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Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy – Chapter 6

Written by Wizalex :: [Wednesday, 15 May 2024 21:51] Last updated by :: [Monday, 20 May 2024 23:24]

The Adventures of Overpowered Girl and Mega Mommy

Written by Wizalex

A girl who is significantly more powerful than any other superhuman makes everything trivial. Her mother is even worse…

Chapter 6 – How Not to Fight a Goddess

Kimberly only needed three additional powers to claim Apothis – totally and absolutely – as her own.

Leaving her palace and incoherent toys behind, the flaming goddess set out to acquire the first. Following the guiding eyes of her newly acquired future sight, Kimberly flew across half of the planet, Apothis itself shaking as Kimberly unabashedly showed off her naked body to the world around her. Air currents favoured her motion, playfully licking at the flames around her head as the goddess teased nature itself with her presence. Far below, the ground quaked in the wake of Kimberly’s flight, not even as a result of Kimberly’s powers, but merely aching to reclaim the touch of the girl to whom it was becoming sorely addicted. Crowds of people attempted to flee the tremors but fell prone instead, the shaking overwhelming them when Kimberly passed directly overhead. Soon, thousands of people lay feeble in the streets, their minds unable to focus on anything but the radiant blur they had witnessed streaking across the sky.

Had Kimberly been moving any slower, the havoc that followed would have been a lot more devastating. As it was, the people below had at least a chance of recovering rational thought eventually.

Still, devastation swept across the world with the goddess. The planet bulged, hills forming where plains had once been, cities collapsing as the ground below tore itself apart in a futile quest to reach Kimberly. The denizens of Apothis died on mass without the uncaring goddess doing a single thing, her mere existence enough to drive the obsessed planet into a frantic frenzy as it attempted to win a fraction of her attention. Of course, with her new powers, Kimberly knew that all of this would happen. She just didn’t care. Not when she was about to become so much more powerful.

Soon, Kimberly found herself hovering outside the penthouse of a resplendent skyscraper. Winds howled around her and the entire building shook as it was assaulted from all sides by the tumultuous gusts. The enormous window in front of Kimberly offered her a view of the wide-eyed heroes inside. Each had been surprised by the pounding of the winds, but none yet seemed to grasp the severity of their situation.

A pale-skinned, black-haired woman in a dark costume used the shadows to steady herself as she stood, gathering a cloak of darkness around her. Next to her, a sombre-looking woman in a grey outfit wrung her hands together nervously, her eyes frantically darting around the room as the air around her contorted and twisted in unusual ways. Finally, Kimberly’s target – a man with a clock motif on his black-and-white supersuit – warily watched the room, his gaze moving ever closer to spotting Kimberly.

Eyeing Temporal closely, Kimberly let her future sight overlay reality, envisioning the actions she needed to take mere instants before they happened. If she acted too slowly, the time-manipulating hero would have ample time to prepare.

Which was apparently exactly what Kimberly needed.

With a slow, careful tap of her bare nipples against the glass of the floor-to-ceiling window, Kimberly shattered it. The gentle inhalation that had pressed her breasts into the building drew the fragmented glass towards her, the flames of her hair glinting hypnotically against the shards as they fell upon her impervious body.

Temporal’s companions hadn’t even registered Kimberly’s presence before their teammate’s power activated and lost them the fight.

As the hero instinctively slowed down time for himself and his allies, his eyes caught sight of Kimberly. Her form, even initially obscured by the fracturing glass, was nothing short of divine. Those accentuated curves wouldn’t be diminished by any mere refraction, and the sight of Kimberly’s bare breasts slowly moving through the space where the window had been locked Temporal’s body down entirely. Even if his brain had the inclination to escape, nothing would prevent him from bathing in the imminent arrival of his new goddess.

Kimberly couldn’t react. She was effectively frozen while Temporal and his team lived out as much time as they needed to prepare. But, as she had proven on her journey to the skyscraper, Kimberly didn’t need to act to utterly eradicate her foes.

Unable to control his body or power, Temporal’s only view of his teammates was at the ignored periphery of his vision. He had no wish to look at them though. In comparison to Kimberly, Umbral and Vestige were hideous.

