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A Superworld – Power Girl: Gods and Mortals, Part 2

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Chapter 4

“W-wait, what?”

The blonde woman stopped, and lowered her hammer. “What what?”

“I haven’t stolen a single thing in my life!”

She was now clearly confused. After a moment of thinking, she assumed her superior authoritarian attitude again. “You deceit only thyself, thief!”

“No, wait, dude, I’m serious! You can just appear out of nowhere and accuse people of things they haven’t done!”

She slapped her forehead with her hand. “Look, of course you did. C’mon, you have superhuman powers outta nowhere. And the boss didn’t know about it until you did get them. You stole them!”

“I didn’t! Stop it!”

“Have you met the Mother?”


“Have you met the Goddess?”

“Only that one time. But I guess everyone did, so it doesn’t count, does it?”


“So … No.”

“Okay, so that settles it. You stole them.”

“I- for fudge’s sake, you’re one stubborn cookie.”

She began spinning her hammer, which fizzled and jolted with electricity. So-Hyun began to get seriously worried for her safety. “I’m sorry, girl, I only follow orders. You’ve been marked for death.”

She threw the hammer, which flied towards So-Hyun, causing a sonic boom as it left her hands. It would have hit So-Hyun in her stomach, had she not averted it in the last second using her superhuman reflexes.

“W-w-wait, c’mon, we can talk this out! I-I-I’ll give them back! I’ll give them back!” the hammer zoomed back to the warrior’s hands, and she threw it again, this time faster than before. So-Hyun only barely managed to avoid it. “WOULD YOU STOP WITH THE HAMMER ALREADY!”

The warrior remained silent, grabbing her hammer once again. She jumped, and a loud thunder cracked in her hammer, as it violently descended into So-Hyun’s head. She tried to avoid it again, but it was too fast: the hammer hit her left elbow, making it crack. Filled with a rage like only someone who can’t be argued with could fill her, she ignored the pain, arming a speeding uppercut with her right fist into the warrior’s chin. The blow landed, sending her flying several kilometers, taking down all the trees in her path.

But the moment quickly passed, and So-Hyun dropped to her knees, the pain of a broken clavicle consuming her. She had never been hit so hard in her life.

Her foe was already floating before her, cleaning the blood in her mouth with her hands. “Finally, a worthy foe. I shall not hold back.”

So-Hyun finally got tired of all this. “Bring it.”

A ferocious battle started. The blonde woman attacked So-Hyun with incredible strength and speed, flinging and throwing her hammer with unmatched skill. However, So-Hyun managed to keep up with her with pure rage. Each blow landed on each other sent shockwaves that shook all the trees in the forest.

The warrior swung to So-Hyun’s ribcage, throwing her backwards. Not waiting for her to land, she flew to her, and grabbed her neck with her left hand. She began to choke her victim.

So-Hyun did not understand what was going on. Her anger gave way to confusion and pain, as her world began to blacken out. With her last breath, she cried.

The young warrior saw the tears roll down her full cheeks, and staggered. She had never seen a victim cry before. And she had never killed such a young, sweet girl before. She released So-Hyun.

So-Hyun dropped to the ground, coughing and gasping for air as she began to hold on to dear life again. When she finally managed to breath normally, she looked up to her would-be killer.

“W-why?” was the only thing she managed to say.

“You … Have no idea of what’s going on, do you?”

So-Hyun just shook her head negatively. The blonde woman floated down to her, and extended her hand. So-Hyun grabbed it, and stood up.

“Come on, we gotta get a look at those broken bones.”

Chapter 5

So-Hyun woke up in a bed. She looked around to see where she was, and concluded that was definitely not an hospital. She was relieved to see Claire in a bed next to her, resting peacefully. She managed to pick an conversation that was going on the room right next to the one she was in.

“Thor?” a delicate voice said

“Drop the Thor bullshit, Luna.” Answered the voice of the warrior she fought, angrily. Luna sighed.

“Nathalie, why did you not kill the girl?”

A long pause.

“I couldn’t. She’s just a little girl. She was scared.”

“She’s a thief.”

“She’s NOT a thief.” Nathalie was getting angrier by the minute. “She doesn’t even know what she’s done. You know that! You know fucking everything! Why do we keep playing these games?”

Another long pause.

“You know I don’t know everything.”

“That’s bullshit.”

“Nathalie, do you think just because I can I’m gonna peep on everyone’s minds? I am a goddess, but I have ethics! I made a mistake, OK?”

A longer pause.

“Sorry.” said Nathalie, embarrassed.

“It’s OK. I mean, I know these kind of powers can pass the wrong impression. But I haven’t changed, Nat. I’m still Luna.”

So-Hyun’s peeping was interrupted when a young woman entered through the door. She was tall and skinny, and had a fiery red hair and a youthful expression. She wore an skintight leather uniform, with a jet black jacket that had a bright, yellow X on it. She carried a tray of deliciously smelling food, which she deposited at So-Hyun’s lap.

“So, how are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m … Fine. Where am I?”

“Well I know you’re fine, actually. That was just me being polite. You are at the Goddess’ castle, healing wing. I’m Triage, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi … Triage?” So-Hyun was embarrassed to ask what kind of name is that, but she almost did.

“Well, actually is Agatha. But Triage is my cool superhero nickname. You know, like you are Power Girl?”

“Yeah … Right.” She was not completely used to that yet.

