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Alexis' Desire

Written by Woody :: [Sunday, 21 August 2022 07:01] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 21 August 2022 07:10]

The world is full of greatness, some are born great, some are made great. Alexis Myles, she was not great. She was just average, pretty much textbook average. Average height, average weight, average looks, as to say she wasn't ugly but she wasn't turning heads. She was just well, average. Her life tumbled along at an average pace, until one average day Alexis became anything but average.

It started with an ad on social media, a pop up announcing a competition by a company called Desire. It was a typical 25 words or less, tell us your desire and win a prize. Alexis scrolled through the list of random items, Gift vouchers, movie tickets and the like. Alexis thought to herself why not and opened the form. When it came to the 25 words she only had 13.

"Everything in my life is Average, I don't want to be average anymore"

She filled in the details and hit enter, not giving it a second thought.

A few weeks later Alexis was sitting on the couch reading a comic book when there was a knock at the door. She got up and answered but no one was there. At her feet was a black box with the word Desire embossed in gold. She picked it up and took it inside. It was a very attractive box. She opened it up and found tissue paper with a seal and a note. She picked it up and it read "Congratulations on winning the major prize, may all your desires be fulfilled!"

She thought back. That plip plop crap about being average had won. "Mustn't have been much competition," she said to herself. She put the card aside and deftly opened the seal on the tissue paper. She pulled it open to reveal her prize.

A black lace bra.

She blushed and laughed, "the ultimate prize for desire was lingerie? Who designed this competition?" She questioned as she pulled it out of its box and surveyed it. She had to admit that it looked amazing, and the fabric felt so luxurious in her hands. She figured since it was hers now anyway she tried on the bra and to her amazement it fit her perfectly. It was the most supportive and comfortable bra she had ever owned. They must have guessed she was average in the bust as well she mused, and they got lucky. She threw on her shirt and went back to her comic book.

An hour later, whilst still engrossed in the comic there was a news flash on the TV. The local bank was getting robbed. She looked at the comic. "That is a job for Powergirl" she said nonchalantly. No sooner had she finished then she felt a tingling on her chest. She looked down and saw her new bra was glowing. She undid the buttons to get a closer look.

The second the shirt was undone she felt a surge in her breasts. She looked down as her average bust expanded, bulging against the fabric. She went to scream in shock but a wave flowed through her eliciting a moan instead. Then her bra moulded around her growing chest, changing into a taut white fabric. It stitched a hole where Alexis could see a deep cleavage forming.

Then she felt the fabric trace around her body, moulding to her, reshaping her. She took off her shirt, the white fabric flowed unobstructed across her shoulders, she watched as it went down her hands changing hue into Blue gloves. No sooner had her hands been engulfed, her mind started racing. She felt a surge of power and took off towards the mirror in her bedroom. She arrived instantaneously and gasped.

Blue boots adorned lean calves, meeting muscular but toned thighs. A white high cut bodysuit adorned her body, accentuating curves she didn't know existed. A red belt with a golden clasp sat snuggly on her hips, just under where the bodysuit rest.The same blue of her boots adorned the gloves on her hands. Meeting the bodysuit showing defined muscular arms

She looked down at her chest. Her breasts had blown up to at least a G cup. A deep cleavage she was not used to seeing protruded out a window in the bodysuit. A red cape flowing behind her with a golden clasp on her shoulder. And her hair had changed into a neat blonde bob. Alexis couldn't believe her eyes.


She took a deep breath in, and the mirror moved towards her. Panicking she exhaled, blowing the mirror into the wall smashing it. A million thoughts ran through her mind. Then there was just blackness, as she hyperventilated, fainted and fell to the ground.

A short while later Alexis came too. Groggily she surveyed her surroundings. The mirror shattered into 1000 pieces. She paused. No, it was 1365 pieces. She stopped again. Had she just counted all the minute shards of her broken mirror? She looked at her hand still covered in the blue gloves and then gingerly got up. Once confident she wouldn't fall over she surveyed her outfit. For all intents and purposes she was Powergirl.

She made her way to the bathroom carefully. It was the only mirror left in the house since her bedroom one was now in 1365 pieces. She got to the mirror ,and Powergirl looked back at her. After another minute she went back to the couch and sat down trying to make sense of it. She replayed the day's events in her head. She won a bra as a prize in a contest, she put on said bra, and now she had somehow transformed into Powergirl?

