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Jilly Milly – Chapter 09

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Clark read the page of his chemistry textbook for the third time. Why was his mind so slow and stupid? He'd understood acids and bases so well when he was super – why he'd observed the reactions of the atoms and molecules himself. Why wasn't it making sense to him now? He wanted to throw his books onto the floor, but that wouldn't solve anything, and if he ripped his books, Ma would come down on him like a ton of bricks – again! She was NOT pleased after he'd fallen asleep in church this morning, twice. And once she found out that he'd failed three exams last week, she'd be even more annoyed with him. But she should understand that his brain didn't work the same way without his super-powers. It wasn't fair of her to expect so much. Why did she have to be so hard on him?


Besides, he was so tired again. So tired. Was this the way he was going to feel for the rest of his life if he didn't get his powers back? He didn't think he could bear being so weak. He looked out the window, watching his mother feeding the chickens, and further away, his father, cleaning the tractor engine. Is that what he had to look forward to? It couldn't be! And yet, if he didn't keep his grades up, he'd never get out of Smallville. Running this farm would be the best he'd do. He sighed and read the page again, then felt a gust of wind that blew the papers from his desk onto the floor. Damn. He reached down to pick them up, and then noticed someone behind him. He whirled around.


“Jill! You! But how-”


She floated up into the air, propping her head up against her fist with her arm bent, as if she were laying down with her elbow on his bed – except that nothing was supporting her arm in mid-air other than her flying power. “Hey, Superboy” she teased, “like my new dress? It's really super!”


He stared at it. The color was very familiar. Suddenly he got a pang and dashed across the room to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. It was gone!


“That's mine! I can't believe you would take it – just like you've taken my powers!”


“I figured you wouldn't need it anymore. So I picked it up yesterday while you were getting your beauty sleep. Claire helped me redesign it into something suitable. I've got this dress now and a little bathing suit too. I haven't decided what to do with the cape yet.”


“You're really going too far.”


“Do you think so? You have no IDEA how far I've gone!”


He felt stricken. “You've decided not to give me my powers back then? I thought you'd said – I should have known. How could I have ever imagined that you'd do anything but keep them.”


She shrugged. “Now that I have them, I really can't imagine being without them,” she said simply. “Sorry.”


“I really thought this would blow over, that we had an understanding. And when you came by Friday – I KNEW there was something strange about it – the way you ran off. But I thought – with you visiting me – and then kissing and the things we said … that you had feelings … like mine. But obviously not. You were just faking it all the time.”


“I was NOT faking.” She put her hands on her hips, annoyed. “Just listen to you! What kind of feelings do YOU have for ME? One night you're kissing me, the next you're up in the Ferris Wheel with that little goody-goody Jessica, your lips locked on hers, sucking super-power juice out of her. I suppose you're going to tell me you were thinking of ME while you kissed her? Hah! You're as manipulative and phony as anybody! And what are you going to tell her? I can't believe you of all people would use her like that. She's such a 'sweet' girl – even though she's totally plain-looking.”


“She's a hundred times the person YOU are.”


She floated off the ground so that their eyes were at the same height. “That's nice to know. I'm sure she is. And can she do this? Can you?”


“So THIS is what YOU'RE going to use my powers for? To taunt me? You're just going to keep my powers for your own selfish amusement – while depriving the world of its only Protector.”


“Oh yeah, Superboy, the great savior of the world. You're making like you're such a hero. But you left that purse-snatcher to die just like I did. For your vanity. Because YOU didn't want anybody to know you'd lost your powers. YOU just like being a big shot, and when you've lost your powers you just mope around in your room. You know better than I that I'm right. Have you told your parents yet? Your mother? Are you lying to them or telling the truth? What is it, Mr. Hero?”


“I'm not even going to answer you.”


“Of course you won't. Because I'm right and you can't admit it. Like the thing about Jessica. As if you'd go for her if you had the choice between the two of us!” She floated down and stood next to him, looking him over, letting him admire the curves of her body that stretched her super-dress tight. “I KNOW what YOU like, but are you still hot enough for ME?”


She grabbed his arm and felt it. “Pretty soft. You don't seem to have much power left. Did she jerk you off last night or did you do it to yourself?” He stared at her, shocked.


“Was she good?” She looked down at his crotch. “Wooo-wooo! That's dried saliva on your dick! Did Jessica do THAT? I didn't think she was the type.”


“You're unbelievable! I can't believe the things you're saying. What kind of girl ARE you?”


