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Elza Excels at Everything

Written by Akane :: [Sunday, 19 August 2018 19:01] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 12 February 2019 17:32]

Elza Sabini finally woke up after a long slumber of billions of years, she didn't need to sleep but her lethargic and quiet nature turned this activity, or lack thereof into a pleasurable experience. Of course, this time didn't pass outside her room because it happened to be located inside a pocket dimension that the godly 18 year old created as an afterthought. The rest of the Universe only had advanced about eight hours while she was peacefully dreaming for eons, both spaces separated by a magical barrier.

Oh yeah! Her dreams. They weren't that different from real life anyway. She was omnipotent and able to do everything she wanted in both, so for Elza these two completely distinct realms were one and the same at times, given that mind ruled over matter for a Super Goddess like her. Sometimes this played out like the two were merged together and slowly unfolded as the slim period between waking up and getting out of her room went by, in a similar way to how the human eye has to adjust after seeing sunlight for the first time after a whole night of total darkness.

195 cm of the most voluptuous woman in the world graced the room as she stood up and pulled the curtains letting the ultraviolet radiation bathe her pale, naked skin and titanic breasts. Without even opening her eyes, she snapped her fingers and her body was instantly cleaned of sweat. Her hair ruled itself back to its renowned neatness to form a magical strain of almost liquid, dark red that cascaded from her head to her perfect bubble butt and covered her brown, right eye with a bang that gave her a scary and shady appearance, too mature for her age. Her lustrous mane became tidy, perfectly combed by reality itself bending to Elza's will. 'Let there be clothes' would be an accurate reference to depict what happened next as her modified sailor fuku materialized on her body as well as her white latex gloves and stockings. Originally there was a more traditional uniform in her school but Elza changed its design to resemble a swimsuit because in her opinion the girls looked prettier like that. The Goddess instinctively caressed her plentiful, exposed thighs with her hands and reveled in her undeniable beauty with her eyes closed and a serious expression on her face.

That was her perpetual glare. Stoic. Regal. Dignified. One look from her could make anyone instantly respect her without hearing a single word come out of her kissable lips.

She displayed her godliness in such a casual way even in her most private moments, one could think she was a natural. And that would be a correct assumption. The goddess crossed the door; leaving behind her gaudy, pink, typical of a teenage girl room with all her cute teddy animals on their assigned places while her telekinesis made the bed by moving the sheets around.

Both realities merged once she opened the door, synchronizing the flow of time in both rooms to the one mortals were used to. Elza decided to will a pair of anchor shaped earrings on her earlobes today because they had appeared in one of her premonitory dreams and stepped out of her room to contemplate a rather large hall on top of the tallest hotel in town, the one that was bestowed upon her as a gift by the mayor of the city after she declared her new nationality and citizenship to the world. Indeed, Elza wasn't Japanese, she was born in southern Italy in a poor but honest family and grew a taste for nipponese culture with the years. So she decided to move to the country of the rising sun at the tender age of 15, which admiteddly was long after fully developing her Super Goddess powers.

At this point there was nothing in the Universe that could really challenge Elza physically or intellectually, unless you counted other Super Goddesses of course. She just wanted to emulate how Japanese teenagers lived and attend to a high school similar to those that appeared in anime and manga. Luckily for the all-powerful beauty, the quiet and clean fictional city of Fumagawa became not so fictional from one day to another and it happened to be the perfect place for her to experience her fantasy.

There was a table with bowls of rice and other delicious food typical from Japanese breakfast cuisine with a cute couple sitting around it. These two were Elza's Japanese parents, well, not the real ones anyway. They were paid to act that role whenever the redhead was in the house and they lived in the apartment with her. A middle aged marriage that totally idolized the goddess and treated her like a princess, they had to control their libido around her bombastic body and use all their willpower not to fall prey to Elza's powerful pheromones that could attract anything within a mile-wide radius. The short haired motherly woman in a cute yellow apron smiled happily as Elza feasted on tons of her food, which kept pouring with no end from the bowls as Elza devoured it like she hadn't eaten in a month. The food was finite when her mother was cooking it but not anymore thanks to her powers. Being a Super Goddess sometimes meant having a botomless stomach which fortunately could be satisfied with magical, neverending dishes. 

It's not that Elza needed love or parental attention. She was fine by herself. However, she did want to fully experience the live of a normal Japanese schoolgirl with the highest fidelity possible, and that included having nurturing parents.

