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He owed her one, she owed him one

Written by pocketfull :: [Monday, 05 September 2016 19:51] Last updated by :: [Friday, 09 September 2016 19:23]


Superman owed a favour to an old friend, who as it happened was an increasingly enthusiastic feminist.

She became involved with an organisation that advocated for women's rights.

A yearly convention was on the horizon and she decided to go along to a planning meeting.

Many subjects were on the agenda, from which venue to hold it at, to how to maximise their sponsorship opportunities and finally, and most contentious of all, which speakers to book in for the event.

It was quite early in the planning, but they seemed to be behind schedule in booking in a headline speaker with no clear consensus on who it should be.

She left the meeting a little stressed and feeling like getting more involved was proving a bad idea.

Yet on the car drive home, she hit upon an idea - why not invite Superman?

On getting back, she rifled through her things to find the note that he had left her.

And then there it was, a note scrawled onto a scrap of paper, so innocuous, with simply "Call this number 198649912313"

Her phone dialled out and with each ring she was thinking of hanging up more and more.

"What does Superman care about feminism?" she thought.

"Is this the kind of favour he was thinking?" she said to herself.

She put down the phone and sighed.

It was getting late, and probably too late for tea, but she walked over to her fridge and pulled it open.

The leftovers of yesterday's meal didn't really excite her but she lifted it out and closed the door.

And then there he was, Superman, stood behind where the door had been.

"I wish I'd known and I could've brought takeaway", he said.

She nearly fainted, and as Superman was well practiced in, he took her in his arms until she regained her balance.

"What is it that you'd like me to do?", he asked.

Slowly, deliberately, and very self-consciously, she made her request of him.

Without a second thought he agreed, but no sooner had she taken this in, had he made his excuses to go and tend to an incident.

She sighed a deep sigh of relief and gazed into the middle distance.

Some minutes later she stopped day dreaming.

She looked to her plate on the counter, and beneath it he had left another note. "Send me the details here:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.", it said.


The rest of the planning went hassle-free after Superman had arrived at a meeting to confirm he would be attending.

The committee members had springs in their step knowing he was behind their cause, and found it incredibly easy to sell all of the tickets for the event.

The day of his appearance at the convention came by, and there was a buzz in the air.

Superman was to be welcomed to the event by briefly going along a line of the organisers and shaking each of their hands.

The panel sat in a long line at the front of a stage in a large busy room.

They waited the seemingly drastically longer-than-usual minutes for him to arrive, behind the microphone stand where Superman was to stand at to address the audience.

And then a side door opened and he strode forcefully into the room, which erupted with the excitement of the attendees.

The members of the panel stood from their chairs.

He first shook the hand of the organisation's founder, before gradually working his way along the rest of the committee.

With each of the panel he paused to exchange some small talk for 5 or 10 seconds, before moving on.

He made it to a young woman in an elegant dress, with a very pretty face.

He took up her hand and they made eye contact.

He heard her start to speak but his mind didn't catch up immediately.

A feeling of dizziness had taken over him - a feeling until now he hadn't experienced.

"I think it's wonderful", she said, "that you are so passionate about the empowerment of women."

She came back into his view and he was struck by her deeply gleeful smile.

His charm had seemingly deserted him, and he struggled out a "thank you" with a weak smile in return.

He was about to move his hand away when he heard her whisper.

He looked to her mouth but it was still and she spoke through her teeth so quietly that only he could hear her.

"I want you to listen very carefully", she said, "you are not to give away that you can hear me."

And with that she squeezed her hand to punctuate her point and intense pain shot up his arm.

He promptly and faintly nodded his agreement - anything to make the pain stop.

She loosened her grip to only the point that she was firmly holding his hand, and he was certain that he couldn't release it.

"You are now my plaything", she continued, "and I'm going to have some fun with you."

"I haven't so much as stolen your powers", she said, "as used them as a sample or a catalyst that I can work from."

