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Titaness - Part 2

Written by jnw550 :: [Thursday, 19 December 2002 17:45] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 28 April 2020 15:48]

Titaness – Spreading the Wealth

By: JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)

2 days later…

“Were you able to clock her?”

“Are you kidding?! I can’t even see her! Besides, I doubt the gun is gonna be able to track something at that much speed,” Dr. Winters replied. The research and testing team had to pick the most open area they could think of, and Salt Flats seemed as good as any. The dry, searing wind moved around him and he checked his watch. 0946. The day is still young and the team barely scratched the surface of Trina’s abilities.

Dr. Winters pulled out his phone, “Dial Fortress.” The phone sprang to life with a series of tones and pulled the radio earpiece out. A few days ago, at another Fortress facility, a significant event occurred to one of the contracted scientists who was conducting research into creating a “super” human. The funder had possibly found a cure for his daughter, Trina. She had been unable to move on her own for quite some time; her body paid the price. The scientist was Laurel Hawks, once a bright, young researcher. She had become beautiful, unstoppable female of immense power. The footage has been quietly filed away. However, what the scientists saw could not be denied. They began work immediately on Trina.

“Sir? Yes, this is Dr. Winters. Yes, fine sir. She is performing beyond our expectations so far. We will need futher equipment. Yes, sir. What we have isn’t sufficient to measure wi... thank you, sir.” He hung up the phone and hopped into his new sports car. In moments he was racing back to the test site at over 200 mph. The ground began to shake and immediately the car was buffeted to the side. When the car finally came to a stop, an immense dust cloud surrounded him and the car. He would have to tell Trina to slow it down next time.

<< >>

“We need you to put this on, Trina.” Dr. Winters commanded.

“Ummm...not much to it is there? I mean it’s slightly a bikini...I guess.” She replied. Trina had always been a tad shy. Lately, that had began to fade away. Getting power beyond comprehension and a body to match will do that to you. Her auburn hair fell in fiery waves down her back and there was always a stray strand or two in her face. When she would raise her arm to brush them away, her muscles jumped into relief. Trina would sometimes catch herself admiring the shape and power of it. She really liked how it would softly glow and hum when she flexed it. Her thighs were nearly the girth of her bust. The feel of her stomach’s etched ridges really fascinated her, and everyone else around her. She liked to move her hips around to see them dance and watch her flawless tanned skin glisten and ripple. She would giggle at the men around her because she had to press her breasts to herself to even see her stomach! The funny part is that those same breasts she so easily presses to her self are the same she inadvertently dented the examining table with. The steel simply seemed to melt and form around her breasts as she turned over. Everyone noticed the two silver mounds under the table. She was sleeping. This day was to be her initial testing to find her upper limits. It was starting to turn her on to see how men and women alike would seem to lose themselves at the sight of her. The doctors had seen her naked so much in the last few days it didn’t really matter anymore. That didn’t stop the teasing, however. All five men had made clear in their own way how much they wanted her. Trina planned on making the most of it.

“I know it isn’t much. The equipment is expensive. We cut cost where we have to.” Dr. Winters tried to sound authoritative and official. The truth was, he was terrified. Aroused, too. He had seen what she had done accidentally. Her limits weren’t known yet, but way she played with the weights at the lab’s gym was unreal. The half-ton sled seemed to float in her hands. She almost seemed bored with the whole thing or maybe a nervous habit. He was anxious to see her perform, no doubt.

“Ok, gentlemen, don’t blink.” She teased. She laid the bikini out on the field table and stepped away from it. Trina watched each man for a moment. Her full lips in a wonder of a smile. She could hear their heartbeats rising and she kissed at them. All five doctors blinked at once. When their eyes opened, Trina was wearing a glowing hot, silver bikini. The temperature didn’t seem to bother her as she cupped herself and adjusted the 3 inch piece of cloth covering each nipple. Steam rose her skin and she giggled at the mistake she made.

“I guess air friction can be a factor, huh?” she smiled. “You might need to buy some tougher material, doc. This could break if I breathe too deeply.”

“Ahem, yes. We are going to first send you on a short run to test your flat speed. A later speed test will deal with your reaction time. Here, we just want you to run as fast as you can again.”

Trina taunted, “Didn’t catch it the first time, I assume.”

“No. This time we have a satellite uplink to track you.”

Dr. Winters gave Trina the tracking device. “This goes over your back molar. Try not bite down on it too hard. Whenever you are ready.”

Trina smiled and started to stretch. She reached up into the air and her muscles bunch up and down her body in waves. She thrust her chest forward and and breathed deeply. The kevlar creaked under the strain. Winters passed her a sideways glance and she smirked, but gave in. Bending over at the waist, the scientists were offered full view of her bewildering rear end. None of them had ever seen one so tanned, toned, and smooth. She noticed their gawking and bent her knees alternately causing her ass to swing slightly. A couple of the men regain there composure and took their stations at the radar console. The others watched in awe as she lifted her legs into the air and balanced herself on one finger. Trina found no difficulty in this feat and even began pressing her body up and down. She brought legs down and let the team know she was ready.