The shadowmancer seemed to have quickly reached the same conclusion. Umbral whipped the shadows away from every corner of the room in an attempt to hide herself, lest her far inferior body be an affront to Kimberly’s obviously superior form. She frantically gathered every tendril of shadow-stuff from the room, casting light where none should be, straining her power to its very limit to ensure that she was completely obscured from the sight of Kimberly’s eyes.

Those perfect, smouldering eyes…

Those eyes would still be able to see Umbral however she attempted to hide.

There was only one option then…

In the moments before her power completely failed her, Umbral mangled her body into an ethereal smudge on the canvas of reality, erasing any likeness of her prior, physical form. She callously, ruthlessly and painfully eradicated each of her limbs in turn, allowing the shadows to eat away at herself as she muffled her screams with shadows sent to steal away her own voice. Each moment leading up to her last only served to sever her connection to the world of light, the matter comprising her body giving up on maintaining the current mockery that her subpar looks made of a world that contained such beauty as the goddess before her.

It had taken only one glance at Kimberly. With it, Umbral had given up not just the fight, but her continued existence. There was no point in even trying in the presence of such magnificent perfection. Compared to Kimberly, Umbral was worthless.

Piece by piece, the shadow-wreathed superhero faded into the darkness of her power, using the last thoughts of her semi-lucid mind to banish the shade – and herself with it. Before the radiance of her goddess, Umbral dispelled the stain of herself from reality as rapidly as she could, ensuring that the continued sight of her plain, mediocre body wouldn’t displease Kimberly.

Umbral dispersed entirely as the light of Kimberly’s eyes finally reached her. Kimberly’s first glimpse of the woman was her last moment alive.

On the other side of the boardroom table, Vestige was grappling with her thoughts. She had almost managed to form a scowl looking at Kimberly, but couldn’t bring herself to complete the motion. As much as she reached to her past to reset her most recent actions, her mind refused to let go of the idea that Kimberly was just better than her.

Instead, every reset merely served to increase Vestige’s aggravation. Having not moved significantly in the past few minutes, her body simply quivered in place, forming a superposition of possible states for her to exist in. None of them were tactically different though, and all of them had the same thought.

Why don’t I have that power?

Vestige, like the rest of her team, had been researching Kimberly over the past weeks. But while Temporal and Umbral had been planning to confront her, to work around her, to save their world, or to hand it to her, Vestige had been besieged by an entirely different train of thought.

Why couldn’t I be that powerful?

The girl’s mind had been spiralling for a long time, even before the arrival of a new goddess. It was the talk of her teammates replacing her that had done it. The talk about how her power was below expectation.

Vestige had grown to hate both of them.

Conveniently, the one thing that Vestige’s power did do was allow her to be a little free with the application of heroic morals. It started with small things. Tricks and childish pranks on her teammates. Drinking their coffee when they weren’t looking and leaving them none the wiser. Breaking their belongings in a fit of rage and resetting her actions. Pushing Temporal down a flight a stairs and stomping on his broken body before restoring her prior self.

It had gone a little too far.

Vestige glared at Kimberly and wished for her power. She wished with everything she had that she could take her pathetic teammates and smash them against their stupid boardroom table. She felt the urge to tear their limbs off, to make them beg for her mercy, to hear them worship her as a goddess, like the one before her.

In the safety of Temporal’s time-manipulation power, Vestige attacked Kimberly. Fuelled by nothing but impotent hatred of a goddess she had no hope of defeating, she wailed as she let her fists break on Kimberly’s abs. Every time she failed, she reset herself, breaking her body again and again as she failed to land an impactful blow. Her tactics changed with every reset – as was her usual strategy – but time after time, each proved as futile as the last. Kimberly had no weak points, even when Vestige had an eternity to fight her.

An eternity of failure takes a toll on a mind though.

Over the course of Temporal’s fugue state, Vestige erased the entirety of her mind. Millions of applications of her power, each amounting to nothing more than a new lesson in failure. There wasn’t a single breaking point, but even a gentle breeze can reduce a boulder to a grain of sand given enough time. And Kimberly was a furious hurricane of power.

Eventually, Vestige collapsed, her thoughts completely blank of anything but envy and rage.

Kimberly wouldn’t even know that this woman had ever tried to oppose her.

