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Starfall - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - First Reversion
Alice jerked awake as the door flew open. Barely awake, she let her gaze sweep across the room, unsure where she had woken or, more importantly, by what. The room she saw lay in ruins, almost like a tornado had swept through. She grabbed her head as she felt the pounding headache. Her head screamed in agony, similar to a hangover after a long night full of partying. But as her eyes fell on the drawn weapons her headache seemed to fade away, and she suddenly was wide awake.
Greg had taken point through the door. He was an old school cop and the senior officer of the duo. But that wasn’t the only reason why he decided to go first. He neither liked or completely trusted that his new partner, Nathan, would do the job right. Or rather, right by Greg’s standards.
As Greg followed the broken door into the room his skilled eyes quickly scanned for threats. His gaze found the interior in splinters and the quickly awakening woman, laying on the bed sheets. Without slowing down he strode towards the bed with determined steps while motioning to his partner to check the remaining bathroom further in.
Alice had composed herself and tried to raise herself up onto her elbows, while bursting out a surprised "WHAT D...". Before she had finished the sentence she was silenced by a hard hit from Greg’s pistol grip. "SHUT UP AND STAY DOWN! "
Alice’s hand quickly covered her reddening cheek while she stared terrified up at Greg, who aimed his gun towards the her while waiting for his partner to return from his check.
Nathan exited the bathroom after a quick look, he had lowered his weapon and shortly stated. "All Clear!"
The announcement seemed to relax Greg as he also holstered his weapon. Feeling safer he allowed himself to look closer around him on the trashed night stand, the holes in the wallpaper and the broken lamp that had been wielded as a baseball bat. He swept with his arm around the room. "Looks like you had quite a party here last night."
He continued with a creepy smile, "I would have loved to be a part of it."
The sentence had ended with a light laugh and a look over his shoulder, towards his partner, for acknowledgement. Nathan’s facial expression made it clear that he wasn’t amused by Greg’s indiscretion. Greg didn’t really care and continued unaffected, "Unlucky for you the neighbours didn’t like the disturbance and called us." Greg’s smile widened, "And you are apparently dumb enough to still be here 4 hours later."
Alice attempted to sit up again but was met with a hard slap. "WHO TOLD YOU TO MOVE? " Greg didn’t wait for an answer and exclaimed, mostly to himself, "Well I guess this little bitch needs to learn her place."
Alice buried her throbbing face into the covers. The blanket almost completely drowned her quiet sobs. Greg knelt over her on the bed. He leaned in and whispered into her ear, "It’s OK, I will gladly teach you! "
Greg grabbed Alice’s left arm, twisting it high up her back into a police hold. He continued to whispers as he gave it an extra twist, "I bet you are one of those that like pain! "
Alice could only scream in response as the pain shoot through her arm. She bit down on the cover, trying to muffle the scream, trying to damp the satisfaction the policeman seemed to get from her suffering. She heard him grunt and shift his weight to her left to get out his cuffs. Alice saw her opportunity, she bit through the pain as she drove her right elbow hard into Greg’s midsection, causing him to loose his breath. The blow surprised Greg enough to loosen up his grip for a second.
Wasting no time, Alice slipped her arm free and hastily crawled across the bed. She dropped down over the bedside, landing with a loud THUMP on the carpeted floor. There she quickly raised herself into a sitting position against a, surprisingly still standing, night stand. 
She now sat blocked in, by the wall on her left and the bed on her right. Directly in front of her Nathan had swiftly moved to the end of the bed, blocking off her only remaining escape route. He slowed down as he carefully approached the scared woman before him, holding his hands clearly in front of him in a non threatening position. "Take it easy…I don’t want to harm you." 
Alice’s eyes darted across the room, trying to find an previously overseen escape route. Ready to give up, her searching gaze fell on the pill jar that laid under the bed, within her reach. It would be an easy escape, but she questioned if she really wanted to live with the consequences. The earlier events were fresh in her mind. Sure they had mostly been bad people, but two police officers had also almost paid with their lives. A fact she wasn’t proud of.
She eyed Nathan as he slowly closed the distance. He was still a few steps away, far enough to not have time to stop her. Greg groaned as he recovered from the elbow, his sound reminded Alice of his existence. She felt disgusted, that bastard would pay! 
Alice quickly reached for the jar and with a fluid motion shook out a pill into her palm. She looked up towards Nathan with a guilt-ridden expression. Nathan only heard a faint, "I’m sorry! ", before she swallowed the pill, giving him no time to react. Alice closed her eyes and deeply inhaled, arching her back in anticipation for the amazing transformation.
