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Kneel Before Roz – Part 1

Written by Dru1076 :: [Sunday, 15 July 2018 10:24] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:26]

Roz had more than the massive unfair advantage of obscenely exaggerated super strength. She had an equally super brain and super-duper senses too. All her powers had made a quantum leap today, and she found it easy to listen in as Garry spouted out a crazy story to his friends. She laughed and rubbed her hands as she heard them dismiss Garry with scorn. Roz would show them true power. And then they would be the first to kneel.

“For fuck’s sake, Garry… this ain’t April, motherfucker. What are you trying to…”

The critical friend was silenced as a perfectly built and obviously super fit Roz strode through the open door wearing only the tattered remains of her shirt and a pair of black lace panties. Her chest jutted out over a solid rippling wall of the most perfectly formed abs anyone had ever seen, and her thighs and calves bulged with the ominous threat of dominating power each time she took a calm confident step.

“What’s going on, fucktards? I hope you cunts have more go in you than your pussy friend.”

“What the hell? You cheeky little…”

“What’s this? You girls working out with these little weights? I was doing curls with more than this when I was five.” Roz had walked over to a barbell someone had been using for deadlifts, and horrified everyone by hoisting it easily with her left and doing rep after slightly-too-fast rep without a hint of effort. “What kind of fucktard gym is this?”

“You better fuck off out of here before we kick your ass!” Garry shouted.

Roz raised an eyebrow and gave him an evil smile, dropping the heavy barbell to the floor with a loud clang. “Oh hell yeah! Bring it, you pansies.”

“Get that fucking bitch!” Garry was too intimidated by Roz at this point to move himself, in spite of order, and the others seemed reluctant. But Roz’s laughter finally managed to get one of them moving.

“Look… I don’t know what the hell is going on here… but you have to leave right now. Okay? The gym closes at seven, so go find another gym.”

“Make me. You’re not my boss.”

The man shook his head in disgust at the powerfully built girl’s obnoxious arrogance. “Go home, little girl.”

“I’m not going anywhere until I’m finished fucking with you. And none of you can do anything to stop me.”

The manager had had enough. He walked up and grasped Roz’s rounded shoulder to move her toward the door. He was stunned by how incredibly hard and solid Roz’s muscle capped shoulder was, how warm and smooth. He caught a whiff of a dreamlike scent, unidentifiable yet utterly familiar. But most of all, he noticed that Roz didn’t move. The solid super girl was like a statue anchored to the floor.

“Can I help you there, old dude? You’re turning red.”

The man placed a hand on both of Roz’s shoulders and tried pushing her to the door to no effect. To his horror, Roz giggled and put her hands on her super strong hips. She leaned back and slowly flexed her whole body. Under the managers hands her muscles swelled and inflated, and became even harder.

“That’s not how you push someone, you fucking pussy. This is how you push someone.” Roz placed a finger on the man’s forehead and gave him a shove with merely a fingertip. The manager sailed away from her and landed awkwardly across several benches.

Ignoring everyone for a moment, feeling their fear as they watched her with wide eyes, Roz walked over to a large machine looked it over. It wasn’t set up for her to use, so she reached out and made some noisy adjustments to the steel frame, her super strong hands making easy work of it. Then she set the weight to maximum and hopped on to bust out some leg presses, running out fast reps one after another after another. She pumped the stack dismissively for fifty maxed out reps, and sneered at the astonished crowd.

“How does anyone get any use of such light-weight equipment? If I owned this… I’d crush it down for scrap.” The machine groaned with hopelessness as Roz proceeded to do just that, pulling the large frame in on herself and crushing the steel down mercilessly into her super hard muscles. Everyone stood stunned as the machine shrank down around the super powerful girl, and gasps were heard all around when Roz pushed her hypnotically cute face through the tangled steel as easily as if broaching the surface of a pool. “You guys have no idea how cool it is to be as strong as me. And you never will.”

