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Little Firebug – Chapter 14, Captured!

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Little Firebug – Chapter 14


by Sharon Best


The hot tub behind the cabin

Even at their best, Gold grenades don’t work terribly well. In this case, it didn’t take Puroutll long to discover that the grenades were hardly working at all, at least at first. The thin fibers, charged with static electricity, normally covered the victim’s body with a thin layer of gold-coated plastic foil as they were attracted like magnets to anyone near the burst. However, the swirling waters of the hot tub discharged them and left them merely floating around in the water. He could see that the man and girl’s body’s were partially coated in them, but not as tightly as was required to sap their strength adequately. The Arion’s, also affected by gold, stood on the side as the invulnerable Kintzi, cringing at the thought of getting their paws wet, finally dove into the boiling water to subdue the two of them.

Kara and Kal had still been kissing, lost in each other’s embraces, when the explosions of the grenades occurred in the water next to them. The impacts lifted their bodies completely out of the water, tearing them from each other’s arms, partially coating them with gold fibers, before they plunged downward again. Kara felt her body weakening at the same time as her libido soared and her mind got fuzzy as the gold intoxication hit her like a hammer blow. She swirled around, disoriented, trying to find who the enemy was, but was only greeted with sharp claws and teeth, and a lot of wet fur. She had never met any Kintzi warriors before, but Aurora had described her encounter with them (Author’s note: Aurora, Chapter 4). She quickly deduced that she was now confronted with these fearsome warriors herself. She knew they were not nearly as strong as she normally was, but her body was now partially coated with gold. Her relative weakness, combined with the Kintzi’s incredible fighting skills, was going to make them formidable opponents, even one on one, let along with these odds!

She quickly saw Kal go down hard as two of the Kintzi smashed their clenched paws into his face, each blow throwing a huge column of water into the air as his head snapped backward. She saw Kal trying to fight, but the Kintzi were too quick and too strong for his rapidly weakening condition.

Kara began to feel afraid, an emotion that was very unusual for her. This was not going well! She struggled mightily to come to his aid, but a massive blow against the back of her head as two paws, tipped with razor sharp claws, grabbed her bare breasts from the back and powerfully jerked her away from Kal. She gasped as the sharp claws hurt her breasts terribly, her invulnerability clearly reduced by the gold. She looked down to see the claws buried painfully, each creating nearly an inch deep dimple in her soft flesh. She saw no evidence that they were actually going to break through her skin; she still was reasonably invulnerable to injury. But her resistance to pain was nearly gone; the claws feeling like fiery knives as they roughly tore at her soft breasts.

She lashed out desperately with her feet, but was greeted by two of the Kintzi who grabbed her ankles as they hung on to her powerful legs. Their bodies thrashed around wildly in the water as she flexed the powerful muscles of her long legs, trying desperately to dislodge them. But they gradually overpowered her as they pulled her legs apart while lifting her into the air. She looked down to see one of the Arions, holding a thick metal rod, leaning forward to reach between her legs. She heaved her pelvis upward, lifting the two Kintzi into the air, as her steely muscles still retained some of their amazing strength. A third Kintzi then grabbed her roughly, his paw squeezing her between her legs, as he forced her back down toward the wood deck, his clawed fingers spreading apart her swollen labia! Her eyes were huge and panicky now as she felt the Arion reach forward to jam a thick metal rod, green sparks shooting from it, deeply into her body!

An explosion of ecstasy filled her body, one she immediately recognized. This was an energy projector, an Orgone energy projector! Her body arched upward, out of her control, in response to the strong overpowering stimulus. The Orgone energy, combining with her already intoxicated state, began creating immediate and continuous orgasms, nearly completely disabling her ability to fight back!

Meanwhile, Kal was fighting for his life, and he was losing! He saw stars in front of his eyes and had trouble concentrating on what he was doing as the intoxicating effects of the gold were compounded by the mighty blows, each more powerful than a hundred pounds of TNT, as they hit his face again and again. He staggered forward as he felt his weakened hands being pulled behind him as something was suddenly clamped around his wrists, his arms immediately becoming numb. He felt another metal object, a gold chain belt this time, being attached to his waist. His entire body was now intoxicated with gold as his strength left him, his body suddenly feeling as weak as a kitten.

The Arion’s grabbed him and hoisted him out of the water as they crushed his face down against the concrete slab beside the deck, their hard boots smashing his face painfully against the rough surface. He felt a second smashing blow to the back of his head as his face cracked the concrete beneath it as he suddenly felt darkness rushing over him. He was out like a light even before the Arion smashed his foot down a final time, this time fracturing the 6” thick slab as he shoved Superman’s head deeply into the shattered concrete.