Nathan burst into motion and dived for the jar, but could only watch as the pill slid down Alice’s throat. He ripped the jar from her hands. Eyeing the container, investigating what she had taken. Greg had also seen the jar. He managed to cough out, "You incompetent fool, what did you let her take? " Nathan opened the jar and shook out a pill, watching it closely while defending himself, "It looks like regular allergy pills, not like any drugs or poison I ever seen."
Second after second ticked by, without any change in Alice. Each second felt excruciatingly long waiting for the transformation that didn’t happen. Alice got more and more impatient, wondering why the pill hadn’t taken effect.
Meanwhile Greg had managed to regain his breath and an upright position. He had gained an angry expression, something even his previous malicious actions had been without. It showed clearer and cleared as he came closer, walking around the bed with determined steps. As he rounded the last corner of the bed he pushed Nathan hard into the wall, as he passed. Greg raised his fist, the anticipation of enjoyment shone through his eyes. "Oooh, I will enjoy this! "
Alice sat terrified on the floor as Greg closed in. Convinced that the pill hadn’t worked its magic and neither would. She curled herself together, closing her eyes, awaiting the approaching punch. When it didn’t come Alice peeked through her shielding arms. She saw Greg’s arm held back by Nathan’s strong grip. They were stuck in a short staring contest before Nathan pushed Greg tumbling across the bed. Greg rolled off the bed and stood up on the other side. He yelled out, "What do you think you’re doing?  You are well aware that I’m your superior officer!"
"I can’t just stand idly and watch as you abuse this woman. Go outside and walk it off, I swear if you come close I will introduce my fist to your nose! " Nathan replied.
Greg stared angrily while he thought, contemplating his options. Finally he turned around with a low growl and walked out of the room. When Nathan saw Greg leaving the room he let out a relieved sigh and directed his attention towards the curled up Alice again. "I’m really sorry for my partner, we only recently started working together and I can’t say that I like his deportment."
His face took a slightly apologetic expression. "Sadly, I still have to take you in for disorderly conduct and maybe vandalism depending on what the owner of this motel says …I hope you can follow willingly. It would be the easiest for both of us."
Alice could only nod in defeated agreement. Nathan reached out his hand and, after a short hesitation from Alice, helped her stand up.
Nathan led, in silence, the cuffed Alice out of the room into the early morning. Alice walked slowly with reluctant, heavy, steps. Their path to the cruiser went down a staircase into the parking lot where a small crowd of curious onlookers had gathered. When Alice noticed the onlookers she completed the walk with her head hanging low, staring into the ground in shame and in a vain attempt to conceal her face.
Nathan lead Alice to the squad car’s right rear door, which he reached forward and opened. He guided Alice so that he positioned himself cornering Alice between the car, the door and him. He pointed at her cuffed hands. "Here, let me loosen those for you."
Alice turned around, facing the car, letting Nathan remove the cuffs. Alice felt the grip of the steel cuffs fade away as they were removed. She turned around again, looking down, caressing her slightly red wrists. Nathan looked over to where Greg stood, in the opposite corner of the parking lot, talking to the owner and those who had called in the complaint. "I would like to apology again for my partner, his methods are really inexcusable. Sadly he has been a long time in the force and have a good arresting record meaning that he is a bit glorified in the office. No one above us really want to be the one reprimanding him."
"Well thank you then, for standing up to him and", Alice hesitated for a moment, having problem saying it. "…saving me , officer …", Alice looked up towards Nathan’s badge. Before she saw the name he replied. "Nathan Briggs, but you can call me Nate, all my friends do."
Alice looked up into his eyes with a heart melting smile, "I’m Alice."
Before Nate had time to answer Greg returned and interrupted them. "Nathan, get that bitch into the car, we are done here."
Nathan sighed and rolled his eyes before he motioned for Alice to take a seat while mouthing a quiet "Sorry".
As Alice was about to step into the back seat she turned to Nate with big eyes and in a low voice, so Greg wouldn’t hear. "My pills, I kinda need them." 
Nate patted his jack pocket, the unmistakeable sound of rattling pills could be heard. With that Alice sat down at ease in the back seat. He was about to close the door but stopped himself for a moment. He stuck his head into the door. "When you ate that pill, I thought I heard you say that you were sorry, what was that about? "
Alice looked at Nate unsure if she would answer. "I was afraid I would harm you."
Nate looked down on Alice with a crooked smile and chuckled lightly. "I’m glad you decided not to." 