While Umbral and Vestige met their fates, Temporal lost his battle against Kimberly’s beauty. Despite most of his body failing to respond, his cock was eager to acknowledge Kimberly’s presence. As Umbral tore herself apart with shadows and Vestige tore herself apart on Kimberly, Temporal succumbed to the succubus goddess across the table from him.

As Kimberly’s body became clearer through the falling glass, Temporal’s suit strained against his erection, the increased pressure and discomfort allowing him to hold out for moments more than he may have otherwise. Every one of his past sexual encounters raced through the hero’s mind, each promptly outranked by his current fortune of merely seeing Kimberly through broken glass. Witnessing each additional inch of Kimberly’s naked body eroded away Temporal’s will, loosing his grip on his power and forcing his hands to his suit, tearing the fabric from his body as he sought to worship his goddess.

With a pained grunt, Temporal tore his suit from his crotch and masturbated to the image of the goddess.

The temperature of the room rose as Kimberly entered, a physical manifestation of her intoxicating power. Every degree cranked up Temporal’s arousal by another notch, causing rivulets of sweat to run down his body as he worked his manhood with both hands. It didn’t take long until the superhero came, ejaculating tribute to his goddess, his power expanding upon itself as he worshipped Kimberly with his body.

Time slowed further and Kimberly was still there, floating tantalisingly close. Her scent finally reached the hero and he violently orgasmed again, his erection not even having a chance to fade as a fatal feedback loop was formed.

With every orgasm, Temporal’s power rose, trapping him and his team in ever-diminishing fragments of time. With each ejaculation, Temporal lost more control of his power, even as his potential soared. A chain of climaxes became a torturous cycle, where no time existed for reprieve, only for further mind-melting orgasm. In real time, Kimberly had barely entered the building. For Temporal, he lost his fight over the course of days, his body failing as his life was spent in devotion to his goddess.

Kimberly didn’t even bother to enter the building. She had what she needed. Activating Temporal’s power, she watched the world slow around her.

Now she had more than enough time.

Prisons were fairly common across Apothis. Before most of the organised supervillains had been driven into retirement by the excessive number of superheroes, their gangs had been filling the cells. Even now, a huge contingent of the incarcerated population consisted of unfortunate lackeys waiting out their sentences. People had rarely been added to those numbers in recent years.

Only the truly desperate and vile openly committed crimes on Apothis these days.

Molly had a special cell. The restricted room was far too small, even for the tiny girl occupying it, who had little choice but to lay on her bed, her nose mere inches from the ceiling above. Molly thought of it as a coffin more than a cell. She didn’t mind that particularly though — it matched her aesthetic.

If she were to die here, she still wouldn’t regret the actions that had led to her capture.

The entire building around Molly’s cell was layered thick with concrete and steel, dozens of metres of the stuff packed thick in every direction from the girl. Food was delivered through a slot in her door to be eaten within, and the girl was only permitted to leave the cell for half an hour each day, under strict supervision and with a gaudy, metallic death-trap of a helmet placed on her head first.

Of all the prisoners on Apothis, the Man-eater ranked right at the top of the fear scale.

Some people reacted badly to receiving their powers. One of the major jobs of Central Operations was dispatching appropriate hero groups to handle those events in a calm and non-violent manner. Unfortunately, by the time the Fabulous Crusaders had reached Molly on her eighteenth birthday, it was already too late.

Always the youngest, smallest and meekest of everyone she knew, Molly had been a target for her entire life. She had shied away from the world and retreated into herself, pushing her feelings deep down inside of her until she had the power to do something about it.

Molly’s death count was higher than any other single person in living memory.

An entire city and half a dozen hero teams were gone by the time Molly calmly surrendered, giving herself over directly to Central Operations. Her mission complete and everyone she ever knew devoured, Molly had no real thoughts on her future.

No one did.

Until Kimberly broke open Molly’s cell.

The goddess had used her new powers to take the time to pick out a change of clothes, styling herself in form-fitting blue denim jeans, a golden halter top that exposed her abs, and a short black leather jacket. She wore a new pair of sunglasses atop her head, and a black pair of heeled ankle boots. Her hair wasn’t quite on fire currently, but the vibrant redness of it still evoked the idea of flames.

Looking more like a supermodel on a casual day than a goddess, Kimberly’s looks were merely captivating rather than hypnotising.

She looked at the girl laying on the bed beneath her with a mixture of curiosity and revulsion.

