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Tiger & Dragon

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 16 March 2019 21:43] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 17 March 2019 20:48]

Golden scales larger than the clouds crossed the sky with an elegance proper of traditional performance, dancing like a meander of the sun on the surface of a lake. A legendary creature, well-known by the ancestors of those who currently live in the sacred land of China, formerly peak of human civilization and home to the magic of immeasurable power. This being was a dragon, one so long and powerful that when its shadow was cast over the land, it would obscure an entire country. It was so long, so serpentine that no one could tell where it started or ended. An endless log of gold forever reminding us of how small we were. Its roars alone were so intimidating and loud that they could silence thunder.

As the magnificent and beautiful monster flew at supersonic speeds, it couldn't help but spit powerful flames with all the colors of the rainbow once its rival appeared on the scene. A gigantic and proud tiger with silver fur, of about the same colossal dimensions as the dragon, was galloping next to it, rivaling it in speed and clearly challenging it to a duel. Each step of the great feline created a little magical stone under its feet so it didn't need to fly. These wonderful and majestic creatures were also incredibly powerful spellcasters apparently.

Both monsters accelerated at impossible speeds, leaving a trail of fire and destruction they weren't paying attention to. Thousands of lives were lost and millions in property damage were caused by these merciless creatures whose only concern was to beat each other. The atmosphere started overheating and the ozone layer was obliterated to such an extent that the sunlight basically permeated through it, boiling the seas and subsequently melting the ice caps in minutes. Such level of catastrophic destruction would have been told for generations...if this wasn't happening in the universe of the Super Goddesses.

Apparently, at some point, the two divine beings stopped competing with each other. It seemed like one of them won the race, and that one was the dragon. They playfully lashed at each other while dropping from the sky and falling on top of a village, pulverizing everything in sight thanks to their humongous size. A huge cloud of dust hid the epic clash of the mythical beasts as mountains were turned into rubble and an apocalypse of fire and death took place in the background while they didn't give a fuck about it.

After the fight was over and they were visible again, they possessed a very different appearance.

Two otherworldly beautiful Chinese ladies with the most perfect and silkiest skin to ever grace the world and bodies that could make nations surrender at their feet, both metaphorically and literally, stood against each other with the burning spirit of competitivity reflected in their obscenely big, almond-colored eyes, which beauty was enhanced by an extremely sexy, red-winged eyeliner. They had completely different builds but their heights and faces were one and the same despite the misleading impression their outlandish attires would suggest.

Twins. A perfect yin and yang. Zheng Mei and Lei.

Mei sported a mane so long it touched the floor and, despite this, part of her hair was still contained in two cute buns. While she was attempting to maintain a tomboyish way of dressing with a stylish blue qipao with cloud decals, it was evident that she failed utterly at it. Her body was too voluptuous for that with tits bigger than her head and tight latex pants that made her never-ending legs even more apparent in how sculpted they were. Her Converse had a cute tiger design which gave her an air of approachability and fun typical of a girl-next-door while her combat gauntlets betrayed her as a renowned martial artist.

Lei had a less athletic build overall. More on the bookworm side which didn't lessen the impact of her unbelievable body, conveniently clustered inside a very tight red qipao with colorful dragons on it that reached to her fingers as a sort of upper-bodysuit. Red heels and white latex stockings adorned her legs and feet and exposed her juicy thighs. Her hair was trimmed in a beautiful braid the size of a python and her indifferent gaze was covered by lensless glasses. Why would she need lens anyway if she had perfect vision?

Both beauties were Super Goddesses, women born with unlimited power. Which made their transformation into mythical animals and the following destruction of the Earth not that much of a big deal considering their power level was beyond universal.

Their birth was considered a miracle and broadcasted live on TV all over the world. Not only were they the first two Super Goddesses to be born from the same mother, but also from the same pregnancy. It was unheard of that such a thing could happen with the low chance of a single Super Goddess birth. Yet it happened, leaving the world dumbfounded as to how they would develop with time. Back in a worse era, one of them would have been aborted because of the savage 'One-child policy" of the old government of China. Now that they lived in a healthy democracy, it was legal to deliver twins. Their mother smiled happily as both babies, already superpowered, phased through her body and came out perfectly tidy and landed into the doctor's hands.