Greg took the driver’s position and slowly drove the cruiser towards the exit of the parking. Before he pulled out into the busy street he stopped the car and looked down the street. Both Greg and Nathan stared down the street, both looking at the blown out wall. The tense atmosphere in the front seat were fast forgotten by the view and Greg was the first that spoke. "I heard on the radio that it was a gas explosion. But if you ask me it doesn’t look that burnt…really strange, I’ll tell ya."
"I have heard of explosions that burn so fast that nothing gets the least scorched."
"In all of my years, I have never seen one of those. The gas explosions I have been called to have almost always threaten to incinerate the whole building."
"Well there is a first for everything."
Meanwhile Alice leaned forward for a better view and took a quick peek out of the barred car window. Knowing that nothing close to a gas explosion had caused the façade to burst into pieces all over the street. She wondered what happened to the thugs she had left in the bathtub. After all they were responsible for her loved one’s brutal beating. Alice leaned back into the car seat thinking that she wasn’t finished with her revenge. Whatever happened, They would pay.
Greg pulled out into the busy street. Adjusting his rear view mirror so he could see Alice in the back seat. He couldn’t help himself as their eyes met for a second. "I hope you had a nice sleep-in. Our colleagues have had the morning full. Not only that strange gas explosion, but believe it or not a freaking gang war happened tonight. It’s an understatement that your little party got down prioritised. But when we started our shift I guess all the fun was over."
Alice didn’t respond, instead she turned her head to look out of the police cruisers window when Greg continued, "I mean it sounds incredible stupid to stay in the room after trashing it to the degree you managed. From what I heard from the owner there wasn’t even any evidence that you had paid which adds break-in to your list of offences."
Alice was about to answer that the boy in the lobby hadn’t objected to her paying in kind but refrained thinking how it would sound and that she didn’t want hooking adding to her rap sheet. Greg gave up his tries on teasing Alice when she didn’t show any response and the rest of the trip continued in silence.
The cruiser stopped in front of the police station. Nathan was quickly out and opened the rear door. Alice got her hands cuffed again, a bit looser this time as Nate was careful not to tight them too much. The serene outside was the complete opposite to the chaotic inside. The station seemed full of people shouting and running around as headless chickens. Alice was lead in zig-zag through the tumult with Nate in close tow, still bumping into every other person in their path.
As they entered the second floor the commotion calmed down. Nate led Alice to a counter for registration. The clerk on the other side was an old man, clearly close to pension, which showed on his slow movements and lack of motivation. He produced a form from behind the counter and started the questions."Name? "
"Jane Doe." Alice quickly answered.
Nate, who stood behind Alice, leaned forward into the corner of her vision. "And here I thought your name was Alice? "
Alice answered without missing a beat. "I meant Alice Doe."
The clerk turned to Nathan with an tired expression while sliding fourth a key and a cardboard box. "I don’t have time for this, set her in a cell and we can check with her in a couple of hours. Please make sure all her possessions are put into this box." 
Nathan placed the key into the box and picked it up before he with a light jerk got Alice moving down the long narrow corridor. The left corridor wall had steel doors evenly distributed. Each door had markings on it, A-1, A-2, A-3. About halfway into the corridor Nathan stopped Alice and unlocked the steel door before them. He showed her into cell A-4. After he unhooked the cuffs he held out the cardboard box. "Put everything except your clothes in here."
"I don’t have anything else on me."
Nate pointed at the necklace. "You can start with that."
Alice reluctantly took off the necklace and gave it to Nate, who placed it in the box. He placed the box on the floor and pointed, a bit shy, at the closest wall. "Put your hands up the wall, I need to frisk you. It’s procedure."
Alice complied, standing with her arms up the wall and her legs wide apart. Alice’s dark purple tank top left little to the imagination and even less places to hide anything. Nate placed his hands around Alice’s waist and felt his way around. He continued by sliding his hands along one of her legs, covered by the thin black jeans.
Alice bit her lip, enjoying the touch of Nate’s strong hands as he slid them around her waist and down over her ass. After checking both legs Nate stuck his hands into Alice’s tight pockets. When he felt that they were empty he tried to pull them out, but struggled against their tightness. Alice couldn’t help but turn her head back and when their eyes met. "Find anything you like? "
Nate quickly retracted his hands, slightly embarrassed at Alice comment. He quickly picked up the box and headed for the exit, in the doorway he turned around with a shy expression. "So, you have to stay here a while, probably around 24 hours. After that we usually release people in your situation with a court date. If you want you can make a phone call or get in contact with a lawyer. But for now I would suggest to take it easy for a couple hours, as you saw things are still a bit hectic in here."