Mewtl and Puroutll then turned to help subdue the young girl. Mewtl grabbed her hands and tried to hold them behind her back. Her body, far more powerful than the Kryptonian’s, despite being in the throws of nearly continuous orgasms and intoxicated with gold, still had some fight left. She flexed her surprisingly powerfully muscles again and again, muscles the like of which Mewtl had never felt before on a woman. Despite her weakened state, Mewtl was thrown off balance as he suddenly felt himself flying over her head as she got a good grip on his wet fur while flexing those slim but powerful arms of hers. The other two Kintzi dove in at the same time to grab her thrashing arms and legs again.

Puroutll turned to see his Exec tumbling through the air, flying toward the edge of the cliff, his arms and legs flailing, trying to grab something to stop his flight. His claws tore some deep scratches in the rock at the edge of the cliff, but his strong momentum still carried him over the edge. His long screech echoed from the walls of the canyon below as he free fell toward the canyon floor, far, far below. Puroutll knew he would undoubtedly survive the fall, he was a Kintzi after all, but it would take him a while to climb back up here, that much was for sure.

Meanwhile, one Kintzi grabbed each of the girl’s arms, her body now in the throws of continuous powerful orgasms from the combined effect of the Orgone energy and her strong exertions. The Arion turned the power up to maximum on the energy emitter, the girl’s body responding as her sharp cries of pleasure/pain split the air. Puroutll saw the Arion’s grinning and talking excitedly to each other. He knew he needed to put an end to this, the Arions were enjoying this far too much!

He turned and lashed out to smash his clenched paw into the girl’s face. The blow of his steel knuckles hitting her face rang like steel against steel as he hit her hard cheekbone. He then began pummeling her, blow after strong blow, each one powerful enough to shatter concrete, as her body was assaulted with massive pain and massive pleasure at the same time. Each strong blow sent a wave of pain up Puroutll’s arm, but he snarled in satisfaction as the girl’s head was gradually forced backward by his blows. He finally leaned forward, grabbing her exposed neck, his clawed fingers groping for the pressure points that would make her unconscious, while her desperate struggles nearly pulled the other Kintzi’s arms from their sockets. The two holding her arms were using all of their own super strength to try to contain her, but their bodies were taking a tremendous beating as her arms threw them around. Yet she could not get free, she was already too weakened by the gold and the impossible sensations from the Orgone energy!

Puroutll wrapped his legs around hers as her body surged upward against his, the Orgone energy driving her to find satisfaction in any way, even with such a creature! He smiled grimly at her body’s crude reaction to his as his claws finally found the right points on her neck. He squeezed her neck tightly just as he felt her heat vision striking his face. She had little energy left for projecting energy this way, but the smell of wet burnt fur still filled his nostrils for a moment before her eyes grew dim and then closed, his claws finally pressing on the right nerves. Her body suddenly sagged back into the hot water as the Kintzi, their arms strained, bruised and nearly broken, grabbed her wet hair and roughly dragged her out of the tub to drop her face down on the wood deck. The Arions placed the gold handcuffs and waist chain on her. In addition, they snapped a solid gold bra on her. Her breasts were far too dangerous to be unrestrained, at least around these Arions. Not with the Orgone energies they now had absorbed!

Puroutll felt her neck again, no heartbeat … good. He had used what would normally be a killing hold. In her case, though, he knew that Velorians could exist indefinitely without a heartbeat, even after such a nerve pinch. The right kind of energy blast would wake her up again, her super body unharmed after even days without blood circulation. At least being ‘dead’ would keep her quiet, he thought with a smile.

He withdrew the Orgone rod before grabbing her hair and throwing her over his shoulder, her limp feet dragging on the ground behind him, while keying the codes on his communicator, calling for his ship to return. While waiting, he walked over to the edge of the cliff, but could not see the bottom due to an overhang. He had no idea when Mewtl was going to get back up to the top, but decided not to wait for him. He would let him call in when he was ready and then send the scout ship back for him. He was far too anxious to get the Kryptonian into proper restraints back on the ship as he was now fully awake again and looking angry. He still didn’t fully trust these new restraints.

The two Arions grabbed Kal, his struggles pitiful now as he had only a fraction of his normal strength left. They carried him over to meet the silver ship as it gently landed again on top of the prominence. They saw him glancing at the girl, her lifeless body laying beside him, as a wild crazed look filled his face. He struggled for all he was worth to break his restraints once again, massive muscles flexing, but to no avail. They finally grabbed him roughly and dragged him into the ship at the same time as the girl’s crumpled lifeless body was casually tossed, head down, into a corner of the ship. They then off-loaded the strange machine that the Arion’s had given him earlier. The timer on their secret weapon, Puroutll saw, was now down to only two hours before it expired. He had no idea what would happen then, but he didn’t want to be around when whatever happened … happened.

