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My Tyrant Wife

Written by Totally Kyle :: [Thursday, 17 October 2019 17:02] Last updated by :: [Monday, 21 October 2019 10:59]

A shameless piece of fetish porn, partially inspired by the works of Conceptfan. This story contains graphic depictions of sex and some gore.

In this story, an ordinary man finds himself being married to the incredibly beautiful but terrifyingly powerful superwoman that rules over the entire planet with an iron fist. She is a cruel and merciless queen that severely punishes all who refuse to bow to her unopposable might. She also has an insatiable sex drive. And every time the queen of the planet gets horny, her husband barely survives the night.

But believe it or not, he actually kinda likes it that way.


My Tyrant Wife

The weight was quickly starting to wear down on me. I was beginning to think that, in hindsight, I should have had a spotter for this session. For a moment, I thought that I shouldn’t have added as much weight as I did, but I quickly realized that that thought was practically blasphemous. I needed to make sure that my strength and endurance was pushed as far as it could possibly go. Because I wasn’t doing any of this for me, I was doing it for my wife. And I would never dream of giving anything less than one hundred percent for her.

I initially met Janelle when she approached me at my favorite coffee shop one fateful morning a little over six years ago. She is quite possibly the sexiest woman I have ever known. She has the face of a model-actress with silky dark brown hair that runs down a little bit past her shoulders. She is about my height, a little over six feet tall, and has an utterly flawless body from head to toe. Her curves are the things that dreams are made of, and every inch of her tanned skin is utterly perfect. I nearly passed out from shock when she initially started to flirt with me.

Admittedly, I wasn’t slouching in the looks department, either. But our relationship slowly blossomed as we quickly found out that we were perfect for each other.

Janelle was always a hothead. She hated her job, she hated her co-workers, and she had an absolutely horrible boss. I always knew that she had all kinds of fantasies running through her head about how to quit her job in the loudest and dramatic way possible. But in between her little daydreams about screaming at her manager, she was also no stranger to doing all kinds of extreme stuff. She was a heavy drinker and had dealers for any kind of drug that she wanted. She was something of a punk, actually. She hated the law just as much as she hated her job, hated the government, and hated pretty much everything except for me.

Which is ironic because I couldn’t be any more different than her. She always teased me about how I was always the perfect little drone that did whatever he was asked and always stayed in line. But she slowly ended up pulling me towards her more wild lifestyle, despite my constant resistance. She always won in the end. She was the very definition of an independent woman that didn’t take shit from anybody, and it charmed me as much as it intimidated me.

It started out with her playfully teasing me over little things and never failing to get a reaction out of me. The jokes were often at my own expense and often rather harsh, at that. And I didn't mind it. Then that slowly progressed into her asking more and more favors of me, as well as asking for more and more of my time. And I didn’t mind it. Then our relationship started to get more physical and she would routinely leave me with deep scratches on my back and intense soreness from where she would relentlessly ride me for hours at a time. And I didn’t mind it.

Then these rough nights would happen more and more frequently. Sometimes she would have the same type of aggressive sex with me for several days in a row. Our little sessions gradually grew shorter and shorter because she kept on fucking me harder and harder, and she didn’t have the stamina to make our type of sex last as long as she would have liked it. She just rutted me as hard as she could until she was exhausted and I was even more exhausted nearly every night. And I didn’t mind it. Then she proposed to me, rather than the other way around. I saw that as a clear sign that Janelle felt like she owned me by this point. It told me that I don’t get to make any of the calls in this relationship. She decides when things move forward, no matter how unconventional it might be. And I didn’t mind it. Then, throughout our marriage, she always got her way in absolutely everything. She decided what kind of house to get, she decided what to do every night, she decided everything. And I didn’t mind it.

