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Paula, the Ubercop

Written by Akane :: [Wednesday, 11 October 2017 19:29] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 15 July 2018 23:01]

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***Inspired by a concept from jmg88***


2293 AD, the world has come to be configured far differently from what we know about the past, most people live in city states confined to the coast of each continent and the mainland is mostly populated by robots working on farms and factories to sustain the population, although there are jobs that require human involvement to function properly, one of them is the police. This story is about two buddy cops that happen to be in a really extraordinary situation. One of them is a simple human, but the other one is actually a stunning Super Goddess. For the last almost 300 years Super Goddesses have become a normal thing that people are used to, by now there are at least twenty-two of them, including the original ones that appeared in the 21th century because, as we all know, Super Goddesses can't die or get older. Wouldn't that be funny? Literal, magical omnipotent gods, dying, what a joke that would be.

It was 6:17 AM in the morning and José Gómez was reading the news in his biological watch, everyone had a machine with a lot of useful applications implanted under their skin that could display holograms of text, pictures and videos from the Internet at any given place, except those which possesed inhibitors. Earth's science has advanced a lot and most diseases are cured already with the exception of the new ones that will inevitably keep appearing and while world peace hasn't been achieved yet, most of the world gets along pretty well in an elaborated trade network between city states. Travelling distance is not a problem anymore since 3D printing is fully viable and resource exploitation is handled better. Both human and robot crime however, have not disappeared yet and people need protection. Oh and the people of Nueva Caracas has pretty good protectors indeed.

José Gómez was a tall, well-built, muscular man with curly black hair concealed under a blue police hat, he had light brown complexion and a strong jawline covered in a 3-day beard, his almond eyes protected from the dawn's blinding light behind sunglasses. His strong arms were suited for manual hard work but surprisingly he wasn't the strongest in his patrol unit, not by a longshot. His 6' 4'' frame was leaning on his patrol car, a surprisingly old unit that was considered by many on the force as junk, it still used gasoline, unlike the newer patrol spheres which worked with solar energy. But he loved the car, it was a classic. 

– Mmm, she's a bit late, maybe by a full minute? – José pondered while looking at his holographic chronometer, then a powerful sonic boom travelled across the coast, people took cover and trees were shaken as the water was literally torn apart, making a furrow, giving way to the fastest thing on Earth.

She was making her entrance, surfing the waves at blinding speeds that no vehicle or proyectile could achieve. It ended before José could stop the chronometer and he looked at the water under the pier he was waiting on. A total of 59 seconds, that was the exact time the watch marked, it was like she was trying to laugh at him for thinking she couldn't make it in under a minute.

Everyone started cheering at the person that had just arrived at the beach, she was a worldwide celebrity after all, and there was little to no people that didn't love her, she was, after all literally perfect in all the meanings of the word. She was  standing there smiling like a cute puppy, walking over the water like some fake God from the past like it was normal.

She was Paula Estévez, a Super Goddess, an all-powerful being with baffling powers that had no limits, she was born this way, better than everyone else; infinitely stronger, faster, prettier and more intelligent, oh, and she could also bend reality with a mere thought. She was unbeatable and could do whatever she wanted without repercussions. But women like this had already been commonplace for centuries and Paula was one of the pioneers, being born in the year 2039 qualified her as the sixth Super Goddess and the last of the original group of magical ladies to live in this planet, she was 254 years old at this point but she still looked young as an eighteen year old, her beauty preserved intact through time, a dimension that she could easily toy with. Paula, somehow, also decided to work as a policewoman in her native city and everyone knew her as an upholder of the law for the last two centuries or so. That was another strange thing about the Super Goddesses, even if each one of them had the power to conquer and destroy the Universe, most of them decided to live on Earth and have normal jobs and hobbies, they liked to have relations with normal people and were extremely empathetic and good natured, to the relief of Earth's population.

– It seems you took less time than I thought. – Gómez said, smiling while showing his perfect white teeth.

