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Super Catwoman – Part 3

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Super Catwoman – Part 3

“Lois, you look so beautiful today.” Clark complimented Lois when they were having a romantic dinner in a high-class fine dining restaurant.

“Thanks, Clark,” Lois replied and smiled happily. Well, every woman likes compliment especially from those who they love. Lois did apply more makeup than usual as it was the day of their 5th year anniversary celebration of being together. They haven’t married yet, but Clark proposed to Lois last week so this was like the first memorable dinner since the proposal. Lois was wearing a beautiful long white dress which she intended to. Besides representing purity it also highlighting Lois’s body shape better which Lois was aware that her body was not outrageous but good enough as a woman. She wanted to give her best to the man she loves.

Clark felt so grateful that he had met Lois, a kind, beautiful and fearless girl, no matter as a journalist or as a human being. He felt so lucky to have her. However, being a Superman or a Kryptonian on earth there was something missing in between their relationships. They couldn’t have sex like a normal couple. That’s the missing link, and they have accepted it since day one.

They could still have sex but with a different way which Lois got all the sensual feelings during the process. Clark barely felt a thing. Lois got to touch and kiss his Superman’s buff body and muscle, got to stroke his stiff penis but Clark could only touch Lois very, very lightly to prevent hurting her. Of course, he couldn’t go into Lois as this would have crushed her. They could only stop during the halfway of sex when Lois neared to her orgasm and Lois would have orgasm beside Clark, leaving Clark alone looking at her orgasm. He would have a little feeling on this but he could only watch and remembered the feeling and masturbated but he could only go to the Fortress of Solitude to have his private moment and sometimes when he needed more sexual motivation he would imagine having sex with somebody else like Poison Ivy or Catwoman. Both of them possessed great body figure and Superman would reach his climax during the masturbation just by imagining having sex with them.

He would imagine touching their bodies, squeezing their big boobs and booty and most importantly he would imagine going into them which he had never done before. One of his wildest wishes was having them riding on him seeing their bodies going up and down and their big boobs bouncing in all directions. That would turn him on the most. Being the most powerful man on earth, all of these could only be his wildest wish.

All these years since he was a teenager, he had learned how to control his sexual lust. He shot the laser beam from his eyes to the projector screen the first time he saw a sexy new teacher came to the class. Luckily nobody found out it was him who caused it. Years earlier when he was turning from a child to a teenager he was having an erection his hard penis broke through his pants. And the worst worry was he couldn’t shoot his load anywhere as his powerful load would shoot through walls or rocks. Not to mention fragile human beings. That’s why he could only have his private moment in the Fortress of Solitude. All these experiences taught him to control himself well on sexual lust. However, things might flip over when you had control and restrain something long enough. Superman is a man no matter how super he is. He had to constrain his sexual lust whenever he thought or saw something he felt sexy and this tired him. The dissatisfaction in sex with Lois pushed him nearer to the cliff. Masturbation couldn’t really help anymore, and he was actually on the edge of sexual need explosion.

Clark didn’t show his desperation to Lois as he was still good at controlling it. Although Lois did observe it, she couldn’t really do anything besides looking for an opportunity to talk him through.

They were having a great anniversary celebration night. Talked about everything and had good laughs until someone walked into the restaurant, someone who drew all the attention and sight of mesmerizing and jealous changed that.

Clark’s seat was facing the entrance. While having a great dinner with Lois he saw someone he knew the first sight he saw was walking into the restaurant. However, he had a second thought after his first sight. “Is it really her?” He thought with doubt as he didn’t really notice how beautiful and flawless her face was.

He saw a tall lady with long black hair wearing a black long coat with silver high heels walking into the restaurant with the waiters opened the door for her. Although the long coat she was wearing hid most of her body and long legs by just showing her calf but it’s good enough to draw people attention due to her flawless charming face. Clark knew she was Selina Kyle aka Catwoman as he knew her secret identity. Well, you couldn’t hide anything from x-ray vision.

The two waiters exchanged their wink when they saw this beautiful lady and thought “hmm there is another beautiful lady to see tonight”. While they were thinking about that the next movement from the gorgeous lady blown their minds and basically everybody’s mind in the restaurant including Clark.

Selina knew she got all the attention in the restaurant the minute she walked in and she was going to heat up the atmosphere by taking off her black long coat as she clearly knew the effect that her body could create.

It was just like how she predicted. The moment she unbuttoned the three buttons on the coat and took off her coat she heard low-frequency exclamations and even some gasps in surprise. People in the restaurant knew she was beautiful and expected or hoped she was sexy as well but didn’t expect this kind of degree in sexiness from her.

Selina was wearing a yellow tight short dress which the length of the dress just right on the bottom part of her butt and upper part of her thigh. The dress was supported by two tiny straps on her shoulders. The dress wrapped Selina’s body so skintight which her delicate shoulders, large boobs, slender waist, prominent butt and long legs were presented really well. Seeing from the front, you would see a literally amazing hourglass figure and see from the side you would see a fascinating S shape body figure. The straps stretched so tight due to Selina’s huge boobs stood so high and protruded causing her boobs flesh was pushing the straps and the cloths. It was like the outfit was trying so hard to contain them and the boobs were trying to escape. The dress barely contained her huge boobs which most of her boobs flesh and a very long deep cleavage, which could drive any man crazy just by looking at it, were displayed. The tightness of the dress created some folds on Selina’s butt. It created an effect like the cloth wrapped her butt super tight and she didn’t seem to have any layer of fat on her waist although the dress was so tight on her waist. Her long legs like never ends. Selina’s perfectness was out of the world, and she knew it well.