My friends were understandably concerned that I was becoming a victim of the most toxic and abusive relationship they’d ever seen. And I definitely understand why. But I kept on saying that I didn’t mind it because that was the truth. Janelle had me wrapped around her finger since the day we met. I truly would do anything that she asked, and I really didn’t care how it affected me. And she knew it, and she was more than happy to boss me around like her loyal servant. She enjoyed being the boss of me, and I enjoyed being bossed around by her. In our relationship, she was the dominant one and I was the submissive one, in all things. And we were both happy that way. I didn’t expect my friends to ever understand that, though. But we truly were perfect for each other.

Then Janelle woke up one morning with the power to throw around cars with her bare hands, take a direct hit from a nuke without leaving a scratch on her, and move faster than the speed of sound. And she could fly.

I’m not exaggerating,here. It literally just happened one day, and nobody has any idea why. 

I said that she could throw cars around with her bare hands, but that’s not even scratching the surface. I think that the most impressive feat of strength that she ever did was when she dug her way underneath one of the largest mountains in the Appalachians and lifted it into the sky. I saw her do it, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her magnificent body hadn’t changed at all since her sudden transformation, but she still managed to hold the weight of a literal mountain over her head. She put it back down pretty quickly, though. And she admitted later that it was actually VERY heavy for her and she couldn’t hold it for very long. But she did hold it. She lifted a mountain.

Her powers of flight were equally impressive. She could circumnavigate the entire planet in under an hour if she pushed herself. And even on the ground, she had the level of superspeed that made her seem to vanish and appear halfway across the city in the blink of an eye. And she has perfect control over her movement, too. She once asked me to trash the house as much as I possibly could. And, as always, I did what my wife asked of me. I overturned the sofas, trashed both bathrooms and threw everything that I could find onto the floor of every single room of our two-story house. When she saw the mess I made, she counted to three, disappeared, and moved so mind-numbingly faster, that I was bombarded with a burst of wind from the sudden displacement of air. I was forced to close my eyes for about half of a second. When I opened them, the entire house was spotless.

So anyways... My controlling, hot-headed wife suddenly gained Flash-like levels of speed, the power of flight, and the physical strength to lift a mountain.

Suffice it to say, the sex certainly didn’t get any gentler.

Janelle started out as a hard-headed woman that just liked to be on top. But once she gained her new powers, she turned into something more like a dominatrix. She didn’t use any chains or whips, but she certainly got off on forcing me into submission with her newfound power. We often constructed elaborate fantasies to play out, usually ending with her pinning me to the wall and screaming at me to please my Goddess while pounding me hard enough to sometimes break a few bones and send me to the hospital. We actually had to come up with a safeword for me to use whenever I felt like I was about to be killed, because there was now a serious danger of that happening. It also didn’t help matters much that she now seemed to have unlimited stamina, so fucking me until I simply broke down and passed out became the new routine.

And I didn’t mind it. In fact, I actually liked it.

Janelle would always make sure that she didn’t cause any permanent injury, but she did hurt me quite a lot, and she really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed seeing her happy, so I was fine with the numerous fractures that my pelvis often had to endure. Besides, she always made sure that it fully healed before she fractured it again. So, I was fine with it. As shocking as that sounds, it’s the truth. I truly didn’t mind being used and abused like that. Anything for my Goddess. 

Janelle’s invulnerability was something that she slowly figured out over time. She didn’t have access to nuclear weapons at the time, but she would eventually figure out that absolutely nothing could hurt her in any capacity. She was completely indestructible, as she would eventually learn.

It all started the day that Janelle quit her job. And believe me, after years and years of the same verbal abuse that her boss subjected her to, she really enjoyed doing that. Janelle showed up to work one day and ripped the front door off of its hinges as she entered the building. From there, she marched up to her boss’ office and beat him nearly to death with her bare hands before throwing him right through the glass of his second-story window.

Naturally, the police showed up, so she beat up all of the cops, too. She even threw one of the squad cars into her boss’ office and embedding half of the vehicle within the bricks of the building. Then came the military, and she smashed them into pieces, as well. She was even starting to rack up a body count, quickly getting drunk on her new power.