The door snicked closed, the jets roaring immediately, as Puroutll staggered across the cabin, the ship accelerating at 50G’s, his legs barely able to support him during the strong acceleration. Finally slumping in his seat, he noticed that the sky out the window was already turning purple as they rushed upward from the atmosphere. He turned back to stare at the unconscious girl. He looked forward to his ‘interrogation’ … she was going to be a real challenge, his first experience with a Velorian protector! And such a young one at that!


Gabby and Ted were nearly to the top of the cliff when they heard a final thundering roar of jets. The strange silver craft lifted rapidly upward from the top of the cliff before racing into the sky at tremendous velocity. It was lost from view in seconds as it clearly was accelerating faster than any normal aircraft ever could.

Gabby used her strong arms to lift herself over the lip of the cliff as she took a belaying position to secure Ted. She heard him call out that he was climbing. Less than half a minute later, she heard a loud screech, like a huge cat in heat! There was a huge pull on the rope, almost enough to pull Gabby back over the edge, before the strain was suddenly and ominously released! She flew backward, her strong legs still flexing against the strain, to land painfully on her ass. She scrambled back to her feet, pulling the rope upward, only to find a torn end, almost as if it had been cut! It was just at that point that she heard another scream, this time a clearly human one, as it went on and on, echoing from the walls of the canyon as it moved rapidly down the cliff. She rushed to the edge, now convinced that Ted had fallen, only to stare into the large luminous eyes of a huge catlike creature!

Gabby backed away, her legs trembling, as a huge furry orange creature, looking like a morph of a house cat and a human, climbed over the edge of the cliff and stood on its hind legs. It was not a tall as she was, but looked immensely powerful. Each lithe movement of its body, powerful feline muscles moving beneath the short fur, gave ample evidence of the creature’s power. Gabby turned and ran, her long legs thrusting her body forward with athletic grace. She had traveled no more than ten steps before she felt a powerful blow that threw her forward, landing hard on the wood of the deck. She felt soft fur pressing against her back as the creatures strong paws, claws biting into her skin, turned her around and pinned her arms behind her.

Mewtl easily overpowered the Terran woman as he sat on top of her stomach while he felt her struggling beneath him. She lifted his body into the air as she tried to throw him off, but he was too strong for her. Mewtl was still impressed, she was very strong for a Terran, he would give her that, and very tall as well. But she was still no match for his own strength. He roughly twisted her arms behind her as he pulled her to her feet. He found some strong rope which he used to bind her hands before tying her to the railing beside the deck.

He then began to look around for his communicator, he had lost it during the fight. He had seen his ship taking off and knew that it would not return until he called for it. Now where in the Framl did that communicator go?

It was nearly two hours later and Mewtl was still searching. He was now underwater, searching the bottom of the murky hot tub, filled with sticky gold fibers. He hated getting his fur wet like this, but it was still better than being stranded on this dirtball planet. He finally gave up, it obviously wasn’t in the tub. He was just climbing out when he heard a loud tone coming from the other side of the house. Being the curious type that he was, he crept around one edge of the house, keeping his body low to the ground. He saw a large black container, blinking lights all over one end, as it sat on the ground. He remembered seeing this in the back of the scout ship on the way down; what the Framl was it doing here?!

The tone sounded again, more urgently this time, as he suddenly saw the lid of the box opening up, a burst of cold mist coming from inside. He crept closer, not at all sure what this Arion machine was supposed to be doing here. Getting close, his body flattened against the ground, tail twitching in anxious excitement, he tried to read the Arion script on the controls. It took only a few moments to discover that it was actually a ‘freezer’, something the Arion’s used for really long space flights. They achieved a type of suspended animation in these things.

The gauges told him that whatever, or whoever, was inside it had been warmed back up and was ready to emerge. He suddenly realized that it wasn’t smart to be this close, so he darted back, his paws hardly touching the ground, as he silently hid around the corner of the house.


Sharil opened her eyes as she felt the strong warm sun shining down on her. She smiled, knowing that she must be on Earth now, her mission finally beginning. She turned to the side to see Carr, his body stirring slightly as he also awakened. She reached her arms slowly upward, the warm sunshine feeling good on her hands, as she slowly rose from her bed to take her first look at her new home, this planet called Earth.

