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Double Life

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 30 March 2019 23:02] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 31 March 2019 00:25]

A herculean behemoth was calmly devouring its prey in an underground cave on Planet Xigal, an unknown world in the outer rim of the galaxy that was being explored right now, unbeknownst to the natives. The careful photographer found herself hugging a stalactite with her slim legs, her entire body upside down with her glorious, curly blonde locks miraculously not being affected by the puny force of gravity.

“A little more… stay there a little more…” She muttered with a slow, deliberate, soft tone, resembling a mother talking down to her child.

Her magical camera zoomed towards the creature, inexplicably erased any kind of blurriness and amplified the resolution of the pic by millions of pixels despite her being ten miles away. Then the flash came out, but it wasn’t a normal flash. Oh no. It illuminated the entire cavern and delivered the exact same lightning that she was looking for and had previsualized in her mind beforehand, resulting in a flawless composition.


As soon as the picture was taken, Hilda Schneider predicted her inevitable victory speech after winning her seventh Pulitzer for publishing this interesting take on an alien predator’s life cycle and projected it into the material world directly from her mind. For someone like her, foreseeing the future and even recreating it in real time with actual, faithful sound was a non-issue. However, this wasn’t a good idea after all. While she was bedazzled by one of the future highlights of her career, the whole scene was playing from her mind directly into the floor of the cave as some kind of giant hologram.

If the blinding flash of the camera wasn’t enough to alert the monster of Hilda’s presence, this surely did the trick.

It turned around and detected the Peeping Tom from that ridiculous distance with a deafening roar that echoed between the stalactites until it got to her. This creature had the most powerful and developed system of echolocation Hilda had ever studied, and she was a consummate expert in all branches of science. It was extremely well adapted to living in places like this one since the close proximity to the star of the system on land was currently too much for any regular living being not to fry after a few hours of exposure. Now that her position was revealed, it was only a matter of time that the behemoth would find her. Animals in this part of the Universe underwent extreme living conditions since their youths so their strength and speed were unparalleled by anything on Earth. The purple, quadruped monstrosity with horns and tentacles on its face crossed the gap between it and the little girl in a matter of minutes but Hilda already had her picture and wouldn't budge. She wanted to meet the protagonist of her photo in person.

Once it was close enough to her, it jumped to the ceiling and instantly grew a new set of legs, similar to the ones of an insect and used them to walk through the ceiling as if it was stuck with glue to the gemstone. Hilda smiled gently and raised her arm to pet it but she received a kick to the face instead. Her inert body flailed around and crashed against a pile of rocks.

Don't fear for her though.

After a few seconds, she stood up. Perfectly healthy with nothing more than a few stains on her clothes and no damage to be seen. She was grinning warmly and shaking the dust off her. The truth is that no force in the Universe could even hope to inconvenience someone as powerful as her so this little attack was nothing to be worried about.

However, the beast, that couldn't believe she was alive, rammed her again, and again, and again… but each time Hilda would just laugh like a child having the best time of her life as her body was treated like a ragdoll. That was until she decided to stop getting hit and simply started dodging the attacks using her superior speed. No matter how hard it tried, Hilda was always apparently behind it or at its side, with that stupid smirk on her face, like she was laughing at it. It kept trying but eventually got tired and let Hilda touch it and stroke its weird hair. It was an almost unrecognizable alien creature, one would say even ugly and terrifying. But she saw beauty in it.

"Calm down… big boy…" She whispered with that half asleep, angelic voice again. "I won't hurt… you… I just… wanted to conserve you forever… I will go back home now… you can keep eating…" As she caressed, it naturally felt safer and closed its eyes, finding an inner peace it had never experienced before. This person it just met was special and made it feel great like it had known her as a best friend since forever.

An easy task for the power of a Super Goddess. The unquestionably strongest 'predator' in existence, able to influence and control lower forms of life thanks to their natural role as rulers of the Universe. Animals always behaved in their presence, because they knew God when they saw Her. "There… there…" It started purring like a little kitty as she took another pic of both of them in that cute situation. Hilda had another vision of the future suddenly come to her. Human beings would definitely discover this planet eventually and she would remember this particular creature and make sure to get one of its descendants as a pet. "I have to go…" She kissed it in its forehead and then magically vanished.