"Does it taste good, sweetie?" asked the facsimile matron.

Elza nodded stoically, her expression not properly conveying how much she loved the food this woman had made for her. Elza wasn't a very talkative person and preferred to communicate with her body language or though text, nobody knew why this was like it was but it had been that way since Elza was a three year old in Italy. Of course, she did possess the ability of speech but you could consider yourself grateful if Elza wasted her precious words with lower mortal scum like you. Whenever she talked with her presumably beautiful voice, it was an important and rare event that those who were lucky enough to witness it made sure to tell it to the next generation as stuff of legend.

After being done with her breakfast she asked her glasses-wearing father to pass her the newspaper he was currently reading through sign language, which he of course was trained to understand. He gladly handed the sheets over to his Super Goddess daughter and smiled as he saw Elza glance through the entire thing in seconds as she finished her coffee in one seating with no care for its heat. It was time to go to school but she still had an entire hour to spare so she took a while to do her stuff. Before leaving the house she cheekily stroked her father's crotch without even looking at him, making his dick erect and burst through his pants before growing as long as a tree trunk and cumming all over the house, flooding it until there was a thick, knee height coat of gooey semen on the floor. She put on her shoes and closed the door with the muffled sounds of her hired parents having wild sex over the breakfast table in the background. That didn't faze her in the slightest.

The building's impressive size wasn't a problem for someone that didn't need an elevator. Elza started to float magically and flew to ground level leaving some sparkles behind, she found some of her fans waiting for her at the entrance of the hotel. They were kids from another school that became obsessed with her princely charm after observing the goddess in one of her morning strolls a few days before. They had been a pain in the ass since they decided to follow Elza around in her daily walks, ruining the activity she loved so much. It was quite impressive how tall she looked next to literally everyone on that town, those kids resembled literal midgets in her presence.

Well, actually everyone looked short next to her, allow me to explain. Adding to her natural high stature, thanks to an inherent power that Elza had and didn't care to turn off, even if you were bigger than her, she would always still appear to be a head taller than you in your eyes. This way Elza would be 195 cm tall for people shorter than that and up to infinity for those who passed that mark, depending on their height past that point. Quite the funny illusion indeed. There were next to no people taller than 195 cm in Japan though, let alone females so it had yet to happen to her in Fumagawa.

"Hey Elza-sama! How do you feel today? Want me to carry your briefcase?" begged a cute, short girl with a dark green uniform and a yellow tie that was completely enamoured with the goddess.

"I could be your steed, you don't need to step on this dirty soil! You are a goddess!" said one of the guys, desperate for her approval.

Elza acknowledged their presence but still chose to ignore them, their constant pleas for attention and creepy petitions didn't leave her other choice. She just wanted to have her quiet and cozy tour through the city before the classes started. In an attempt to isolate herself from the mob she opened her book on advanced theoretical physics written by Irina Volkoba, her fellow Super Goddess, under the pseudonym Christina. If a normal human being tried to read one of these books it would hurt their eyes because some stuff in it was written in 4D or higher. They were not only too complex for mortals to understand but the visual depictions of the formulae themselves were dangerous for their health too, and so, these books were written by Super Goddesses to be read only by other Super Goddesses, banned for mortals and sold exclusively to Elza's intellectually gifted kind.

However, this happened to create a little problem. See, a Super Goddess body is so perfect and divine that it being in proximity of lesser biological matter like, let's say, normal human beings, triggers a passive phenomenon that causes such matter to merge with the Super Goddess' body and disappear forever like some kind of nature's reciclying bin. Normally the goddesses have enough care to turn this power off when socializing with mortals but Elza forgot about this detail for a moment and so her legion of fans literally became one with her body, lost forever in her superior biomass. 

Elza sighed and casually reverted time back to the moment before she started reading the book and the kids came into existence again. She dedicated a fake angry glare to them and they run away, pissing themselves out of fear. At last, some peace and quiet for herself.

She had a route planned in her head, it went through the business district of the city because she liked to feed the ducks on a beautiful pond in the center of the park of that ward. Salarymen had long since noticed this and took advantage of Elza's complete obliviousness to her surroundings while she was walking and reading her interesting science books. That way, buses became obsolete in Fumagawa in the morning because if you happened to work in that part of the city you just had to climb on top of Elza's powerful shoulders and commute to your workplace. At some points Elza had dozens of people piling up on her and forming a human tower. The goddess never even noticed they were using her as a transport, she might as well have been supporting the weight of the entire universe and she still wouldn't care about it, let alone budge.

