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Super Goddesses

Written by Akane :: [Monday, 27 February 2017 21:30] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 10 January 2019 20:16]

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NOTE: I am the author of the DeviantArt series "Modern Goddess" so I guess at least one or two of you know me because of this, if not I should tell you that my english is not perfect by a long shot as I am a spaniard but don't worry, I will try my best to tell this story as it was conceived in my mind, which is in the form of a school report in the way that you can tell it was writen by a 14 year old teenager who found himself bored to death because of having to do a stupid chore but became fascinated with its topic while he was researching about it






We are in the year 2040, the world has changed a bit by this point but it hasn't become that distant from the one my parents lived on when they were young, we still use gas to fuel our cars, we still live in cities, working for money or studying to prepare us for the workforce, medicine and science are only a bit more advanced but we still can't cure cancer or revert permanent body disabilities. The first and most powerful country in the world is still the USA and the second one is Japan, twenty years ago China suffered an economic collapse when their economic bubble popped which prompted a civil war that brought down the corrupt government and today they are a democracy in the way of economic growth from the ashes of their war. The EU has fallen but instead now they have a new union of western european countries with free trade of goods and people but without common currency and an european parlament, things are not bad in Africa either, a new superpower surged and gained independence from Rwanda and is leading in many fields of medicine and technology and has one of the best economic projections in the world, much better than its neighbour countries, however, its trade favors all of Africa and the poverty and hunger ratios have severely diminished. Russia however has balkanized and the many republics of the former gigantic state have formed an union with the rest of eastern and nordic european countries. Arabia, Latin America and Oceania are, for what I know, mostly the same as 20 years ago.

So, this is the world we live in now, my parents tell me this is better than the one they lived in before, much less poverty and war and a more stable relationship between races and countries, I don't know if this is true but as I was born in 2026, this is the world I'm stuck in, I will say it is not bad at all though.


However, there IS a radical change between what we knew about evolution back then and what we know now and it is all possible thanks to an incredible phenomenon that started in the late 10's and today is one of most important driving forces of science and also one of the most popular chat topics in every household, this is of course, the existence of what we vulgarly call "Super Goddesses"

What does this term mean you ask? You must be blind, stupid or disconnected from reality to not know about them, they are really famous and important and appear almost every day in the newspapers and tabloids and have weekly interviews with reporters on the TV. Scientists called them "Homo superior" at the beggining but they are now called "Deus sapiens omnipotentis" and sometimes "The Pinnacle of Evolution" and as the last term implies, they are people that removed themselves from the limitations of normal humans and evolved into what we can point out to be beings that don't need to follow the laws of physics because, in fact, those are beneath them. We call them goddesses because by this year all of the discovered ones have turned out to be women.

How and when did this happen exactly you say? How did the human race evolved in such a short span of time when it usually takes hundreds of thousands of years? Scientists don't really know how because for now Super Goddesses can't be studied for reasons I will list later, their evolution is a mystery and the apparition of such superior beings is something the world had to come to terms with, the inferior humans have had to contact and befriend them and to this day they haven't caused any major trouble and are quite the upstanding citizens, they are good women that want us no harm and just wish to integrate into our communities even if it means lowering themselves to a species that are like children compared to them.

The process started in the late 10's when the first Super Goddess was born and today we have a staggering total of six Super Goddesses alive, however lately it has been slowing down and not many of them have been discovered in the recent years, we don't know the reason but it is nice to know that they are all pretty nice people, or at least that is what I can tell when I watch them talking with humans in the TV

The Goddesses also appeared many times in fashion parades and beauty magazines and pageants, they are considered the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet, all of the adult ones have perfect curvaceous bodies, an hourglass figure, enormous breasts and perfect divine faces and smiles, they could have any woman or man they wanted just by asking and human women use them as a reference in order to improve their own beauty, they are the model which they aspire to look like, but it is difficult considering the goddesses are that naturally beautiful without any effort.

Super Goddesses have many powers that have been disclosed to the public, but it is said that there is no real limit about what they can do, however, the goddesses themselves have told us many times about them in interviews and sometimes they do even try them in front of an audience, I will list some.

Super Strength: the goddesses are extremely strong, they can lift whatever weight they want and for now there is no real limit to this power, as they live on Earth we have only seen them do acts which, by their honest word, are mundane and easy for them, like when one of them lifted the entire Statue of Liberty with a finger in the 4th of July. They have told us many times that they have not found a weight that is hard to lift for them yet and probably will never find it as they consider their strength limitless. There was a time one of them joked about being able to destroy the Earth with a single punch, hopefully they won't turn evil or else we will have to consider us pretty much extinct.