Apparently furious because of the unfinished dispute they walked towards each other and stared angrily at their sibling. Their eyes shot powerful lasers and when both streams met each other their surroundings instantly melted. Neither of them was able to gain an advantage in the fight, like always. So, as if nothing had happened, they relaxed their bodies and went back to their usual expressions.

"That was not fair Leilei, you were only a little faster because I got distracted by some cute nuns that were praying to me in Switzerland. We need to go at this again, I'm sure I'll beat you this time around." Protested the older sister, using a slightly modified version of the proper honorific to refer to her younger sibling by seconds. Her competitive and angry look turned into a cheeky smile, her magical lips curling to the needed degree to complement her tomboyish personality and heartwarming tone of voice.

"You are such a bad loser, Jiejie. Lei says you should accept defeat, Lei wouldn't have had to embarrass you if you didn't have the ridiculous idea of racing against her." Answered the braided sister in a much more delicate and controlled stream of the same delicious voice. It could also be described as a cute yet robotic monotone, and the cherry on top was the fact that she had the weird habit of referring to herself in the third person. Her composure was enviable, with a zen-like calm that was on a level, not even Buddha could have matched. And her serious expression never faltered, not even at the sight of her sister's melons being bigger than hers.

"Well, if it was such a ridiculous idea why did you accept?" She pouted while putting her hands on her plentiful hips.

A sly, almost imperceptible grin formed in her pretty face, breaking with her usual indifference. "At times, Lei just wants to see you mess up. The future is usually cloudy around you unlike with normal people so it's fun to let you do stupid stuff and then suffer the consequences. How could Lei put it in terms even you could understand? It's like anticipating a car crash."

"You are horrible Leilei, how could you say that to your older sister that loves you so much?!"

"But it's true." She pointed behind Mei, there was someone observing them.

"I know..." Mei was omnipresent and had infinite awareness but she still sighed after sensing the presence Park Ha-neul; the Korean Super Goddess, master of every martial art, TV Superstar and fitness model and instructor.

She was holding the entire mountain range that served as a background to their melee with one hand, its shadow giving their surroundings a dark and grim look. She was not angry, but clearly pissed off at the idea of having to take care of two troublesome Super Goddesses that had no business being so irresponsible with their gifts at their age. And in one of her free days, to top it all off. Particularly because she was their adoptive mother and with the wonderful education she gave them there was no way that they could have turned out so mischievous. While the twins were easily able to perform this feat, it still looked impressive and scary, especially with how Ha-neul was looking at them. She was disappointed. "You know why I'm here I presume. I'm not precisely proud of how you handled that fight of yours, young ladies."

"M-Mom! We know we destroyed half the planet but I promise I was too distracted in the heat of the moment to notice." Mei tried to excuse herself.

Mei and Lei were born from a normal Chinese couple in 2075. Their parents were poor and not very successful people overall so they asked the Super Goddesses for help in raising two omnipotent girls. And Ha-neul was up to the task, so she adopted them. Life with the Korean superstar was all they knew for most of their lives so Ha-neul became a literal mother to them, with all the love and respect that such term carries with it. They became independent at age 13 but they still met each other from time to time. Since Ha-neul had taught them every martial art that existed, they inherited her passion for them. After all, with no one in the Universe to match her, having two apprentices with similar unlimited power was a fresh experience that served both parties well.

"And why didn't Lei tell you to stop?" She death-stared at the supposedly more responsible and mature of the two, the woman with the red qipao. She instantly hid behind her older sister.

"Oh now you choose to act shy and inoffensive! Of course!"

"Well, anyway. You are 18 already and you shouldn't be doing this stuff. Super Goddesses are supposed to be perfect in every regard but you are making me look like an irresponsible parent."

"Oh come on, what a pain in the ass. It's not like we can't fix this with ease." And as she said that, Mei snapped her omnipotent fingers and all the destruction was no more. The vanquished countryside was restored to its original state, the property damage was reverted and all the dead people were resurrected.

"If only it was that simple. Even if you change it all back, you have made people suffer in the end. Do you think that's proper of a Super Goddess your age? Even if you weren't intentionally trying to hurt anyone, your carelessness was an oversight I cannot ignore as a mother."