– I know, I read your mind and I said "No way he is beating me at my game" and then I chose the brand as fast as I could – her voice was one of the most beautiful sounds in the universe, only comparable to the ones of other Super Goddesses, it was like a chorus of heavenly valkyries chanting at unison and creating an unified stream that came out of her mouth.

The stunning goddess levitated as naturally as someone could do and landed on the pier, she had a cup of japanese ramen on her hand and waved it at his partner.

– I could have done it in the time it would take the employee at the convenience store to understand that I wanted to buy the ramen but I stayed around for a bit this time, I wanted a new flavour and you see, I had to make a lot of calculations to find the proper taste I wanted. Here I present you, curry flavoured ramen! – it was the truth, Super Goddesses had such a powerful brain that they could process in less than a second the information that all the super computers on Earth couldn't in decades. And she was only trying to decide which cup of ramen she would choose for her routinary morning snack. The goddesses didn't need to eat to live but they liked it doing it anyway, no matter what they ate they wouldn't gain weight either.

– You know that you don't need to go to Neo-Tokyo every morning just to get ramen, don't you? You could just create it.

– Out of thin air, yes but you see, I want to show off too and It's the perfect excuse to stretch my legs! – she casually commented on travelling to Japan and back in less than a minute by running over the water.

All the people fell in love instantly with Paula, her mere presence was erotic enough to steal all the attention from both males and females on the pier and the beach, her powerful pheromones, which she produced naturally, had everyone lusting for her and she knew it, however she was there today to protect and serve, not to be eye candy.

People had a reason for being so infatuated with her though, even if spotting Paula in Nueva Caracas was fairly easy, each time you saw her was as magical as the first. No poet had proper words to describe Paula´s beauty as she walked to the car with her cop buddy, clacking her heels, but I will try my best.

She was 6' 3'' and her legs were neverending and sculpted like chiseled marble, with astonishing noticeable calfs, however she didn't have the color of marble. Paula's skin was tanned, as it was natural for a latina born in Venezuela like her, it was a light shadow of brown, which resembled caramel and made her look even more exotic and delicious. Her juicy thighs ended in wide hips proper of the most breedable creature in the universe, causing her big latina butt to attract looks everywhere she went, it was enormous and begged to be touched but, as in the rest of her body, you could see a small hint of her perfect anatomy and athleticism, her body was tender, soft and cuddly but also solid and with a little bit of muscle, which wasn't neccesary anyway considering the innate strength she was born with.

Her waist was so tiny it was almost non-existant, it was something that you could have seen in one of those fashonista dolls that little girls loved and promoted impossible standards for women, Paula whoever was no normal woman, her unrealistic proportions were something common in a Super Goddess. And then, a perfect pair of giant breasts, barely being contained by her sexy clothes, magnificent melons that weren't affected by gravity and bounced whenever she moved, hypnotizing everyone that dared to look at them. However, while gigantic and flawlessly shaped, her boobs weren't as big as the ones on other Super Goddesses, although to be honest there were some of them that looked like literal cows with milk jugs instead of women with breasts. Paula, for a goddess, had quite the athletic and limber body, a symptom of her energetic and sparkly personality.

While the rest of the police in the city dressed with a white shirt because of the heat, she decided to use an uniquely designed blue outfit with golden buttons and the sleeves rolled up, combined with blue denim hot pants and high heels. Her clothes were not reglamentary but she got a pass anyway because, who would say no to the will of a goddess? Not the police chief, that's for sure.

Her old timey and stylish police hat covered her lustrous hair, which looked liked it came out of a shampoo ad, it was blond, almost golden, a rare color in her subcontinent and the clash it made with her skin color gave her some kind of mystical appeal, many thought she gave herself that hair color with her powers but it was all natural. Her face was delicate and beautiful, only rivaled by the other Super Goddesses, the government of Nueva Caracas stated that it was dangerous to look at her flawless features for too long because you could lose your sanity; juicy plump lips made for kissing, a small cute snub nose and wise golden eyes, pools of knowledge and magic that no gem could hold a candle against. Truly a sex goddess in flesh.