It made no sense… Or did it?

She remembered a quote her college professor said. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

In her mind there was only one explanation. Somehow the bra had turned her into Powergirl.

She went searching and found the box. It was hiding under a pile of clothes that Alexis could easily see through in her current state. Desire was printed in gold embossing on the black box. She took off the lid and ruffled through the tissue paper. Soon she found a card

It read

Desire: the power to become anyone you want to be.

Have the confidence to live your dreams

She turned the card over

"You'll be saying "it's good to be Me"

As soon as Alexis read the last sentence her chest glowed and there was a flash of white. She looked down. She was back in her clothes and no longer dressed as Powergirl.

"No, fucking way" she gasped

She ran back to the mirror in the bathroom and her suspicions were confirmed. She was back to her normal pre transformed self. Thoughts were starting to crystallise in her head. Somehow her new bra had transformed her into a heroine. She needed to test the theory.

She took off the bra and stood staring at the bathroom mirror "Here goes nothing" she said "This is a job for Powergirl!" Nothing, no surge, no adrenaline rush. Just her saying words.

Then she put on the bra and. She felt a tinge of excitement as she clipped it on. It teased in her head at the prospect. She took a deep breath. Steadied herself and repeated

"This is a job for POWERGIRL"

The effect was instantaneous. Alexis saw the bra started to glow, then immediately felt its effects. Every nerve in her body fired at once. Once again she felt her breasts swelled into and against the bras fabric, pushing the fabric cups further from her chest. It was among the most pleasurable sensations she had felt.

She then saw the bra morph and change colour from black to white, emitting tendrils of fabric that flowed over her body. At the same time she felt her jeans shrink and turn white, becoming her suit's bottom. She marvelled as she saw her costume literally mould to her skin, seemingly changing her physique as it did so. She was so engrossed in her transformation she didn't realise that she felt her senses sharpen. Her eyesight, hearing, sense of smell all improved exponentially.

Then it was done. It only took a matter of seconds but it felt a lot longer to Alexis as her mind began to process time differently. She looked in the mirror. Again the costume was perfect, and her body had changed to reflect Powergirl perfectly.

Alexis beamed from ear to ear. She wasn't just average anymore, she was extraordinary. "It's good to be me!" She exclaimed. Again there was a glow from her chest and after a flash she was back in just the bra and jeans.She grabbed a trenchcoat, put it on and ran to the roof. A minute later Alexis took to the skies as Powergirl.

The feeling of flight was exhilarating. The wind pushed against her skin was nothing like Alexis has felt before. Each move was instinctive, like she had been doing it for years, not seconds. She continued with the wind, dipping and diving when she heard a faint noise. She stopped and hovered, looking around to ascertain the source. She had heard the sound before. "What is that?" She said, racking her brain, trying to think what it was. Then it clicked; it was a train horn.

Quick as lightning she flew following the sound, in the distance her enhanced sight caught the problem. The train was barrelling towards a car stuck on the tracks. Although she was a mile away she could see there was an infant in the back and a mother frantically trying to restart the car. She flew to the ground and lifted the car up, just in time as the train passed under her. She hovered, holding the 1.5 tonne car effortlessly over her head. After the train safely passed, she gently flew forward and placed the car on the road.The mother jumped out once the car hit terra firma and opened the back door cradling her child."I don't know who you are, but thank you" she sobbed.

"No problem" Alexis said before lifting off and taking flight. She stopped 30 seconds later mid air. The reality hit her all at once. What the fuck did she just do? Did she really just save a car from a speeding fucking train! She flew home, Alexis needed time to digest in her mind what had just happened.

That night she was watching the news. The Anchor said "Stay tuned after the break for a story you won't believe. Superheroines are real, and we have the proof" Alexis went into a meltdown, what did she mean? Was it her? It had to be her didn't it? Her thoughts continued to ramble with wild scenarios. 3 agonising minutes later the news returned.

The Anchor addressed the camera. "We're not making this story up and the following footage is 100 percent genuine. Today Powergirl, yes, Powergirl, the comic book character saved the life of a mother and child from a certain death as their car was stuck on the tracks with a high speed train approaching"

As the voiceover kicked in Alexis stared at the screen. She clearly saw herself lift the car over the train and set it back down. It was real. She had saved the life of those people and now everyone watching this knew Powergirl existed. She sat in silence contemplating the ramifications of this. After a minute a broad smile broke out on her face. She wasn't just average anymore, she WAS a superheroine.