With that he closed the heavy steel door and the lock clanked as the bolts slid into their secure position within the cement walls.
Alice looked around the small grey cell. The sparse interior consisted of a thin bed and a crude toiled, both attached to the cement wall. The bed looked inviting since Alice hadn’t gotten much sleep and on top of that a pretty rough awakening. Her eyelids felt heavy as she tumbled onto the thin mattress. The wooden structure could be felt through the mattress, a quickly disappearing problem as she fast drifted into sleep.
Much later Alice woke up. She could see it was dark outside through a small window that sat high on the wall. The high position only allowed Alice to see the dark sky, not the surrounding environment. The cell was lit up by florescent lamps along the ceiling. As she sat up a TV popped into life, scaring her since she hadn’t seen it when she had entered. She wondered why the TV had started when she noted the small camera in the ceiling.
At the same time Greg entered the police station, with Nathan close in tow. Greg walked with determined steps to the evidence counter on the second floor. Arriving at the counter Greg leaned over the desk, glaring at Nathan. "We were here earlier today with a woman that had trashed a motel room. When I now was about to go off my shift my idiotic partner informed me that he still was in the possession of some evidence that should have been checked in."
Greg waved to Nathan to get him to produce the jar. He handed it to the clerk. "I totally forgot that I confiscated this off her at the motel. Now I even remember that she specifically asked for this to be taken in."
Greg pretended that he hadn’t heard Nathan’s excuse and proceeded. "It looks like Asthma medicine but we should maybe send some to the lab to check that it isn’t some kind of drugs."
The old clerk behind the desk looked mildly interested as he opened the jar and shook out a pill into a plastic bag that he sealed and marked.
Meanwhile Alice mindlessly watched the TV that hung high in the cell. The view was slightly impaired since it was encased with steel bars so it couldn’t be destroyed. Changing channel wasn’t either an option as it was remote controlled. A nature program had just ended and the news were coming up. Alice didn’t pay much attention as she lay looking out into the dark sky thought the small window. As the news started the headlines for the cast were read in short.
"The police have released the number of dead at the warehouse where a gang showdown took place yesterday, bringing up the total number of dead to 9 people. We still have unconfirmed information about a survivor. In other news, there has yet been released a cause for the building that exploded yesterday, but sources suspects a gas explosion and the identity for the man that mystically appeared in Bayview Hospital has not yet been found. Lastly, there hasn’t been any sightings of Meteora despite the eventful last days, has out heroine taken a vacation?  We dig deeper on this and the rest of the news in today’s broadcast."
The second to last headline got Alice’s attention. She sat up on the bed directing all her attention towards the TV. The anchor reappeared after a short vignette. "Welcome to the morning news. Today’s main news are yesterday’s shooting, which the police describe as a gang showdown where the most recent numbers indicate that 9 people died, we have police officer ..." A police officer appeared in the studio but Alice couldn’t care less, she only wanted to hear how Daniel was.
After a short interview the news anchor continued. "Experts say that a gas explosion probably was the cause when a façade yesterday blew into the street, causing traffic to a standstill yesterday morning. No casualties has yet been reported at the site and officials say that it will probably be completely cleaned up during the day."
Alice stood up, closing in on the TV, holding her breath as the news she awaited were up next. The anchor continued, "We go live to our reporter Catherine Takanawa, for the latest update on the John Doe that yesterday appeared at the intensive care on Bayview hospital."
The camera cut to an inside view from the hospital. A corridor that Alice was all too familiar with.
"I’m standing here in the intensive care where early yesterday morning an unknown male appeared, as out of thin air. He was in operation most of yesterday and was under close observation during the night. Early this morning his condition worsened and a couple of hours ago he was again rushed into surgery after extensive internal bleeding was suspected. Despite the surgeons tries his life was lost due to complications just an hour ago."
Alice stared at the TV, the sound warped into a high pitch ringing and the world seemed to drift out of focus. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it was true. Alice knew she had to see it to believe it.
Alice collected herself enough to move and immediately jumped at the steel door. Filled with adrenalin she pounded her hands against it for all she was worth, screaming at the top of her lungs. "You must let me out of here! "
Alice’s breathing increased with her increasing heartbeats. She felt her airways tighten from her strain and despite her increased breathing, less and less air reached her lungs. Her screams lost more and more power for each try. Alice fought against the asthma as long as she could but ultimately fell into a heap onto the floor, struggling to breathe.
