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Kneel Before Roz – Part 7, The Battle of Nellis III

Written by Dru1076 :: [Thursday, 23 August 2018 23:00] Last updated by :: [Friday, 24 August 2018 10:56]

The large microwave emitters flared into life. The large imposing sound cannons wound up and blared. And Roz watched with glittering amused eyes as the mortars, launchers, and various breeds of experimental missile took to the sky in a vast mass and arranged itself in the air to come down hard and fast at the entertained muscle God eagerly anticipating the incoming toys. The microwaves buzzed her insides pleasantly, pouring new power and strength directly into her cells instead of causing the intended harm. The vicious and intense high pitched squeal, specifically designed to blow human eardrums and melt internal organs, failed to have desired impact on Mega Roz’s invulnerable and invincible body even though her were the most sensitive ears in the entire universe. Boom. Boom. Kaboom. Boom. Boom. First rocket exploded to spill white hot sparkling magnesium all over her. Instead of sticking to her, it burnt out and fell away from Roz’s smooth immaculate body. The next two rockets were loaded with a deadly nerve agent, and Roz licked the sweet deadly toxin up happily. Her stomach made short work of the instantly fatal poison, while Roz watched the next shell shatter in on itself and explode upon her unimpressed abs with unhindered fascination. Shrapnel snapped sharply into her clear interested eyes, and she enjoyed a mortar laden with uranium patting her on the back, feeling as though it wanted to congratulate her on being a supremely powerful, unstoppable and invincible, divine muscle God of unlimited strength.

Even as the barrage continued, the first wave of A 10 warthogs made their pass. The planes dropped their payload with precision timing, and Roz was treated to the fantastic experience of being hit rapidly by a series eight massive ground penetrating bunker busters. Boom. Bomb, Baboom. Baboom, boom. Boom. Each bomb struck her square on the torso, and met its doom on unforgiving super hard divine muscular perfection, Roz’s obscenely overpowered physique laughing off the blinding explosions and treating the shockwaves and hot flowing shrapnel with scornful ignorance. Lead slapped into ruin and another four extra hot specially concocted anti tank rockets snapped into pieces against her cobblestoned abs, and then a second wave of warthogs deployed ground penetrating bombs. Baboom Baboom. Baboom. Baboom.

“Hahahahhahahaha. This is fucking great! Check out you little pansies! Is that all you got? Bring it, you fucking losers! You can’t hurt me! Hahahahahaha. So much power! So much unstoppable, fuck you in your face, super duper God muscle! Fuck yeah.” Boom boom. Kaboom. Thatataatatatatathuk. Kaboom. Boom. “You can’t. Stop. This. Muscle.” Another wave of warthogs struck. Boom Baboom. Bahboom. Bam bam bam bam bam. Boom. “You can’t fight this strength.” Boom boom. Thatatatatathat. “You can’t stop a god!”

Before the next wave of aircraft dropped their load, the mech Warriors who had so far held back responded to an order to take cover. The get down and prepared for impact, shielding themselves from what they knew was coming. In his bunker Blake rubbed his hands together. It was time to pay the murderous supergirl back for making him feet so very insignificant. It was time to show this upstart super brat the true power and might if the United States military. The four B2 bombers opened their doors and dropped their nukes.

Like the calm before a storm, the rockets ceased and the guns fell silent. All eyes were focused on the planes above, and four large bombs strung out in a long line falling accurate toward the happily waiting mega God. Roz didn’t know what these bombs were, but from the sudden calm and the way everyone was taking cover she guessed they were special. She grinned, and put her hands arrogantly and belligerently on her hips with no fear of these new bombs.

The first fell to the ground a mere two feet in front of Mega Roz and detonated itself. A small ignition sparked, and that alone was bigger than any bomb Roz had seen so far. It was itself a blinding flash. And then the Big Bang. Ka fucking boom. Hot waves of shocking heat washed over Roz trying to melt her or make her ash. It felt fan fucking tastic as the forces of the initial blast failed to test her invulnerability. And then the the real blast rocked the world. Booooom. The light grew wonderfully bright, the heat intensified, and Mega Roz’s eyes widened as they drank it all in. The sound waves and microwaves still assaulting her were negligible compared a thermo nuclear blast. Her super fucking hard, super fucking strong, supremely invincible, mega God muscles soaked up the glorious massage and grew harder, stronger, and more powerful still. And even before the mushroom cloud had formed and started to rise, while the first shockwave still rocketed out in a near perfect sphere of hot death and blinding destruction… the second went off.

“Holy fucking shit balls. What. A… fucking. Rush.”  Roz felt the heat, felt she intensity of the shockwave, and felt the enormous forces working to pull her very molecules asunder. But her super hard, super strong and divine, muscles, effortlessly shrugged off these forces. Instead of being torn asunder, her body grew harder. Instead of burning away to atoms, her muscles grew stronger. And then. Boom. It happened again. Roz laughed as a third nuke washed over her delivering wonderfully delightful sensations of luscious heat and hot hard shockwaves. And above all, new strength for her hardened swelling muscles. New power to crush and smash and abuse her already obscenely outclassed toys. And then a fourth nuke exploded upon her, washing over her face, chest, and abs, with even more wonderful new strength. Unlike missiles and grenades, these wonderful toys fuelled her strength so much that the growing and hardening of her super strong divine muscles felt more amazing than the physical stimulation of scornfully shrugging off the attack. Four nukes, and already the super strong, ultra muscle God, mega Roz wanted more. Lots, lots more. And lucky for her, a new wave of bombers had already dropped some.

Watching with interest, Blake was allowing himself to smile as he watched the fifth nuclear blast. Maybe this would actually work. It should. Why wouldn’t it? Nukes were nukes, and they were the best thing he had. He didn’t know about the Roswell toys in enough detail, and felt this was his best bet stopping the monster. Six nukes. Now seven. And then… with yet another blinding flash and a vibration throughout the region, eight nukes. Everyone stopped to watch the messy mushroom clouds rise and hoped for an end to all the mayhem. Collectively, a despairing anguished “no!” Rose from many heart broken people as the column of dust and smoke started to shrink in on itself and disappear. It only took the impossible mega Roz a few moments to draw all the toxic radioactive dust through her smug parted lips. The last of the smoke snaked into Roz’s mouth, and she was left floating there in the massive crater, her magnificent super strong physique immaculately clean and radiating with health and extreme vitality. The nukes that should have vaporised the inhumanly powerful muscle God had served only to make her even harder, even stronger than before. Her relaxed muscles were a little more buff, a fact not lost on Blake when the cameras focused in.

“Fuck yeah. More! I want more of those fucking things! That felt fucking great! Wow! Hahahahahaha! Bring it on you little fucking pussies! I’m gonna fuck your right up! Hahahahahaha!” Roz grinned, and felt her remarkable muscles absorbing and hardening with the massive radiation all around her. Blake was doing a great job, and she had no intention of moving until all the beautiful nuclear explosions had fed her divine mega God muscles with even more unstoppable and invincible super strength. She did move from over the crater, though, and landed back in the plain. Feeling the ground ripped up from under her invulnerable feet was something she had come to enjoy a great deal. She hoped they had more wonderful bombs for her. Round one had been a real treat. Lucky for Roz, General Blake was very happy to oblige.

