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A Supergirl – Origin

Written by Bert :: [Monday, 26 October 2020 16:36] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 November 2020 16:31]

Hey folks. So I've waffled for a long time about whether to post my work on this site. On another thread, I got a bit of encouragement from Shadar so I'm going to share this. It's my first ever story. It's fairly short, although there is a second story that continues on from where this one ends. Obviously, any feedback is more than welcome. I'll let the reaction to this one determine if I post anything else. This story has four chapters. Just a warning before you dive in - if complete and total domination is your jam, this might not be for you. There is also some very brief non-consensual sexual content - mostly threatened, but it's there.

A Supergirl – Origin

Chapter I

“It's not like in the comics.”

“What do you mean? I mean, you're wearing a Supergirl costume!”

“Yeah, but that doesn't mean… look, I'm using this costume because it's a symbol. It's like, shorthand for what I'm doing. People recognize it. But that doesn't mean I'm like the comics Supergirl. I can't fly. I can't shoot lasers out of my eyes. How would any of that stuff even work? Eyes react to incoming light, they don't generate it. Flying takes propulsion. How could a person generate that once they're off the ground? It's absurd.”

“Okay, so what are you saying? You don't have powers but you want to, what, run around town stopping crime in that getup anyway?”

“No, no, I'm trying to tell you… I do have powers, just not like the comics character.”

“But that's crazy. I've known you for, like… you've never had 'powers'”

She smiled. There was so much to tell. The foundation, the testing, the treatments, the training. It was a wild story and she wasn't sure how Eddie would react, but she knew he'd have her back. That's why she'd asked him over now that she was ready to start.

“Okay Eddie, before I get into all of that I want to do a demonstration.”

She stood up and faced him.

“Come on, get up. Okay, step closer. Now, hit me!”

“Wait, what?”

“I want you to punch me. It's okay, Eddie. You won't hurt me. I'm a bit tougher than I look!”

Eddie looked at her like she was insane.

“You can't be serious?”

“I am one hundred percent serious. Punch me in the stomach.”

Eddie started shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He was rubbing his hands together and slowly shaking his head from side to side.

“Krissy, there's no way that's going to happen. What are you doing?”

“You want to know why I'm wearing this suit, and I'm showing you. Now come on, stop being such a baby and hit me!”

“But I can't… I've never hit a girl in my life. You're one of my best friends. This is crazy!”

Krissy put her hands on her hips and frowned. Eddie was a sweet guy, but she needed him to understand and this was the simplest way. She struck a firmer tone.

“Eddie, we need to do this. It's not a joke. Make a fist and punch me in the stomach. Right now!”

Looking very unsure of himself, Eddie curled his hand into a fist. He shot her a pleading look, as if to say “I really, really don't want to do this.” but her expression remained steadfast. She pointed to her tummy.

“Right here, buddy. And don't hold back!”

Eddie paused.

“Don't hold back?”

“Yeah, full 'Fight Club'. I want you to hit me as hard as you can!”

She grinned at him. It was a very odd request, but she knew it was the easiest way to prove her point. Eddie moved his fist towards her stomach, checking to see if it was the right spot. She nodded and tightened her abs.

“Go ahead, Eddie. It's okay.”

He drew his fist back and lightly poked it back into her stomach. He looked at her, hoping that would be good enough.

“Come on Eddie, I'm being serious here. Do it again, but much harder.”

He sighed. The first punch had little force, but Krissy's abs had felt… really firm.

“Okay, but if I hurt you I'm gonna feel sick about it.”

He again made a fist. This time he adjusted his footing to allow himself to deliver a proper punch. He looked into her eyes.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Oh for God's sake Eddie, just do it!”

Krissy put her hands on her hips and again tightened her abs. Eddie drew back his fist and threw a genuine punch, with much greater force than the first time. The blow caused Krissy to step back an inch or two, but she showed no sign of pain. She grinned at him.

“Now we're getting somewhere. Now Eddie, I know you can hit harder than that. This time, give it all you've got!”

He started to object, but she just shook her head at him and stood, hands on hips, awaiting his best shot. The strangeness of the moment was palpable, but Eddie had to admit that the last punch hadn't hurt her in the least. He resolved to do as she asked. He shifted his stance slightly and drove his fist into her gut as hard as he could. The blow forced her back several inches, and she bent forward ever so slightly from the impact, but she smiled sweetly at him and appeared completely unharmed.

“What the hell, Krissy? How could that not hurt?”

“We'll get to that. Now punch me in the face!”

“Whaaat? No. No way. I won't do it!”

“Eddie, I'll tell you the whole story. I promise. But you have to understand first. I'm… different now. I'm stronger. Much stronger. And I'm basically impervious to injury. I can feel everything, and if I get hit hard enough it hurts, but I can't be damaged. So no more pleading, no more wimping out or being a gentleman. Give me your best right cross. Do it now.”

Eddie's head was swirling. They'd been close friends for years, until she had moved away for a mysterious new job and dropped off the grid for over a year. Now she was back, looking more beautiful than ever, dressed in a Supergirl outfit and telling him to punch her in the face. Sometimes life could be strange. Her voice broke his reverie.

“Dude! Quit screwing around and hit me!”

“Okay, Okay.”

He stood in front of her. He was a good four inches taller than her 5'8” frame, and at a sturdy 195 he must have outweighed her by at least 70 lbs. She tapped her left cheek playfully and put her hands behind her back. Her expression hardened a bit, as if to warn him not to hold back, and she nodded. Eddie shook his head slightly, acknowledging the bizarre situation, and let out a resigned sigh. He assumed a boxer's stance and let fly with a powerful right cross. His fist impacted on Krissy's left cheek, snapping her head violently to the right and eliciting a faint “uhhh” from her lips. Her long blond hair whipped around her face. For an instant, Eddie felt a sinking feeling in his gut thinking he had hurt his friend. But she turned back to face him, a wide smile beaming from her face. She winked at him.

“See! I'm totally fine! Cool, hey?”

* * *

Had all that really just happened yesterday, Krissy thought? She was standing in a poorly lit alley. A young woman with torn clothing was running down the alley towards the distant street, sobbing. A large, unkempt man stood before her, his eyes flashing with anger.

“You scared away my score. Now you're gonna take her place!”

Krissy backed up a step, her confidence waning. But no, she thought, this was why she was out here. She straightened up, widened her stance and put her fists on her hips.

“Not now, filthy hood. Not ever! Bring it!”

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