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Aliens Among Us

Written by lfan :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 07:34] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 02 December 2012 20:15]

Aliens Among Us


by Lfan




The sound of the metal locking dogs securing the blast door reverberated through the facility as the room glowed with a reddish hue, indicating an alert of the highest magnitude.

“Ringleader, this is Umbrella Two. We’re secure. Mama Bear and Goldilocks in route to den.”

Agent Clark spoke purposefully into his handset, indicating that the First Lady and First Daughter had made it to the top secret, secure nuclear bunker. Now they, along with a select handful of other key political and military personnel would be safe from ‘them’…

President Jason Chandler, nor any of his fellow world leaders, could have foreseen the impending doom that his planet was now facing.

It had started about two weeks ago innocently enough with a mysterious transmission signal from space that grew in magnitude over the next few days. That was when the Earth’s most powerful observation center caught first sight of the approaching object as it sped toward Earth.

First believed to be a meteor, the object sped toward Earth when it suddenly decelerated and then, without warning, the object simply exploded in an incredible pyrotechnic blast of white light, emitting a multitude of beams of brilliant light that showered upon the Earth. The beams went everywhere, all round the planet, on all continents, striking scores of people around the world.

Unknown to anyone at the time, the people that were struck by the beams over time were randomly “activated” and imbued with incredible speed, strength, and invulnerability as well as specific guidelines on how to use their new abilities. It seemed that the people were now under the total control of an alien civilization and were now superpowered foot soldiers to help pave the way for some impending alien invasion.

Across the globe, military installations and forces were assaulted by these superpowerful individuals now under the control of the aliens. The news recounted unbelievable stories of seemingly normal people demonstrating their newfound incredible powers as they left a wake of death and destruction in their paths – a corporate attorney from North Carolina singlehandedly attacking and destroying an army base, a Saudi business man turning the Saudi oilfields into a sea of fiery infernos, an older woman from China decimating a battalion of tanks with her bare hands…

With danger all around them and nothing seeming to be capable of stopping the alien’s makeshift army of supersoldiers, President Chandler, his family, and a handful of key military and political personnel were whisked away to a top secret nuclear bunker located near the White House over 300 feet underground.

An engineering marvel, the command bunker was an impenetrable fortress of steel and reinforced concrete buried under hundreds of feet of strata. It was built for the purpose of withstanding a direct nuclear assault on the nation’s capital and was the thought to be the most secure location on Earth. If the President could be safe, it would be here.

It was from this stronghold, with its state-of-the-art communications network, that President Chandler and his military strategists would devise a way of defeating this threat.

For days, a plethora of military and scientific options were thrown about as data about the superpowered alien agents was inputted and analyzed in an effort to find a weakness – any weakness they could exploit. Finally, they found one…

While the superhumans seemed completely invulnerable to bullets, grenades, and bombs, their immune system was not as resilient it seemed.

It was determined that a rare strain of avian flu proved to be fatal to the alien superbeings in under twenty-four hours upon exposure! President Chandler could only wonder in the irony of it all, in that the greatest threat to human civilization would now become its saving grace…

As he walked purposefully toward the ready room to address the world leaders and announce their plans, an agent rounded the corner, mortally wounded.

As Agent Clark slumped to the ground, he whispered his final words, “Court---ney!”

“What happened to my daughter? Where IS SHE!” screamed the President at Agent Clark’s lifeless visage.

Suddenly, an explosion rocked a nearby corridor as the security detail pinned the President to the floor, weapons drawn, ready for anything.

“Umbrella Three, do you copy? What is status?” spoke the lead agent into his handset, only to be answered with total silence from the other end.

A hail of gunfire rang out now in the hallway accompanied by screams and then an eerie silence as the security detail stayed ready, weapons trained on whatever was to turn the corner.

“How did they get to us down here? This place is impregnable!” spoke a frantic agent as his finger nervously stroked the trigger of his weapon.

“Quiet , Simmons! Look!”

Suddenly the agent saw nineteen year old Courtney Chandler rounding the corner, an innocent look on her face, completely unknowing of what was going on.

Agent Wainwright leapt up to grab Courtney and protect her from the impending threat when he suddenly found himself hurtling through the air at breakneck velocity, compliments of young Courtney Chandler. Like a scud missile, his body impacted the far wall causing the plaster to crack slightly and his spine to crack significantly. The other agents knew he was dead and without warning opened fire on the First Daughter.

The bullets ricocheted off the young supergirl like dew drops as she quickly dispatched the security detail with little effort or remorse. Finally, lifting her father, the President, into the air with a single hand, Courtney sneered at her father.

“Courtney, honey, this isn’t you … you can’t do this!”

“I cannot let you stop our plans, father! This mission will continue”

“Mission? To conquer us with your superiority? To take over our world with this “invasion”?

“You humans are so obtuse!” said the supergirl, flashing an evil grin. “Who said anything about an invasion?”

“But, then what is this?” stammered a perplexed President Chandler.

“An extermination!” retorted Courtney forcefully as she crushed her father's windpipe with a muffled wet crunch.

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