do with us now?" he asked timidly.


"For the time being Richard, you and Captain Adams will lead the other soldiers back to your base and await further instructions. My sisters and I have a very busy few days ahead of us. Yours isn't the only army we need to defeat; it was just the first. I'm putting you in charge of your men. They will obey you … or else." Tania smacked her right fist into her left palm with such force that the noise rivaled the nuclear explosion." And do be gentle with the general," she said in a soft, sympathetic tone of voice,"I believe he's had a rather difficult day." With that, the four beautiful superwomen laughed, threw their arms skyward and began to ascend. Captain Morgan distinctly saw Tania blow him a kiss as she flew away; Captain Adams swore he saw Sara wink at him.


Over the course of the next several days Tania and her super sisters laid waste to all of the military forces on the planet Earth. Indestructible, unstoppable, and relentless, the gorgeous Amazons literally dismantled all those that stood before them. Literally thousands of tanks and jets were reduced to rubble. Billion dollar aircraft carriers and battleships were sent to the bottom of the ocean. Submarines were lifted up to the surface where their crews were forced to abandon ship before being sent down again; for good. Nuclear weapons were hurled into space where they were harmlessly detonated. As the entire human population watched with a mixture of awe and dread, these four amazing females went about the business of disarming the entire planet. One by one the nations of the Earth fell before these invincible women; their finest armies crushed, their fighting spirit broken. Finally, six days after they landed, the last country on Earth surrendered to them … and on the seventh day they rested.



Chapter Five – Resurrection


The delegates shifted uncomfortably in their chairs as they waited for *them* to arrive. The meeting of the United Nations General Assembly was scheduled to begin at noon – in five minutes – and still there was no sign of them; would they even bother to show up? After all, these four super women had just wiped out every army, navy and air force on Earth. Why would they even bother to discuss anything with the United Nations since not one single country had any effective fighting force left to resist the mighty Amazons. But the massive blond woman who calls herself Tania insisted that the representatives of the countries she and her sisters had just so comprehensively beaten meet with them, so they came … and waited. One minute before noon the doors to the General Assembly opened and the four invincible women majestically entered and walked up to the front of the large hall.


A hush fell over the room as the huge – each one was over six and a half feet tall – and incredibly muscular women stood before them. They were dressed in what looked like nothing more than sexy bathing suits – the same attire they wore when they first emerged from their spacecraft only ten days before. The largest, and what appeared to be the oldest, of the beautiful women then approached the podium and began to address the delegates as well as the worldwide audience watching on television.


"Distinguished representatives and citizens of the planet Earth," Tania began in a loud and commanding voice,"we of the planet Amazonia, having watched with dismay the way you have been abusing both your planet andyourselves for the past one hundred years, have come to the conclusion that you are not yet mature enough to control your own destiny. Left to yourselves, we estimated that within a few short decades the global warming that you uninitiated will melt all the ice in Antarctic and the Artic Ocean; thus flooding all of your coastal cities. The dramatic changes in weather patterns which would have surely followed would have resulted in massive starvation, the likes of which you have never experienced before. Plagues like AIDS, SARS and influenza would have proliferated on a worldwide scale; dwarfing even the horrors of the Black Death Plague of the 14th century. Social chaos would have followed as you fought each other over the dwindling resources that remained. In short, civilization as you know it, would have ground to a halt and anarchy would have become the order of the day.


"Though you do have the technical capabilities of dealing with these problems had you wanted to, most of your efforts are being spent on your armed forces and weapons of war; totally ignoring the real threats to your civilization. The wise council of Amazonia therefore decided to intervene on your behalf and *assist* you through these difficult times. With our guidance, you will be able to avoid all of these problems. We will continue to *guide* you until such time as we have decided that you are capable of governing yourselves. Then – and only then – willwe return control of your planet back to you; leaving behind a small group of observers to make sure there's no regression."


Tania paused and smiled at her sisters, allowing her message to sink in – then she continued. "As we speak, scientists and engineers from my world are already approaching Earth. Their task will be to teach you how to better use the natural resources you have on this planet. They will show you how to share the things you have here equally amongst yourselves. There's no excuse for a civilized society to tolerate starvation. As you'll have no further need of armies, they will all be disbanded. My sisters and I will keep order here until such time as we've decided that you can police yourselves. The vast expenditures you were wasting on armaments and defense will now be redirected towards positive goals such as education, health care and infrastructure. I know your masculine pride resents these changes being imposed upon you by women whom your culture seems to think are inferior to men. But you've really left us with no other choice. We couldn't just stand idly by and watch as you men all but destroyed yourselves. You're a species with great potential; we'll show you how to use it."


As the mighty woman continued to dictate to the world's representatives the course they would be forced to follow for the next few years, her sisters yawned. After all, except for Suzy, they had already heard this speech many times before. Having just destroyed the armed forces of an entire planet, all the younger members of the elite Amazon brigade wanted to do now was kick back and relax until they received their next assignment. With their main task completed, Sara, Lucy and Suzy just longed to go shopping, get their hair done and sunbathe on a beach somewhere. They may be indestructible superwomen on the outside, but inside they're very much like any other females.