"Come on mom! We just got carried away a little. It won't happen again." She crossed her arms. Being the super empathetic goddess that she was, she naturally felt terrible for causing so much trouble to others even if she could fix it all with ease. But still, this accident wasn't enough to warrant an older Super Goddess babysitting them. Even if she was their mother. They were adults and should be treated as such.

"It's an anomaly that never happened before. A Super Goddess shouldn't behave like this, and after some careful deliberation I have decided to train you."

"" Lei mumbled sheepishly. She herself was already a renowned martial artist, philosopher, scientist and diplomatic but only followed her sister's antics because of her morbid curiosity. In her head this wasn't her fault, neither was anyone in the right to train her. Train what? She was a master in almost every field already and most of the time she behaved. It was a bit insulting to the prodigious scholar.

The barefoot goddess in a grey sports bra and spandex yoga pants with the sexiest athletic body and most powerful tits in the world yawned. These kids had always been a handful and she had to tame them but thankfully she was allowed to use her clones to manage the other tasks in her life like her many TV shows, jobs and studies. So even if she was about to lose days, even months of her time, she had everything else covered. She scratched her head through her short, dark, tomboyish hairdo and looked directly into their eyes with her own deep, expressive obsidian ones. "Yeah, I will take you to my temple in Szechwan. Currently, I have assigned a friend of mine there. It's where I teach people martial arts and healthy habits but I want to show you how to temper your character and learn to channel your abilities and not mess everything up like you have done today."

"Martial arts?! That seems more like our thing! I wanted to spar with you for a long time, mom!" She suddenly felt enthusiastic about it. Ha-neul understood right there that these young women had a lot of energy that they needed to release but they didn't know how to safely deal with it yet.

"Yeah, you will learn about martial arts from the best! Also, you will..."

She was interrupted by Mei. "Did you hear that Leilei? We are going to train in a real temple!"

"Lei is positively thrilled." She nodded, not as impressed as Mei and suspecting that there was a catch to all this. She loved martial arts but not as much as her sister so the hype didn't blind her.

"Well, what are we waiting for?! Take us there, please!" She took her mother's hands.

Her answer was an almost malicious smirk. "Yeah, it's time to go. We'll walk from here though."

"Ha! So funny! We are Super Goddesses! Why would we walk such a long distance when we can teleport or move superfast?"

"That's the first lesson you'll have to learn today." She stretched her arms, showing off the marvelous and uncannily realistic depiction of the Universe that was tattooed on both of them. The truth was that they were actual universes that she created to micromanage for fun so she decided to wear them around at all times in her skin.

"You are joking, right? But that's too boring and slow..." Contrary to what one would believe, Mei's athletic frame betrayed her lazy personality.

Her younger sister, on the other hand... "Lei is fine with this development. As long as Lei is allowed to read on the trip that is." She was the antithesis of Mei, a hard-working person since the day she was born. And a true intellectual.

"It's two against one then." Ha-neul flashed a smile while making the V sign with her fingers.

"Hmpf. Whatever at least we are going to train together again."

And the three goddesses started their long walk towards Ha-neul's temple, which was thousands of miles away, on the opposite side of the country. No matter how many conversation topics their mother pulled out of her juicy ass, they eventually became bored. Walking was too cumbersome and illogical for a Super Goddess but it was obvious that Ha-neul was trying to teach them patience and discipline. The execution was too hamfisted and counterproductive, though.

At some point, they stopped caring about their mother's rants. They grew tired of hearing about her numerous encounters with celebrities real quick.

Super Goddesses can know everything about the world around them after a quick glance, their eyes can see through matter and reach the end of the Universe and their mighty minds can easily categorize and analyze the data they perceive. As such, tracing the whole map of China; with all its cities, landscape and even the subatomic particles that reality is composed of was no problem. Mei entertained herself scanning the horizon and thinking about many ways of improving its vistas. And she did. Mei willed the emergence of entire new forests with bizarre, wild mythological animals and plants inhabiting them that were designed in her mind and put in complex ecological niches as well as impressive volcanoes and deserts that weren't there in the first place. Her imagination became unleashed as her sister calmly collected the information of those new creatures and places in a magical notebook she produced at a speed as fast as Mei's reality warping shenanigans. She wrote everything directly from her mind, which inexplicably materialized as ink on the pages.

