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Tons of rubble fell from the mountain as the mighty dragon Suracan, bane of the orcish tribe from the south, stumbled around his lair and slammed his head into his own walls, confused and wounded. His scaly belly, able to resist the attack of swords, spears and catapults in the past was wounded, pierced and losing green blood, his last thoughts went beyond the impossibility of such a thing, he thought about his lineage, how he was the last of a powerful breed of fire dragons that conquered this fold of the Earth, ended many civilizations and gathered thousands of tons of treasure. In retrospect, he had been an horrible monster, he tortured those orc warriors one by one until there were none. They were extinct and their gold was his, so he decided to settle down in the Frozen Mountains up north with his well earned bounty, however he didn't expect what would happen in the future.

It took 16 years, a tiny fraction of his long and prosper life, but the just punishment he brought upon himself finally went all the way to knock on his door. A baby, he forgot to kill one of them, and she wanted revenge now as an adult, how could he had forgotten about something so vital? In any other situation it would have been a microscopic mistake not worth of mention, he would have killed the avenger with his purifying breath like nothing but this time…this time was different, her small but mighty fist completely destroyed his armor and the pain was intensifying, Suracan had never felt pain before, he was above anything mortals could conceive, he was a mystical dragon, but there it was; blood, pain, the prospect of death. It was mindnumbing, his eyes became clouded and his breath was faint.

But he wouldn't tolerate this, in a last effort of rage, the beast charged with his powerful horns, his pride hurt, his wrath invoked, but it was not enough at all, the superior speed of his opponent left him completely humiliated and he noticed he couldn't move anymore. She just wouldn't let him.

The mighty orc amazon was holding the dragon by his horns with ease and nothing he could do was enough for her to let go of her powerful grip, he struggled and kicked around, trying to whip her with his tail but she caught it too and just like that he couldn't move it. As a last resort Suracan fired his legendary fire breath over his enemy, but it was to no avail, she stood there, laughing at his misery, only her clothes were burning but her skin was fine. She hoisted the entire monster over her head and took him out of his cave, she didn't have any interest in the treasure, just the feeling of beating up the killer of her parents was enough to vindicate her. She stood proudly next to the cliff, observing the thousands of feet that were not a limitation for her anymore, for she could fly now, the Sun greeting her and making her chiseled abs and long fangs shine as her powerful body ignored the chilly winds of the northern regions, a member of her species was used to hot temperatures but she was beyond the need for adaptation now.

- What do you say Suracan? Are you sure you can survive a fall like that? HAHAHAHAHAHA! - her laugh was malicious, bear in mind, she wasn't being heroic, just giving the dragon his just desserts

- I will kill you!

- Down you go, stinking lizard! -the supreme warrior of the deceased wolf tribe threw the monster into the abyss, which normally wouldn't be a problem because he could fly and save himself, but his wings didn't respond, something was happening and while he was roaring and falling from the cliff he noticed he was bound to gravity like when he was a newborn out of the egg, his wings were coated with a strange pink light, it came from her. From…her eyes, terrifying pink eyes…

He stopped cursing in his tongue after he got impaled into a field full of spiky rocks, no matter how durable his body was, a fall into something as sharp as a blade from that height could kill anyone, he struggled to move but he couldn't, his organs were damaged to the point of no repair, not even healing magic could prevent his death at this point. He heard a sweeping sound in the distance, the orc warrior flought at supersonic speeds and created an enormous crater in her wake, he stood passive, unable to do anything, with the situation totally out of his control, watching her walk slowly towards him with that evil grin on her face.

Bula was her name and she was an orc amazon of the wolf clan from the south.

