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Danica The Bouncer II

Written by Newshound :: [Thursday, 15 August 2013 10:41] Last updated by :: [Friday, 16 August 2013 05:26]

As I wandered the backstage area looking for Danica's dressing room, I spotted paramedics loading the two defeated fighters into an ambulance. The image of the tiny, Lisa Kelly lookalike demolishing two larger men was still fresh in my head. She had made it look so easy, almost as if she hadn't even been trying. Judging by their physiques, either one of these men would have pulverized me in a confrontation, yet the tiny blonde had not only been able to take on both fighters simultaneously, she had been able to do as she pleased with them, throwing them around as if they were rag dolls.


Eventually, I found someone who directed me to what I thought would be Danica's dressing room. Entering the room, I saw two banks of lockers with a bench between them to my left. There was a door leading to what I imagined must have been a shower room. Off to my right was a padded mat and various barbell weights on the floor. The room was empty so I assumed Danica might be in the shower room.


I wandered over to where the weights were scattered around the mat. The first barbell appeared to have approximately 300 pounds of weights on it. Out of idle curriosity, I squatted down, grasped the bar with both hands and gave it a good yank. Ooof! The barbell didn't budge an inch. A bit miffed with myself for not being able to even slightly lift the weights, I gave it another more determined yank. I was straining with all my might to at least budge the barbell off the ground, when I suddenly felt a hand touch me on my back. "Let me help you with that", I heard a soft, feminine voice say, as I saw a hand grasp the barbell between my own two hands. The barbell suddenly lifted off the ground as I stood upright, startled by what was happening.


I turned to see a small brunette casually holding the barbell to her shoulder with one arm and gazing up at me intently. She was a petite, five foot tall, weighing probably just over 100 pounds, yet she had lifted the barbell that I couldn't even budge with one arm! She looked as if she could have been the identical twin of teen actress Emma Roberts. She was wearing a black, strapless, spandex micro mini dress that revealed her slender figure and exposed arms. She casually began doing slow arm curls while looking into my eyes. Three hundred pound arm curls!


"And who might you be?" she inquired. I stumbled for an answer while watching her effortlessly curl the weight. After a few seconds, I had regained enough of my composure to stammer out a response that Danica had invited me. She lowered the barbell to the ground, then stood upright with her hands on her hips.


Suddenly, as if a switch had been thrown, her tone became confrontational. "Who told you that you could come in here?" she demanded. "Danica didn't tell me about you. You might be some kind of sicko groupie". My mind raced to come up with an answer. The only thing I could think of was to stand my ground, hoping she would take her attitude back down a notch. "Why don't you go ask Danica and find out?", I blustered.


I immediately knew that was the wrong answer. Her eyes flared momentarily as she reached out and grabbed me by the front of my shirt and jerked my face down to her eye level. In a low, threatening voice she said, "Why don't we see how well you can stop my fists with your face?" A thousand butterflies suddenly lifted off inside my stomach as the adrenaline began to pump furiously. I grasped her forearm with both hands in an effort to break free, but she held me firmly. The image of what Danica had done to those two rednecks and the tiny blonde in the ring were still vivid memories. As I looked into her eyes, the terrorizing thought crept into my head that what had happened to those men, was about to happen to me. I had just witnessed this petite brunette casually holding up a three hundred pound barbell with one arm, so I could easily imagine what she might be capable of. Despite the adrenaline coursing through my veins, I struggled helplessly to break free.


I was almost resigned to my fate, when the tiny blonde came bounding into the room. The Emma Roberts lookalike immediately released her grip but fixed me with a glare. She then looked over her shoulder at the blonde. "Hi Lindsey. I was just leaving". She then looked back at me, "This is Danica's friend",  as she gave me a wink and blew me a silent kiss. I was frozen in place as I watched the slender brunette gather her things and leave. My heart was still racing over the imminent ass kicking I had just avoided. I made a mental note that this tiny girl had something of a meanstreak, and that it would be a good thing if I tried to avoid her at all costs. I had an ominous feeling that she was bad news.


"You should have seen me out there tonight!" the tiny blond cried. "I had so much fun!" She bounded over to where I was standing and held out her hand to me. "Hi, I'm Lindsey". She wore a black, tank top with a pink micro mini skirt with some sort of frilly material that made it stand out like a ballerinas tutu. I was expecting a soft, delicate handshake, so I reflexively winced as Lindsey squeezed my hand with an overpowering grip. A small smile curled up one her lips as she saw me wince, almost as if she enjoyed showing off her strength. "Oops!", she giggled. "I guess I don't know my own strength!" "I could tell", I said. "I caught the end of your fight. How did you get to be so strong?" "I'm a truck driver", she replied. "I guess I get a work out throwing around big truck tires". It showed in her toned, muscular arms.


"Well, you're worn out from fighting those two guys. I could probably take you down", I joked. "Oh really?", she laughed as she placed her hands on her hips. Sensing that my mouth might have written a check that my butt couldn't cash, I tried to backtrack. "I was only kidding!", I pleaded. "Oh come on!" she laughed. "It'll be fun! I promise not to hurt you!" as she grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the mat.


I crouched down into a wrestling stance as we playfully circled each other. As I faked an advance, she darted beneath me and wrapped her arm around my thighs, lifting me off my feet and flat onto my back. She then pinned my back to the mat as she counted off to three. Despite my sizeable heigth and weight advantage over her, I was no match for her strength. She had pinned me in less that twenty seconds! She would then release me and let me get up, only to pin me in a matter of seconds. I would struggle with all my might to free myself, but her strength was incredible. I could tell she was just toying with me as, one time she laid on her side with my head pinned between her thighs as she pretended to file her fingernails. At this, we both then broke out laughing.


She eventually pinned me on my back and sat on my chest, pinning my arms to my sides with her legs. With her hands free, she began to do up her hair into a ponytail. "You're totally helpless!", she mocked. "I'm mopping the floor with and I'm not even trying!" Of course she was right. Her powerful legs had my arms pinned so hard, that I was having difficulty breathing. She then took off her tank top to just her sports bra and did a triumphant double bicep pose while smiling down at me. "We'll, I guess I better let you go before Danica comes in and catches us!"


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