This lack of care for the world outside her bounds would cause some problems as Elza tended to completely ignore the traffic around her in crosswalks. In her first week she caused a few accidents thanks to crossing with the red light on, destroying a few vehicles in the process because of her total invulnerability. A car would hit her perfect supermodel body at 60 miles per hour with no time to react and become horribly deformed while its driver got thrown through the windshield and into the pavement. Of course, she wouldn't even register the blow before she kept striding through town as if nothing happened. Fortunately, most of the victims didn't even suffer important damage and could recover from their injuries, nobody died. After a lot of people complained to the mayor, he decided to install a system that announced with loud sirens whenever Elza was about to cross the road and so a security barrier would appear and temporarily freeze the traffic in that street until she reached the other side and everyone was safe. 

So, in layman's terms, since Elza moved to Fumagawa the city had to change and evolve to deal with the fact that she lived there, as opposed to the goddess being the one in need to adapt.

After exactly 45 minutes Elza crossed the bridge over the river that split the city into two parts. Fumagawa High's campus was in front of her and as she entered she found herself quickly surrounded by her friends: an elite squad of extremely beautiful people with impressive assets. Another passive ability of a Super Goddess was turning those that spared a lot of time next to them into superior versions of themselves. This way, the dearest acquaintances of these Super Goddesses would become the closest to enhanceds a normal human could be.

Tits, asses, muscles, faces, talent, intelligence, physical performance. All of these would gradually be upgraded if you stuck around a Super Goddess enough time and there wasn't an exception with Elza's little group of friends who leeched off her magic and became better than the rest of mortals by far. Despite being the cool kids of the school that didn't change the fact that next to Elza they still looked like trash, and they knew that. Elza herself, however, wasn't that fully aware of the extent of the cult around her personality and even if she knew, she wouldn't care. She just enjoyed having people to hang around with, school was for making friends and have new experiences after all, wasn't it?

Was it her fault that people had mistaken her reserved mannerisms and tough exterior for coolness? No! She was actually a pretty friendly, cheeky and approachable girl. She just wouldn't talk or smile though…

The group waked in a straight line towards Elza's locker with lesser people making way for the tall and handsome demigods around their silent queen. The redhead opened the door without even introducing her code in the padlock. She didn't need that, nobody except her could bypass her magical seal anyway. Everyone marveled at the sight of the whole Universe inside the small locker space. Elza didn't bother to sort her things out and instead placed them in different locations of the cosmos at random. A giant, gloved hand appeared in the sky of a frozen planet deep in the far distant galaxy of Andromeda and took a colossal history book that rested between mountains. All the animals escaped in fear as Elza retrieved her now regular sized book from the locker, feeling ready for the class.

However, something captured her attention. Two kids were having an argument in the middle of the hallway and blocking her path, strangely unaware of the magical presence of the Super Goddess and her glamorous entourage of supermodels. A skinny and timid poor soul that wouldn't hurt a fly was being victim of bullying because… Takeshi, as Elza read in his mind with ease, had problems in home and needed an outlet for his stress and anxiety. Of course Nobuo over here didn't have any fault for the big brute's situation but he was going to pay for it with his flesh anyway. Horrible scenes like this were somehow still commonplace in 2061 Japan despite being the country with the highest human development index in the world, thanks to Super Goddess Shizuka's impeccable work as empress. However, compulsory enhancement wasn't extended to the outer regions of Honshū yet and as such bullying was still a problem in lesser cities like Fumagawa.

"This will be the last time you laugh at me, retard!" yelled Takeshi, grabbing the smaller boy by the shirt and putting him against a locker. His father abandoned him and his mother a month ago and she had started treating him like shit since then. The income of his family also became a shadow of its former self thanks to this. Berating and hurting others was the only way in which Takeshi could repay the world for the horrible cards he had been handed in life and today he had found a convincing enough excuse (in his simple mind at least) for hitting someone. He was wrong in doing this of course but such behavior was completely in line with the subconscious of a poor, troubled and uneducated youth like him.