Remember the Game Boy you brought to long car trips back when you were a kid? Well, this was the Super Goddess version of that. Not only that but to give it more of a comedic effect, Mei and Lei let their hair grow at their natural rates. See, Super Goddesses are so feminine and sexual that, if not controlled correctly, their hair grows super fast, to ridiculous extents, and these two cute devils just deactivated the passive magic spell that slowed the process. That's why after about half an hour Mei's mane and Lei's braid were kilometers long, rivaling the Great Wall. They were dragging their shaggy locks around like the tail of a bridal gown.

However, after some more days it got really unnerving, they were trying everything to keep their sanity. How could Ha-neul force two omnipotent beings that were used to perform miracles every single day to do nothing for a while and then have zero stuff prepared to entertain their hypercharged brains? At some point Mei was juggling with four hundred giant boulders and yawning at the prospect of how easy it was for her to do so. She couldn't believe that her mother had built her fortune by doing something so shallow and simple on TV. Lei, however, decided to study some more and pulled the 673rd book out of the hammerspace of her bouncy tits. This one was very complicated and dealt with a species of quintessential energy beings from the Outer Rim of the Universe, written by Super Goddess Irina Volkoba. Lei found her colleague's interactions with these otherworldly creatures very novel and interesting, so she passed the pages slowly. As slowly as a being that could read at beyond lightspeed could go. Despite these books being forbidden for beings below Super Goddesses, because their contents were unreadable and potentially dangerous for their eyes and brains, she managed to finish it in less than a minute and move on to the next one. "I'll never understand how you don't get tired of reading so much Leilei, you are a total nerd." The big breasted girl in the blue qipao proclaimed after letting out an exasperated sigh.

"If Jiejie was as studious as Lei she wouldn't have grown to be such a rotten child." She put her glasses in their place after inflicting a severe burn on her sister.

"What did you say to me?!" The jade earrings in each other's ear started shining intermittently at the advent of another fight.

"Lei won't take it back."

"Oh yes you will!" She was raising her knuckles and was about to punch her in the face when...

"Stop fighting, you two! We are already there!" Her casual yelling made them stop on the spot. She was their mother alright. Even if she was only an adoptive one, her authoritarian and brash tone of voice quickly got them in line, which was impressive considering they were literally omnipotent.

Before them, there was...nothing...

"You said there would be a temple."

"Ah yes, wait a sec..."

But by the time Ha-neul turned around, they were already out of orbit. Completely enthralled by the feeling of being able to abuse their powers freely after days and days of the tedious journey was too much to let it pass and the twins once again showed signs of their trademark hyperactive and irresponsible nature by disobeying their mother and flying away from planet Earth.

This would be the Super Goddess equivalent of a human being taking a stroll. Crossing entire universes and dimensions in a matter of seconds while completely unaffected by the lack of heat, gravity or an atmosphere. These two petite titans found no problem enduring what could have killed any other living being in seconds, all while flying at lightspeed. Eventually, they found a galaxy with no life on it between all of those they could have chosen from thanks to their omni-awareness and their valuable knowledge about cosmic navigation.

Lei smiled knowingly. She understood what her sister was about to do next. With the ease of someone ripping a flower off a lawn, the omnipotent blue point in the middle of the vacuum of space hefted an entire moon next to a gas giant and threw it so far it crashed against a rocky planet thousands of millions of miles away, making them both break into tiny bits. This little (for her) feat of power made her incredibly horny and she bit her lip in anticipation for the next outlandish feat she was about to perform. "Hey Lei! How about we play ball? I'll throw you planets and you catch them!" Despite the lack of air around them, they could still talk and hear each other perfectly. Not only that but they were many light years apart and despite that, they could easily see their twin from that distance. As expected, laws of physics didn't apply to them at all.

"Lei is okay with this prospect even if she doesn't register sports. Lei just wants to see how mommy punishes Jiejie." She remembered one of the many baseball positions from that book about American culture she read that one time out of boredom and prepared herself for the strike by assuming a catcher stance.

"You are such a bitch at times. Let's see if you can defend yourself from this!" Mei teleported to another planet and kicked it like it was a football with relentless force. It rocketed towards her sister, who caught it one-handed, then stopped instantly, as if touching Lei's hand erased all the momentum in the throw.