Super Endurance: also probably limitless, there is no weapon on Earth capable of even remotely harming them, in fact, they are asked by the governments of the world to test out the newest military weapons and so far even nukes fail to scratch them, scientists deduced that there is no force in the Universe strong enough to harm them and they are composed of the strongest and most durable matter ever found, which makes them literally an inmovable object and an unstoppable force at the same time. This is the same reason why they can't be studied as nothing can penetrate their skin and most probes that were used to explore their body from the inside were unable to show us any difference with the normal human body, ironically we are mostly the same as them at a cellular and a molecular level, which modern science tells us it's impossible for them to be as powerful as they are, they simply are.

Super Speed and Levitation: they are classified as the fastest objects in the Universe as they can travel faster than light, many times in fact. Super Goddesses have explored the entire Universe more than once in search of knowledge or fun and they can do this monumental journey in less than miliseconds. They can also fly or levitate at that speed so they have no problem in leaving the planet when they want. Their jumps can also be limitless in distance as they are correlated to the infinite strength of their legs.

Perfect Metabolism: they do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe, they cannot become fat or ill and they can't age, for all that we know they will live forever, death is a concept goddesses can only experiment by studying lower lifeforms like us which suffer from it. They also can digest everything, eating metal and diamonds does nothing to them.

Super Perception: they have demonstrated in public television that they can hear, smell and see anything at any distance as their senses are developed to the point of noticing everything in the Universe at the same time and being able to tell it all apart. They help space agencies to discover new planets, stars and asteroids all the time using these and probably they all know that I'm writing this and who I am at the moment. In other words, if you exist, they notice you at every time. Their reflexes are also perfect, if they do not want to get hit, they won't.

Incalculable Intelligence and Knowledge Absorption: ironically they are not omniscient, they are born without knowledge about the world like everyone else but of course they do not need to be taught, they can self-teach themselves everything and all six of them are the most intelligent beings on the planet, they are so smart we cannot actually measure them properly. By the age of 3 they can understand and teach about any subject at a college professor level, speak and read most of Earth's languages perfectly and breeze through tons of books in a second, while retaining everything about the subject forever, they can absorb any knowledge in no time at all and are constantly learning, maybe one of them will eventually become omniscient some day. For now, our many tests to measure them have failed in determining their intelligence, one of them being a chess match against the best human players in the world and the most advanced supercomputers, they defeated all of them with ease and in no time. They usually give conferences in colleges and are advisors of every superpower as they are valued as the greatest experts in the world about every single topic there is that can be taught on Earth, even if they do not want to share their private investigations about the Universe with lower humans, they tend to help us advance and evolve with little and gentle pushes, like mothers teaching their children with patience. However most of them still go to school, college or work just to maintain a public persona and because they actually like to socialize with us.

Super Breath and Inhalation: they could blow hurricanes if they wanted it, one of them even prevented one by dispelling it with her own breath, scientists say they could easily turn the planet into an ice sphere if they wished to. The oldest of the Super Goddesses talked about her inhalation capabilities in an interview and said that she was able to inhale the entire Universe inside her body with no problems.

Alpha Species Mind Control: they are unanimously considered the species that finally mastered nature and all of its factors and as rightful masters of everything they can mind control and command every other species if they so choose. For example, if they ordered bees to collectively suicide, they would without hesitation, this is the same with humans as we are inferior to them.

Irresistible Pheromones: they do well controlling their pheronomes because they are so strong every single being, even not humans, has the natural desire to procreate with them. Being as beautiful as they are also helps with everyone always fawning over and wanting to be close to them. They do not develop this power until they reach their full physical maturity.

Reality Warping: scientists call it "Matter Manipulation." We don't know how but the Super Goddesses can alter their own and others' matter at will, they are the only beings in the Universe than can actually create and destroy it at every level, being it superficial, cellular, molecular or even existential. The Goddesses can turn themselves invisible, can change their size, can transform into animals, plants or everything they want and they can also turn YOU in everything they want just by willing it to be true. I remember one of the Goddesses, the one I like the most, creating life from nothing in an interview, she created a little mouse with rabbit ears and she said she just had to think about it, it was that easy, then she did more impressive things like turning into a bat or changing the skin color of everyone in the audience (and by audience I mean everyone watching the show, from the stage or from home) It was a treat to watch. This is the power that concerns most naysayers because it grants the goddesses the ability to be unstopabble and masters of the Universe. There are already theories that say that one of them has already assimilated the entire Universe into her body, so we could easily be part of her without even knowing it.