The incredible woman clinged to her taller partern's arm and giggled like a schoolgirl, José wasn't used to how sweet and lovely she was even when they had been a duo for a decade by now. However, for José, Paula was some kind of stepmother, his mentor in life from whom he had learnt a lot, she was the inspiration for him to become a cop when he was a child, and now he had the privilege to share car with her in his patrols. José blushed and before getting in the car both were striken by a barrage of flashes, those were paparazii, wanting to take a piece of the cake and photograph one of the world's most important celebrities, the Super Goddess, however no picture appeared in their devices for the goddess vanished them with a thought, not wanting to be on the frontpage of some stupid tabloid. Paula wanted a quiet life in her police job. As soon as both entered the car she winked at José, and, with the windows closed, she leaned towards him, putting her tremendous buttocks against the crystal and kissed him with tongue, it was José's favorite moment of the day, they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend but they had a very loose work relationship based on confidence and love, Gómez actually respected Paula for her personality and answered to her love responsibly, unlike other men in the force that only loved her for her bombastic body or feared her power, and Paula knew this, she could read thoughts after all. They rubbed their bodies inside the car while kissing until they suddenly stopped out of the blue, Paula was smiling tenderly.

– Wow, that was great, did you miss me the minute I was out? – Gómez was still lost in the twister of warm feelings inside his heart, her kisses were majestic, as expected of a goddess, he tried to gain his composure again, while still blushing, and started acting somewhat professionally.

– Perhaps hehehe, come on, we gotta start patrolling. – José knew that if Paula wanted, she could put all the city's criminals in jail with a single snap of her delicate and well manicured fingers, but she really enjoyed doing her job everyday, to go on little adventures with her friend, and that was a good sign, even with her omnipotence she still was somehow as human as the rest.

Gómez started the car and Paula slurped her favorite new ramen, she ate the noodles at such speed that she could have finished the entire meal in a few sips, but somehow the bottom of the cup was neverending and she kept slurping for a time, such were the abilities of someone who didn't have any limits. It was no surprise for her partner, who was used to her brutal cravings of food and others unhealthy habits, which had no effect on her perfect figure anyway, her metabolism was super after all.

It took little to no time for Gómez to retrieve a little notebook out of the glove box while they were waiting for the traffic to resume, Paula knew what he was a about to do, it had become a custom of them for the last two years or so. Gómez would look for very specific and obscure information on the Internet and the next day he would ask Paula questions about it to try and find a breach in her infinite wisdom and intelligence, it was to no avail but he kept trying, maybe someday he would catch her off guard and make her blush, but for now all his tries had been useless. This time José asked her a lot of questions while she was eating her breakfast, questions about very specific scientific things, history facts about small regions in other countries, the number of inhabitants on some rural villages in Europe that no one knew about, really difficult math problems that she answered without even needing to do the calculations on a paper. It was futile, there was no knowledge that escaped her limitless scope of wisdom. Paula's mind, just like her body, was superpowered, Super Goddesses were the most intelligent beings in the Universe by far and most of them, including the cute latina policewoman, were masters in all the sciences and arts and, as they grew older, they read more books and absorbed even more knowledge. Gómez was starting to think that she was omniscient.

– Ok then, unless you are reading the answer with your X-Ray vision you can't know the answer to this one, it's impossible! – Paula laughed at his ignorance. – What was the name and job of my ancestor? He was born in 1822 and died in 1875. –

– Easy. His name was Héctor and he was a farmer, I knew him well, hahaha! If you knew how many people from old history I have met, he was pretty proud to know his descendant became a policeman four centuries later! Nice try though! – he grunted, defeated, it was true. Paula stuck out her tongue, mocking him, behaving like a child despite being more than two centuries older than him.

– How could you know that?

– I can travel in time sweetie.

– That's unfair.