"I-I was laughing at Nozomi's joke, n-not you… p-please let me be… " Nobuo was quick to protect his face with his arms, knowing a punch was imminent. He had always been a scaredy cat: good grades, a big heart but no courage to face his problems. And Takeshi had been a real pain in the ass for him lately, always humiliating him and stealing his lunch money. What had he done to him to be treated like that all of a sudden? Although, deep inside he knew what was the problem. He was an easy target and didn't fight back, so it was no mystery why all the bullies messed with him 24/7

The unexpected happened this time though and Nobuo was once again spared of having to defend himself. Before they finished blinking both guys found themselves sniffing Elza's pheromone-filled armpits that she put in their face as her entourage felt jealous of those lesser insects unworthy of smelling her body odor, the intoxicatingly sweet perfume Elza produced naturally. She did this to separate them, stepping in-between the two and making them forget what they were doing after having a small taste of the best scent that existed on Earth. That was her non-violent way of de-escalating the conflict without a single spoken word.

"T-This doesn't concern you Elza! H-He has insulted me!" Takeshi tried to justify himself, still cleaning the dribble on his mouth because of the goddess' eroticism and barely holding to his sanity in her presence, stuttering like a child.

"You scum! How dare you speak to Elza-sama in that tone after she has graced you with her scent? Kneel and beg for forgiveness now! And don't forget to use the proper honorific!" a big chested girl from Elza's entourage ordered the bully, leaving quite clear her liege's position as queen of Fumagawa High.

"P-please save me Elza-sama…" Little Nobuo begged.

She knew any member of her group could defeat Takeshi in a fight with utter ease and save Nobuo but Elza was aware that the root of the problem wouldn't be dealt with in such a crude fashion. She came up with a new, inventive solution in seconds and with the same deadpan expression in her face that she always sported. The goddess took both boys by the collar and picked them up, lifting them off the floor like their weights were the same as two feathers, then fused their bodies in a blinding flash of light, merging the two into a new person that posessed their combined minds and physical attributes. The fusion of Takeshi and Nobuo realized what had exactly happened in horror as they touched their own body and face with their hands. Unrecognizable but familiar. Shared memories and knowledge were bein poured in their new dual psyche, making them feel strange and funny at the same time but still scared.

"W-what have you done?!!! Please revert it!!!" the fusion demanded furiously with a grim expression in their face and a mix of their two voices in one, thinking that perhaps they couldn't go back to their individual selves now. Elza didn't answer or even acknowledge them with one of her typical terrifying glares, preferring to flip her hair in a dignified way instead and float away, leaving everyone behind.

One of the privileged kids recieved her instructions telepathically and answered. "Elza-sama says you must learn to coexist in the same body until you settle your differences and become friends. Only then you will be worthy of your individuality again." And with that, the beta bitch, now the alpha in Elza's absence snapped her fingers and the rest of the cool kids followed her into the classroom. The fusion broke into tears of pure anguish at the thought of being an hybrid monster for the rest of their lives. How could they live like this? The logistical complications of Elza's stupid plan were so blatant to them in that moment. Which one was their family now? Their friends, their lifestyle… all had to be shared now.

They were wrong. It all turned out as Elza predicted, both boys learned from each other and became stronger while also making a new best friend. Their lives were still difficult after this but they definitely handled them better after their short-lived experience as a fusion.

Elza had already been waiting in her chair for a minute when the teacher came through the door, knowing instantly the time it was without the need of a watch and always sitting at 08:59:00

Most of the class went by like a regular one because Elza found herself lost in her thoughts while looking outside the window, scanning entire foreign galaxies with her telescopic vision while still retaining everything that was taught during the lesson. In fact, her classmates were astonished at the fact that she hadn't tried the kind of marvelous and erotic miracles she always performed in class like fucking her friends raw while taking notes or stripping the hot english teacher to rile up the hormones of the boys. This period was actually developing like a normal math class from before Elza moved to Fumagawa.