Her body was statuesque, standing at eight feet tall, soaring over the biggest males of her species. She was fit and had clearly defined muscles around her body, her six-pack abs were bulging with power and her deep green skin glittered in the sun, she wasn't sweaty though, no physical activity could tire her anymore, instead it was the natural oil that orcs were known to produce, and covered all her body, its evolutionary purpose was protecting their bare skin from the harshness of the Sun in the south provinces where she came from, but now it was no longer needed, no degree of temperature or proximity with radiation would ruin her precious hide. She was now more beautiful than even the prettiest of human females despite her underbite, and that oil wasn't normal orc oil anymore, it produced pheromones now, and no one could resist them, no one. They weren't neccesary though, Bula's sapphire eyes and miraculous face and body were enough to steal anyone's heart, and her protruding cheeks and feral fangs didn't ruin the appeal, instead they gave her an exotic allure that couldn't be explained. By all means orcs were considered a disgusting race that was discriminated on all the kingdoms because they were deemed too ugly and animal-like to even be sentient, even when it was obvious that they could speak and feel just like humans, dwarfs and elves. This mistreatment became the cornerstone of the orc's philosophy of isolation and confrontation, specially in the wolf tribe, Bula's tribe, which was known for its barbaric acts and ruthless pillaging. Bula was too young to witness the cruelty of her tribe back then when they existed, before Suracan decided to emigrate to the south and kill them all, and now she was the only survivor, but at this point, she could have been considered something totally different altogether. Bula's anatomy and physiology were impossible, she was built like a powerhouse, an impressively muscled and tall warrior, yet her silhouette was clearly feminine and voluptuous with enormous breasts and butt, wide hips and a wasp waist. Simply put, she was sex machine made for passing her superior genes to the next generation.

The powerful avenger smiled and spat at the dying monster. - What a pitiful end to the mighty Suracan, seems that messing with my tribe was a bad idea after all, eh? -her body was almost totally exposed except for a calcinated leather brassiere and a loincloth that was clearly struggling to contain her ever increasing bulge, her absolute power turned her on so much that she bit her lip in anticipation and played with her curly, musky, raven hair. - Wanna know how I got so powerful? How I reached this level, enough to humiliate you so much? I will tell you, lizard. -she remarked with obvious hate in her strong voice, which commanded respect. - I made a contract with the magical fairies in the Sacred Forest, they said they would grant me a wish if I hunted treasures for them, and after ten long years of learning magic from them, being an adventurer and risking my life, they gave me what I wanted. Power. And unlimited at that. -she licked her fangs. - And this incredible body…-

Suracan couldn't believe what he was hearing, fairies were never well-meaning and if they granted someone a wish it would always, without fail, backfire. Only the most desperate mortals listened to them, but this one got her wish? It was over. Her power was infinite and undoubtable, giving up on his last iota of pride, the dragon asked for mercy. - P-please… if you spare my life, I will give you all my treasures…

- Huh? Fool! Do you honestly think that I need riches anymore after what I have become? I can get what I want by force. Like this! -the mighty wolfborn orc flexed her biceps and they became even bigger, after that she grabbed Suracan's tail and easily lifted his 500 metric tons of weight, he finally felt free of his pain in the spikes but Bula decided to shake the dragon's giant body around like a ragdoll, whacking the floor with his face like they were performing some kind of comedy routine. While Suracan was crying in pain, Bula could only laugh like a child having fun with a toy, using his entire body as a stick to strike things with, until she got tired of games and threw him into the mountain where an avalanche of rocks covered his head and half of his body.

- S-someone… save… me… - Suracan fell unconscious and his world turned black and cold, but he wasn't dead yet.

- I'm done playing with you, I'm bored and hungry. -the superior predator opened her jaws and inhaled, a powerful wind started moving the rocks and the trees around her and it was enough to awaken Suracan again, it was unbelievable, her strength was so supreme that even her lungs had the power to destroy all of creation if she wanted. He tried to get some grip by nailing his claws into the soil but it was pointless, the entire place was being ripped apart by the mighty gale that came from the vortex that was her mouth. Suracan, along the entire countryside and the mountain range next to it, were being absorbed into Bula's mouth at impossible speeds. A tornado made of trees; mountains, grass, wild animals big and small, the water of a river, clouds and of course Suracan was directed to Bula's mouth, she was going to eat them all like nothing. Suracan tried biting her leg as last resort when his 200 feet long body was half inside her already but he broke his sharp teeth against the indestructible skin of the godly amazon. He got eaten and compressed inside her like everything else without problems and she looked no different than before after the meal.

Now floating in the air, she found herself surrounded by a landscape of nothingness, Bula thought that she may have let herself go too much, after all she ate hundreds of miles worth of stuff around her. This realization was followed by a mighty belch that would have scared all the birds of the region, if she hadn't eaten them seconds before.

