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The Modern Goddess: Prologue

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 11 August 2018 22:39] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 18 January 2020 15:58]

Art by Devil-V


Kenichi stood in awe as the pink petals of the traditional Japanese cherry blossom lightly drifted down from the sky and the light breeze brushed his skin during his morning walk to school; a peaceful commute to gather his thoughts before his hectic days at school began. It was his first day at Ojibara High School, rumored by many of his friends to be the hot-bed of easy and beautiful women, something that Kenichi “mysteriously” forgot to mention to his parents when he was deciding on which high school to transfer to after… the accident. He was a tall, pale and thin 18 year old guy with dark near-black short hair, the physical embodiment of any harem anime protagonist, but Kenichi’s “dark secret” unfortunately wasn’t very secret at all, which is the reason he was in this place to begin with.

“Hey! New kid!” Kenichi heard a voice yelling at him from behind.

“Yeah?” He replied back, turning around to meet the catcaller. “Who are you?”

“My name is Taniguchi, I’m the student council president. I’ve already heard a bunch of rumors about you, and I just had to meet the legend in person!” explained Taniguchi.

“What have you heard about me?” Kenichi responded.

“I heard you got expelled for feeling up too many girls at your last school. Oh, and someone else told me you had to go to a psychologist because you couldn’t keep it in your pants for more than 10 minutes! And another friend told me you had to start taking pills to stop popping boners all the time!”

“Uh, y-yeah, haha…” Kenichi turned his head away, blushing from embarrassment. Word apparently gets around quick at this school. How much else have people heard?

“—you’re a legend!” Taniguchi blurted out.

Kenichi perked up. “Wait, you don’t think I’m a creep or a perv or something?”

“No way! I bet you got away with a TON of stuff before you got expelled from there. I have to hear the stories!” Taniguchi insisted.

“O-oh, haha, of course!” Kenichi put a smile on, pretending to play along and act cool, making the best of his ‘bad boy’ reputation he apparently had.

“Anyway, let’s hang out sometime. I gotta go for now though.” Taniguchi said, walking off.


Kenichi finally made it to the school’s campus, amazed of how much bigger it was than anything he was used to from his hometown, the main hall alone was the size of a cathedral. The facilities were visibly better than anything he had ever seen before; full-blown state-of-the-art sports and training fields, beautiful gardens, and gorgeous architecture. It looked more like a prestigious college campus than a normal high school. Right as he was walking into the main lobby of the classroom building, Kenichi saw a random single bolt of lightning strike down on the horizon, from the corner of his eye. He had never been turned on by Mother Nature before, at least since the first time he watched the “The Beauty of Life” documentary on National Geographic as a kid, but he looked down and noticed he was fully erect, despite his medication to keep his libido down.

“Maybe I need to get a higher dosage…” He thought to himself.

Doing his best to hide his erection with his bag, he stealthily navigated the hallways of the massive building until he finally made it to his classroom for first period, sitting down to relax with his erection now hidden under the desk.

Taniguchi told everyone to be quiet and salute the teacher, as he heard the clacking of high heels coming down the hall. As the steps got louder, all of the students stood up next to their desk, silent, as she walked in.

Kenichi came here under the impression that the girls were hot, but he certainly wasn’t expecting the hottest one to be his teacher.

A godlike miracle of a woman strutted confidently through the doorway, loudly tapping her heels with every step as if their sound echoed in his very soul. His eyes immediately focused on her pearl-black high heels, and slowly worked their way up as they poured over every inch of her tight, black pants that seemed to shine as if they were made out of latex. Her pants looked like they could burst at the seams at any moment, attempting to secure all of her thick juicy hips into one place, but they didn’t have nearly as much work to do as her shirt; a black-and-white chess patterned blouse that was very clearly struggling to contain her massive basketball-sized tits, barely preventing them from slipping out completely. Hourglass figure aside, Kenichi finally had the willpower to look away and see her face, at her smooth and flawless complexion complemented by her sexy librarian glasses and long, fiery red hair that came down below her waist. She was simply oozing with intangible sex appeal, unconsciously making onlookers horny just by being in her presence. Kenichi thought he was staring at an angel, but she was clearly something much better.


