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Dazzling Diamond – Comicon

Written by Woody :: [Sunday, 18 November 2018 13:44] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 22 November 2018 11:00]

Stacey went to Heathers to meet up with her to go to Crater’s Comicon. It was an annual event that Stacey always went to and she was stoked to bring her friend along this year. Since she had become the Dazzling Diamond she was flattered by the amount of people cosplaying as her. Some outfits were very well detailed and she was in awe of their creativity.

When she got there she unpacked her bag containing her costume.

“Are we sticking to the plan.” Heather asked from the back room.

“You bet.” said Stacey “it’s a shame we don’t have a Supergirl.”

“Well we’ll still be a great combo.” Heather said walking out in her classic Batgirl outfit. Her red hair was flowing out the back of her cowl and the purple suit was perfect against her sculptured body.

“Damn girl, Yvonne craig better watch out, can save me anytime, I’ll just go get changed.” Stacey said.

A few minutes later Stacey came out dressed as the classic Lynda Carter inspired Wonder Woman.

Heather let a wolf whistle out then spoke “What did Simon say about that.”

“He hasn’t seen it yet – I’ll show him later. We going.” Stacey replied

“Right behind you.”

When they got to Comicon they completely blended in. There were cosplayers for everyone including several Dazzling Diamonds.

“Gees some of them are pretty good.” Heather said to Stacey, “Do you feel flattered.”

“Every time.” replied Stacey. “I’m pretty stoked to have such a positive influence.”

The girls were then approached by a representative from Comicon.

“Would you be interested in seeing a Dazzling Diamond Cosplay Contest?”

“I won’t but she will.” Heather dobbed Stacey in.

“What.” Stacey said in surprise.

“Great. Go to room 15 in building 2 in 30 mins.” the person stated then walked off.

“Thanks Heather.” remarked Stacey “Why would I…”


Suddenly there was a large noise and smoke from the other end of the auditorium. A shadowy figure then appeared on the big advertising screens and guards started coming towards the main area

“You are now our hostages, This Auditorium has been locked down and we have cut the security cameras. Please proceed to the main stage area.”

“I guess we’re needed.” said Heather

Stacey looked around and conveniently the ladies was right near them.

“There, now.”

The two girls raced in and locked the door.

“Are we alone.” Heather said grabbing a necklace under her costume.

Stacey was checking the last stall. “Yes, coast is clear.”

“Then let’s do it.” Heather said as she closed her eyes.

Stacey nodded “DD ACTIVATE.”

What happened next no one would have believed if they had witnessed it.

From their perspective Batgirl’s pendant grew to a medallion the size of her palm and floated in the air. Suddenly her eyes jolted open and her body thrust forward and floated. The medallion started glowing then attached itself like a belt and emitted beams of light that wrapped themselves around her. Suddenly the light was gone and Batgirl had transformed.

Gone was her cowl and costume and in its place was a blue form fitting full bodysuit with a v plunge. Her hair was a fire red, and her long locks flowing. Her face was obscured not by a cowl by a form fitting eye mask. She was now the Asimus Avenger.

Secondly they would have seen Wonder Woman do her iconic transformation spin. Her arms went out and her head went up and as she spun a white light engulfed her. When the light subsided Wonder Woman was gone and the Dazzling Diamond was there.

Her hair had changed from long brunette to short Blonde and her eyes from green to blue. In place of the iconic bustier and boots was a purple skin-tight bodysuit with a diamond emblazoned on her chest. Her shoes were now purple knee highs and a purple cape flowed over her back.

“So what do you think we’re dealing with?” Asimus asked Dazzling.

“I’ll let you know.” said the Dazzling Diamond and she vanished.

The Dazzling Diamond teleported into the main area in the rafters and surveyed the situation. There was a hole in the back of the auditorium near the podium. The crowd were all standing in the auditorium; The Shadowy figure was on the podium and there were 6 men guarding the doors. 3 were armed and three were just standing there.

She teleported back to Asimus.

“Alright there’s 7 men total, 6 on the doors and the main guy we’ve seen. 3 have guns.”

“I’ll take those then.” said Asimus, “They can’t hurt me.”

“Ok then, I’ll take the others and we’ll team up for the main guy?” Said Dazzling “Hold on.”

The Asimus Avenger grabbed onto the Dazzling Diamond and they teleported into action. They started on the left hand side at the first armed guard. Asimus landed next to him and promptly subdued him, Dazzling had teleported to the second man. He started throwing punches and the Diamond dodged the blows. She then moved in to nullify his reach and hit him in three pressure points and he dropped down. Asimus was on her way to the third armed man. He lifted his gun to fire a round but Asimus got there in time and punched the gun so the barrel went at right angles. She then punched the man and he went flying about 3 metres.

The sight of a flying man got the others attention. Murmurs started and cheering went up. Asimus and Dazzling then teleported to the other side with the other three men. Soon another man was sent flying 5 metres this time into the air by Asimus. Meanwhile the Diamond had grabbed the next man and teleported him straight on top of the other man and promptly knocked him out. The last man fired a round and it deflected safely off Asimus’ chest. He knew his gig was up and surrendered.

Suddenly a shot fired up and the shadowy figure appeared on screen. He had grabbed a Dazzling Diamond cosplayer and was holding her hostage.

“So the Dazzling Diamond and Asimus Avenger have joined us.” Stop of this girl gets it.

“Not so fast.” Asimus said as the Diamond teleported her behind him, the promptly knocked him out before he could pull the trigger.

The crowd erupted and cheered the superheroines.

“Great Show.”

“That was amazing.”

“We love you Dazzling Diamond.”

Shortly the police arrived and at the first chance Dazzling and Asimus teleported back into the ladies.

The door was still locked and no one was inside.

“Did they think that was a stunt show Stacey?” Heather questioned “I mean that was amazing, but they don’t know that was real.”

“It makes sense if you think about it, we are at a comic convention. Shows like that happen all the time. They’ll probably freak out when they see it on the news tonight that it was real.” Dazzling Diamond replied “We should get out of here.”

“Yeah.” said Asimus as she removed her medallion. Her outfit transformed in a flash to her batgirl costume and she tucked the now shrunken pendant necklace back into her outfit.

Dazzling Diamond went to walk out.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Stace.” Heather said.

“Well someone said I should look at a Dazzling Diamond contest, let’s see how I go.” Dazzling replied.

“Yeah as a viewer not competing as the Dazzling Diamond.”

“No one will know it’s the real me. We’re at a convention, there’s a 100 Dazzling Diamonds here, and I’ll use a fake name, Sonja maybe.”

In building 2 they were oblivious to the events in the main auditorium. The Dazzling Diamond took to the stage in the cosplay contest and was one of three finalists.

“I’m a shoe in.” thought Stacey.

“And the third place we have… Sonja.” and pointed to Stacey. She received a bunch of flowers and walked off. She had come third in her own look-alike contest.

She met up with Heather who was laughing hysterically. They went to a bathroom and locked the door. They confirmed they were alone and then the Dazzling Diamond transformed.


A light engulfed the Dazzling Diamond and then Stacey reappeared as Wonder Woman.

“I told you you should have just watched.” Heather said between laughing fits. “I can’t believe you came third to two other Dazzling Diamonds; they did look pretty convincing though, also Sonja… What sort of a fake name is that?”

“Oh shut up.” said Stacey. “Let’s go home.”

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