– Maybe … – she said, almost singing. – We have to patrol though, keep an eye on the street, see if we can find someone in need of a punishment. –

The city lights were still on, a futuristic metropolis of big blocky buildings filled with neon billboards that illuminated the windows on the car, both watched the sea, bathed in the dawn's orange sun, José was lost in Paula's beauty. They didn't take too much time to find a proper crime, they just needed to enter into the worst neighborhood in the city, it was dangerous, dirty and smelt horribly, although Gómez felt safer in the company of a goddess. The houses were painted in vibrant colors, as a way not to scare tourists.

In front of them, two ruffians were trying to rob a poor woman that was carrying her baby. – Give us the money and we may let you live! – they were threatening their lifes with knifes and the woman, although poor and scared was ready to surrender all the content in her purse so they would leave her alone, however, there was not much to rob and the thiefs were getting angry. – That can't be all bitch! Come on, drop everything or die! – the foul rascal was about to slap the woman but he suddenly felt pure fear, Paula was looking at him from the window of the car directy into his eyes, her pupils became those of a tiger. Thanks to her intimidating vision, his nervous system was struck by a sudden overdose of terror, he was about to pee in his pants and started to sweat profusely, it was cold. He didn't drop the knife though, he wanted to get out with the money and escape the police, the situation had escalated too fast for his taste now, so he tried to thrust the weapon into the woman's stomach, he was stopped by a bullet though, José had used his well-known marksman skill to shoot the knife out of the thief's hand with his handgun, the poor bastard fell to his knees, holding his own hand and screaming like a pig about to be killed in the slaughterhouse, the pain of losing a bit of meat when the bullet hit him was too much for a street rat like him.

– Good job Gómez! – said Paula, congratulating him on his shooting abilities.

– That's what I trained for baby!

Suddenly the other guy took the woman by the neck and reached for the gun on his pocket, the baby started crying like crazy. – If you don't let me go say goodbye to her brains! – but before he could do anything, his gun was flying out of his hand and falling into the floor. Paula shot at his hand with an imaginary fireweapon, copying her partner, though with her power "nothing" became a very real bullet that came out of her finger. She blew the "cannon" and smoke came out of it.

– I have been training too! – both cops giggled at the failed attempt of hostaging. In less than a second Paula teleported behind them and quickly overpowered the criminals, using her cosmic strength to put their arms behind their backs and then cuffed them. Following suit with the typical behavior of the police, she threw them like sacks of feathers into the back seats of the car, then Gómez asked for their documentation. Their expression was one of total and absolute defeat, they knew they were going to jail for assault and attempted murder, no one could escape the Super Goddess in the police, however, there was a problem.

– The car is not starting, it's toast … – it was true, no matter what José tried, the car just wouldn't work. A smile of hope crossed the faces of the criminals.

– Ugh, I told you that this car is an old piece of junk, not only it breaks all the time but I also have to create gasoline for it work, at least if you could use a vehicle that works on a fuel that still exists I would tolerate the constant need of repairs. 

– I know I know, maybe this time I will consider replacing this old beauty. – Gómez touched the chassis, saddened, he didn't know what the nature of the breakdown was, but it was probably likely to be the last one, the engine stopped working altogether, and he didn't think that Paula was enthusiastic about fixing it again, even when car knowledge was between her impossibly vast ocean of skills.

– It can't be helped, get on the car, I will tow it to the police station, then we can jail these crooks! – he obeyed and sit on the front, then a cracky noise came from the car's rear, the thiefs were scared and screamed a little but José calmed then down.

– Shhh, she's towing us.

With her prodigious strength Paula used her slender and perfect arms to lift the entire rear of the car, her hands denting the sides a little, even when she was trying her best not to damage Gomez's baby. He didn't panic though, he was used to these kind of miracles when he was with her. She followed by putting the entire weight of the car on her back, which for her was nothing, and then she balanced the 2 metric tons in her hands, lifting the entire car, finally. Paula Éstevez, the latina Super Goddess jumped into the air and just like that started flying, travelling around the city's skyline while lifting a police car, she wasn't hasty at all so she didn't need to speed up a lot, it was a comfy ride. Everyone that saw the scene from below knew it was Paula and they cheered her, knowing she caught a new criminal, she was a heroine for the people of Nueva Caracas. In the meantime José was playing with the steering wheel like he was driving in the sky.

