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The Adventures of Scarf-Chan

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 01 September 2018 22:59] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:26]

The Amnesiac Goddess

From up above the clouds,
A flying saucer floated down.
With a scarf around her neck and in a blanket wrapped,
Is Scarf-chan, sleeping peacefully, taking a nap.

Into the ocean the spaceship fell,
Waking her up in a place whose name she couldn’t tell.
She remembers nothing, not even her own name,
She even wonders how and where she really came.

Deep down in the ocean, she saw some whales,
Moving so gracefully, waving their tails.
She smiles and joins them as they swim and sing,
Passing fish, coral reefs, and urchins and things.

A group of dolphins appeared in the corner of her eye,
Jumping up from the water and up to the sky.
She raced across the water with blinding super speed,
Easily passing them and taking the lead.

Then, a crazy shark came, scaring all the fish away,
Frightening and eating the smallest ones in the bay.
Scarf-Chan realized she had a new problem in her hair,
She flicked the shark’s nose and it flew up through the air.

Scarf-Chan quickly learns that she is stronger than most,
With the strength to send a giant shark back to the coast.
“I’m like a supergirl!” She thought to herself,
And she promised she would always use her powers to help.

So now she wanted to see what powers she could use,
And learn about all the new things she could do!
It was time to explore all the talents she gained,
And grow her powers more and more each day.

Scarf-chan our superhero wears a dark, beautiful shirt,
With denim shorts, a pair of gloves, and the scarf she had been wearing since birth.
She has to learn to protect and save those who are in need,
As she tries to figure out, how her memories could be retrieved.

Scarf-chan amazes her newfound friends
And most of the time she plays with them.
She wanted to learn more and more,
About this new place and go explore.

She swam all around the ocean floors,
And swiftly peeked between the corals,
Seeing everything there was to find,
In only a few hours time.

When she finally had nowhere else to go,
She looked up, and saw the water had a strange bright glow.
As she swam closer to see what was there,
Her face passed through the water and into the air!

Her body floated upwards, and into the sky,
Showing a bright new world she took in with her eyes.
She took a deep breath of the fresh ocean air,
And almost caused a hurricane right then and there!

She stopped herself before it got too strong,
Blushing because she didn’t know she could hold her breath that long!
It looked like there was even more to explore,
So away she flew, craving for more.

Meeting the Locals

She left the sky and headed for the ground,
She was met with all sorts of new sights, smells, and sounds.
She soaked them all in, the cars, the people, the rays of the sun,
Her infinite mind processing each and every one.

Able to see for miles around,
In every direction, left, right, up, and down,
In every home, every little crevice and corner,
She could see it all, yet she was still an Earth foreigner.

But it didn’t matter that she could see every twist and turn,
There was still so much about Earth she still needed to learn.
What are the people who live here about?
What is their culture, their ins and their outs?

She noticed a man, the age of 25
Sitting down on a bench outside
Although he was thousands of miles away,
Scarf-Chan teleported right to him, without a delay.

Even though she had only spoken to fish,
She found herself speaking English, just by a wish.
Whatever noise came out of her mouth,
Would instantly translate to the correct sounds!

“Hello mister!” Scarf-Chan shouted, surprising the man.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” he almost jumped up and ran.
“Do not worry, I mean you no harm,
I just want to learn more about your people, not cause alarm.”

“Oh, well in that case, what would you like to know?”
“I want to know about your people, the Earth, and so much more,
How they behave, how they dress, tell me everything you know,
I’m new on town and I don’t know where to go!”

“How much do you know? Where should I start?”
“Don’t worry, I know an easy way, just let me do my part.”

She placed her hand on his head and closed her pretty eyes,
Visions of his memories began to flood into her mind.
His past, his future, and his thoughts and dreams,
All passed through her fingers in one powerful stream.

Then Scarf-Chan knew, at least as much as Charlie,
Everything he’s seen before, and nothing that he hadn’t.
She saw the world through Charlie’s eyes, and Charlie’s eyes alone,
And knew she needed more, before she could make her own.

So she started on her quest to learn more about the human race,
Setting off to find more people to let her touch their face.
Absorb their thoughts and memories in just a little touch,
And she wouldn’t stop until she thought she got too much.

Learning every little detail about the people here,
From their happy times and birthdays, to their worries and their fears,
Why they wear the clothes they wear,
Which shampoo they put in their hair.

And so, Scarf-Chan started teleporting all across the world,
Finding all the boys and girls,
Every age and every size,
To share their stories and grow her mind!