Lei started playing with the colossal ball of dirt, trillions of times bigger than her in size and balanced it on her fingertips. Since the whole planet was frozen now, the surface was slippery but she didn't care. Her balance was perfect, thanks to her extensive training in martial arts provided by her mother. And that prodigious brain never forgot what it had learned.

The goddess in the red qipao cracked the astral body in half with a punch but she was not expecting the barrage of planets and moons that came her way. Mei was flicking dozens of them with her fingers and they flew straight to Lei like comets, just millions of times faster. She was trying to block them so they couldn't reach the star of the system they were on. That was supposed to be considered scoring a goal.

That's when Mei decided to change her strategy and perform a magical gravity pull to displace the planets and stars of the neighboring systems, then started spinning so fast that the moment they got to her, they got repelled by the powerful maelstrom around her and aimed at Lei instead. At some point, the whole galaxy was being sucked into Mei's reality warping sinkhole.

Lei now had to calculate the randomized trajectories of each projectile before they came too close. For a Super Goddess like her, it was no problem. She could deflect them all because she was so mind-numbingly fast that everything else moved in slow motion, even the stuff that was propelled by her equally powerful sister. She also had to protect the goal with her own magic so it didn't get attracted by Mei. However, none of those things were a big deal for her and eventually, Mei ran out of things to throw around.

"I will have to get serious if I want to hit that star!" Mei puckered her lips and, as if doing an impression of the Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs, she inhaled and blew so hard space and time themselves froze in that galaxy and its proximity. Her plan was blowing the sun out like the fire from a candle on a birthday cake.

"Lei won't let you win." She was going to use all her power to combat her sister's attack. If she managed to bring the match to a stalemate she would win since Super Goddesses can't upstage each other in any kind of contest because they are equally perfect and omnipotent. She just needed to stall, so she started sucking with her delicious lips, absorbing all the air that her sister exhaled and placing it in the vacuum dimension inside her lungs.

Between Mei's breath and Lei's suction, it looked like an unstoppable force had just collided with an immovable object. The power of those two met each other and existence broke into pieces, showing its cracks in the space-time continuum as everything around them started to distort and get peeled off to its most fundamental and conceptual base. At this point, the Multiverse faced a real danger because of these two so they needed to be stopped. Their jade earrings produced a violent and almost epileptic light as their animosity grew with each passing moment. They had to win. They had to defeat their sibling and prove their superiority.

Suddenly two different copies of Ha-neul appeared with a livid expression on their faces and pulled the twins by the ear, forcing them to come closer to each other. As they did, so did both clones of Ha-neul, to the point of fusing into one person again.

"Ouch!" Both exclaimed in pain at being punished by their infinitely strong mother.

She started nagging at them. "You told me you were going to train with me and the moment I stop paying attention you fly away and almost destroy the Multiverse! Do you see why you need training and discipline with your powers? You can't stay put and not abuse them whenever you have the chance. Fortunately, I have prevented it before it happened, we weren't so lucky with Irina a few years ago. What a piece of work she was back then, just like yourselves."

"Hey!" Irina's voice was suddenly heard echoing in the distance. She was offended because Ha-neul used her as an example of carelessness and lack of expertise, but she was right.

"Please mom, we were just having fun." Mei protested.

"I..." Lei intervened, forgetting to talk in third person for a moment thanks to her fear.

"No excuses, you are coming down to Earth with me." She took them by the hand and teleported them back to where they were, then instantly disappeared again. Mei and Lei were a little confused but quickly understood. There was no temple where it was supposed to be because Ha-neul still had to build it, as she did for fun every time she came back, trying different aesthetics and combinations depending on her mood. This time she was going for a pragmatic and feng shui design that helped with relaxation and meditation, perfect for their next task. Thanks to her strength and speed Ha-neul was able to complete the work in a few seconds by using trees around the zone and mining the snowy mountains behind the vacant lot.

A giant temple popped into existence in front of them, perfectly stylized like those that were typical back in her homeland of Korea, austere enough in architecture but tastefully adorned with expensive black tiles and stone statues of folkloric deities. The goddesses walked up the stairs and the giant main door was automatically opened by Ha-neul's powerful mind. Mei and Lei admired the artistry and quality of the complex and wondered what kind of lesson their mother was going to teach them. They remembered her as a tough but fair master that never forgot her roots even after emigrating to America in her youth. Despite having become famous, she had never let it go to her head.