The omnipotent blonde appeared in the middle of a long street in Dublin and she was instantly recorded and photographed by every working smartphone on a mile-wide radius. After all, she was the always perfect and ridiculously gifted Hilda Schneider. The prettiest and hottest Pulitzer winner and singer and guitarist of the internationally famous, alternative punk rock band Oral Cumshot. Some thought she was a mind-numbingly powerful Enhanced that got too much of an upgrade, and others thought she was just a different anomaly with no clear explanation but for some indiscernible reason, nobody ever had the occurrence of this seemingly flawless and almighty woman being a Super Goddess. No one chose to feed that thought because of course Hilda Schneider wasn't a Super Goddess. How could she? After all, the latest Super Goddess to be born, while the same age as her, was born by what seemed like a bizarre expression of destiny on New Year's Eve 2099, at 11:59 PM, the last breath of the 21st century. Hilda, however, was born on May 11th. "Yeah, she looks a lot like that Super Goddess and they are both really powerful." They usually said. "But come on, they are like totally different people and have never even met each other. Sometimes they are at different places, doing different things at the same time." And despite everyone knowing Super Goddesses were perfectly capable of this, nobody happened to make the connection.

The truth was that this was a conscious effort orchestrated by the German Super Goddess Brunhilde in order to live a second life without needing to juggle her duties with the more down-to-earth affairs of her underground persona. Brunhilde was Hilda Schneider and Hilda Schneider was Brunhilde, but thanks to her reality warping abilities no one except other Super Goddesses was aware of this fact. Not even her family and friends, not even Ultipotent Enhanceds. The 'authority' of her power overrode their own. Simply put, no matter how much they tried, not even if the evidence was right in front of their eyes, they just couldn't find out that both women were the same person. To the point of defying any logical explanation and twisting everyone's perception as a result.

Anyhow, despite not being considered a Super Goddess, Hilda was still a celebrity, and one of the most loved ones on the planet at that. Her supermodel-like 180 cm frame, combined with her bouncy and perky tits, endless legs, juicy thighs and humongous butt made her sport a perfect hourglass figure which was accentuated by the sexiness of her street fashionista clothes.

Hilda was wearing a comfortable and sporty black tracksuit with the sleeves rolled up, a torn pantyhose full of holes that let her perfect, pale skin transpire and mountain boots to walk around the worst hellscapes of Earth to get good photos. Her expensive hi-tech camera was hanging from her delicate neck as well as a comfy scarf and her head was crowned with a cute beret that suggested a hidden intellectual side to her. She also kept a pair of sunglasses inside her cute hammerspace handbag in case she needed to look cool or intimidating.

However, the strangest things on her attire were without a doubt her Earth shaped earrings, each one of them looked like the half of a miniature of our planet. You could see real oceans, real continents, a real atmosphere and even the mantle and core were exposed.

Actually, they were an actual copy of Earth in disguise that Brunhilde decided to create out of boredom so she could explore it and investigate how things would deviate from the normal sized one. Many times she would just come to visit her creation by shrinking a clone of herself and photograph everything she found interesting. All the little deviations in history, culture and ecosystems stimulated her divine curiosity. As well as understanding how they were faring without Super Goddesses at all. It seemed like they were doing just fine and completely unaware of the fact that their creator goddess was wearing them all as accessories. Despite being cut into two halves, the planet was actually sealed together by her reality warping so the microscopic people wouldn't notice. Also, it had its own fake Moon and Solar System around it but those didn’t hang from her ears to keep the jewelry aesthetic intact.

Brunhilde walked seductively, swaying her hips for everyone to see and headed towards a cafe. She knew she was hot, and she wanted to make sure everyone around her noticed too. Her powerful pheromones and dashing looks made all the guys hard while also getting their girlfriends wet. The goddess booped the crystal and waved at the cute short-haired goth girl working as a barista. The moment they made eye contact, Brunhilde smiled like an angel with her gorgeous, glossy lips, prompting her friend to blush and quickly sneak out of her position.

"W-What are you doing here, Hilda?! You told me you were going to take some of those weird photos of yours. I thought you wouldn't come back so soon." She told the goddess after escaping the store.

"Well… I wasn't a way for too long… Morgana… It seems I'm ready for our rehearsal… today…" Her parsimonious way of speaking was still in effect while talking with people. It was her trademark; her gentle, almost drowsy way of expressing herself that made her job as a rock vocalist so unexpected and novel. Her voice did change a lot when the task required it, she just liked to take her time in normal situations.

"Ah, I see. I'm out in half an hour so just wait for me here, okay? I'll give you a free coffee for the problems." Promised the girl with dyed pink and blue hair color.

"No need sweetie…" Brunhilde pointed at the clock outside the coffee shop. An emerald beam came out from her delicate index finger, and the time on the whole neighborhood literally progressed thirty minutes. Morgana stared in awe as everything around her started moving at a pace so fast that she couldn't keep up with her limited, human eyes. The hands on the clock also fell prey of the spell, advancing at a speed far superior to they should.

The magic suddenly stopped.

Morgana noticed she wasn't wearing her barista attire anymore; instead of having her black leather jacket, a skull shirt, a ragged skirt with six different belts, a fishnet pantyhose and leather boots with spikes. Some of her co-workers had already gone home and others were having their cig break outside. "W-What did you just do?"