After her speech Tania answered questions from the delegates and press for several more hours. During the course of the Q&A session, the mighty woman gave more specific details as to how things were going to be run on Earth for the next several years. Amazonians – all of whom were large, powerfully built women – would be arriving within a few days to *assist* the humans solve their problems. Clearly, there would be no more wars; all attempts to start one would be dealt with harshly (Tania didn't go into details – she just smacked her fist into the palm of her hand, creating what sounded like a loud sonic boom). All disputes between nations – as well as internal ones – would be handled by the Amazon judges. They would take into account the arguments from all sides and then make their decision based on what they felt was fair for all the concerned parties. All decisions of the Amazonian court would be final and must be obeyed; there would be no appeals.


Human devices that they felt were harmful to the environment, such as the internal combustion engine, polluting factories and power stations, would be quickly phased out and replaced by the much more advanced and efficient methods that the Amazonian engineers would build. Food and power supplies would be more evenly distributed throughout the entire planet so that hunger would be a thing of the past. Amazonian physicians would teach the human doctors how to cure most of the dreaded diseases that currently plague humanity.


After several hours, Tania concluded:


"Now I know that being a male dominated culture, many of you will find it very difficult to be ruled over by females. But let's face the facts, you men have made a mess of your world. Without our intervention, the next few decades would have been disastrous for you and this wonderful planet on which you live; it truly is a gem. And since you proved unable to 'beat your swords into plowshares', we decided to do it for you. We simply couldn't allow you destroy yourselves. Those of you men who can't work together with females will be removed from your positions and replaced either by women or men who can; plain and simple. Difficult as this all may be for you to accept at the moment, I have enough experience from the other worlds that we've helped to say this with confidence – your future generations will look back at this time and rejoice."


When Tania finished speaking there was complete silence from the men in the assembly hall; the women, on the other hand, all stood up and cheered. "It's a new dawn," one of them cried out. "Mankind … err Womankind has been saved," yelled another. As the subdued men quietly filed out to report to their respective governments, they sadly agreed. It was indeed the beginning of a new age. In the span of just one week, these four beautiful, indestructible women had completely altered the course of human history forever.


"Tania," Lucy asked her sister as they left the United Nations building in New York,"are we finished? Can we finally chill out now? Suzy and I saw some cute football players that we'd like to 'get to know' a bit better. Are we free to leave?"


"You may girls, but keep your communicators on just in case we have to deal with any stubborn holdouts … and do try to be good." Tania winked.


"What's good?" Suzy giggled as she and Lucy rose to the sky.


Tania sighed as she looked over at Sara,"Oh to be young again. Say hello to Captain Adams for me when you see him."


"Will do," Sara said as she took off in the opposite direction.


Two weeks later …


Richard Morgan, formally a captain in the U.S. Army (when the U.S. had an Army) lay on his bed. He gently touched the huge breasts of the massive woman lying next to him. "What are you doing, you silly man?" she laughed.


"I was just testing something Tania. How can your incredible body be strong enough to resist the awesome power of a hydrogen bomb and yet be sensitive enough to feel a light finger touch?"


Tania reached over and raised him up in her mighty arms. She then lowered him until he was resting on those breasts. She kissed him. "Oh honey, I really don't think you'd be able to understand the explanation as to how my sisters and I came to have our tremendous powers and invulnerability. It has to do with an experiment conducted on my great-great-great-great grandmother, more than 200 years ago. Ever since then, the women in her genetic line have had these amazing abilities and we've used them to help other planets straighten themselves out; just like we'll do on yours." She gently placed Richard's head on her right breast and began to giggle as he started sucking on it.


"How many other planets have you conquered?" he asked her.


"Well, that would depend on what you mean by 'conquered', Richard. If you mean defeating their armies for the purpose of subduing the population, exploiting their resources and colonizing their territory – like the Europeans did to the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere on your planet – then the answer is none. If, on the other hand,you mean destroying their armed forces – without killing one single soldier – for the purpose of breaking their will to resist, thus enabling us to show them the way out of the dire situation they put themselves into – a situation which, if left unchecked, would lead to catastrophic consequences for the entire population – then the answer is … (Tania paused for a moment as she appeared to be counting to herself) … sixteen."


"Sixteen !" Richard gasped," you've conquered sixteen planets?"


Tania sighed. "As I tried to make clear to you honey, I did not 'conquer' them anymore than I conquered yours. We 'defeated' your armies in order to force you to accept our superiority. That's the only way we could have convinced you to make the changes that you desperately needed to make. When we've decided that you can manage your planet in a responsible manner, then we'll allow you to do so. Until that time, however, we'll have to be in charge; just like with all of the others." When Tania saw the sad look on Richard's face she wrapped her huge arms around him and gently hugged him … Whispering softly in his ear, she continued …


"Honey, I know how difficult it must be for you and your fellow humans to accept that your mightiest armies and your most powerful weapons were all useless against us – that just four women could have destroyed every armed force on your planet without suffering so much as a scratch. And that we've now completely taken over your entire world. But you have to think of it this way. Someday you'll have children and theirs will be the first generation in the entire history of this planet to grow up in a world without war. Hunger and disease will have been virtually eliminated by then. The air will be clean and the water safe to drink. Pollution, like war and hunger, will be something they'll only know about by reading history books. Someday you'll all come to realize that we did this for your own good." When she noticed Richard had tears in his eyes now, Tania kissed him again. "Now enough of this honey; let's get back to work on my breasts."



"Nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war any more" – Isaiah

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