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Lara – The Awakening

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Lara – The Awakening


By Lfan









Journal of David Andrade

1/12/00 Entry


I am writing this journal entry to tell the incredible story of the past couple of weeks and the subsequent horror that I have unleashed on the world. The tragic turn of events described herein are the fault of my own work and research and involve the superpowerful force that I have unwittingly created – my wife, Lara Andrade …


My background and field of study is that of molecular and nuclear biochemistry. Putting it mildly, I am a genius in the field of science, having acquired PhD's like stacks of firewood all before the age of 25. Shortly after my 6th doctorate, I was retained by the US Government and given all the appropriate resources and funding to head up a project to unlock the secrets of "radiated gene splicing" (RGS), an unknown scientific discipline of "souping up" human DNA through the use radiation. It was my theory that this technology, if properly handled, could aid in eliminating several forms of sickness by strengthening the body's immune system to easily defeat AIDS, cancer and other forms of disease. Nevertheless, despite its merits, RGS was years from even being tested on live animals, much less humans. Unfortunately, fate has a way of derailing even government timetables …


In college, I met Lara, and we fell in love instantly. Lara was a sweet, caring person that always understood the importance of my work and research. It also didn't hurt that she was a knockout -- 5'8" 120lbs of nothing but firm femininity with blond hair and gorgeous green eyes. After a whirlwind romance, we were married and shared three wonderful years together. Even though I was at times married to my job, our love for each other never waned, but only got stronger through those years until 12/3/99 – the date that changed our lives forever.


On 12/3/99, Lara was in the midst of a routine physical when the doctors discovered a highly malignant case of bone cancer. Despite plans for aggressive treatments, the doctors were not optimistic about success and gave Lara only 2 months to live. Upon hearing the news, we both broke down and cried throughout the night holding each other tight in our arms. After that night, I became obsessed in finding a cure for my wife, even if I had to take matters into my own hands …


Over the next week or so, I feverishly worked on unauthorized experimental RGS tests with mixed results, but none even close to what I was looking for. Over this week, Lara's health rapidly deteriorated and I sensed time was running out quickly. Finally, on 12/12/99, I successfully ran an experiment where I was able to halt the spread of cancer cells and also splice the damaged cells with radiated healthy tissue. This was the breakthrough I was looking for!! Without being more patient, I let my emotions get the best of me and carelessly went to work on a similar treatment for Lara.


I explained the procedure to Lara where I would introduce a chemical into her bloodstream and then subject her to an intense spectrum of radiation which would react with the chemical in her blood, thus creating a super retrovirus that would ward off the cancer and any other infections. If all went well, my wife would be cured and, on top of that, probably have the healthiest immune system on the planet!! If all went well …


Upon Lara's consent, we secretly snuck into the lab one evening and administered her special cocktail followed by the radiation treatment. Lara was so weak during the procedure, I prayed that she would have enough strength to simply get through the procedure and make it back home to rest up. Everything went according as planned and I brought Lara home to rest. It would be the next day before we would know if the retrovirus had worked any kind of magic. As Lara slept, I looked over her gaunt, emaciated figure and thought back to the beautiful, vibrant young woman that was this person only weeks before. With that thought I wept and drifted to sleep …


I was awoken the next morning surprisingly by Lara, her face showing a vitality and glow that I hadn't seen in weeks. "David, what DID you give me? I feel amazing!!" she said. I could not believe my eyes as she practically jumped out of bed and showed the energy of a young girl on Christmas morning. "Lara, honey, you need to take it easy still, but I think we need to get down to my office and run some tests … "


After going down to my lab, I ran a series of tests on my wife and found no trace of cancer at all. Doubting my eyes I reran the tests twice more and found the same results! In fact, according to my tests, my wife that was so stricken and frail the night before now had a perfect bill of health! Not completely understanding the physical side effects of the treatment, I decided to take Lara into the gym to run some cardio and strength tests and found that Lara had the strength, conditioning and stamina of an Olympic athlete!!! "I guess your little vitamin did the trick, and then some!!!" she said as she smiled coyly at me.