Greg heard the rising commotion from down the cells. It only lasted a short while before the screams silenced. He didn’t have to wonder what it was for long before a policeman looked out from a control room besides them. "Looks like the girl in cell A-4 is having a seizure. Could you go check that she is ok? "
Greg jumped at the opportunity, he saw his chance to retaliate for Alice’s elbow that now in retrospect probably had mostly damaged his pride. Before Nathan had time to react he saw his partner dash down the hall, causing him to wonder why he was in such a hurry. Nathan had picked up the cardboard box, containing Alice’s necklace and pills, when his partners motive dawned on him, he wasted no time and quickly sprinted after. 
Greg had just unlocked the steel door when Nathan caught up. Greg ripped open the door and entered the small cell first. Alice laid on the hard concrete floor with her back towards the door. Greg wasted no time and kicked her hard in her lower back. "Hey, get up! "
When no response came he got down on his knees and flipped Alice over on her back. Alice’s eyes were spread in fear while she gasped for air. Her hands held around her neck in a vain try to get more air.
Nathan appeared from behind Greg, reaching forward a hand holding the white pill jar. "Here!  Give her these! "
Greg looked up, with a questioning look, not making an attempt to grab the jar. Wanting Alice to suffer a while longer. Nathan’s eyes went from the big round eyes of the struggling Alice to the unaffected expression on Greg. Nathan almost shoved the jar into Greg’s face for emphasis. "Stop messing around. Give her the damn pills! "
Greg grumpily grabbed the jar from Nathan’s hands. "All right, Give me that."
He opened the jar and shook a single pill out. Greg forcefully pried Alice’s jaw open and forced the pill down her throat. When he released the pill he shut her mouth and held his hand over her mouth and nose to force her to swallow.
Despite Alice’s trouble breathing she still had qualms about taking the pill again, even though it had been effect-less the last time. She grabbed around Greg’s hands and tried to break them away. But in her strained condition she was powerless against Greg’s strong hold. With her airways held shut and the pill forced down her throat she had no option but to swallow.
With the pill flowing down her throat, Alice closed her eyes and felt her body relax, the lack of air didn’t seem to bother her any longer. She could feel a familiar warmth spread from her stomach out to every limb. The warmth lingered in her muscles as the cells went into overdrive to rework themselves to contain the power that poured into them. Hidden from view by her clothes her body toned up to athletic proportions. Her stomach smoothed into a solid six-pack and the small fat she had redistributed, filling out her bust, which accented their perfect raindrop shape. The warmth reached her skin, flowing like a warm veil as the skin became denser and denser.
For Alice, Greg’s previously hard hold faded away as the transformation progressed. He had, without releasing, felt her body relax thinking she had passed out. A conclusion that startled him when Alice’s glowing amber eyes burst open.
Despite being enthralled by the eyes that stared up at him Greg felt a bit uneasy as a smile spread under his grip. Before he had time to react Alice gripped the hand that had previously held her mouth shut, to her it now more just laid across her face. A crushing sound filled the small cell as bone after bone slowly shattered within his hands. Greg let out a primal scream of pain while he dove with his other hand in a try to bend open the small hand that now destroyed his right hand.
Alice intensely stared into Greg’s now terrified face as she increased her grip more and more. Greg had no idea about the troubles he had unleashed.
Alice let go off the remains of Greg’s hand, which caused Greg to fall over backwards from his tries to pull free. Alice stood up, casually brushing her clothes off. After a few steps she had closed the distance to the sitting Greg. She gripped his collar with her right hand and hoisted him up against the wall, holding him with a straight arm, causing his feet to freely dangle in the air. He still clutched his mangled hand as Alice slowly lowered him enough to whisper into his ear "Lets see how much you like pain! "
Nathan had been dumbfounded by the turn of events and stood immovable. But he couldn’t remain silent any longer while Alice wreak her vengeance. "STOP! "
Alice turned her head towards the open door. Recognising Nate she dropped Greg, who fell hard to the floor. Nate started to slowly back out of the cell as Alice closed the distance with a fast pace. The steel door slowly closed as Alice casually walked out from the cell forcing Nate further and further back. He soon found himself with his back against the opposite side of the hallway. Unable to back up any more the distance between them shrank even faster.
When within arm’s reach Alice extended her hand into the box that Nate held and picked up the old necklace. Alice slowed down but kept walking while putting it on, causing the cardboard box to slowly compress between them. 
Nate’s anxiety grew with each of her steps, he pressed himself more and more up against the wall. Alice stopped when only an inch remained from touching, which they would do if Nate had relaxed.
Alice looked up into the scared policeman’s eyes. Bringing down her hands from her neck. "I want to thank you for your help at the motel."