- Oh my… I'm so stupidly powerful, nothing can stop me anymore! I FEEL CHARGED WITH LIMITLESS ENERGY, IT FEELS SO GOOD!

This was only a little display of her power though, she needed that adrenaline boost once again, to prove the world she was unbeatable and her authority unquestionable. - It's decided, I will conquer the world, starting with… - the orcish powerhouse used her godly vision to find a human village next to a castle a thousand miles to the east, her new target. - That little kingdom!

She flexed her entire body and it became even more magnificent and sculpted, it looked like it belonged on a pantheon. After a weird shock of static electricity her body was cloaked by a mystical pink aura, it was the same color of the sparkles that fairies left all over the place wherever they went, but more intense and concentrated, it appeared in little spasms, making funny sounds similar to those of a very loud firecracker but she quickly got the hang of it thanks to her prodigious new brain that could absorb knowledge like a sponge in seconds.

- HAHAHA! What is this? It looks so pretty! I really feel like I could tear this pathetic world apart. - her grin turned sly and she powered up again, now her aura was permanent and it melted everything that was remotely close to her, the fuchsia maelstrom sounded like nothing that Bula had experienced before. Her raging soul came from the inside, she was unlimited, eternal, this power source couldn't run out, she needed to let out some of that prodigious energy, and so she did. Bula floated down and stepped into the rocky soil, now made of hot killer lava, her dainty feet unaffected by its high temperature.

With a little bunny hop from her muscular legs and the flexing of her sexy green calves, the barefooted orc goddess jumped thousands of feet up in the air, which offered no resistance against her body whatsoever, apparently she was traveling at Mach 100 so she made the calculations in her head, it would take her almost 30 seconds to reach the kingdom, which was a thousand miles away. The wind currents that were created around her javelin body destroyed the countryside as she kept piercing the sky like a bullet, except she was making no sound because she destroyed the sound barrier just after leaping, she didn't even need to accelerate to reach the pace at which she was currently going, implying that she could have been to go millions of time faster than this if she put a little bit more of effort in the hop. Her beautiful aura was also burning everything around it and heating the atmosphere to such levels that all the people living in the places she was jumping over turned into ashes instantly. Just by using her power passively she was scorching region after region, nothing was left alive after the genocide this cruel orc was obliviously commiting, and even if she knew what she was doing, it wouldn't concern her at all, at this point she believed herself a superior being and the lives of measly mortals were expendable when she was having fun.
Oh and she could have noticed the burning inferno she left behind with ease too, at this speed the world still moved as slow as ever and her briliant mind noticed every detail around her and processed it with milimetric precision, she was simply too obsessed with how she was dispeling the clouds like nothing as she passed through them to notice the destruction under her wake, which came a few seconds after her anyway, existence worked at a snail's pace and registered the damage too late, way after Bula had caused it.The feeling of the wind edging her pussy was so good that she started panting in heat while putting on a stupid face and blushing, each eye looking at a different direction. The pleasure was too much, she needed to have sex now!

Not wanting to wait to satisfy her newly discovered urges she accelerated a little and reached the human village exactly at the 20 second mark, she turned off her magical aura and stopped in situ, without need of deceleration, not only her speed was infinite, but her control over it was flawless. She fell from the sky like a rock but she didn't destroy anything when she landed, instead her perfect toe fingers touched the soil with the gracefulness of a ballerina, ignoring her momentum, speed and inertia.

Apparently she had landed by a stable, the horses were scared by the presence of such a monster in their vicinity and started neighing like crazy, trying to escape their confinement and run as away as possible from her, she was so turned on that the thought of testing her magical powers a bit more before fucking the entire population of the town was appealing and she smiled devilishly at them. Bula focused a small part of her aura and used it to flex her right arm at full size, tiny pink sparkles started to appear in her hand when she opened it and pointed at the steeds, she could feel the fear, the desperation, it was in their eyes, they didn't want to die. Even if Bula was using a magic spell with a random effect that she didn't even bother to look up in her memory, gambling like this was fun.