Two more microwave emitters wound up and began bombarding mega Roz with more radiation, and in chorus with the sound cannon, two more of weaponised noise makers began blasting a shrill note at several hundred decibels. With the divine sensitivity of hearing, this weapon should have been very effective on Roz. But sadly for the doomed army, the mega muscle god’s ear drums were made of the same utterly invulnerable God particles as her impregnable, soft and glowing, skin. There wasn’t a force in the entire universe that could cause ultra mega Roz injury, or even pain. Not anymore. She had summoned too muscle power, and now even when she reduced her strength her skin remained an unassailable invincible armour.

A small fleet Warthogs, both waves from last time flying together in one mass, flew high along the cratered plain and drew into a long line to dump a new type of bomb. This time they dropped napalm. Fire roared up all around her as the first device popped above her and drenched the area with the toxic fire. Roz laughed as a second bomb showered her again with the highly flammable liquid. With a whoosh the shrinking flames were renewed, lashing Roz’s invincible mega muscles with delightful cozy warmth. And then the third fire bomb hit. And the fourth soon followed.

Their idea was to simply rob the mega mighty muscle God of oxygen, using the fire to suffocate their invulnerable enemy. All they succeeded in doing was to entertain Roz’s muscle physique with delightful pleasure. She didn’t even notice the lack of oxygen, and their plan was doomed by her effortless invincibility.

Once the last firebomb had been dropped nearly ten minutes later, the B2’s rolled in and there was a blinding flash and Roz felt the magnificent glory of a thermonuclear blast once again.

“Fuck yeah!” She smashed a fist into her lower abs, snapping out a shockwave that destroyed the forming mushroom cloud and smashed the debris torn from the earth into atoms. “Nuke proof abs! Eat shit bitches! Hahahahahaha. Suck a fuck, you fucktards. I… am… fucking… invincible!”

Three more nukes quickly followed. Baboom. Baboom. Baboom. Each delivered its promise of new strength and power to Roz’s muscles with a flash of white light and a roaring wind of death. The crater walls were molten rock, and the air was filled with deadly radiation. But then the glowing rocks faded, cooling with unnatural speed, and the deadly radiation was rapidly cleansed from the air. Hovering inside the massive column of a huge thermo nuclear mushroom, Mega Roz grinned and soaked up all the energy from the air around her, and even from the rocks. The heat and radiation fed her a nice dose of muscle strengthening, body hardening, super strength. With a ground rumbling chuckle, Mega Roz punched her happy strengthened fists into her sides and flexed her supercharged pecs. Boom. The mushroom was scattered, and the sheltering mechs that weathered the distant nuclear blast were knocked on their collective asses by the divine blast off Roz’s mega muscle God breasts. She listened happily to the puny wimps panicking. A third wave was ordered.

“Wow. Now that was fucking cool. I’m bulletproof. I’m rocket proof. And I’m fucking nukeproof. So strong. So unstoppable. In your faces, pussy boys! Stick that shit in your pipe and smoke it, you puny fucktards. Hahahahaahahahah. Unstoppable. Invulnerable. Invincible. Impossible, wonderful me. How fucked are you cunts? So fucked. So very very fucked. You can’t kill me. You can’t even fucking hurt me, you pussies. You. Can’t. Stop. Me. I’m too fucking strong. Too fucking powerful. Too. Fucking. Invincible. But you cunts are just weak as fuck, squishy little pussy boys. A pissy pack of shit ball losers that my super hard, super strong, mega mighty God muscles can fuck over any. Fucking. Time. I… like.  Check out this shit. I’m gonna fuck all your planes up. It’s going to be easy as shit. I won’t be trying hard. I don’t even have to go chase them! Watch and learn, mother fuckers. Kneel. Before. Roz!”

Roz kept her hands pressed into her obliques, and pointed her pretty little face to the sky with her mouth opened wide. Then a vortex rapidly formed above her. Air started to rush across the plain, and the mechs on the field had to quickly stab their strong steel arms into the rock in order to prevent before swept along in the shocking winds toward the crater Roz hovered above.

The planes in the air, along with clouds and birds, found themselves slowing, stopping… and then accelerating with frightening speed toward the super hard, super strong, and wickedly playful God. Afterburners were lit. Faces grew gritty and determined. Pilots wrestled with controls. But nothing helped them. Their multi million dollar state of the art military jets were easily and callously overpowered by the simple brute force being produced by Roz’s super muscle God lungs. Faster and faster the planes were drawn down toward her. Roz was relentless, and gleefully increased the suction without needing to try at all. Boom. Smash. Boom Baboom. Boom. Smash. Kaboom. Boom. Plane wreckage began to fill the crater as The large and small jets smashed hard into the floating monolith of mega Roz’s awesomely potent body, shattered smashed and destroyed upon the mighty invincible muscles.

In just under a minute, the skies had been vacuumed clean of all aircraft above the plain. The crater below Roz’s floating feet was now filled with smoking and still flaming pieces of aircraft. Just as Roz was about to deliver a another declaration on the subject of fucking great it was to be a super mega muscle God like her, Blake’s order to detonate all remaining nuked was carried out.

In one massive, extreme attempt at overkill, the sixteen nuclear warheads mixed in among the plane wrecks were simultaneously activated. Ba-Boom. The blasts combined through a happy accident of physics and hit Mega Roz with more destructive force than any individual blast would have managed. Her body hardened. Her muscles swelled. She. Felt. Fantastic. Wonderful new power flooded her as the forces at play miserably failed to bring her pain, but gloriously succeeded in bringing her pure, delightfully energising, new strength.

Roz’s laughter shook the ash cloud, and brought tears of despair to the eyes of many witnesses who heard it. Still chuckling, Roz used a titanically strong finger to flick one of hard nipples with unrestrained force. Kaboom. The ash cloud was banished from around her as the divine shockwave off her nipple raced dramatically through the area.

Roz floated to the edge of the crater and landed on the field grinning to the mechs.

“Looks like it’s just you and me, you pussies. Those are some big wimpy robot suits you fuckers have there. Why do you need big robot suits? Oh yeah. That’s right. Hahahahaahahahah. It’s because you’re a big pansy assed bunch of wimpy girl men, isn’t it? You. Fucking. Pussies. Wimpy little squishy toys for my muscles to bend and squash and smash.”

Without even knowing why, the robot soldiers whose original job had been to search for any bits of Roz’s genetic material after the nukes had destroyed her, assumed firing positions as if ordered to by their silent, confused and terrified lieutenant. In fact it was Roz’s silent and irrefutable command that out them in the attack. She was getting bored. And having decided they were taking too long she had issued a silent order, and the feeble minds of the soldiers were robbed of any choice.

