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A Superworld – Shazam: Cherry Bomb, Part 3 (final)

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Chapter 8

Rachel was sitting in her sofa at her house, comfortably wearing a silk nightie and reading today’s newspaper. The bell rang, so she put on a blue robe and went to answer it. At her door, was a young girl with bright pink hair and a red bodysuit. She was panting, sweating and crying.

“Help me!”

Chapter 9

Felicia descended on Times Square, her dress swaying with the wind. She wore an ornate crown, and had a superior expression on her face. With all eyes everywhere glued to her, she strode towards a group of reporters who had just interrupted an report to film her. With a flick of her wrist, the young reporter with a microphone in her hands had her neck broken with a violent snap. Felicia stood in front of the camera, its operator frightened beyond description.

“Film. NOW!” she ordered, and the poor man obeyed.

“Citizens of this Earth. Lowly humans! I obtained power beyond your wildest imaginations. I have the strength of the gods and magics of old under my command! So I come here now to declare myself the rightful ruler of this planet!”

The people hearing her had mixed reactions. Some laughed nervously, while others were scared to death.

“Your police force can’t save you. Your army can’t save you. You heroes…” she laughed sarcastically. “Oh, they can’t save you. Now, KNEEL!”

Some of the people watching actually kneeled, so powerful and imposing was her voice. However, most of them just watched the scene with a mix of embarrassment and fear.

“I said … KNEEL!” this time, every single person in the city kneeled towards Felicia, as she raised her hand and swung it downwards. Every single person, except for Rose and Rachel, who were watching the news. Nevertheless, they felt an abysmal force trying to bend their knees, and had to use their unhuman strength not to submit.

Rose had just gotten to Rachel’s house on the outer skirts of the city. After telling what happened in the abandoned building the night before, she and Rachel both changed to their combat uniforms, and waited for Felicia to reveal herself once more.

With blinding speed, knocking away every piece of furniture in Rachel’s living room, they sped to Times Square. However, before reaching it, Rose stopped Rachel.

“You can’t go, Rachel.”

“What do you mean?”

“You must be as vulnerable to magic as Donna was. I don’t think we can risk losing one more hero to Felicia.”

Rachel assumed an enraged expression, but she knew Rose was right. Then, she became worried.

“What do you think happened to Donna?”

“I … I don’t know. But it’s my fault. And I will save her.”

Rachel had just met the young woman that Donna talked about so much during their lessons, but something in her voice made her trust her. She was confident and fearless, and had the power to back it up.

Rose flew up and floated towards Felicia, while Rachel watched with tears in her eyes. Felicia noticed her, and turned to her. Several police officers were shooting her with pistols and rifles, but the bullets just bounced off her smooth skin as if they were hitting a steel wall.

“Shazam! I was wondering when you would show up. You like my new powers?” She talked to her completely ignoring the hail of bullets that was hitting her body. “Courtesy of your friend.”

“What did you do to her?” Rose asked with rage on her voice.

“Don’t worry, she is alive for the moment. I still need her … But I don’t need you.”


And the battle started. The bolt of lightning struck Rose, unlocking her true potential, and sending a shockwave of electricity towards Felicia. She flew up and dodged it, and then shot to Rose, arming a vicious punch. They locked in a struggle, trading punches and kicks. Rose had the advantage in this kind of fight, for she lived in a bad neighborhood before acquiring her powers, and had had her fair share of street fights. After they both landed several hits on each other, each of them creating monstrous shockwaves that shattered the windows and light panels around them, Rose struck Felicia with a brutal knee kick on her chin, making her drop to the ground.

“You’re good, I’ll give you that, girl.” She said, cleaning the blood on her mouth with her hand. “But I have both a power equal to yours and my magic! I AM UNSTOPABBLE!”

The ground shook and shattered around Felicia, and Rose had to take flight to maintain balance. Floating away from Rose, Felicia waved her arms around, mentally taking away huge chunks of concrete and steel from the buildings around, and tossing them to Rose. She dodged them as she could, but they were too many; one of them landed, sending Rose flying. She struck and broke holes in several walls before landing in the middle of a crowded street, completely crushing down a parked car. She got up, and Felicia was already there, hitting her with a violent uppercut, that made her involuntarily fly upwards, stopping about a kilometer above the city.

Rose was exhausted and bleeding profusely. Felicia was also, but nowhere near as badly as Rose. She flew to Rose, and locked her arms around Rose’s neck, in strangling position.

“We had a fun little game, Shazam. But I have other matters to attend to. Being the empress of a planet is no easy task, you see.”

“Release her at once!” was the only thing Felicia heard as a Mach 3 punch hit her in the face, sending her flying towards the ocean. Rachel entered the fight.

Chapter 10

“How dare you! You petty little human … Your power shall be mine as well!” Felicia roared as she floated from the water.

“Your nefarious schemes end now, Felicia Faust!” Rachel yelled triumphantly. She shot to Felicia, and tackled her. “Shazam, help me!” and Rose did. Now, they both were holding Felicia down. She shrieked and struggled, but even her power could not outmatch the strength of the two metahumans.

“Now, Shazam, follow me!” Rachel propelled herself to the city, and Rose did also. They took a long time to reach the bay, because Felicia was pushing backwards, but with a lot of effort they did. Once the three of them got there, they saw…

“Supergirl! How did you escape?” screamed Felicia, filled with rage and frustration.