That was of course until the goddess noticed her math teacher staring at her all the time between lines, his easily readable thoughts centered on her sexy figure. This guy had been hired this exact year to replace the one that Elza casually turned into a potent sex machine and was now making millions as an enhanced pornstar. He never understood why despite having the best grades in the history of the institution and being superior to the whole of mankind in every way and not actually needing lessons or a teacher to begin with, she had decided to repeat the last year of high school. Hell, Elza knew more about math than himself by a long shot and yet she always did her homework and studied for the tests diligently like any model student. It was utter bollocks, why would she subject herself to attending boring classes way below her level around kids a year younger than her? The principal approved this decision and humoured it for some reason, one undoubtedly related to her irresistible 'persuasiveness'

But more than anything, he couldn't stop oogling at her perfect features and bombshell body. He was visibly struggling not to think about having sex with his divine student right there in the classroom in dozens of diferent positions, being completely sure it would feel like heaven on Earth. Elza effortlessly picked up on his ideas and slowly turned her head to the teacher, her classmates gasped. Her expression was completely calm and gave away her blatant lack of interest in the little man next to the blackboard. However, everybody in the room understood her intentions thanks to her almost robotic body language they had learned to interpret thoughout the years. He had only been working in this school for a few months though, so he didn't expect what came next.

Her eyes stared at his for a moment and before he knew what hit him, his body had already disappeared from reality, leaving only his cheap attire and watch behind, which fell to the floor. The math teacher found himself surrounded by many naked clones of Elza (although still wearing her distinctive gloves) which were rubbing their increible bodies against his. As he was having his dick sucked by the Super Goddess, his mind started melting and surrendering to a level of pleasure that was far beyond his expectations. Nonetheless, he was able to deduce his new location, they were inside one of her own beautiful sanpaku eyes. He knew this because there was an entire upscaled version of the classroom viewed from Elza's desk in front of him. He could also notice the enormous black pillars over him, her eyelashes. He finally lost conscience after sticking his cock inside Elza for a second and coming, leaving the goddess unsatisfied and still very much horny. 

After his unimpressive performance Elza pouted childishly and willed the teacher back to reality, he was completely wasted. The class was near finished so she decided to snap her fingers, turning her pheromones on and catalyzing an orgy between all the students in the class who quickly went crazy and fucked each other like animals. 

The goddess stood up and tried to get out of the class but something small bumped her chest when she opened the door while she was distracted thinking about what to do with the new dimension she had just created inside her uncovered eye. Elza was impressively tall for a girl and always stood out in a crowd, even more in Japan where people tended to have a more compact average size. The guy in front of her was 170 cm tall and hastily got his face off her melons.

"S-sorry Elza-sama… I was in my way to the nursery! I didn't expect you to come out, I wasn't peeping I promise! P-please don't turn me into a hideous creature… " Elza found him pretty cute and blushed at the sight of her new little prey without changing her expression. She licked her lips and crouched to his eye level, then she sensually caressed his face with her soft gloved hands. The boy, who she instantly knew was called Haruo, was red as a tomato and shivering at the sight of such a superior specimen of female giving him attention, he couldn't get his eyes off her giant tits. However his unrelentless horniness and desire to bone Elza were overriden by the gentle touch of her warm fingers. He felt loved, desired for the first time in his short life and that somehow calmed him enough to stop shaking.

Without speaking a single word, Elza took the smaller guy by the hand and guided him to her desk without any protest from his part, the swaying motion of her hypnotic ass and hips leaving him mesmerized and drooling at the prospect of having been chosen by Elza-sama herself for a quick fuck. The truth was that if you wanted to have sex with Elza, you just needed to ask and she would comply. The problem was that not everyone was brave enough to do so. Elza was a very imposing woman that never ever smiled, and even then you had to be a master at fucking and ridiculously hung just to last a few seconds with her, let alone please her.

Elza bent over the desk and slowly removed the piece of the swimsuit school uniform that was covering her puffy cameltoe with her fingers, showing her exposed magical pussy to the incredulous boy. It was really wet and prepared for fucking thanks to the poor performance of the math teacher, she needed urgent pleasing. Knowing what he wanted to do, Elza nodded, allowing the guy to stuff his nose in her pussy and sniff the erotic cloud of stink that came from it. Sure enough, it smelled glorious and prompted an erection.

Haruo knew he was not precisely a hunk but his mind was now totally focused on what was probably his first and last opportunity of having sex with a Super Goddess. He dropped his pants, took out his decently sized cock and without delay stuck it inside Elza. There was not a single sound or reaction from her body but she was tight as hell and he felt like he was sleeping on a cloud, his intelligence drifting away thanks to the mindnumbing pleasure of fucking a Super Goddess' vagina. Not wanting to disappoint his queen, Haruo started to move his hips to strike harder, the truth was that her cunt fit his dick like a glove, whether that was because of her magic or their compatibility was not his priority right now. It was not enough to fuck her, Haruo had to satisfy her, not because he had something to prove but because he loved Elza-sama with all his soul and honestly wanted to make her feel good.