“Well, for one thing, I'm a LOT more experienced than I was a day ago. I've been making my way around the world for the last 20 hours, screwing with any man I've wanted, and I tell you it's been GREAT! I've come over a hundred times. Hawaii, Australia, Russia, Mali, Ethiopia, Italy, France, and Iceland.” She stretched and shook her shoulders back and forth, loosening her body, and letting her breasts bounce. “I've learned so many things about my body I had never even imagined – and my father's a doctor! I never DREAMED what pleasure I could have! I think that guy in Iceland was the best. And what about you? I bet you're just dying for a kiss from me.” She pursed her lips and made little smoochy noises. “I can kiss with my pussy too. Matumba really liked that.”


He stared at her in shock. Y-you mean, you've had sex with,” he counted the countries, “eight men in one day!”


She smirked. “More. Some of those are big countries. I never realized how big until I flew over them.”


His mouth hung open and he looked her up and down, imagining her super body undressed, then shoved the thought out of his mind. He couldn't believe he was still attracted to her – after all she'd done to him and with others! He stammered, “S-so you can fly now and-”


“Uh-huh.” She smiled. “I bet you're curious about what little Jill can do. Let's see.” She hooked her fingers around the belt loops of his trousers and lifted him over her head. Superboy cried out and flailed his arms and legs helplessly. “Oh, don't be scared,” she said, laughing at him. “I'm not going to drop you!” She got a gleam in her eye and moved one hand to his crotch and started touching him.


“Hey!” Superboy protested, pulling uselessly against her unfathomable strength, while he stared down at her breasts.


“Just checking you out while you look at me. I think your superpowers made me a little bigger somehow. I'm curious whether losing yours made you smaller, and, now that I've had a little experience, I'll see how you 'stack up' against my other men. Do you want to know where you rank?” She touched him lightly, flattered that even with his activity the previous evening, he was rapidly getting harder. She stroked him a few times, then stopped – before he could come. “That's nice, Superboy. Thanks for showing me.” She put him down and he glared at her, his anger tempered by a touch of fear at his helplessness and the discomfort within his pants.


“Let's see. You already know I have super-vision and now super-strength. What else?” She took a letter opener from Superboy's desk and plunged it onto the back of her hand, the blade folding on itself back to the end. She tossed it to Superboy. “Looks like I'm invulnerable too. Do you want to try hitting me? I just KNOW you'd like to.” She smiled sweetly and presented her chin as she shifted her hips back and forth in a sexy way. He couldn't help but clench his fists, but left them at his side, his muscles tense but still.


“Super-speed,” she said, zipping around the room so quickly that she seemed to be in five places at once. “Super-brains.” She glanced down at his chemistry text and his homework. “You know, since I'm in tenth grade I'm just doing biology this year, so your chemistry's all new to me. Hmmm.” She flipped quickly through the text up to page 87 and then looked at his homework, where Superboy was working on acidic reactions. “Oh, I see. You've completely missed the point, Superboy, about precipitation of salts. Sodium chloride is just one type of salt. The combinations of different acids and bases will produce different salts based on their composition. You won't get table salt if you use sulfuric acid instead of hydrochloric acid-” She held her tongue at the word “dummy.” No need to rub it in THAT much. “Anything ELSE you want to know?” She stared at him, her arms folded across her chest. “The thing is: I've got ALL your powers now, Superboy. ALL of them.”


“All right! You've told me enough. But understand me, Jill, I will get them back.” He spoke quietly with total determination. “I've lost them before, but I've always gotten them back. I promise you that. You may think you've won, but I will never rest until I-”


“You'll what?” she interrupted. “What are you going to do? Build a super-power transfer machine? You have a kit for that? You going to order one from Sharper Image? Or are you so smart you can invent one?” She arched her eyebrows. “Don't you think that if that were possible somebody would have done it already and used it to steal your powers? You're not super-smart anymore Superboy. You're just an ordinary high school student, struggling with his French, his Science, his History. You're not going to discover tachyon radiation or bombard me with tetryon beams to remove my powers. I stole your powers the low-tech way, and there's no way I'm going get tricked like you were. Your time as Superboy is over, so get used to being plain old Clark Kent. Get used to life in Smallville too, cause it's going to be awful hard to get out.”


He looked at her. She was probably right about the extent of his mental abilities, but he could not accept that he'd never get his powers back. He was not born to be an ordinary human. He would never give up. He would do anything, try anything, to get his powers back. And he would keep trying until the day he died. She'd have to kill him to be safe.