Sexual Relativism: as such, thanks to the last power mentioned, even if they look, act and have the genitals of a human woman and can actually mate and reproduce as such, they might be able to mate with any other living being as they can mimic them by transforming their bodies. They could even grow a penis and mate with other women if they wanted too for example, as well as turn normal humans into women and men respectively with ease. Even though they are born as women, these capabilities have made scientists classify them as "Deigender" (the godly gender) and pansexual because all of them have shown no preference of gender with their partners.

I think I have mentioned every single power that could be credited to them, a funny thing is that more than one of them have had actual descendence with humans before, none of their children were born with godly powers at all, which makes us believe their powers are not genetic and just an anomaly, a mutation during their time in their mother's womb that cannot be reproduced, simulated or repetated, but those are all speculations.


As I mentioned earlier, there are currently six Super Goddesses living on Earth, I will list and talk about all the six of them starting with the oldest and finishing with the youngest.


M'wela Mutegaraba, alias ''Queen'': the first Super Goddess to be born in history is a black, tall, beautiful woman listed to have been born in what originally was a part of rural Rwanda, Africa in September of 2017, so she is currently 23, being her last birthday a week ago, a monumental event in which all the world leaders and the other Super Goddesses attended to celebrate and prompted me to investigate about this topic for the report.

M'wela was born poor and had to use her godly skills to become a powerful and influent politician and scientist in Rwanda, eventually she would denounce the government for their corruption and incompetence and fought against the palpable racism between tribes. She ended up becoming a heroine of hope for the oppresed masses and led an independence movement against the government, she easily defeated and humilliated the rwandan military by herself with no help and created the state of Prosperia, since then she has been a renowned and loved monarch in her country and the entire world, she made the economy grow without using her powers and educated her civilians to the point of making important advances in science and medicine, by now Prosperia is the most important and rich african country and its cities are marvels of the world, the prime example of being led by a Super Goddess instead of a human being.

M'wela is the tallest Super Goddess yet at 6' 5'', looking like a perfect ebony statue made of fit muscles and dark soft skin that while appearing strong also manages to give a maternal vibe with the help of her ample breasts and general thickness, this strikes as funny considering she is not much different physically from some of the old goddesses that natives adored in the continent prior to the coming of the white man in the times of imperialism. Her eyes are of a mystic and wise violet color that reflects her soft, calm, motherly and mature personality and her hair is long and curly, contained in dreadlocks. She comes off as a benign Goddess that cares for her people and smells like tropical fruits.

Between her feats we can see when M'wela reallocated mountains by ripping them from the ground to create a new natural border between Prosperia and Rwanda and, even on a more subtle tone, when she made a violent warlord that employed children soldiers renounce violence with a lovely kiss in his lips, you know which one, it is one of Time's favorite photos, then she turned their weapons into food for the children, who were starved. Also, while she lets the country work in a human non-godly way she sometimes helps her people by curing them of diseases or using her breath to alter the climate in order to favor a good crop season for her farmers, these are the little things that makes her be loved by her people unconditionally.


Irina Volkoba, alias "Christina": she is the second Super Goddess in history, age 22, she was born in January of 2018, months after M'wela and we also know the least of her, she has quite the reclusive personality, you could call her a shut-in if you want, which is a shame since she is known to be the discoverer of many cures to diseases and new theories on physics but she never appears at the Nobel prize's ceremony as she attaches her discoveries to the pseudonym "Christina" and doesn't want to be seen in public, she must be shy.

Irina was born in Moscow, Russia, in the middle of a rough winter, her mother died in the delivery which must have been really sad for her because when she had the powers to do so, Irina apparently resurrected her, to the joy of her and her father, who told us all of this in an interview. Irina doesn't really like to appear on TV or magazines and there are not many pictures of her, and if they exist at all it is because Irina approves of them, all the photos that she doesn't like instanly dissapear when they are taken as she takes her image really seriously and not something to be marketized and shown to the public a lot, the same about any information about her she doesn't likes, she just erases its existence with her powers and keeps up with her work as a secret scientist under a fake name, we also know that she likes to play chess and she is currently the champion of the world with a perfect elo and hasn't been beaten once. She plays by using telepathy from her house, a castle in the outskirts of her original city that she created with her mind after driking an entire lake in a second to have a yard to ground the building on.