“You don’t look as scary as the guards made you out to be,” Kimberly commented as she turned the concrete around Molly’s cell to dust. “I was expecting someone… more imposing.”


In an instant, Molly was dozens of miles tall, the entire prison flattened underneath her gargantuan ass, the land completely broken beneath her immense body.

The giant girl lay where she was as though nothing had changed, slowly stretching out her arms. Kimberly watched from high above as the naked girl repositioned her hips, tearing the world beneath her apart with the slightest movement of her body.

“Is that better?” Molly replied with a cold stare and a booming voice. “Am I imposing enough now?”

Her voice was just as powerful as the rest of her. Each word pounded on the planet, pulverising buildings and people with the sheer volume of it, every syllable a fresh assault on a defenseless populace below.

Even though Kimberly had expected this outcome, it was different seeing it right in front of her. The girl had just used her power to destroy an entire city and hadn’t even blinked as she’d done it.

Molly wasn’t done just yet though.

“I honestly thought you bitches knew better by now.” Molly cocked her head to the side and inhaled deeply at the end of her sentence, dragging dozens of planes, hundreds of superheroes and tens of thousands of civilians — still inside their buildings — into her mouth. She closed her lips and swallowed with a thunderous gulp, tracing the path of her snack down her throat with a fingertip.

“Girls like you? Rich brats who try to get to me and rile me up?” Molly showed her teeth again as she glared into space. “You aren’t even snacks.”

It was probably meant as an insult, but Kimberly wasn’t really paying attention. Molly was astounding and, to anyone else on Apothis, surely terrifying. Why hadn’t this girl already claimed the planet as her own?

Regardless of Molly’s intention though, Kimberly had other plans.

“You’ve never had sex, have you?” Kimberly phrased it as a question, but knew it as a statement. “You’ve never even gotten off.”

If Molly was surprised to still be able to hear Kimberly, she didn’t show it. What she did do was growl — a nerve-fryingly terrifying thing for a girl of her size to do. For miles around, glass shattered and eardrums burst when the bass tones of Molly’s chest reached them.

“Cute purr,” Kimberly teased. “I wonder what other noises I can get you to make.”

Guided by her future sight, Kimberly flew directly at Molly’s exposed clit. Though the sensitive nub was many times her size, Kimberly pounded on it furiously, exerting more effort than she ever had. Each attack targeted a nerve cluster, sending vibrations rippling across the immense pleasure bud and shockwaves across the skies of the ruined city below. A deep and terrible rumbling awakened inside Molly’s womanhood as a series of short, stuttering gasps left Molly’s insatiable lips.

“Oh, oh, oooh,” Molly groaned as she bucked and writhed, flattening acres under her ass as she squirmed. “What’s…”

“Aren’t you an adorable mass-murderer?” Kimberly taunted. “Such a naive little sociopath.”

Molly wanted to respond. She ached to grab the bitch mocking her and break her as easily as everyone else. Her loins protested though, her hips grinding into the world below as her neglected pussy savoured the attention.

“Yeah, I know I’m good, babe. Don’t fight it.” Kimberly slowed time around her as she continued to assail the most sensitive of Molly’s erogenous zones.

Sharp, buzzing tingles broke through Molly’s defenses. Pulses of carefully timed ecstasy raced up her nerves, causing her neurones to blaze with excitement. Her nether regions were aflame, her mouth was dry from her excessive panting and her nipples begged to be toyed with. Molly’s fingers wrapped around them, cupping her breasts as she covered her building-dwarfing areola with her hands. She resisted the urge to send her hands further down her body for fear of interrupting the bitch of a sex goddess, biting her lip to contain her frustration.

“Time to share the love,” Kimberly whispered with one last attack.

Molly gasped as pleasure and power flooded her body. Unconsciously re-activating her power, she soared in height again, rapidly shooting up hundreds of miles. Her body wasn’t just flattening cities anymore — she was covering countries under each ass cheek.

And Kimberly lay next to her, easily matching her size.

“I’ve wanted this power for a very long time,” Kimberly whispered directly into Molly’s ear. “Why the fuck wouldn’t you use this to own this place?”

Closing her eyes, Molly let the tremors of pleasure finish before she spoke.