Jill could see him thinking about what she'd said. Sure it was hard for him, but it was a hard truth. Just let him try to stop her. She was infinitely more powerful than he was now. She could crush him into a pancake, reach into his chest and pluck out his heart while it was still beating, put her lips on his cheek to kiss him and instead stick her tongue through his skull and suck out his brains. But as she thought about his angry stare, she wondered: How far was she going to take this? She struggled with herself. She'd wanted to tease him, defeat him, make him admit she'd won, but this was getting sort of heavy now, rather than fun. She didn't really want Superboy as an “enemy”. She wanted to mess him up a little and then show him a few things, especially after her incredible night of sex and discovery. She was the powerful one now, and the more experienced one. She was going to show him just how weak and naive he was. But he was really serious about this. Just what would he be capable of – if he was really determined? What if he destroyed her, just as he'd defeated every other super-criminal. Was that really what she was now? A 'super-criminal?' She swallowed. After all, she'd killed two, maybe three people in the last few days and crippled several others. She had never thought of herself that way, but suddenly another picture of herself was stealing into her mind – one she didn't really like. She'd thought of her powers as fun, and as something she could use to make her life exciting and help her friends. But maybe what she was doing was wrong. Maybe …


Just then the doorbell rang. Jill looked down. “It's that Jessica!” she blurted out, looking at Superboy, her surprise quickly turning to glee.


“Jessica!” he said with alarm, remembering last night.


Jill smiled and pursed her lips. “Want a kiss, Superboy? A quick power-up before your girlfriend gets here?”


“Clark, are you there?” she called from downstairs.


“Yes, I'm … I'll be right down.” He looked at Jill. “Don't do anything to hurt her, Jill.”


“You're the one who'll hurt her, not me, Superboy,” she replied smugly, and followed him downstairs.


He opened the door. “Hi Clark!” She looked around to make sure his parents weren't there, then leaned forward to kiss him, only to stop short when she saw Jill. “Uh, hi.” She looked at Jill closely, cringing slightly at her figure and her figure-hugging dress. “I, uh, didn't realize you had company. Maybe I better, uh, go.”


“D-d-don't go, Jessica. This is Jill Pell. She just stopped by. She's uh, a friend.”


“I'm his cousin, actually,” Jill added. “His mother is my Great Aunt.”


Jessica stared at her. “You're Dr. Pell's daughter. You were there when-” She stopped short. “I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to say anything about that.”


Jill nodded and smiled. The girl knew how to keep a secret.


Superboy looked at the two of them and realized he couldn't say anything about the transfusion either – not without giving away his secret identity to Jessica. “I guess you two have met before,” he said limply. “At Dr. Pell's? I uh, know you were sick. Come in, won't you Jessica?” He stared at her. Her lips – that surprising source of his power – were just inches away. He put his hand on her shoulder to draw her closer for a kiss, but she pulled away. She wouldn't kiss him, not in front of Jill. He sighed. “Would you like a cold drink?”


She nodded uncertainly as she walked in. There was something in the air, something funny. Clark seemed almost frightened when he saw her, and was clearly uncomfortable with both Jill and her around. Sure, Jill may well be his cousin, but Clark was adopted. Maybe she'd just interrupted something. She cringed inside. She might not have a lot of experience with boys, but she didn't need that kind of experience to feel the tension in the air. Clark looked shy and introverted, but he'd known exactly what to do up in that Ferris Wheel. Boys didn't learn that without practice. And the way he'd looked at that Gudrun told her something too. He was a man, after all. Obviously, he was attracted to large breasts, like Gudrun's and Jill's. Her own breasts barely filled her A-cups. Still, he had treated her kindly, and he couldn't have been faking his interest in her. She was sure she felt an erection against her. She might be innocent in her own personal experience, but living on a farm meant you knew these things about boys. Maybe he just needed her to guide him toward the right path. Women always had a stronger moral sense than men. She knew that from church – the most active members were all women.


Maybe he'd had his 'experience' now, and was ready to move to a higher level.


She'd just have to use her influence on him. But before she'd thought of the right thing to say, Jill took her arm. “Well, it's nice to see you're better. Come on, let's make some lemonade for S – Clark. I think he still has some homework to finish. Aunt Martha has some mix, and we can chat for awhile.”


“Oh! I-” She looked helplessly at Clark. She wanted to see him, not her. Still, if he had homework to do … And maybe she'd find out something from talking to Jill. “OK,” she replied and followed Jill to the kitchen. Jill used her X-ray vision to find the lemonade, a pitcher and mixing spoon, then opened the cabinets as if she knew her way around from long familiarity. “You know Clark well?” Jessica asked.


“Very well. I know all his secrets,” Jill said mysteriously. “He's full of surprises. And you? He's never mentioned that he knew you.”