"Just tampered with time a little… No big deal, sweetheart… Altering time locally won't mess up with the world at a large scale… Now you are free to go with me and rehearse…" She patted the smaller girl in the head.

The confused teenager was trying to grasp the extent of her friend's powers, she always managed to find a way to surprise her. "Since when you can do that… ? I'm starting to think you are not a regular Enhanced or whatever you are."

Brunhilde hugged Morgana and pushed her face against her humongous chest, it was like a heavenly pillow. Morgana had always had a crush on her since they met on a festival two years ago. In fact, she became a lesbian because of her. Sometimes she wished she saw her as something more than a mere friend or younger sister. But what could she do? Brunhilde was a literal goddess with a new power to show off every day while she was an ugly duck with terrible personality issues. "Hmpf. I get it, I get it…" She conceded. Brunhilde was too magical and kind to resist. Not only her pheromones and the softness of her breasts were overflowing her with happiness and arousal but she always felt calm when next to her. Despite having the reputation of being rude and angry with everyone else, she couldn't defeat Brunhilde's maternal instincts. Whatever the blonde goddess saw that she found cute, she had to hug and kiss it.

"Let's tell the boys… okay… ?" She reached the other two band members with her telekinesis and summoned them to their rented warehouse in the industrial district.

Brunhilde never had to worry about the traffic to get there. She simply picked up her partner, gave her a piggyback and leaped upwards. The terrified Morgana held tight to her friend's warm body as they sailed through the skies. For someone like Brunhilde flying was second nature.

They landed right on the spot, startling the two other youths that were part of the group as they were smoking weed on a back alley. Tommy was the bass, a peaceful stoner with long, shaggy hair. Richie was the drummer, a crazy punkhead with leather clothes and a rainbow mohawk. No one would blame you for thinking that a Super Goddess like Brunhilde wouldn't find herself comfortable in the presence of such lowlifes, but nothing was further from the truth. She had a lot of fun with them even if she was superior in all senses of the word, they made her feel alive in a special way no other people could. She would go around with them and protest, burn and break stuff, start fights at pubs, be arrogant towards their elders and even paint walls with graffiti. Although Brunhilde excelled at this particular task too much since her artwork would become tridimensional and start affecting the real world in strange ways depending on what was written. There was one time that a mouth with vampire teeth she sprayed ate a poor doggy that was passing by. She resurrected it and apologized accordingly to the owner for her mistake.

"Oi, ain't we gonna rehearse or wot you little cunts? I dun hof all day I swear for me mum." Richie protested in his deep cockney accent.

"Yeah yeah. Don't get your panties in a bunch, Richie." Countered Morgana. "We only have half an hour until I have to go help my father at the shop so let's get going."

"Take it easy, eh?" A red-eyed Tommy interjected.

Brunhilde giggled delicately, her friends were flawed but also very funny and the music they made together was transcendent. She was by far the most civilized and well spoken of the four but that was also her core appeal to the masses of fans. She looked and behaved like a princess but her voice and rifts were wild on stage. And that was the important part.

Morgana then plugged her keyboard and they started rehearsing.

Their sound was fantastic, but Brunhilde felt that it didn't live up to their previous performances. They were already world famous and played at many big stages. But now they needed a new challenge for them to give their best again.

The Super Goddess mused about this while teleporting to her Dublin apartment. It was late and she chose to sleep despite not needing it, hoping to find inspiration… in her other life.

Brunhilde's beautiful, dark green eyes opened after a few hours. There was complete silence around her, only accompanied by the chirping of the birds and the melancholic light of the morning phasing through the skylight of her monumental bedroom. As the goddess woke up, her voluptuous, naked body covered in the best sheets money could buy, she realized she wasn't in Dublin anymore. She recognized this place better than any other.

The Von Wittgenstein Estate. A giant mansion in the depths of the Bavarian Forest with hundreds of acres of land and forest around it, originally home to a German nobleman in the late 18th century it had changed owners with each generation. It even had stables and a vineyard, Brunhilde's family was astoundingly wealthy.

She yawned in a cute manner. When she did, thousands of flowers in the garden blossomed prematurely.

The goddess floated out of the bed as her now extended, curly mane caressed the ebony furniture. She approached the window while humming a beautiful lullaby whose compositor was Brunhilde's own mother, Lisa. Naturally, all the animals that were close to her turned up to hear her sing. Most would laugh at this moment pulled straight out of a cheesy 1930's animated movie for little girls but all the creatures of the forest started dancing together. Mouses, squirrels, deer, foxes and even a pair of bears. A flock of cute blue and red birds, not even indigenous to the German countryside came flying and started whistling to the tune, helping the Super Goddess create a magical melody that captivated their audience. It looked like even the trees were shaking their branches to follow the rhythm.