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Selina finished taking off her coat and was passing it to the waiter on her left who she then found out was looking at her without any response towards Selina, or to be precise, looking at her generous bosom.

“Hey~ would you please hold my coat?” asked Selina with a mischievous smile.

“Yes… oh yes… ” The waiter mumbled and his sight never left Selina’s huge boobs.

“Hey~ I am here. Would you mind talking to my face to show some respect? Hmm~?” Although she said so yet she purposely did a little deep breath to expand her boobs towards the waiter a little nearer to his chest and made sure her boobs were jiggling a bit as she stomped lightly.

The waiter took a deep breath and he instantly grabbed the coat and used the coat to cover his crotch while walking away quickly with his stumbled steps.

“Men, so predictable,” Selina said and she started walking towards Clark and Lois’s table as meeting Clark the Superman was her purpose. As a heroine with the name of Catwoman she knew how to walk like a cat to tease. Her hips swayed from side to side with every step she took and this rhythm was so mesmerizing that together with the slight sway of her upper body it set off an enticing wobble in her bust that beat in time to the wiggle in her hips. She had the attention of all the people in the restaurant, and she slowed down further wanting to extend the moment as long as she could. Men in the restaurant had similar responses to this as almost every one of them was shifting around uncomfortably as their members pressed against their pants. Well, almost everyone except Clark. Not because he was not attracted and turned on by Selina but he was using quite some might to hold his lust down.

With super-hearing, both Selina and Clark could hear the little voices from the people around while Selina was walking towards Clark and Lois.

“Oh my GOD! She is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen!”

“Look at her boobs. So huge! Is it a full F cup? Look at the butt! Man!”

“Are those mammas real? I would love to lay my hand on them and squeeze them hard… .”

“She dresses like a whore! She embarrasses us as females…”

“Gosh, how I wish I possess half a body like her. My husband wouldn’t have affairs outside if I have a body like that.”

“With a face and a body like that she could ask whatever she wants from men!”

As for Selina, she felt pleased to hear all of these but for Clark, it’s like strengthening his growing lust on Selina. “Man I gotta depress myself… ” Clark thought and summoned more mind power to hold the feeling.

Lois aware of the little commotion in the restaurant but she didn’t turn her head back to see what’s causing it when the commotion started but she did turn to see at last and what she saw was a lady with an perfect appearance like out of the world. She didn’t know she wass Catwoman nor Selina Kyle as Clark never told her and she was quite surprise when this lady called their names while walking near to them.

“Oh my gosh! Aren’t you Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the Daily Planet? I never expected to see both of you here! I am your biggest fan!” said Selina.

Lois felt honored. She stood up and responded to the fan with a big smile. Clark quickly stood up as well as he was trying to figure out what’s happening. His brain was running fast to try to figure out what game was Selina playing. “She doesn’t know I am Superman but she doesn’t really look like a fan of a journalist. What is she doing?” Clark thought while presenting a polite smile to the “biggest fan”.

“Such an honor to see both of you here! I am your biggest fan! Sorry I am too excited that I forgot I just told you that, haha!” Selina said with a really excited tone.

“It’s okay. I know how that feels. When I first met my idol and mentor, I lost my words. I couldn’t even greet her. You are way better than me. At least you are able to speak!” Lois said with a big laugh as she remembered how embarrassed she was.

“I like your news report so much and your special column every week especially the topics about women. Gosh, you have inspired so much! You have inspired me! And you of course, Mr. Kent. Both of you are my inspirations. Oh by the way, my name is Cindy.” Selina said with a pretty grin.

“Hi Cindy. Nice to meet you.” Both Lois and Clark said.

“May I have a picture with you?” Selina said while taking out her phone from her handbag.

“Of course. No problem.” Lois said and she pulled Clark to her side and stood on his left while Selina stood on his right. Selina held Clark’s arm and made sure her left boob was pushing into Clark’s arm. This sent a sensation to Clark as he never felt such a feeling. A big, firm yet soft boob pushing into his arm and he couldn’t help it but to have a glance to the deformed boob on his arm. He was feeling a little aroused and his dick was slowly becoming harder but he couldn’t allow it as he knew damn well that his stiff erection would poke through his pants although it was protected by the Super triangle pant.

After taking the photo Selina gave Clark and Lois a hug as a gesture of goodbye. Selina made sure her huge boobs were pressing into Clark’s broad chest and this almost broke Clark’s last defense in controlling his lust. When Selina broke off the hug Clark said: “Excuse me.” and he went into the washroom straight without a second thought. How he wished he could use super speed on this.

“I am sorry he might be having a little digestion problem.” Which Lois well known it couldn’t be but couldn’t explain Clark’s action.

Selina knew it as well and she knew she had done it in giving Clark a feeling of her body hence she could continue her plan on “Mission Seducing Superman Hard”.

“It’s okay. Come let me give you a big hug to show you how much I idol you.” They both hugged and Lois felt her breasts were compressed a little when Selina’s body touched her body in hugging but when Selina gave her a full hug she felt her relatively small breasts were fully compressed by her large rack and she could feel her upper boobs flesh was going to touch her throat.