“Oh!” She blushed. “I guess we've really just known each other less than a week. I was sick for a long time and didn't leave the farm much. But our mothers have known each other for a long time.”


“That's nice,” Jill said as she stirred the water into the mix. “You look like you're feeling better. I guess Superboy's blood really did the trick.”


“Uh-huh. It worked almost right away,” Jessica said, whispering, wishing that Jill wouldn't talk about it. What if somebody overheard? She leaned over to Jill confidentially. “I suppose I can tell you this. Can you believe that it even made me a little super for awhile. The day after we came back I practically pushed a broom right through the floor! But of course it didn't last.” She stared at Jill's dress, especially the cut-out, and looked down at her own flattish chest, wishing that some magic potion could give her breasts like Jill's. Then she bet she'd have no trouble getting and keeping Clark as her boyfriend. But she was amazed that Jill would go out in such revealing clothes. She couldn't help but say, “That's an unusual dress, uh, especially for Sunday. You didn't wear it at church did you?”


Jill laughed. “I haven't been to church for years! My father stopped going after the minister got elected to the school board and stopped the local schools from teaching evolution. My father said until the church stopped meddling in science, he wouldn't meddle in religion. He lets us make up our own minds, and I stopped going the next week. Mom goes sometimes but I think it's to see her friends.”


Jessica was horrified. “But you're missing the word of God! What guides your life?”


“Why, I do, of course! But really, Jessica, you seem pretty smart. I can't believe you are, you know, one of those fundamentalist types. I really don't see how can you respect a minister who doesn't believe in science.”


Jessica tried to explain. “Science is a false God! The point is, it's not what's important.” She struggled to express her thoughts. This was SO important. “My minister, Pastor Brown, teaches the Christian message to the true believers so that we will be saved, even if it's only a small group of us. I'd be happy to take you to our church one Sunday, and you'd hear the true message of God, as preached in the true church. We-”


Jill held her hand up. “Please. Don't try to convert me Jessica. I DO believe in science and you should too. Isn't science what saved your life?”


Jessica shook her head. “No! Absolutely not! Yes, Superboy's blood has extended my life for awhile, but it was God who brought Superboy to Earth to help us all, and God who brought him to me, for his own mysterious purposes. If it had been my time to die, I would have gone to Him willingly, and if He has saved this frail vessel it is to do His own work for a little while longer before it again withers and dies.”


Jill looked at her and almost laughed at loud. It was hard to think of anything about Jessica's vessel that was worth saving! But she suppressed the urge to put her down like that and just said, “Right. So God is behind Superboy? And you give God credit for what Superboy did for you?”


“Of course! I'm not denying that Superboy did a wonderful thing, but I also believe Superboy was a gift from the Almighty, to teach us through Superboy's acts of goodness and generosity how we may live our own lives. His heroism is an inspiration. He clearly is a Christian, and lives his life following the example of our Lord, an example of humility, self-sacrifice, of the use of power in the service of what is good. But we may not confuse the two. As great as Superboy's powers are, they are nothing compared with the power of God.” Jill shook her head. “But think! Superboy could lose his powers, but God can never lose his. Superboy can be weakened by kryptonite, but God is immune to all harm.”


“I guess you can make up anything you want about God. No one can prove you wrong. But you can't prove to me that you're right. And how do you know Superboy is a Christian? Have you ever seen him in church? How do you know God even exists?”


“Jill! I'm amazed at you. It's so obvious. Listen, Superboy could have landed anywhere in the world, to any kind of family. Yet his rocket came here, to the heart of America, the most God-fearing country on Earth! And not anywhere in America, not to its sinful cities or its centers of pleasure, but to its center of Christian values and beliefs! Imagine if Superboy had landed in pagan Africa! Or godless China! Or even New York. Then he would surely have been taught to uphold the values of Satan and fight against the true God. But instead he was found by a good Christian woman and taken in by a kind and loving family. What other evidence of God's will do you need? Can you imagine if Superboy had been brought up differently, to have an evil heart and to use his powers to hurt and dominate us instead of helping and protecting us? Imagine the evil he could do and worse, the example he would set for people who might see in his power the sanction of God.”


Jill smiled. “But that's just what you do. You assume that Superboy coming here is a sign that God sent him. What would you say if Superboy lost his powers to someone who doesn't believe what you do? Maybe that would be God's will too. Would you take it then as proof that you were wrong?”


“Of course not. Then it would be a trial to test us.”


“So, whatever happened wouldn't change your beliefs?”