“Why would I want to?” Molly shrugged nonchalantly. “I got everything I wanted already. People always told me to rise above all the bullshit people put me through. Apothis let me do exactly that. I ate them, end of story.”

“No ambition,” Kimberly tutted. “Just look at this! You could literally have countries worship your tits!”

Molly looked blankly between her comparatively flat chest and Kimberly’s enormous tits.

“Yeah. I’m sure people are lining up to worship mine right now.”

Kimberly laughed. “I can’t tell if you’re hilarious or the world’s biggest buzzkill.”

Molly tried to keep a neutral expression, but Kimberly being so close to her demanded a reaction. She still hated the bitch for mocking her, but there was definitely something to be said about Kimberly’s ability to bring her such a euphoric high. It even competed with her very first taste of her power, over a year ago. It was… relaxing. Like a weight had been lifted.

A smirk and a scowl fought their way onto Molly’s face, resulting in a reluctant grimace.

Kimberly laughed again at Molly’s failure to keep a straight face. She ran a hand slowly over the surface of the planet, which eagerly followed her body. The stone shifted like sand beneath her fingers while the planet groaned under the combined mass of the two enormous girls.

“I’ll be back soon. Just got one more person to find.”

Restoring her previous height, Kimberly left the giantess behind to finalise her claim over Apothis.

The last power would have been impossible to find without Psionic’s power. Even then, it wouldn’t have led anyone but Kimberly to Marianna.

Powers came at all levels on Apothis. For every Molly, who received power enough to level a city without lifting a finger, some received naught but the most minor of abilities. Weak telekinesis was common. A modicum of resistance to heat or cold existed as a power for a tenth of the population. The ability to pick up new skills more rapidly was another common one, though how rapidly varied greatly, leading to a huge disparity in the power level of the wielders.

Marianna assumed that she had a weaker variety of this power. In truth, she was simply a talented and determined woman.

A talented woman with a power that would end her world.

The bakery was quiet at this time of day. The lunch rush had passed and many people had fled home rather than return to work when news broke of the Man-eater growing to unprecedented size half the world away.

Half a world didn’t seem so far away when the girl could likely cover that distance with ease.

When Kimberly walked into the bakery, Marianna was alone.

Kimberly spent a moment frowning at the enormous range of coffees available, her glasses concealing her eyes once more. Though displeased by the selection of beverages, Kimberly’s smile grew as she took in the vast array of delicate, freshly-baked pastries.

Behind the counter, Marianna held her tongue. Normally, she greeted her customers. But, normally, her customers weren’t uber-babe supermodels. Marianna was enraptured, checking out every inch of Kimberly’s body. When the redhead bent over to examine the cakes beneath the glass counter, Marianna almost fainted. Beneath her top, Kimberly’s breasts hung pendulously, straining the fabric and offering a deeper, tantalising glimpse at the skin beneath the cloth at Kimberly’s neckline.

“These all look so delicious,” Kimberly purred. “It’s a shame you don’t have something a little sweeter to pair them with.”

Marianna blushed and fumbled for words. Her lips opened and closed while the towering goddess regarded her with a cool smile.

Kimberly placed a finger on Marianna’s lips.

“Don’t worry,” Kimberly laughed. “I’m sure you taste just sweet enough for what I need.”

The baker melted against Kimberly’s touch. Just the woman’s fingertip evoked such immense power, along with a comforting warmth that Marianna knew she needed in her life. Before she collapsed, Kimberly was behind her, cradling her body against those glorious abs, pressing her jaw-dropping breasts against Marianna’s simply above-average pair.

Marianna’s apron disintegrated, allowing Kimberly to press her lips against Marianna’s breasts. Finally, the baker made a sound, a squeal of unrestrained pleasure as her body made even more intimate contact with Kimberly’s. The goddess handled her like a musician would a prized instrument, plucking at all the right notes to make Marianna sing. The firm and delicate touch of Kimberly’s lips explored more of Marianna’s body, teasing both of them with the expectation of what was to come. When Kimberly finally made her way to Marianna’s womanhood, she looked up at Marianna one last time.

“You won’t survive this, honey. It’ll be so good, but too good for a sweet little thing like you.”

Kimberly watched Marianna frantically nodding in agreement, then delivered her into the climactic embrace of a heart-stopping orgasm.