Roz extricated herself from the unrecognisable equipment and pulled the entire stack of weights out of the ruin to slam it down mercilessly and press it into the mess until she had actually pressure welded it in place. Then she smoothly lifted it and started crushing it down further until it began to radiate heat.

“Maybe if I crush all of these… I can make a weight to give these mega mighty muscles of mine a real workout!”

Yesterday, Roz mused, that might have been true. But she could sense that nothing in this gym could possibly combine to give her new improved level of super strength the smallest of challenges. But she didn’t really care about workouts, she just wanted to show off.

As she moved toward a newly installed and slightly larger piece of gear, the men in the room finally moved to stop her. Roz chuckled as they did all they could to hang onto her hard body and stop her from moving. They didn’t stand a chance against her superhuman muscles, and she ignored them completely as she crossed the floor to her new toy. They punched and kicked at her body, yanked and pulled on her limbs. But Roz was simply too strong for them. They all hurt their hands very badly, hitting the iron hard super flesh much more forcefully than was wise for people so much weaker and softer than their foe. Roz’s super muscles punished every knuckle with its total invulnerability and moved the mob hanging off her small frame as though she had soft toys hanging of her, not hulking gym rats and star athletes.

“How much does this thing weigh?” She asked, tearing it from the ground and hefting it with just one hand. The men fell away, nursing their self inflicted injuries and cowered from the massive object that the invincible super strong Roz effortlessly ripped free from its moorings… the steel dyna bolts snapping without her even noticing they had been there. The imposing mass quickly seemed less intimidating as it began to shrank, Roz’s extreme strength making very short but quite noisy work of reducing the machine. Someone foolishly smashed an empty weight bar across Roz’s muscular back as she worked her super powered hands on the next doomed piece of gear. She was struck twice more, but ignored the determined violent attack completely. The men kept trying to assail Roz as the super strong girl demolished their beloved gym equipment mercilessly, but there was no stopping the muscle god from having her fun. One after another the large custom gym machines and their stacks of heavy weights were bent, broken, smashed, and then reforged by super human muscle power into a single mass.

In only a few minutes Roz had crammed all the steel into a very roughly hewn metal mass in the middle of the gym. The men were speechless, and even they failed to see the manager run off into his office. He made the 9,1,1 call while Roz was busy crafting handhold for his workout weight.

Roz’s body bulged menacingly as she deliberately flexed much more than necessary through a rapid set of forty reps. In truth she was now so tremendously powerful, her muscles so impossible strong, that even arms as thin as pipe-cleaners she could have lifted the weight just as easily. A few minutes into his pointless workout she stopped and negligently dropped the massive load onto the instantly crushed and cratered floor.

“I’m bored. Are the cops here yet?”

“What cops?” a very confused Garry asked.

“The ones your snitch cunt of a friend called.”

As if on cue a police cruiser pulled up in view of the front window and two officers got out. Garry rushed out to warn them, and Roz playfully tore off chunks of her handmade weight and chewed the steel easily with her perfect shining teeth. She swallowed and threw in another pinch of steel to munch on as the hapless cops entered the gym against Garry’s wise advice not to.

“Okay frat boys… what the hell’s going on in here?”

“Its that freaky chick! Look at this place!”

“Is this a joke?”

“I’m bored,” Roz informed them. “I want to use my muscles some more.” The cops were astonished by Roz’s incredible physique as she muscled up into a double bicep pose that grew her body an inch taller and added three super-dense and super-powerful tons to her small frame. The men in the room could actually feel the strength of her almost physical aura.

Roz stepped forward and grabbed both cops by the belt to toss them deeper into the gym. Garry and two others moved toward the door, but Roz was suddenly there, barring the way with her solid Amazonian body. She grinned, then puckered up and blew at them, forcing all three back with nothing but the fantastic power of her lungs.

As one of the cops struggled to his feet he radioed for back-up. Roz could have easily stopped him, but she wanted them to send more toys for her to break and smash with her super duper mega muscles. The other cop rose with his gun out, pointed squarely at the source of his fear.