“I would hope not. I would hope my faith would be strong enough for any trial that may be sent to me. But if it weren't, then I would pray for more strength. One thing I do know is I can bear anything if God lends his strength to me.”


Jill tried hard to keep from laughing, imagining the power of God in Jessica's body. It was so funny to listen to Jessica talk about strength, when it was she, Jill, who had been given such immense power that she could crush her like a bug with her thumb. How WONDERFUL it was to have Superboy's powers. All the preaching Jessica and people like her could do could never change the fact that she, Jill Pell, was the most powerful being on the planet and could do whatever she wanted. No one could stop her. Jill held up her hand. “Jessica, I'm so sorry I started you on this. Save it for your Sunday school. I don't agree with you one bit. As far as I'm concerned, it was our dumb luck that Superboy landed in Kansas instead of somewhere else, nothing more.”


“No! You don't understand. When God-”


Jill looked like she was going to explode. “Jessica! Enough!” Jessica looked at her calmly. “Can we just FORGET we ever HAD this discussion?!!”


Jessica shrugged. “I'm sorry I've upset you so much. I really didn't mean to,” she said defensively. “I thought you were interested. Maybe we should talk about this another time, when you're more relaxed.”


“I doubt it,” Jill replied. “Let's just bring out the lemonade, OK? Superboy's probably getting thirsty.”


“OK,” Jessica said reluctantly, and started walking to the den, then stopped short. “Hey, you mean Clark. You said Superboy.”


Jill turned to her sharply. “I did?” She chuckled. “So I did.” She walked to the foot of the stairs. “Hey 'Clark'! Did you finish your homework?”


He came downstairs. “Almost. Hey, lemonade! I sure am thirsty.” He drank a glass quickly. “That's good.” He looked longingly at Jessica. “Uh, Jill, would you excuse us for a minute? I just want to talk with Jessica.”


“Sure. I'll just stay here and turn on the television. I bet you guys want a little privacy.” She winked at them.


Superboy and Jessica went back into the kitchen. Jessica looked up at him and Superboy bent down and kissed her. He felt a small tingle of power and hungrily pulled her closer. “Clark! It's Sunday!” she said, breaking away with difficulty.


“I know, but … we've been to church, haven't we?” he said, quietly. Jessica nodded and returned to his lips. Superboy held her close. Kissing her made him feel so much better! “Jessica!” he said, pausing a moment for breath.


“Oh Clark!” she replied. “I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing coming by your house today. I thought you might think I was too forward.” He shook his head. “I'm not making you too … er, excited, am I?” She looked down, indicating his obvious erection.


“No, no, it's fine,” he replied, a little uncomfortable. “It doesn't hurt or anything. It, uh, feels good. I just, you know, have to stop it before we go, you know, too far.” He returned to her lips and kissed her some more. She tightened her arms around him, her kisses becoming more and more frantic, until she stopped suddenly.


“I'm not sure I can!” She was breathing heavily. Her face was flushed. “I … I think I need a cool drink. Maybe some lemonade.” She headed for the door, walking away unsteadily. Superboy caught her. “No Clark. It's enough … for now. Maybe … someday …” She looked at him significantly, thinking, if only they were married …


He nodded. “OK. I'll wait just a bit. You know.”


She looked down at his crotch and nodded and then left the kitchen. Superboy looked around and lifted the kitchen table over his head with one hand, sighed contentedly, and then went back to the den.


“So, what were you two talking about? It seemed pretty quiet,” Jill said mischievously. Jessica blushed bright red.


“Uh, nothing important. Just … stuff.” Superboy replied.


Suddenly he started. He heard a familiar voice humming. He looked at Jessica in a panic. She'd heard nothing. It must be his partially restored super-hearing. Jill must hear it too. “Uh, excuse me. I just thought of something I have to do outside.”


Jill looked up. Her eyebrows rose at Superboy's obvious unease and she quickly glanced toward the door, then she moved into Clark's way. “Uh wait, Clark. Before you go, there's something I wanted to ask you.”


“Jill! Can't it wait until-”


Jill hooked her arm around Superboy's, holding him in place without appearing to expend much effort. “I just wanted to know if you and Jessica were, you know,” she bumped his hip with hers, “going steady.”


Jessica turned redder but couldn't help but look at them, desperate to know what he would say.


“Please Jill. I have to-”


Jessica stared at them. Clark was trying hard to get away, but Jill was holding him fast. She knew Clark was strong, so how could Jill stop him from going? Unless he wanted to be next to her. Clark must still be attracted to her body! Maybe the two of them were playing some kind of game – to embarrass her. But why would they do that? Why would they be taunting her? It didn't make sense. She walked toward them. “Jill! You should let Clark go if he needs to go outside! What are you doing?”