From the few photos we have of her, Irina looks like an astoundingly beautiful pale, tall and slender woman with big juicy lips and a perfect long noise, her eyes are like fractals of aquamarine and are hypnotic even if you look at them in photos, that's why she covers them with a black veil most of the time. Her hair is long, silky and blonde, so blonde it looks white like the snow of her homeland. Her height is 5' 9'' and always wears baggy black dresses that look like something that came out from the last century to cover her slender but bombastic hourglass figure and big breasts and butt. Irina is reserved and, even if she is a good person, doesn't like to be around people, she is bashful and not too talkative and we should respect her decision not to be in the mediatic spotlight like her godly sisters.

Apart from all her deeds commented before, she is known to be a great knowledge pursuer, having travelled around the galaxy many times to find about new planets, chemical substances and elements and brought them home to study them, all by herself, flying at lightspeed of course, and has reportedly destroyed asteroids and comets with ease to discover the secrets in their interior. Artists around the world find her strength inspiring and many depictions of her fighting and dominating a bear in a fight while naked are a spread symbol in most international museums.


Shizuka Hirose, alias "Shizurin": the third Super Goddess, currently 20, born in March of 2020 in Sendai, Japan and currently residing in Akihabara's district in Tokyo, is a fashion model, scientist and businesswoman that always wears extravagant clothes and make-up, which only boosts her natural beauty and exotic appeal, she is the owner of a very famous maid cafe in the otaku district which has the best girls and service in the city and cosplays all the time, being easy for her to do it as she just wills the cosplay into existence. She revolutionized Japanese cuisine by applying her vast knowledge of chemistry into it. 

Shizuka was always a fashionista, trying new haircuts, new dresses and new forms of looking gorgeous. Shizuka is famous for her persona Shizurin, a perfect magical real life anime character that owns a maid cafe in Akihabara, her cosplay is the best in the world, legendary and ultra realistic. She likes videogames, anime, cooking and otaku culture and helped greatly in expanding the worldwide fame of these industries by not only cosplaying as characters but designing games and creating animation and manga by herself, all of them outstanding quality and instant classics. She has a limitless creative vein in all that she does and always wants to be trendy and fashionable. She received the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2030 and since then has been in the spotlight of science circles, fashion parades and restaurant guides around the world. She loves attention, that is why she is the one that likes to appear on TV the most, roleplaying as Shizurin.

She is the most petite of the goddesses and looks like a doll, standing at a childish 5' 4'' but conserving the generous figure and big bossom of her species, the cutest and most lovely of the bunch with her adorable little button nose and small gracious lips, expressive and big, although slanty asian eyes with everchanging color, suiting her mood and which anime character she is cosplaying as. She has a bubbly and outgoing personality that can get spicy when she is aroused, also she is prideful and likes to show off her powers. She has the longest hair I have ever seen, silky and straight, jet black color, like the night, and you can sometimes see the stars of the Universe in it. She always wears a different hairstyle and make-up but she prefers sporting twintails. If I recall correctly I have never seen her true face behind her make-up, but she must be stunningly beautiful if she is a Super Goddess.

She has shown her powers many times in TV, in a race she run against GT500 cars and won easily, after yawning she sung at a concert with her beautiful, perfect feminine voice and she wasn't even sweaty. Also, she has lifted many things in the yearly beach swinsuit contests in Yokohama, including a marine aircraft carrier, which she used to play catch with herself after swimming into the middle of the sea in a second.


Ha-neul Park, alias "Dragon": the fourth Super Goddess, age 19, born in Seoul, South Korea in May of 2021 is the second asian goddess but she is the opposite of Shizuka, for starters when she could she moved out from Korea, she didn't like eastern society and opted for helping the world of science in the United States, her advancements in theoretical physics are still resonating today in all scientific circles. She is quite the energetic Goddess and the primary reason that they have so many fanboys in the western world, you could say she became the postergirl of her species. She was also the one who was asked to lift the Statue of Liberty for the 4th of July.

She recently retired from the scientific world to be a commercial image for many companies and a tester of military weapons and dangerous medicine that cannot be tested in humans or animals, she also has a TV show in which she does impressive strenght, speed and endurance feats whenever someone asks her, it is one of the most watched in television because she always surpasses herself and reminds us of how incredible the Super Goddesses are. I couldn't find much about her past in South Korea but she must have not liked it because she moved here by herself when she was 12, whatever the reason was, it doesn't matter for the people here that treats her as a national symbol. She also loves participating in sport matches but she limits herself to human levels in order to be fair and has been the personal coach of basketball, baseball and football teams around the nation.

Park is ridiculously pretty and cute, never using make-up and looking incredible still, she has that tomboy look that any boy-next-door loves but with a gorgeous and powerful sex-charged body, she is the most curvaceous and fit of the bunch without being muscular and has a strong but obviously feminine voice that makes you want to follow her instructions when she does her yoga exercises on TV in the morning, she never wears strange clothes because she feels comfy in a shirt and jeans with sneakers, no one would know she is actually the strongest being in the Universe. Her height is 5' 7'' and her hair and eyes are black with a lively luster that makes her a pleasure for the eyes.