In front of them, there was a woman. It was the first time Mei and Lei had seen her but they quickly read her mind and became acquainted with her past. With her subconscious permission, of course. She was one of the most recent additions to Ha-neul's harem back in America. A total hottie named Leah.

Her clothes were fairly simple: a black tank top and short jeans with dark stockings and a pendant with a similar gemstone to that of Ha-neul's earrings, which signified that she belonged to her harem and was one of her favorite girls. They could already tell that a lot of power was bestowed upon her, her strength making her capable of epic feats like lifting entire galactic superclusters worth of weight. This was a child's play for a Super Goddess but Enhanced with this power level were rare outside of ultipotents. Especially since she wore power restraining rings on her wrists and ankles. Mei and Lei could instantly tell that, just like them, she had trouble controlling her powers. But in her case, it was more of a logistical problem rather than having the wrong mentality.

Mei found her irresistible, causing her Casanova personality to surface. Her inner lesbian couldn't resist that hypersexual body with big tits, thick thighs, and well-proportioned muscles. She licked her lips at the thought of touching her rock-solid abs and immediately pranced towards the Enhanced and trapped her in a kabedon stance by hitting the wall behind Leah with her hand, cracking it. She smiled seductively and stroked Leah's short, light brown mane while her fingers danced on her exposed skin. Leah moaned when an unexpected torrent of pleasure manifested in the form of goosebumps with every touch of Mei's perfect skin. Her aggressive and daring approach made her instantly wet. As expected of a Super Goddess, Mei had no equal in terms of sexual prowess and attractiveness. "Nice to meet you, Leah." She greeted unprompted and still not knowing why she was there. Her lust was overcoming her better judgment. "You have such pretty green eyes. It would be a shame if I didn't get to know you better. What do you say? Wanna join my harem and have the better sex of your life for eternity?"

"M-Me...I-I..." Leah wasn't able to think correctly at this point, she felt completely overpowered by Mei's erotic presence and her almost hypnotic super pheromones. Shivers went down her spine and her strong, fit legs faltered for the first time in her life. She was used to the much more caring and gentle Ha-neul so this was new to her.

But it stopped when Ha-neul separated Mei from her. "You can fuck her brains out. But only after we’re done here."

"B-But mommy, she's so sexy! I need her, please!"

"No is no!"

"You are such a dummy." Whispered Lei, hiding her blushing cheeks behind one of her books.

"Oh come on Leilei. You are as wet as I am. I would have even invited you to a threesome if you wanted!"


"Stop you two! You are gonna scare my girl over here. Leah is not here to satisfy your libido but to get taught restraint and humbleness just like you."

"N-Nice to meetcha! I'm Leah Holbrooke!" Her tomboyish tone of voice was a delight even if she was somehow a bit nervous in the presence of three supermodel-like goddesses. The way she didn't even hide her obvious eastern coastal American accent was cute and funny to the twins.

"The pleasure is all mine." The twins recited at unison. Their good mother told them to be well mannered and polite with strangers when they were toddlers and they remembered those lessons to a T.

"Tell them what we are going to do for the next days, sweetheart."

"Ah yes! We are going to meditate together with no food or socialization and close our minds and senses to all existing stimulus." Leah declared enthusiastically.

"Yeah, she needs to learn how to handle the strength I gave her and you two need to learn to behave. Same training, same results. You'll see!" Ensured their mother. "Of course it won't be that easy. While you are out there, lost in your psyche, I will keep throwing stuff on top of you. Naturally, the weights for you two will be heavier than the ones for Leah, we don't want to kill her." Even if Ha-neul was completely correct it did come across as a little condescending. "Not only that but I will test your minds too, but I won't spoil that part."

"Okay!" They quickly assumed their best meditation pose and closed their eyes. All "three" of them as their senses plugged off the realm of physicality, sitting and crossing their legs in a perfect angle while joining their fingertips. As Super Goddesses and consolidated martial artists, Mei and Lei didn't have a single problem reaching cosmic illumination and detaching themselves from the material world and crude concepts like time, space and stimulus. Despite being a powerful Enhanced herself, Leah was struggling to disconnect that fast, and part of it was because she still had the extremely sexual impression of Mei deeply rooted in her mind: her giant, meaty tits, her lips, her attitude, her smell, oh that wonderful smell...