Over the next few days, I tried to keep an eye on Lara while also trying to cover my tracks at work. Lara seemed to be totally in remission and seemed healthier than ever. She did not seem to need sleep as much now and she seemed more energetic than before. One night when I was working late alone at the lab, Lara visited and pulled me into the gym saying only, "I need to show you something." When we got to the gym, Lara took off her warmups, revealing the most incredible feminine figure I had ever seen. Gorgeous toned legs ran from the ground seemingly endlessly up to her navy blue biker shorts. Her abs were well defined and her ample chest was now barely held in check by a white Lycra tank top that appropriately read "Girl Power" …


"My God, Lara, you look incredible … how did you … when did this happen?" I stammered.


Lara smiled, "This morning after you left, I was feeling fine when all of a sudden a surge of pain wash over me and I fainted. When I woke up, I found myself transformed into some kind of Uber-Babe!! So I take it you like the new me?"


"It'll take some getting used to, but I think I can handle it" I joked.


"Well, if you think this is all, you ain't seen nothin' yet!!" she said. "I might look great, but that's nowhere near how I feel right now!!!" With that statement, Lara strolled over to a pre-loaded weight bar that had 300lbs on it. With a cute little glance back at me, she wrapped one of her small, delicate hands around the bar and lifted it over her head as if it were made of balsa wood. She stood there triumphantly with the 300lb bar being supported overhead by her lone slender right arm. She was a vision of beauty and power!


"Oh my god, Lara!!"


"Now watch this," she said as she brought the seemingly weightless bar in front of her and gripped it in her two hands. Lara pursed her lips and slowly and smoothly bent the entire bar carrying 300lbs into a horseshoe with no effort whatsoever. I was shocked and admittingly aroused at the sight of my beautiful wife's incredible display of strength.


Lara completely bent the bar double an then casually discarded it onto the floor. "I can't begin to tell you what this feels like," she declared. "Every fiber of my body is like its being fueled by a constant wash of energy.....SUPER energy!!! I feel so strong and powerful like there is nothing that I can't do!!"


Lara quickly looked around the gym for ways of testing and demonstrating her newfound strength. Spying a rack of free weights, she casually strolled over to the rack and bent down and picked up a 50 lb plate. She picked up the huge plate with her small hand as if it were a coaster and grabbed it firmly. Pushing her lips, she closed her eyes as if to summon the rivers of superstrength that seemed to flow through er body. Suddenly, the shrieking high pitch sound of tortured steel permeated the gym as she effortlessly shredded the disk into two jagged pieces as if it were wet tissue paper. As she tossed the mangled remains of the disk aside, Lara beamed as her confidence soared with the thoughts of her new capabilities


"So what do you think of your little wifely now?" she said as she placed her hands on her hips in a classic "power" pose. I smiled nervously as I noticed that Lara was quickly getting intoxicated over the seemingly limitless strength that now was apparently the result of my unauthorized RGS experiment on her.


Over the next few days, Lara grew only stronger, and also seemed to acquire other physical traits that could only be described as superpowers. She thought it was cute when she outran my Porsche going over 100mph without breaking a sweat. Lara's hearing and eyesight were also so acute now that they could only be classified as superhuman. Her intelligence also seemed to have jumped off the charts as she now was able to memorize and understand every shred of scientific material in our home library. She was truly a phenomenon!!


Unfortunately, Lara also had developed some other traits as well. Over the past week, my sweet wife had become more and more belligerent and ill tempered. This was evident when one of our neighbors that was making too much noise one night found his car the next morning flipped upside down in his driveway compliments of my wife! In addition, to the short temper, Lara also seemed to be developing some sense of paranoia which was becoming more of a concern for me each day. Mental illness combined with her physical prowess was not a good combination!


I took off from work early one evening to have a romantic dinner with Lara, or at least that is what I had told her. My plan was to use the intimate setting as a means to discuss my growing concern over her recent fragile mental state. When I got home I was greeted by the sight of Lara in a tight little silver dress. I was awestruck at the sight of Lara's 37-24-35 5'8 figure so perfectly situated that she looked like she walked off a comic book cover.


Lara was by now stripped of any and all inhibitions, including ones of the sexual nature. As she brought me over to the fireplace, she proceeded to playfully "tie" me up by bending the fireplace pokers around my wrists. I was aroused at the sight of her effortlessly bending the hardened steel pokers as if they were taffy! Caught up in the moment, I immediately forgot any and all plans of what I wanted to discuss with her and simply "subjected" myself to her sexual appetite for the evening!


As we lay on the floor after the most compelling sexual experience I had ever had, I was about to make two of the worst mistakes in my life:


1) I answered her when she said "What are you thinkin'?"