Paula landed with the car next to the police station's garage and tried to place it on the road as gently as she could, José came out of the car and watched their prisoners, they fainted and one of them vomited in the seat, it was really gross and he had to cover his nose. – Oh and you are going to pay for that too, you punks. – and then he proceeded to forcefully take them out of the car.

The Super Goddess opened the building's doors with a bang, entering like a popstar, taking all the attention from everyone and filling the place with her erotic smell and dashing looks, followed by her partner, who was watching the criminals they had just caught. All the men in the place smiled, knowing they were lucky to have the goddess in their presence. She combed her marvelous golden locks in front of everyone, she was loved for her body and optimistic and flirty personality, also she was always helping everyone she could in the department, like an angel that guarded them all. While José was doing the paperwork she reached the coffee machine and served herself, she started to drink gallons and gallons of the brown beverage without worrying about it running out, it simply kept pouring into her perfect mouth, when she finished she licked her perfect and juicy lips, which looked like they had a natural gloss to them.

Most women in the station watched the scene, jealous of how she was always stuffing her face with food and didn't get fat at all, Paula knew this, her powerful mind was able to read the minds of everyone in the world at the same time and the people in the building were no different, their thoughts were like open books for her but she tried not to abuse this power and give good people a chance, she knew that normal humans had sudden bursts of emotions and that most of the time they wouldn't think the horrible things they thought if they weren't mad, or sad. Today she felt a mix of male desire and female envy, specially coming from one of the prettiest new girls in the force, most of the females understood by this point that they were inferior and didn't try to compete with Paula, instead becoming her friends. Penelope, the new recepcionist, a rather beautiful redhead with glasses with a voluptuous figure but no breasts at all wasn't fully aware of Paula's unusual set of skills.

– Who does she think she is? Always drawing attention to herself, what a skank, I don't care if she is a Super Goddess or whatever, she could be more humble. I mean, you shouldn't be treated better just because you have big boobs! – the angry redhead thought to herself while observing Paula's majestic body.

Then a magical whispering appeared in her own head, Penelope could swear that voice was … – Listen dear, I can hear what you think, everyone here knows it. – apparently Paula made it so everyone else could listen to their mental conversation, many giggled at the expense of the newbie. – So I would prefer that you had the decency to tell me what you think of me to the face, I won't bite, I promise. –

– B-but how? I mean, how can you …? – Penelope was having an awful deja vu, like she was experiencing something out of that old novel from the 20th century, 1984, or that short horror story "It's a good life" that had been adapted many times in the past, where an all-powerful being had everyone under control and they had to obey and treat him with the respect of a God. She was terrified.

– Don't worry, I'm not a tyrant, I just think that we could be friends if you knew me more, but still, if you are so jealous of my tits I can lend you a hand with your problem! – Paula started to manipulate Penelope's body with her mind, orchestrating her little prank while making her fingers dance, suddenly the redhead felt a pressure on her chest and, as easy as that, with everyone watching, her breasts started to grow at an alarming rate, eventually surpassing Paula's. Penelope's bra couldn't contain her humogous new jugs and her bra exploded, she panicked and run out of the hall, directly to the women's restroom. Her boobs still grew for a bit until they looked more like udders and they wouldn't ever revert back to how they once were. Paula and half of the department had a hearty laugh at the scene and she crossed her legs while waiting for her partner. Paula was a good person and didn't try to control people at all, but she also was a playful trickster and liked to prank the new girls, in fact, she thought she made her a favor, now she had beautiful giant breasts to complete her hourglass figure, no reason to be jealous now!

After everything, Gómez came out of the chief's office and gestured her to come with his finger, Paula followed him and sit in front of the chief with his partner. He knew that even if he had authority over his employee, she was still a Super Goddess and he had to treat her with respect and let her do what she wanted, trying not to be nervous in her imposing presence he twirled his mustache and spoke. – Let's get to the point, shall we? We have been tracking down some narcos and they have set their base of operations in a building off the outskirts of the city. I'm sure Paula has already read where in my mind. –

– Yep

– Then, what I want you to do is to arrest those criminals and their leader, Ortega. After that you confiscate the drugs, they are armed to the teeth with military technology they have stolen from the amazonian militia and are not afraid to use it, their means are powerful, boosted by the money of the biggest cartel in the continent. I know you will solve the problem with ease but still, take care, eh?