“Right,” Roz began, flexing her pecs and setting her face in a stern dominant expression. “I’m the strongest and baddest motherfucker in town. And you’re not. I. Am. A. God. And you’re not. You’re all weak as piss. It’s a straightforward deal, pansy boys. Kneel before me, and beg. Beg me to be in charge. Beg to obey my every word and I will agree to fuck you up anyway. Kneel before my super muscles! Kneel before my might! Kneel! Before! Roz!

“What the fuck is wrong with you, girl?”

“We’re playing a new game I invented. It’s called Kneel Before Roz. I run around and flex my super muscles, and smash all your shit, and fuck you up with my amazing super strength. And you guys run around screaming, cry like girls because you’re a weak as shit pack of squishy fucktards, break yourselves on my super duper strong mega muscles, and in the end you either get ripped apart, limb from fucking limb, or get on your weak cunt knees and… KNEEL. BEFORE. ROZ!!!”

“This gun is loaded, bitch, and I will fucking shoot you! Get on the ground and put your hands on your head! Right fucking now!”

Roz laughed, and stepped up next to the large crushed ball of weight equipment. With stupefying muscular ease, her super strong arm lifted the weight and held it steadily out to her side. Without even looking, she flicked her fingers and the weight sailed out through the plate glass window and completely destroyed the police cruiser.

Without any more doubts that this super strong powerhouse was indeed a very real threat to the public, the cop let off three remorseless rounds from his steady cold firearm at the cute as a button face of the super muscle god’s face. He didn’t miss. The first shot bounced off Roz’s delicate little nose bent and broken from its lost war with Roz’s invulnerable flesh, and lodged itself deep in the wall. The second hit her naked eyeball, thrilling Roz with its complete ineffectiveness, and shattered like liquid. The third struck just below the line of her light shining hair and sailed all the way back to lodge in the cops thigh.

“How fucking cool is that!” Roz gloated. “Even my eyes are bulletproof!”

Three more bullets struck Roz’s sensuously sculpted torso, hardly even dimpling her relaxed abdominal wall before thudding to the carpet. The cop dropped the gun and ran to the rear of the gym. When he got there, he found Roz happily waiting for him with the gun in her hand.

“You dropped this.”

Instinct forced the cop to catch the gun when Roz tossed it back to him.

“That felt fucking great. Shoot me some more.”

The super powered bully took a menacing thigh bulging step forward while the frightened cop reloaded. Six more shots excited Roz with evidence of her invulnerability. Guns couldn’t stop her anymore. From this day forward she would tolerate no dispute on the issue. She. Was. A. God.

She paused, listening to two more police cars arrive, and considered that last thought. She had pondered the idea before, but she never felt it more true. Roz was now clearly certain that she was nothing less than a god. A super strong, invincible and unstoppable, mighty and fearless god. And it was time for the world to see. It was time for the weak pussies to tremble. It was time… for fun.

She looked at the terrified policeman and smiled benevolently. “Kneel before Roz.”

“Fuck you, you crazy little shit.”

Roz chuckled, and it was chilling sound. “Whatever. You’re boring.” Roz backhanded the cop, and he crumbled into the wall and collapsed.

“Hold it right there!”

Roz turned to see several more police in the gym and even more patrol cars pulling up outside.

“Kneel,” Roz commanded. But they didn’t kneel. They shot at her.

Being the invincible target of a dense hail of bullets was way more awesome a rush for Roz than what she had experienced so far. The panicked police milled about, and Roz remained proudly presented before them with hands on her hips letting bullets ping off her totally relaxed body. Her muscles were much too hard to bothered by bullets, and her smooth alabaster skin was immune to even bruising. She became aware that every bullet was making her harder, and making her stronger. She was getting more powerful, and the idea thrilled her. They were trying to kill her, and somehow their efforts were only driving her power further beyond their feeble ability to harm.