Eventually, Janelle decided that she wanted to take over the world. So, she did.

It took a lot of spilt blood to make the entire planet surrender to her. In fact, people even started to abduct me and use me as leverage. But no matter how many trained men were watching me, Janelle would rush in at superspeed and kill them all before they even had a ghost of a chance to react. There was never anything that they could do to control her. And they certainly couldn’t defeat her, either. They tried the best high calibre rifles, they tried missiles, and eventually they even tried nuclear weapons.

None of them stopped her. She couldn’t be stopped.

Before long, the two of us were living in an enormous palace as the new queen and king of the planet. We had servants, groundskeepers, and every other luxury that the ruler of planet Earth felt entitled to. My queen had free access to absolutely anything that her heart desired. And nobody denied me, the king, of anything either, lest they invoke the wrath of my queen.

Today, Janelle is an utterly unopposable Goddess of terrifying might; a cold and cruel tyrant that brought swift judgement down upon anybody who dared to defy her; a woman who had the power of a God, as well as the beauty of one; a woman who could make any man kneel before her simply from her appearance and the confidence with which she carried herself, in addition to making any man kneel out of sheer humility and fear.

She was Janelle Sophman, the dark Goddess; Queen of the planet earth.

My wife.

Tyrant Wife

I managed to lift the two hundred and ten-pound barbell back onto its rack again and flopped back down onto my bench, utterly worn out from doing ten reps with the most weight I had ever attempted before.

After a quick breather, I got back up again and noticed my that my wife had returned home. She flew home, obviously, and she landed down down on the ground holding what looked like a severely damaged armored tank above her head with one hand. Two groundskeepers immediately approached and bowed their heads all the way to the ground. I couldn’t hear any of the conversation, but I saw Janelle wave them away and starting walking into the garage with her latest trophy.

I quickly changed into a clean shirt that wasn’t covered in sweat and ran downstairs to join her. Two flights of stairs, one long hallway, and two left turns later, I arrived in Janelle’s trophy room, where she kept all of her favorite memories of the time that she smashed all of the planet’s militaries into atoms. There were several missile-bearing drones, about half a dozen fighter jets, and an undetonated M.O.B.A. bomb. Janelle casually tossed the broken tank onto her pile of spoils, shaking the entire house with a deafening thud when the heavy vehicle hit the ground, putting a huge crater in the floor.

“Another rebellion?” I asked, stepping into the room to greet her. “Do you think they’ll ever learn?”

“I sure hope not,” she repliedy. “Crushing rebellions is so much fun, that I hope they never stop.” She turned towards me and started to walk my way. My heart suddenly skipped a beat when I got a closer look at her clothes. She was barefoot. But aside from that, her outfit was completely casual. Janelle never dressed ike a queen or a goddess. She still wore the same plain clothes that she was comfortable in. She didn't look very regal, but she couldn't give less of a shit about what people thought of her wardrobe, and she knew that nobody would even dare to question her about it.

Today, Janelle was wearing a dark blue pair of denim jeans and a black tank top. But it wasn't Janelle's choice of attire that caught my attention. What caught my attention was the fact that her clothes were shredded to pieces.

She must have taken a direct hit from that tank. Or three. Large chunks of her naked flesh were utterly exposed from head to toe beneath the giant holes in her clothes. Even one of her bare nipples was visible. I could only assume that her bra was destroyed in the battle. She certainly wasn't wearing one now. I could see that. I could see that very clearly. I could also tell that there wasn't a single scratch on her partially-exposed chest. Her skin was utterly flawless, like nothing had happened.

“My eyes are up here, honey,” Janelle said, bemused by my accidental ogling of her chest.

“I’ve made my choice,” I said, still staring at the magnificent roundness of her exposed breast. It looked just as irresistible as always, regardless of matter how many times I’ve seen it before.