The shoulder cannons on these massive mechs fired randomly, and tubes popped off their shoulders having let go their one and only shot. Boom. Boom. Boom. The super strong Roz was immensely pleased to feel the ground ripped up from under her as the first small nuke smashed hard into her chest and flashed white hot radiation directly against her bristled body hair. The second mini nuke deployed on her indestructible abs, warming her cobblestone wall with delectable new strength. The third broke upon the bridge of nose, blast superheated particles with intense force directly into her naked eyeballs. Without even a blink the invincible super strong muscle God watched on with sparkling clear eyes as a fourth nuclear blast delighted her left thigh. Boom. Baboom. Boom. Boom. Boom.


Boom. Kapow. Kaboom.

“This is fucking great.”

Boom. Boom.

“These nukes are cool, man.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

“That’s it, pussy boys. Give it to me, you weak cunts.”

Kaboom. Boom.

“You should see your fucking faces.”

Boom. Boom. Baboom. Boom. The final miniature nuke blasted angrily against her forehead without even singeing her beautiful golden hair. Roz snapped the fingers of her left hand, letting off a sound like a bunker buster detonating and clearing the air. Calmly letting her pecs and abs swell, feeling her quads thicken and her biceps harden, her magnificent divine muscles soaked up the radiation greedily and grew stronger. Roz felt more full of energy than ever, and did a triple forward somersault through the air as she arced up over the new crater and landed on solid ground. Boom. The ground shook, and several cracks formed in the bedrock extended from her toes. She felt their desire to flee. It was a natural response and one only the bravest of them would have overcome without Roz’s help. With one silent instruction backed by the indomitable divine will of a monstrously overpowered muscle God, the massive super mechs lumbered across the field at Roz. Their thumping feet shook the ground, and they drew on a variety of old school weapons most had swords, and some were even swinging maces. Only a few were firing their oversized pistols, shooting large pulses of charged light into Roz’s unprotected and uncaring torso. The laser blasts fizzled out, obliterated and leaving no proof of the existence upon Mega Roz’s divine super hard flesh.

The first two reached her, and swang their large alloy swords through Roz’s neck and stomach. Their weapons tested their might against the ultra mega muscle god’s amazing invincible muscles and found themselves wanting. The sharp blades blunted instantly on Mega Roz’s indestructible body, and as the large mechanical monsters tried to drive the outclassed metal into invulnerable muscle, the weapons shattered in sudden and inevitable surrender.

Jumping into the air, the third to attack leapt high into the air with his long pike and brought it down with all his weight and timing his thrust perfectly to drive the sharp tip of his spear into Mega Roz’s shoulder just above the collar bone. The spear ruptured instantly all the way down the shaft and splintered into tip itself bent around on Roz’s skin and glanced away harmlessly. The massive robot fell on top of Roz, whose monolithic body remained perfectly still while the robot awkwardly sprawled hard into it doing itself terrible damage. Tearing his arms out with ruthless strength and power, Roz tore the machine apart before it had time to roll off of her. Blood and oil mixed in the air with broken armour and bits of shredded electronics.

A tall robot with swung the wickedly large pointy lump at Roz’s temple and scored a very well delivered and impressively accurate blow. The spike that made contact with Roz’s temple, having failed to make even the smallest impression in Mega Roz’s skin at all, snapped instantly into three small fragments. The heavy ball rolled and bounced off Roz’s scalp losing another spike in the process. Roz’s head wasn’t moved an inch by either impact. Nor was it moved when the mace came back around for a second hit. This time to Roz’s right temple, and two more spikes were smashed off the dwindling head of the mace.

This time, as the mace bounce past Roz’d completely unhurt head she reached up one super strong hand caught it, her fingers effortlessly bullying the metal and claiming an unbreakable hold deep in its surface. Smiling happily, she ripped the weapon easily from the monsters hold, and then twisted the ball in her hand to whip the handle around into the mech’s chest. The beast was torn apart by the appalling impact, and The mace was lost as well. Only its deformed head remained, being squished absently in mega Roz’s planet crushing hand a moment before she tossed it hard at a tight packed group of charging mechs. The horrendous explosion destroyed six mechs, and knocked down twenty others. Roz laughed at them while another sword shattered on her thick powerful shoulder and an oversized spiked war hammer shattered harmlessly against her knee. She caught a piece of each weapon in each hand, and threw them at their owners. Seven more mechs were caught up in the destruction that ranged out from the impacts.

Kathuk. Kapok. Bang bang bang.

To everyone watching it seemed the mech Warriors were being awesomely brave and going down with an honourable last stand. It was brutally clear how absolutely out matched they were. Their mechs shattered into ruin upon Mega Roz’s whim, just as their special alloy weapons shattered on Roz’s sickening strong and invulnerable physique. But in truth they were crying tears of confused fear and anguish inside their suits, their body’s betraying their own will and using all their training and all their stamina to throw themselves at the mega muscle God grinding them up like leaves in a woodchipper. Roz happily and playfully allowed them to have their turn breaking themselves upon her monolithic super muscled body without once trying to evade or block a blow. Even when clever Warriors tried shoving their sharp pointy weapons through Roz’s bedazzling blue eyes, the mega muscle God didn’t blink. She didn’t even flinch. She just let the cold sharp point break against her impervious naked eyeball and watch it all with intense interest. Once a warrior had smashed his sword and shattered his arms or legs on her invincible mega God muscles, Omnipi Roz would despatch them in whatever way took her fancy. There was a hundred at least, so she took her time and experimented.

Finger flicks were quickly a favourite. One of them smashed a warhammer down across Roz’s unguarded shoulder, then tried stabbing her in the chest with his now headless handle. The handle snapped and as the metal beast toppled toward her, mega Roz stretched out a lone hand flicked it in the chest with firm force. Kaboom. Boom. Boom. The beast exploded violently, parts flying away from Roz and taking down five more. After that, Roz kept flicking them for a while. With fantastic control over her strength, she found she could flick off limbs very easily. But it was more fun to flick one hard and watch it explode, sending hot supersonic shrapnel to splatter on her own super hard, super strong, divine God muscles.

She head butted one into fiery oblivion. She snap kicked one and destroyed ten in a massive explosion. She used her elbows to beautifully brutal effect, which encouraged her to try her knees. She bent, ripped, smashed, and obliterated all of them. And she loved every moment of it. She was so fucking strong. She was so fucking powerful. They were just weak as shit pussies. Little wimpy shitballs who were going to have super duper, invincible, unstoppable, mega muscle God, sandwich shoved right down their throats. And she would certainly tell them all of this in great detail, if she wasn’t so busy indulging herself in proving it through thorough demonstrations.

Finally taking hold of the last and already badly damaged mech, Roz let it beat its arm to pieces on her face while she slowly over powered its hydraulics and skipping gears with one super strong muscular arm until the arm had to smash hits of itself away in Roz back, and the super muscle God, one arm dangling free at her side, effortlessly held the bullied metal monster in place and pressed her cute smiling face through the breastplate to grin at the doomed pilot.

“Hey there, pussy. I was just wondering. Why are fucktards such fucking pussies? How can you call yourselves soldiers, you big wimpy faires? Isn’t it depressing getting so badly Fucked over by my super strong muscles? Must make you feel like shit. Hahahahaahahahah.”

The pilot grew angry, and glared at the obnoxious supergirl before him. “Screw you, bitch. Go fuck yourself. This isn’t a fucking playground.”