However, Elza pulled the same physics book from that morning out of her desk and started reading it, completely ignoring Haruo's feeble attempts at making her feel good and not even looking at him. This was humiliating but it instead made the boy put more effort into attacking her insides with his dick. It still wasn't working but Elza, pitying Haruo, decided to reward his tenacity by altering his dick. In less than a second it grew ten inches with his testicles acquiring the size of oranges, turning him into the biggest guy in Japan. Elza's pussy was as tight as ever though and it strangled his new cock like she was trying to break it. But he wouldn't surrender, this meant that Elza definitely liked him and wanted to have sex with him. He kept rising up to the challenge and introduced his rock hard penis further, deeper… until he accidentally hit her cervix too hard causing Elza to let out an adorable little moan. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand and blushed, still with her deadpan face. She was clearly enjoying her guilty pleasure, the boy toy she fell in love with at first sight.

Both hearts started to beat faster, the couple in heat was filling the room with their powerful pheromones and evaporated sweat. The other classmates stopped fucking each other to witness the miracle of the day. Haruo Adachi; a nobody, an unremarkable, mediocre kid from Fumagawa's suburbs that wasn't particularly good or bad at anything, the typical NPC that wasn't supposed to do anything with his life. He was fucking the Super Goddess when others couldn't, he made her fall in love at first sight when nobody else could. As he accelerated the rhythm of his penetrations and his giant balls started to slap her ass he could notice Elza panting and trying not to moan, he was discovering a new side to Elza. A cute one.

The next few minutes felt like a religious experience, a comunion with God herself as his giant dick that was enhanced specifically to pleasure Elza and fit her magical, divine pussy ravaged her insides and hit all the good spots. Elza turned around and finally acknowledged her partner, looking at him defiantly but with a shining spark in her eye that meant something deeper she couldn't understand, or believe…

Elza came before Haruo, the impossible happened, and she knew it. She knew it was not normal, this city had surprised her for the first time since the first day after moving. He observed his handiwork, that was… Super Goddess cum… But he thought girls screamed every time they had an orgasm, this had been much more quiet and intimate, before this he was a virgin however so he didn't give it much thought.

Despite his incredible deed, Haruo was about to cum soon as well. The pleasure was too much and he had to release, however he couldn't soil Elza's perfect womb with his filthy seed, that would be too dangerous. A dignified Super Goddess like her would never allow it. Unexpectedly, as he was about to pull out to explode outside, Elza made a gesture with her hand telling him to stop and keep it in, her glare had the fire of determination in it. She looked very frightening so Haruo complied and stuck it in again until the head of his dick reached her uterus, his monstruous balls rumbled in protest and then… he filled her to the brim. Elza squeezed her eyes shut as it happened, it was obvious that she liked it a lot.

Haruo didn't know he could cum for a full minute but he definitely did, perhaps it was Elza's doing too and she wanted to become pregnant at all costs. Liters and liters of sperm flowed into the goddess, luckily she could turn her womb into a hammerspace to handle all that jizz and not look like a fat cow or implode. Elza took Haruo's penis with her hand, plugging it off her cunt and removing it manually and then the skinny son of a bitch that everyone was already jealous of passed out as his vision faded to black.

When he opened his eyes, he found his face resting on Elza's breasts. In any other situation he would have freaked out but he was too tired and after surviving such a brutal first coitus with her Haruo felt they shared a bond, a special connection. Elza's face was as scary as ever from that angle but the soft feeling of her hands caressing him was too sedative for him to care.

"W-what happened…? Oh, please… don't tell me I came inside you… I didn't want to, forgive me please Elza-sama…" those weren't the first words he expected to come out of his mouth after waking up but his head felt kinda light and floaty, he was doing his best not to get vaporized by an angry almighty girl. She patted his head to reassure him that she didn't mean any harm.

An event that only happened once in a blue moon occurred right there, in a bench behind the school building after the first period. "It's okay." Elza answered in the most gentle and soothing voice Haruo had ever heard. ELZA WAS SPEAKING, AND HE WAS THE ONE BEING GRACED WITH HER VOICE. "I will have it." Was she referring to the baby? Was she pregnant already? Millions of thoughts raced through Haruo's mind in that moment and he couldn't keep up. Super Goddesses tended to care about their kids and help the other parent raise the child until some point, he briefly daydreamed about living together with Elza as husband and wife while their kid was growing up. Would she like to have sex with him while playing videogames? He hoped she would indulge in that, it was his biggest fantasy.