She turned to her enormous mirror, which was as tall as the wall. Her perfection was undeniable. She bit her lips, feeling completely in love with herself as she caressed her own gigantic mammaries, a lucky strain of hair covering her private parts. It was like her own body was trying to censor itself so she wouldn't go crazy and masturbate to her reflection.

Brunhilde snapped her fingers and the same birds from before came through the window and transformed into a cartoonish tornado of red, black and blue around her. Their feathers started morphing into cloth and following their mistress's idea of what a magnificent dress should look like. Puffy sleeves that covered her shoulders but stopped at her elbow. Jet black gloves. A very revealing cleavage only held together by some strings. A skirt that hid her breathtaking legs and sported a beautiful flower motif. Shiny, dark, high heeled leather boots and to top it off a huge pamela with an emerald brooch and some roses tied with a ribbon. She had another one knotted around her waist, which was so thin it looked like she was wearing a corset underneath. The whole outfit was stupidly frilly and combined a beautiful and dignified dark blue with an elegant garnet red that gave away the kind of person that Brunhilde was while still hugging her sexy curves and being flamboyant enough to impress anyone at a party. It irradiated power, wealth and creativity with a hint of ladylike maturity.

This was her fashion style whenever she decided to use her original identity. If someone didn't know that she belonged to the prestigious Von Wittgenstein family, leaders of a multimedia empire and as such bourgeois, they would have thought she was a princess that came out of a fairy tale after looking at her in this getup.

As a final detail, Brunhilde's eyes twinkled with an alien, emerald light and suddenly the halves of her miniature Earth copy spawned on each of her ears. She giggled. "I finally… feel you all again cuties… I'm glad to see everyone is fine…" She whispered to the inhabitants of the diminutive planet, still unknowing that they lived in which were basically earrings for an omnipotent blonde. She would pay a visit to that world later to take some fine pictures, but she needed to have breakfast with her family first.

The goddess hovered out of her room and was received by the most incredible palace ever built. From the outside, the estate looked like any typical, old mansion you see on French ads, but Brunhilde had made some changes for the sake of it. The walls and the ceiling were made out of pure gold, with Italian marble stairs and overdesigned chandeliers on both the lower and upper levels of the stances, an indication that some people that lived in the house did so upside down. Just like Brunhilde, who right now found herself walking on the ceiling with her hair, hat and dress staying in place, defying gravity in the process.

At times, the ghosts of the family's ancestors alongside previous owners of the manor just came out of the walls and spoke to each other in frantic and inspiring conversations, remembering their long lost pasts with unfaltering nostalgia, all while random strains of pure magical energy traveled through the rooms, creating a mysterious neon fog.

The house was full of extremely valuable vases, armor, canvas and other tons of valuable items that were worth millions. Some of them were very rare or even unique in the whole world. The busty Super Goddess stopped to admire one of her favorite works of art. The portrait of her great grandmother Greta von Wittgenstein. She was beautiful and looked as young as ever on the picture. The living image of Brunhilde.

"Guten Morgen!" She greeted, expecting an answer.

And as easy as that, the woman on the canvas became alive and very tridimensional, although still trapped inside the frame. She smiled at the sight of her gorgeous great-granddaughter and talked back. "Good morning, dear Brünhild. You look fairly stunning this morning. That dress is so pretty, although you shimmer with greater radiance." Her voice was far more delicate and marvelous than what someone would expect from a deceased relative brought back to life. Contacting dead people by summoning them into inanimate objects was no challenge at all for the limitless goddess. She always did that when she felt she needed the wisdom of her ancestors. Knowing more people from your family was always cool to her, especially if they had fascinating stories to tell her. 'Such a cool concept.' Brunhilde thought before trying it for the first time when she was ten.

"Nein… mein Liebe Urgroßmutter! I'm Brunhilde now… Brunhilde!" She comically puffed her cheeks. She didn't want to be called by her birth name, Brünhild von Wittgenstein. Not because she loathed her family for any reason, she loved them all. However, she found both the name and the surname extremely boring and complicated and as such insisted on being called only Brunhilde because it was easier to pronounce and more artistic, or so she said all the time. "I have the feeling… today is going to be a great day… one to celebrate… I will tell you everything… when I'm back…"

"Just don't get into trouble, young lady. You may be all-powerful and the pride of this family but we don't want you to get upset. Beautiful flowers should never feel down." A giant, caring gloved hand came out of the portrait and stroke Brunhilde's cheek. She blushed.

"Danke… I won't… I promise!"

"Oh, another thing my dear child. You overslept. Your mother should already be waiting for your arrival in the dining room. You shouldn't make your siblings wait longer, you know how cranky they get when they are hungry."

"Of course… see you later… I love you…" The painting became normal again as Brunhilde enthusiastically grabbed the frills of her dress and went down the stairs, smelling the delicious waffles her entourage of maids had prepared.