"While you are no weaker than 5 minutes ago, I now share in having your powers, but with a greater...intensity."

"I could now easily kill everybody here in a split second, including you, but for now you are useful."

He looked into her eyes and she held an impressive poker face. Her smile from before was all but faded away.

"First", she said, "I want you to start staring at my feet and gradually peer up my body, but each time I squeeze your hand you must hold your gaze still."

He immediately obeyed and his vision centred on her feet in her heels.

It was a bizarre time for his mind to realise this, but they were a nice sight.

An adjacent member of the panel, that moments before Superman had greeted, was a little concerned at what was going on.

"Is everything OK?", she asked.

Immediately, he heard the whisper. "Politely dismiss her intrusion!"

With that, Superman abruptly said "I'm sorry, just a moment."

"Now", the whispering started again, "take a look at my legs."

The conflict of him wanting to escape and wanting to gorge in her was won by the latter.

His eyes glided up her shapely legs and as he reached about crotch level he felt her hand start to squeeze.

He didn't often stare at ladies since it was a slippery slope for him, and one that he couldn't ski down lest her hurt someone.

"Why not try some x-ray vision?", she whispered, and with that he took her order.

One-by-one the layers of her clothes left his view and left her naked form beneath.

What was quite apparent to everyone was that she was shapely, but Superman's vantage point confirmed this and then some.

The outward shape from her above to her hips and the difference to her legs was dazzling him.

His mind could barely take in her ratio.

Her skin radiated, her body was lightly toned and there was a small gap beneath her crotch.

She had all but trimmed away her hair but left a small logo in it which was all so familiar for him.

"Do you like it?", she whispered.

The crowd was growing restless and he felt his groin stirring, and then her grasp start to loosen.

His vision made it to her abs, which were again in the most fantastic condition inside her slender waist.

The ebb and flow of her curves bound outwards again and his eyes made it to her boobs, as her grasp returned.

They were so pert, so feminine, so juicy, and simply as large as can be without being ridiculous on her svelte frame.

Gasps and heckling had started from the nearby panel members as to what was happening. For some, there was simply a reserved and confused enjoyment at the developments.

He was now well beyond the point of a gentle stir, and was clearly aroused to everyone on the stage.

His eyes swam in the majesty of her boobs, the audacity of them.

Her grasp released altogether, and now in the habit his eyes took in her feminine clavicles and elegant neck before resting on her face.

Her mouth was biting the bottom of her exotic lips as she peered downwards.

His hands moved towards her dress and stopped abruptly as her felt her small hands around his wrist.

She pushed his arms back around his side, and shook her head.

He felt her hands on his suit near his neck.

A tearing sound filled the air as his torso was revealed.

Everyone else in the room had fallen silent and gone incredibly still.

Lower down she tore the rest of his suit from him and stared at him with lust.

Her hands moved with a speed he couldn't perceive and then there she was before him - her dress nowhere to be seen.

She jumped on him and he fell backwards to the stage, and lay there on his back.

She rode him like a drug-addled wild animal and he felt pleasure on a scale he could barely comprehend.

The audience were ensconced as they gradually upped their tempo and volume levels.

It was almost deafening, and their movements at times too fast for the human eye.

Their crescendo peaked and they slowed, with his body juddering beneath her while she pinned his arms to the stage and cried out in ecstasy.

He lay there breathing heavily as he felt her climb off him and stand.

"Thank you for that", she said, "and thank you for the powers."

He fought his exhaustion to open his eyes and look at her as spoke.

"Something tells me that we'll see each other again", she said.

With that, he watched her lift one foot off the floor and bend her knee before delicately leaving the ground with her toes stretching outwards.

She left his sight in a blur and his eyes darted to the newfound hole in the ceiling of the room, and presumably the floors above.

His mind was now coming back online, and he looked to the back of the room as he remembered a news crew were attending the event, who like seemingly everyone else in the room was gob-smacked at what they had just witnessed.

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