Janelle suddenly turned into a blur and I found myself being picked up off of the floor with one hand underneath my legs and the other against my back. We were both the same height, but I was nearly twice her size from all of the working out I was doing. But still, her soft and slender frame leffortlessly ifted me up and held me in her arms. She proceeded to carried me out of the trophy room like I weighed nothing at all.

“You’re looking pretty good yourself, right now.” she purred in my ear, already carrying me in the direction of our bedroom. “Have you made a full recovery from last time?”

“I have,” I answered. “In fact, I was just doing some lifting in the gym before you got here.”

“Excellent,” she flashed me that sultry and mischievous smile that never failed to send chills down my spine for all the right reasons. “How much were you lifting?”

“Two hundred and ten pounds.”

“Wow, you are sooo strong.”

“Don’t patronize me.”

Janelle giggled and kissed me softly on the lips.

“So how was your day?” I asked.

“Oh it was great,” she answered. “I visited a tropical island for a vacation, I made everyone leave the beach so I could have it all to myself, and then a group of rebels attacked me with machine guns and a tank.”

“And what did you do with them?” I asked.

“I killed them all,” Janelle answered simply.

“Tell me more.”

“They fired a lot of shots at me, but all they did was shred my clothes. Anyways, I decapitated the first one. All I did was just wrap my fingers around his throat, squeeze lightly, and then… ‘Pop!’ The next two I took out by grabbing one man, swinging him around by the ankle, and throwing him into another man. They crashed into each other, skidded across the street, and then exploding into a bloody mess against the hotel on the other side of the road. The next three I grabbed by the ankles and threw into the ocean, seeing how far I could skip them across the water like a bunch of rocks.”

“And how far did they go?” I had to ask.

“I couldn’t tell. They seemed to go all the way out to the horizon. It sure was funny to look at, through. The third man was screaming for mercy. But, well… If he wanted to live, then he shouldn’t have attacked me.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed.

“As for the tank… they managed to get one shot off at my before I jumped up on top of it, but it didn’t even scratch me.”

“Of course not.”

“So, threw both operators into outer space, and then destroyed the the thing with just my hips. I stood next to the tank, swung my body around and smashed it with my rear so hard that the sixty-ton tank flipped over onto its back. Then… how best to describe this…? I basically jumped on top of the upside-down tank, straddled it, and slammed by ass down onto it just like I ride you all the time, only I smashed it hard enough to fold the entire thing in half with my soft… curvy… magnificent ass.”

I was already trembling. She knew that she always drove me wild when she spoke to me like that. “And were you thinking of me when you destroyed that tank with your perfect ass?” I asked.

“Guilty as charged,” she smiled. “Oh, it’s been a long two months waiting for you to recover. We have a lot of catching up to do, you and I.”

We entered our bedchamber and Janelle literally threw me onto the bed across the room. It was a little disorienting for a moment, but once I recovered from that, I noticed that she was already in bed with me. I was flat on my back and my wife was looking down upon me with eyes that didn’t betray her intense hunger.

“Let’s see your progress,” Janelle said, ripping my shirt in half with her bare hands and tossing the destroyed fabric aside. “Hmm…" she stared with half-lidded eyes at all of the muscles on my chest. “Very nice, indeed. You are getting stronger.”

“I’ve been taking a lot of calcium too,” I added.

“Let’s see how much that helps, shall we?” she leaned over me further and further until she was laying down flat on top of me.

“So what are you in the mood for tonight?” I asked.

Janelle didn’t even need a moment to think. She just grabbed me by the throat and pushed me deeply into the bed with her superhuman might, leering over me with a downright evil smile on her face.

“I think that I could go for the ‘unconsenting prisoner’ routine again,” she whispered into my face.

“That’s what put me in the hospital two months ago,” I whispered back.

“True. But it was fun, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was. Give me a moment." I closed my eyes for a second and focused on getting into role that I would be playing for the next few minutes.

When I opened them again, I was fighting with all of my might to get her off of me. I was putting both of my hands on her single hand, trying and failing to remove it from my throat.