Once she got to the dining room, she found some of her siblings sitting at a fifty feet long table, salivating at the otherworldly delicatessen prepared by the skillful Enhanced service, who was quietly standing as they ate. Due to their superior bodies, they looked gorgeous and their powers were so great that dealing with the chores of the house was a non-issue for them. Their real task was pleasuring their Super Goddess every night since they were also part of her vast harem. Calling the Von Wittgensteins a large family would be an understatement. Brunhilde had eighteen brothers and sixteen sisters, twenty-nine of them were younger than her. Lisa, her mother, apparently had sex and became pregnant with the frequency of a rabbit. She had always been known for producing child after child when she was younger but the number actually increased once she delivered Brunhilde onwards, although she had decided to stop for a while a little more than half a decade ago. She didn't even need to wait the regular nine-month period to bear children, her most recent pregnancies lasted about a quarter of a year at best. Her body had also become much more voluptuous and beautiful since then and it seemed like she never aged. Furthermore, no matter what happened, her motherly breasts kept getting bigger and bigger and milk never stopped pouring out of them, even when she wasn’t enceinte.

This was, of course, a secondary effect of living next to a Super Goddess all the time. Your body eventually becomes the peak of what your genetics offer. Because of this, her parents and all her siblings had become talentful and intelligent demigods with perfect physiques and a brilliant future in any endeavor they would deem worthy of pursuit. However, they paled next to the service, composed of Brunhilde's personal harem. A bunch of Enhanced maids and butlers, some of which could topple nations by themselves if not put on a leash. Not that they were bad people and wanted to do that.

Most of her siblings had already finished their food but there were always some slow snails.

"You took your time, Brunhilde. Father had to go on a business trip an hour ago but he had some time to play tennis with us. You should have woken up sooner." The oldest brother said. He was a famous romcom actor and underwear model that had all the girls going crazy for him.

"It's okay… Hans… I will go back in time later and enjoy that good time with you… besides… I can visit Father whenever I wish…"

"Oh! And don't forget to teleport me to work after breakfast if you can, please! They told us to be early at the laboratory today but I forgot." Begged Helmut, one of the younger ones. A renowned chemist that worked at a fashion brand's perfume division. Brunhilde nodded, accepting his request with her usual sleepy gaze which gave her a gentle and almost mysterious air at all times.

Her family knew about her omnipotence, so they grew used to ask her for a lot of favors. After all, she didn't have any problems granting their wishes. It wasn’t like her magical powers had a limit or made her put any effort into using them or whatever. You would think that her siblings would be jealous of her evident superiority given that she was a Super Goddess and they weren't, but not really. She helped and loved them all, and the truth was that they were pretty successful people too so they didn't have time for such childish pettiness.

Brunhilde's dress was pulled by the smallest person in the room. Laura, the newest sister of the bunch. "Can we go shopping together later, pretty please?" Pleaded the cute 6-year-old. As a Peak Human, she was extremely intelligent and articulate for her age. She knew Brunhilde was a busy person, just today she was supposed to do a lot of stuff to help her siblings and parents as well as go rehearse for the opera performance she had scheduled for next week, where she played the protagonist. Yes, in her first life Brunhilde sang opera instead of in a punk rock band and she was universally recognized as the best mezzo-soprano in the business. Although, with her powers, she could have any voice she wanted and be the best at it.

"Yes… no problem sweetheart… I will buy you the prettiest clothes…" She patted the girl in the head and giggled, after which the goddess lifted her in her arms and kissed her cheek. "Go play with her a little… okay Adele… ?" She instructed a nearby maid and handed Laura to her. She didn't want the kid to see what was going to come next, and she was done with her meal anyway.

Everyone went silent as their almighty sister sit on her chair and licked her lips at the impressive breakfast. She gestured and another maid came to her aid. Her cup of cream had no tea in it. The goddess casually removed the part of the outfit that covered her breasts, instantly making her feel horny and embarrassed. Next, she told her to lean down telepathically. The whole family stared in awe at how Brunhilde started milking the giant tits of the maid, causing her to pant and moan, as her goddess, the one she loved so much and fucked her every night, was pulling from her boobs with strength and precision. She had been trained not to get wet instantly in her presence, but she couldn't resist and soiled her panties after feeling so much pleasure, while her eyes revealed her new heart-shaped pupils.

At some point, her nipples started dripping a reddish brown liquid. It wasn't milk. It was a tea. Brunhilde had milked tea from the maid's tits just because she wanted it. After filling the cup, she stopped massaging them. "I'm fine for now… you can go to the bathroom… and change yourself, Didi…" She dedicated a smug smile to her servant. That made her cum again, Brunhilde was surprisingly alpha with those that she chose for sexual partners.

"T-Thank you, Milady!" Her mistress was the only one able to make her lose her well-trained composure.

"And… if you are a good girl… I might impregnate you..tonight…" The feisty goddess spanked her ass as the maid politely walked away from the table.