“Aww. Poor baby. Gonna cry, fucktard? Boo hoo. Whah whah whaaa. For fuck sake, dickhead. Don’t you get it? That’s exactly what this is, mother fucker. This whole fucking world IS my playground! It a mega muscle god’s little fun park! Because no one. Can. Stop. Me. And I want to fucking play, you puny little shit bag. I want fuck cunts over with my mega mighty super muscles. So guess what, fucktard? You and every other weak as fuck pussy in the fucking world better shape the fuck up. Because this world is. My. Playground. And you are the toys, you squishy pathetic wimps. My toys. And I break my fucking toys, pansy boy. I break my fucking toys a lot. All you fuckers can do is kneel before me. You can’t kill me, you can’t stop me. You can kiss your asses goodbye if you even try. So… stick that up your bum, loser. You’re boring friends are all fucking dead already. And I want to smash up some more shit with super duper mega muscle. So long, sucker.”

Roz puckered up and kissed the air over dramatically. Releasing several million litres of air instantly into the into compartment, Roz’s kiss of death tore out of the mech and romped through the scattered bits of mech lying all around. Slamming her fists into her sides and watching the debris further destroyed and scattered, Roz smiled in deep satisfaction at the ruined hopes of General Blake all around her. She absently held out a finger and shot two unaimed bolts in the general direction of the distantly spread sound canons and microwave emitters. While Roz turned her attention to Number One in the as yet untouched Area 51, her two bolts homed in on the arrayed speakers and emitters, and started to punch holes through them, the fast moving bolts shot all around the field leaving smoking blue holes behind in all the equipment. The blue holes grew and spread rapidly, until within a short time the affected hardware had simply vanished. Once the bolts had tagged the equipment for destruction, the operators were horrified to find themselves being chased down one by one and reduced to glowing blue particles. The holes punched through their bodies spread inexorably outward while they screamed and tried to pat the glow out or roll in the sand. In under two minutes there was sign that the gear or men had even existed.

Not looking inside the bunker, preferring to keep any potential surprises from being spoiled, Roz used her super enhanced ears and checked on the location of First Toy Garry and his parents while her blue energy bolts did the cleaning up. She could hear them; they were still there. Outside the main bunker entrance men in unusual armour were assembled. Strange looking canons, and two unique mechs, were nestled among their number. Whatever these odd weapons were, Roz was keen to find out what getting shot by them felt like.

Looking back to her pet disintegrator bolts as they cleaned up the last of the personnel, Roz held up a palm and the two eager bolts flashed into her flesh and fizzled out on the one thing in the universe they were incapable of harming. Wondering what wonderful weapons were waiting to get fucked over by her divine, super strong, mega God, muscle power, Roz kicked off from the emptied field and shot toward the last main compound on the vast base.

Monitoring the situation from deep within the bunker, Number One had expected to have more time. But time was up, and the super powerful brat was already on her way. In no small way, Number One was glad to have a chance to use the top secret weapons his department had hidden away. All they had been permitted to do with the alien technology so far was test it on derelict tanks and other practise targets. Now he was going to finally have a chance to prove the worth of the reverse engineered alien tech. He was feeling very confident that the rampage of the mysterious unstoppable mega hulk would be finally ended here and now.

“Target is inbound,” Number One informed the compound through the squeaky P.A. System. “Prepare all defences, and deploy outer shields.”

Roz swept magnificently down from on high and approached the base slowly. As she neared she saw a shimmering purple dome erected over the surface buildings, and the four buildings in the corners of the electrified perimeter fence opened up and four massive futuristic cannons rose up and swung their foot wide barrels toward the incoming mega God. With an excessive thumping recoil, the four guns fired huge photon blasts. Boom. Boom. Baboom. Boom. Boom. Roz made no effort to avoid the highly charged bursts and actually lined them up and flew deliberately into their path one after another after another. She felt the power of the canons through the small leaps in her power level that accompanied every fizzled out photon blast.

Roz was drifting and allowing gravity to take her down to the compound when she hit the purple shimmer. She was zapped by a huge jolt of energy, and her muscles drinks it up greedily. The purple dome turned out to be very strong, and Mega Roz actually bounced off it. She quickly anchored herself in the air and laughed merrily.

“Hahahahaahahahah. What the fuck is shit, pansy boys? Hiding behind a shield. What a bunch of pussies. Is it because your afraid of the big bad super duper muscle God? Because she’s gonna fuck you over with her super mega God muscles? You weak cunts are pretty smart after all. Because I am. Gonna. Fuck. You. Up.”

Genuinely curious, Roz drifted over to the shield and carefully placed both hands on the surface. Purple lightning raged where her palms lay, and millions of volts worth of energy assaulted her and painted purple arcs of energetic purple lightning all over her magnificent divinely strong physique. She smiled, and felt her super God muscles harden under the relentless attack. The lightning intensified as she kept locked in place and pushed out with her thickening super strong arms. As if angered by her belligerence, the shield three more and more power at her as she drifted forward at will, pushing further into the sphere until the purple light was blinding.

Watching from within the bunker, witnesses were chilled to the bone to see Roz smiling in a raging light show that should have vaporised her.

“How the fuck is the cunt doing that?”

“She can’t be… it isn’t possible.”

“Everything’s maxed out, man. The bitch is going to get through!”

Roz laughed, easily forcing the shield so far in on itself it touched one of the tall corner canons. The canon turned brilliant red in the purple lightning that struck it, and then the entire structure exploded very violently. Roz chuckled and started pushing the shield toward another tower. The strange light was forced to bow to the whims of her unbelievable and unstoppable super strength. Before she could destroy another tower with their own shield, the alien machinery generating it overheated and exploded with a mighty boom. Unable to resist the awesome mega God muscles Roz so playfully unleashed on it, the shield expired and the obscenely overpowered mega Roz crossed her arms over her thick mighty breasts, and raised a questioning eyebrow at the strangely dressed men and their canons. A massive photon blast from a tower gun fizzled out dramatically on Roz’s thick invulnerable thigh, another on right in her face shone its brilliance right into her unharmed retinas. Roz winked at the gathering and gave them an infuriatingly smug and superior smile. The response from the oddly dressed men was swift. The two weird canons turned toward her, and produced steady beams of green light that punched into Roz’s chest and stomach. The green light behaved like bit like a liquid, seeming to splash about on on skin before fizzling out. Whatever the intention, the green beams accomplished nothing. Nothing except hardening and bestowing even more planet pulverising super strength to Omnipi Roz’s almighty and all powerful divine super muscles.

Roz could now see that the men wore suits that generated the same purple shields as the dome. She snickered, and flew gently closer while her muscles swelled imperceptibly with the new strength and improved resilience the two normally very destructive beams unwittingly provided. The men were armed with strange looking rifles that shot quarter inch ball bearings at Mach 6. Much faster than bullets and railgun rods, Roz rather appreciated the super fast steel balls for the wonderful way it felt as they shattered, splintered, splashed, and splattered themselves into a glittering mix of broken steel particles and hot glowing drops of molten steel. Her muscles were not even dimpled a little bit by the extra force these new rifles produced. Her supremely impregnable smooth skin seemed to just ignore the breaking steel bearings completely, but Roz felt and enjoyed every single impact immensely. The way it made her warm wonderful muscles feel was simply fantastic. The lasers kept up their steady onslaught, and the quick tempo pitter patter of steel popping into oblivion on her much harder, completely indestructible muscles, and the determined looks on everyone’s faces became drenched in worried anxious sweat.