Dreams Come True

In her journey across the Earth, Scarf-Chan frolicked through the hills of snow
Among the penguins and seals of the south pole
Even though there weren’t many people there,
It was so much fun to have all the open space and fresh air.

Scarf-chan heard a commotion, a few thousand miles across the ocean blue
With her super powerful means, she teleported to find two boys arguing.
She asked them to be calm, but they didn’t listen, saying mean things to one another.
“Please be kind” she begged them to be, “and try to treat the other as your brother”

The boys stopped for a second, but went back to fighting immediately.
“But why do you hate so much of each other?” she asked them again so very nicely,
“Could you please explain it to me slowly because I really don’t know what to do?”
But instead, they yelled at her, so she raised her voice and said “Stop it please, both of you!”

She miraculously turned the playground into a big colosseum,
With race tracks, monkey bars, and jungle gyms.
She granted them magical racing cars that can turn into flying airplanes,
And superpowers of their own, which Scarf-Chan already possessed.

Excited and boosted with confidence, the boys started to race their cars.
Driving and flying, they even went swirling around the moon and the shining stars.
Soon they were both laughing and screaming, enjoying all of the fun.
They had already forgotten, where the problem had begun.

The boys gazed at each other, they smiled and hugged, their hearts filled with happiness,
Scarf-chan was so delighted and her eyes blossomed with pure gladness.
She reminded them “It is such a waste of time to hate one another,
if you have a good friend you have someone to enjoy the fun and be happy together.”

The boys expressed their gratitude and thanked her,
They even gave her a big bright sunflower.
They said it was a symbol, that they will be friends forever,
Just like the sun and the flower, that values the importance of one another.

Scarf-chan was so proud she sang and danced, through the pouring rain.
She screamed so loud, “I found a way, to stop a fight, then in return a friendship gain
Indeed, it is a happy day, I may be wet, but I will not complain
For the sun may hide for a little while, but soon I’m sure it will shine again!”

The Fox & The Grapes

Skipping merrily down the street, faster than the speed of light,
The honking of car horns and flapping wings taking flight,
Through the noise of the nearby city, the leaves rustling across town,
Scarf-Chan heard the cries of an animal a few miles away, not in pain but feeling down.

She lifted off the sidewalk and flew, weightless as a feather,
Looping and zipping through the sky, the clouds, the sunny weather.
She gently landed her feet on the grassy lawn of the park,
Finding a fox whose thoughts were cold and dark.

“What’s the matter, mister fox?” She asked, speaking his native tongue.
“I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t reach”, pointing to where a bunch of grapes were hung.
“Those grapes up there?” Scarf-Chan replied.
“I’ve been jumping and climbing all day, but I can’t quite get that high.”

She looked up and spotted purple grapes hanging from the branch above,
Focused in perfect detail like a telescope.
She squinted her eyes and poured her might,
As hot lasers shot from her eyes, destroying everything in her line of sight.

The thick branch fell to the ground, cut off like a sharp knife
The grapes had been burned to ashes, black as night
The fox continued to sob and cry
His dreams were crushed before his eyes.

Scarf-Chan didn’t need to read his mind to see what was on it,
You don’t need to be a goddess to see the obvious.
Thoughts of sadness and regret,
Wondering if he would ever taste the purple fruit again.

“It’s okay” Said Scarf-Chan, trying to calm him down.
“Why is that?” The fox said, sobbing with a frown.
“I might have messed up, but I can try something new,
Let me try and make this right for you.”

She pointed her finger at the ground,
Where the pile of ashes laid.
And instantly the grapes came back to life,
Bright and purple, fresh and ripe.

But the grapes grew fatter by the second,
Surpassing its normal size, 3, 5, 10 times.
Up and up the grapes expanded,
Until they were bigger than the body who commanded it

Taller than Scarf-Chan now, the grapes had each grown 10 feet tall,
It would take a village to eat them all!
“But wait!” She pleaded to the fox, asking for a chance to make things right,
“I want to try just one more thing that I had in mind.”

The girl pointed at the fox’s beady black eyes,
And watched as he too, began to grow in size.
Now big enough to eat his grapes,
A big smile ran across his face.

So Scarf-Chan waved goodbye and flew away,
Feeling like a superhero who had saved the day.
She loved the feeling of helping others, and wanted more,
And looked forward to tomorrow to see what was in store!


It was a boring Tuesday with nothing to do,
Suddenly Scarf-Chan hears a voice from the blue.
“I am so sad, I wish someone would help!”
Inside her head, cried the voice that she felt.

She closed her eyes and saw the boy through her mind,
Age, name, location, and a live view of where he was at the time.
She blinked her eyes and she was suddenly there
Halfway across the Earth, seemingly without a care.