“Get off of me!” I screamed. “Get the fuck off of me!!”

“No,” she said simply. She didn’t even flinch, despite the fact that I was fighting against her with all of my might. She then grabbed onto my jeans with her free hand and ripped them off of my body like they were made of tissue paper.

“Wh-what are you doing??” I asked.

“You’re a gorgeous man,” she answered with a lustful smile. “So, I’m going to fuck you.”

“What??” I screamed. “No! You can’t do this!”

“Just try and stop me!!” she snarled. Suddenly, my entire world lurched, my back exploded with pain, and I found myself falling down to the floor, hitting the carpet with a thud. It took me a moment to realize that she had just thrown me across the room and into the wall. No sooner than the moment I had realized that, she was already standing over me. I didn’t even see her move.

She grabbed my neck again and lifted my entire body high up into the air with only one hand. My feet dangled helplessly a few feet off of the floor and her slim fingers gripped my throat so hard that I couldn’t breath. I panicked, putting both of my hands onto hers and pulling against her with all my might to remove her fingers from my windpipe, while my legs kicked her as hard as I could, over and over again.

We were the same height, but I was nearly twice her size. I was heavily muscled from months of working out in the gym, and she was a slender and curvy paragon of feminine beauty that didn’t look capable of putting up any fight whatsoever.

But instead, it was me who couldn’t put up a fight against her.

Her fingers were utterly immovable, like they were made of reinforced steel. And every part of her curvy figure that I struck with my feet was utterly unaffected by my struggles. In fact, my feet were starting to hurt from kicking her almighty body, and I couldn’t even leave a scratch on her. She just completely ignored me, even going as far as to use her free hand to casually take off her pants and let them drop to the floor around her ankles.

My world lurched again. I was flying through the air for a brief moment before I suddenly found myself once again back on her bed. And once again, she was there, right on top of me before I could even blink.

She sat down on top of my chest. Her butt felt so soft and squeezable, but I quickly found out that it was also completely immovable. I put both hands on her voluptuous hips and pushed as hard as I could to get her off of me. But it seemed as if there was nothing I could do against this woman.

“What the fuck are you??” I grunted as I continued to struggle in vain.

“I…” she answered, grabbing onto the bottom of her shirt with both hands. “ a Goddess.” She lifted the tattered fabric off of herself and revealed that she certainly had the body of a Goddess. She was utterly magnificent. Her exposed breasts were round, huge, and only hung a tiny little bit off of her incredible chest. It almost looked like she was wearing an invisible bra, albeit a bra that was fitted very loosely. Her massive chest curved inwards into a slim and sexy midriff before curving back outwards again into a pair of round hips that were only covered by a pair of black underwear that was just as badly damaged as the the clothes that she had just shed.

“Nnngghh…” I continued to struggle. “Whatever you are… I won’t let you have me!” I yelled defiantly.

“Oh shut up,” she rolled her eyes. And then she came down upon me with hugs, kisses, and all kinds of painful grinding of her smooth body against mine. I kept trying to wrestle her away from me, but I was already growing tired from the battle that I was quickly realizing I had no chance of winning. She sealed her mouth over mind and didn’t let go. She wrapped her slender arms around my broad back and squeezed me against her chest so tightly that I thought she would break my spine.

Her naked breasts felt heavenly against my chest, at first. But the harder she squeezed me, the more I found that her womanly mounds were pressing harder and harder against me. Her breasts squished themselves against my body so tightly that it was getting painful. She was crushing me with her tits!

I tried to scream for her to stop, but my cries were muffled inside of her mouth, which was still locked with mine and refused to let go.

Eventually, she released me for a brief moment. I was already too exhausted to fight her anymore. I was tired, I was sore, and I was covered in sweat. All while she looked just as perfect as before she started. I was thankful for the brief respite, but then she ripped off of our underwear, stripping us both completely naked.