"You are always such a show-off. Hmpf." Complained Brunhilde's older sister by months, Esther. She was a beautiful young lady but her body was much more normal than the other adult females in the family. She didn't hate her all-powerful sister but still wished she wasn't so cocky with her gifts. "Remember that you have to rehearse for the opera today. Being a Super Goddess doesn't excuse you of not being professional." She was also her official agent.

"Hey, Esther… you seem… a little cranky today… just relax… I have a little present for you…" Brunhilde blew a kiss towards her sister, which exploded in the form of a lipstick stain on her left cheek and her body suddenly started bimbofying. Her tits and butt grew larger, her lips became plumper, her hips wider and her hair bigger.

"T-Tsk…" Esther had to tie her new hair into a cascading blonde ponytail because it would get dirty on the floor otherwise. She always had the hidden desire of possessing a body that could compete with her mother and sisters, even if she tried to ignore it most of the time, especially in Brunhilde's presence, but this was overkill.

"If you don't like it… I can change it… but I would try it for a day at least…" Brunhilde genuinely smiled, thinking she had helped her sister with her lowkey inferiority complex.

"Whatever, just be ready for later. I'll pick you up." Esther cleaned her new, fat lips with the napkin, stood up and went to her office in the other wing of the manor. Thanks to the goddess's super-vision, she could easily through walls and enjoy the fact that her older sister was celebrating her Enhanced body. Another good deed is done dirt cheap.

The rest of the breakfast went on pretty normally, although Brunhilde was the last one to finish her chocolate waffles and tea. As with everything else, she enjoyed taking her time. She could stuff her face with as many of them as she wanted because she wouldn’t get fat thanks to her godly metabolism. The maids started to clean up, as quick as lightning.

The matriarch of the family, Lisa von Wittgenstein, appeared from behind. "Good morning, sweetie!" She hugged her beloved daughter. "We got a visit from an Enhanced lady. She says she wants to speak with you of something really important. She's waiting on the porch." This was a regular procedure but she seemed a bit distraught. A brief reading of her near past confirmed that it was someone Brunhilde knew well, so there was nothing to worry about.

"No problem my dear mutter… I will deal with her… I know her well from other instances… She's a good person… so don't worry…"

"Then this must be a huge opportunity for you!"

"I… hope so…"

The goddess slowly flew towards the front door of the gigantic manor. Brunhilde left behind an impressive main hall that was so big it had an entire zoo inside. Full of exotic animals, dinosaurs and even some mythological creatures like unicorns and cyclops. Some of the maids were constantly feeding and taking care of them, and they could easily deal with the beasts if they acted out of line or tried to escape since all of them were Enhanced to be strong enough to defeat and immobilize a fully grown Tyrannosaurus with one finger. Given that she had altered the space inside the house, the mansion could hold all this stuff despite looking three times smaller from the outside.

Once she got out, she reveled in the fresh air of the magnificent forest of the estate. Craving something sweet, she reached out to the nearest tree, tore off a piece of it like a pastry and took a big bite. It tasted so sweet that it made her moan in satisfaction and lick her lips. She was not eating wood and leaves, but in fact, being inspired by another German tradition, she decided to transform the woods into a living black forest cake. Every tree in the forest turned into chocolate, with apple-sized cherries growing on the branches, and cream instead of sap.

Brunhilde then entered the garden, which was so enormous a normal person couldn't see where it ended on the horizon. She found herself overshadowed by a monumental rectangle that was floating in the sky. She smiled gently and lowered herself into an elegant and respectful curtsy to greet her guest. "Ave Super Goddess Brunhilde. My heart and soul are overjoyed at the idea of meeting with you again." The visitor spoke.

"Long time… no see…" Answered Brunhilde.

An extremely gorgeous and voluptuous blonde woman dressed in sexy nun clothes made completely with black latex slowly descended. Her warm and lovely blue eyes were concentrated on her object of worship and desire. "Indeed, my Goddess." It was the angelic and delicate voice of one of the most important heroines of mankind in recent times. Helga Kampfmann, or Saint Helga, as she was commonly referred to. She was flying and apparently holding an entire 500 feet tall cathedral with only her right hand. For an almost Ultipotent Enhanced like her, such weight was non-existent.

St. Helga was the founder and current leader of the Church of the Super Goddesses, a religion created for the purpose of worshipping those that were like Brunhilde. The true gods. Helga herself became an Enhanced by the grace of Super Goddess Shizuka when they were little girls and she and her parents were on a trip to Japan. After this encounter, she decided to dedicate her life to pay for that blessing in good deeds. Her charity foundation had become the most important in the world after a few decades and distributed food and medicine all over the world as well as it opened many schools on underdeveloped countries. Most of the members of the Church were women and Enhanceds themselves, although they didn't keep normal humans or men from praying or partaking in the activities or the Church. Their habits looked similar to those found in christianity with veils and coifs but also resembled BDSM clothing because from the neck down they were basically latex bodysuits, each of them different and designed by the respective nun that was supposed to use them. It was well known that this choice of outfit was made in regards to the hypersexual nature of the Super Goddesses, which at the end of the day, were the Church's saviors and gods that should be imitated at any chance.