“What’s wrong?” Said Scarf-Chan, seeing the boy crying.
“My heart is broken, and I feel like I’m dying.”
“Tell me the story.” She asked the sad guy,
“It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try.”

“Everyone speaks of ‘soulmates’ while I’m so alone,
I’d like to believe, but I can’t until I know.
I like to think there’s someone out there for me
But how do I know she’s even in the same country?”

“What if she exists, but only on Mars?
How do I know I haven’t seen her thus far?
Is she black, white, blue, or red?
How do I know she’s not already dead?”

“Does she speak English too?
What if she speaks Chinese, or Zulu?
I can’t bear to think she’s out there,
And I’ll never even know.”

“Not to fear, Scarf-Chan is here!
I’ll find a way to save the day!
Now let me concentrate and see
If I can find someone who feels just the same way.”

She closed her eyes and saw the face
Of every member of the human race
Searching for just the right one
In every planet under the sun

Scarf-Chan searched across the galaxy far and wide
Behind every little blade of grass and every inch of sky
Until she found the one she was looking for,
Absolutely perfect for this guy.

“I’ve got your girl!” Scarf-Chan yelled in delight.
The boy’s eyes popped open, “What’s her name, what’s she like?”
“Her name is Maria, and she lives somewhere in Spain,
You were supposed to meet her 12 years later, but now you’ll meet today!”

She carried the boy onto his back and then away they flew,
On their way to find the girl, across the ocean blue.
They arrived in just a minute, and sat her door.
Scarf-Chan said, “Let me do the talking, and in just a minute she’ll be yours.”

The door creaked open and the boy’s jaw was on the floor,
He had never in his years see someone so cute before!
He knew that she was perfect, before she even said a word,
Now he knew that when he prayed, all of his prayers would be heard.

Scarf-Chan cast a magic spell on her, as her eyes lit up with blue,
Maria looked no different, but something changed, he just knew.
“Mi amor, te he extrañado.” Maria shouted at the boy,
Giving him a big hug, her face was full of joy.

Suddenly she knew that her prayers were answered too,
Worried her soulmate was out there, but she wouldn’t know who.
“There’s one more thing I have to fix,”
Scarf-Chan said with a snap of her fingers, “Try *this!*”

“What was that all about?” Maria said in perfect English, much to the boy’s surprise.
He had no idea she could do that, and his eyes were opened wide.
It looked like she was speaking naturally, and the locals heard her just the same,
But when it left her mouth it was translated, directly into his brain!

They would live happily ever after until the end of time,
In every future vision inside Scarf-Chan’s mind.
Making sure they never loved another,
More than they do for each other.

An Inspiration to The World

During her journey to learn about the human race,
Scarf-Chan encountered a new face,
She saw through the walls 10 miles away,
A man locked inside, crying all day.

She walked through the door as if it wasn’t there,
And sat next to him on his chair.
“What’s wrong, friend? Why do you frown?”
As she cast a spell that made him instantly calm down.

“It’s so hard and stressful, being an artist in this day and age,
I just can’t seem to think of anything to put on the page!
I’m an artist full time, I do this to get paid,
So It hurts me to have all these wasted days!”

“What do you mean you can’t think of anything?”
Scarf-Chan said, while mind-reading.
“I can see so many beautiful things inside you,
Why wouldn’t you make something from the ideas you’ve accrued?

“What ideas are you talking about? I’ve been blanking for weeks!”
Said the man, whose outlook was bleak.
“I looked into your mind, and saw all the paintings you haven’t made.
You should paint them, so others can enjoy and you can get paid!”

“Well, I don’t know what you mean,
I’ve had this horrible writer’s block for weeks,
it’s like a lock on my brain that keeps ideas away,
So I guess that I can’t paint today.”

“That’s so sad to hear! Maybe I can help!”
Scarf-Chan said, eager to help the poor man out.
She snapped her fingers, and from thin air appeared a key,
Which she grabbed and placed in his head tenderly.

The key slipped through his forehead as if it were a ghost,
Passing through his body and into the brain of the host.
She turned the key and heard a “click”
As the block that blocked his brain was kicked.

A whole rush of ideas started pouring out,
Of all the things he never thought about.
Visions of paintings beautiful beyond compare,
Even ideas of which he was totally unaware.

“What? How? This is amazing!” The man gasped.
“Did that help?” Scarf-Chan asked.
“Yes, you’ve saved my life! This is the best day ever!
If only every artist could feel this way forever!”

Hearing that gave her a thought,
Seeing him and all the joy she had brought,
If this makes him feel his best,
Why not share it with the rest?