In an instant, a small energy ball materialized in Bula's palm and she shot it, the cries of the horses when it hit them were enough to awaken the owner of the stables, who quickly came out of his house to see what was happening. Before his eyes the entire group of animals disappeared in a blinding pink light, the ball exploded on a flash and left nothing of the horses, they were gone. Bula laughed, she didn't know what happened but she sent the entire herd millions of years back in time unknowingly with that spell.

Bula laughed at her careless display of absolute power and walked towards the puny peasant who was about to attack the invader with a pitchfork before he saw how tall the orcish amazon was, he cowered in fear instinctively and found a clog on his throat preventing his words from coming out of his mouth, the last thing he saw was the beautiful smirk of the 8 feet tall giantess before she casually cut his head off with her long, polished nails. It fell to the floor and rolled for a few seconds, a small river of blood splurting from both parts of his severed neck.

The ambience of the inn was like alway; it was dirty, smelly and full of lowlife drunks playing cards, telling horrible jokes and a pint away from starting a fight and slapping the ugly waitresses in the ass, more often than not receiving a punch in the face as a reward instead of a kiss. This truly was the scum of the human race all meeting in one place, and they all shut their mouth when Bula literally unhinged the door with a lazy pull, she was too tall for the door but she didn't care, her face demolished part of the wall so she could pass. The wolfborn stood there in silence, she noticed she could easily read their thoughts, humans were clearly pitiful creatures with nothing but lewd ideas in their head, but why not humor them? Who could blame them after seeing the body of a goddess for the first time?

She didn't need to say anything, her pheromones did the job, all men and women in the inn rushed to touch and rub their tongues against Bula's perfect green skin, she was so attractive that it was inevitable for them to become a legion of zombies that only knew how to lick their master, one of them dove deep into her hairy armpit and sniffed, feeling in heaven, while others kissed and sucked on her enormous tits and enjoyed the taste of her natural oil. She smiled pridefully, knowing she was already their queen and took their perverted attitude as a compliment.

Bula sit on one of the benches, there was a man sitting on it already but she didn't care and stomped him with her oversized butt crushing his bones and killing him, now he was a mere cushion of flesh. The magical warrior snapped her fingers and her new zombie servants obeyed and began to lick her pussy, she put on that ridiculous face from before again and started to pant and moan, the pleasure was too much with this new body.

This situation stayed like this until night time. While she was fucking people she had to be fed constantly, she had eaten entire tables full of food and sometimes the raw ingredients in their containers, she also drank all the licor in the inn's barrels, she couldn't become intoxicated anyway so they had to go take water from the river to please her capricious nature once the alcoholic beverages were out of stock. All the villagers were her slaves now and she was still sitting there doing nothing while everyone was pleasuring, feeding or entertaining her, although it wasn't done out of fear, they wanted to meet her expectations so they could get fucked by her.

She remembered how ugly she was before her transformation and now she was irresistible, not only that but she was learning new magical powers by the minute and she could use them at maximum efficiency with her unlimited pool of pink mana. Could anyone stop her? Not the stupid soldiers of the puny king that entered through what was left of the door at least, they were called by a peasant out of Bula's pheromone range, a woman apparently scared of a green monster terrorizing the inn. The powerful beauty punched the air a few times and the kinetic energy of her strikes destroyed the building's wall and crossed the world in seconds, they rotated around the planet just to come from behind and blast their heads off, except for one of the soldiers who got the splash of the blood of his comrades all over him, Bula let him live on purpose. Everyone started clapping at the fact that she could kill someone without looking at him, not only her pheromones and body were alluring to both sexes but her persona was leader-like, cool and charismatic, everything she did impressed them even more. The truth was that by this point Bula was already unanimously considered the ruler of the land with the approval of its inhabitants. But it had to be made official, didn't it?

- Go tell your king he has three days to bestow this pitiful kingdom upon me, oh, and I hope you have good trade routes because I like to drink and eat a lot, if I don't get what I want I will destroy your town! -to demonstrate her point she broke the window next to her and pinpointed the biggest house in the village, her eyes turned pink and she blasted energy beams from them which vaporised the whole mansion. Immediately she had a group of needy lesbians eating her out while others cleaned her body with their tongues like the alpha she was. Bula smiled triumphantly, the world was hers.