The signal was given and she knocked over two men in her wake. The vacuum created from her take off was astounding and pulled a couple vans along the ground for a few feet. Trina felt the wind buffeting against her skin. Her legs were mere smears of color and the landscape was passing quickly. Her pace quickened to an easy Mach 1 and Trina wasn’t slightly winded. Her legs seemed to disappear under her when she quickened to Mach 2. The ground beneath her crumbled against her toes. The mountainous landscape was becoming like a wet painting that someone swiped their hand across. Trina had to laugh. This was better than any fantasy or better than any 16 year old girl could ever dream.

“I wonder if I can…” she thought.

“Sir, come see this! She is surpassing Mach 4, Mach 5, 6, 7…”

“Dear God!” Dr. Winters exclaimed.

“We’ve lost he…”

“I’m right here!” Trina smiled. “So how did I do?”

“We lost track of you. The signal was too slow to keep up with you. In essence, Trina, you outran an electronic signal. I don’t know how, but you did!” Freely was excited.

“Hmph! I thought it was because I was on the other side of the earth. You wanna hear a secret though?” She leans in close, “I could’ve gone a LOT faster.”

<< >>

Flashback a couple of days…

“Come on out Jimmy. I promise, I’ll only spank you lightly.” Laurel giggled.

The back doors of the van swung open and Laurel saw Jimmy. In front of him was the biggest, nastiest ground-mounted cannon she has ever seen. She recognized it from the demo given to visitors. The demo was designed to show people the level of security Fortress 2 contained. The same fortress that Laurel collapsed with only her powerful lungs. The plasma cannon was able to completely engulf a small car and melt it down to atoms. It was designed to leave nothing behind. Laurel clapped her hands in anticipation.

“Oh Jimmy, you shouldn’t have!”

“Laugh THIS one off, Bi-atch!” Jimmy screamed

The annihilating energy surrounded her. Jimmy watched as she bathed in the immolating heat and winked at him. Laurel placed her hands on her glutes and leaned into it, bathing her chest and face. Her hair glowed and billowed out. Laurel brought her hand up to gather her hair in a ponytail and walked further into the beam. The cement at her feet bubbled and she left footprints in the molten tarmac. Jimmy hit the power switch to full and braced himself against the recoil. Laurel’s powerful form turned around she moved her hair over her shoulder.

“Mmmmnnnn. Jimmy that’s nice! Just a little lower, please.” she enjoyed the slight warmth and “little” pulses against her bare skin. The BFG 3000 began to spark from overload and Jimmy decided to make his escape. Laurel’s hands played over her shoulders as her skin began to glow from the heat that rivaled even the sun. She turned once more to feel the pulses push against her nipples. Wanting more of the feeling, she leaned forward to feel the beam concentrate on her right breast at the point on exit from the barrel.

“MMMM, very good!” Laurel switched back and forth between both her immense tits, to give each equal play. She decided to finally put the candle out and smothered the barrel with her left tit. The circuits began to overload, as the plasma beam was reflected back into the receiver. Laurel went into action just as the small nuclear-sized explosion occurred. Everything was in slow motion to her, as she watched the metal housing expand and heat. She reached her hands out and gathered the entire 6 foot weapon into her open mouth. Some of the metal splattered down her chin and dripped onto her chest where it cooled. The rest she devoured with glee and the wiped her lips clean. She gulped once and felt the nuclear heat move down her throat into her stomach. Laurel parted her enormous globes and watched as a small glow brightened and then faded in her belly. Laurel patted her stomach.

“Not bad! I’d prefer to have it spicier next time, though.” This was too much fun to Laurel. The possibilities were endless. There was nothing beyond her reach now. She reached out for the van picked it up in her left hand. Her right reached to the far end and she brought them both together in front of her. Folding the massive vehicle was like folding laundry to her. The metal moaned in resistance, but there was no resisting Titaness. In her hands it might as well have been tissue paper. She played with the junk carving the letter “T” into the steel with her nipple and tossing it to the ground.

She sighed, “What next I wonder…” Just then she heard a large bang. Laurel remembered the military facility nearby.

“The tanks must be shooting gunnery. I wonder if they’d let me toss a few down range.” She admired her flexed biceps, which crackled with energy. She then flexed her chest and it expanded to incredible proportions. Her breasts rose up to touch her chin and she surrounded the bottom half of her face in her own cleavage. Her bosom began sparkling with energy which played across her wet lips.

“As if they have a choice!” she laughed and the earth rumbled at the sound. A slight lift from her feet and she was airborne.

To Be Continued… Next… More Testing of Trina & Laurel makes a visit to the Army base!

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