And so she went on, meeting all the artists one-by-one
Unlocking their brains and letting their minds run
Learning their stories and hearing their songs
Scarf-Chan knew everyone, in not-too-long.

The world entered a golden age of art,
Known as “the age of scarf”
Where so many books and paintings and songs
Were all based on Scarf-Chan coming along.

Super Scarf-Chan

Once again our dear Scarf-chan, after helping a few,
Finds time to rest on the sun, eating a gigantic ice cream too.
Her breath so cold that keeps the treat from melting,
Despite sitting inside the fiery sun, brightly burning.

But not so long, a call from earth she loudly heard
And hurriedly teleported to where the commotion occurred.
There, she saw a flaming building so tall,
The walls were crumbling and the ceilings about to fall.

She saw innocent people, scared and screaming,
Because they were trapped and they couldn't do anything.
Citizens from the outside cheered as they saw Scarf-chan arrived,
They know in that instance she could save all of those people locked inside.

Into the flames, she went through the strong fire and the thick built-up smoke,
Not wasting her time with the speed of light and her powerful stroke.
She quickly flew inside the building, gracefully but with plenty of bravery,
Unhurt and undamaged, she immediately took the people down to the safety.

Everyone rejoiced for her delightful deed,
Everyone hugged her for they were all very pleased.
But amid all the cheers and the clamoring praise,
She felt something else, so she looked back into the blaze.

A firefighter she saw, trying his best to get outside,
But the wooden beams caught him and held him stuck inside.
Scarf-chan realizes there's no time left to save the man,
Because the people still held her and they too might get harmed.

So as fast as she can, just like a magic wand, she waves both her hands
And astonishingly she reverses those few minutes where the firefighter stands.
She saves the fearless man and he rejoins the crowd
He thanks Scarf-chan but sadly realizes he is now bald.

Some people didn't recognize him, and some others couldn’t help but laugh.
So Scarf-chan thought of something that amazed the rest of the batch
With a snap of her fingers, something beautiful appeared.
Everybody got excited, and again they all cheered!

Scarf-chan created a super large and blonde hairdo,
He looked much younger, and very handsome too.
Everyone was so happy and loved his new look
He even thanked the fire for the old hair that it took.

Laughing and dancing, the people were so merry.
And they carried our dear Scarf-chan even down to the valley.
Once again, our hero had made a fantastic rescue.
All the people were singing “Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!”

Please, let’s be friends!

Our Superheroine can travel through time,
She can fly faster than light and avoid any traffic sign.
She needs to act fast to stop any arising crime,
And she can do it very gracefully, with her movements so refined.

There was a time she popped out on an old era,
when two conflicting nations were fighting, truly a big dilemma.
They both wanted to reign and win with their force of invasion
No one was listening or giving in to any kind of supplication.

The war had lasted for years and years,
But Scarf-Chan only wanted to end the fighting and tears.
A tank fires a large and powerful shell,
Exploding into a foxhole, making the soldiers scream and yell.

Then another weapon of destruction came, a monstrous truck
With artillery all around, spitting all kinds of fire and smoke so black
The trees burning! The animals running! The forest they were ruining!
Dying people all around, some of them were frightened and couldn’t stop crying.

When Scarf-chan looked at the ocean, there was also a commotion,
A big, grey ship was shooting powerful projectiles devised for demolition.
But another ship countered-attacked with a weapon of similar conception.
In the air, in the land and under the sea, there was only horrible devastation.

“Oh no!” Scarf-chan yelled, and asked them to stop because everything had turned to ash.
The woods were no longer green, and the birds were already gone, there was nothing else left but trash.
Sad and distressed, Scarf-chan tried to stand between the heightening clash,
Fortunately, she couldn’t be hurt, so she didn’t even received a single scratch.

She asked both generals for a cease-fire, but they angrily denied,
Saying the other one should be the first to stop their madness.
The horrible situation got worse and made peace much harder.
But finally, Scarf-chan thought of the most perfect answer.

With her graceful flashing moves, she flew rapidly to every corner,
She distracted them by flying here, there and everywhere!
They couldn’t catch her, although they were surprised to see what had transpired.
It was incredibly beautiful! It was something they all desired.

Scarf-chan brought back the beauty of the forest and its entire splendor.
It was indeed leagues superior than it was ever before.
There were bright, beautiful flowers scattered on the floor.
The trees were tall, and their leaves gently swayed producing a singing choir.

The bears, the lions, and all the monkeys returned.
All the butterflies and birds were there, and nothing was lost.
This brought amazement to both arguing parties,
Which made them live together as happy families.