The Zheng twins started levitating after a while, surrounded in a subtle, white aura as they reached enlightenment and were made one and no one at the same time with the Universe. Their earrings were shining with the same light as their bodies now. They were at peace.

In the mystical world of their minds, there was big turmoil. Meditating was boring and stressful and they already felt the need to release their energy in spontaneous feats of omnipotence after a few minutes of being quiet and not moving at all. They thought of all that dynamic and creative stuff they could be doing and their desire to do so was not only based in their immaturity but also apparently the insatiable need to one-up each other since they were little girls. Furthermore, while they were in that state their minds eventually fused and sent each other into a frenzy of flashbacks and premonitory dreams. As the bizarre vision went on their lives were represented in a line of realistic scenes in chronological order. All their achievements, failures, fights and also the times they acted like good sisters and showed love to each other flew by at a much slower pace than what was happening in the real world. It was a happy and sad experience at the same time and thanks to this mutual connection they were sharing, they started understanding each other's dilemmas. Lei wanted to be respected by her older sister, that's why she always tried to act like the voice of reason around her, sometimes at the cost of coming off as a manipulative cunt and hurting her. Mei wanted Lei to consider her powerful and wise, a true role model. That's why she always acted so assertive and confident in her presence. She didn't want to be admired but to be a good influence for her little sister. She saw the error of her ways the moment she understood that her approach to things was simply mistaken and both their conducts were self-destructive and were stunting their growth as human beings and Super Goddesses.

The next scenes consisted of long-winded sparring sessions of mixed martial arts with their mother Park Ha-neul. The last of them being the day that she taught them the value of working as a team and caring for each other because that was the most important thing in life. A teenage version of the twins fought against her and thanks to their skill and coordination they managed to beat Ha-neul and immobilize her at last, after quintillions of failed attempts at doing so separately.

It was crystal clear now.

They needed to finally reconcile and treat each other like adults. And the first step was bonding, like sisters, and like women. When their minds connected perfectly, their flawless naked bodies manifested in the nothingness of non-existence. They hugged and started kissing in the lips, they needed to be with each other and wouldn't let go for anything in the world. It was their chance to recover all that lost time. And then, Mei and Lei had sex in their own dreams while meditating for days.

On the outside though, things were quite different. Ha-neul was having the time of her life using her powers to create heavier and heavier objects to add to their stationary bodies. The truth was that it wasn't part of the test at all, just her way of having fun while they bonded with each other. The visions, however, were partly her doing. "This place is perfect for introspection. Now you'll understand why I told you to do this." She said to herself.

First of all, Ha-neul created a giant sequoia tree by snapping her fingers and then threw it on top of Lei with her abnormal strength, which was followed by a giant elephant ten times the size of a normal one on top of Mei. Then entire mountain ranges, to no avail. Those girls were goddesses alright, they wouldn't budge. Eventually, Ha-neul grew bored and started exercising, like the good gym rat that she was. After a while, her toned body started sweating, not because it needed to but because she wanted to feel the great sensation of doing a proper workout routine. The strong whiff that came from her after a while turned the entire region into a fuckfest as her smelly sweat was an aphrodisiac that transformed animals and people into sex beasts.

"And what about you...?" She turned to Leah who was struggling to meditate after Ha-neul stacked a bunch of magically altered metal barbells on top of her legs, they were heavier than entire Universes at this point but she could deal with them because Ha-neul had been slowly releasing her potential by lowering the restraining ability of her limiters. She was getting used to new control ceilings with pure effort and that pleased the Korean tomboy. No matter how difficult it got, Leah adapted and kept growing more aware of her power and how to use it properly.

After a whole week of legendary masturbation, Ha-neul saw tears of happiness come from the eyes of her children, and then she knew that they were ready. The test was a total success.

Leah had woken up a few hours before the twins. She didn't have enough power to keep that state after a while. "But how is it possible that they weren't aware of something so obvious for so long? I mean, if what you told me about them is true, then they must be together almost all the time. Why couldn't realize something so basic until now?"