Suddenly it occurred to her that they were still shooting what they believed to be very real and very deadly bullets at her right now. She would punish them, and anybody else, who tried to kill or stop her from now on. She was the mega mighty muscle God Roz… and they were squishy little wuss-bags with no hope of defeating an almighty and ultimately invincible God.

Roz let them keep shooting. It felt great, and she actually liked the delightful rain-like impacts of the lead a great deal. But instead of standing still, the playful super strong girl walked toward some of her toys. As she drew near ricochets started to hit the much more fragile policemen, and those who noticed stopped shooting. With a curious tilt of her cute little face, Roz reached up and tapped an angry faced toy on the side of the head. The fingertip blow totally destroyed the toy’s skull, and Roz grinned at the result.


Wide eyed in complete horror, the two nearest cops turned to desperately flee, but found themselves stopped dead in their shoulders with Roz’s fingers on their shoulders, crushing callously into their bodies. She impressed herself by easily lifting both men, and then forcefully slamming them together. They exploded into broken gory fragments. Nobody really noticed it then, but the blood and gore slid right off of Roz’s creamy skin, depositing not the slightest stain whatsoever and leaving her flesh utterly free of any blemish. She had noticed a long time ago that she never got dirty, but didn’t understand it. Roz didn’t understand her brutally overbearing physical strength either, but it didn’t stop her appreciating her obscenely overpowered physique.

The gunfire was more desperate now, and black SWAT trucks had arrived on the scene. But within the chaos cool confident Roz went about her cruel game calmly, in stark contrast to the frantic men around her. Nobody but Roz was thinking clearly, and all Roz wanted was to take her time and punish these arrogant men for daring to oppose her obscene might and power.

Garry, Roz now observed, had fled the scene. He would not escape for long. Roz had in fact already found him, only seconds after noticing his absence, employing her sonar-shaming super hearing. Ignoring the First Toy for now, Roz walked up to a doomed cop and overpowered the large and buff man’s sturdy legs easily to bring him down to eye level.

“Let’s take this little game outside, shall we? I want to check out those big guns the SWAT guys have.”

The cop grew confused, unsure what the hell Roz was on about. Then the girl moved inexorably forward, pressing her super developed steel hard pec supported breasts into the officers own gym-honed chest. The cop screamed when he realised what the muscle god was doing. She was going outside, and to get there she was going to walk right the fuck through the cinderblocks against the cops back. Ribs broke, shattering as Roz pressed belligerently forward, and the cop was suddenly intimately aware just how steel hard Roz’s wonderfully perfect abs were. The cinderblocks cracked, but not before all the cops ribs had broken. He felt the warm, almost hot, steel of Roz’s super hard super strong body bully its way slowly forward despite all his desperate and wild punching and kicking, despite all his pushing and shoving and screaming, and and he died well before Roz had pushed her mighty unstoppable muscular frame out into the evening air.

The cops had formed a hasty but dense barricade, and SWAT guys were aiming assault rifles from a full arc at the dangerous super strong girl. She smiled cheekily and flexed her own guns while ignoring all of them and admiring her bulging arms. “So strong. So powerful. Are you fucking pussies sure you don’t want to give up right now and kneel before Roz?

“On your knees! Get your hands behind your head! We WILL open fire, damn it!”

Roz raised an angelically beautiful eyebrow at the big mouth with the bullhorn. “You can’t hurt these muscles, pansy boy. I’m a fucking god. A god of muscle. A god of power. A god of super strength. Super hard, police crushing, SWAT swatting, super strength. And I’m gonna break every last fucking one of you little bitches into little bitty squares of bacon with my super fucking hard, super fucking strong, all powerful, mega muscles. What are you going to do about me fucking up your shit, asshole? Gonna cry? Want your mummy? Poor little pansy boy bitches. Boo fucking hoo.”

The cops were astonished by the sheer obnoxiousness of the muscle bound super brat. The bullhorn toting cop tried once more.

