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Bolt From the Blue – Part 1

Written by mikeyfreedom :: [Wednesday, 09 March 2005 14:34] Last updated by :: [Monday, 06 May 2013 09:34]

"Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Good evening, and welcome on this evening's flight. Number 732 on route to Los Angeles. I've just got the weather report from Los Angeles airport and it's clear and cool with a temperature of 55 degrees. If you need anything on this evening's flight, don't hesitate to ask one of the flight attendants who will be happy to assist you. Flight time this evening will be 6 hours, and we're expecting to land at Los Angeles International at 8:30pm. Right now I'd like to ask you to direct your attention to the front of your section of cabin, where a flight attendant will run through the safety procedures should an accident occur."

In seat 37B, Lisa Marsh tried her best to tone out the attendant in front of her telling her what to if the plane nose-dived into the ground. It wasn't that she was a bad flyer, she loved airplanes. It's just she didn't like to be reminded that the plane could end up becoming a 200 ton coffin if something went wrong. She thumbed through the in-flight magazine, finding nothing but articles about small towns in Europe. Sighing she put it away, and stared out of her window. Outside, dusk was falling over the bustling city of Metropolis, her home for the past 10 years. But now she had a new job, and she was moving on. She thought back to this morning, when she said goodbye to her friends at the Metropolis Post. She'd worked with most of them for 6 years, and she would miss them all very much.

The attendants and co-pilots finished their pre-flight checks. The plane powered up and started its slow taxi to the runway. Some of the children on the flight were trying to undo their seatbelts, excited, with their parents trying to keep them in their seats. The rest of the people were watching out of the windows. The plane reached the end of the runway, and started its acceleration down the tarmac. Reaching top speed, the plane's nose started to rise, and lift off. Inside Lisa waved goodbye to Metropolis, and her old life.

After a few minutes, the seatbelt light went out, so Lisa decided to get down her carry-on bag. She opened it, and pulled out a book. She smiled to herself, opening the diary that her best friend Cassie Smith had given to her as a going-away present. She immediately remembered what she had said to Lisa..."You better keep this full, because I want to know everything when we see each other again." Grabbing a pen, Lisa opened up at the first page, and started writing. "Dear Diary, I guess I'd better introduce myself since we'll be spending quite a bit of time together. I'm Lisa, and I'm 24. I've 5 feet 10, got blue eyes and black hair. People say I'm quite good looking. I'm in good shape, although I don't get to the gym as often as I like to...Well here I am, on my way to Los Angeles, and my new job for the L.A. Star paper. Will have to phone mom once I land and get into a hotel for tonight. Then I'm going to go looking for an apartment. I can't wait..."

Up in the cockpit, the flight crew are relaxed and taking it easy. The flight is going smoothly, and there have been no hiccups. The radio chimes in.. "Flight 732, this is Oklahoma City Airport, we've got some rain here in your flight path. Nothing much, just thought you guys should know." The captain switches on his mic "Roger Oklahoma, thank you for the news, 732 out"... The co-pilot switches off the link "Should we climb a little, get above the rain?" The co-pilot asks. "It's only a little rain they said. Nothing to worry about. This baby's flown through a little rain before. Stay at this altitude." replied the captain.

The attendants have started serving drinks...Lisa orders a rum and coke and settles back in her seat to enjoy it. The passenger sitting next to her turns slightly to her.. "So why are you going to L.A.?" Lisa looks at the person next to her, a stunning blonde, just a little shorter than Lisa herself. "Whoops got ahead of myself" she extends her hand "I'm Suzie...Suzie Edwards" Lisa shakes her hand.. "Hi, my name's Lisa. I'm moving to L.A. to start a new job at the L.A. Star newspaper. I'm a reporter. I used to work at the Metropolis Post. What about yourself, why are you going to Los Angeles?". "I live in L.A. I'm a fashion model. I was just in Metropolis doing a promo shoot for one of the magazines I'm in. I like Metropolis, it's a nice place. Shame I didn't get to see Superman though. I've never seen him in person." "Let me tell you that is a bonus of being a reporter in Metropolis, you get to see Superman all the time." Lisa said, a smirk spreading across her face. Suzie laughed at that ""So where are you staying in my fair city?" "I was going to check into a hotel tonight, then go apartment hunting tomorrow. I don't have to start at the Star till Monday."Suzie smiled.. "Really? I'm looking for a flatmate. Where did you say you were working? The L.A. Star? You can see that building from my apartment!! If you don't have anything wrong with you, like you're an evil maniac who kills everyone she meets, you could live with me!" "What's the rent on the place?" Lisa asked, intrigued by the proposal.Suzie laughed again. "That's the best part it's only $600 a month, so if we were to split it even, it's dirt cheap!" Lisa thought about it for a few moments then shook Suzie's hand. "You've got yourself a roommate!! So what are the ground rules..wait hold that thought..nature's calling".