She tests weapons for the military; tanks, rifles, rocket launchers and even nukes. They all fail to hurt her but she encourages the little humans to someday create something that can even tickle her, she helps in experiments to test the force and resistance of many kinds of military and civilian products, always humilliating the claims that their respective product is the best because it can supposedly beat her. Also, in her TV show she lifts cars, boats, planes and even buildings in ruins just to show the people that love her why they love her. One time she jumped to the top of Mount Everest from Los Angeles in one leap. She said that if the world is in danger she will always be the first to defend it. She was also the first Super Goddess to proove in a government experiment that there is something faster than light, which she, by far, is. Another time she broadcasted on live TV how to make diamonds out of carbon just by rubbing it, increasing the heat with the incredible friction of her powerful but dainty hands. 


Jennifer Martinette, alias "Butterfly": the fifth Super Goddess and my personal favorite one, she is 16 and was born in Toronto, Canada in February of 2024, she only appears on TV for interviews and sometimes you can see her in special events with the other Super Goddesses, she is a "teenager" that wants to live a quiet life with her peers and goes to high school even if she is already one of the intellectual powerhouses of the world in all scientific fields. In her case, she is famous even in the art world where she is known to be an astonishing creator thanks to her powers. She loves animals too.

Even after knowing she was a Super Goddess at age 3 she decided that she wanted to live a normal life outside of government interference, she made many friends in her school days that she still keeps to this day in high school, where she hangs out most of the time, the rest of the time she passes with her friends in her neighborhood and creating new art from nothing or using and molding the real world to transform it into something more artistic. Jennifer loves to play with reality and warp it in a way that is innofensive but improves the way it was before, that is the way she sees it and I guess that is the way we have to see her art too as we cannot do anything to stop her, if people from the past saw the landscape of Toronto today, they wouldn't even recognize it as Miss Martinette changed it a lot in her art sessions.

For me, Jennifer is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is 5' 6'' but extremely stacked and voluptuous, she has kissable pink lips and a mischievous and attractive smile always in her face that reflects her mysterious persona, which she keeps only for her more intimate friends. Jennifer prefers to wear the uniform of her private school which she thinks it suits her really well and wears all kinds of butterfly-themed accesories because it is her favorite animal, in fact, most of her art resembles to the form of a butterfly. Necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets, everything she creates and wears has butterflies that are usually made of sapphire and gold but her favorite one that always wears is one earring, just a single one in the left ear. Her hair is long, unkept and light brown while her eyes are from a warming gold color that shines in the darkness. Does it come as a surprise that I am a bit obsessed with her? I would really like her as a girlfriend, she is cute. Her friends say she is calm and lovely but if she really likes you she will act funny and tease you.

Jennifer has shown many times that she is as strong, fast and unkillable as the others, but she is specially attractive for me compared to the rest, I have had many wet dreams with her and she probably knows it even if she doesn't know who I am and we live so far away. She likes to use the power of "reality warping" most than the others. She usually changes matter to twist it into art and she likes to talk to animals, that is why, if she desires to appear in any city, she is received by a miriad of butterflies. She also loves to create life and make people young again just to make them happy, when she gets all bohemian, she flies into the Universe to think about her things and finds new civilizations to draw inspiration from. One time she even said that she freed an alien race from a tyranical overlord by exploding his head with her pinky. She tends to genderbend her friends, and they usually love it. Oh, I almost forgot, she worked with NASA once and visited the planets of the Solar System to take photos of them, she even took a selfie on the surface of the sun, which for her wasn't hot at all.


Paula Estévez, alias "Caliope": she is the sixth and last Super Goddess, from Venezuela, we don't know anything about her for now because she is still a baby, she was born the last year but we can already tell that she is a Super Goddess because she can already talk, walk, levitate and communicate with animals at her young age, so I think she has a pretty solid future as a powerful goddess.


It is true that Super Goddesses are something new in the world and we could be destroyed easily if a single one of them had a bad day but it is good to think that we can team up as species, even if we are inferior, and be their friends, in my humble opinion, we are lucky to have such perfect beings on our side but we should treat them as human beings, with love and care, and then, the world will progress without end.

And I think that is all, this is my report on the topic of Super Goddesses, at first I didn't like it very much but they are very interesting people and finding so many things about them was really fun.


Essay by Sean Wilson from 9th

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