"W-what do you mean? How can you know you are pregnant so fast? Aren't you mad because I… ?" Elza put her index finger in Haruo's lips, silencing him. She shook her head in negation.

The boy stood up as well as he could followed by the goddess. He felt the considerable weight of his new, flaccid dick dragging him down. Elza's expression was neutral and her lips became sealed again, she leaned in and kissed Haruo passionately, making him understand that her love for him was genuine and she really wished to have his baby. The poor boy's head was in orbit.

And then she smirked, it lasted half a second and looked a bit weird and out of place, but she did it. Maybe Haruo was still destined to be a nobody in the future but he could proudly say that unlike most others he had been able to please a Super Goddess sexually. And not only that, he was going to father a child from her. To top that, he made Elza smile, in his head he had already filled his biological purpose at eighteen and the rest of his life was just filler now.

There was a precedent of course, Super Goddesses were very fecund and usually had a lot of babies with people that had enjoyed coitus with them just once. They didn't care about the usual problems that normal women faced with pregnancy so they carried to term in all cases without even growing a belly, then the baby would come out of them painlessly. This had caused the world's population to rise incredibly in the last decade as not only Super Goddesses had a lot of kids with different people but their descendants grew up to be ridiculously fertile adults with many children too. This came to be called the 'Super Baby Boom' and Elza herself contributed her fair share to it. Hell, she was probably the mother (or father) of hundreds of children already and pregnant with many babies from different guys as well as Haruo's at this exact point in time. With her powers, she could do that sort of thing. But still, being one of the lucky fathers still felt pretty special and trascendent and Haruo couldn't be happier after knowing these good news. With a Super Goddess at his side, he could easily arrange his life to raise his future son.

"See you in nine months." Elza declared before faintly caressing his chin and flying away to get to her next period in time. He smiled like a child, waiting for that time to come and meet Elza again, this time as the mother of his child.

The rest of the day progressed as normally as it could with someone like Elza around. In recess, she got to share the food on her bento with her voluptuous friends, who were yelling at each other because they wanted the omnipotent goddess to taste their cooking first.

"Please Elza-sama, taste a bit of my takoyaki!" 

"No! Elza-sama should have my famous sushi instead, bitch!"

"Learn your place, you stupid cow!"

And like that, it went on and on and on and on. For Elza it stopped being cute after the first fifteen minutes so she left the cafeteria to read quietly outdoors.

The last period finally came around, which that day was Physical Education for her. It was late september so the summer had already ended, however the school wanted to use the swimming pool for the last time that year since it was a sunny day. The Super Goddess predicted this in one of her premonitory dreams the night before and that's why she created her new, stylish anchor earrings. She stood next to the pool with her arms crossed in a sexy, blue rubber one-piece swimsuit and her trademark gloves that emphasized her magnificent body thanks to the power of skin dentation while her classmates were complaining about the cold, even the peak humans that composed her entourage had a hard time adjusting to the temperature. This outfit called Sukumizu was used by elementary schoolers back in Heisei Japan, before Super Goddesses appeared, however it was ruled out and became outdated and an object of fetish with time. Luckily Empress Shizuka brought it back to the official rulebooks in a sexier iteration compulsory for high schoolers with the reason of preserving Japan's past culture.

Elza flaunted her figure around making both girls and boys inevitably desire her, she wanted to say goodbye to the pool for the rest of the school year in a grandiose and dramatic fashion so she snapped her fingers and the concept of space became a simple suggestion as the swimming pool grew wider and longer than the Pacific Ocean despite being confined in the same 50 meters as always. Her classmates and teacher couldn't see the end of it so they stepped aside and let Elza do her thing. The goddess shot a few magical beams from her fingers which created different kinds of ships out of thin air. Some big and heavy-duty, others small and speedy. Imaginary, invisible people created from nothing were sailing these vessels for Elza's enjoyment as she jumped into the water, not even making a splash and positioned herself at the starting line next to the other inanimate participants of this improvised race.