Lisa stood up, shaking off the slight cramp in her legs from sitting in the bucket seat, and headed off to the bathroom. "This is a little more than light rain!" the co-pilot said, looking out the window at the lighting storm they have just entered. The captain gets on the radio."Oklahoma City, I thought you said there was a little rain. We're in the middle of storm conditions up here." "The storm developed only in the last few minutes. Sorry we could not contact you with the news we had a dicey landing here at the airport to attend to. The storm front is not that big, you should be clear of the turbulence in about 10 minutes at present course and speed." "Okay then, Oklahoma. 732 out." The co-pilot switches off the radio, simultaneously flicking on the switch to light up the seatbelt sign in the cabin. Back in the cabin, the seatbelt sign flickered on. A few grumbles came up from the passengers as they put their restraints on. The kids were looking out of the windows, watching the lightning strike down out of the clouds. A couple of smaller children were crying, scared of the loud noises.

In the bathroom, Lisa had finished her "call to nature" and opened the bathroom door. She started to exit when she was thrown back onto the toilet by a huge jolt."What was that???", the navigator asked. "That wasn't turbulence, were we hit?".."Can't have been, reading all systems normal" Lisa struggled to her feet, and managed to get out the bathroom. As she did, a huge crack of thunder roared, as a bright flash of light surrounded the airplane. The cabin door at the front crumpled slightly, then blew open, sweeping Lisa off her feet. The passengers started screaming, as Lisa held on to a nearby chair, her feet being lifted completely off the ground. Up in the cockpit, chaos erupted. "We're losing cabin pressure!! One of the outer doors has buckled!!", shouted the co-pilot. "Quick, use the rudder to compensate, or we'll go into a flat spin!" shouted the captain back."I'll try and keep her level". "I'll try and raise any airport nearby where we can make an emergency landing" the navigator shouted at the pilots.

Meanwhile, down below the crisis above, a young woman with brown hair is running down the street, trying to get out of the rain. Suddenly she looks up into the sky, which brings a look of shock to her face. The woman quickly changes direction, running into a nearby alleyway. She looks around, making sure she is alone, before removing her jacket. Then gripping her blouse, she rips it open, revealing a blue leotard underneath, with a large red and yellow shield with an "S" on her chest. Completely removing her shirt, revealing a flowing red cape underneath, she then grabs her hair and appears to pull it out. But instead of revealing a bald head, she reveals a full head of blonde hair. Finally she takes off her drab grey skirt, revealing a shorter, red skirt. The woman then runs out of the alleyway, her transformation into Supergirl complete. She scans the sky until she finds the plane. Bending her knees, she jumps into the air, turns towards the stricken aircraft, and rockets away with a whoosh.

Inside the aircraft, Lisa tries desperately to hold on to the chair, but she loses a handhold, and she is ripped off. Lisa screamed as the narrow opening acted like a vacuum cleaner, sucking her towards the open door, and the black night sky beyond. She grabbed the crumpled open cabin door with one final effort, but she has no strength left. With a grunt of pain, she loses her grip and is sucked straight out the door. Suzie screams "LISA!!!"

Lisa fell. Instead of screaming, she seemed strangely calm. "Well kiddo, I guess this is it....Next time, when your best friend asks you not to go, you say okay, I'll stay. That's the last time I'm ever flying again." She continued to rush towards the ground thousands of feet below.

"We've got to shut that door!!!" shouted the captain. "I can't keep her level without a pressure equilibrium in the cabin". The navigator quickly unbuckled himself. "I'll do it. You keep it straight". With that, the navigator opened the door. Luckily, the open cabin door was blocking off the access passage to the cockpit, so the vacuum effect wasn't occurring. The navigator ran to the door, and started pushing it.

Lisa closed her eyes as the ground rushed up to meet her. As she did, she didn't see the blue blur that rushed towards her at an impossible speed. Suddenly, Lisa realised she wasn't falling anymore. "Don't worry, I've got you" said a reassuring voice. Lisa opened her eyes to see Supergirl holding her, a few hundred feet above the ground. "Supergirl!!!" exclaimed Lisa, hugging Supergirl for dear life. Supergirl tried to comfort Lisa."It's okay, you're safe now. I'm just going to drop you off and then I'll go and help that plane." Spying an open area, Supergirl then started to drop down towards the ground.