“My god. So much flesh! And yet her stomach so flat. Our stomach couldn’t even touch each other although we are hugging so tightly now. Like all the fat was placed on the correct proportion. They are so firm yet so soft! Way too firm actually. What a weird feeling of it. At first sight, I thought they are fake but by the feeling of it, they are natural! So large like going to crush my chest.” Lois thought while she was hugging Selina.

When they were breaking off Lois couldn’t help but looking down to Selina’s bosom and her sight was all filled up by Selina’s rich, fulfilling boobs and the deep, long cleavage. She couldn’t see Selina’s lower body part as well as hers.

“Cindy I gotta say you are blessed by the goddess. You have an outstanding appearance. I gotta say I have never seen any girls possess a body like you. I hope you don’t mind I say it out. You make me jealous, haha!” Lois smiled and feeling a little embarrassed.

“I am a goddess.” Selina thought but she said: “Thank you! Thanks for your compliment! I am flattered! I gotta be honest to you too,” Selina said while she was getting nearer to Lois and whispered in Lois’s ear: “I have never seen another girl possess a body like me as well.” Selina and Lois laughed out loud after the whispering.

“If you would excuse me my partner is waiting for me in the VIP room. See you!” Selina said.

“Well, he is a lucky man. See ya.” Lois said and watched Selina walking away. Seeing the way her butt swayed when walking away like it’s alive, Lois thought: “Gosh, such sexiness! I don’t think any man could resist her. Well, besides Superman.” Lois smirked when she thought so as Clark the Superman she knew was the most righteous person in the world.

The most righteous person she thought was trying to cool himself down in one of the toilets in the washroom. “Gosh, that was intense!” Clark thought. Busty girl was his all-time favorite as he always imagined his broad chest being pressed by huge boobs and it became realistic just now in all of a sudden. He didn’t prepare for it but he gotta admit, that feeling of being pressed by Selina’s protruding, large boobs, it was too wonderful to describe.

However, he couldn’t let this get into his head. He was celebrating his 5th year anniversary with Lois. He couldn’t ruin it. Selina’s action was so suspicious but he couldn’t think of anything properly right now as he was pushing down his lust on her. He was going to figure out what’s going on but not now. He was going to confront Selina on this after the dinner.

After doing some deep breaths he felt that he had already cooled down he started to go out of the toilet but he saw Selina was standing beside the washroom door and the door was locked.

“Hey, Superman.” He remained calm although Selina just addressed him as Superman. Selina was leaning on the wall with one feet stepping on the wall causing her thigh was horizontal and knee pointing out. Her left hand was on her hips and her right hand was gently stroking her right thigh. But what caught Clark off guard and mentally overwhelmed was Selina’s voluptuous body shape now.

Selina purposely arched her back while leaning on the wall. This made her large boobs were pushed out so much so outrageous causing the dress super tight as it’s on the verge of splitting in the middle and the tiny straps were on the edge of snapping. Clark was wondering, “How does the dress withstand the weight of her tremendous boobs? And they are so gravity-defying!”

Selina’s proud butt was pushing out as well to the back touching the wall but her bubble butt was so firm that her butt’s flesh didn’t yield to the wall much. Together with the tiny waist that didn’t possess any layer of fat Selina had presented a S shape body figure so exceptional that Clark had never seen.

Seeing Selina at this moment was another kind of sensation. It’s so different from just now as Selina was acting like a fangirl in front of Lois but now she wass presenting a very teasing look on Clark. Everything on her was so seducing and the lust he pushed down so hard was slowly growing again. He had to remain calm so he denied the calling from Selina but he couldn’t help himself as he stole a few sight on her bulging bosom.

“I am sorry, Cindy. You have looked for the wrong person. Although I meet Superman from time to time but I am not him and to be clear I can’t contact him for you. So if you may excuse me I am going back to my fiancée.” Clark said with an urge to escape from this situation as he knew if he stayed longer his lust would continue to grow and his boner may revealed his identity. “So damn as a Superman right now!” Clark thought.

“Oh, you well known my name is Selina. Stop pretending. You know who I am.” Selina said with a shrugged of her shoulders caused her large heavy boobs to bounce spectacularly. Clark was trying so hard not to look at Selina’s jiggling boobs but that was too beautiful and one of his wildest dreams. His eyes widen a bit when he saw that but, in a quick motion, he tried to stay cool and started to act annoying on Selina.

He looked into her eyes and said: “I just get to know you, Miss Cindy. Why do you insist that you are Selina or someone that I should know? I am Clark Kent and I am not Superman as you claimed. If you want to find Superman please be my guest and stop disturbing my anniversary dinner, okay?” Clark took his step to move after finished the line.

“Do you think Bruce could find out your secret identity and he is the only one? Don’t forget I am Catwoman who always move in secret and dig secrets. One of the secrets I know is that you are Superman and I kept it myself without telling anybody. It’s useless that you deny.” Selina said beamingly smugly and folding her arms under her chest causing her generous upper boobs’ flesh more prominent, intentionally presenting her big, round breasts even more breath-takingly as a result.