She blasted at a speed many times superior to anything a normal human could achieve and quickly overtook the slowest ships: a JSDF destroyer and an aircraft carrier. She was going toe-to-toe with the sports yatch and the high performance boat now but that was not enough of a challenge for her. Elza felt that she could leave these marine snails behind at any time so she decided to give herself a handicap. Her anchor earrings started to grow magically in size and weight in a desperate effort to hamper her progress through the sea of chlorinated water. However her pace didn't slow at all and it didn't took more than a minute of continued acceleration to leave Elza's fastest opponents behind. Her classmates were enjoying the show thanks to binoculars.

After forcing the engine too much the yatch and the boat simply stopped, breaking down with a dark cloud of smoke coming out of their machinery. Now that Elza knew she was going to win the race, the only battle left was about endurance. She wasn't tired at all despite her earrings having become bigger than the aircraft carrier itself and each weighting as much as the entire planet, she dragged them behind her as naturally as she would with normal ones. After a few minutes Elza finally reached the finish line and waited for the destroyer and the aircraft carrier. They had enough fuel to cross the ocean-pool but would they resist at that pace without falling apart? Only one way to know, she gave them an hour but thanks to her infinite vision she could see both ships drowning in the distance at about the 50 minute mark, not having covered even a puny 10% of the distance. Pathetic.

To boast even further about her superior physical proficiency Elza swam back to the place of the sinister in a second and left the destroyer to sink in its water tomb, what she did next was easily hefting the wrecked aircraft carrier with one hand like a waitress holding a plate and taking it back to the finish line like that at the speed of light. When she came back she made sure to transform the pool back to its original form so everyone in the class could see the powerful imagery of Elza lifting 70.000 tons of naval steel in her single, dainty, gloved hand. She posed for the cameras as everyone started taking pictures of her holding the carrier.

After getting tired of her own charade, she decided to throw the ship out of orbit and rest her hands on her tiny waist. Her earrings became smaller for convenience but still big enough to let you know her ears were easily holding a weight of tons. Her expression proud, serious and resolute.

Sadly for Elza she wasn't going to participate in her baseball club today after the last period because the other members and the coach were currently in an official competition at Osaka. She wasn't allowed to participate because her nature as a Super Goddess made the tournament unfair for the other teams so she preferred to stay in Fumagawa instead of losing her precious, infinite time in a place she had no business to be at.

Instead she took advantage of the lack of use of their baseball field. She dressed in her player attire and took the pitching machine out of the shed to shoot some balls at her so she could practice her batting ability. This was a formality of course since Elza always hit the ball with inhuman strength, turning every single one of them into a home run. She was just bored and wanted to bat alone for a while in peace. She got to hit a ball so hard it left Earth and became the first case of perpetual motion in history, destined to travel through the Universe forever without slowing down a bit.

Elza had been at it all the evening until the twilight casted a big shadow over the field, by that point the goddess had already noticed she wasn't really alone. A little girl not older than nine had been watching her bat for about an hour, in absolute wonder at the woman's capabilities. She scanned her mind from afar and got her full history processed in her prodigious brain in less than a second, registering the name Mariko Nakamura in her infinite memory forever.

The tall and scary schoolgirl walked towards the little girl behind the metal fence and offered her one of the balls she had been practicing with, her autograph appearing magically on the white surface of the sphere written with black marker pen.

"Are you the Super Goddess?" asked the youngling in a cute, soft voice. Elza simply nodded, not needing to lie about her status.

Elza could notice the adoration in her eyes as big as plates thanks to her superior empathy. She had become girl's idol so she had to treat this situation with care.

The Italian Super Goddess invited Mariko to bat some more with her inside the court and taught her how to play baseball properly until the dark mantle of the night coated Fumagawa and she had to escort the child to her house. Mariko went on to become the greatest non-enhanced female player in baseball's history as an adult and was even allowed to compete against males in the main Japanese league.

That had been a pretty wholesome and worthwhile day, Elza thought while lovingly fondling her tummy. There was a new life growing inside her, one that with enough time would turn into a cute kid just like Mariko. A little boy of her own to teach him baseball techniques. Yes, she already knew he was going to be a boy, and that made her really happy.

"I'm home." she proclaimed in her emotionless tone after basking in the comfort of her own house and leaving her shoes and briefcase in the lobby. Elza Sabini was about to tell her fake but wonderful family about her pregnancy.

All in all, it had been pretty normal day for her~

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