The king took his time to deliberate, he had no options left, most of his subjects had already betrayed him for Bula with the exception of the royal guard and in order not to lose his kingdom he had to feed her and provide her with fresh females every hour so she could impregante them. Every assassination attempt failed as Bula was an unstoppable force and couldn't be damaged even when she was sleeping.
Only two days had passed, but the kingdom was already in full bankruptcy because she wouldn't stop eating. People from all the corners of the region came to the inn, her sanctuary, to pledge loyalty to their new self-proclaimed queen. Thanks to this state of affairs the roads were always stacked with caravans bringing food, water, gifts and virgin girls to the goddess as a way to appease her fury. If just one of them came too late Bula would just get out and drink an entire lake with a single sip or eat an entire ranch worth of livestock or people. She became no different than the dragon that terrorized her tribe decades ago, a monster that caused suffering to everyone around her, and she enjoyed it.

In the third day Bula wanted to leave a clear message of what would happen if the king didn't concede, she acted exactly like Suracan would and used her new power, her powerful fire breath, to burn an entire forest in the outskirts of the city. Her evil laugh echoed through the entire kingdom and of course reached the court in the King's palace, he had to stop this madness and give her what she demanded if he wanted to have a possibility of survival, perhaps if he surrendered the crown, she would forgive him and his family and they could live happily in the exile, far from this twisted lunacy.

At this point Bula was really angry, the entire region was out of resources and she couldn't be spoiled anymore, she casually killed people and tortured them out of pure sadism to entertain herself and in an impressive feat of survival capabilities her softball sized tits started to lactate, it was not regular milk though, it granted her enough nutrients to sustain her ridiculous metabolism so she didn't need to depend on being fed tons of food per hour, half the time she was sucking on her own breasts which produced so much that she could probably feed all the babies in the kingdom by herself.

The sound of a trumpet resonated outside the inn, which by now had already become Bula's improvised fortress, it was surrounded by pheromone zombies that followed her commands without question and she could use them as proxy vigilance posts, her recently developed ability to see through the eyes of people she controlled thanks to her magic. The king and the queen had come in their chariot, the loyal soldiers extended a red carpet so their majesties could walk out to see the orcish idol in all her fertile glory. It seemed that most of the king's royal guard wasn't corrupted by the wolfborn's brainwashing yet, perhaps because they all lived near the palace which was outside of Bula's increasing range.

A soldier stepped into the inn and announced the king's entrance. - His Majesty Robius II and Her Majesty Ecaterina I of Lambia have arrived, they want to talk about state matters with Bula, the orc woman. -the muscled goddess rolled her eyes and instantly teleported outside the inn, spooking the royal guard and the monarchs. She had no manners, the orcish beauty never learned them because she came from the barbaric wolf tribe instead of human royalty so she didn't even bother to adress them.

In any other situation, Robius and Ecaterina would have looked impressive with their fine golden and white fur garments with black spots, an indumentary proper of someone with blue bood in their veins, however, Bula here was a monstruously tall female that towered over them with a prodigious body and an attitude, she looked at them like insects and they could see that in the bleak indifference of her blue eyes. Robius was about to talk when she interrupted him rudely. - So, old man, have you come to accept that your kingdom is mine now? What about giving me that pretty crown you are wearing before I kick you out of my realm? -the royal guard took an offensive stance, they were about to attack her for her lack of respect but the king ordered them to stop, he was well aware of her power and wanted to resolve this in a pacific way.

- Oh Great Bula, I did, and now I know the wisest decision is to renounce to my crown and name you the true sovereign of this land, all hail Queen Bula! -both majesties and the soldiers kneeled before her and she couldn't help but to grin, showing her cute fangs. She was in such a good mood that she flexed her powerful muscled body in front of everyone, the cheers were heard in the entire valley, chants of "All hail the new queen!" and "Long live Queen Bula, the Wolfborn" echoed against the mountains, this display of perfection made all the women and some of the men wet.

- Good good… - she said while smiling smugly. - Although, how come that you and your men aren't affected by my pheromones? It doesn't make sense. - her impossibly powerful brain started shuffling with hundreds of different hypothesis.