2) I actually told her what I was thinking


As I explained to her my genuine concern over her rapid personality shift from the last two weeks, Lara became increasing agitated. As I tried to calm her down saying that I only was concerned for her, Lara exclaimed "You fuckin' bastard! Like all men, you pretend to care but are now intimated by a stronger woman! Well, you and the world better watch out cause you and everyone else are gonna find out how strong and powerful I truly am! I don't give a rat's ass about anyone anymore, including you!!" And with that Lara grabbed her dress, ran out the door and tore down the street with a speed that could only be described as superhuman.


I figured that Lara was merely upset and would need some time to cool off. I was hoping that she would just lay low and come home after she had a chance to regroup. Little did I know that Lara was about to undergo a new lifestyle change …


I spent most of the night looking for Lara, fearing the worst. Lara had become increasingly more powerful and, little did I know, she was more and more eager to test the limits of her powers. The following day, Lara got her chance to demonstrate her power to me and the rest of the world when I spotted her strolling down 5th Street. As I called out to her, she quickly shot me an evil glance as if she was going to make me wish I was never born!! Suddenly, she spotted an armored car parked at the light and then glanced back at me coyly as if to say "Watch this!!".


Lara felt a rush of adrenaline surge through her body as she weaved her way through the traffic and sauntered up to the front of the Wells Fargo truck and blew a kiss to the driver and his cohort. A wicked smile then crept up on her face as she walked over to the side of the armored car and placed her hands on her hips, preparing herself for her little demonstration. At this point, Lara felt so sexy and powerful, she knew that the feeble reinforced sides of the truck would have no chance. Lara placed her petite hands on the side of the armored car and then began to slowly apply pressure. Her hardened fingernails began to sink into the reinforced steel as if it were butter. As Lara increased pressure, her hands plunge through the metal siding as if it was made of paper. As she pulled her arms apart, Lara became euphoric over the squeal of tortured steel that had no choice but to submit to the superhuman strength that flowed like lava through her veins. Slowly, the side of the armored car was rent apart as Lara hissed hissed aloud "Ooooooo, yes!!! I'm so strong, soooooooo powerful!! Nothing can stop me!!!" As Lara continued her onslaught, the jagged metal could do nothing but submit to her superhuman strength. Finally after the noise subsided only a huge gaping hole of jagged metal was left as testament to her little demonstration of strength.


Lara stood transfixed and shuddered as she looked down at her slender arms and delicate hands and reveled at the power that she now possessed in this small, lithe body of hers. She smiled proudly and looked around at the people who were witness to the spectacle. She felt like a goddess!! Suddenly Lara was interrupted by the shout of "Freeze lady!". She whirled around to see the truck driver brandishing his revolver, threatening to shoot. Lara smiled seductively at the men and placed her hands on her hips defiantly. After witnessing her own power at work, Lara was now confident that mere bullets could not stop her. As she ignored the warning and slowly began to walk toward the driver, she heard the initial gunshot.


For Lara, it was like everything was in slow motion. With her now super-enhanced senses, she focused on the bullet as it left the revolver and followed its path as it traveled toward her. She looked down curiously as the bullet struck her left collarbone and then quickly recoiled, not able to penetrate her now seemingly invulnerable body. "Looks like you boys are no match for this supergirl!" Lara declared. Lara continued walking toward the man as the subsequent gunfire trickled off her invulnerable body like raindrops. As she approached the man, Lara reached out and easily grabbed the firearm from him. She slowly brought the pistol to her mouth and mockingly performed fellatio on the gun barrel before slowly clamping down on the steel barrel with her teeth, completely severing the Smith and Wesson steel as if it were bubble gum. Lara held the remaining portion of the gun up for the crowd to see as she slowly applied pressure so that the gun metal oozed from her hands like an open tube of toothpaste. As an evil smile crept on her face, Lara then mumbled "Oh yeah, and don't ever fuckin' shoot at me again!!" And with that, Lara spat out the chewed metal with such force that it ripped a sickeningly hole through the drivers head!!


Lara leapt like a cat onto the top of the now vacant armored car, placed her hands on her hips and looked around. She knew that there was no force on earth that could stop her from doing whatever she wanted. And right now, she wanted to be bad!! As the sound of police sirens echoed in the distance, Lara simply stood and reveled in her power and waited for the fun to begin …

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