“Good morning everyone!” She addressed the class with a voice you could only describe as “divine”, subtly giving all the boys throbbing erections just with those three little words. “Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot. We have a new student with us today, he transferred from another school. Why don’t you stand up and introduce yourself?”

Kenichi was paralyzed with fear, trying to shake his head to make her understand that he shouldn’t be standing, his cheeks full of red. Kenichi’s eyes darted over to her desk, where he saw a nameplate that read “Yuki Kageyama”

“U-uh, thank you Ms. Kageyama. Hi, I’m Kenichi.”

“Welcome to the class, Kenichi. Oh, you don’t need to call me that by the way. Just Akane.”

Kenichi whispered to the girl sitting next to him as Akane turned around to the chalkboard.

“Akane? What’s that all about?”

“Akane, because of her hair.” The girl whispered back.

The words “pop quiz” were written on the chalkboard by the time Kenichi looked up from his short conversation with the girl next to him.

“I know you probably weren’t expecting a quiz today, but don’t worry, it doesn’t count towards your grade. This is just for me to know where everyone stands in their understanding of the course material, so I can teach based on that.” Akane addressed the class with her marvelous cherry red lips. As she talked all the boys felt how their cocks were growing larger and larger, stretching out the fabric of their underwear just listening to her beautiful voice.

“Yes, Akane-san!” Everyone replied.

“Oh god…” thought Kenichi. “I’m not prepared for this, I’m gonna look like an idiot in front of everyone!” Thoughts of failure and humiliation rushed through his head, anxious of embarrassing himself on the first day. It was just like his last school all over again.

Akane began handing out the test papers as her curvaceous ass swung hypnotically in front of every on-looking student. The people lucky enough to see her front side enjoyed the view of her two enormous tits, silently causing a few students, girls included, to cum in their pants underneath the desks. As she walked by, even a few feet away, Kenichi swore he could smell a meadow of flowers on a summer day; and maybe even something more. By just sniffing, he was starting to feel more and more horny.

“Don’t worry.” Akane told Kenichi, making contact with her deep, beautiful, obsidian eyes. He couldn’t control himself, his consciousness slowly becoming foggier, getting hypnotized by her commanding presence. “I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” Akane said, giving him a cutesy wink before turning her glorious ass to his face and walking back to her desk. Kenichi could swear he heard the seams of his boxers tear apart as he almost came instantly.

Akane settled down in her desk chair and said “Go”. The pressure was on now, and the class opened the booklets and began rushing to finish. Time seemed to move uncomfortably fast for Kenichi, clearly unprepared for the test, and his anxiety of failure began to set in very quickly. Second thoughts raced through his mind as he looked at the paper covered in what appeared to be complete gibberish for the most part, concepts he had never even learned before. After all, Kenichi had to be held back a year because of his horrible grades. And even in the event that he DID know the answer, he couldn’t stop thinking about his total bombshell of a teacher. Now was not the time for developing feelings, but it was as if a higher power was controlling his brain to focus on his raw animal instincts, his mind wandering to all sorts of various places and scenarios in which he was having passionate sex with his new teacher on her very own desk, with everyone watching. Kenichi could swear he heard Akane giggle when he caught himself daydreaming, but she was stone-faced whenever he looked up at her.

A full hour had almost passed now, and Akane stood up to walk around the class and see how much progress had everyone made. She sauntered through the rows of desks casually, but stopped in front of Kenichi’s, her gargantuan chest causing a miniature eclipse of the overhead lights, casting an imposing shadow down on Kenichi, astonished of how little work he had done.

“Oh, well, don’t worry, you must have been nervous. Just remember, take a deep breath and concentrate. You still have time!” She said with a cheeky smile that could have made Hitler feel warm and fuzzy inside. She patted Kenichi’s head happily, walking back to her desk.

Kenichi glanced back at the test again and it looked completely different to him. His mind felt as clear as day now and the answers rushed to his head, almost like magic. He started to write like a madman and filled all the blank space on the sheet, correcting errors and resolving the problems in the last few seconds of the exam time. Almost out of breath, he finished and set down his pencil as he waited for Akane to collect all the tests once the clock struck the top of the hour. All the other students were visibly jealous of him, getting a headpat from their red-haired sexual fantasy.