There was a loud knock at the door. Jill smiled and let go. “Whatever you say, Jessica. You should see who's at the door, Clark.”


Superboy looked at her with fierce anger, and then back at Jessica with a helpless expression. There was another knock. “Ya? You home?” spoke the gruff, deep voice.


Superboy took a deep breath. “I'll be right there.” He steeled himself and walked to the front door and opened it, feeling Jessica's eyes on his back.


“Hi Gudrun.”


She wore overalls and a large red turtleneck that was several sizes too small for her, her breasts pushing the shirt over the front flap, while her biceps stretched the sleeves. “I wear this to show muscle … and breast. You like?” She looked down at Superboy and pulled him to her with her thick arms, pressing his head into her chest. “Mmmmm. You feel strong again. Get spit from girl?” She felt his arms happily. “Gudrun like Superboy strong.”


“Clark!? What's SHE doing here?” Jessica said, her voice veering between a tremor and a wail. “Claark?”


Superboy turned slightly, but he was caught tightly in Gudrun's grip. “That the spit girl? She the one with you … in my show.” She relaxed her grip, letting Superboy go, and walked into the house to look more closely at Jessica, the floor shaking with each of her steps.


“I underestimated you, 'Clark,'” Jill smirked.


“You KNEW her?” Jessica cried, between gulping breaths. “S-since WHEN? I thought-”


“It happened last night, Jessica. I can explain-”


“You SAW her last NIGHT? After we … after what you said and … and then today, just now, in the kitchen. What kind of-”


Jill laughed out loud. “I TOLD you you'd hurt her. I had no idea how soon!”


Gudrun studied the three of them and smiled. “He Superboy but also just a man.” She shrugged. “For me … Fine.” She looked at Jill. “Who she?”


Jill held out her hand. “Jill Pell. Your name is Gudrun? I bet you're Gudrun, the 'World's Strongest Girl.'” Gudrun nodded and took her hand to shake it, Jill's small hand was lost in Gudrun's.


“Why is she calling you Superboy too?!” Jessica yelled. “You're Clark Kent. None of this makes any sense!”


“Jessica, let me explain-”


Gudrun looked into Jill's eyes. “You very calm. Hiding secret. You other girl.”


“What girl?” Jill replied. Gudrun suddenly squeezed Jill's hand with all her strength. “Ow!” Jill said, pretending to be hurt. “Why'd you do that?”


Gudrun nodded. “You phony. I break hands with strength. You not hurt. You fine. Look at hand. You the super. You the thief. Blood thief.”


Jill yanked away her hand. “Y-you're crazy. You're lying!”


Superboy and Jessica watched in silence.


“I not lie.” Gudrun spotted a broom in the corner and grabbed it and swung it toward Jill, who realized she was trapped. She could either dive away at super-speed or let the broom break over her head. Either way, she'd be exposed. The broom crashed down onto her and broke, while Jill stood, unharmed.


Jessica stared at her, then at Gudrun, and finally at Superboy. Her eyes rested on him for twenty seconds before she said, quietly, “Is it true?” He nodded. “All of it? You're Superboy?” She turned to Jill. “You're super? You took Superboy's powers?” Jill nodded. “She said you were the blood thief. You were alone with us, in Dr. Pell's office, when we were hooked up to the machine. And I got a little super but you … you must have switched things around. You took all his blood! Oh Lord! Oh heavens! So that's why – But what did she mean about the spit? The spit girl.”


Jill was happy to fill in the blanks and shift the attention to Superboy. “You're the spit girl, Jessica. Your spit gives Superboy some of his powers back. That's why he just LOVES to kiss you.”


“It is NOT!” Superboy said firmly. “Jessica, please believe that-”


Jessica swayed on her feet, as though she was going to faint, and closed her eyes. “Oh noooooo! I should have KNOWN it was wrong! And this, this is my punishment. Oh Lord!” She steadied. “I'm going now,” she said in a oddly high voice. “I need to go home.”


“Jessica!” Superboy cried.


“Stay away,” she said, her voice breaking. “Don't you call me. Ever! I'll pray for you.” Tears streaming down her face, she turned to Jill and Gudrun. “And you. For all of you! For ALL of US!”


She walked toward the door, the tears trailing her. Jill cracked, “Well, Superboy, you won't be able to plug into that power outlet anymore,” eliciting a loud series of sobs from Jessica as she staggered out.