Mewtl saw two slim arms reaching up, covered in a tight-fitting shiny blue fabric. A moment later, he saw a girl, looking remarkably like the one they had just fought, as she slowly stood up and looked around. He saw that she had long blonde hair and large sparkling blue eyes. Very pretty, he guessed, in a human sort of way. She was wearing a skintight blue top with a large red ‘S’ centered in the middle of her very dramatic chest. She also wore a bright red skirt, very short, displaying her long tanned legs. Her flowing red cape and red boots completed the costume, a costume that reminded him of the pictures he had seen of Superman.

He was still staring at the girl when a tall powerful man slowly stood up next to her, a man that was dressed exactly like Superman himself! Given that Mewtl knew they had just captured the real Superman and a girl like this, he suddenly realized the full details of the Arion plan, understood their ‘secret weapon’. They were going to substitute their own people for the Kryptonian and Velorian they had just captured! Once again, Arion technology astounded him … how could they produce beings such as this, such perfect clones. His eyes, accustomed now the appearance of Terran’s from all the movies he watched, could not see any differences between these two ‘Arions’ and the two people they had just captured! Besides, a blonde Arion girl was something he had never seen before!

Sharil flexed her strong calves slightly as she floated up into the air, her flying ability, nearly unheard of in an Arion, was effortless and smooth. She was still thrilled at the changes they had made in her body as they had blended her Arion genes with those of that captured Velorian woman. The transformation had been very long and painful, but the results had been spectacular. She now had all the flying ability of a Velorian woman and most of her strength! She knew she was a little younger than the girl she was to replace here on Earth, she would not turn 15 for another few months, but the blending of her genes with those of the captured Velorian woman had made her look much older than she actually was, more like an 18 or 19 year old. She looked down at her dramatic figure as she smiled at the view, especially of her breasts. No 14 year old girl had ever looked like this before, she thought as she smiled broadly to herself.

She hovered about ten feet above the ground as she drifted over to look down over the edge of the long cliff. The terrain here was beautiful, much like that of the part of Aria she had grown up in. She was amazed that she felt no fear, no acrophobia, hovering just above the edge of this massive cliff. Her confidence in her new powers was nearly absolute.

Turning around, she was surprised and shocked to spot a lone Kintzi warrior crouching low near the corner of the building, watching Carr’s every move. This was unusual. In her training. she had been told that the Kintzi always worked in groups, never alone. She scanned the area around, even using her super vision to look through the building … no other Kintzi were here, only a lone woman, a Terran by the looks of her, who was tied up at the back of the house.

Sharil suddenly swooped toward the Kintzi, her cape and blonde hair flying behind her, as she landed directly in front of him, grabbing his paws in her hands. She felt his coiled feline muscles straining, the normal strength of a Kintzi was about half that of an Arion Prime male. Her own very feminine muscles flexed dramatically as she found she was easily able to overpower him. She was once again amazed at how strong she was now. Before the treatment, a slim young Arion girl like herself would probably have been overpowered by a Kintzi like this or at best it would be an even match, at least as far as raw strength went. Now it was completely different, as she easily matched his strength without even beginning to strain herself.

She pinned the Kintzi up against the wall for a moment, his paws over his head, as she began to feel the claws of his strong hind legs starting to dig into her stomach. She knew what was coming, so she tensed her buttocks, her cute young ass growing more rounded as her buttocks pushed the back of her tiny skirt up quite a ways. The expected burst of strength from his powerful legs was met by her flying power as her hard rippling stomach did not give an inch under the powerful thrust of his hind legs. His blow went the other way, sending his lower body crashing backward through the thick timbers of the cabin wall. She held his paws in her hands while flipping him over her head as she launched herself after him, doing an agile backflip in mid-air, her years of gymnastic training still useful to her. She finally caught him from the back, her arms encircling his, reaching around his chest.

Mewtl struggled violently, but it was clear he wasn’t going to get free of this girl’s incredible embrace. He felt her arms tightening around him as he was suddenly struggling to even breathe. He tore at her hands with his claws, claws that could easily tear steel apart. Yet they were now ineffective against her smooth tanned skin. In fact, they didn’t even leave a mark on the back of her hands despite his desperate clawing! This was not like any Arion girl he had ever met before, she felt like the Velorian woman she appeared to be!