“Damn, man. I thought you cunts would have something better than this pissy shit. Hahahaahhaaha. What a pack of pussies! You can’t hurt these muscles. You can’t stop this strength. Your fucked, you weak bitches.” Roz laughed wickedly, and raised her arms to gently flex up her glorious biceps while steel kept popping on her super strong, impossibly ripped, torso. “These aren’t just regular old squishy muscles like you weak cunts have. These here are super. Duper. Mega. Mighty. Fuck you up, divinely strong, mega muscles. Didn’t you see me, you silly bitches? My mega God muscles just fucked over a whole shit load of nukes, pansy boys. You honestly think your punt little spotlights and popguns can stop me? Hahahahaahahahah. You fucking morons. You dumb cunts. You stupid squishy little piss ants!” Pop, pop, pop pop pop pop, splatt, splatt, pop. Buzzzzt. The assault intensified as Roz’s deliberately obnoxious attitude made them want to hurt her even more. They were playing right into mega Roz’s gleefully super strong hands. “Fuck yeah! That’s the way, you puny little fucktards! Hahahahaahahahah. Give me all you got. I can take it. These super hard, super strong, fuck you over, ultra divine God muscles can take anything you weak pansies can throw at me! How about you weak fucks? You think your purple overalls can keep you safe from my super duper mega God muscle power?”

Watching the eager gunman in the yard below, Roz pretended to draw a pistol from her hip. Miming the gun with her finger, and smiling a devilishly sneaky with her delicate lips, Mega Roz aimed it at the photon blaster to her left and cocked her thumb. Light welled up to an almost blinding brilliance on Rozs fingertip, and then burst forth upon her playful whim to shoot a golf ball of pure muscle God energy at the active photon cannon. Ka-Boom. The men were staggered by the explosion, and a over a quarter of the base was caught up in the awesome destruction Roz’s imaginary finger gun wreaked upon the world. The actual target itself had been instantly vaporize. The ball bearing ceased to strike and the laser beams drifted randomly off as the men below struggled to get their feet under them. As the lasers refocused and balls of steel started popping and splitting apart on her hard cobblestoned abs and thick mightily powerful chest, Omnipi Roz cocked both thumbs and aimed her fingers at the last two photon cannons. Twin booms ripped apart most of the remaining compound and knocked the shooters hard to the ground.

One of the lasers drifted off its aim far enough to strike a surviving building, and for the first time Roz understood just how impressive her immunity to this very destructive weapon was. The building was consumed in instant fire, it’s very molecules torn and flayed from its walls with sudden ferocious force.

Making a show of it, Roz blew the imaginary smoke off the ends of fingers and then holstered her deadly finger pistols on her hips. The men below picked themselves up, one of them bashing on the bunker door before a comrade reminded him nobody was going to open the bunker during a fight. There was no escape for him, as Roz knew with happy certainty, even if he did get inside the bunker. Floating down toward them, Roz was a little disappointed when she drew too close and they shut off the cool lasers that had been pouring vast new strength into her muscles for much of the fun. Dropping the last inch and letting her super hard divinely strong body drop to the concrete, Roz created a deep gut wrenching boom. The huge slab cracked violently and threw most men back to the ground while fissures spread under them and Roz grinned wickedly.

A brave man ran forward, dropped to a knee and gave a mighty battle cry before unleashing a strange rocket. Boom. The odd azure explosion crackled with lightning, and the fireball was quite large. Roz felt nothing but a simple pat on the chest and soothing pleasant warmth. The man who had fired the weapon was caught up in the blast and destroyed despite his shield.

Two more of the bizarre rockets snapped into her chest and shoulder. Boom. Boom. Roz laughed, and stepped forward. The powerful booming explosions did not make the ground quake and shudder the way Roz’s powerful bunching calves and menacingly bulging thighs did when she swaggered toward her toys.

Realising his fate was sealed anyway  one of the men ran forward and with a howl of frustrated rage threw himself viciously at Roz. He threw a fist into Roz’s face, followed by an admirably thrown shot to the gut. The purple shield protected him from harming himself, and he was able to keep throwing furious punches. Each strike sent a wave of fizzling purple lightning dancing over Mega Roz’s unprotected skin, and each time Mega Roz’s happy exuberant muscles grew harder. Each time the foolish man struck, Mega Roz grew stronger. So Roz was happy to let him tire himself out.

“Is this supposed to be hurting me, pansy boy? It looks cool and shit, but you ain’t doing diddly squat you silly little bitch.” Roz spoke disdainfully, and scornfully snatched up a wrist as another failed attack bounced off her jaw. The purple lightning went haywire, trying to burn off Roz’s hand. But Roz’s invulnerable fingers only tightened and comfortably held the arm still while the man continued to throw punches with his other hand. “Quite the brave little pansy, aren’t you? How is that working out for you, pussy boy. Looks to me like your getting completely fucked over by my super strong mega God muscles. Feels bad, huh? I wouldn’t know. I don’t get the shit kicked out of me, because I’m not a little fucking pansy boy. I’m a god. A one hundred percent kick your ass mega strong super God. Sucks to be you, you pissy little fucktard.”

Almost too tired to swing, the man kept throwing punches anyway while Roz held his arm immobile. And then the super powerful mega god impossibly tightened her grip more, squeezing the purple light in on the doomed soldiers arm. The light touched his suit, and with a vicious explosion the man teased Roz’s hard muscles with his hot ruinous demise.

“Wow. That’s pretty fucking cool. Hey fucktards. Did you see that shit? Those shields aren’t a very good idea are they? These muscles can just fuck them up, and you don’t handle touching that shit all that good, do you?”

Roz darted forward and grabbed a handful of raging purple light, lifting one of her toys easily by the front of his suit. She pulled the struggling man down hard onto her proud super hard breast, and the explosion was much more dramatic this time. Six men standing too close were caught up and killed as well. Swinging a leg into the side of the next one, Roz sent the man spinning off into a wall at nine hundred miles an hour. The wall vanished in the explosion. Roz grasped another by the arm and swung him easily around like a weapon, smashing enemy after enemy with glee. Normally such weapons were destroyed in the first strike. This protected man lasted seven appallingly powerful strikes before he too exploded. Roz laughed heartily and started praying through the confused mob throwing playful super strong punches that sent the men screaming through the air at incredible speed to explode on the ruined structures all around. Soon there were no buildings untouched by the battle.

“Isn’t this great fun? I could do this for fucking ever.”