The king cringed, he was found out, the reason they weren't affected was… - B-because… -he stuttered. A grizzly old man in his sixties, Robius had been battling to defend his realm for all his life, but never before he felt the sheer fear that he was experiencing now, it was like being about to be stricken down by God himself.

- Because your court has a powerful mage, ah it seems you were trying to hide that fact from me. And speaking of that, where are your children? Oh… -she licked her glossy lips. - You wanted to fool me, tough luck… -her demeanor changed to something even more terrifying than before in less than a second. - That's why the mage hasn't come, he's protecting your children while you cover for them… -

She dissected his plan perfectly, the idea was making time so at least part of his bloodline could have the possibility of claiming the throne in the future. Gathering all his courage and pride, Robius shouted in his warrior voice. - You have lost, monster! As we speak my daughter, the princess is being escorted to a place you won't be able to find! When she finds help from the strongest mages of this world, she will come back and end your reign of terror! You can kill me if you want, enjoy these last moments of victory while you ca.. -his speech ended abruptly, Bula had slapped his head with her giant hand, sending him flying fifty meters away, his bones were crushed and his face was drowning in a mud puddle, a very anticlimatic and unceremonious death for a king but it wasn't her fault that mortals were so fragile. That's what Bula thought of royalty, and she wasn't precisely angry, but those that defied her were bound to be emasculated and killed.

- What a stupid little plan, fitting for a stupid little "man" such as you. Okay, I fell into your trap, so what? Not even all the mages in this world combined could hope to scratch me, look what I can do to your puny magic. -she amped up her pheromone production and the shield spell was now too weak to protect the soldiers and the queen, everyone fell in love with her instantly and became her servants. With the king's death, there was only left the queen, Ecaterina was far younger than Robius and very pretty, they were an obvious second marriage. Bula took Ecaterina's entire body with one hand and pierced her underskirt and pussy with her snake tongue, the redhead could only moan and drool as tons of pleasure that Robius could have never provided overrode her thoughts. After she passed out, the goddess tossed her into the soldiers, which were lusting so much for Bula that they couldn't think straight anymore.

Now that Ecaterina was a pheromone zombie, Bula was able to probe her mind easily. She found that their only daughter, Princess Violante, was a shut-in loathed socializing, her skin looked so soft and she was so beautiful that the orcish goddess found herself subconsciously praising her. A blonde, blue-eyed petite beauty that never left her bedchamber and liked to read all the time instead of searching for true love, how interesting… Bula thought the princess could become the perfect bride for her, being a villain was so fun. With a quick look at the palace, which was two or three kilometers away, she located Violante's room, ah, there she was, still inside and covered in a white veil, they hadn't smuggled her out of the castle yet.

- Oh my, time to kidnap the princess! -the original caring and heroic soul of Bula existed no longer, after her quest of revenge was over there was only a hollow shell of pettiness and cruelty in her instead of a heart, she enjoyed hurting the innocent and abusing her powers, after all she was so powerful that no one could stop her. The green menace understood that morality was below her and she embraced this inhuman side of her more than ever.

It took her less than a second to blast through the castle's great door, easily breaking through the powerful magical barrier set up by the court's archmage. Her welcome party was a rain of arrows coming from the dozen of sentinels that were sitting on the towers of the fortress, she stood still, hands on her waist, enjoying how little damage they made, her beatiful green skin was impenetrable and still unscratched after a few scuds of arrows. The incredulous soldiers were not being affected by her pheromones but only because she wanted to play with them, and now it was time for her to counterattack. Using her telekinesis, she stopped the next burst mid-flight and sent the arrows back to their owners with ten times the power, those poor idiots were instantly deleted by their own proyectiles.

- HAHAHAHAHA! - her laugh roared through the yard, she knew there were soldiers waiting to jump on her, hidden in places she could see with ease thanks to her magical eyes, her new sadistic nature was too strong to be controlled and when some guards attacked her with swords and spears she couldn't resist and made use of her powerful legs to run so fast it looked like she blinked out of reality. The knights were dumbfounded and terrified when they found their enemy was behind them. - You are so slow, guys! -

Bula locked her targets in her head and positioned her delicate fingers, she flicked, but it wasn't a normal flick, it had the strength of trillions of them, and just like that, one of the soldiers exploded leaving only his feet, the mighty wolfborn repeated this action again and again, turning each one of the guards into meat confetti. The pressure she applied to the flicks was so incredible that they were more like high caliber anti-tank bullets, making short work of her pitiful opponents.