Carr was amused as he watched the young girl restraining the Kintzi so easily. He was still infatuated with her, her gorgeous body, her long blonde hair. In every way, she was a perfect replica of a young Velorian woman. He still remembered the young 13 year old girl, not very pretty, that had started this program with him. The only unique characteristic she had possessed at that time was a genetic structure that was more easily modified than the other girls they had examined. That and her gymnastic training, she had been a top competitor on Aria. He had watched her short strong body undergoing the radical genetic treatments, rapidly maturing her into this tall gorgeous blonde woman, this ‘Supergirl’. The fact that he knew that her mind had not changed, that she was still a very young inexperienced Arion girl, while her body was that of a slightly older Velorian woman, was incredibly exciting to him. Exciting and arousing!

He had also learned that this young girl had a definite cruel streak in her, especially now that she had so quickly gained such beauty and such invincible power. She had started to tease him with her sexy body as she watched how he responded to her gorgeous blonde athletic looks. She knew that he, like most Arion men, had a very serious infatuation for Velorian women. And she felt and looked every bit a Velorian now!

Sharil looked back at Carr now as she saw him looking at her body once again. She flexed her muscles dramatically while restraining the Kintzi, knowing how much that would excite Carr. He had stared appreciatively at her strong gymnast’s muscles even before her transformation. She also saw him watching the way her breasts, far larger than any mature Arion woman, were mounding up against the steel muscles of the Kintzi’s back. The Kintzi’s closely trimmed fur hid nothing as Carr floated up above her to get a better view. She felt a tingling feeling between her legs and in her breasts as she knew he was staring intently at them once again. She had been completely flat-chested when she started this program; she was still totally thrilled with the dramatic changes in her body!

A tingle rushed up through her arms as she decided to show Carr one more thing she could do with this part of her young body, especially this new part that he admired so much. She suddenly thrust her firm breasts forward while squeezing her arms even harder around the Kintzi. She immediately heard a loud cracking noise as she felt her breasts, now steely firm from being partially crushed against her chest, as they snapped the ribs of the Kintzi’s back! She thrust them forward even further as she felt her nipples getting hard and tingly, feeling almost like they were pleasantly burning, as her amazing twin mounds crushed the life from this hapless creature!

She was staggered as she felt a sudden incredible surge of tingling warmth racing through her body, a sensation that almost made her want to cry in pleasure, or was it wonderful pain, as it raced down between her legs. She had never felt such a sensation before, did not know what it was, as the pleasure was so extreme that her legs collapsed dropping her to the ground, the Kintzi’s lifeless body still in her arms. She spread her legs around his hard body as his soft fur felt wonderful between her thighs for a moment as she gripped them against his body, more loud cracking noises coming from beneath her. The wonderful tingling sensation peaked and then slowly left her body as she opened her eyes again and was able to breathe once again!

Her body now felt like it was floating on air as she thought about Carr, his eyes watching her do this. Just that thought made some of that feeling come back, but not quite as strongly this time. Feeling immensely satisfied with her power and strength, she stood up before tossing the crushed body of the Kintzi back to the ground in front of her. She turned, hands on her hips, breasts still proudly uplifted, to face Carr.

Carr was astounded and incredibly aroused by watching the girl crush the Kintzi this way! The excited spasm’s of her body, and her soft cry, suggested that the excitement was possibly bringing the young girl her first orgasm! He was even more impressed when she turned to face him, her huge proud breasts stretching her blue costume outward, her nipples now hard and engorged, tenting forward another inch as the thin flexible fabric of her costume was stretched nearly to the tearing point. He realized that for the first time in her life, she was actually sexually aroused! She looked at him in a funny way, her sparkling blue eyes holding his, as he floated closer to her. His hands were just lifting up to embrace her, the way the man in him knew she needed to be held now, when she spun away, her laughter carrying on the wind, as she teased him once again.

This was the game she now played, that of turning him on but not letting him actually touch her. It was driving him mad, but he had been told to tolerate her behavior, no matter how extreme it was. She was just too crucial to their new plans and there was no assurance that they could make another being like her again. But for the love of Pretar, this was getting hard! She was such a tease, and such a beauty!

Sharil, now the one and only Supergirl of this planet, leaped high into the air, her gorgeous calves flexing as she accelerated upward. She looked back to see Carr stumbling along behind her, his enhanced body still barely able to fly. For her part, she seemed to have all the grace of a Velorian woman as she soared upward, accelerating to suborbital velocities, as she headed east toward Metropolis. She knew that Carr could eventually reach nearly the speed of sound, his male Arion body could not be modified nearly as much as hers. He would just have to cross the country as best he could. She would be in Metropolis in minutes, he would take hours to catch up with her.