The disagreement from her toys was unanimous. Not that it mattered at all to Mega Roz. She smashed them happily to paste, grinding them to ruin with her obscenely potent divine super muscles. A finger tap here sending a man rocketing into a wall, a bump of a hip here sending another into a pile of ruin. A head butt smashed a man so hard two friends were caught up in his death, and anyone who showed Roz their backs was mercilessly run down and body slammed into oblivion. Her nipples always copped the first pleasant jolt of purple energy before her chest burst deeply into the shield when she did that, and inevitably the purple shield caved in and destroyed the wearer, leaving mega Roz to jog through the suddenly empty air and seek a new toy.

Number One watched all of this with deepening concern. The shields were much more dangerous to the men wearing them than to Roz. Just the thought of touching that deadly purple energy chilled him to the bone. How could this super powered hulk survive such an incredible amount of atom stripping power? Before his eyes, Roz was currently holding a screaming man with a palm on either side of his reddened face. Purple light covered Roz, trying in vain to vaporise the sturdy muscle bound super God but only bringing her delight. Roz’s superpowered hands pressed in and bent the shield more and more until… boom… the man was gone. Number One gulped. How powerful was this incredible monster? But hope remained… there was still a few things down in the bunker with him that might yet prove the super brats downfall.

Hoisting a man and throwing him with astounding force into his running friend, Roz smiled at the final man. “Hey there, mother fucker. Maybe if you get on your fucking knees and beg me, this super strong super cunt won’t fuck you up. Maybe of you crawl over here and pray to this mega mighty super divine muscle God, then these bad ass mother fucking mega muscles won’t pull your head out your ass. But chances aren’t good, dick head. So you better bring your best grovel shoes. You know what? Fuck it. I’m done with you. Your weak as shit friends are all dead. And now you can join them, you wimpy cunt.”

Without another word, Roz placed her hands calmly on her hips and swelled up her immensely powerful muscles. And then she flexed. Hard. Ka-boom. The super muscle God flexing her divine mega strong physique laid instant and total waste to a five mile wide area around the base. Beyond the range of that instant atomising destruction the winds tore off through the desert and smashed into the mountains, bringing down millions of tons of rock and rubble. The surface compound was simply gone. Wiped clean from the face of the planet by one playful, belligerent, and massively overpowered flex of Mega Roz’s insanely obscene super divine muscles. She admired the complete wasteland her muscles had created, and rubbed her cobblestone abs with undying appreciation of their immense unreasonable power. Pressing the fingers of her other hand into a wonderfully firm breast, Roz marvelled at how little of an impression she could make in the super hard flesh now.

With all her toys in the surface of the compound now atomised, Roz turned her attention to the scared and scorched bunker door in the distance. Debris had been cleared away, and it’s squat design had allowed the astronomical energy blast of Mega Roz’s callous power flex to pass over it. Not entirely unscathed, it looked very sorry for itself as Roz considered the multitude of ways she could end its misery for good. That she would end it was not in doubt. But how? So many ways… and all of them wonderful fun.

Floating down and standing in front of the cold hard steel on solid powerful legs, Mega Roz smiled and pushed a single finger easily into the door as though it were a big silver frosted wedding cake. Pulling the finger out of the hole she’d made, Roz placed her lips around it and sealed them over the small hollow. Then she engaged the terrific divine power of her almighty lungs and forced over a million litres of air into tiny finger hole. Unable to contain the air, the door instantly surrendered to the superior strength of Roz’s muscle God hurricane breath and exploded violently taking much of the concrete around it along for the ride.

The men waiting just inside the door were all dead. The first barricade they’d set up was in a sad state of ruin, and Roz swaggered like a gangster into the quiet tunnel and passed the broken smoking blockade without acknowledging the moans from the wounded. Deeper into the bunker, Roz was caught by surprise when a heavy steel door slammed down behind her. When she turned to examine the sealed bulkhead, a second door slammed down and sealed her in a fifteen foot section of tunnel. Roz looked up at the camera watching her and raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

A speaker mounted on the wall squeaked into life, and Number One’s calm voice came crackling out. It was clearly a very old P.A. System. “It’s not too late for you to stop this, Roz. Nobody else needs to be hurt.”

“Hahahahaha. Pussy. You can’t stop me. You can’t even slow me down, you weak as shit pansy boy. I’ll stop when I’ve finished fucking up all your shit. What are you going to do about it, fucktard? Gonna cry?”

“Please Roz. Tell to me. Tell me what this is all about. Tell me why.”

Roz rocked back on her heels and laughed. “I already did! It’s really very simple. I’m a super hard, super fucking strong, all powerful, almighty, badass mother fucker with divine super God muscles. I smash the fuck out of weak pussy boys and stupid dumb cunts, because they’re weak and stupid and I feel like fucking them up. Super powerful, almighty muscle gods always get to do whatever the fuck they want because their super hard invincible mega muscles can just smash the fucking shit out of any squishy fuck tard wimps that disagree. You’re the puny ants getting squashed today because you took Garry and asked him too many questions about me. Now your fucked.”

Number One gulped. He knew there was no getting through to Roz with reason. So without hesitation, he pushed the button to activate the trap.

The whole section of tunnel Roz was standing in suddenly moved, dropping deep into the Earth. Roz could have easily anchored herself and let the ceiling break itself in her indestructible skull, but instead the all powerful mega muscle God went along for the ride. There was a splash as the box she was now sealed in dropped into a big pool of liquid and sank. The walls got hot, and then in the thinner spots melted away to leak in an acid that quickly ate the floor. Roz watched in fascination as the metal walls around her dissolved and a flood of super acid rushed in. She was quickly floating in a deep pool of bubbling acid, thirty feet deep and fifty feet across. Roz felt no discomfort, and had no trouble keeping her eyes open and looking around.

Amused, Roz’s smile opened a crack and she began to drink. The pool grew violent around her with extreme currents and eddies, and the surface rapidly sank as the deadly alien acid was rapidly and greedily consumed by the mega mighty God. In no time at all Roz’s feet hit the bottom and she crouched down to keep drinking and eventually stood up with the vile liquid halfway up her thick quads.

“Thanks man! That was real fucking yummy!”

Roz negligently fired a bolt of energy from her finger, and ignited the acid into hot blue fire the licked up her torso. Standing in the acid a moment to let the hot fire delight her inhumanly buff super muscles, Roz eventually floated up out of the inferno and punched her mighty breasts through an exit.

Instantly, the happy super God was hit with a football made of sparkling red energy. The hallway around her melted rapidly and glowed with heat, and the destructive radioactive burst tried to cook Roz’s insides. Unknown to Number One, Roz’s divine mega God insides were already burning at billions of degrees. Such was her molecular density that Roz’s every cell was under astronomical pressure.

Just as her muscles finished soaking up all the new strength from that interesting blast, a crimson softball splattered on her chest and dispersed a fine mist over Roz. Happily, mega Roz sucked it all into her mouth with a carefree lick of her chops. “Tasty. A little on the sweet side maybe.”

Walking forward, Mega Roz bent the steel plate floor with her naked feet and made a point of ripping chunks up with her toes. Whoever had fired the weapons had ducked around the corner and vanished. Unconcerned that the assailant might escape her extreme power, Roz kept moving slowly and enjoyed smashing the place with her feet. As she stepped around the corner a silver ball rolled up and popped out a spray of green gas. The gas moved strangely, and Roz’s miraculous eyes could see it was actually millions of nanobots.