In other words, the Church of the Super Goddesses was a benign religion which unfortunately didn't have any Super Goddess in their ranks. The goddesses themselves didn't care about being worshipped, and although they were happy about the good stuff done in their name, they still remained impartial as to not confirm any religion as true and only. That would only cause problems in the long term, since they, thanks to their advanced brains and ever-growing wisdom understood that human faith is a very finicky matter and messing with it wasn't a good idea at all. So, ironically, the Church of the Super Goddesses wasn't sanctioned or condemned by any Super Goddess, they just tolerated its existence.

"What brings you here… Helga… my dear… ?" Brunhilde ascended until they were face to face and the saint, as it was customary with a Super Goddess, kissed her earrings. The goddess hugged the latex nun's body like she was her lover. She preyed on her mouth in silence, dominating her tongue while carefully exploring her curves with her masterful gloved hands until she reached her mighty tits, much bigger than hers despite being a weaker Enhanced.

"I… I…" She was speechless, her Goddess had just made out with her.

Brunhilde sit in the air with her legs crossed with an smug expression on her face. "Don't worry… I'm in a good mood, sweetie… Anyway… Did you need something… ?" She noticed that Helga, despite normally being extremely charismatic and composed, was completely mesmerized, almost hypnotized, by Brunhilde's presence and teasing. She was sweating, unable to talk and trembling. To combat her unusual nervousness, she threw and caught the whole cathedral like a baseball many times, causing the people inside to scream and fear for their lives. "Hey… calm down… I'm a Super Goddess, yes… but we are friends… okay… ?"

After Brunhilde gently stroked Helga's cheek, she slowly came back to her senses and relaxed. "Sorry, my Goddess… just being in your close proximity is intoxicating and makes me lose my mind… I promise it won't happen again." She shook her head. "It's just that meeting Super Goddesses like you is always a religious experience for me."

"It's okay… Helga… Why… would you come here? Need me for… something?"

"Well, um. First of all, please forgive me for my transgression Goddess, I won't act so clumsily ever again in your presence. I came here to ask you for a favor… I know we are not worthy of formulating such a petition but we were organizing a charity concert to get funding for children in the most undeveloped, rural areas of the third world…"

"Uh… sorry for interrupting… but… why are you… carrying around your Berlinese cathedral… ? Is the Church's core diocese… moving to another city… or something?"

"A-Ah! This? Well… the other followers found out about my plans to visit you and wanted to come to see you in person but some of them can't even fly or teleport so I brought them all with me with the cathedral to make it easier."

Suddenly twice a dozen nuns and priests of the Church appeared from the windows of the colossal building and waved at Brunhilde. They were thrilled to meet one of the idols they constantly prayed to and some of them almost fell out in an attempt to get closer. "Hey Goddess, please look at me! Look at me!" One of them yelled. "I love you my Goddess!" It was obvious that these people were obsessed with the Super Goddesses and had the idea that they would solve everyone's problems if they prayed enough to them. Nonetheless, Super Goddesses played by their rules and that included Brunhilde. Despite behaving benevolently at times, they were still women with their own desires and personalities and didn't want to play God and serve others constantly. Oh and they did hear all the prayers, but most of the time granting their wishes would only make them dependent and weaker with time, so it wasn't healthy for them to go changing the world willy-nilly like that. Super Goddesses were at times pretty selfish, and they knew it, so this situation wouldn't change anytime soon.

"Please forgive them my Goddess, sometimes they act like children."

"No problem… I can see they are all good people…"

"Thank you for your kind words my Goddess. As I was telling you, we are organising a concert to raise money. However, our most important artist cancelled his participation at the last minute and… I'm not telling you to be our sloppy seconds or anything like that, no. We knew you were busy, that's why we didn't contact you sooner. Still, we don't have any other choice but to ask you to sing with your splendid voice at the concert. Well… what is your answer?"

"Yeah! I accept!" She said nonchalantly.

"J-Just like that my Goddess, are you sure? Oh no, I'm not saying you are wrong or anything but…"

"Aha! We will… have so much fun… raising money… for the kids…" Brunhilde took Helga's latex hands and smiled. She was so precious St. Helga was about to get diabetes from her sweetness. "I will also… bring along a surprise…" Announced the goddess. This was a good opportunity for her, she could kill two birds with one stone with a simple trick!