Carr strained to accelerate even faster as he raced across the stark barren canyon lands of Utah. The girl had disappeared into the sky over his head, a red streak from her violent passage through the air was all that remained to show him which way she had gone. He knew she would be in Metropolis before he even reached the Colorado border! He was concerned that he wasn’t going to be with her to keep her out of trouble. Despite her confidence and power, she was a very innocent and naïve girl in so many ways.

Sharil plunged back into the atmosphere as she aimed her body for the center of Metropolis. She maintained her incredible speed, her body glowing white-hot from the air friction, as she soared toward the skyscrapers. At the last moment, she turned and flexed all the muscles of her body into steel hardness. The immense flying power her muscles suddenly generated decelerated her at several hundred G’s to bring her to a trembling halt just above a downtown street in the center of the city. She heard sharp thunder echoing from the tall buildings and the sound of glass falling and breaking all around her. She shrugged, not understanding what the shock wave from her body had just done to thousands of windows. She floated down to land on the soft green grass of a city park.


Sam and Kurt were sitting under the tree sipping their wine, trying to shake off the ringing in their ears from the incredible blast they had just heard, very much like an exaggerated sonic boom, when they saw a young blonde girl floating down to land on the grass about 30’ away. She was gorgeous, very young yet built like a fitness model, or maybe a Playboy centerfold, or perhaps a combination of the two, Sam thought with a smile. Her figure startled him as he had never actually seen a girl with a body that dramatic before. They both stared at her as she slowly turned to stare back at them. She hesitated for only a moment before walking over to stand over them as they lay on the soft grass.


Sam couldn’t help himself as his eyes traveled slowly up her long gorgeous legs, following her thighs upward until they disappeared under that tiny skirt of hers. He felt his body stirring as he noticed her eyes boldly following his!

“Hi, my name is SuperGirl. How can I help you men?”

Sam and Kurt looked at each other, they certainly had at least one idea how she could help them! But she would probably get arrested if she took her clothes off here! Besides, she said she was SuperGirl … maybe she was Superman’s little sister or something. After all, she had flown down to land beside them and she was dressed a lot like him. Whoever she was, she sure had a lot nicer legs than he did, that much was for sure!

Kurt spoke first, hell, he was willing to play along with her. “Well, you could help us get some money. We have no homes or food, just the things you see on the ground here.”

Sharil was shocked; no homes! She looked at their disgusting dirty appearance as her nose wrinkled from the smell. Well, they certainly didn’t take bathes very often, that much was for sure.

“What happened to your money, I’m sure you haven’t always lived like this?”

“The bank has all our money,” Kurt said. “They took my house, my car, everything I owned. The rotten bastards left me in the street to die like this. They did it to thousands of people, just like me.” His anger, never far below the surface, boiled over as he pointed to the Chase Manhattan Bank building. “I got no job, no nothing now, they have it all.”

Sharil knew that Superman did good deeds for people here on Earth, it was appropriate that she do the same. These men weren’t her enemies and they definitely needed some help from somebody! She listened as Kurt continued talking, telling her about how the ruthless and greedy banks were stealing everyone’s money and leaving them helpless and homeless in the streets. She got more and more angry as she listened. She couldn’t understand why Superman hadn’t already fixed this. Well, she was here now, she would take care of it. Starting by helping these men!

“Well, I think I can help you. Come with me, I’m going to get you everything back that the bank took from you.” With that, she strode purposely toward the bank building, Sam and Kurt looking at each other blankly for a moment, shrugging their shoulders, before standing up and scrambling to keep up with her. They had no idea what she was going to do to help them, but, by God, did her legs and ass look gorgeous when she walked like this. Her strong calves, bunching and relaxing with each step, mesmerized them as they followed behind her. They would follow her to hell if need be as long as they could stare at those gorgeous legs!

The bank guard saw the beautiful blonde walking across the street, cars barely missing her as brakes squealed, as two of the men from the park scrambled along behind her, trying to avoid being run over themselves. She wasn’t even watching where she was going as she headed right for the front door, the door he was guarding! She was wearing a costume that reminded him of Superman, but this was most definitely not him! Maybe his little sister perhaps or his cousin. His eyes grew larger as she approached, my God, did she ever have a figure on her! I guess that makes sense, he thought to himself with a smile, at least if she was a Kryptonian like him.

She finally reached him as he opened the door to let her in. After all, Superman would always be welcome here, why not Supergirl. The two homeless men following her were a different matter. He quickly closed the door and told them to scram, get out of here, get away from his doorway.

They paused, their eyes moving between the guard and the girl as they saw her pause just inside the door to wait for them. Her keen hearing picked up what the guard was saying to them as she angrily walked back out the door to confront him.