A confused expression filled Nate’s face. "Y-y-you’re welcome."
"I’m sorry we didn’t meet during better circumstances."
Alice directed her attention down the hallway, where riot equipped men came running. "Believe it or not but I actually don’t want to hurt any of you," She looked across her shoulder through a small gap in the closed cell door at the groaning Greg, "Well at least not most of you."
Alice took a quick glance at the fast approaching riot squad. "I guess our paths will part here. Good bye! "
Nate stood in silent awe as Alice turned on the spot and gave the cell door behind her a hard kick. The heavy steel door buckled before it flew off it hinges. It blasted past the sitting Greg and continued through the buildings outer brick wall. Causing a big hole out to the early morning.
Alice walked after, stopping in front of the whimpering Greg. She looked down with distaste, meeting Greg’s terrified stare. "Until next time." Alice reached down and picked up the jar before she went to the hole and casually jump out. As she jumped out through the hole Nate let out a deep breath that it felt like he had held through the whole ordeal. "Bye…"
The hole in the police station led out to an alley two stories below. Alice easily cleared the landing and directly headed out towards the awakening street. As she reached the end of the alley and was about to turn into the side walk she looked back up at the hole she had came from. The hole was filled with surprised faces in riot gear, which made her chuckle lightly as she disappeared around the corner.
Alice knew where she was headed, she knew she had to see Daniel for the last time. See that it really was true.
She emerged from the alley into a street full of life. Commuting people filled both the street and side walks, making it easy to hide in plain sight. Alice recognised the street she had entered and slid into the stream of people that flowed down the side walk towards Bayview hospital. At the crowds tempo and luck with the street signals she estimated it to be about a thirty minute walk. Alice had felt truly heart broken in the cell, but the helplessness she had felt at the terrible news had vanished.
As she walked down the street a huge building grew more and more into her view. It wasn’t the big city hospital, but the bank that had practically stolen their life away. Alice clenched her fist hard at the resentment she felt of the mere thought about it. Before she knew thoughts started forming on how she could get pay back. At her current state the options seemed limitless. The obvious could be to just rip the bank vault in two and take what had been stolen from her, maybe even with a little interest. Else maybe a visit to the CEO would be fun. She let her eyes wander up the tall skyscraper. Wondering which floor he could have his office on and consecutive which floor she would hurl him out from.
As Alice reached the entrance she had made up her mind. Daniel could wait, he wasn’t going anywhere. Still undecided about her plan Alice walked up the stone steps and through the double doors that led into the lobby. Inside was a huge room where the middle space had a 3 floors high ceiling. Around the hole in the middle were offices spread on each floor. The black and white tiled floor was full of early customers. mostly in queues to the many counters that was straight in.
Alice walked around casually looking around the interior deciding which deed she would wreak. Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t notice the pistol that was raised into the air. The shot that followed didn’t go unnoticed. People spread out to the edges of the big room, fleeing the threat that had appeared. Standing in the middle of the floor with a gun raised in his right hand was a middle aged man with a rugged look. His left arm held a sobbing young girl firmly against him. "This is a robbery, anybody tries anything funny either they or this girl will be shot." He lowered the gun towards the young girls head. "Nobody needs to be hurt, but I warn you…don’t try my patience! "
Everybody in the room had ducked into cover, people laid sprawled on the floor and hid behind everything that stood between them and the gun. Everybody except three persons, the robber, the little girl and Alice.
Alice had stopped in her tracks and now stood silent at the edge of the room, still clearly visible. Mostly since everybody else had crawled away from the open space. The robber spotted the staring Alice. "What is wrong with you girl, too scared to move? "
Alice took a deep breath, like one would do before taking care of a newly arisen annoyance. "I have had a really shitty morning, and I think you just made it worse! "
The robber laughed. "Shut the fuck up bitch!  You really think I care about your shitty morning."
Alice flinched before she took another deep breath. He really had to use the B word. Alice unconsciously lightly nodded while replying, "Maybe not yet, but I think you will."
"Get on the floor, and shut up! "
Alice started to get fed up with the audacity of the man with the gun. "I will make you a counter offer, release the girl and walk away, you don’t know who you are dealing with."
A light chuckle came from the man as he pointed the gun at Alice. "What, are you by any chance Meteora?  I would love to see you try and stop me! "
Alice had heard enough and ran forward faster than his eyes could register, appearing behind him, out of sight. The robber faltered as Alice disappeared from his sight. His eyes darted around, searching after where the woman had gone. He jumped when he felt her firm grip on his left shoulder and around the hand that held the pistol.