Clark couldn’t help but looked at Selina’s boobs again and was taking quite a gasp seeing this. His heart beat fasten and he took a gulp trying to calm himself down but he started to find out that he might fail. His blood circulation was moving fast and his penis started to congest in blood going to have an erection.

Watching Clark’s reaction which he couldn’t really left his sight off her boobs Selina giggled and said: “You just can’t help looking, can you Superman?” Selina teased him by shaking her shoulders to cause another man-melting movement of her perfect mounds. Clark’s eyes widen much this time and his erection was in half way now. He seemed to be obsessed by her huge melons now. At this moment Clark had no power to deny or reject as his obsession on her was like dampening his super power. All he could do was running away using super speed but he didn’t. He was too obsessed and planted his foot on the ground firmly.

Selina played his obsession by leaning closer to Clark, her jutted rack almost touched his chest and asked: “You have never seen a perfect woman like me before huh? You couldn’t resist me could you?” Selina emphasized “perfect woman” by looking down to her body and “couldn’t resist me” by running her hands all over her body to present her perfect curves. Clark followed her hands motion along her curves and his erection was growing harder.

“It’s like I have hypnotized him and he couldn’t snap out of it. I thought he would have given a good fight. This is easier than I expected!” Selina thought and continued her work. Selina leaned closer and this time made sure her large, firm bosom pressed into Clark’s thick chest. Clark looked down and had a bird’s eye view of Selina’s stacked boobs pressing into his chest. She heard Clark groaned. She got closer to Clark in the face as their noses almost touched and whispered: “By all your might Superman, resist me, resist me as long as you can.” Selina used her hand to stroke his hardening penis and pressed her large mounds into Clark’s chest harder, “resist me.” She whispered seductively.

The effect was too much for Clark and this broke his last defense as he was having a full erection now. His stiff penis poked through his pants with the Superman red pants still containing his hard dick and it actually pushed Selina’s palm away.

“See? You are Superman. Don’t tell me that’s your normal red underwear. No underwear in this world could contain your boner.” Selina said with a big giggling and her large boobs jiggling up and down remarkably creating waves by waves when she giggled. At the same time, they both heard a snap. It’s one of the straps of Selina’s dress that had been snapped. It fell down and rested on Selina’s right boobs exposing most of the upper boob’s flesh without showing the nipple.

Both Selina and Clark didn’t expect this but Selina played along when she saw Clark’s boner was throbbing after seeing the snap and the exposure of her right boob. “You see how powerful my boobs are? Don’t you want to have a good squeeze on them? Hmm~” Selina squeezed her right boob a little to demonstrate how good feeling it is.

All this while Clark just stood there like a statue, speechless, staring at Selina squeezing her boob, throbbing his hard dick. Seeing this Selina thought: “This is really easy.”

“See something you like? After all, although you are Superman but you are still a man.” Selina said it with an mischievous grin and she pulled out a card from her cleavage. She kissed Clark’s cheek and put it into Clark’s trouser’s pocket and read: “Find me here later. I’ll wait for you and by the way,” Selina pointed to Clark’s crotch and said: “You should use super speed to go and change your trouser now or Lois will find out, hehe!” Clark’s face blushed and it’s like an awakening warning he used super speed to leave the washroom.

Selina adjusted her strap and walked away from the washroom. “Mission Seducing Superman Hard” accomplished! She knew he would come looking for her later tonight. She was confident on this. After this, she knew something more about Superman. His sexual lust still stayed at the teenage stage. So easily manipulated just like Robin. “Well, I think being Superman on earth is quite pathetic on this. That sucks hahaha!” Selina thought with zero sympathy feeling and laughed it out loud while heading back home, a home that she just “acquired”.

Clark did change a new trouser without anyone noticing including Lois and back to the dinner table. Lois was curious and asked: “You were feeling uncomfortable just now? I thought nothing could make you uncomfortable beside krytonite?”

Clark’s mind was full of Selina. Her seducing voice, teasing body figure, heavenly body scent and her delicate kiss. “Oh gosh, she is so delicious.” Clark thought and didn’t hear what Lois asked.

“Clark, Clark!” Lois raised her voice and Clark just realized Lois was asking him.

“Sorry, you were asking?” Clark knew that he was too obsessed on Selina now. Her sexual power had pulled him into a dimension that he had never been to. He actually had no idea how to handle it but he knew he gotta cut it off so when he changed his trouser he threw away the card together with the trouser.

“I asked are you okay? Just now you went off so quickly. What happened?” Lois asked with concern.

“I am okay. I went to stop a robbery several blocks away. Sorry I didn’t tell you.” Clark lied.

“It’s okay, that’s not important. What’s important is our anniversary celebration. I love you Clark.” Lois said with full of love.

“I love you too.” Clark said and they both kissed. However, he felt guilty as he couldn’t control his lust. He loved Lois of course. He wouldn’t let his lust to ruin him or his relationship with Lois.

Well, speaks always easier than do.

After the anniversary dinner, Clark sent Lois home. Lois asked Clark to stay as she planned to have sex with Clark as a “celebration”. His mind was full of Selina he knew he couldn’t have sex with Lois and thought about Selina. This was not right. Besides who knew if he was too excited and hurt Lois, that sucks! He rejected Lois with a lousy reason and went away fast leaving Lois dumbfounded in the house.

What Clark would like to do now was to get back home and forced himself to sleep to hope that his sexual lust on Selina could disappeared.