“YOU SHUT UP, YOU EVIL FIEND!” he shouted and hurled himself at her, slamming his fists against her torso, and then crying out when they collided with her invincible body. His fists exploded in pain where they hit her shoulder bones, and even his forearms ached where they pushed against, and were quickly repelled by, the barrier created by the initially soft but ultimately unyielding tissues of her jutting breasts.


She stood, unmoved, laughing, her hands on her hips, enjoying the complete futility of his attack. “Forget what it's like to be invulnerable Superboy? I guess you've never experienced it quite this way.” She snared his arm and closed her hand around his biceps and he winced, his face contorting in agony as she tightened her grip. “Your muscles feel so soft to me. Are you eating marshmallows or do you just stuff them up your sleeve to make your biceps look big to impress your muscle-bound girlfriend?” She picked him up by his belt loops for the second time that afternoon, but this time with an annoyed attitude demonstrating her cool superiority, rather than the playful expression she had worn before. “I bet you thought kissing Jessica made you strong. Don't make me laugh. Even with what you've gotten from her you're no more than an insect compared with my strength. And I can take all that away from you with a shake of my boobs and a few strokes of my fingers on your little dick. You're nothing now. You're hopeless and pathetic, Superboy. I should just learn to call you Clark from now on. Everyone else will.” He twisted and turned, trying to free himself, then tried to activate the shreds of his flying power, but Jill just pulled him back, like he was a child's helium balloon. “Ha! I know you miss using super-powers. So you'd like to fly again? Well, I can arrange that!” With that, she flicked her wrists and tossed him across the room at Gudrun, knocking them both over. They lay on top of each other, groaning. “Just remember you two. My secret may be out a little more, but if either of you spills it further, I promise I will kill you.”


Superboy struggled to his feet. “You wouldn't dare.”


“I already have – and for a lot less. I don't play by the same rules as you did, Superboy. I don't need to hurt you any more than I've done already, but I will if I have to. I have a life to live – my way, not yours – and I don't want you interfering.”


Gudrun stood up. “You a bad one.”


Jill flew over to her, a foot off the ground, looking her in the eye and then lifted her in the air. “You've got big muscles girlie, but you're not the strongest girl in the world. Don't you forget it.” She hit her lightly in the stomach and Gudrun doubled over, groaning in pain. “Ha! That will show you and your oversized muscles. And you can be sure I wasn't even trying!” Jill let her slide to the floor and then flew out. Superboy held Gudrun, rubbing her stomach as she caught her breath.


“She very strong. Great strength,” she said admiringly between gasps. “But very small muscles.”


“She's more evil than I'd ever imagined,” Superboy said. “I must stop her,” he vowed.


“She very very strong.” He helped Gudrun stand up. “You stronger now, but you get no more spit.” She sighed. “I sorry.”


“That's all right Gudrun. I … I feel bad for Jessica. What I did was wrong.”


“You marry with Jessica? No.” She shrugged. “Silly girl. For me is fine. You a boy. Like other boys. Want me?” Superboy nodded. She bent down and kissed him, long and hard. “But you be careful,” she warned. “No coming. Want you strong!”


“Yeah,” he agreed, holding her, his hands finding comfort in the powerful bulk of her muscular arms. She lifted him, holding him against her breast.


“Listen, I'm going to call Dr. Pell. I'm supposed to see him tomorrow, but there's no point now.” Gudrun put him down and he dialed the number, only reaching the doctor's service. “No he can't call me back. Yes, you must get him on the phone or give me his number.” He sighed. “This is Superboy. THANK you.” He shrugged and Gudrun smiled. “I guess it does have its advantages. I may as well use them while I can. Yes, hello Dr. Pell. Listen, I'm going to cancel my – what? But … you KNOW? – But I thought you … are you sure about this? She's your – Well, all right. I just didn't think that you'd … Oh! All right then, two o'clock, an hour earlier. Yes, I'll bring it. I'll see you then.” He hung up the phone and looked at Gudrun. “He wants to see me earlier. He wants me to bring some kryptonite, in a lead box of course, for an experiment. He thinks he might be able to get me my powers back.”


“You trust?”


“What choice do I have? But he sounded very sincere. Maybe she's used her powers against him too.”


Gudrun picked him up again and held him, kissing him deeply. “I not prayer girl. But I give you thoughts.” She held him more tightly and pressed him close to her.


Just then the door opened. “Clark? Clark! What are you doing? CLARK! Who IS this – girl?”


Gudrun put him down. Superboy, his face red from excitement, and embarrassment, announced, “Ma, this is Gudrun, Gudrun Swenson, my girlfriend. Gudrun, this is my mother, Mrs. Kent.”


