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Sub-categories SGInc Workshop 1.12 Theme: "Villainess Month"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Spring 2011' Theme: "New Beginnings"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Fall 2011' Theme: "What If ..."   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Spring 2012' Theme: "Missed Opportunities: SGI Workshop Themes reloaded"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Summer 2012 - Short' Theme: "A Superwoman sits in a Bar"   SGInc Workshop 2.01 Theme: "PO'ed Superwoman gets back at her Ex"   SGInc Workshop 2.06 Theme: "Ubergirl accidentally causes destruction through inexperienced misuse of her powers"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Fall 2012' Theme: "A character receives a gift"   SGInc Workshop 2.02 Theme: "No-one was getting to me in there …"   SGInc Workshop 2.03 Theme: "An Ubergirl comes to the rescue"   SGInc Workshop 2.04 Theme: "Ubergirl Romantic Evening"   SGInc Workshop 2.05 Theme: "A woman's powers emerge in a time of stress/crisis"   SGInc Workshop 1.10 Theme: "Stories from the Transformatrix"   SGInc Workshop 1.09 Theme: "Write a Sequel Or Continuation To an Existing Story"   SGInc Workshop 1.05 Theme: "An individual/group/organisation possesses/creates/obtains a weapon which he/she/they believe can bring down an ...   SGInc Workshop 1.08 Theme: "In a world of superheroes and villains, an ubergirl obtains even more power than anyone else."   SGInc Workshop 1.04 Theme: "Someone gets superpowers and this makes someone else upset"   SGInc Workshop 1.06 Theme: "A Ubergirl changes sides Good Bad"   SGInc Workshop 1.03 Theme: "Ubergirl vs Ubergirl"   SGInc Workshop 1.13 Theme: "Alternate History"   SGInc Workshop 1.01 Theme: "I Wish She Was Super Too"   SGInc Workshop 1.02 Theme: "Ubergirl vs Army"   SGInc Workshop 1.11 Theme: "If YOU were hired as a writer to fill-in during the strike, spin YOUR favorite ubergirl tale in any series you ...   SGInc Workshop 3.01 Theme: "Collaborative Workshop - Round 1"   SGInc Workshop 1.07 Theme: "Sibling Rivalry"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Winter 2013 - Short' Theme: "Mid-tiered superheroine seeks more power to move up the food chain."   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Spring 2013' Theme: "Family Dynamics"   Storybank - SWM Workshop "Summer 2013 - Short" Theme: "Recreational Activity with a Supergirl"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Winter 2015'   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Winter 2016'   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Spring 2016' Theme: "Power Transfer with a Catch"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Fall 2016' - Halloween   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Spring 2017' Theme: "Nine Words and One Power"   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Winter 2018' Theme: "Mid-tiered superheroine seeks more power to move up the food chain."   Storybank - SWM Workshop 'Valentine Day 2019'
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