Her pussy was cleanly shaven, and I was fully erect. I couldn’t stop myself. She was just too sexy for me to resist her, no matter how much I tried to get her to stop. My tormentor stared down at my stiff cock with an expression that did nothing to betray what she was planning on doing with it.

“No…” I begged. “You can’t-”

Her hand lashed out faster than I could react and she began choking me again. And then, she started to ride me. Hard. She was inhumanly tight, and it was surreal how her naked rear felt exactly as perfect as it looked, but yet the padded texture of her slim body slammed into me with an unnatural amount of force each time she speared herself on me and engulfed my member within her superhuman cunt again and again.

She didn’t feel like her skin was made out of steel, or any other stereotype that people usually think of. Her flesh did have an unnatural firmness to it, but she still had a softness to her, and the magnificent curves beneath her skin gave a little bit against my own body. The sensation of being forced inside of her was also rough, but very arousing.

I have no doubt that I would have enjoyed making love to her, if only I wasn’t being violently raped against my will. My brain was sending a bizarre mixture of signals that made everything all the more confusing.

It's always an unusual feeling when you feel something that simply doesn't match up with what you're seeing. My eyes were telling me that I was being fucked by the most sexy woman I had ever seen. Her gorgeous naked breasts bounced up and down on her chest in perfect synchonization with her naked hips bouncing up and down on my dick. My eyes were telling me that I was experiencing the sexiest thing imaginable. But my nerves were telling me that the gorgeous naked woman on top of me was crushing me with a level of power that utterly contradicted what my eyes were seeing.

The pain was quickly becoming intolerable. She didn’t look like a woman who had ever lifted a weight in her life. And yet, the inhuman power of her smooth and curvy frame was violently shaking the bed as she painfully pumped herself up and down on my dick and crushed my body harder and harder with each thrust of her round hips. I wasn’t even trying to stop her, anymore. I knew that there was nothing I could do.

“Aw, are you giving up already?” she taunted me, releasing my throat so that I could breathe again, but only barely. My body was jerking around violently from the repeated battering of her hips against mine. “That’s too bad. I always enjoy it when they try to fight me, no matter how pointless it is.”

I felt myself about to reach an orgasm, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. With a groan, I burst inside of her. She screamed in ecstasy as she came as well, smashing me even harder into the bed as she rode out an intense wave of pleasure. But it didn’t last very long before she slowed down again.

“Ahh…” she sighed in contentment as she came down from her climax. She actually released me from her hold and got off of me. “That was fun,” she said cheerfully, as if she hadn’t just brutally raped me and beaten me black and blue in the process. “Don’t go anywhere, okay?” she continued. “I’ll be back soon for round two.”

“Round… two…?” I gasped as she turned and left the room.

Suddenly, I was alone, and I was in agony. It felt hard to breath, and every muscle in my body hurt. But I didn’t let myself lay there for long. I was in so much pain that it was hard to stand, but I forced myself to get onto my feet and leave the room, as well.

I had to try and get out of here. I knew that I wouldn’t succeed, but I had to try.

With great difficulty, I stumbled down two flights of stairs of our palace. I limped my way through huge hallways and vacant rooms until I eventually made it to our garage, grabbing the keys to one of our eight different luxury cars and bolting out the door.

Beaten, bruised, sweaty, and still very much naked, I stumbled into the blue Ferrari. I quickly started the engine and peeled out of the garage.

I was about halfway down our driveway when I saw her in my rearview mirror, just as naked as I was. She was just standing in front of the garage, which was quickly growing smaller and smaller in my mirror.

Then, she suddenly disappeared from my mirror. Then she reappeared less than two feet in front of my speeding car. I couldn’t stop in time.

It felt like I crashed into a brick wall. The car went from forty miles-per-hour to zero in the blink of an eye. The airbags exploded violently into my already battered body while my naked tormentor didn’t even flinch from the impact. She just stood there, and the speeding car stopped dead in its tracks when it hit her.