“Yeargh!” roared Rachel and Rose, as they invested a final push. Donna was holding herself to a light post, her clothes tattered. She was clearing struggling just to be standing. With their final efforts, Rachel and Rose pulled Felicia to Donna, hitting her like a human missile. As soon as Donna’s skin touched Felicia’s, the spell reversed. Donna felt the orgasmic wave of energy invade her body again, like the time the Mother touched her. Underneath the three people that were laying on her, she moaned and screamed in blissful pleasure, as her powers came back to her as infinite orgasms. Much like the first time, the final wave struck her and she shrieked loudly, her fingers digging in the concrete as if it was made of paper.

“No … It can’t be … My beautiful power … What have you done, you wench?!”

“You don’t think I would just watch you and Shazam fight and don’t do nothing, did you, dear?” said Rachel, pinning Felicia against the ground, her hands around her neck. “I scanned the whole city several times with my super speed and my X-ray vision until I found your hideout. You have a nice apartment, I must say. I read all your magic tomes and annotations until I found the ones regarding the vital transference spell. And I found out you haven’t perfected it yet.”

“You didn’t manage to transfer Supergirl’s powers to you permanently, only temporarily. Her powers would come back if any physical contact was made. So I brought her here!” Felicia watched in incredulity as her plan crumbled before her, defeated by those she considered inferior.

“Now, bitch…” Rose said, punching her in the face. She clocked out instantly. “You’re under arrest.”

Cops and reporters gathered like flies to a light. After Felicia was properly locked away, Rose felt obliged to give the press something to publish.

“Hey folks…” said Rose to the nearest microphone, with a mix of embarrassment and pride. “I’m Shazam. I’m gonna be protecting you guys from evil mages and stuff. Yeah, magic is real. Cool huh? Anyways, sorry for the mess. This was my first assignment. I’m still getting the hang of all of this.”

A rain of questions hit Rose, and she didn’t manage to understand a single thing.

“Hey, hey, easy! One at a time!” she laughed.

“How did you get your powers?” one of the reporters started.

“That’s confidential.”

“Are you single?”

“Nope. Sorry boys.”

“How old are you?”

“That’s an extremely indelicate thing to ask to a lady, dontcha think?”

“Are you three a superhero team?”

Rose smiled, looking at Rachel. She lifted her shoulders in confusion. “We … Kinda are? I dunno man.” Rose answered. “All I know is that I can always count on my homies.”

Rose hugged Donna, glad that she was fine. They flew to Rachel’s home, and had a lot of girl talk to ease their minds from the craziness of what happened that week.

The three of them spent the rest of the week helping the city’s government to fix the mess the battle in Times Square had caused. After they did, they were invited to a ceremony at the White House, were the three of them were given medals for services provided for their country. Rachel was British, so she almost had a heart attack when the Queen of England herself pinned (or tried to, for her dress was also indestructible) the medal to her chest.

The following month passed by uneventfully. Rose was invited to have a nice commemoration dinner at Rachel’s house, an invitation that she happily accepted. Brendan was told to behave, but could not help overreacting as he met the very heroes he adored in real life. Peace had returned to their lives.


Closed doors and dim lights at the especial conference room on the White House. This room was only used when extreme matters that defied logic, such as alien contact and magic phenomena, were happening in the world. The president figured the situation was fitting.

“Mr. President, we simply cannot allow these … Metahumans to run amok any longer! They need to be studied, classified, and above all, controlled!” one of the councilmen said. The President did not assemble in the room a team of senators or governors of any kind. To treat these delicate matters, he assembled a team of the most important specialists of the weird and the occult of the world.

“I know!” he had a dead serious expression on his face. “And just how do you suggest we do that? They shrug off bullets life they were flies!”

“Mr. President, with all due respect, I think you overestimate them.” Said a woman sitting in the far corner of the table. She had her feet on the table, and a carefree expression on her face. “They are just young girls after all. I bet they don’t have a clue of what they are doing.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what we are doing here.” Said another woman, a stunning brunette, dressed in a tight, black dress. “These people are trying to do good. Sure, they got power beyond their own comprehension. But they seem like decent enough people. I mean, Shazam and Superwoman just risked their lives to save the city!”

“That’s very naïve of you, Zatanna, as always.” Objected Alexis Luthor. She had concerned and enraged expression in her eyes. “What if someone else controls them? Someone evil? What if they change their hearts? What if they decide they are just too powerful to be just normal people, and decide they deserve to rule the world like that Felicia Faust? No, I will have to agree to Dr. Sivana. We need those metahumans on a tight leash.”

The president sighed. “… Fine. I am assembling now an emergency task force to deal with any incoming metahumans that are a risk to the country. You will have unlimited resources to do as you please. Zatanna, you call the shots.”

“Mr. President, I am the leading authority on metahuman research and knowledge! Don’t you think I-“ objected Luthor.

“You, Luthor, are not trustworthy! I have no choice but to integrate you on this plan, for you are too much of a valuable asset to go to waste. But Zatanna calls the shots!” he gave a meaningful look, and Zatanna understood. She was supposed to keep an eye on the rest of the team.

“I want a full report on every metahuman that has revealed itself, and any of those who have not! Powers, identity, weakness, everything. You are dismissed.”

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