He just couldn’t wipe Selina off his mind. She was too sexy and attractive and she was the one who started it. “Seem like she wants me a lot. But why now? And what happened to her? How could she change so much and become so much better?” Besides the lust on her, all these questions were what made him couldn’t sleep.

He couldn’t forget the feeling of Selina’s massive bust pressed on his chest feeling all the flesh surrounded his chest. That was too good.

He decided to pay her a visit. “I have to find out what happened to her.” Clark thought. Deep down he knew it was his lust which driven him to find her but his intellect and ego denied it. He threw her card away which the address to find her was written on it.

He flew to the trash can that he threw the trouser and got the card right away he found the trouser. It read “You know where to find me”. “Strange.” Clark thought, “How would I know where to find her?”

At the same time, he saw another line which was in a smaller font.

“Or should I say you know how to find me with your super hearing.” Clark found it ridiculous but also quite interesting. He used his super hearing to listen and he did hear a cat’s cry.

He followed the cat’s cry and he found a mansion. “Selina owns this? Or it’s Bruce’s property?” He opened the door and found that it was dark inside.

“You are here. Come up here to the master bedroom. I am waiting for you… ” Selina said with a seductive voice. Clark felt a tingly sense of excitement from the bottom of his heart but he kept on telling himself he was here to find out what happened to her.

As he opened the master bedroom’s door he saw Selina was standing there. She turned when Clark was coming into the bedroom with a hand on her fore head and said: “Here you are, Superman. Or should I say, Clark?” Selina giggled. Clark was like being electrified when he saw her.

Selina was wearing a pink color one piece lingerie which barely covered her body. It shows her delicate back and her full legs that’s like go up for days! She was showing Clark’s her side profile. Clark once again watched her body from top to toe and back to top with a mesmerizing look. His heart beat was increasing erratically. “Man, she is just too hot! How can she be that man-drooling?” Clark thought.

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In an effort to calm himself down he would need to distract himself from Selina’s body and so he asked: “How long have you known that I am Superman? You were missing the last few weeks. What happened to you? And how did you look so different?” All these questions Clark asked as if he was using super speed to speak.

“Does it really matter now? Is that why you come here? Hmm~?” Selina said as she put her left hand on her hips and her right forefinger in between her teeth and bit it with a seductive look.

Clark cleared his throat after seeing this and said: “Yes, I am. I am one of the leaders of the Justice League. I have the responsibility to make sure everyone of the league members is safe and sound. ” Clark said as he put his hands on his hips and puffed up his chest to pose the classic power stance. It made him feel more powerful in dealing with Selina to fight against the growing sexual lust on her.

“Ooh~ the power stance huh? Puff up the thick chest muscle of yours and presenting the beautiful biceps and shoulder’s muscle as well. You know? It is so attractive when you are doing so and I like that very much. I have never told you isn’t it? I like guys with muscles. Big muscles like you. You are my crush do you know that? Hmm~~” Selina said as she moved her hands to touch her body.

Clark felt another tingly sensation again when he heard Selina said that. Being someone’s crush made him feel complacent and this put a grin on him.

“I can pose this power stance as well! I bet you have never seen a version like mine.” Selina giggled and she put her fists on her hips and thrusted out her massive jugs out.

Clark took a deep breath when he saw Selina was doing the power stance. The power stance emphasized her body so well that her wide hips with her hands on it, the slender waist and her boobs all presented so outrageously. He was feeling aroused seeing her doing it.

“I think I do this better than Supergirl, don’t you think so?” Selina arched her back and pushed her huge bust higher when she was saying this.

“Way more better. Like the best!” Clark thought and looked at Selina with his jaw dropped.

Suddenly her one piece lingerie’s strap which was on Selina’s neck was snapped and the lingerie fell down leaving Selina’s upper body fully exposed.

Clark gasped heavily when he saw Selina’s exposed upper body. So beautiful especially her juicy boobs. So huge, round and firm just by sight you could know that they were gravity defying even without the bra to support! Clark couldn’t stand it anymore and having an erection by now.

“Not again! Looks like nothing could contain them anymore, hehe.” Selina said with a playful tone and pull the lingerie up to cover her boobs. She walked away, climbed on the couch and kneeling on it with her hands supporting the lingerie to cover her massive boobs.

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She turned her head a bit to look back and saw Clark was still standing there like his legs were glued to the floor.

“Don’t just stand there. You and I know you were here for me. Not those “safe and sound” bullshit. Don’t you want to have a taste on these puppies?” Selina said as she started to squeeze and moved her boobs up and down with her palms.

“No, we can’t do this. We can’t…” Before Clark could end his line he saw Selina turned her body to face him, free her huge boobs, took off the rest of the lingerie and walked to him. Clark saw her large boobs wobbled ever slightly and her wide hips swayed from left to right so visibly although he was in front of her.

Selina pulled his hands and guided him to sit on the couch like he was a normal guy as Clark was like hynoptized and failed to summon his super strength to reject this. Selina stood in front of him and looked to his crotch.

“Well looks like you are seeing something you like again, hehe. Take a closer look then.” Selina sat on him made sure her crotch is meeting his hard erection, her protruded butt which was full of juicy flesh was resting on his thighs and her massive boobs were hovering above his face.