“Why are you stopping these poor men? Your bank has already taken everything they have, I want to help them get it back. I want you to stop hassling them or I may have to hurt you!”

“Look, Lady, these are just bums. If the bank has anything of theirs, its because they didn’t pay their bills. So take your ‘friends’ here and leave. We don’t want any trouble.”

Sharil was pissed now. She now understood how these men felt, this bank really was cruel and uncaring! They should at least be polite and listen to them! She put her arm around Sam and Kurt while guiding them toward the door once again. The guard was suddenly standing in front of her, blocking her way.

She stepped between the men to confront the guard, grabbing his jacket and slowly lifting him off the steps with one hand. Sam and Kurt stared at the girl as their mouths fell open in amazement; she was really strong! They watched as the guard’s hands gripped hers as he struggled to open her hand, but he could not get free. She finally tossed him strongly backward to land against the railing of the stairs as she turned to open the door for the two men.

“Halt now, or I’ll shoot!” She paused, turning to see the guard aiming his gun at her while struggling to get back to his feet. Her face broke into an amused smile as she slowly walked toward him as his gun wavered nervously, generally pointing at her chest. She stopped just in front of him, putting her hands on her hips, as she stared up into his eyes. He was now standing on a step slightly above her, as his gun pointed at her dramatic chest. She took another step toward him as she shrugged her shoulders slightly, casually slipping her left nipple into the end of the wide barrel of his .45Auto!

“So, you think you are a big man, do you. Well, if you really want to shoot something, then why don’t you shoot ‘that’.” They both looked down to see her firm nipple, so clearly displayed as it tented up under her costume, now just as clearly stuck in the end of his gun barrel. “Or would you rather prey on these poor men who your bank has taken everything from?” With that, she leaned forward as she buried the end of the gun more deeply into her large soft breast.

The guard was shocked, shocked and aroused, as he saw the barrel of his gun sticking into the girl’s huge incredibly firm breast. He tried to step back, but his back was to the wall now as she pinned the gun against his body with nothing but her soft breasts. He put his other hand up to push her away, his hand sinking into the softness of her chest as he shoved with all his strength. She didn’t budge.

“I doubt your little toy here could hurt me anyway, but why don’t you try. Maybe you will learn to leave me alone after this, to leave Supergirl alone.”

The guard tried harder to pull his gun away as he felt her fingers reaching up to hold his hand. He saw that a crowd had gathered, most of them staring at his gun as it was stuck firmly into the girl’s tit. How in the hell had he gotten himself into this situation? He suddenly was scared as he felt her finger touching the trigger as she started to push it backward.

“No … get away. Don’t do that you’ll …” … BANG! Sharil felt a strong blow against her breast just before she felt the gun explode, fragments imbedding themselves in the guard’s chest as he suddenly went limp and collapsed. She turned slowly around, looking at the shattered gun in her hand, as the crowd gasped and fell back a few steps. She lifted it over her head, showing it to everyone, as she squeezed it firmly, the hard steel groaning and bending slowly as it squeezed out from the sides of her fist like toothpaste. She tossed the crushed gun back to land at the guard’s feet while adjusting her costume slightly, wiping the powder residue from her top, from her hard nipples, as they now tented up under her top. She gave the crowd a quick smile, and a little curtsy, before walking back to the door of the bank, quickly opening it to let the amazed and shocked homeless men in! The three of them started to walk across the huge lobby together, the gorgeous young blonde and the two scraggly bums from the park.

Supergirl heard an alarm bell ringing as she saw the massive safe door, nearly ten feet thick, closing on its motorized hinges. Two more guards raced into the lobby, their guns aimed at her and at the men with her. She saw a flash from one of the guns as a bullet raced outward toward one of the men. Her hand flashed out, grabbing the bullet in mid-air, before throwing it back at the guard just as hard. It struck his chest, knocking him backward, red blood spurting from the wound.

She felt two more strong impacts against her other side as she heard the other guard’s gun firing, bullets bouncing off the steel of her body. She turned to face him as the strong impacts marched up her stomach and began striking her soft chest. She kept her hands on her hips and just smiled at him as he fired into her body until he ran out of bullets. She then squinted her eyes for a moment as her heat vision reached out to focus on his gun, the metal suddenly turning red hot. The guard yelped and dropped it as he turned and ran from the lobby. Sharil turned, a satisfied smile on her face, and began walking toward the vault again, the homeless men following her in amazement as they grinned at each other. That was where they kept the money, all right, this girl was going to be Ok!