"See...Super Goddesses are no different from human beings in regard to this stuff. Sometimes we can't see the things that are truly important even if they are in front of us but since we have a superior level of perception of the Universe...even stupid little factoids like this one, details that should be obvious in any other situation, become a true challenge to even picture in our heads. These two might have not been separated since they were kids but did they actually spare some time to consider how important they were to each other? That's what I'm trying to teach them to value, the things that make them human, just like you and me. Without these kinds of feelings and the appreciation for the truths that exist on a conceptual level, a Super Goddess can't be complete. We need these to be who we are, for the pieces we are made to bind together. And to coexist with humans on Earth."

"I see." Answered the American, impressed with the wisdom and down-to-earthiness of the 72-year-old goddess. Which still didn't look a day over 20 by the way.

The twin Super Goddesses voluntarily put an end to their slumber. For them, it all happened for what it seemed like years but only about a week had actually passed in real time. With those genuine smiles on their pretty, identical faces and those brilliant, watery eyes, they looked like angels. The sisters hugged as hard as they could, feeling closer to each other than ever.

"I can't believe my girls are all grown up now. Time goes by so fast..." Ha-neul couldn't stop herself from shedding some tears of happiness and nostalgia as she remembered all the good times she spent with them when they were kids. They didn't come out of her womb but for her, it was as if they did. They were her real daughters, and no amount of arguments could persuade her to think the opposite.

She ran to hug them. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks, mom. We really needed this, we won't cause any trouble ever again." Mei assured.

"Lei doesn't need to look for acceptance anymore, she knows that Jiejie loves her already." Said Lei, breaking her robotic monotone for once.

"Hey Lei..." Mei took her hands. "I may be interested in reading some of your books in the future. I'm sure there's something interesting for me in your vast collection." She giggled.

This made Lei's heart pump even faster. "Lei finds it appropriate...huh...and...Lei could also watch those old kung-fu movies you love so much with you. I'm sure being with Jiejie will help me get into context and appreciate them a little more."

"Awww. That's nice." Leah was moved by their unending love and devotion for their respective siblings.

Ha-neul put her hands on her wide hips. "Well, did you two realize something deep while you were in there? Or the only thing you found was that you love and care for each other? Just curious." She laughed heartily.

"Uh...well, not really." She brought her hand to her cheek and though for a while. "Most of the time we spent having sex with each other so..." Suddenly Mei's belly groaned. "Wel,l I guess we do want to eat something after so much time of disconnection with the material world." Super Goddesses don't technically need to eat to survive but just as humans they enjoy the pleasure of a good meal. They can and will have spontaneous cravings sometimes too. Right now, for example.

"Indeed. Lei and Jiejie had some discussions about the deprivance of nourishment in our voluntary confinement, just after coitus."

"We started talking about food and we had the idea of opening a restaurant in Hong Kong, just to have something to keep our minds occupied and as an excuse to be together more. We don't know much about cooking but...I mean, we are Super Goddesses. It won't be difficult for us to learn."

"Lei has a lot of ideas for our future chain of restaurants to be a success. We aim to become the best in the world."

"And we will! Our idea is to not have a menu to begin with, we will just serve our clients whatever they ask at any time. After all, we can just create it on a whim. It would also kinda qualify as a fast food restaurant thanks to this, just with an infinite variety of dishes and the highest quality ingredients! People would kill for a table at our place!"

Lei magically made a beautiful neon logo appear out of nothing with a clean swipe of her hand. "We will call it Tiger & Dragon."

"That's nice and all girls. But don't go overboard with it, okay? Especially with that killing part." Ha-neul smiled gently. "I'm happy to know you finally want to do something with your lives, although it's a shame you won't follow my steps as a world-famous martial artist and TV star." She chuckled. "Just joking, I love you more than anything and I will always support everything you choose to do."

"We love you too mom. It was thanks to you that we came to this realization and we will be forever grateful for all the stuff you taught us and the love you gave us. Even though you volunteered to be our mom, you did your best at all times."

"Lei also loves mommy..."

"Well, I'll consider the favor returned when you serve me a good steak at your restaurant! Now let's go eat something. I could devour an entire horse right now." And she realistically could, in a single bite too.

"Finally!" The three other women yelled at the same time.

"Wanna see how I grind cheese on my abs?" Ha-neul proposed.

After hearing that, they all laughed on their way to the kitchen.

Leah gasped when she noticed Mei’s hand on her perfect ass. “I didn’t forget about you. We’ll have fun later.” She teased with a smug smile and predatory eyes.

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