Once the airbags deflated enough to let me see again, I saw the terrifying superwoman staring me down, completely unharmed and with a harsh scowl on her face. She bent over and reached one hand underneath the crushed front of the car. Then, she stood up straight.

The front of the car was being lifted up with her.

“Oh god! Oh fuck!!” I panicked when I both saw and felt the front half of the car rise a foot into the air from where she lifted with only one hand. I was convinced at that point that this woman couldn’t possibly be any more terrifying.

Then she started to fly, carrying the car up into the sky with me still inside it.

“Ahh!! AAHHH!!” I couldn’t even formulate words anymore. I just screamed as I felt the whole entire vehicle rise further and further into the air, with the front of the car facing up towards the sky as I rose higher and higher.

For a moment, I couldn’t even see her. She was “underneath” the car as she carried it, so to speak. But then, I felt the car get tossed a little bit up into the air. Before it could even start to fall back down, the flying superwoman nimbly vaulted over the front end of the car, hooked her arm around the crumpled front bumper, and readjusted her grip so that she had a firm handle on the underside of the car while sitting her naked body on the destroyed hood. Before I could even start to fall, she flew upwards once again, and we climbed higher and higher into the sky.

I realized that there was only one reason for why she took the time to change positions like that: She wanted me to watch her.

She wanted me to have no choice but to watch as this naked woman, who had the flawless body of a nude playboy model, carry a fucking car up into the sky with only one hand. She wanted me to know, at all times, that she held my life in her hands as she carried me helplessly an entire mile high.

And she wanted to see the terror on my face when she dropped me.

I screamed even louder than I ever had before as I felt the entire car drop out of the sky, flipping over until the front of the car was facing straight down. I saw in my rearview mirror that my Goddess was just floating there and getting smaller by the second as I fell further and further away from her; closer and closer to the ground.

But like before, she disappeared in a flash and reappeared in front of the car. Only this time, she caught it gently. The car hit her hand, and she intentionally allowed herself to sink a couple feet so that could slow the vehicle’s movement down a little bit before stopping it completely with one hand.

And she did all of that only so she could throw me back into the sky again.

With a quick flick of her dainty wrist, I was violently launched into the air, screaming in fear and panic once again. It wasn’t long before I hit the peak of her throw. I was about to start falling again when she suddenly appeared in a burst of wind on the hood of the car. She punched her hand straight through the windshield, and I had to close my eyes to make sure none of the raining shards of glass hit me in the eye. She cut my seatbelt cleanly in two with a fingernail, grabbed me by the throat, and yanked me violently out of the destroyed car.

The crumpled up luxury car fell back down to earth once again, and she carried me away back towards her mansion once again. I kicked and screamed the entire way down, trying desperately to prevent her from carrying me back to her bed chamber again

But she didn’t carry me to her bedroom. We made a hard landing right on the roof, with me on the bottom. The wind was knocked out of me, but she was, as I expected, unaffected by the fall.

She didn’t look winded. She looked furious.

“Did you really think you could escape from me??” she screamed in rage.

“I’m sorry!” I cowered. “I’m so sorry! Please don’t hurt me!”

“I was going to be gentle with you this time,” she seethed. “But you just lost that privilege.”

“No!” I begged. “Please, I’ll do anything! Don’t rape me again!”

She pounced on me and started all over again. She kissed me deeply and squeezed my chest against her naked breasts so hard that one of my ribs snapped under the pressure of her womanly mounds. I tried to scream in pain, but nothing came out. I think I was going into shock.

But I felt myself getting hard again. She was going to take me a second time, and there was nothing I could do. She was too sexy for me to stop myself from rising for her, and she was too powerful for me to stop her from having her way with me once again.

And she wasted absolutely no time. She sat up straight and impaled herself onto my vertical shaft once again, riding me even harder than before. It was especially painful because I wasn’t even being fucked on a bed this time. My back was against the hard shingles of her roof, and I was being pounded against the unforgiving surface without mercy.