– Okay. – answered Gómez, he felt confident in his skills but Paula was a 100% guarantee of their success and safety. She didn't answer, already talking with the police chief inside his mind, her golden eyes glowing with anticipation, they had powerful new weapons, she could stomp them and humilate them like the lowly criminals they were.

Both cops headed out of the chief's office and Paula, who was a fashionista, got tired of her attire and suddenly her clothes become more akin to those of a policewoman from Neo-Tokyo, she had grown used to seeing them on her morning trips to buy ramen. Her hair automatically got wired in two very childish orange pigtails and her skin tone became lighter.

– They won't recognize who I am with this little makeup!

The old car was unusable until Paula decided to restore it and she wasn't in the mood for that so they had to use a reglamentary patrol sphere to travel to their destination, it was far faster and more ecological than the car and José noticed it, he started getting a hang of it while driving but it was like controlling a rocket, he wasn't used to this.

– Well, what do you think of my latest invention? – Paula giggled. Super Goddesses were scientists and inventors that helped mankind progress, but they did it in small doses and when they felt like it. Dr. Estévez in particular had recently created the perfect flying vehicle of civil usage that worked only with clean fuels.

– Perhaps a bit too fast but you always go overboard with the power stuff! – he shouted while trying not to hit the traffic.

– Oh, now It's gonna be my turn to go overboard, don't worry. – she winked. Both knew what that meant.

Eventually they reached the outskirts of the city and the tall buildings started to disappear, the cartel had installed itself in a poor area full of small houses of people that couldn't afford to live in the metropolitan part of the city state, it was the perfect place to hide illegal operations, specially the really clean community building that towered over the others, it was too much modern and matched with the chief's description, it was obvious that they were cooking and selling the drug there.

– Care if I go before you? – Gómez asked. – I want to know what we are facing, also, I want to be the hero for once. – he winked at her, he was clearly trying to impress her.

– Fine by me, I'll wait for your signal and then I enter with my personal arsenal, okay?

– Okay!

She watched Gómez as he stepped out of the sphere and walked down a path with trees to the side, and she waited for him, it was a simple recoinnaissance mission, they couldn't knew he was coming and they still had to assure the place was the correct one. Of course Paula could instantly know these things with her zoom and x-ray vision but what was the fun of doing police work when cheating? At least that was her train of thought, even when she sometimes used her powers casually to arrest criminals, so, technically, she was a hypocrite? Well, if that was really the case no one had the guts to tell her that.

Gómez was taking too much time and Paula was worried so she flew out of the car and floated gracefully to get vision of the place, José was definitely inside of the big white building, which was guarded by very bad looking men in suits, some of them carried weapons and had terrifying scars over their faces. Paula had to intervene though, Gómez may had been in danger. She descended and gently walked towards the door, clacking her heels and alarming everyone, who took out their weapons, just to start laughing when they saw the pretty supermodel with big breasts that was in front of them, cosplaying as a foreign traffic policewoman.

– Hey there cutie, you shouldn't be hanging around here, the entry is forbidden. – he put on a mocking smile, they were all trying to contain the laugh and hide their erections at such an unexpected visit.

– We could make an exception though, if, let's say, you fancied accompanying us for a bit? – said the ugly thug, licking his dry lips in anticipation, Paula read his mind, there were rape-related thoughts in it.