She guided his hands to put on her butt and said: “Don’t worry. Just treat me gently. You won’t hurt me. I could handle it. Squeeze my butt gently would you? Hmm doesn’t it feel good?” Selina was moving her butt in a mesmerizing rhythm as she was dancing lap dance to stroke Clark’s boner and caressing Clark’s thighs with her bubble butt.

At the same time her boobs were bouncing up and down slightly and her both hands were on her head playing her long hair. Clark’s sexual lust was growing fast now seeing Selina’s wild look and he decided to let go of his restrained attitude and being wild for once.

“Selina I gotta tell you my secret. You are actually my wet dream!” Clark said as he slowly moved his hands from Selina’s butt to her waist touching her waist to feel how slender it was and wondered how this slender waist could support her massive rack?

“I am every guy’s wet dream, Clark” Said Selina and she moved her hands to the back of Clark’s head and pushed his head and bury his face into the valley of her perfect boobs, “but I walk out from every guy’s wet dream tonight and become real for you as you are worthy for it.” Clark felt tingly when he heard Selina said so. He was groaning hard and said: “Oh my GOD! This feels so good~”. Selina’s couldn’t hear it. All she could hear was “Hmm hmm Hmm~ Hmm hmm hm hmmmm~” as all Clark’s sound was muffled in between her bosom.

“What? What did you say?” Selina pulled his head out from her deep cleavage and looked to his face with a playful grin. Clark was still gasping for air and said “I said… ” Before Clark could finish his line Selina interrupted and said: “Oh shut up!” She pushed his head back to her excellent cleavage again and hitting Clark’s face cheek with her massive bust by shaking her boobs from side to side.

Clark was too aroused to not realize that Selina was stronger than usual as he could feel her stroking on his thigh and hitting on his face. What he could really think about now was to release his inner self and sexual lust to embrace this “wet dream comes true” moment.

Clark moved his hands from Selina’s waist slowly to Selina’s huge tits. At first, he dare not to squeeze as he was afraid he would hurt Selina with his super strength especially when he was a little out of control due to his lust in roars.

He put his hands on her boobs and although his palms were really big his palm couldn’t cover Selina’s one whole upper breast.

“Babe, tell me. How did your breasts become so huge compared to last time? Like they are 2 cups larger!” Clark said while he tap Selina’s boobs very lightly with cautious care to not hurt her.

“Honey, I was 34D the last time you saw me. I am now a 38G. Do you maths again.” Selina said with an evil grin.

Clark’s erection growing harder just by listening to the size of Selina’s boobs and Selina could feel it on her crotch.

“Looks like you are a boobs guy.” Selina never stopped her lap dance while talking to Clark.

“Go on. Squeeze them. I told you not to worry. Just make sure you do it gently.” Clark didn’t really hesitate and started to fondle Selina’s boobs.

“Gosh, I can do this all night without feeling bored!” Clark thought excitedly when he was fondling Selina’s boobs.

Selina groaned when Clark was fondling her boobs and this stimulated Clark’s desire and he started to neglect his super strength inadvertently. He started to squeeze Selina’s huge boobs.

“Oh my God, they are so soft yet so firm! Look unreal but they are super real in touch! ” Clark started to squeeze with more vigor. Clark was squeezing with his palms fully open and his fingers were all apart one from another to the maximum length. Selina’s boob’s flesh was like trying to escape from Clark’s palms by squeezing through the interstices of his fingers when Clark was pressing. This was another sight that Clark looked to it with a enamor look and his desire went to another level and he started to kiss Selina’s pointing skyward nipples.

Selina was moaning hard when Clark did so. She was enjoying the process as well. Having sex with Superman was like every girl’s dream and she was doing it but she never forgot her true intention was to get Superman’s power.

Clark suddenly lifted Selina off his crotch and stood up from the couch. Selina thought he was going to stop in the middle of the process and when she was going to stop Clark from doing it a scene that was quite unforgettable appear in front of her.

Clark spinned in super speed and in the process he took off his Superman costume and showed his amazing physique in naked to Selina. Although Selina was powerful now but she was still the girl that obsess to men with muscles.

What Selina saw was Clark who was in 6 feet 3 inches tall with a pair of long, full muscle legs. Built up muscles all over his torso with 6 packs which rugged like 6 buns glued on his stomach, arms muscles that were so defined even Clark didn’t flex the muscle hard, shoulders that were so broad and not to mention his chest muscle. Clark was a barrel-chested guy. His chest muscle was so big, thick and vast like two lifting plates on his chest. His body was so well-built although compare to Bane’s super buff and beefy muscle, Clark’s muscles were smaller but contained absolute power compare to Bane.

What caught Selina’s attention was Clark’s erection. It’s bulging so strong and high that it almost reached to his lower chest muscle. “Oh. His stiff cock is quite a sight to look.” Selina thought and she asked: “How did you hide your dick?”

“Well, I have my way. That’s secret.” Clark said while flexing his proud erection up and down.

Seeing this Selina couldn’t help but feeling aroused too and she had a thought suddenly and she act on it immediately.

She ran to Clark and she jumped on him and hugged him, legs wrapped his body, causing both their chest met each other then Selina slowly let herself slide down until her butt met Clark’s stiff member. As per her prediction, his stiff cock was able to support her body.