Entertained by the novel weapon, Roz paused to watch her arm as the bots wrapped around it and entered the pores of skin. They were quickly met, and were mercilessly destroyed by Roz’s much smaller but much, much, more powerful antibodies before they were through two layers of skin. Shrugging off the expected failure, Roz moved on and the swarm of bots had all destroyed themselves on her buff invincible body before reached the end of the tunnel and stepped into a large room.

A light show of great beauty erupted, and a hundred voices were raised in a mighty fierce battle cry. Like a scene from Star Wars, pulse rifles and cannons manned by men in alien armour opened up a fierce wall of fire, filling the air with short blasts of powerful energy. From basic incendiary lasers, to complex molecular disruptors, they were trying everything to kill the unstoppable divine super brat. Roz’s super hard divine muscles luxuriated in these new sensations. While some blasts tried to freeze her solid, others tried to vibrate her very molecules apart. In the end, the strange various guns all did the same thing. They made Roz stronger.

Putting her hands on powerful hips, Mega Roz rocked on her heels and laughed at them. Playfully flexing her pecs and punching five of them violently into paste with a wall of divine muscle force that exploded from her breasts, and happily impressed by the entertaining effect, Roz shook her head and started alternating her pecs to slam a dozen angry men into mist with each obscenely powerful twitch of her devastating chest muscles. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. She joyfully smashed them all to atoms without taking her super strong hands off her sides, letting them swing at last as she strode forward to see if Number One had any more surprises.

The next room was larger. Much larger. To Roz’s left was the Roswell spacecraft hovering silently in the corner. To her right was a small gathering of people sheltered behind a purple shield. Among them was Number One, Garry’s parents, and First Toy Garry himself. In front of mega Roz there stood a twenty foot tall robot with a huge Gatling gun and several angry red rockets poking out of its chest ready to fire.

“Ha! Is this it? Is this all you guys have left to try? Some shitty robot and a spaceship? I was hoping for a lot more.”

Number One spoke into a microphone, and his voice came blaring out of a speaker system. “Please listen to me, Roz. I know you’ve done a lot of harm, and you have a lot of blood on your hands, but it’s not too late. You have amazing power, Roz. You’ve proven that. Think of all the wonderful things, the good things, that you could do! You could help the world in ways nobody else can even dream of.”

Roz laughed heartily. “I am doing wonderful good things, dick head! I’m fucking up all your shit, smashing all your friends to bits, and I’m having an absolutely fucking wonderful time doing it. You’ll never understand how fantastic it is to be me. It’s fucking awesome. So. What’s with Robbie the Big Metal Squishy Toy?”

Number One raised his iPad and screen. The big heavily armed robot wound into life and the chain gun started to spin. “This is a prototype. Its made of the same alloy as the ship. We finally pinned down how to make it. The gun fires fourteen hundred rounds a minute, and uses special depleted uranium bullets. The rockets have a special plasma core, sealed in a magnetic sphere, hotter than sun.”

Roz laughed, and turned to face the robot. She cheekily raised one arm and swelled the impossibly potent bicep up. Tightening her fist she snapped her bicep and it flexed upon her playful whim. Kaboom. The ship and robot were both smashed up against the wall so hard the concrete fractured an a web around them as they became embedded like art installations. The purple shield crackled and bent, but much to Number One’s relief it held.

“Looks pretty fucking pathetic to me, dick head. If I really flexed up my mega muscles, I’d smash that piece of shit to dust. You can’t stop me. Nobody can fucking stop me. Face it, mother fucker. You pathetic little pukes can’t beat a god. Especially a badass super duper cunt like me, with divine ultra mega muscles and serious fuck you in your face invincible super strength.”

The robot tore free of the wall while Roz spoke, and levelled its chain gun at her chest. Thathathathahtthaththaththatatatathatatathatat. The bullets came very hard and very fast. They were heavy. And they were dirty, their unsafe levels of radioactivity making their use extremely risky. But to Mega Roz, these bullets were no more of a challenge of her invulnerability than a mild summer breeze. The depleted uranium slapped into breasts and there it met its doom. Hopelessly outmatched by Mega Roz’s thick powerful chest, the bullets splattered pitifully into ruin. Still firing the gun, the robot launched a salvo of four missiles. The rockets tore forward through the air and quickly crossed the room to smash explosively into Roz’s unprotected body. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. One hit her face square on, and she saw the bright plasma rip through the smashed tip of the rocket, blown hard into her delicate nose by a ground shuddering detonation. The plasma hit and splashed over her face, filling her eyes and hair. Without blinking Mega Roz watched the plasma drain off from her unharmed eyes in time see the last plasma core splatter over her cobbled stomach. She grinned and the bright glow rapidly drained out of plasma, while her muscles hardened a fraction from absorbing the intense heat.

Analysing its target, and seeing no sign of any damage whatsoever, the angry robot fired a new salvo. This time eight rockets, all the rockets the robot had left. Each struck two at a time, and each rewarded its target with a little bit more strength while being scornfully laughed off by Mega Roz’s divine super strong muscles. Enjoying the bullets greatly, Roz relished every last one that she could and waited for the gun to stop spinning before she did anything other than stand there undefended. She started walking forward toward the metal beast, only to have it sprout two special alloy blades with purple arcs of energy bristling along their surface, and charge forward. Raising its arms, the battle droid drove the tips down hard into Roz’s chest. Roz’s super hard muscle God breasts didn’t even dimple. The purple energy danced across Roz’s skin pleasantly feeding her more strength, and the sharp weapons both shattered on impact. It swung a broken blade at Roz’s head, but this time instead of just allowing it to hit her Roz snatched the blade in her grip. Smiling, she found this special alloy easy enough to sink her fingers into and embedded them deep into the metal. The purple energy surged violently over Roz’s super strong divine muscles and the robots other arm cam down in a wide overhead arc to smash Roz’s thick forearm in a vain attempt to break her hold. The already shortened blade that struck Mega Roz’s arm was entirely destroyed on the mega mighty muscle gods indestructible and indescribably powerful limb. Roz chuckled, and with inhuman power she swung the arm holding the robot over her head and released the metal monster to throw it hard at the already broken wall, embedding the beast deeply into the wall a second time.

“What a fucking wimp. You’re big and ugly, but you hit like a pansy boy.”

Freed from the wall, the robot rushed forward and grasped hold of the monolithic super God before it with two massive clawed hands. Gears whined and hydraulics hissed. The motors powering the crushing grip of the sharp metal fingers laboured, making unhealthy strained groans and pops as the pressure mounted to maximum on Roz’s torso. The fingers had snaked in between her arms and her ribcage, and the machine leaned back trying to lift and crush the super strong bully with all the considerable power it’s highly efficient and advanced technology could bring to bear. It made no headway into Roz’s super dense muscle God flesh at all. The fatigued robot couldn’t lift Roz. And it made zero impact on her muscles. Not with all its unmatched mechanical power could the robot make the smallest dimple or impression in Mega Roz’s divine super strong muscles.