It didn't take long for their morale to drop and most of them tried to flee the battlefield, or should it be called slaughterhouse? Fortunately Bula had a stylish solution for this problem, she remembered the first basic spell the fairies taught her, summoning a familiar. When she was a mortal the best she could do with her limited pool of mana and magic knowledge was creating a little mouse that she had little control of during fifteen seconds at most, she was eager to know what she could do with her current level of power and an endless pink mana supply.

And what a surprise, her domain of summoning magic was leagues beyond any archmage in the world, with a simple thought she brought a whole pack of giant black three-eyed wolves with terrifying fangs and claws into existence, foaming at the mouth and wishing to taste human flesh, she released her hellhounds with a mental order and they preyed on the survivors, following them to every corner of the town and putting them out of their misery. She jumped over the wall and watched her cute handiwork in action, the screams that came from the village were lovely to her pointy ears, all this suffering made her pussy wet again, she caressed her perfect muscled body while her minions dispatched the inhabitants of the kingdom with relentless wrath, and she was doing all of this by proxy.

- Hmmmm… I'm so powerful, I will turn the lives of everyone on this pathetic planet into a living hell… - her body temperature was so hot right now that everything around her started melting, she let her fuchsia aura appear for a bit.

She giggled in the night while touching herself and bathing in the moonlight. The Moon, she stared at it, it was her possession too and she could do whatever she wanted to it so why not test her powers a little further this time? She flicked with her fingers, this time with a force that made the last shots looks like childsplay and the entire astral body got blown into bits by the sheer force of the impact. Bula grinned like a madwoman, not only the world was hers, but the Universe too, after finishing what she was doing she had to get out of this dirtball and explore for a bit, the possibilities were endless now.

She turned around, there was someone still there; a short, young, malnourished guy with broken armor, tears on his face and shaking on his boots, he peed himself and was obviously too scared to escape, he wore a rusty helmet and wielded bad quality iron shortsword. When the orc goddess posed her cold, sapphire eyes on that pathetic squire, he instinctively stormed out of the place to save his life and entered the palace. - You are looking for the mage huh? Me too, let's make sure our little princess doesn't escape. -the wolfborn was delighted with the hunt, with this game of mouse and cat.

Bula charged against one of the walls with her powerful shoulder and made a hole with her shape on it, she jumped into a spiral staircase and started to pursue the boy, who was putting all his energy into surviving and looking for help, Bula could have outrun him effortlessly but she wanted to play with her food, putting more strength into her steps so the floor would break to scare him even more.

Eventually they found him, Percival the archmage of Lambia, an eighty year old man with a long white beard and a turban, dressed in a dark blue tunic and standing in the middle of a long corridor full of mirrors that lead to the princess' chamber. The boy was hiding behind him and pointed at the orc amazon. - She's the one that killed them all, even the king, you have to stop her! -

- Don't worry, I don't know how this monster got past my defenses but it won't happen again. -he said with his mature and calming voice. - Monsters belong in hell, and that's where I'm going to send you, I will avenge the good people of this land and save my liege, the future queen. - his hands started sparkling with some kind of golden energy.

- It doesn't matter what you do at this point, I'm completely invincible, have you seen what I did with the Moon? How could someone as tiny as you tickle me, let alone defeat me?

Percival's anger was increasing with each word that came from her kissable lips. - Yes, you are strong without measure, but you have a weak point, I know it. You have destroyed the Moon, condemning our world to chaos and annihilation, so It's my duty to destroy you with this technique and free mankind from your tyranny. -he concentrated the energy on his fingertips now.