“Don’t worry, I think your situation is sorted out. Nat’s got a way of dealing with Luna.”

Their conversation was interrupted by another two people entering the room. One was the warrior So-Hyun fought, Nathalie, or Thor, like Luna called her. The other was the most perfect woman So-Hyun had ever seen.

Her body had no defects. All her features were grown and maintained to be just the right size or level to attain maximum sex appeal. Her breasts, behind and thighs were not so small or thin that would go unnoticed, but also sufficiently big enough to cause a heart attack on a weaker man. Her perfect body was covered with a light, almost translucent pink dress that left very little to imagination. As she entered the room, So-Hyun almost forgot to breathe. Despite being straight, she could not help but to feel extremely aroused by that woman’s divine beauty.

“Kim So-Hyun?” she said, and her angelic voice filled So-Hyun’s ears like a drug. “Are you all right?” she asked innocently, almost unaware of the effect she was having on So-Hyun.

“Oh!” exclaimed So-Hyun, after a long pause. “Yes! I’m fine, thank you.” She blushed like a cherry, making the woman giggle childishly.

“I’m Luna. You might know me from the news, right? I’m sorry I sent Thor to kill you. We mistook you for a bad person.”

“It’s … Ok … Really …” At that moment, So-Hyun would forgive her if she killed her whole family in the most gruesome way possible.

“I was thinking of a way to make up for it. Don’t know if you heard, but I got kind of a superhero team here. We’re called The Pantheon. I can give you guidance and training with your new powers. A purpose. A way of living. What do you say?”

So-Hyun took a long time to snap out of her shock state. “This is … A bit too much for me. All at once. Can I take some time to think about it?”

“Of course you can! Triage, why don’t you show our girl around?”

“Come here, I bet you can stand up already.” Said Triage, helping her up. She was indeed fine for a person that just had her clavicle and several ribs broken. “Stop staring at her already!”

Chapter 6

“So … What do you guys do, exactly?” Asked So-Hyun, while Agatha escorted her through the hallways of the giant glass castle that Luna called home.

“Primarily, we defend Luna’s interests, and the Mother’s. That basically involves rounding up people who are not supposed to have powers, and prepare for an extradimensional attack.

“A … What?”

“Extradimensional attack. You know, from a parallel universe.”

So-Hyun pretended to know what she was talking about, and remained silent.

“Has one of those happened yet?” she asked after the pause.

“Not yet. But it will. So says the Mother anyways, and it’s always a safe bet to believe her. She says the otherworldly warrior will be just as fierce and powerful as the ones we have here, so we gotta be prepared.”

So-Hyun went silent, absorbing the information that Agatha gave to her.

Chapter 7

“When do we start?”

“Right now.”

Chapter 8

“Choose your weapon.”

“My … Weapon?”

“Yes, So-Hyun. Your weapon.”

“Nathalie, I … I never wielded a weapon in my life!”

“Look, if you wanna fight an extradimensional invasion, you better have a weapon, and a damn good one.”

So-Hyun scanned the weapon rack with confusion. All of the weapons were either unnecessarily big or overly complicated in her eyes.

“Can I … Not fight?”

Chapter 9

So-Hyun had moved to Luna’s castle, which was the Pantheon’s headquarters. She wondered why Luna thought she would fit in the team. She was not a demigod, and certainly not a fighter.

She was having one of the things she most enjoyed in the castle: practicing tai-chi-chuan with Lois, a greek doctor who had been transformed into Wonder Woman by Luna. They were both in their yoga outfits with color matching their superhero aliases’.

“I heard you have been having a tough time with Nathalie.” Lois commented. She was especially fond of So-Hyun because of her childish, introvert nature. She felt like it was her duty to protect her.

“Yeah, I’ve not been made for combat.” She answered with a sigh. “Nat tries, but it’s really hard. I was just a scientist, y’know.”

“I can’t say I can relate to that, sadly.” Luna had given her knowledge regarding a lot of the most important martial arts and fighting styles. “Are you really trying, So-Hyun?”

So-Hyun remained silent as she completed the movement she was making. She inspired slowly, and expired heavily, but steadily. She needed those moments of relaxation once in a while.

“… Not really.”

Another pause. This time, Lois was thinking about the situation.

“We could try to assign you another position. It’s just … It’s a waste of your power set. You’re one of the most powerful metahumans we know of.”

“I know … I’m sorry. I just…”

“S’okay, darling. I understand. Come, let’s have a talk with Luna.”

“Yay! Thanks Lois!” she yelled, jumping and hugging her.

Chapter 10

So-Hyun had a lot of trouble finding one suit that looked decent to go to the court. One that did not have a boob window, for instance. Luna had offered to clear the minds of everyone that was involved in the judgment, including Lex Luthor, but So-Hyun refused, because it stroke her as unethical. In any way, she could afford a very good lawyer now. Luna paid handsomely.

Chapter 11

“You’ve been fined on a million dollars?” exclaimed Claire, shocked.

“Shoosh, you could scream a little louder, couldn’t you? The other side of the Central Park didn’t hear you.”

“Sorry, but whaaaaaaaaaaaat. That Luthor chick. So glad I don’t work for her anymore.”

“Well, I can afford it now. I can pay a portion of it every month. And I got a good salary now.” So-Hyun smiled wide with the last phrase.

“Still! That bitch! We should totally get back at her.”


“Hmmm … I think I have an idea. Do you still remember anything from the theories of the particle accelerator?”

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