"Well I guess I know what I need to do now," she said, readying herself.

"This is a job for POWERGIRL"

Chapter 2 - revelations

It had been about 2 months since Alexis first became Powergirl. Her life wasn't so average anymore. Since her first rescue there was a target on her back. Anytime she did a heroic deed the media coverage was intense and the speculation started flying. There were a few theories circling the web, a secret government operative, a theory ripped from the comics that she was an Alien. Alexis had to hold her laughter when she saw a Karen Starr repeatedly deny she was Powergirl, though she was 5 foot nothing and slightly overweight so it wasn't a hard sell.

Alexis hadn't told anyone about her secret life. Living alone away from family really helped in that regard. Her mother asked if she had seen Powergirl. She said she had. Afterall it was the truth and she said nothing about it being in a mirror.

Alexis had found the hard way that living a dual life was exhausting. She was either living her normal life or saving someone else's. During one of her few hours of freedom she was reading an old Ms Marvel Comic. She loved the Carol Danvers Character and how she evolved.

Alexis turned the page. Carol was changing into Ms Marvel using her 7th sense. Without thinking she said aloud "This is a job for Ms Marvel" The reaction was immediate, she felt the adrenaline rush pulsate through her body. She had somehow triggered her transformation.

She was trying to make sense of it. She hadn't said Powergirl, she said Ms Marvel, why was she changing. She looked down and saw a red beam of light flowing down her body leaving behind a black costume. Then she saw a brief red flash. Whatever had happened, It was over.

She ran to the mirror and started to scream, only to mute herself with her hands. She was wearing a black form fitting bodysuit with a yellow lightning bolt on it. At her hips was a red sash tied up. She now had thigh high black boots and matching gloves, and she was wearing a black mask over her eyes. It was like Carol Danvers was looking back at her.

"NO FUCKING WAY!" She exclaimed "I can change into other heroines?"

"Oh It's good to be me" she beamed, as she reverted back to her regular self.

Alexis thought about this revelation. Changing into Powergirl was one thing, but now Ms Marvel was on the table. What else was possible? After a minute of pondering she knew what she needed to try next. This was the ultimate test of her theory. She cleared some room. If she was right she'd need it. Then she stood straight, put her arms out and with all the confidence in the world, she said

"This is a job for WONDER WOMAN"

No sooner had she finished the sentence, she started to spin. Exhilaration overcame her as her world became blurry. Her breasts surged, filling and expanding into her bra as the transformation started. A white light emanated from her bra, engulfing her. As her view became obscured by the light she felt the breeze caress her shoulders and thighs as her clothes changed. At the lights crescendo she let out a scream of elation. The flash subsided and Alexis came to a stop.

Her flawless face stared back at her in the mirror. She was wearing a golden tiara and now had voluminous black hair. Her bust had quadrupled in size, filling a red corset that produced a brilliant eye drawing cleavage. It was adorned with golden thread further enhancing her curvaceous physique.

Her bare shoulders met muscular toned arms, with her wrists adorned with golden bracelets. The bottom of the corset met blue star studded pants that rested across her shapely hips. As she turned side on she saw her toned derriere stick out. Attached to her pants was a golden rope neated coiled up. She surveyed her muscular toned thighs that met her knees with red boots with a white stripe down the middle.

She was no longer Alexis Myles. SHE WAS WONDER WOMAN.

She screamed in joy. It was true, she could change into any heroine and immediately become them, powers and all. Her mind raced with possibilities.

Later that afternoon several people in her apartment heard a crack of lightning and thunder out of nowhere as she became Shazam, she found a phone box and after sweeping for cameras as Powergirl landed in an alley, changed then entered the phone box and changed into Supergirl with superspeed in half a second. Alexis' life had taken a massive trajectory. But soon she had a different problem to deal with.

It was a cool Saturday night, Alexis was meeting up with her girlfriends for a night out. She was wearing a tight purple dress, and she thought she looked good. The girls were laughing and drinking at a bar when the TV screens a fire in a different city

"Gees that looks like a job for Powergirl" said Sally. Immediately Alexis felt a familiar tingle. "Oh no" she gasped "it's good to be me" she mumbled. Instead of stopping her transformation however, she felt her breasts continue to push against the fabric of her dress. "It's good to be me" she said again more audibly in a hushed desperate tone.