– In fact this is the place I should be, I'm a cop and I'm about to raid your base of operations after all. – she confidently put her hands on her hips and stood in a rather dignified pose. And then Paula cheated, using her magical eyes to watch behind the walls of the building, it was neccesary, she needed to know if José was in danger, and in fact, he was tied to a chair and the criminals inside were hitting him with a wood stick in the face, he was wounded, Paula instantly stopped smiling and put on a really intimidating face, after that she showed them her police badge. The laughter stopped. – You are all under arrest, the drugs will be confiscated, also I will release the captive agent you have inside there and you cannot do anything about it, don't stand in my way or you will feel the consequences. –

– How does she know that …? – the thugs were totally taken by surprise.

– And how do you pretend to do that crazy bitch? You won't get out of here alive, I always wanted to fuck an unconscious cop chick, you will make a good first time! – the ugly man charged and punched her …to no effect, the guy found that he upercutted her enormous boobs with his punch and now he was trapped between them, they were extremely soft but somehow he couldn't release his hand from their grip. – W-what? Let me go! – he was desperate, trying to free himself from her breasts with all his strength but Paula didn't let him, instead she started moving her boobs in a circular pattern and with her miraculous strength the man's entire body started spinning, prey to the power of her breasts, the latina Super Goddess got tired fast and let him go, he landed miles away.

– Come on, try with everything you've got, I kinda want to punish you all for hurting my friend. – a barrage of bullets didn't take long to hit Paula's perfect body, some of them used handguns and others used semiautomatic rifles and shotguns, bare in mind that this, being the future, was a time in which weapons were far more advanced and powerful than in the 21st century, so, some weapons that were being used against Paula were tougher than a tank shell when imploding against her perfect skin, however, she was unfazed and still had that serious and intimidating expression on her face, she walked towards them, the bullets feeling like rain falling on her skin to her, they were desperate and she could see that on their eyes, they had come to the realization that she was the Super Goddess in the caracan police department and they were pretty much fucked. – Human weapons are so weak and pathetic. –

The Goddess disappeared and the bodies of the gangsters suddenly fell to the ground, unconscious, Paula's body appeared out of lightspeed with one of the rifles in her hand, she twisted the metal it was made of, which clearly couldn't resist the might of her small and dainty hands and started to melt and then she threw it away. With her powerful hand she pushed the entrance of the building, a big metal door made to let pass to war vehicles, it was like liquid, molding to her whim as she kept getting deeper. – I am justice! And I'm knocking at your door! – she boasted, empowered by her pride, trying to demoralize the criminals inside. But, before Paula could get through, she felt a warm sensation on her back, and then it happened again, and again, consecutively.

– Oh, you.

There were snipers hidden between the trees around the warehouse, they were using high-tech weapons prohibited by the government of the city, stolen military technology, really gawdy laser antitank sniper rifles that hit like a truck, each time her back received an impact, everything trembled around her, these blasts could easily turn buildings into rubble, if her estimations were correct, but for her, it was like a massage. Paula turned and instantly deduced where they were, she started inhaling for a bit and then pluckered her pink, juicy lips, sending a death kiss to the snipers. The wind went mad, like she was spitting a hurricane out of her mouth, most trees around her were unrooted, and the bodies of the defeated thugs and the things that weren't held by something heavy enough were lifted and thrown around by the might of the gale created in her lungs. The snipers found themselves being skinned alive by the powerful winds that were cutting their bodies so they had to escape, unable to face the power of a pair of feminine lips.

– Now, where was I? – the metal door actually ended up falling apart by itself and many men, between them those who were torturing José, run in terror, absolutely scared of the goddess' infinite power, abandoning the facility just to save their miserable lifes. She would get them later, now the priority was saving her friend and catching Ortega.

José was locked in a cell, probably used for extracting information and torture, apparently the security system in the wall asked for a password to enter, a female voice surprised Paula. – Introduce password. – the system asked for a 19 digit password, what a hassle.

– Listen dear, could you open the door for me, pretty please? – Paula winked at the machine, magically bending reality at her will again.

– B-but I'm supposed not to let you pass, t-the boss will be angry if I do … – the female voice in the machine started stuttering like she was a living being with emotions.

– I will deal with that okay? Now I need you to help me free my friend! – she always had the greatest time engaging in a conversation with inanimate objects and giving them life and feelings with utter ease

– W-well, you promise I won't get punished for this?