Akane came around to collect the exams, and only then Kenichi noticed she had a beauty spot over her gorgeous lips. She was almost insultingly perfect, putting any other woman to shame. He observed too that her black eyes had a strange blue spark on the center.  

“Mmmm. So, you finished on time after all, Kenichi? I’ll begin grading these now, you should have your score back after lunch.” Kenichi was now desperately trying to hide his throbbing erection, now that he was standing up, and made his way out of the classroom. Leaving her presence was almost relieving in a way, like a breath of fresh air that removed the dark cloud of intrusive sexual thoughts flooding his mind.

The rest of the day went on normally, his other classes felt pretty normal compared to the first one, the food on the cafeteria was good, and he didn’t seem to have any more erection problems either. He met back up with Taniguchi, who introduced him to many beautiful teenage girls, but Kenichi didn’t care. All he could think about now was Akane, and nothing else.

“Damn, she even looks younger than the girls my age… She’s really out of my league…” Kenichi thought to himself.

As the day was coming to a close, it was finally time to go back to Akane’s class to see his test score. He knew it didn’t really count, but it was a good excuse to see her again. He didn’t care what it took, as long as he just got to see that perfect face one more time.

Kenichi walked in the doorway and immediately felt that familiar sensation again, intoxicating him to his core like a powerful drug. He wasn’t sure how, but her bare presence seemed to release a bunch of pheromones that only made him more and more horny.

“Hello Kenichi, I’ve been waiting for you.” Said the angelic voice, music to his ears.

The door closed behind him and the room became silent. Kenichi looked around, noticing the classroom was otherwise completely empty. They were alone together, as if the rest of the world stood still, and didn’t seem to exist at all. At least as far as they were concerned.

“U-uh, I guess I’m the only one who wants extra help from you.” Kenichi attempted to lighten the mood.

“Mmmm, yes, I noticed that too. It makes me so happy you wanted to stay late after school just to see me.” Said the voluptuous redhead. “Come here, I’ll show you your test.”

She took her sexy librarian glasses off and hung them from the low-cut neckline of her perfect soft tits, magically compelling Kenichi to grope them like his life depended on it. He could feel a physical bead of sweat run down his forehead, as he quickly shifted his attention back to her face instead of her cleavage.

“So how did I do?” Kenichi asked, trying to cut the awkward silence.

“You scored 100 out of 100, Kenichi. I’m impressed, I guess my little pep talk really worked after all. You did great.” Akane said quite proudly. In an unexpected turn of events, she put her perfect, manicured hand over his.

Kenichi and Akane got a little more comfortable with each other as time passed. They talked about school, the tests and the subjects, and even shared a few laughs as Akane opened up more to reveal that she was a very cool and sympathetic woman. For Kenichi, she was shaping up to be virtually flawless.

“Well, it’s getting late. I should go home.” Akane said as she glanced at her watch.

“Yeah, my mother must be worried.” Kenichi replied.

“I could give you a ride.” Akane said.

“That would be awesome, thanks!” Kenichi’s face lit up, eager to spend more time with her.

They left the school building together and Akane locked the gates behind her, seeing as how they stayed past closing time and were the last ones on the campus. They walked to the parking lot to find the only thing left in it, an adorable bright pink car that (metaphorically) had Akane’s cute and bubbly personality written all over it.

It was a quiet and peaceful trip back to Kenichi’s house as the two simply enjoyed their pleasant time together. Relaxing jazz music on the radio provided the soundtrack to their experience, as they silently watched the gorgeous orange sunset over the mountainous horizon, the color not much different than Akane’s gorgeous hair. Everything felt right in the world, with his goddess driving at his side.

“We’re here.” Akane said as she tied her long, fire red hair in a giant ponytail. Kenichi noticed that she was wearing silver, star shaped earrings earlier in the day. However, now they seemed to glow with a golden shimmer.

“See you tomorrow Miss Kageyama, thanks for the drive!” Kenichi said as he got out of the car.

“No problem, you might even become my favorite student if you keep up the good work like you did earlier today. Oh, and call me Akane!” She answered by the window as Kenichi walked up to the front door of his house. She gave a cute wink to him before driving off into the sunset.

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