- Your magic is weak old man… - Bula put on her lovely smile and her eyes turned pink. - What you managed to learn in almost a century, I have mastered in seconds, my powers come from a wish granted by the fairies themselves, and a geezer like you is so below me at this point that you aren't that different from a flea. -

- Shut up! -the archmage unleashed ten rickety beams of light magic from his fingertips, it was a pathetic try. Oh, but what was happenning? They were jumping between mirrors, gaining more strength with each reflection. In the end they struck Bula from behind, after turning into one powerful energy discharge which in turn caused all the mirrors in the corridor to explode into pieces at the same time. The blow was impressive but as expected it did nothing to Bula's indestructible body of work, she twitched her wide nose and her tits lactated a bit because of the surprise. Percival couldn't believe it, cold sweat drops appeared on his nape and his eyes were full of unadulterated dread, he didn't only fear for his life, but for the Earth, which now was at Bula's mercy, if she had any mercy left that is. - I-Impossible…

- Is that all? So weak. Let me show you some advanced magic that you could never perform after thousands of years of hard work and studying. -Percival's old body was suddenly freezing, but he felt his old, wrinkly hands bathed in something warm, it was red. His own blood, the young squire attacked him with his guard down, piercing his stomach with his little rusty sword, the elderly wise man tried to muster some words before dying but he couldn't. His body fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes and formed a puddle of blood. The squire was weeping, he couldn't believe what he had just done, he tossed the weapon aside and looked at his hands, those were the hands of a murderer. - Ironic. He hoped to kill me but he couldn't even survive the betrayal of a worm such as you. -

- W-why, h-how?

- Mind control, very useful don't you think? -her eyes turned back to their normal color and she walked towards him, sinking the ground with each step. He had to redeem himself for what he had done so he run into the chamber to protect the princess with his life, that was the least he could do for his lady.

However when Bula reached the room she didn't find any squire, instead there was an absolute nothingness, just darkness, and silence…and in the center of it, a marble throne illuminated by a white light source that came from nowhere. There she was; angelic, pristine, she looked like a doll, totally nude, with a mane so long that it touched the floor, she was 5 feet tall at best and she looked unimpressed, inspecting the squire's helmet with her ethereal eyes. She looked at Bula and smiled wryly, letting the helmet fall to the floor, it broke into pieces like it was made of crystal, who was this girl?

- Princess, how wonderful to find you here! Heh.

Nothing else mattered now, she thought, she was going to capture the princess. Bula was unstoppable as always, but then, she noticed that she couldn't move, how? That was impossible, both her arms and legs were… stopped in time… the same as the rest of her body, she couldn't even talk, just see how that little golden haired runt walked towards her, tempting her with that gorgeous appearance of her.

- You said you were going to capture me, Bula. - the princess said calmly, her voice being the most beautiful thing Bula had ever heard, it was delicate and melodious, like a little bird's. She touched Bula's cheek with her soft hand and rubbed her modest chest against Bula's powerful abs.

The entire world around them became pure darkness. This magic was too much, not even her was able to bend reality in such a way, and she wished for absolute power! - … - Bula wasn't allowed to talk.

- You thought you were the most powerful being ever right? Just because the fairies granted your wish, well, you should have known better dear Bula, orc from the southern wolf tribe. The fairies don't grant wishes for free, there's always a setback, and those wishes always go along with a balance. In your limited knowledge you thought that the world would accept something as mighty as you without creating a countermeasure? So naive. -Bula wouldn't tolerate this disrespect, now she wanted to kill her. What was she talking about? She was perfect, she couldn't make mistakes!

- Hmpfff, humpffff…

- Indeed, you have become an agent of evil, so the fairies granted me the power of omnipotence and omniscience to stop you, now I'm the absolute Goddess of reality and I can do whatever I want with my limitless power, and what I want is to punish you until your soul is cleansed again and we can go back to how everything was before. -Violante punched Bula so hard in the gut that she puked blood, such power was indescribable, she couldn't believe that her body was taking damage in this form, specially from a little human girl like her, and it hurt so much. The strength of the princess was infinite now. - You doomed the world to extinction, so now you must pay for your crimes so I can recreate it. -

The humiliated wolfborn broke in tears at the realization that she was surpassed in all fronts by the godly being next to her. - I-I was the most powerful, it was my turn to rule, my life was horrible, I deserve it…I made so many sacrifices for this power… -

- And they were in vain, orc girl… - the goddess princess grew a golden halo and white feathered wings in her back, she looked stunning, pure.

- W-what are you going to do to me…?

Violante laughed with her delicious voice, she was about to give the world balance and justice and it felt great. - From now on, you will become my bitch for all eternity… -

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