"A surprise? Well, I can't say no to that after you accepted my petition. Then it's decided! Super Goddess Brunhilde will sing at the Church's Spring Fundraising Concert 2118! What great news!" Her level of happiness was surreal, but she wasn't expecting what Brunhilde had just planned. "The concert is in three days my Goddess. We will be waiting for you at Cairo, 9:00 PM"

"I'll be there… have a good day… my dear Helga…"

"You too my Goddess. And thank you again! You Super Goddesses are the gift to the world that keeps on giving. And you in particular, are a miracle." And after so much flattery, St. Helga flew back to Berlin again, carrying with her the giant building with all her acolytes inside.

Three days later, the Church had already set up the most important concert in the history of mankind. All the big ones were invited to perform but Brunhilde's appearance was still a well kept secret that normal citizens didn't know about, and its nature was a surprise even for the organizers. The arena was constructed by St. Helga herself in a matter of minutes, thanks to her Enhanced prowess it could hold about a million people at the same time, becoming the biggest stadium of all time. She didn't need to occupy any space in the city since she was just holding the whole complex over the sea with her telekinesis. Attendants would walk over a pure energy bridge created in the port of Cairo to reach the place.

The soiree ended with an unforgettable performance by Narita Futako, a famous pop star and Enhanced from Imperial Japan. The audience was roaring and applauding because the show had been incredible. Hundreds of billions of dollars had already been raised for the cause. As the nuns were cleaning all the knee-level semen after the splatter, people were already ready to go home after such a wonderful experience. However, the latex-clad redhead presenter appeared and used her magically augmented voice to refer to everyone without a microphone. "It's not over yet! We have a very special appearance prepared for the big ending, the cherry on top of the cake! Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor of presenting you… Super Goddess Brunhilde! Who has reserved a spot on her busy schedule to come here and delight us with her unsurpassed operatic voice!" People started mumbling with each other, they couldn't believe they had a Super Goddess performing in this particular event, mostly because usually they choose not to participate in anything the Church decides to organize.

As the curtain was lifted, all the lights dimmed. Brunhilde appeared in the middle of the darkness, surrounded by a halo of light she cast on herself. She was wearing a pastel pink idol dress that looked like it combined motives from a wedding dress and an angel. Her curly hair was tied in a cute ponytail. "Hey everyone! We hope… that the next minutes… will be the best of your life…" Everyone was wondering why the goddess had referred to herself as 'We' instead of 'I' but they were too busy admiring her beauty and the magic of her presence. It was an actual privilege to meet a Super Goddess in person, especially those that lived in other countries. So, for a lot of people, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It was evident from the first moment that Brunhilde had already stolen the show. The moment fans were allowed to pest the artists in the backstage, she was going to get all the spotlight.

Suddenly, the rest of the stage was revealed. It was Oral Cumshot! Performing next to Super Goddess Brunhilde! A wave of excited yells, applauses and whistles deafened the entire city of Cairo for almost half a minute as people from all over the world knew that they were about witness the birth of the best musical collaboration in history. They were all present there: Keyboard Morgana, Bass Tommy, Drums Richie and even Vocals and Guitar Hilda Schneider! Yes! Brunhilde cloned himself to perform both roles at the same time in the concert and she was the only one that knew it.

People were fast to draw comparisons between both hotties since they looked exactly like the same person. Because they were. However, Brunhilde's magic prevented them from connecting the dots and they simply handwaved it as an uncanny resemblance like many others that existed. Not even the most powerful Enhanceds of the Church, not even St. Helga herself could figure out they were different people.

Their performance was terrific, one of the, if not the best music ever produced on stage. People donated so much cash with their phones and on the stream that the already successful donation pool eventually surpassed the 2 billion dollar mark, becoming the most lucrative concert ever hosted. The spectators were singing and dancing with the music as the combination of Hilda and Brunhilde's voices was proving to be the most breathtaking thing in all creation. They sounded exactly the same, albeit in different tones but it was so good nobody gave it a second thought. They just let themselves go and went along with it as Hilda performed a record-breaking rift that lasted for minutes. Esther was watching them on a TV at the dressing room and fanning herself because their performance was too much for her to handle. She eventually fainted.

By the end, the whole arena, including the human members of Oral Cumshot and the Enhanced nuns, had all passed out due to the unbearable feeling of ecstasy. Everyone had just witnessed God that night. No, God multiplied by two.

The clones smiled at each other and posed, causing their cheeks and ridiculous boobs to clash for a photo made by Brunhilde's floating camera. Living a double life was pretty fun, even when both of her identities collided. "Perhaps… I should try… other new lives…" She thought to herself as one of the copies disappeared, leaving only Hilda Schneider, who went to wake her friends up. It was time to clean up and go talk to the press and the fans. They had done an outstanding job of following the pace of two Super Goddesses despite being only human.

Luckily for Morgana, she was about to be rewarded with lesbian sex that night.

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