– Of course you won't sweetie, open the door now, pretty please.

– O-okay! – the system was bypassed just like that and the door unlocked itself. Who said you couldn't win a speech check against a machine?

Paula took no time at all in untying her beloved friend, she caressed him slowly and gently with her gloved hand and his wounds were instantly cured like nothing had ever happened.

– What took you so long? – Gómez joked at the expense of the superpowered cop.

– Pfff, I won't let you go alone ever again, you are such a troublemaker. – she sighed. – I'm going to capture the boss, call the rest with the radio so they can close off this place. – her partner nodded and stormed out of the place, ready to ask for reinforcements, not that Paula really needed them.

When she got out of the cell her heightened senses predicted an attack by the side, she quickly reacted, catching the enemy's powerful hit between two of her powerful fingers. The attacker was frantically struggling against her otherwordly might, Paula liked what she saw. It was the boss of the cartel, Ortega, he was mounted in a 15 feet tall stolen military mech, a powerful metal machine with hydraulic servos built to handle weights of dozens of tons. The same arm that was supposed to lift that weight was absolutely caught without escape and the metal screeched as Ortega tried to free himself out of her grasp.

– Why won't you die bitch!

– Because my duty is to send bad people like you to jail. – no more good cop Paula, now she was in serious mode, this guy was the boss of a cartel that ruined the livelihoods of a lot of people in the capital and tried to hurt her friend José, it was unforgivable. – And your weak robotic suit isn't going to beat me so you can surrender now. Maybe you can spare youself the pain. –

– The police will never get me alive! – he was desperate, he knew she was a Super Goddess but he had come too far and it was too late to be redeemed, he used the other servo to try and punch Paula but the policewoman grabbed the gigantic robot's arm with ease and tore it apart with a single motion, the boss couldn't believe it, such strength in such a little and slender body, it was impossible, it defied physics.

– You are under arrest! – Paula let the mech go and it pathetically stumbled, falling into a pile of crates and breaking them, the boss stared in awe at the only servo left, molten by the contact with her two fingers, it tried to get up but the Super Goddess tackled it, sending it through the wall and basically destroying the machine, now it was totally unusable. Ortega felt blood coming out of his head, he accidentally crashed against the cockpit's crystal when he fell.

Both were now out of the building and Paula put her foot on the mech's torso so it couldn't get up, it was completely beaten and suffering shortcircuits in all its systems though so it was a sign of absolute dominance more than anything, she smiled, transforming back into her usual appearance in front of the confused drug lord, who inevitably passed out from the pain.

Paula reunited with Gómez and a few minutes passed until a fully prepared unit of the police came to the scene, the unconscious members of the cartel were arrested and brought under police custody and the chief congratulated both agents in their great work and gave them the rest of the day off, it was truly an impressive task to dismantle such a big network of drugdealing in a morning like it was nothing, but for Paula it had no real significance, she didn't even need to use an infinitesimal amount of her power. 



José stared at Paula's incredible beauty and had to get his concerns out of his chest. – Paula, sorry for fucking up back there, I didn't want to worry you, it seems that they were expecting us all the time, we should have gone together. –

– Hey hey, no worries, it went well in the end, didn't it?

– If you mean me being rescued like a princess by the knight in white armor that you are, then yes, you could say that, hahahaha! – his laugh tried to cover that he clearly felt a little bit emasculated by his clearly superior partner.

– You are a great agent and an outstanding man and I couldn't ask for a better partner, you just had a little bit of bad luck today okay? Now, what about we spend our day off together? – she took his hand and he instantly felt better. – In bed … – she put on a sultry and sexual voice.

Gomez's mood suddenly changed, he was horny like a hormoned teenager.

– Fine by me …

– Then let's go … – she said with obvious bedroom eyes and lifted her partner into a bridal carry.

Paula floated with him in her mighty arms and flew into the distance, not before giving him a sweet kiss in the lips. What a lucky bastard, you would think, he was the friend with benefits of a Super Goddess.

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