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No image Sapphire Angel – Beginnings (Chapters 20-21) Chapter 20 “His vitals are fading,” the doctor explained in a soft voice. “He doesn’t have much longer. Maybe less than an hour. Two at the most.” Be ... Thursday, 04 July 2019 09:41
Earth Shine, Part Three Earth Shine, Part Three Earth Shine Part Three by Shadar June 2019 Chapter Eight The Arion HQ along the rugged Washington coast. (While Pete was struggling to fit into the V ... Sunday, 23 June 2019 09:41
No image Sapphire Angel – Beginnings (Chapters 18-19) Chapter 18 Stanley and Beth rushed off the elevator and charged down the hall toward the waiting area. Beth clutched her bag tightly at her side to k ... Friday, 21 June 2019 17:33
No image Darala Starr, Superwoman – Earth Mission Alpha – Chapter 1-3 CHAPTER ONE –ARRIVAL Darala Starr hardly felt the impact from the landing of her spaceship while secured in her restraints. The trip from Tau Ceti Al ... Saturday, 15 June 2019 22:59
No image IX. The Hermit (A Quantum Tarot Part IV) IX. The Hermit (A Quantum Tarot Part IV) By Au Goose A work of erotic fiction (relatively safe for work). Any resemblance to anything or anyone in th ... Wednesday, 29 May 2019 10:56
No image You Are Lucky There are lots of words to describe mirth. Laughing, giggling, chuckling, even smiling. Alice guffawed. It was a noise slightly unbecoming of the sho ... Monday, 22 April 2019 23:36
No image The Wonder - Chapter 6 "So This is your new office" said the nice lady who was leading Diana around. which was helpful as she felt still somewhat in a daze. "Yes" said Dian ... Saturday, 23 February 2019 10:15
No image Dazzling Diamond – Reality Check Authors note: What would you do if you thought that someone stole your idea but the reality is far more complicated than you first thought? The lates ... Monday, 18 February 2019 13:40
No image The Wonder-Chapter 2 The wind blew through the meadow like a sharp breath of life. Every scent from the grass to the pine trees up ahead to the pollen to chill of the sea ... Tuesday, 05 February 2019 11:56
The Adventures of Scarf-Chan The Adventures of Scarf-Chan ~ Poem Compilation for Kids Co-Written by superdegenerate64 ~ The Amnesiac Goddess From up above the clouds, A flying saucer floated down. With a sca ... Sunday, 02 September 2018 08:58