“Nobody has to get hurt. Surrender now and…”

“Shut your face, you smelly old man!” Unaided, Roz’s youthful voice was ten times louder than the bullhorn, and every person on the entire block and in fact for several blocks around it had to cover their ears. “I’ll shove that bullhorn up your smelly fat ass!”

The man raised the bullhorn once more, but instantly Roz appeared in front of him. “I fucking warned you, dickhead.”

The man was overpowered in an instant, bent over a squad car by Roz, and before he knew what was happening his world became agony. There was a short blare of feedback as if in protest, but the bullhorn offered no real resistance to Roz’s immense physical strength and was soon lodged deeply in the officers colon. Then the super powered brat returned to suddenly stand arrogantly with her hands on her strong hips, insolently popping her solid pecs, right where every gun could get a clean shot at her.

“Well? Are you dumb cunts going to shoot me? Kneel you little bitches! Kneel! Before!! Roz!!!”

Roz chuckled, and rocked back blissfully on her heels as machine gun rounds came raining down upon her unprotected and happily exposed super muscles. The bullets were bigger and faster, but in the end they were destroyed just as ineffectually as the pistol rounds had been. Their larger impacts did feel wonderful, making Roz’s fantastically strong muscles tingle with warm pleasure and celebrating their invulnerability. Bullets pinged off her steel hard flesh everywhere, and for a few moments she turned so they could get more of her powerful sculpted back.

They had reloaded, emptied their guns, and reloaded again, before Roz bothered to do anything other than simply stand there making an easy target of herself while letting the deadly storm of steel break itself on her wonderfully strong and utterly invincible muscles. Her first move was to reach down and brutally scrunch her pile driving fingers around the chrome bumper bar of the closest squad car and drag the helpless car up off the road with one super powerful hand until it was balanced on it’s nose and under her total control. Eyes widened further when she launched the entire vehicle at a single sniper position on the roof across the street. The top edge of the brick structure violently exploded into debris, and the car smashed on through to sail high over the city. It was carried by Roz’s impossible power much farther than the obscenely super strong girl had intended. She had grown even stronger, and even harder. And Roz thought that was fucking great.

She stepped to up to a cop and yanked the man by the uniform hard into her super hard chest, relishing the crack of the big cops skull on her breast and discarding the ruined toy over her shoulder. Roz then crushed the arm of another and dragged him over to a trio of others while the struggling pussy continued to blast bullets into Super Roz’s side at point blank range. The muzzle flash licked Roz’s ignorant smooth skin and the bullets broke and pinged off into the night cowed by super strong god muscle. She held her cargo by the ankle and smashed the three men apart, demolishing her weapon in the process. Laughing, Roz began playfully skipping from man to man, simply smashing them apart with merciless super strong blows of her small bone demolishing fists. With a joyous cry, revelling in the wonderful sensation of flexing her super strong, endlessly energised mega muscles. The girl god of power and strength stopped before a tight pack of gunmen cowering behind a patrol car.

“Why are you taking cover, you stupid bitches? Ha ha ha ha ha. You silly cunts look pathetic. You don’t have to worry about getting shot at.The only guns I have are these bad ass mother fucker mega muscles.” Roz gloated over her magnificent biceps, before grinning at them manically  and dropping her arms to her sides to cheekily pump and pop her prodigious pectorals at them. Her breasts moved in ways that made their heads spin. “And these super fucking hard, and super fucking strong, mega Roz muscles are all I need to kick your asses.” Ping. Pop. Bullets splattered and popped off of her dancing super muscles as she taunted the doomed men with her annoying flawlessly built physique. Then she grinned, and bent to hoist the patrol car with one all too powerful hand and hold it out above herself with a naughty glint in her eye. The men stumbled back away from the mighty Super Roz, but didn’t get far before the powerful muscle god smashed the vehicle down hard right on top of them. The car exploded into small fragments, and the doomed men pretty much disappeared thanks to the incredible force Roz put into the impact.