Gudrun blushed but looked at her coolly. “Glad to meet,” she said stiffly, holding out her hand.


Martha took it, craning her head up to look at her. “What is the meaning of this Clark? And where is Jessica?”


“She, uh, had to go Ma.”


“Well, I must say I am shocked Clark. Absolutely shocked at your behavior. And on a Sunday! Miss Swenson, you should go. Now. I have to speak with my son. And you Clark, you-”


“I go.” She looked impassively at Mrs. Kent and then walked out.


“Well! That was so rude. She just left!”


“You asked her to go Ma. And I don't think-”


“You have a LOT of thinking to do. Did Jessica leave crying because of this … this behavior of yours with Gudrun? Jessica is a wonderful, sweet young woman, a good Christian girl, and here you are with this … this THING, who you yourself have told me is a menace to our town. What has gotten into you Clark?”


“She's not what you think she is. If you talked to her-”


“TALK? She TALKS? Do you mean to tell me you have CONVERSATIONS with her? As far as I can tell, she isn't capable of doing anything more than grunting and flexing those disgusting muscles and other things that I DON'T care to discuss with my son!”


“Ma, you don't know her.”


“And YOU DO? Exactly WHAT do you know about her? If you'd listened to the sermon this morning, instead of sleeping through it, you would have heard all about the striptease show she does at carnivals, not to mention her other shameless and brutal behavior.” Martha looked at him closely. “Was THAT where you were last night? With HER??”


Superboy looked back at her. “Yes. I was. I'd seen her show … with Jessica, and then later she …


Martha turned red with anger, then took several deep breaths. “Clark. I have NEVER had to speak with you about your behavior before, but something has affected your judgment, as well as your super-powers. We have tried to raise you as a moral being, but now … now you've started to stray, badly. I know losing your super-powers has been a shock to you, but we all suffer shocks and disappointments. This is a trial, Clark, one you must triumph over. Perhaps you will get your powers back. Perhaps you won't. But one thing you must not lose is your soul. I see that you are attracted to her. Heavens, I cannot imagine why a man would want a woman with such muscles! It's altogether unnatural. But I accept that you find her attractive. Still, you MUST resist that impulse. You must promise me you will never see her again. Now, I will phone Emily and apologize for you and then you must-”


Superboy took a deep breath. “No, Ma. I won't do that. And you mustn't call Mrs. Carson. Yes, I do find Gudrun attractive. Very much. But she's … she's not a bad person. She's smart, and perceptive, and has a way of seeing things that … that helps me. I need her now Ma. I really do.”


Martha was astonished. “You need HER?? For WHAT?”


“For … strength. She understands what happened to me. She believes in me. And I believe somehow that she'll help me get my powers back.”


“She understands … how could she …” Martha took Superboy by the shoulders. “Have you told her something? Something you haven't told us? Your parents.” Superboy's heart pounded. He swallowed and nodded. Martha burst into tears and hurled herself onto the couch. “Ma. Ma. I'm sorry. Really. I should have told you but … but I didn't want to hurt you. Really. That's the only reason.”


“I don't understand.”


Superboy explained what had happened in Dr. Pell's office and with Jill, Jessica and finally Gudrun, leaving out certain details of course and changing a few others. Martha slumped over when she heard what Jill had done, but then stood up when he finished. “That Jill Pell. I would like to send that girl to the moon!”


“Maybe she's already been there,” Superboy quipped.


Martha was startled, and then smiled. “You still have your sense of humor then. Good. I'm glad you are seeing Dr. Pell tomorrow. Maybe he WILL help you. Only God knows what's in his mind. I was planning to drive you there. I have a few errands I was planning to do in Chester. Tomorrow is as good a time as any. You know, dear, I'm completely on your side. And so will your father be. I'll explain this to him – in my own way. We don't want to give him a heart attack, do we? Now I WILL call Emily-”




“-but I won't say anything more than that the two of you had a difficult day. You kids will have to work things out yourselves. No reason we old ladies should interfere.” She looked at him closely. “And I suppose you must bring Gudrun around for dinner. I don't approve of loose behavior, Clark, but if you see something in her, then, well, I must try to see it myself. It is wrong of me to prejudge her, whether by her reputation or the shape of her body. Hopefully she'll leave something for the rest of us to eat.”




“That was a joke Clark.” She hugged him. “Have you finished your homework?”




“Well do it. You need to be caught up if you'll be missing half a day of school tomorrow. You're going to have a busy day.”

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