"Wrong answer dipshit. After I’m done, you will wish I was Meteora! " Gripping even tighter around his left shoulder Alice added. "Now let the girl go…before I rip off the arm holding her! "
He lightly winced in pain from the grip. She had made it clear that it wasn’t a request and he certainly wasn’t in a position to disobey. He could do no other than comply.
As soon as he loosened his grip the little girl quickly ran crying to her mother’s awaiting arms. The robber could only panic-stricken watch how his only insurance ran away. "Please spare me! "
"Maybe I would have, if you just could have walked away…" Alice exhaled heavily and continued, "But now you didn’t and you are really just another pain in the ass this morning have brought."
Alice held the robber still while she bent the arm holding the pistol. "Lets see how you like to have a gun pointed in your face."
No matter how much he resisted the barrel came closer and closer and Alice didn’t stop until it touched the bottom of his jaw. "So how does it feel, being 5 inch from death? "
The robber stared on the gun. His tries to break away were futile against Alice’s painfully hard grip. It would have been easier to squirm out of a vice. "Please don’t kill me! "
"It didn’t sound that you would show that mercy to the little girl. So why should I? " Alice didn’t wait for an answer on her rhetorical question. She closed her index finger around his hand holding the gun. Her finger easily compressed the trigger guard before it pressed down the robbers finger on the trigger. He screamed in pain. The scream was quickly drowned in the BANG from the pistol. His body went limp as the bullet travelled clean through his jaw. It continued until it drilled itself to a stop between the bottom floors.
Alice dropped the limp body. She took a step back and looked around on the scared faces that stuck forth around the now dead silent lobby. A gurgle came from the floor. Alice looked down onto the man, who coughed blood out of his fresh wound. Alice looked at the still smoking gun in her hand. It dawned on her what she had done, realizing that she had become no better than the criminals she hated. She threw the gun on the floor and quickly headed towards the exit. The few people that stood in her way hurried to the sides in fear as she neared the doors. 
When Alice approached the doors she saw why no one had escaped as the doors were locked together with a sturdy chain. In her hurry to leave the bank she aimed for the big padlock that held the chain together. She gripped the padlock and pinched it in pieces between her thumb and index finger. In her haste Alice closed her fingers so fast that shrapnel flew from the exploding lock. The shrapnel spread lodging it in the surrounding walls and spreading big cracks in the bulletproof glass doors.
As she opened the door she heard light running footsteps coming closer. She held open the door and looked behind her. The little girl she had saved stopped a few feet from her, shyly looking down into the floor. She twisted her feet, trying to gain courage. A quick faint "Thank you" escaped her lips as she turned and ran back to her mothers awaiting arms, from where she only moments before had broken free.
Alice couldn’t help herself from smiling as she exited the bank, thinking that she maybe had after all done a good deed. And that little girl’s gesture had more than made it worth it.
As Alice walked down the last stone steps that led out from the bank the first police cruiser rounded a street corner further down the street. It came blasting down the street while its sirens rang out their unmistakable sound. The street closest to the bank had cleared of people because of the commotion heard from the bank. Making Alice stick out on the empty side walk. Alice walked down the side walk towards the fast approaching cruiser, hoping it would only pass her by. But she knew that it had only been wishful thinking as the cruiser screeched to a halt 50 yards in front of Alice. Out of the car jumped a young officer that instantly drew his gun. Standing behind the hood of the car he pointed it at Alice. "HALT! "
Alice ignored the yell and kept walking. "STOP or I’ll have to shoot you! "
Alice kept ignoring his warning, unaffected walking down the side walk. "I’m not the one you want. You should look in the bank! "
She clearly heard the dreaded sound of the gun go off. She kept looking straight ahead, down the street, trying to let it pass. The bullet came into view in the corner of her eye. It flew in slow motion within arm’s reach in front of her. When it nearly had passed her she couldn’t ignore it any longer and gently gripped it, careful enough to not demolish the bullet too much. Time speed up again as Alice quickly looked over to where the cruiser stood. When she had her sights set she leapt high into the air. The stunned police could only watch as Alice flew in a high arc towards him.
Alice landed hard in the middle of the cruiser. The roof instantly collapsed as her body continued into the interior. The car almost broke in two from the impact. The police got knocked back by the impact. Leaving hm sprawled onto the street.
The officer tried to compose himself despite being dazed from the impact. He looked around himself to determine what had really happened. He saw his cruiser’s four wheels lifted from the ground as his car was lodged into the asphalt and had got a new V-shape. 