Laughing while the motor whined, Roz looked up at the robot with eyes that sparkled with interest. “What the fuck are trying to do? What a stupid move for a weak cunt to make.” Roz raised her arms up in a power pose, spreading the alloy fingers around her by gently opening her chest. “You can’t crush these super strong invincible mega God muscles, little tin man. These divine super muscles don’t get squished by weak as fuck pansy boy toys. Hell no. These super strong invincible mega God muscles do the squishing. Watch and learn. Bitches.”

Roz arched her back and swelled up a controlled flex. Her muscles swelled up and hardened so fast that the punching force of abs alone snapped several fingers, and her breasts and back had no trouble ripping the rest of the claws to shreds. Knocked back hard by the divine muscle power exploding off of mega Roz’s awesome super strong physique, the maimed robot was embedded into the wall a third time.

“Special alloy, huh? What a fucking joke. Feels like any other weak shit to these muscles.”

Roz’s remarkably stunning blue eyes narrowed, and she released a churning torrent of raging lava like light from her eyes and blasted off one of the robots arms.

“Hahahahaahahahah. Weak as piss. Not like these super duper mega mighty invincible ultra Omnipi Roz muscles. Nope. Not at all.”

Looking down at her chest, Mega Roz shot the lava vision even more intensely at her own nipple. The light was blinding, and Number One had to turn his head away. When she looked back, Roz had finished playing her extreme laser vision over her chest, and stood there with nipples glowing much too brightly. Like twin Suns they banished darkness from the room. Remorselessly, Roz strode slowly toward the robot. The metal beast staggered, it’s systems shorting out in the heat as the plastic around wires melted. Paint on the wall behind the monster burst into flame from the heat radiating off of Roz’s superheated nipples, and she smiled happily and closed the gap steadily. The robot began to burn. Things deep inside it popped and it sagged in defeat to the ground. Mega Roz stood over it with her hands on her hips and watched the alloy melting quickly like was and making a hot glowing pool in the floor. Smiling, she licked the thumb and forefinger of each super strong hand and pinched the light out on both nipples, her saliva easily quenching the intense heat.

“Cool! Did you see that shit, fucktard? I turned your retarded robo turd into a steaming pile of shit with just my nipples. My fucking nipples. Hahahahaahahahah. It’s pretty fucking awesome to be me, dude. I gotta tell you. It’s fucking spectacular. Think it over, pussy boy. I smashed your dumb tanks. I busted your silly bunkers. I fucked your planes over. I fucked your mechs over. I took a big steaming shit in your weak cunt nukes. I… fucked. You. Up. All of you. And dude, it was easy as shit. Wow. So much strength. So much fucking power. Fuck yeah. I am a GOD. Hahahahaahahahah. Ha ha ha ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Hey Garry! Did you see me fuck them over, man? You did didn’t you. I smashed them. I crushed them. I fucking pulverised the weak cunts. My super hard, super fucking strong, mega mighty, divine ultra God muscles are fucking unstoppable. Fucking invincible. And all fucking powerful. I think I’ve just about taken care of all the mess. Only thing to do now is pop the purple bubble and finish off the big bad boss man. What do you say boss man? Ready to get smashed to paste by these super mega God muscles?”

Number One cringed and gulped. “Roz… you’ve won. No need to…”

Roz silenced him with a super loud earth quaking chuckle. “Come out here and take your medicine, like a good little bitch.”

Roz reached out with the steely tendrils of her mind to casually crush and dominate Number One’s subconscious. Before he knew what was happening, Number One had deactivated the shield and walked out into the room. All his personnel followed, leaving only Garry and his parents alone against the wall. The shield went back up, and the doomed man was suddenly aware of his proximity to the almighty super muscled God.

“Please Roz… I can help. I can help you. I could work for you. I can make any government trouble disappear.”

Roz rocked back in her heel and laughed. “I can make the whole fucking government disappear if I want. And I have to anyway, don’t I? Because you told them. You fucking told them. Even after I sorta told you it would get them all killed. Just like it got you killed. But… he knows doesn’t he? You told the fucking President about my mum, didn’t you? Not smart. Now I have a president to kill. And I know about the seal team, mother fucker. That’s right. Even you didn’t about them. But I know. I can hear them getting briefed right fucking now. Don’t worry, though. I will fuck those pansy boy navy seals over, real fucking hard, long before they get anywhere my parents. But first I need to take care of you. Want to know why I’m such bad ass? It because I really am a god. I can just flex my muscles and smash the whole fucking world. But guess what pansy boy. It’s even worse for you weak fuckers than you can imagine, because I don’t even have to flex anymore to fuck shit up. Let me show you why the whole fucking world is gonna have to kneel before Roz, mother fucker.”

Roz crossed her arms over her wonderfully inviting breasts, and looked into Number One’s wild panicking eyes while she opened the floodgates to her limitless muscle God power a crack and allowed her divine super strong physique to harden, strengthen, and swell. The people not protected by the shield were soon being physically repelled and then pinned hard against the wall. Without even flexing, Roz allowed her remarkable muscle God body to become so absurdly strong that even relaxed the divine aura of her muscles was enough to dominate a large group of people. But she didn’t stop there. She just let the power flood her body, enjoying the pure joy of obscene new strength buzzing in her flesh, and the wonderful entertainment of Number One being squashed against the wall with his team. A bone snapped. Someone screamed. Crack. They all screamed.

“That’s right pussies. Cry for mummy, bitches. You weak cunts are nothing compare to these muscles.” Her words, spoken softly and gently, boomed in the air like thunder and shook the room violently enough to free the Roswell ship from the wall. The steams were choked off as mega Roz grew stronger and stronger, her aura more and more powerful. They could no longer breaks. Snaps and cracks were beginning to pop off and grew so rapid it almost sounded like a crackling fire. Roz smiled as she watched her enormous physical power crush the lives from the lot of them while all she did was stand there being a super divine muscle God enjoying her limitless power a little. Almost as one, the pinned toys were finally crushed and smeared into the wall. A moment later the wall itself was smashed into earth behind and reduced to pulverised rubble.

Grinning, Roz rapidly reeled in the extremely dangerous level of power she’d let loose, and locked it all deep in her bones to harden them incredibly even more than they were already. Still stronger than a dozen armies, Roz turned to Garry.

“Ready to kneel, Garry?”

“Why the fuck are you killing all these people?” Garry demanded, getting bravely angry because he realised now it didn’t matter.

“Because you told them about my mum, dude. And because of that… I had to kill them. It was a lot of fun. I love to smash and crush and fuck shit up with my mega muscles. Did you know I was a god Garry? Cuz I am, man. I am a god. A mega muscled super strong invincible omnipotent muscle God. And I’m just getting started. Now I have to go rescue my parents from a seal team, and kill the entire national defence committee that’s getting briefed right now. Happy now, dickhead? Or did you want to go run your mouth off about me some more? Maybe tell the Russians? Or maybe the Chinese? You can if you like. I’m probably gonna fuck em over eventually anyway. Hahahahahahahahahaha”

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