"Gees, life that good hey" said Sally to Alexis. "Ah yeah" Alexis said. It was then she realised In horror she couldn't stop her transformation. She was becoming Powergirl whether she liked it or not. She grabbed her trench coat trying to hide her already deepening cleavage. If she didn’t get out of sight asap everything about her being Powergirl would become known. "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back" Alexis stammered, already feeling the changes starting.

She bustled through the crowd. It was then she realised why she did a shirt rip to transform. Her breasts were expanding to Powergirls legendary size, but her dress was not designed to accommodate such a change. Her cups pushed against the dress, spilling over the top seams. As she navigated the crowded corridors she felt her strides slowly increase. Through her clasped trench coat she soon saw the reason, her dress was shrinking and turning white. With each stride more of the thighs, sprouting muscles of their own, kissed the night air as her dress became Powergirl's bodysuit.

Suddenly Alexis felt her superspeed kick in. She immediately ducked down through the crowd and sped through and into the night, taking to the skies as a flourish of wind blew through the unsuspecting crowd. Seconds later she hovered, her transformation finishing with her trench coat becoming her red cape. She took several deep breaths, careful to aim away from anything that she could suck towards her.

She landed on the rooftop. "It's good to be me," she said, wondering why it hadn't worked just before. There was a sigh of relief as a white light emanated from her chest and she returned to normal.

She needed to test a theory. She took off the dress, with nowhere to grow her last transformation was a tad Painful. On the rooftop again she said "This is a job for Powergirl" She felt herself start to change and promptly said "it's good to be me". Nothing happened and she completed her transformation into the Maid of might. Once it was completed she repeated "It's good to be me" and changed back.

It was then she realised two things. Firstly once she started transforming she couldn't stop it. The second thought however was much more scary. Anyone could inadvertently initiate her transformation and there would be nothing she could do to stop it. She changed back into Powergirl and flew back to the club to join her friends. Fortunately for her the night was free from any further incidents requiring her to quickly excuse herself.

Chapter 3 - Changes

The next morning Alexis called in sick to work and just sat there. The previous night’s revelation meant she needed to do something and fast. Hours of brainstorming later she hit on an idea. She knew that her bra transformed her into any published heroine. Maybe, just maybe, she could design her own heroine, looking the way she envisioned and with powers that she wanted. She knew exactly who could help her in this regard. She stood up “this looks like a job for The Wasp.” Using the Wasps artistic abilities she designed a costume she felt fit to adorn a superheroine. She then cobbled together a story about the heroine and gave her the Name Victoria, the Ethereal goddess.

2 days later she completed the story. She stood up proud and proclaimed “this is a job for Victoria” but nothing happened. Alexis slumped on the couch disappointed. So it wasn’t enough to simply detail a story; she needed to publish it. At first she tried a website. She uploaded the story and artwork to the site and when she got the notification it was successful she once again stood up and proclaimed “This is a job for Victoria”. Again nothing transpired. “So the heroines have to be formally published not just on the web” Alexis lemented. This was going to be harder than she thought. After a day of googling she found a site that printed one off books. “Here goes nothing” she said as she uploaded the files and hit send.

After two weeks of excruciating waiting, Alexis finally received her package. She opened the book. It was illustrated brilliantly thanks to her channelling the Wasp's artistic side and the story made some sense. She stood in her room. “Here goes nothing?” she said as she took a deep breath.

“This looks like a job for Victoria”

It took a second but all Alexis saw was a brilliant light. When her sight came back she was in a white void, and all she could see was a female body. A second later she realised it was her body floating. She was observing her own body, floating in a void. She saw her body shake and felt pins and needles. Alexis could still feel everything her body went through but was observing it as a third person.

Her body became a silhouette against the white as Alexis saw her body take on an otherworldly hue. it was as if she could see the universe inside her. Then a million neurons throughout her body fired at once and Alexis moaned as her body thrust out. She saw her legs lengthen and tone, the same thing happening to her arms. With each sensation more nerves fired, enveloping her mind.

She felt a surge towards her breasts and from her vantage point saw her body thrust out as her breasts grew several cup sizes. The feeling was intense and at their peak she screamed powerfully. The light subsided and she was back in the room. She looked in the mirror. She had done it. She was no longer Alexis. She was Victoria, her own superhero creation.

She spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the myriad of powers that she gave herself in the comic. She was effectively a demigod. Strength, flight, power, she had it all at her fingertips. Then she had a thought. Did she need the bra anymore? Obviously she wouldn’t give it to anyone but she was a goddess. Could she make it so that she didn’t need it to transform any more?

She thought for a moment. Then without consciously moving her hands waved a sigil into the air. She stepped through and felt a tingle. “It’s good to be me” she said as she Transformed back into herself. In her mind it was a win win, she still had the bra if this didn’t work, but if it did a whole raft of possibilities opened up. She took off the bra and stood in her bedroom

“This is a job for Victoria” she said, and a second later she screamed with elation as she was enveloped in a bright light, and her theory was confirmed.

About a week later a Media Circus and a throng of people descended on the Square. Powergirl had called a press conference, the first of its kind. Alexis was backstage, having flown in as Powergirl using her superspeed, before transforming and hiding. She didn't know if this was the right idea, or even a good idea, but going forward this would allow the spotlight to be firmly off her. She waved her hand, looked in the mirror, and smiled.

As the crowd started to get restless an attractive Brunette in a blouse and pleated skirt walked up to the Mic.

"Hi, my name is Olivia, I'm not from around here but you might know me…."

She then ripped her blouse open revealing the signature boob window, a quick spin and she was completely transformed

"As Powergirl"

A thunderous applause filled the area, a million flashes sparkled as the world found out simultaneously the secret identity of their favourite Heroine.

"When I arrived" Powergirl continued "I used this guise to help save you when you needed it to get you used to the idea of a real life heroine, but now I feel as though I can shelve this costume and protect the world as myself.

Her Powergirl costume started to morph and transform. Seconds later the crowd collectively gasped in awe. She was breathtaking. A brilliant brunette mane flowed effortlessly down her back, the tone changing as it descended till her tips were a shining blond. Perched eloquently on her head was a golden tiara.

Her body was perfect, encased in a skintight golden suit with electric blue highlights. Her wrists were adorned with golden bracelets. Lean biceps and triceps popped in the open air as her arms met two straps of the golden fabric. Attached were two golden clasps holding an electric blue cape. The suit scooped down her decolletage forming a u scoop creating a plunging cleavage caused by two perfect round breasts being pushed together by the golden fabric seemingly defying gravity. In the centre was a glowing blue gem, with electric blue waves emanating across her magnificent bust drawing further attention to it.

The suit continued down her flat stomach, save a few small faint outlines of her abs. It fanned out over her wide hips where a blue belt snugly sat, sitting on a pert backside in the process. Attached on a clip was a golden rope neatly coiled. Her muscular toned thighs cramped under the fabric itching to escape. Just below the knee electric blue boots framed her calves and her perfect feet.She sauntered to the microphone, Pools of emerald green eyes drew the audience towards her. As she spoke a deep sensual purr passed her lips as she spoke

"Good afternoon Everyone. I'm Omega Woman" she said to rapturous applause.

It had been a long session when Alexis came back home. She transformed back from Omega Woman and slumped on the couch. She then took off the bra that had made all her wildest dreams come true and smiled.

Shapeshifting into Olivia she thought was a stroke of genius. She was free to be Omega Woman and continue serving her city with her new powers. If anyone tried to find Olivia for nefarious reasons thinking they would blackmail Omega Woman, they would literally be trying to find a ghost of her imagination. She looked at the bra. Now that she was Omega Woman she didn't need it anymore. "I think I'll keep you in a safe place." Alexis said. She then transformed into Omega Woman, and flew off.


Two criminals were being hauled into the police vehicles after an attempted robbery. To be fair their plan to rob the safety deposit boxes was flawless, they played a long game to get as far as they did holding jobs at the bank and paying off the right people. Any other bank in the city and they would have gotten away with millions, but somehow Omega Woman had shown up at exactly the time of the robbery and put an end to the crusade. The bank staff were dutifully putting the deposit boxes back and compiling a list of numbers to contact their VIPS in the morning for damage control and to confirm their goods were still intact.

they put box 509 up where it belonged. It was the last box taken down to be ransacked before Omega Woman appeared. Next to it was box 510; it looked like the others and to anyone else it was just another safety deposit box. It only contained two items. A black box with the word Desire on it, containing a black lace bra, and the only printed copy in existence of Victoria, the Ethereal goddess. It had a superheroine on the cover, who shared more than a passing resemblance with Omega Woman.

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