Alice easily emerged from the wreck. Screeching metal were heard as her body bent the metal away from her path. The still somewhat standing door frame split like play dough as Alice took her lasts steps out from the demolished car body. The frightened police started in a futile attempt to crawl backwards, to escape the fast approaching danger. It was useless as Alice’s fast pace quickly caught up. He was sure he was doomed when he spotted his gun laying besides him. In a last attempt he quickly reached for it. The moment before his hand reached it, Alice’s foot stepped down hard on it. The gun instantly disappeared into the asphalt. She slightly twisted her foot for emphasis.
The police officer’s surprised eyes followed her long shapely legs up to her almost glowing amber eyes. He swallowed hard. He was completely speechless at the intimidating beauty that stood leaning above him. Alice held up the bullet. "I believe you dropped this, for surely you didn’t mean to shoot me! "
With his eyes open wide he could only shake his head in response.
"I mean despite some bad experiences the last days. I usually like the police and what you do." Alice gained an angry expression "Don’t make me change that opinion! "
Alice placed the bullet on the police officers chest. "Let that be a remainder. I’m on your side, try to keep it that way…"
A sigh of relief escaped the police officer as Alice stood up and kept walking down the street. She had already disappeared when reinforcements came only moments later. They quickly ran to the laying officer, wondering what had happened and where the woman had disappeared. He didn’t know and didn’t care, he just clung to the bullet laying on his chest and was happy to still be alive.
Alice managed to walk to the hospital without further incidents. The morgue was situated slightly hidden from the main entrance. Something she knew since her time working at the hospital. The door led to a steep staircase that took Alice down into the hospitals basements. At the end of the staircase Alice stood in a narrow sterile corridor. badly lit with flickering florescent lights.
Alice walked with heavier and heavier steps as she neared the dreaded room. As she neared the end of the corridor she was spotted by the sitting morgue technician, eating a sandwich. Steve was an overweight guy with black greasy hair. His appearance wasn’t in his favour, but he had a charming personality. A characteristic Alice knew as they had talked while she still worked in the building, conversations Alice had welcomed between her regular chores and had enjoyed. Something she knew the coming conversation would be without.
"Hi Alice, long time no see, I heard you got sacked."
Alice stared coldly into the room behind Steve. "Where is he? "
Steve looked around him to see if anyone else were in the morgue. "Who? "
Alice expressionless face showed signs of the pain she felt when she mentioned the name, "Daniel…"
Steve didn’t see the brief weakness as he turned back towards Alice wondering, he didn’t know any Daniel that had been down there. "Who?  Don’t have any Daniel down here."
Alice closed her eyes to hold back the tears. "The John Doe from today."
Steve suddenly connected the dots. "Wait, you mean he is your Daniel?  God I’m so sorry…"
Alice slowly nodded dispirited. "Just take me to him."
Steve laid down his food and stood up. He walked over and held open the door into the storage room. Alice was led to the inner wall that was filled with small steel doors. Steve stopped at one and looked at Alice. "Are you sure? "
Alice slightly nodded. Steve unlatched the lock and opened the door. A long steel sled covered with a white sheet that covered the body slid out. Steve looked at the dejected Alice. "I’ll leave you alone."
In a try to comfort he rested his hand on Alice’s shoulder as he slowly passed by on his way back to his desk.
Alice stood immovable at the edge of the sled, afraid to remove the sheet and look underneath. The desire to know eventually took over and Alice moved towards the inner section with unsteady steps. She leaned over the body and slowly removed the sheet covering the face. Her legs gave away and she fell on the tiled floor as her gaze meet Daniel’s battered face.  Her eyes filled with tears, clouding her vision. Still the picture above her lingered clearly. Alice drew her fist into the floor, sending tiles flying around her as her hand buried itself deeply.
Steve burst into the room "What was that? "
Alice raised herself on unsteady legs and planted a tender kiss on Daniel’s lifeless cheek before she took aim and walked towards the exit. As Alice passed Steve he asked, "Are you ok? "
Alice walked past him without dignifying him a look, but a low answer escaped her lips. "No! "
Alice escaped the morgue with an ache she had never previously experienced. She felt that she had lost her only solid point in this universe. Even though she was the most powerful being walking the face of the earth she had never felt so small and fragile. Without friends and family she now was truly alone. If only the pills had worked on Daniel. She knew her hunt for vengeance would be relentless, she wouldn’t go easy on the perpetrators next time, she couldn’t repeat the last failure!  To avoid that she needed answers and Alice knew who had them!

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