I didn’t resist her. I just laid there and I took it. What else could I do?

“That’s right,” she grinned wickedly as she continued to ride me to death. Her round breasts bounced hypnotically up and down on her magnificent body as she bobbed up and down on top of me. “You know your place now, don’t you, worm?”

“Yes,” I wheezed pathetically. “I’m sorry, Goddess. Please spare me...”

“I forgive you,” she answered. “But I won’t spare you.”

She laid down flat on top of me, wrapped her arms around my back and squeezed me tightly against her perfect chest once again, while her perfect ass continued to ride my dick without showing any signs of slowing down. I cried out in pain as her unstoppable chest pressed into my broken rib, then kept going until it snapped two more. The pain in my pelvis suddenly increased tenfold, and I could only assume that she probably broke something down there, as well.

I felt her body tense up as she reached another orgasm. She was clearly enjoying the amount of pain that she was giving me, and her body involuntarily crushed me even harder against the roof from her involuntary muscle spasms that came with her second climax.

She slowed down for a brief moment after her peak. Then, she sat up straight again and released her crushing hold on my chest.

But then, she started to ride me for a third time, staring down at me with a sadistic smile that let me know that she would never stop until the moment when my body gave out, which didn’t seem too far away.

“Oh, don’t be such a little bitch,” she scoffed at me. It took me a couple seconds to notice why she was mocking me: I was actually crying from the amount of pain I was in. And yet, she continued to punish my black and blue pelvis for her own sexual thrill.

And then, I felt it.

Suddenly, the pain became a sharp and painful burst of agony, like my very nerves were being lit on fire.

“FUCK!!” I shrieked. “PRINCESS! PRINCESS!!”

Janelle got off of me immediately when she heard the safe word. “Are you okay?” she asked, concerned.

It probably took me a full twenty seconds before I was in any condition to answer. I was an absolute wreck, just like I always was whenever I was finished satisfying my wife.

“Do you remember…” I gasped out between panting, labored breaths. “...that time when… you almost paralyzed me… from the waist down?”

“I do,” Janelle nodded solemnly.

“Well, I almost felt it again,” I wheezed. “I just… felt it. Like, I was going to be irreparably damaged if you kept going.”

“Alright,” Janelle nodded in understanding. “Well, I think that this was the longest that you’ve ever lasted, so I don’t think that I want to paralyze you just yet,” she joked. At least, I assumed that she was joking. “How’s your pain right now?” she suddenly asked.

“I’d say I’m sitting at about an ‘eight,’” I answered.

“Yikes,” Janelle grimaced. “That bad?”

“Honey, you broke three of my ribs and I’m pretty sure that you fractured my pelvis again.”

“Looks like that extra calcium didn’t help you, huh?”

“Did you really think it would?”

“Not really, no,” Janelle chuckled. “Alright, I’ll go call an ambulance. But first, do you want the anesthetic again?”


“Okay. Sit tight, I’ll be right back.”

And with that, she turned into a blur and disappeared, leaving me alone on the roof; naked and barely even alive. I wasn’t sure what Janelle was doing, but she returned about a minute later, still just as naked as I was.

“Alright, this’ll knock you out for a couple hours,” she announced, standing over me and lowering her pussy down on top of my face.

“Oh hey,” I noticed something about her entrance. “So that’s why you were gone so long! You actually washed it out this tim-”

She smothered my face with her ass before I could even finish that sentence. I couldn’t help but grab onto her round bottom with both of my hands and give it a gentle squeeze, marveling at how soft it felt. I could hardly believe that the ass in my hands almost killed me a moment ago. She had already washed her vagina out and dried it off, so it was fairly dry and it smelled like absolutely nothing.

Not that I was complaining, or anything.

“I’ll be there at the hospital when you wake up,” Janelle said. I could barely even hear her anymore. Everything was going black. “Get well soon, honey.”

“Mmm-hmm” I mumbled underneath her. And then I fell into nothingness.

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