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Darala Starr, Superwoman – Earth Mission Alpha – Chapter 6

Written by Darala Starr :: [Friday, 14 June 2019 23:25] Last updated by :: [Friday, 21 June 2019 17:28]


The front end of the truck was badly damaged from the crash into the ditch and embankment and the delivery driver was seated on the side of the road, trying to shake off the impact. If it weren’t for Jason Prince, the driver would have still be stuck in the front seat of the vehicle. Jason was out for a run as part of his strict training regimen. He was a sprinter and heavily into calisthenics, and this day he’d set off in his nylon blue dolfin shorts and tank top. As luck had it, he’d reached this spot just after the accident happened and was able to help the driver out of the vehicle.

What surprised the driver, and Jason as well, was his unusual strength as he wrenched the damaged truck door open to free the man.

“I guess that was pure adrenaline,” Jason remarked after the fact. But with his lean body mass and defined muscles, it made some sense.

A highway patrol car swerved into the scene and pulled off onto the shoulder.

From the cover of the trees Darala watched all of this happen. She was curious, studying how the humans interacted with each other. And from what she could tell, the male in the shiny shorts was not like the others. He seemed much more fit.

You should help them, Darala thought. Or maybe you should stay out of sight and focus on getting the transponder,she also thought. Tough decision.

The deputy sheriff examined the truck, which was tilted from its front tires having gone into a shallow ditch, its rear bumper and tires still on the main road.

“I’ll call an ambulance,” the deputy sheriff said. “And a tow truck.”

Suddenly, they all heard a woman’s voice. “Don’t worry, I can handle this!”

They were astonished at the sight of her. Darala smiled brightly at them, the shine of her suit, the imprint of her muscles, the gleam of her belt and bracelets like something from a dream.

The deputy sheriff said, “Um… miss, I think maybe you should…”

“It’s no trouble at all,” she said, and gave Jason a smile.

She rounded them and headed toward the back of the truck. Once there she planted hands on her hips, deciding how best to proceed.

“Young lady,” the sheriff’s deputy said, “we’ve got a tow truck on the way.”

Darala smiled and said, “Oh, you won’t need it.”

She squatted slightly and hooked her hands beneath the rear bumper of the truck, rolling her fingers tightly around the steel for a good grip. Then she rocked her hips slightly, preparing herself.

Growing annoyed, the sheriff’s deputy said, “Look, young lady, I think maybe you should just…”

But he stopped mid-sentence, startled, as Darala pulled suddenly and the entire mass of the truck moved! All of them fell into a hushed state of awe.

Darala could feel the weight of this thing and it was very heavy. But she closed her eyes and focused on her otherworldly strength.

Come on, Darala, she thought.You can do this! Concentrate!

Darala began to lift, using her powerful legs and arms, and the back of the truck rose, its frame moaning and creaking as the huge rear tires left the ground.

The sheriff’s deputy took several large steps backward. “How can she do that?” he exclaimed.

Jason shook his head. “Even seeing it with my own eyes I can’t believe it,” he said.

Darala felt the rear bumper start to bend in her fingers, the weight of the truck seemed to be too much for it. But she stabilized her grip and began to walk the entire truck backward, all the while keeping those huge rear wheels lifted off the ground. With her awesome strength the front wheels rolled smoothly out of the depression and back onto the flatter, main road. She was literally towing the entire truck bare-handed!

Once she knew it was clear of the ditch, she very carefully, and with controlled strength, lowered the rear of the truck. The big back wheels gently made contact with the ground once more, and the frame creaked loudly as the weight transferred back to the shocks and axel.

The sheriff’s deputy and Jason both slowly approached Darala as she then squatted and came eye level with the bumper.

“I think the weight was too much for this here,” she said, indicating the warped steel. “You see, it’s badly bent. But don’t worry… I’ll fix it,” she said.

And to their ever-growing astonishment, she did just that. Darala grabbed the steel in her fingers and a moment later she was bending the metal, straightening it, rolling it back into its original shape.

Jason and the deputy were speechless.

She’s reforming the steel with her bare hands, Jason marveled. Is this really happening?

Darala was completely focused on what she was doing, her stare sharp and serious. The steel screeched irritably under the stress of her super grip. But she ignored it and continued reshaping the bumper, flattening the bulges, bending the edges straight until the entire thing was fully restored.

Darala let out a deep breath and then stood, brushing off her hands.

“Well, that was a little harder than I expected, but I think it’s mostly restored.”

Darala glanced at them, noticing their bulging eyes and open mouths.

“Oh, right,” she said. “I suppose you’re wondering how I did that.”

Jason smiled at her and she smiled back.

“I was just about to ask,” he said.

She glanced down at his legs, noticing his pronounced muscles.

“I really like your shorts,” she said.

Jason blushed and looked down at them. “They’re great for working out,” he said.

The sheriff’s deputy cleared his throat and said, “Young lady, I really do want to know… how did you do that?

“Well,” Darala said. “You see, I’m a doctor. Well, actually a scientist… doctor.”

Jason asked, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Doctor Darala Starr,” she said proudly.

Jason reached out his hand for a shake and Darala picked up on the gesture and extended her hand. She very gently shook his hand for fear she might hurt him.

“Well, Doctor Darala Starr, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Jason said. “You are the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever met,” he said, his eyes connecting with hers. “You’re just like Wonder Woman.”

Darala asked, “Wonder Woman?” She had no idea what he was talking about, but said, “Right. Yes, I guess so.”

“You are gorgeous,” Jason said.

And right then, Darala felt warmth moving into her cheeks.Was she blushing?

“And you’re the only Earth man I’ve ever met.”

Darala caught herself and quickly said, “I’m sorry, I meant man… just man. Obviously this is Earth.” She chuckled nervously. “I’m just a little, um, lost I guess.”

The sheriff’s deputy wasn’t as charmed. His tone with her was all business and very cold.

“Well perhaps Doctor Starr here would like to take a look at our injured driver.”

Darala said, “Um, why yes, of course, I’d be happy to.”

Darala walked over to the man who was sitting on the ground, holding his side with his hand.

Darala squatted low to speak to him, and Jason caught himself looking at her incredible legs and her…

“I’m having a hard time breathing,” the man said. Darala examined him quickly and said, “Where does it hurt?”

He pointed to his side beneath his chest. “It hurts when I breath,” he said.

Darala suspected a broken rib because she herself remembered what that felt like back on Tau Ceti when she was injured all those years ago.

“It would appear you have a broken rib that’s causing the pain as your lungs fill with air. You’ll need treatment as soon as possible.”

Just then, the ambulance pulled around the bend and drove quickly toward them, its lights flashing. Further down the road was the tow truck.

Darala stood up and said to Jason, “I know what he’s feeling. I had so many broken bones and injuries I didn’t know if I’d ever walk again.”

Jason was astounded. “And yet you lifted a truck with your bare hands,” he said. “And you reshaped a steel bumper like it was nothing. How is any of this possible?”

“That is what I’d like to know,” the sheriff’s deputy said, his stare now even more menacing than before. It made Darala uncomfortable. Picking up on this, Jason said, “Listen, Darala, maybe you and I can go for a little walk and… talk. Just the two of us, away from here,” he said, giving the deputy a look.

Darala nodded. “Yes, I think that would be a good idea.”

Jason led her away and they began walking toward the cover of the trees, finding a small path to walk on. A sign on the road ahead said PLEASANT VALLEY 2 MILES.

“Maybe I should get you some coffee,” Jason said.

“What’s coffee?” Darala asked.

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