“Honey, flex your cock for me. Lift me with it” Selina whispered sexily. Clark wasn’t expected this but what she did excite him too as he never thought to have fun like this with his cock. So he posed the power stance and flexing his cock. Each flex lifted Selina up and down dramatically.

Along the process, her firm rack were dragging up and down Clark’s body and Clark didn’t let himself go idle he flexed his chest muscle as well. This cause Selina’s boob’s flesh kept on changing shape when her boobs met his chest muscle as like his chest muscle were fondling her boobs. This was the experience that both of them never experienced and they both were moaning so hard.

Selina’s pussy started to wet and it wet Clark’s hard cock too. Clark stopped flexing his cock and hugged Selina tight and they kissed each other passionately. Selina twerked her butt and stroked Clark’s cock which gave Clark’s a indescribable sensation and he felt that he was close to orgasm and was going to eject his load.

“Oh Clark, this feels so good! Do you feel the same? ” Selina said while never stop twerking her butt to stroke Clark’s strong, hard cock. “Cum for me Clark! Cum hard for me!” Selina screamed as she was almost reached her orgasm.

Clark let out a great satisfying moan and ejected his cum while he was still hugging Selina. His ejaculation was so powerful that his cum shot through the wall of the room and dropped to the ground floor.

Clark sat down on the couch with Selina still sitting on his thighs. “Goddamn it! That was the best fuck of my life!” Clark said while his hands resting on Selina’s standing high butt. Both of them gasping for air very hard.

“Seriously? You haven’t try this wrapping around your cock and you claimed you had the best fuck already?” Selina said while licking her lower lips, thrusted out her chest and squeezing them hard.

Clark looking at Selina squeezing her fantastic boobs and thought: “Gosh those fucking boobs! I could watch it all day.”

“Just a moment will ya?” Selina suddenly got off from Clark and went out of the room.

“What is she doing?” Clark thought but he never have guessed that Selina was going downstairs getting his semen. Selina used her finger to dip Clark’s semen and without hesitation, she swallowed it.

Almost immediately Selina felt the same sensation she got from Bane when swallowing his semen but this time was much more intense. Selina let out a small groan while receiving Superman’s power feeling it coursing through her veins. She felt more powerful but she didn’t satisfy. She wanted more.

She went back to the room with super speed without Clark noticing and immediately she kneeled on the floor in front of Clark crotch and without saying anything she started to stroke Clark’s penis.

“Woah, are you in a rush?” Although Clark said so but he was enjoying Selina’s stroking and he thought Selina was too aroused to not take a rest to start another round of sex.

With Selina’s stroking Clark’s penis becoming harder and at the same time Clark felt a little difference as he felt Selina was stronger and stroked with more force compare to the first sex. Was he hallucinating or Selina was too aroused and applied more force this time?

Clark's erection was ready and Selina said: “Now it’s time for these puppies to do their real job.” Selina grabbed her large boob on each hand, pushed them high and low them down to trap Clark’s erection in between them. Clark let out a groan and he rolled his eyes back to the brain as this was a dream come true that a super busty girl was doing a tits fuck for him.

Clark’s erection was too long for Selina’s boobs to wrap on it fully so Clark’s glans was exposed and everytime Selina stroked his glans touched Selina’s jaw. Selina also licked his glans while doing the perfect tits job.

Selina started to stroke slowly at first and each time she speeded up. All this while Clark was too enjoying the tits fuck by just sitting on the couch relaxingly without doing anything.

“How does it feel being wrapped by my fucking prefect tits, hmm~?” Selina teased.

“Good, too good! Please don’t stop!” Clark was full of ecstasy now.

Selina was stroking with super speed now but Clark was too high to discover and when he knew he was almost going to erupt he immediately realized this might killed Selina if his cum shot to her head. He sat up and tried to warn Selina but what he saw boggled him. He saw Selina was stroking his hard erection with her boobs in super speed.

“What the hell?” Clark was going to stop Selina to not continue stroking his erection but it was too late. He was going to eject his load as his orgasm arrived at the same time.

Selina didn’t scare of Clark’s cum would kill her as she knew she was capable of surviving that and she used her mouth to cover Clark’s glans when he was going to cum.

Selina welcome all his semen shooting into her mouth and she swallowed it all with her boobs still wrapping Clark’s dick.

Clark was confused on what’s happening and was amazed on how could Selina survived from his shot.

“How? How did you survived from my cum and why do you possess super speed? What is happening here?” Clark asked questions that just 3 of the questions that are full in his mind now.

“You wanna know what’s happening? Instead of telling you, I prefer to show you.” Selina gave Clark a playful wink and she rolled her head back with ecstasy as the super power from Clark’s semen was providing her waves of pleasure.

He looked at Selina in awe as Selina was starting to grow in front of his eyes.

Selina was going through an ecstasy process now as she was transforming. She was growing taller again although she is now still kneeling but Clark could see her rising from the ground. Her shoulder was growing wider and from the bird-eye view, Clark could see her butt growing more protruded and higher. Clark looked with a mixture feeling of fear and aroused.

“What’s the matter big boy? Not quite a show for you to enjoy? Hmm~~ I think your favourite part is happening right now.” Selina said while she looked at Clark’s eyes with a casual look and an evil smirk.