Behind her, a patrol car tore down the road as the first to flee tried desperately to escape the super strong muscle monster. Roz concentrated, and performed a standing leap that launched her high into the air. She came down on the roof of the escaping car, and her strong muscle packed legs powered through the Detroit steel like butter. Her multi ton weight shattered the car, and she walked out of the wreckage brushing it aside like spider webs.

Another car was speeding off in the opposite direction, and Roz laughed happily before running after it. Her legs pistoned into the asphalt, churning up the road as she reached blinding speed before punching her super hard body into and through the rear of the fleeing vehicle. She came out the front of the carnage without a mark anywhere on her glorious super strong body and wheeled back around to return to the main body of police.

She smashed happily clean through the side a SWAT truck, not really noticing that the truck was armour plated, and came out holding two wriggled cops she had collected from inside. Her kick upon exiting the truck had opened it enough to easily get her cargo out.

“This is such great fun!” She happily told her helpless captives. “You should have kneeled, but I am so glad you didn’t! Smashing you little pussies with my super muscles is so cool! I’m so strong. So fucking powerful. And your so weak, so fucking puny. Yup… you should have kneeled. I’m a genuine God of Strength and Power.” Then she shot her arms out the two officers soared into the sky in opposite directions.

Bullets flew at her again, pinging off her even harder skin. More toys were fleeing, but there was no escape. Roz ran a group of three down, bodyslaming and destroying the middle man with only her super hard burgeoning chest while grasping the two either side of her and slamming them brutally together. Then, much to her delight, as she hoisted a creaking and bending SWAT van easily over her head and rejoiced in muscular power, folding the helpless vehicle in on itself with reckless super powered ease, a hand grenade rolled under her feet. Whoever threw it timed the throw to perfection, and before it had rocked back in its final resting place the grenade exploded.

The shockwave felt absolutely awesome, but the shrapnel was simply wonderful. Roz gave the tortured van a joyful last squeeze and tossed it absently at a distant runner who never even knew what hit him.

“That was really cool! Any more of…”

Three more grenades came rolling, and Roz gleefully picked two up and pressed then to her chest. They popped in her hands, the explosions complimenting each other and enhance by the third. The shrapnel bent wonderfully against the girls insanely strong muscles, and she laughed with pure delight.

“How fucking cool is this!”

Roz knew for sure she was now even stronger when she stopped a fleeing truck by simply letting it collide with her super powerful chest. She stopped the large speeding truck dead in its tracks without moving a hairsbreadth, and the large machine was broken and smashed upon her invincible flesh so badly, insultingly demolished on her arrogant superdense muscles, that Roz was splashed with hot oil from the shattered engine block. Laughing, she tore herself free with wonderful ease and lifted the truck from the front end smoothly and easily as the oil ran off her skin leaving her as clean as if she’d just stepped out of the shower. The armoured truck felt fascinatingly soft, and with a cry of joy Roz pulled the truck she held hard against herself, re-grasped it with her mighty hands, and rammed it again and again into her diamond hard torso much harder than the vehicle had managed to hit her the first time her flesh had defeated it.

The driver could watch on horror as the super powered brat playfully smashed the truck over and over into her power packed, utterly invincible body, each horrific impact smashing the vehicle up more and more. Then the unstoppable super Roz let out a chilling giggle, and started to work her steel crushing hands and arms into the truck. There were screams from within, but Roz mercilessly crushed the doomed truck into her ultra dense chest and abs until she dropped a hot glowing beachball of ruined steel.

Roz slammed through the side of another SWAT truck and cornered the man inside against the inner wall. He cowered in fear, so close to the super hard, super strong, muscle god that he could smell the overpowered girls strangely perfect scent.

“You’re boring. But, I’m letting you live. Next time you wussy cop-wimps see me, you better kneel.”

And then Roz was gone, leaving the few survivors to begin trying to work out what the hell just happened to them. None of them noticed Garry’s old Mustang, somehow a survivor of all the carnage the super strong menace had so effortless unleashed upon the street, had vanished as well.

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