Once again Scarf-chan had successfully restored happiness.
They all thanked her and promised they would always solve problems with kindness.
So Scarf-chan waved goodbye and flew back to her time
She had done something wonderful, turning enemies into friends before nine!

The Alien Invasion

One fateful day, where everything seemed to be fine,
Out of nowhere was a bright light in the sky.
Another flying saucer that looked just like hers,
Appeared in the air and floated down to Earth.

When the door opened she went to go greet them,
Hoping to find another girl like her to play with,
It wasn’t a girl, but a strange green man
Who pulled out a laser and started firing at Scarf-Chan!

The blast bounced off her face, unharmed
As she screamed “Please, mister, put down your arms!”
She knew that she was speaking the same language as him,
But it didn’t stop him from firing again.

“Who are you? What do you want from them?”
Scarf-chan pleaded and begged.
“We are the ones who made you, but we made you too strong!
You need to be stopped before you stay here for too long!”

She turned around to see that he was not alone,
Dozens of other ships started coming, their number had grown
Thousands of little aliens poured out of the ships
Looking like they wouldn’t stop until the world was in their grip

“I don’t understand, I’m using my powers for good!
I wouldn’t hurt anyone, even though I could!”
Scarf-chan said.
“It doesn’t matter, you can’t be trusted! Now, off with her head!”

Fires were starting,
People were dying,
Scarf-Chan watched in horror,
This was making her furious, and she wouldn’t take it anymore.

“STOP!” Scarf-Chan yelled out,
And the whole universe came to a halt.
She had frozen everything in place,
From right in front of her to the darkest corners of space.

She zipped across the planet in seconds,
Disarming the aliens of all their weapons,
Stuffing them back inside their ships,
And rocketing them back into space with a mere flick.

With a wave of her hand, she reset everything back to normal,
Reversing time back a few minutes before everything turned horrible.
This time without the aliens to ruin the fun,
She had prevented the war and saved everyone!

Now that the aliens were gone, there was nobody in her way,
The powers of a goddess but only wanted to use them to play.
She wouldn’t hurt a single fly,
And couldn’t be hostile if she tried.

The people of Earth had all come to love Scarf-chan,
From America to Japan,
Happy that she was their friend,
Glad that they would never have to worry again.

All’s Well That Ends Well

As her own creators flew away,
At the hand of their own child that flicked them into space,
Scarf-Chan basked in all her strength and power,
Feeling like a goddess, she smiled.

Scarf-chan watched the Earth 30,000 feet above its position,
Staring at it with infinite appreciation.
Basking in all her senses and with pure admiration,
The earth had captured her love and affection.

She mastered every detail, every high and every low,
Every green and every blue, every red and every yellow.
The beautiful landscapes to the darkest corners,
She learned to love her new home and strived to make it better for tomorrow.

She loved looking at the Earth, most especially all of its people.
She could see everything clear as crystal with her super vision,
Even through the hearts and the minds of every person.
Scarf-chan was so invincible, she could do anything, she was unstoppable.

With her new supreme intelligence, she was now very powerful!
She could read minds and know if they were good or just deceitful.
She could feel the sadness and all of the people's sufferings.
She wanted to end all bad things and everyone’s wrongdoings.

Thanks to her omnipotence, she saw all the hunger and desperation
She saw people in frustration, and that turned them to aggression.
"How could this be?" She said to herself.
"Could I help them all, just by myself?"

She had already saved so many,
Beat all kinds of perils and Earth's enemy.
But there was still more misery,
She could still hear a lot of agony.

Scarf-chan thought of a better solution,
She acted fast, without any procrastination.
"This will make Earth free from catastrophe."
She whispered to herself, out of her superior empathy!

She cloned herself and did it magically
And there came a wonderful Scarf-chan in each and every family.
A Scarf-chan that cooked, a Scarf-chan that danced
A Scarf-chan that was everywhere that you glanced.

No one would fight, no one would die,
For a Scarf-chan would stop any reason to cry.
A Scarf-chan that flies and a Scarf-chan that tries
A Scarf-chan that cares, and will brighten their lives.

The world became a beautiful place,
not unlike Scarf-Chan’s smiling face.
Everyone was happy and learned to be kind,
After her help, they had all changed their minds.

The Earth then became a world of success,
And planets from afar heard of its progress.
Aliens had seen its beauty for all of its magnificent worth,
Hence, they all agreed to act benevolent and progress forth.

Scarf-chan flew up again above the sky so blue
And realized there was nothing else for her to do
Because everything now was perfect and cool
So this ends her adventure, thanks to all of you!

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