Clark started to feel a little pain in his dick as Selina’s boobs were growing and squeezing his dick. He let out a pain cry and used his both hands trying to pry off her huge tits or trying to lift himself off Selina but failed. Selina didn’t even use her hands to stop Clark doing so. Her hands were twiddling her long hair and she was enjoying the growing ecstasy as the super power from Clark’s semen was providing her pleasure indescribable. She merely put more effort in her growing tits to remain where they were and her growing tits were slowly squashing Clark’s dick.

“I am now possessing double of your strength. Stop fighting. I thought you are enjoying very much of this.” Selina looked down to her boobs and she discovered Clark’s dick was growing harder again.

“Hahaha, you see? You like it very much don’t you?” Selina teased Clark with a playful grin and she flexed each of her boob up and down one at a time to create a stroking effect on Clark’s dick.

“Selina… please stop… you are hurting me… .” Clark begged Selina.

“Oh~ the mighty Superman begged kitty to stop crushing him but your dick is growing harder. I know you are enjoying it. Don’t deny it.” Selina said with a seductive tone.

Clark was actually in the middle of pain and ecstasy. He felt pain in his dick but he also felt aroused when he saw Selina’s great muscle control of her tits and the massaging of her tits on his dick. It was way beyond his imagination before and this aroused him.

“Now I want you to go inside and cum again. I want to have triple of your strength and you can’t do anything on it.” Selina said and she let go of Clark’s dick. Clark’s dick was hard and has some bruises. Selina didn’t wait for long and she sit on Clark’s thigh again and let Clark’s hard dick went inside her.

Selina started to pump on him and with each pump, she did it faster. She just can’t wait to have more of Superman’s power.

Clark was doing all his might to try to stop Selina by trying to push Selina away using both of his hands pushing Selina huge boobs and her stomach but Selina didn’t flinch at all. At this time Clark knew Selina’s really do possess double of his strength as he could only manage to make a slight dent on Selina’s firm boobs.

However Selina ignored his effort, she put her hands on Clark’s back head and pulled him to her face and said: “Less fighting, more fucking.” She then buried his head into her vast cleavage. She never stopped pumping until Clark shot his third cum and all the semen with Superman power went into Selina’s body.

Selina let go of Clark’s head and he was gasping hard for air. He was instinctly still trying to push Selina away as he laid his hands again on Selina’s boobs and shoulder.

“Hahaha, it’s done! I am now possessing triple of your strength. No one could stop me now.” Selina said with a big laugh and she was undergoing transformation again. She arched her back and pushed her massive bosom out to enjoy the growing of super power.

Clark could literally felt the transformation as his palm still laid on Selina’s boob and he felt her boobs were growing larger and firmer again. His palms and fingers on her boobs were slowly tented away and now he hardly made a dent on Selina’s boobs.

Selina pry off Clark’s palms easily and she stood up leaving Clark sitting on the couch exhaustedly. She ran through her new perfect curves feeling her new body. She grabbed and squeezed her new grown boobs and now her boobs need both of her palms to cover one boob.

Selina looked at herself in the mirror and turned to look at every corner of her new body. Her body figure now a bit exaggerated like photoshop but she wasn’t complaining. Her longer legs, washboard stomach, bubble butt and gigantic boobs. They sat high and proud and perfectly in proportion with each other. Selina couldn’t help but flexing her boobs to let them bounce dramatically and it delights her a lot.

“I am now the goddess of goddesses. Who could stop me?” Selina thought and smirked widely.

“Selina you are a good person… don’t let the power control you… please… stop…” Clark said with a weak tone.

“Oh, that was so adorable of you. Why do you ask me to stop when you couldn’t actually stop me?” Selina said while walking back to him and looked down on him.

“I… will… stop you!” Clark used his last drop of strength and gathered it all to his fist and he punched Selina’s midsection hoping to send her across the room and stunned her but what both of them could be heard was a loud “thud” and Clark’s once powerful punch created zero effect on her stomach. Clark let out a painful “Ouch” and he was surprised that he couldn’t cause a little pain to Selina.

Clark’s fist still rested on Selina’s stomach. Selina looked down casually to her stomach but was obstructed by her titanic boobs and she said: “I can’t even see your fist from above. One of the disadvantages of having gigantic boobs, hehe.” Selina smiled happily and said: “And for the record, I can’t even feel your punch. Looks like having 3 times of your strength can be so much more superior than you.”

Selina picked Clark up by supporting his body with her hands under his armpits and said: “Anyway I gotta thank you because you have given me more than I could ever hope for. I think you deserve a reward.” Selina put Clark down and hugged him.

Clark felt the pressure from Selina’s new body when Selina wrapping her arms around his body. Her immense and abundant boob’s flesh pressed to his chest without yielding to his thick chest muscle but covered his whole chest instead. He tried to break off by using his fist to hit Selina’s back but it’s all useless.

“You remember I told you that I have a crush on you? I actually meant it. I am having a crush on you now.” Selina let out a big satisfying laugh and hugged Clark hard. Clark was crushed till the air was flung out from his lung and he fainted right away.

Seeing Clark’s limp body under her embrace, Selina thought: “Not even Superman could stop me now. I can have all the fun I could have now!” Selina let go of Clark’s body and walked to the balcony.

= To be continued =

Part 4 Preview: The whole Justice League struggle to stop Super Catwoman.

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