The baker sighed as her life faded away, while Kimberly moaned as Marianna’s power settled perfectly across her being. She grabbed a pastry on her way out, sinking her teeth eagerly into the sweet filling as she sauntered out of the shop.

It was time to fully claim this world.

“How are you feeling today, Empress?”

“Oh, Stefan. Always so concerned about Mommy.” Annabelle smiled at her General and patted the bed next to her. “Come and join me. Mommy wants to cuddle.”

Ignoring Generals Lucia and Drakos, who lay in an exhausted pile together on Annabelle’s other side, Stefan laid down on the bed next to his Empress.

“You’re such a big boy now, Stefan,” Mega Mommy cooed approvingly. “Let’s see how much you can grow for Mommy.”

Hugging her General to her chest, Annabelle held Stefan’s mouth onto her nipple.

“Someone deserves a big treat for being so kind to Mommy.”

Annabelle allowed the sensation of Stefan’s mouth to drive away her recent thoughts. After punishing the Halayans, Annabelle had taken rather drastic action against another system that looked to be preparing for war. Instead of allowing the planetary conflicts to progress and potentially spill out into innocent galaxies, Mommy had simply grabbed the space containing the system and crashed one aggressive-looking civilisation into the other.

She was wearing both planets as earrings right now in fact.

Stefan’s body continued to grow in size and power as Mommy nurtured him. It was probably time that she let her Generals deal with more problems independently, as she had allowed Kimberly to do. Annabelle couldn’t be everywhere at once, after all. Not if she wanted to keep everything intact, at least.

Stefan was almost as tall as Annabelle when he ran out of stamina.

“That’s my good boy,” Annabelle breathily moaned. “Now it’s Mommy’s turn.”

Lucia and Drakos watched in complete awe as Annabelle swallowed Stefan’s cock. Exhilarated by the sight, Lucia mounted her partner, forcing him to an enthusiastic erection as she imagined herself in Annabelle’s position. Drakos, though exhausted from Mommy’s earlier attention, gladly accepted Lucia’s advances, pumping himself into her womanhood as she encouraged him with ferocious kisses against his chest and neck.

As Annabelle and Lucia dominated their boy toys, the raw sexual energy of Mommy’s power began to leak from her pussy, overwhelming the room with the scent of her fluids. She normally reserved displays such as this for her personal bathroom, but Annabelle was feeling particularly horny today.

With one hand, Annabelle dragged Drakos and Lucia underneath her enormous body, trapping Drakos between her tits and thrusting her pussy back into Lucia’s face. Then she continued gulping down Stefan’s titanic rod, trusting her newest Generals to know what she wanted.

Continuing to ride her partner, Lucia put her tongue to work inside Annabelle’s pussy, lapping at the torrent of juices that flowed from the goddess. For his part, Drakos latched his mouth around one nipple and sucked, futilely attempting to drain one of Annabelle’s tits while the strength of his fingers failed to even make an impression on the other.

When Annabelle finally let her milk down, flowing freely into Drakos’ throat, Lucia groaned in pleasure. Her partner’s cock felt like it had just doubled in thickness inside of her.

The smaller woman furiously clamped her mouth around Annabelle’s womanhood, sucking at her inner folds, kissing and pressing her lips against Annabelle’s nether lips, and then finally biting at Annabelle’s engorged clitoris with unrelenting aggression. Mommy moaned around Stefan’s cock, wiggling her hips to consume more of Lucia’s face into her pussy.

Drakos cried out in pain when Mommy climaxed in Lucia’s mouth. His partner’s legs had wrapped around his body with astounding strength, bending his lower ribs and breaking at least one, while her pussy had crushed his cock with a vice-like grip as it milked him dry. What he couldn’t see was how much bigger Lucia had grown, almost matching Annabelle in size.

Annabelle finished slurping down Stefan’s cum and smiled at her Generals.

“Careful with your little boy toy,” Annabelle cautioned with a sly smile. “I think Sharlene might be a bit too much woman for Cristoff now.”

No longer merely three inches taller than her partner, Lucia now stood over three feet above her co-star. Resting upon her body as the foursome spread themselves out on the bed, Drakos didn’t even come up to Lucia’s breasts anymore.

The two women giggled, leaning in to lock lips as they trapped Drakos between their breasts.