Inside the aircraft, the navigator struggled with the door. "Come on, move!!!" Slowly, the door started to move. After a titanic struggle, the navigator manages to get the door back in place. The passengers start cheering as the navigator tries to lock the door. Suddenly a frown appears across his face. "Damn it, it won't lock! It won't hold!"

Supergirl drifted towards the ground with Lisa in her arms. "You're lucky I was nearby. If I hadn't have heard that lightning strike your plane, I wouldn't have.." Supergirl rocked, as a lightning bolt hit her square in the back. The electricity went through Supergirl's body...and straight into Lisa Marsh. Lisa's body jerked as the current hit her, and she was filled by a strange tingling sensation. The sensation grew as the electrical current circulated through her body. It ran unchecked until the sensation overcame her, and she passed out. Supergirl herself was rocked by the strike. She admirably manged to maintain her composure, and stop herself from dropping Lisa. She quickened her descent, and managed to land safely in a secluded field. "Are you all right? Can you hear me?" Supergirl asked Lisa anxiously. Lisa eyes slowly opened. She could still feel the tingling sensation, but it wasn't as overwhelming as it was before. She realised she was on the ground. She was alive!! Lisa nodded a positive to Supergirl, and hugged her again. "Thank you, Supergirl" Supergirl was amazed. "I can't believe you survived that. I was sure you would be hurt when that bolt of lightning hit me. You sure you are okay?" "I'm fine Supergirl. Please, go help the plane" Lisa pleaded. Supergirl stood up at that. "Okay then, I'll be right back". She bent her knees again and took off in a flash. Lisa watched her go, then felt the tingling sensation rise up in strength again. She tried to fight it, but it was too powerful. She whirled around, looking for someone who could help. But Supergirl had dropped her off in the middle of nowhere for all she knew, and she crumpled to the ground, unconcious once again.

In the cabin, the navigator continued to struggle with the door lock. The outside vacuum seemed to be gaining in strength. The navigator was having trouble keeping the door in place to lock it. "I can't hold this much longer! If you've got any ideas..ugh...I could sure use one right about now!" A man in the front row unbuckled himself, and grabbed the door, trying to keep it in place.

Supergirl flew up to the aircraft. Using her x-ray vision, she saw the problem right away. The cabin door was pushing inwards, and was being held in place by two men. She wondered why the door wasn't locked, and then she looked inside the door, and saw the main locking lever had been broken in two, probably by the lightning strike. She had to close that door. Quickly, she flew up alongside the aircraft door.

Inside the plane, a child in a window seat looked out the window, and saw Supergirl fly up to the plane. "Look, it's Supergirl!!!" the excited boy shouted. The other passengers looked out of the window and started shouting. Supergirl flew as close to the plane as she could get. She trained her eyes on the doorframe, and let her eyes turn red as she released her heat vision. The door started to weld to the outer frame of the aircraft. As quickly as she dared, she moved her vision around the outside of the door, welding it shut to the outer frame.

The navigator and the man holding the door suddenly realised the door was getting easier to keep closed. The passengers started cheering as Supergirl fused the door closed. They started hugging each other, glad to be alive and okay. Outside, Supergirl finished welding the door with her heat vision. She checked her handiwork, making sure the door could not blow open again. Smiling as she realised it would not, she started to move away and let the plane continue on. As the plane pulled away, the passengers all crammed up to the windows, waving to Supergirl. She returned the wave, then turned and flew off, back towards the field where she had dropped off the woman she had rescued.

Inside the cockpit, the captain and the co-pilot got the plane back under control, as it cleared the storm front. It was clear starry sky in front of them. They were alright. The navigator stumbled back into the cockpit exhausted. "Great job man, you did it!" cheered the co-pilot. "Don't thank me, thank Supergirl" the navigator replied "She's the one who locked the door". The captain reported happily "Well whoever it was, we're alright. Nothing major was damaged, and we've got clear skies in front of us. We're gonna make it out of this alive, guys."

Lisa came to as Supergirl dropped out of the sky to land near her. The tingling sensation was still there, but again it was just like a dull ache, that her senses could live with. Supergirl came over and helped Lisa to her feet. "So, where were you headed?" asked Supergirl. "Los Angeles" replied Lisa, still a little shaken up. "Hmmm. you're a long way from there. Tell you what, I'll give you a ride. Air Supergirl is a much smoother ride anyway." With that, Supergirl scooped up Lisa into her arms and lifted off. She turned towards the west and headed off towards the clearing night sky. As they flew, Lisa could feel the tingling increase in strength again. She managed to get out "Help me..." before lapsing back into unconsciousness, her senses and her body overwhelmed once again. Supergirl flattened her form out, pushing herself ever faster through the air, on her way to Los Angeles.

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