The remaining guard was frantically talking with the Captain of the Police S.W.A.T team as he told him that this girl, she called herself SuperGirl, was robbing his bank. He felt the floor shudder for a moment as he looked up at the monitors again. He saw the young blonde tearing through the 10’ thick door, her muscles flexing fantastically, proving that her gorgeous body was not only harder than steel, but a lot stronger as well. He told the Captain to bring some serious artillery with him, handguns had no effect on this Girl of Steel.


The scout ship finally reached the Arion mother ship as the angry Kryptonian was dragged, kicking and shoving, from the ship. The Velorian girl, her lifeless body still in a formless heap by the door, was lifted from the floor by her filthy wet hair, her body still covered in strands of plastic and gold strips, and dragged down the hallway. The Kryptonian kept glancing back at her lifeless body, his face a mask of worry. They finally threw the two of them into a holding cell while they made the final adjustments to the interrogation chamber.

Kal’s hands were still clasped behind his back, but he rolled over next to Kara as he placed his ear against her chest. He listened intently for a moment until his worst fear was confirmed, her heart was not beating; she was dead! Both Kara and Lois, their minds trapped in this lifeless body, were now dead as well! Tears filled his eyes as he collapsed across her still body, the loss of his love and his lover overwhelming him with grief.

It was an hour later when the door crashed opened and two Kintzi came in, one grabbing each of them and dragging them off down the hallway. Kal soon found himself in a huge brilliantly lit room containing two sets of massive golden shackles that hung in mid-air. He slumped to the floor as he saw them lifting Kara’s body into the first set, her nearly nude body spread-eagled as they undid her handcuffs and locked her wrists and ankles into the massive shackles. They then removed the golden bra they had placed on her while keeping the gold chain around her waist.

He had a sudden irrational hope; they were setting her up for interrogation as if she was still alive! Surely they must know that they had killed her down on the planet? Perhaps they were confused, or maybe, just maybe, they knew more about Velorian physiology than he did. He watched as an Arion female, apparently a doctor, listened to her body as she started to pull some heavy cables out from a cabinet set near the floor. Kal paid no attention to what they were doing to him as his hands were undone and he was lifted up and stretched out in mid-air like Kara. He saw the doctor pointing a measuring device at her breasts as the entire length of the sensing rod lit up. She looked impressed as she took a step back, almost as if the girl was giving off some radiation or something. She walked across the room to put on what looked like a lead-lined jacked before she returned to take some more readings from Kara.

The doctor continued to probe the girl for another 30 minutes before another Arion female came into the room. She picked up two huge cables, each more than an inch thick, as she opened up the clamps at the end. The clamps looked like a set of jaws with sharp teeth designed to grab and securely hold whatever they were clamped to. Kal was surprised when he saw them opening up the jaws and then clamping them down hard on Kara’ s bare breasts, the sharp teeth dimpling her flesh deeply as they bit into her soft breasts. One cable was clamped to each breast as all the dials on the machine they were attached to suddenly began waving, lights flashing. Kal heard a low hum rising up from inside the cabinets that the cables were attached to. Both of the Arions turned and walked around behind the machine before putting on some goggles to protect their eyes. The first Arion reached out and touched a button on the console.

The cables suddenly leaped from the floor as massive energies coursed down them and blasted into Kara’s lifeless body. Sparks flew from every extremity of her body, her long hair stood perfectly on end, as the incredible electrical current stimulated her muscles. Her entire body suddenly exploded into a mass of tight curves as her hard muscles spasmed, her arms and legs jerking violently. Kal saw her mouth open, a loud scream splitting the air of the room as her body began to glow, her breasts most of all, as purple sparks arced from her body to the floor beneath. The glow got more and more intense, her body looking like it was covered in purple fire, until Kal started to hear screams, screams he knew were coming from his lover! The Arions heard them too, the woman’s hand touching the console again, as the current was suddenly turned off, Kara’s body sagging downward once again.

Kal was elated as he looked through the transparent steel wall into the next chamber and saw that Kara was moving again, her chest heaving as she gasped for air! He had not known until this very moment that Velorians can live for some time, many hours obviously, without a heartbeat yet can still be revived. He now assumed he had the same abilities, but wasn’t in any hurry to find out what that felt like!

His elation was short-lived, however, as he saw a number of Kintzi filing back into the room, their toothy faces showing sadistic grins as he realized that the worst was yet to come. He had never heard of anyone who had survived a Kintzi interrogation before. Deep down, he knew this was going to be the first time, he was determined to survive! He was not going to let Kara/Lois die here on this ship any more than he was intending to do so. His sharp mind began to work on the possibilities as the interrogation team walked over to Kara first.

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