Yes, Annabelle thought, I should let them out to play on their own a little.

“Empress? We’ve noticed some irregularities on Apothis…”

General Nikolai was nervous. His thoughts still frequently went back to Kimberly, even in the presence of Annabelle. Although he knew that both goddesses welcomed the lustful thoughts, it made him nervous to be thinking of Kimberly while in the presence of her mother.

But how could he not?

If the signals were to be believed – and there was no reason to doubt them – Kimberly’s power, along with her enrapturing beauty, had reached a new peak.

The General cleared his throat and projected the image onto the screen. On it, a pair of girls lay across an entire continent, casting countries into the shadow of their bodies.

Annabelle smiled. “My little girl is really growing up. And making new friends too!”

“That came in not long ago. Just now though…”

The image changed, rapidly flickering as though distorted somehow. The entire planet was blurred, a mess of incoherent pixels that refused to form any image as clear as the one that had just been shown.

Annabelle furrowed her brow. “What went wrong?”

“Nothing, as far as we can tell. This is, we believe, what Apothis currently looks like.”

Annabelle’s eyes lit up. “Maybe she’s spinning it! I do that sometimes. Such fun.”

“Not for this long. The planet would have broken apart by now.”

“Are you saying my little girl couldn’t spin a planet on her finger and keep it from falling apart, Nikolai. How very rude of you.”

“I apologise, Empress.”

Nikolai was sweating now. The idea that Kimberly might be possible of such feats was bringing him a great deal of excitement and given that the only other place to look in the room was directly at Mega Mommy, he had little chance of quelling his escalating arousal.

“Maybe I should check on her though, just to see how she’s doing.” Mommy pondered what to do as Nikolai fought to contain himself.

“She’s gotten so powerful lately. And so big! Did you see her on the screen, Nikolai? She must have been hundreds of miles tall! Can you imagine what it must be like for all those tiny little mortals beneath her?”

Annabelle chuckled as she glanced at Nikolai’s growing bulge with a knowing look.

“Does my daughter excite you, General?” Annabelle strode up to Nikolai and leaned into him, pressing her breasts into his chest. “Does the thought of her big, perky tits excite your little cock?”

Pouting as she did so, Annabelle swayed her breasts back and forth, rocking the General from side-to-side in the process.

“Do you not like mine, Nikolai?” Annabelle teased. “I can be a lot bigger than my daughter, you know. You’ve seen me put planets between these before, haven’t you?”

Lifting Nikolai into the air, Annabelle squeezed his torso into her cleavage.

“Such rude wandering eyes,” Annabelle huffed. “I don’t know if you even deserve these anymore.”

Annabelle smirked down at the nigh-unconscious General. She’d send him to see what was going on in the morning. After she’d played with him a little first.

Almost a week later, the ship reached Apothis.

The signals had been correct. The planet below was a bizarre blur.

The four Generals on the ship looked down at the planet hesitantly. After some deliberation, Annabelle had decided to join them, but would remain on the ship. It was Kimberly’s first diplomatic mission, after all. If Mommy joined in, it wouldn’t be a real test of her daughter's skills.

With Annabelle having taken a backseat, Stefan was technically in command here. It was Lucia that Drakos and Nikolai looked to for orders, however, both having become accustomed to receiving them from her over the past week. Annabelle hadn’t acted to dissuade the former actress’ growing influence either, so Stefan waited for Lucia to acknowledge him before speaking.

She gave him a wink and blew a kiss before wrapping an arm around Drakos. The girl was cocky, but she knew her place. No wonder Mommy had taken a liking to her.

“We’ll be investigating Kimberly’s progress, based on the unusual readings of the planet,” Stefan began. “To make it clear, we are not checking up on her, just on whatever is happening down there.”

Stefan looked pointedly at the other Generals.

“Do not interfere with Kimberly’s work here. We are not to interrupt her or inconvenience her. If it does appear that she has encountered issues, we are to assist if she requires our help. The Empress wants Kimberly to have a taste of independence, hence she will not be joining us immediately.”

“If, however, something has gone terribly wrong down there, the Empress will deal with whoever did it.”

Stefan paused, turning to look at the blurred planet behind him.

“Any questions?”

There were none. Five minutes later, they arrived on Apothis.

Or, more accurately, the world formerly known as Apothis.

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